Ladies I swear to you if you do this 10 times straight you will feel the burn!! You’ll feel it in your butt, thighs and calves 😳 but its worth it!!! Try it out and tell me what you think👌🏾😏 #fitness #fitfam #squats #squatlife #squatchallenge #tryit

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🍣 Now this is the real deal! Sushi-time = my favorite time! I still don’t know what I love the most so I always order a boat. Enough variety and damn, sushi can’t be bad so why not?! I didn’t really liked it when I first tried it but now it’s my favorite food. The salmon and tuna ones are the best in my opinion. Never tried it? TRY IT!!! Tried it? What are your favorites? Let me know so I can try them out 😋. 🍣

 Don’t mind my stephdad in the back haha


Have you ever wanted eyelash extensions, but you couldn’t afford them? Or you wanted them but you didn’t want to ruin your eyelashes? OR, have to fill them every two weeks for more money!? This is Younique, a mascara that instantly grows your eyelashes by 300%! This product is all natural made from green tea leaves! It’s pretty cheap! (29$ US, 35$ CAD). I highly recommend this! If you want more information feel free to send me an ask, or follow my Instagram: Younique_by_Micky! My blog also has before and after pictures & more info! To purchase;

What a better time to buy! This is 2 treatments for the price of 1!!! Go to, text/call 609-200-0383 or DM me and get yours now!! Sale ends 4.21.15!!! BOGO never looked so good!!! #bogo #wraps #sale #gethealthy #getfit #getwrapped #itworks #getskinny #getthin #getup #getworking #tryit #gethappy #beachbodyready #gettoursexyback #dothatcrazything #InstaSize

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Green Tea Mask!

I have been drinking green tea every morning and I feel it really has been helping me out! Lately I have been trying to do things that are not only helpful for my weight loss but for my entire health, skin and all! So let me know if you babes give this a try so you can send me your feed back and beautiful pictures of your green tea face mask!

P.s.= Im not a specialized skin care anything but this is just something I do!

Stay Strong! -Bekah

“Dear friend I promise you
The sun will always rise
And I’ll be by your side
Everything will be alright

I know there are times, when trouble things get in your way
Dear friend don’t be afraid, I’m only just one step away

I’ll be there to love and comfort you
When you’re feeling blue I will get you through
Remember you’re not alone
Life is hard but I’m with you

I’ll be there to love and comfort you
When you’re feeling blue I will get you through
Remember you’re never alone
For you I will be true and there is nothing that I wouldn’t do

Sometimes it is life
No matter how hard you try
It’s only making you cry
But I have faith in you
That you will shine…”

{I’ll Be There - Eva Chan}
des by HinaNg@Tu Es Mon Lilas