Hello my #Beautiful #Yogis. Getting in some practice before I head out to watch my boys play tonight. Thank you @yogaplayground for this one. I’ve been in a practice rut with all the modifications I have to make but this was fun and gave me another look at my practice. Yeah, I tried 😂 Next time I’m going to finish my yoga Tetris tower lol. Stay #light and #awesome.

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Ladies I swear to you if you do this 10 times straight you will feel the burn!! You’ll feel it in your butt, thighs and calves 😳 but its worth it!!! Try it out and tell me what you think👌🏾😏 #fitness #fitfam #squats #squatlife #squatchallenge #tryit

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i use creme brulee curling delight from alikay naturals for my wash and gos

it’s the only product i’ve used in my hair that gives me the shine and hold of a gel without the crunch

and still allows my hair to get big and fluffy over the day

and it smells like heaven

so much so that my friends sniff my hair and my guy likes to lay in it

sooooo yea, give it a try

it’s a lil pricy

but i have been on the hunt for a good product for my wash and go and this is the only thing that hits it


Green Tea Mask!

I have been drinking green tea every morning and I feel it really has been helping me out! Lately I have been trying to do things that are not only helpful for my weight loss but for my entire health, skin and all! So let me know if you babes give this a try so you can send me your feed back and beautiful pictures of your green tea face mask!

P.s.= Im not a specialized skin care anything but this is just something I do!

Stay Strong! -Bekah

Kid walks into the store yesterday and she wants a DS game, she goes, “I need help finding a DS game, i dont remember what its called though”

So i go to help her and ask what she remembers about it and she goes, “All i remember is that you have to pay your Mortgage”

It blew her mind that i guessed it on the first try

it was Animal Crossing