REASONS WHY I AM 95% POSITIVE HARRY STYLES AND I ARE THE SAME PERSON(I will most likely be adding to this later on):

Okay let me start by saying this is sort of a joke I guess. I am clearly not Harry Styles mainly because that would mean I am in love with myself and that’s weird. Also, most of these reasons are obviously a bit of a push BUT all of these facts about myself are 100% true and I am NOT making them up just to sound like Harry and I are the same. One more point I would like to hit is that I do not know Harry personally so most of these facts COULD be wrong and they might just be things that people made up but these are all facts that I have heard about Harry. Well, now that I have made this sound overly dramatic, here is the list:

  • He worked in a bakery; I’m going to culinary school(We both are into cooking)
  • We like the same types of music such as Coldplay, John Mayer, and Dappy.
  • Both of our favorite colors are Orange and Blue.
  • Both of our favorite food is tacos
  • We both are silly but can be serious when we need to.
  • We’re both perverted.
  • We’re both sort of cheeky I guess.
  • We both agree that banter is important in a relationship.
  • Both of our parents are no longer together.
  • We both have a crush on Louis Tomlinson(sory had to).
  • ^Going from that, we both have a sense of humor.
  • We both at one point had ambitions to be a lawyer.
  • We both like older people(okay usually I like older guys but there are a few exceptions such as Harry himself).
  • Harry likes to play Tennis in his spare time; I played Tennis in high school.
  • We’re both animal lovers.
  • We both have outrageously curly hair(which, btw, I hate, all you naturally straight haired girls, count your blessings).
  • We’re both afraid of snakes.
  • We’re both clumsy(let’s just bring back the dropping of the glasses in the toilet…twice).
  • Harry’s favorite album is 21 by Adele and that’s also one of my favorites.
  • Harry’s most played song on Itunes(as of June 2012) is Paradise by Coldplay which is also in my top 5 most played songs(and one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE songs ever).
  • Harry has a crush on Adele and Adele is one of my many girl crushes. ALSO I had a couple people tell me I looked like Adele at my senior prom. Here is a picture just to make my point okay:

  • We both suffer from Hay Fever badly; which is this annoying thing otherwise know as seasonal allergies caused by pollen or dust in the air that also makes me want to kill myself.
  • We were both born in 1994(yeah yeah yeah a lot of people were I know).
  • Harry can speak French; I took French in High School.
  • We both like to take long showers(preferably together *wink wink). 
  • Neither of us like to read.
  • We both would like to have a passionate kiss in the rain.
  • Neither of us are morning people.
  • We both have a lucky pair of green underwear(mine are more of a teal but oh well).
  • Neither of us can live without internet access/computers.

The Fray- Kiss Me lyrics (by MaddieBailey3)

im sitting here listening to this, and i find out so many people are pretending to be people they arent on tumblr. tumblr is our safe haven. if you want to role play, or pretend to be someone else- go to facebook or something. seriously. does it make you feel good to know people have gone to someone they thought they could trust and it turns out you’re so wrapped up in lies, these people don’t even know what to believe anymore…

Some SHIT is going down...
the storm, mr x, harry deleted his (proven) tumblr and the girl who “took” his url is a larry shipper (it could still be harold though) im just sitting back with my popcorn waiting… as long as lou isnt engaged and harry and taylor are not dating im all good or the bands not breaking up or a member isnt leaving im all good……