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Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Color: Lavender ^v^

Lipstick or Chapstick: I only use them on special occasions…so honestly I have no idea which one I like more.

Last Song You Listened To: Times are Hard for Dreamers from Amelie the Musical

Last Movie I Watched:Schindler’s List…what? I like historical movies!

Top 3 TV Shows: Fraiser, The Jeffersons, Night Court (Oldies but goodies)

Top 3 Characters: I’m gonna do girl and boy top 3s

            Girls: Eponine, Matilda, Eliza Schuyler

            Boys: Enjolras, Hamilton, Fieyro

Top 3 Ships: Enjonine, Eliza/A.Hamilton, Percabeth

Books I am Currently Reading: Currently, Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton.

Top 5 Musicals: Les Miserables (duh), Matilda, Hamilton, Phantom, Wicked

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Requests: Love at First Sight

okay so ever since i saw these i’ve been REALLY EXCITED to do them let’s get started


  • this boy has been through a lot of really rough shit in his life so like
  • i kind of feel like if he fell in love at first sight it wouldn’t be something where he sees s/o and is just immediately like “lub dub hubba hubba”
  • but more he’d probably witness them doing something really kind or courageous?
  • like maybe he bumps into them and their hand shoots out to make sure morgana didn’t get hurt
  • or he caught them climbing up on someone’s balcony to leave their umbrella for a dog who was left out in the rain
  • or he accidentally knocked into someone and didn’t notice and they grabbed him and were like “hey!! apologize to my friend!!!!”
  • those are the sorts of things that would grab his attention right off the bat
  • and from there he’d extrapolate other details:
  • kind eyes or a really warm smile or a laugh that sounds like how raindrops feel when they run under your collar
  • and that’s where his heart would do the lub dub flipping over in his chest
  • he’d just fall over himself into this puddle of
  • wow this person is–wow i need to keep them around somehow
  • akira isn’t the kind of person who really trips over his words–because he doesn’t talk that much
  • and he isn’t the sort of person who blushes really easily–because he’s used to things that were much more harrowing than this
  • (and that doesn’t even count mementos or palaces)
  • but this person just might be able to get him to do that
  • stumble as he introduces himself, blush as he goes for a handshake and they go for a hug
  • something about this person just reaches out and grabs him and makes him want to reach out and grab them
  • so he probably does
  • since, y’know, it’s akira


  • for ryuji it’s like
  • probably he sees this person in the middle of some kind of activity
  • like running to school, or playing on a team, or meditating, or hauling heavy club equipment from one floor to the next
  • and it’s in that moment, when they’re concentrating on what they’re doing and nothing else
  • when the entire world is lost to them and they’re totally focused
  • that’s what gets his attention
  • ryuji is a complete and total scatterbrain, we all know that, but he’s also an athlete and i’m sure that when he’s running and doing his circular breathing and his feet are pounding the ground
  • his head clears and his focus is narrowed down and he knows exactly what he has to do, exactly where he has to be, and that’s what draws his attention in someone else: that focus
  • after that he’d notice other things
  • like their arms straining or the sweat trickling down the back of their neck or how bright their eyes are as they manage to get some success in what they’re doing
  • he’d think man oh man i would love to be the person to make them smile like that i’ve got to figure out their name
  • and where akira is the sort of person who doesn’t get flustered BOY is ryuji the opposite
  • he’d flush and stammer and laugh at himself and rub at the back of his neck and apologize a million times
  • but he’d have this boyish eagerness, this bounce to his step, this light in his eyes
  • his cheeks would be flushed but there’d be so much nervous, boundless energy in him he’d be near to bursting with it.
  • he’d probably dog this person a bit, following them and figuring them out, before he really approached
  • but oh gosh when he does, you can bet it’ll be a wild ride for them both


  • yusuke is all about the beauty in the universe so of course he’s going to notice just how freaking stunning this person is before anything else
  • the lighting will strike them in just this certain way and he’ll sigh and say
  • oh, there you are
  • because it’s like he’s been looking for this person for his entire life
  • sayuri is great and all, but maybe even that pales in comparison to how he feels when he looks at this person who’s utterly captivated him
  • he can’t help staring
  • or the itching in his fingers to grab for a bit of charcoal so he can immortalize this moment for as long as the paper will last
  • it’s after that first glance, that involuntary gasp as his eyes fall across that profile for the first time, that he starts to notice other things, too
  • like the way this person will tilt their head as they study him back
  • or how their eyes are always changing shades depending on the light
  • sketchbooks will fill faster than he can buy them
  • paint will dry on his palette before he can decide on the perfect shade for their skin
  • he’ll want to define every crease around their mouth as they smile so he can tattoo it on the inside of his palm to keep for the rest of his life
  • he would have so little trouble telling this person how he feels, how drawn to them he is
  • like everything else he does he’d throw himself into this new passion headlong, just dive in with all of his everything
  • it’s a little intense but all the more rewarding if this person decides to join him
  • he calls them his muse, not joking, probably from the moment they meet


  • love, the way we’re defining it, is a foreign emotion for akechi
  • not that he’s never experienced it before, obviously he loved his mom and all that
  • but romantic love, love at first sight, instantly head over heels for someone, that’s nothing he’s ever really thought would happen to him
  • so, of course, he wouldn’t realize it was happening at all
  • he’d notice this person, right?
  • he’d notice their face and their voice and the way they walk and how they laugh and the way their nose crinkles up when they frown and what clothes they’re wearing and where they bought their shoes and that they got their last haircut X amount of time ago (probably)
  • you can pry actual!detective Goro from my COLD DEAD HANDS
  • but he wouldn’t realize why each of those details was SO INCREDIBLY important to him
  • he wouldn’t know why his heart jumped in his chest like that whenever they looked his way
  • he wouldn’t understand what made them seem to stand out so much from their surroundings, almost like they were glowing and calling to him like a beacon
  • that is, he wouldn’t understand until he did
  • love isn’t an emotion you can talk yourself out of, though you can certainly try
  • it would take him several tries to realize his mistake
  • and at that point it’d already be too late
  • he’d be in too deep
  • akechi is a good actor, and he’d be more than capable of acting normal around this person if the need arose
  • he’d be able to smile and joke with them like they’re any other person he knows
  • but eventually he might start trying to distance himself from this person, if they ever got to be friends
  • he’d probably never actually tell them about his feelings


  • mishima is the kind of boy who falls in love easily
  • or maybe it’d be better to say he becomes infatuated easily because the way he acts about those crushes doesn’t really define love
  • his criteria for s/o’s boils down to “interested in me”
  • …….
  • and that’s basically it
  • boy’s self esteem is so low they’re planning an excavation to see if his anxiety predates the Mesozoic era
  • so he’s kind of desperate lonely and willing to take whatever he thinks he’s going to get, because he’s afraid that’s all he’s going to get
  • but for love, the kind of stuff we’ve been talking about here
  • like akechi, maybe he wouldn’t be able to define it at first
  • he’d think it’s just another infatuation, like all the other times, and he’d throw himself into it with just as much enthusiasm as usual
  • he wouldn’t realize that his heart is beating harder than ever over this person’s smiles, or that the flush on his cheeks is darker and wider spread than it’s ever been before
  • he’d just go on being infatuated with this person and tell himself it would fade eventually like all the other crushes he’s ever had
  • until it doesn’t
  • and he’s like “oh.”
  • mishima is the nervous laughter kind of anxious, always willing to let the situation turn into a joke at his expense if it will dispel the tension
  • he’d be no different in this situation, full of self-deprecating jokes and sheepish smiles and blushes staining his face like fine red wine
  • he laughs at almost everything this person says, breathless sounds that push out of him because here aren’t any words in any known language he can use to communicate with them
  • like akechi, he probably wouldn’t reveal how he feels to this person
  • just too much of a risk, too much embarrassment

Hello my #Beautiful #Yogis. Getting in some practice before I head out to watch my boys play tonight. Thank you @yogaplayground for this one. I’ve been in a practice rut with all the modifications I have to make but this was fun and gave me another look at my practice. Yeah, I tried 😂 Next time I’m going to finish my yoga Tetris tower lol. Stay #light and #awesome.

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Ladies I swear to you if you do this 10 times straight you will feel the burn!! You’ll feel it in your butt, thighs and calves 😳 but its worth it!!! Try it out and tell me what you think👌🏾😏 #fitness #fitfam #squats #squatlife #squatchallenge #tryit

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@smokeplanet ‘s characters from her comic Long Exposure, if you have a minute you should definitely give it a read. The scenes are well done, characters are interesting and consistent, add in some A+ humor and it’s gold. 
  Please, slap my crude interpretations aside, open handed if you will, and do yourself a favor. Tickle the link and enjoy. ;) 

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Hungry for fear

It doesn’t matter how hard I try
It keeps coming back
No matter how often I say goodbye
It keeps following my track
Like it’s hungry for fear
And I have just the right amount
It will still appear
As long as my fear can be found

So i had this idea about headcannon: how would the rfa boys +v+saeran react to MC being a the most popular korean singer?

Omg thank you guys so much! It was a shocker to see how popular the last headcanon had gotten in less than the day. This one was so fun to write, hopefully it lives up to our previous one!  ~Admin Mazz

Oh my goodness. Look at all that support!! Apparently everybody loved that last HC lol hope this one is as good! Thanks so much guys this is awesome!!! :D Enjoy, anon! ~Admin Lily


  • He was honestly surprised when you told him. Duh
  • How were you able to hide the information from him?
  • It’s called a stage name, Zen.
  • After the initial shock wore off he actually came pretty excited.
  • Power couple has been activated
  • Selfies that used to be on and off with you? They’re double fold
  • Plus, when he heard your first time when practicing
  • It didn’t just make his jaw drop let’s just say that much
  • You guys end up practicing together
  • I should get my director to get you to take the female roll, babe.”
  • For Christ’s sake, Zen, I’m just a singer, not an actor.”
  • With all the pluses of both being famous, there are some minor down sides.
  • Paparazzi everywhere; you wanna go for a walk? Pfft. Always got that camera on you
  • You guys become pretty creative with your disguises when wanting to go out
  • Before any big concerts, this boy has bouquets of roses in your dressing room.
  • They take up half of my dresser Zen, I need to see.
  • All and all, his love for you doesn’t change, it just makes everything 10xs better.


  • What?
  • What??
  • He’s not angry at all, he’s just so shocked
  • You explain that you didn’t want to say anything because you weren’t allowed to blow your cover for safety reasons, but now that you’re dating…
  • “Just because I’m famous, doesn’t mean I’m not the same girl, though!”
  • You felt so guilty for keeping this from him and he can tell
  • But that guilt is immediately shoved aside
  • “I had no idea! Wow, this is amazing! It’s not like I haven’t heard you before, all of Korea has, but I just… wow!”
  • “You… aren’t mad?”
  • “Why would I be mad?” Yoosung would smile “you’re the best singer in Korea and the woman of my dreams! This is a combo!”
  • Yoosung I love you so much
  • He tries to go to all of your performances and of course he absolutely adores your voice
  • “Babe, are those my CD’s?”
  • He gets you flowers every time you perform and it’s usually white roses
  • how can you not love him?
  • Also, another thing you love to do is while you’re on TV, is to blow him kisses just to make him blush
  • Paparazzi loves that boy btw they think he’s a doll
  • Jumin
  • You’re really nervous
  • Jumin loves you because you’re not like the women he sees everyday, but… you are the kind of woman he sees everyday
  • You’re famous
  • Will he love you still?
  • Gotta try
  • It doesn’t come out easily, but you finally tell him
  • At first, there was nothing
  • Please say something already this is killing me
  • He finally lets out a sigh and just says, “I understand why you needed to hide this from me.”
  • “You do?”
  • “Of course. I’m a C.E.O., remember? I’m around people like you all the time.”
  • He acts like nothing has changed like what; he treats you with just as much love as he did before
  • Which is such a relief
  • He makes sure you have guards go with you everywhere, even though you already have some
  • “Jumin, is this really necessary?”
  • “Of course it is. Your safety is my first priority.”
  • He absolutely loves your voice
  • He’ll listen to you sing while you practice, while your focusing, and while you’re performing
  • he plays your songs in his head all day long
  • Sometimes he’ll get caught humming them too
  • “Jumin, is that my song?”
  • Notorious Jumin threat clearing
  • Also, takes blurry pictures of you while you’re singing and sends to Zen just to make him mad.
  • “Why can’t you sing this nicely, Zen?”


  • This boy already knew from background checks.
  • Though that didn’t stop him from falling in love with you?
  • After everything you two have been through, and everything is chill, you tell him.
  • He just laughs at you like your the fool.
  • “Jokes on you, I knew before you did.”
  • He loves the idea of you being famous, like Zen, he makes spambots about you and how wonderful you are.
  • Seven makes sure that the public eye isn’t as nosey in your personal life when living with him.
  • Because how the hell can you take pictures from inside his bunker? Find out next episode.
  • He keeps check on you whenever you leave for practice from the CCTVs around the area you’re in.
  • If you ever get back lashes for your choices, guess whose erasing those people from the internet?
  • Ya boi.
  • When it comes to going into public is the only problem you two have about your job.
  • He’s not supposed to be in the spotlight.
  • After several possible ideas of how to escape the paparazzi, you both forget you have the best cross-dresser with you.
  • I totally didn’t think of that while watching a drag race.
  • You two become so well hidden, that sometimes when leaving your home people think that there’s more than you two living in there.
  • It ends up becoming a game of how creative you can get before they find out.
  • You and Seven 1 - Paparazzi 0
  • Whenever you have a big show, or even anything major, you have your number one cheerleader in the crowd.
  • Sometimes you believe he’s louder than a mic set.
  • When he finally comes to term of being in the spotlight with you, the public think of two things.
  • Quirky and Adorable.
  • Well, that’s just me.
  • Even if you’re a superstar, you’re the love of his life, and your job doesn’t take away from who you are at all.


  • Well it was certainly a shocker.
  • But, these things happen…?
  • No, V. They really don’t
  • He knew from what Seven told him from the background check, but it passed his mind at the time.
  • It wasn’t that you being famous was a bad thing, due to him being a famous photographer himself.
  • He just didn’t know how to handle the change?
  • It took awhile for him to adjust to the constant snooping, but he did it for you.
  • This sweet bean would die for you.
  • V would end up becoming your number one fan, always at your concerts, watching from backstage.
  • He would go to some of your rehearsals and take pictures of you in your work environment.
  • When you were home and practicing your songs under your breath, you sometimes hear a camera click but never can find where he’s taking them from. Stalker skills
  • They would end up being hung around the house to your dismay.
  • He also finds your voice to be very soothing
  • Sometimes, he’ll ask you to sing to him before going to bed.
  • You two are seen as an adorable couple who keep to themselves.
  • You also found a letter from a fangirl for your boyfriend once, he doesn’t let it go.
  • When you become busy with work, you’ll find post-it notes with encouraging phrases on it, or simple love notes.
  • This man will love you even if your job was being the center of the music industry because he fell in love with who you are, and not your job.


  • Yeah, he knew
  • I mean, it’s not like he didn’t do a background check on you already
  • But it didn’t matter to him at the time because, well…
  • Ya know he didn’t think that he’d fall for you and he uh
  • He kinda did
  • And, what’s worse is that you kinda fell in love with him too
  • You make an agreement that outside of the RFA and your home, you don’t know him, he doesn’t know you
  • “Do you think that’ll work? Paparazzi always finds out, Saeran.”
  • It’s not exactly easy, but it’s what makes you two happy for a while
  • He never admits it but he thinks your voice is beautiful, and he sneakily listens to you sing while singing to yourself
  • Paparazzi finally sees you and Saeran together once and all hell breaks loose
  • A picture of you two together is literally everywhere
  • Saeran is so mad, and at first you think it’s at you
  • He explains that he’s angry that they always have to surround you like that
  • “Why can’t they just leave you alone?!”
  • Aww, Saeran
  • You start to come up with an elaborate plan to distract the media, but Saeran just says, “forget it. It was going to be found out sooner or later.”
  • Are you kidding me? Why couldn’t we do that in the first place
  • After that, the paparazzi literally is unable to find any information on Saeran, and they’re always asking questions about him
  • “Who is this mystery man? Look at Page 3 for more info”
  • You just shrug, “I don’t know. Does it matter?” Saeran thinks its hilarious he loves you so much
Finding You: Chapter One

Pairing: Min Yoongi/ OC

Genre: Soulmate AU!

Summary: Sometimes, a tag is enough.

Warnings: Mentions of depression, past suicide attempts, and cheating.

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Chapter One:

It was fifteen minutes to three AM and the only source of light in the room was the harsh glare cast from the monitor in front of him. His exhaustion made him feel like he was on auto-pilot, causing him to sit slumped in his computer chair with eyes half-lidded while the taste of old coffee lingered on his tongue. His mind was foggy and most likely halfway to sleep but he pushed himself anyways, using the mouse in his hand to continue editing the track he worked on. There was a slight hum emitting from the cooling system in the building, but he couldn’t hear it over the sound of the music coming from the headphones clamped firmly over his ears.  

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One Direction Preference: Song Series

Recent Writing | Masterlist 

#1: Steal My Girl | #2: Ready to Run | #3: Where Do Broken Hearts Go? | #4: 18 |#5: Girl Almighty | #6: Fool’s Gold | #7: Night Changes | #8: No Control | #9: Fireproof

#10: Spaces


Who’s gonna be the first one to start the fight?
Who’s gonna be the first one to fall asleep at night?
Who’s gonna be the last one to drive away?
Who’s gonna be the last one to forget this place?

Years later and still any time you saw him your heart would skip a beat. “Y/N, hey!” He greeted you with open arms. “How have you been?” It was nice to see that even after how bad your breakup was, the hard feelings between you two were gone. “Good, and you?” “Good.” Liam replied with a friendly grin. “Hey babe, I got the strawberries.” A woman came up behind him, holding the clear container of strawberries in front of his face. “Oh hi, I’m sorry.” She realized she ruined some sort of reunion and immediately retreated back into herself, placing the strawberries in the cart. You and Liam exchanged an awkward glace before he cleared his throat, “Y/N this is Sophia.” He looked between the two of you, “My girlfriend.” You could hear the apprehension in his voice. He was still worried that things weren’t alright between the two of you and that after today you wouldn’t be able to be civil with one another. Maybe he was right because as soon as he said “girlfriend” you felt a pain in your heart that would never get repaired. Although you hadn’t said so, you wished your could just forget what happened in the past. At least it would give you the strength to move forward without Liam and suddenly regretting everything that happened. He was no longer yours and you feared that chance had long gone.


We keep taking turns
Will we ever learn?

“I don’t care Y/N. Oh my god.” He groaned, tilting his head back and placing his hands over his ears. Fight number four in only three days had to be a new record. “Are you coving your ears to ignore me?” His action only fueled your anger and you found yourself stomping after him, taking his hands and pulling them off his head. “Don’t you dare do that to me!” You yelled at him and he whipped around, the anger in his face matching the tone in your voice. “You have to care Zayn! This isn’t just about me this is our life because it affects both of us!” The topic of your fights for the past week had been a recent pregnancy scare that took a toll on you more than it had Zayn. To him you were only harping on it, nagging at something that didn’t happen. “What if it would have been positive Zayn?” After a few deep breaths your voice was now quiet, a whisper amongst Zayn’s heavy breathing. “Would you care then?” The thought of Zayn not being there if you had gotten pregnant was just eating away at you, provoking all of the “what if’s.” Zayn sighed and gave a shake of his head. “I don’t know what I would do Y/N.” Your mouth parted in awe of his answer. “And I don’t know I if I can ever answer that.”


Oh spaces between us
Keep getting deeper
It’s harder to reach you
Even though I try

It was a twist of fate that he saw you in the store and he thanked his lucky stars that he did because otherwise you would never return his phone calls. “So how have you been?” He asked you, placing his hands in his pockets to keep from fidgeting at all. If his hands were free, he’d probably pick away at his cuticles until the nail beds were bleeding. You were rocking from on your heels, your own form of fidgeting out of nerves. “Alright.” The simple one word answer you hoped would give him the clue that you didn’t want to talk. You were over the talking and trying to work things out. “I’ve been calling.” Louis tilted his head to the side and leaned forward, his voice hushed. You nodded, “Yeah, I know.” You were still hoping your straight forward answers were going to work, but so far they were failing miserably. “Why haven’t you returned any of them?” Louis was agitated now. You could see it in his face when you finally looked up at him. You shook your head and rolled your eyes as if to say “I don’t know.” The sudden wordless dialogue should have been enough for Louis, but he continued. “I’m not stupid. I know it’s the last thing you want to do, but if you would just give me a second chance. At least talk to me. Let me talk.” You nibbled on your cheek pondering his request. It wouldn’t hurt to at least let him talk, right?


Who’s gonna be the first one to compromise?
Who’s gonna be the first one to set it all on fire?
Who’s gonna be the last on to drive away?
Forgetting every single promise we ever made?

The romance was completely thrown out the window and has been for months now. The two of you were sitting ducks playing a game of Russian roulette. It was almost like the first person to crack would be the weaker one and in your relationship, the first person to admit defeat was also the first person who lost the feelings first and made it all go downhill. The air around you was uneasy and made you worry for the future. Niall, who had been out all day was just getting home and startled you as he walked in the door. “Where have you been?” You regretted the words as they left you, knowing that you just admitted defeat without actually saying it. “Out.” Niall mumbled, shoving off his shoes. You were sitting on the couch, TV off and pure silence around you. “What’s going on?” He wondered, noticing the silence that had suddenly became awkward. “I think we need to talk.” You told him shakily. Niall sighed, looked down at his feet, ran a hand through his hair and finally brought his gaze back up to meet yours. Without saying anything he walked to the couch and sat next to you, still in silence. “I know we do.” He finally said under his breath, repeating, “I know we do.” Once more. It wasn’t just you admitting defeat that night. Both of you decided it would be best if you went your separate ways. Now if that was a good idea or bad, only the future would be able to tell you that.


Spaces between us
Hold all our secrets
Leaving us speechless
And I don’t know why

Thousands of miles lay between you and with every step either of you took, it felt only as if that distance grew immensely. You felt there was no way to prevent it either. As each day went by, the less you heard from or spoke to Harry. And each day you would feel another piece of your heart break off and shrivel away. “Hi. It’s me again.” You began on your eighth voicemail of the week. It was an endless game of phone tag that you were playing. “I just wanted to call and see how you’re doing. I know we haven’t talked in a while and I know part of that is my fault.” It wasn’t just your fault. Both of you were to blame in the situation. There were moments when Harry knew he could have picked up the phone and dialed your number and sent you a text message, and the same thing went for you. But in those moments your pride had overridden any other thought and wouldn’t let you pick up the phone. You sighed as the words just wouldn’t come out of you, “I hope you’re doing good.” With the final sentence you hung up the phone, not sure if you would ever talk to him again.