Tianaveen's Trip to Maldonia

Tiana suddenly lit up. "I got it! Lets go to Maldonia for our trip!“ She thought it would be a great idea for Naveen to see his home town and visit with his parents again.

"You could show me all of your favorite places as a kid! Plus I could get to know your parents better and you could introduce me to the family I don’t already know. I would also love to explore all of the food Maldonia has to offer. I love learning new recipes. It’s been so long since you’ve visited Naveen I really think this is a good idea.”

Tiana went on and on about why they should take their trip to Maldonia. However when she finally came to a stop she realized Naveen hadn’t said anything.


Searching Down in New Orleans (@Tiana)

Belle had finally decided that she would take a trip, she was tired of her small town and ready for a new adventure. She had agonized over her decision of where to go, after looking through some books she had decided on heading for New Orleans. She had purchased tickets to visit the new world and had gotten on the boat a few days later. 

It had been a long journey and Belle was still a bit nervous about being in a brand new place, but she was determined to enjoy herself. She began to walk though the new city trying to decide what to do first. As she continued to walk and enjoy the city she realized that she was a bit hungry. She walked a bit further and came upon a small restaurant and decided to give it a try. 

She walked inside and sat down, while she waited for someone to take her order she watched as a girl ran around talking orders and moving food all around. It was amazing how much she could carry, Belle was pulled out of her daze as the girl ended up right in front of her. “Oh I’m sorry what was that?”

This is better than dumplings anyday (@Tiana)

Mulan had taken a lot of time to try to find Tiana’s Palace after Naveen’s recommendation to her. She had never got round to asking for directions, but once she got to the area, people found it easy to point her in the right direction.

After not too long, she came across a bright building with the large letters ‘TIANA’S PALACE’ written across the front. “Well, this must be it,” Mulan thought wryly. She could hear soft jazz music coming from inside and slowly, following a young couple she walked through the doors. Looking around the busy place, she felt a bit dizzy and unsure of where to go. Chatter and laughter and the jazz music, now louder, filled the  grand restaurant. But despite its size and obvious prestige, it had a warm, welcoming feeling to it.

Visiting New Orleans

Captain Hook hadn’t meant to land in the New World, but the crew was tired and needed time off to be on land before they returned to Europe or Neverland, whichever it was that they agreed on later. Their tour of the Caribbean had been successful, and they had been greatly rewarded for their actions. 

But now they were docked in New Orleans, and the crew had dressed in their finest in order not to be recognized as pirates, despite their highly respected predecessors, and entered the city. Hook’s footsteps barely echoed off the pavement as he made his way into the town, knowing that the ship was secure. He would return before the night was out to check on it once again. 

There was an odd sound and Hook paused, his good hand touching his waist as he realized he should pause and perhaps get something to eat first before doing anything else.

He looked about and entered a lively little restaurant titled “Tiana’s Palace”. 

Captain James Hook was uncertain what he would find in this place, but he was certain that he would leave happy based on the smell of cooking food, and well composed music.