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Blogilates July Workout Calendar!!

This is the July workout plan created by Cassie Ho :) For those that have begun following a healthier lifestyle, this is a great way to start¬†exercising. And for those who aren’t new… why not do this as well?! Print out this calendar and paste it on your wall, door, or even fridge! And follow the exercises for each day :) Each day has a total of 2-3 workout videos which you can find here¬†and at the end each day sign it to make it official¬†

Follow US sweatandstamina for daily posts of the videos and help to get through these 31 days of a new and healthier lifestyle!

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so for the next 24 hours you can’t complain at all. I mean no complaining whatsoever! and everytime you think about a complaint, say “Alhamdullilah” (thank god). It may sound small, but trust me, it’ll make you feel so much more positive! so start your clocks ladies and gentleman!





Green Tea Mask!

I have been drinking green tea every morning and I feel it really has been helping me out! Lately I have been trying to do things that are not only helpful for my weight loss but for my entire health, skin and all! So let me know if you babes give this a try so you can send me your feed back and beautiful pictures of your green tea face mask!

P.s.= Im not a specialized skin care anything but this is just something I do!

Stay Strong! -Bekah

Chicken & Spinach Cannelloni

V√§rm ugnen till 175¬į C. Skala och finhacka l√∂ken och l√§gg den i en stor kastrull p√• medelv√§rme med en klick av olivolja. Koka i 8 minuter, eller tills den √§r mjuk, r√∂r om regelbundet och tills√§tta en skv√§tt vatten, om det beh√∂vs, sedan r√∂r i spenaten. Koka med lock p√• i ytterligare 8 minuter f√∂r att tina, sedan r√∂r i mj√∂let och senap. Tills√§tt mj√∂lken under omr√∂rning i ett par minuter, eller tills du har en fin kr√§mig gr√∂n s√•s. Ta bort fr√•n v√§rmen och krydda till perfektion. Finhacka och l√§gg kycklingen och basilikablad (spara stj√§lkarna), sedan riva p√• halva Cheddar och blanda v√§l. En trevlig knep f√∂r att f√• fyllningen i cannelloni r√∂ren l√§tt √§r att √∂verf√∂ra blandningen till en plastp√•se(ziplock), klipp av h√∂rnet och r√∂r blandningen i r√∂ren, eller s√• kan du anv√§nda en tesked, om du f√∂redrar. N√§r fyllda, placera r√∂ren i ett lager i en ugnsform (ca 10 x 12 inches). Torka ur stekpannan och st√§ll tillbaka den p√• plattan till medelv√§rme.
Skala och finhacka vitl√∂k och basilika stj√§lkar, och h√§ll i pannan med en klick av olivolja f√∂r att f√• l√§tt gyllene ton. L√§gg chili flingor, tippa i tomaterna och en halv burk “v√§rde” av vatten, koka upp i ett par minuter, sedan krydda till perfektion och h√§ll √∂ver pastan. Ge sk√•len en k√§rleksfullt skakande att f√∂rdela s√•sen j√§mnt, riv √∂ver den √•terst√•ende Cheddaren, och gr√§dda l√§ngst ner i ugnen i cirka 30 minuter, eller tills den √§r gyllene och bubblande. Ringla med lite extra virgin olivolja och servera.

Sometimes we think that because we don’t have experience in an area, there is no earthly way we can do well. ¬†We fear failure. ¬†How will you know unless you try? ¬†How do you think Noah felt as he was building the ark? ¬†People thought he was crazy, but he did it anyway! ¬†Do you want to try something new? Something you have never done before? ¬†Do you have a crazy idea that you really don’t know how you can pull off? ¬†If you really want it, you need to go for it ! ¬†Be true to yourself and give it a shot! ¬†Some of the best projects and ideas in the world have come from people who just dove in head first and made it happen. ¬†Go build your ark today! ¬†


TRYit - Leo Howard and Dwight Howard