SO I took part in a project called “Różni, ale Równi”. I had no idea about it, I thought I was going to sing something for some kind of a commercial or whatnot. Then it turned out that the people handling the project were supposed to film me singing, talking about my passions and stuff, spending time with friends and family, etc. It was unexpected and surprising, but definitely fun.


Super nervous to post this but fuck it. In 2016 I decided not to let my body hold me back. I’m achieving things that at 23/24 I thought I had to be a certain size to achieve. I lost my love of the gym and gym culture in late 2014 due to anxiety. I’m excited to try new ways of getting fit and proud that while I wasn’t great (I was a beginner!!) I managed a little sail. This house move is going to mean such a big change and I’m excited to start working out again in ways that work for me after next week. Bring on pole, swimming and some basic gym stuff. Proud of myself and excited for the future. Thank you to @porcelain_alice for being such an amazing sample class teacher and to @skysirens for putting on the sample class! #missi #poletaster #poledancing #sampleclass #skysirens #tryingnewthings #noassholesplease

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Dem Librals Who Eat Carrot Sticks

Don’t get me wrong. I love the south. Particularly when the temperature is hitting single digits. Now, more than ever, I love being from the south. Warm sun beating on your skin, and the southern hospitality…albeit a little superficial at times….ahhh….good times…

But I think being in this hella liberal environment is good for me. It’s forced me to become a little more openminded, forced me to actually think about issues. Specifically veganism. 

I tried being pescatarian this summer because yolo. Actually, really I thought it’d be interesting to try out, and I wanted to give myself some type of goal. It ended up being fairly easy, but the motives were really “just because.” And now it’s become really easy, and I actually have zero desire to eat meat. I think 90% of what we do is out of habit more than anything else. If we force ourselves to change that habit, we find that we’re stronger than we think.

I started to think about whyI was doing this and did some research on veganism. Maybe college makes us want to try crazy things, but I was actually pretty struck by it. I’m all down for this vegetarian thing, and the thought of eating meat really grosses me out a little bit now. But I never really understood cutting out eggs or dairy until after researching some more about how they basically artificially inseminate (aka rape) cows for dairy production. All of these horrid conditions that these animals go through…I understand that we’re at the top of the food chain and all, but for the first time I actually realized, “Well heck…I don’t want to encourage this." 

I never want to sound uppity or "holier-than-thou,” but for me personally I think this is a very realistic change that I can make. Maybe I’m becoming this hippy dippy rabbit “Joan,” but for the first time I find reason behind my actions and I think that’s pretty neat.

Rajasthani Thali!

Wow! Rajasthani Thali for dinner the other night!

Basically, the concept of Thali in India is that you get a platter of empty dishes, (pictured above) and small portions of EVERY FOOD UNDER THE SUN. Sounds awesome? it IS awesome!

But here’s the catch. They come and refill that teeny little pot every time it is empty! so those tiny portions…..are deceiving!

These guys were psyched, and managed to down a serious amount of food. I still think I held my own.

Overall, I have to say I really liked Rajasthani food! The flavors were more discernable because it wasn’t very spicy. And there was this creamy stewed veggie subji that was MIND BLOWING. Also, sweet curries and spicy daal.

Needless to say, after this meal, all my plans for a monday-night at the gym were totally out of the picture. I got home and fell asleep before 10. But it was a VICTORY sleep, having ticked another indian cuisine off the “must try” list!