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Hey Jeff, with the xbox one backwards compatibility going well for microsoft do you think they'll try to get original xbox games working on it? I just had an urge to play Project Snowblind and have no way to play it.

That’s way harder to do and would probably require them to pay some licensing fees. I don’t think enough people are clamoring for original Xbox support (though I’d love to see that happen).

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When I tried importing my shep from ME2 to 3 and it didn't work I spent like 3 hours painstakingly recreating his face down to the very last detail from scratch and let me say it was 100% worth it to have that sense of continuity intact

Same lmao

When ME3 came out someone posted this in-depth tutorial of how to try and pull your Shep’s face code out of the xbox/ps ME1 and then how each feature translated into a feature in the new game (e.g, “nose 1″ = “nose 3″). Anyone else remember this?

It sounds silly, but it’s important! You get really attached to your Shep, it feels weird when it didn’t import correctly.

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Question Time: Why do you love Shepard/Kaidan? The question is just an excuse to talk about them! :D

Oh boy. Haha!

I actually came into the fandom fully expecting to do a Shakarian romance. Both my friends who played and convinced me to try again (I tried for about 5 minutes on the Xbox back in September and it gave me a huge headache) romanced Garrus and told me how great that romance was.

And then, right after Eden Prime in the medbay, Kaidan did that little smile. You know the one. :)

Originally posted by jupiterjames

The more I had Shepard talk to him, the more I loved him. He’s calm and compassionate and level-headed, all things that Raina is not. But he doesn’t lack a backbone either which she really respects. There’s so many little things, a lot of them more headcanon stuff since I tend to roleplay my characters, and I can only hope to do their story justice with Voiceless Whispers.

I love the development between them; of admiration evolving into mutual respect and then love. The heartbreak of loss and hurt and then finding their way back together. It feels real to me. Love in real life is often messy, never perfect and the hurdles they go through to make it work just…

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Do you have any advice for distracting yourself from ace discourse? It seems to follow me everywhere I go and crops up all the time on my dash. It's gotten to the point where most of my intrusive thoughts focus on it, to the point where I'm having trouble staying on task for more important things. Any advice would be great- I feel like I'm going out of my mind with this stuff.

If you’re using desktop, I’d advise using xkit or tumblr saviour to block some of the common words used in the ace discourse (like sga for instance) then you can choose to view the posts if you feel up to it. To deal with the intrusive thoughts, maybe try coping mechanisms like pretending they’re being said to you by an 11 year old on xbox live trying to get a rise out of you, or someone really really far away, or grounding exercises/tools to block them out. Maybe some sort of mantra you can repeat as you go about your day and complete other tasks to help block it out - something about how they’re wrong and you’re valid might help. Just remember that they’re wrong and you’re valid.

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a console controller + a spell to help you do better in video games? [if you need specifics, the controller I'm trying to enchant is an Xbox One controller for Overwatch]

I feel really silly I didn’t think of this sooner. The ultimate gamer cheat code is the key here. While I realize that the Konami might not be connected to Overwatch at all, it still has a big impact in the gamer community.

Take your controller and attach a sticker to the back of it with the Konami code on the back of it when you’re not using it. When you are about the play use the actual buttons to do the Konami code before you turn on the Xbox. Visualize your confidence in the game growing.

(For those who might not know, the Konami Code is up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A - I did check to make sure the X-Box controller had an A and B button. If using a Playstation controller in your own version of the spell substitute X and O)

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Most people I know don't get onto the servers often or at all. It's certainly a problem on PC and PS4, I don't know if it's an issue with XBOX. Just keep trying to log in and sometimes you'll get through.

yeah that’s what i’ve been doing. i just felt like playing one quick match while i was taking a short break and it kept messing up