Nowhere in the world could it be as bad to go out at night as it was in Gotham City, but New York was trying very hard to beat it. Barbara hadn’t even been out for twenty minutes before trouble found her. She hadn’t planned on being gone this long, she just needed to fix a link to her database in the cities CCTV system and she was too impatient to wait for anyone to come by her apartment. Besides, Barbara could handle herself just fine, she didn’t need someone else’s help for such simple tasks. 

Though, right about now she definitely wouldn’t turn some help away.

Thankfully, the freaks had been laughing hysterically as they ran up to her so she’d been ready for the attack. At first she’d assumed she was just an easy target, but she quickly realized how wrong she was. The thugs surrounding her were wearing the common clown mask that all Joker fanatics seemed drawn to. Judging by their jeers and their exclamations of “finally catching his attention” she assumed they knew who she was (her civilian self, at least) and her connection to the Joker. 

Despite planning for a quick trip, Barbara had been prepared. If there was one thing Bruce had taught her it was that you never go out without your weapons hidden somewhere on you. The escrima sticks she was expertly wielding around had been stored in the arm rests of her chair just for such an occasion. But Barbara had been so caught up in the move and trying to catch up on all the information out there that she hadn’t slept more than a few hours in the last week and her body was feeling it. Every block was slower than the previous one, and after a few minutes of fighting off the group she stopped being able to get in any offensive moves. 

After getting a hard swing to her left shoulder, making her drop that stick, she knew she couldn’t keep this up for much longer. Forcing her left hand to cooperate, she reached for her emergency alarm while blocking as best she could with her right. An alert was sent out to everyone in the area who she’d listed as a possible ally. At this point she wasn’t worried about being picky, she just needed a moment to regain her barrings and didn’t care who gave it to her.