Green Tea Mask!

I have been drinking green tea every morning and I feel it really has been helping me out! Lately I have been trying to do things that are not only helpful for my weight loss but for my entire health, skin and all! So let me know if you babes give this a try so you can send me your feed back and beautiful pictures of your green tea face mask!

P.s.= Im not a specialized skin care anything but this is just something I do!

Stay Strong! -Bekah

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Far to logical for most to comprehend I guess…

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Girls’ magazine makes noise.  |    Penn State

  • At age 14, girls are twice as likely to quit playing sports
    as boys
    the same age. 
  • About 74% of women are interested in the engineering field,
    while only 11% of practicing engineers are women. 

Penn State alumna Erin Bried knew she needed to change this. 

  • Erin launched Kazoo, a magazine for young girls that teaches them how to pursue their interests and make noise in the world. 
New TV Show Idea aka "FAMED"

Just bare with me please! *clears voice* So imagine a stage set like Oprah but it’s bigger than hers. The stage is always black but once it’s starts there is a big intro…jazzy and bounce and a fucking boss ass jingle that reveals the title “FAMED”! Then stage zones in with one light to a big pink chair or whatever color is decided in the final plans. Enters the host or hostess as he/she turns around with a bright ass smile. Now the actual concept. The host/hostess is kooky or sarcastic persona that looks for current trends or people ( not limited to put regular joes, starting out actors/actresses, Youtubers, any type of content creator that deserves recognition, new artists (music or art) and etc. He/she basically spotlights this people, holding interviews, of course letting them show the their talents. This host has connections so he/she at the end of the show gets “FAMED” which basically means that this show jet packs their stardom. Of course if they decide to take it. Now this is not real life tv show but a drama/comedy scripted show. This show need some ballsy writers and a fucking out of this world director and producer. Even if this a fucking terrible idea I love typing this shit!

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#ThirstyThursday Maybe this isn’t your typical #whiskey and a #beer, but who wants typical anyway? #ForgedOak is one of the best #OrphanBarrel releases and I’m sad that I’m down to my last bottle. Of course it’s the same situation with #KBS. I gotta say, the hype is…. Well hype. There is nothing exceptional and the amount of time and money I had to devote to finding it is far short of the reward. The standard breakfast stout is always available and is a solid pour. I know this beer has a huge fan following but if I never got another it wouldn’t hurt my feelings. #LeaveItOnTheShelf for me, but if you are like me, you will have to #TryIt for yourself. #BourbonResearch #BourbonBrotherhood #KentuckyStraitBourbon #Bourbon #instawhiskey @jonnysimpmia @bourbonsippers @dmartgpro @socaldiver33 @eric.parks.1313 @whisky.arch @whiskyanorach @barrelsanddrams @axisofwhisky #craftbeerresearch #CraftBeer #Stout #imperialstout

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