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((*evil laughter*))

She wasn’t sure how it happened. She wasn’t sure why it happened. But it had happened. Labrynn and Sean decided to try something new, her very words being, “Don’t sweat it, it’ll be fun!” and it was—about an hour ago when they were teaching their pupils .

Now it was downright awkward, since classes were finished and the key was missing. Luckily they didn’t have to do anything… Until now. Labrynn had a certain need she had to meet…the bathroom. But after what happened with the bathing incident, there was nothing she could do.

Yet still… “U-Um… S-Sean… We’ve got a problem…

Tired of the salty, ignorant people in certain tag talking about abuse

Concepts: The ‘vision’ that people are trying to impose on SasuSaku being an abusive relationship makes no sense. They never had a relationship to begin with, not the romantic status that you need to label a couple as abusive. The key: Relationship abuse is a pattern of abusive and coercive behaviors used to maintain power and control over a former or current intimate partner. Abuse can be emotional, financial, sexual or physical and can include threats, isolation, and intimidation. Furthermore, Sasuke’s ‘mistreatments’ towards Sakura did never meet the definition of this term. He didn’t reject her to show power over her nor she became super depressed or felt like her self-worth was harmed. Sakura even decided to get stronger because Sasuke’s departure. Sexual assaults on the other hand are pretty much what Karin planned to do at some point, and the Japanese raw has sexual connotation regardless of the English translations. Sexual assault is when a person touches another person inappropriately without their consent. Unconsiousness or sleep are considered unconsensual states since you’re unable to think. She even matches some of the sexual predator requirements to be qualified as such because of her behaviour. 

Context. If people want to use the ‘he tried to kill her’ card, they just fail to notice obvious matters. Physical abuse? Sasuke tried to kill a lot of people so he probably has abusive relationships with every single person he stabbed. Of course is wrong, but you cannot compare a fictional ninja universe to this world. That’s ridiculous. Moreover, we should consider Sasuke’s mental situation at this point. He was troubled and out of his mind (not mentally ill like skrakenz are claiming now to be selective readers). Sexual assaults can happen there though and we perfectly know why. It didn’t happen and it wasn’t going to happen because the manga itself, but that does not change the fact that Karin had those thoughts. Plus And by the way, domestic violence can’t happen if you don’t have a relationship. Gender violence is absurd when it comes to Naruto because they beat each other regardless of their gender and the manga’s setting is a shinobi world.

What do I do😔

Ambivalently Yours:
Key words: IT’S NOT A YES! 
Why do some people hear: “convince me” when you say “I don’t know”. Why can’t it just be ok not to have the answers? Why does that have to necessarily mean that we need to be helped, fixed or convinced? Being convinced isn’t romantic, no matter what all the rom coms try to tell you. Why is uncertainty always seen as fragility? Why can’t it just mean what it means: that you don’t know! 

You don’t have to give them the answers they want, especially if you haven’t figured them out for yourself yet. 

The next drawings I post is for you <3

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"I was walking home from work late night and you were trying to find the train station, but I thought you were a mugger so I punched you in the throat when you came to ask me for directions" AU

In the words of one of your favorite Harry Potter characters, the key to survival is ‘CONSTANT VIGILANCE.’ 

Especially when walking home, from a bar no less, late at night. You’ve learned to have a gut feeling about if you were being followed. Most of the time it was nothing–a few times some sweaty dudes cat called you, which was unpleasant. But, no incidents. 

No reason not to still be careful though. You’re aware of the fact that a very small, very young woman walking home alone at night is a perfect target. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up every time you walk down the street. 

Tonight you get the feeling that someone is following you. You keep walking; the footsteps are getting closer. You stop; they keep walking. Toward you. 



You spin around and karate chop your assailant in the throat. They end up on the ground heaving. 


That’ll teach you to try and mug people…attractive woman barely taller than me…okay, I totally misinterpreted this, didn’t I?” 


You’re filled with an entirely different kind of fear; you help her up. “Oh my God, did I kill you, can you breathe, do you need a hospital, I can take you to the hospital–” 

“I’m fine,” she chokes, shirking her arm away. “Dang, cupcake, you can throw a punch.” 

“Why were you following me?” 

“I wanted directions to the train station. Is that okay or should I block my face?” 

“No…that’s fine…?” 


“Laura. Sorry for punching you in the throat. I don’t even know how to get to the train station from here–I’ve only lived in the city for two weeks–so. I can help you look, though?” 

“I’m not sure if I feel safe walking with you.” She says, smirking.

“Hey, that punch is exactly why you should! No one is going to mug us or kidnap us. I’ll just, like, point to your throat and be like ‘this could be you.’”

Carmilla laughs. “You are a tiny ball of rage. I can tell.” 

“You have to be to survive in this town.” You say, lowering your voice, bursting into giggles. “But seriously, if you walk with me back to my car I have a map in the glove compartment.” 

Request:  Can you do an imagine where Derek cheats on you with Jennifer and you storm out and hide from him for a while, then one night he goes to a bar with Stiles and Scott and you end up being there and you perform ‘Ridin Solo’ by Jason Derulo and look right at him the whole time and then after you perform, you try to sneak out, but he catches you and you guys argue a bit, but get back together and fluff?

Title: Unexpected
Pairing: Derek x Reader
Word Count: 2,308

  Your parked your car and pulled your keys out of the ignition. It was Friday night and you were on your way to see your boyfriend, Derek. Since you had gotten together, Friday nights had always been your ‘thing’. He hadn’t spoken to you all day so he didn’t know if you were coming but there had been similar Fridays and he always just expected you to show up.
  Grabbing your bag, you pushed the car door open and climbed out of the car. You shut the door behind you and started to make your way up to Derek’s apartment. You were silent as you walked, lost in your thoughts.

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Ruby Rose x Reader imagine

Title: Bright green glasses.

Summary: You are visiting your family and Ruby couldn’t come with you so one night you guys FaceTime.

Author Note: Please forgive me puppies for I have wronged you and let you down by not uploading anything sooner. I promise I’ll try to give you a little something once a day or every two-three days. Key word being try because I have these classes I need to assist next week so I’ll be a bit busy. But I’ll try!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Look Y/N,” Ruby says as she grabs something off camera. “Look how amazing my new glasses are!” She smiles a little but her voice is full of excitement.

“Oh Ruby,” you come closer to the screen to see them better and raise a brow. “Only you buy those kind of things,” you reply giggling.

“Say what? This—” her tattooed finger points the bright green shades. “This is called fashion, babe.”


This is an interesting beer for sure. Been trying g to pinpoint all the flavors going around in this one. Take what I say with a grain of salt, the flavor might not be everyone’s taste but it is somebody’s for sure.

HiFi + LoFi Mixtape @stonebrewingco is a blend of two different beers. One being an ale aged in oak foudres mixed with a fresh version of the ale. The result being a funky and semi tart brew.

The nose and aroma has a little sting to it, but mostly I get astringent fruit and a bit of white grape and the tiniest (key word tiniest) bit of fig. It’s small but present.

The taste is deeply complex in that it combines the key tasting notes into one sort of harmonious act. You taste it’s mouthfeel as you drink it because it’s flavors react with how it touches the inside of your mouth.

It has some dried fruit, including those figs. Hints of smokey funkitude waft around. I get notes of vanilla and orange peel and the faintest sense of clove. It has a big polished woodsy feel. It’s slick and oily on the tongue with piny resin and finishes with a little bit of tangy tartness.

I enjoyed this beer myself. It didn’t feel over the top and wasn’t trying to grab ahold of one style versus another. It stood on it’s own.

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French again Destiel Oneshot

A/N: I’ve had this idea in my head since fanfiction came out and I literally couldn’t put it to words it was the hardest thing in my life

Summary: Dean was finally going to confess to Cas until he and Sam are once again sucked into the world where their life is nothing but a tv show….but with a twist that neither Sam or Dean saw coming…..

Dean liked Cas. Yes it was finally something that this stubborn fuck came to terms with. In fact he was going to tell him after this simple case.

Simple being the key word.

It was a simple cursed object, no demons or angels or drama about destiny or some shit.

Sam and Dean were scowering the convention, trying to find the right panel the girl with the object would be in. One minute their entering some unknown panel to them, the next their getting dragged onto the stage with a man that looked an awfully lot like Castiel.

It was Misha.

Yep, they were in that world again.

“What the hell this again?!” Dean whispered.

“Don’t worry for now just go with it.” Sam answered, walking awkwardly next to Misha.

“It’s about time you two got here welcome everyone Jensen and Jared!!!"Misha yelled like a WWe announcer, everyone cheering with excitement and love. Misha instantly coming up to Sam and giving him a kiss on the lips, the crowd increasing in cheers and Dean absolutely agape.

Yes that is right ladies and gentlemen I said, kiss. Sam was in absolute shock, Dean was furious and a big ball of hot jealousy, and they couldn’t show any of it on their face for too long in fear of being caught….

"Well now that my husband and,” Pointing towards Dean, “Whatever his name is is here let’s finally start this thing!” Everyone laughing at Misha’s joke and Misha going to one side of the stage.

“I thought Ruby was your wife here?” Dean whispered in confusion.

“I guess where in a different one? One that’s slightly different?” Sam tried to answer, but to be honest they were both stumped, and Sam was feeling soo bad because he knew of Deans feelings

Dean glared at Sam for a second before looking and smiled awkwardly at the crowd and Sam following.

After a bit of banter and awkward agreeance between Dean and Sam, they were finally getting to a question part. 

And boy did the first one leave more shock to the lovely brothers.

“Is it weird to be married to Jared, and having Jensen as a love interest on the show?”

“M-married?” Dean croaked out, shouting in his head that that’s not Cas, the guy claiming to be “Jareds” Husband is to flamboyant and, loud. But he still looked like Cas, acted as Cas.

Dean found this entire situation unfair.

“I think that’s a question you should also be asking Jared eh?” Misha said, bringing all eyes on Sam, “What do you think about me, smooching with Jensen.” Misha practically gleaming

“Um, well.” Sam started, staring at Dean who was giving a ‘choose your words carefully’ look at him, “I think that, as much as I, ” Sam gulped, “love Misha, I think that there are finally sighs of relief that destiel is a thing.”

Everyone laughed and corrected how to pronounce the ship name.

“And besides who needs sastiel when you’ve got us?” Misha commented, putting an arm around Sam’s waist, “Nah I think that it’s purely business when it comes to watching your significant other play one half of a couple.”

Next question.

“How did Jensen feel when he first read the script to kiss Misha?”


“Um, Shocked. ” Dean was trembling, “ Of course I knew that you know this all had to be, strictly professional and-”

And in comes Castiel.

“Hello Dean.”

Everyone was really shocked, Dean sighed really loudly in relief that he didn’t have to finish that sentence, and Misha was busy staring at the angel doppelganger.

“Oh thank god.” Sam says, letting go of Mishas grip and heading over with Dean, “Please tell me we don’t have business in this world.”

“Me and Bobby are still confused on how you ended up here in the first place.” Castiel said, getting nods from Sam and Dean.

“Whatever let’s just get the hell out of here these people are giving me a headache.” Dean answered, slowly walking up to his blue eyed love.

There was that long, intense stare that Dean and Cas do, both occasionally staring at one anothers lips before a fan in the crowd loudly yelled, “The french mistake!!” to get them to realized that their still being watched by the fans and cameras who were completely unfazed that there were two Mishas in the room.

Dean yanked the mic out of Sams hands, yelling “French mistake this” before scooping the angel up and dipped him into a kiss, the crowd cheering, Misha tweeting about an illusion going on, and Sam just standing there awkwardly while the whole thing goes down. When Dean let go he was just waiting for Cas to actually say something, because he was wide eyed and blushing and getting all flustered that everyone was looking at him and the only thing he could think of was to grab the collar of Deans shirt and peck him on the lips before burying his face in Dean neck in embarrassment.

“Well that settles it then. We’re leaving.” Dean said, slinging an arm around Cas and walking off stage, Sam awkwardly waved goodbye to Misha and followed.

bell, book, and candle

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Author(s): skittidyne
Pairing(s): Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi, Tsukishima Kei/Yamaguchi Tadashi, Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru, Kozume Kenma/Kuroo Tetsurou
Rating: T
Status: Ongoing (11/?)
Word Count: 121,641
Series: None
Additional: Supernatural hunters AU
Warning(s): None

Summary: Suga’s life currently consists of doing odd jobs for Kiyoko (usually herding lost ghosts into the afterlife) and being a cat dad. He’s fine with this. So, of course, it can’t last. It all starts with a fake luck spirit haunting an unsuspecting kid - no, it starts with an immigrant witch trying to summon an uncontracted demon - or maybe it starts with the tengu eggs and the selkie thief - no, Suga knows it probably started three years ago and it’s just now falling down around his ears.

Notes: This is one of my favorite fics–who doesn’t love supernatural elements? Skittidyne particularly knows what’s up, and their knowledge of different fantastical creatures and information about magic and the supernatural knows no bounds, and creates an AMAZING atmosphere. I think ALL the relationships are also particularly well developed, the humor is great, and the plotline is can even stand alone and is very riveting. Definitely a star in the Haikyuu!! works!

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Can't see how SH has been friends with BC for 17 years - that would ahve made her 20 and him 22 when they first met - seeing as they would have had a different circle of friends at that time it's hardly likely that they've known each other for that long. I thinks it's wishful thinking on her part - trying to justify their 'relationship'.

I could see them being casually acquainted/travelling in the same circles for a long time.  She went to Oxford, and I’m sure Harrow Boy had friends who went there even thought he was at Univ. of Manchester. But the key word is casual and they were both with other people during the majority of that time. That number never showed up until the Vogue article, IIRC, and I’m sure was meant to cover up the fact that they were “dating” more like 17 days before she got pregnant.

Being loved by him doesn’t guarantee you to control him more than he should be controlling himself. Take him back the remote control and just watch how he tries to get a hold of himself when you’re around and when you’re far away. Let him be free of those chains you try to surround around his body. Instead, lock him up with a twist on the keys to the padlock you wrapped on his door to secure the longing you both desire for each other. Let it be sealed with flowing passion, not broken trust and tangled feud for worse.
—  kirk


Fashion Co-ord: I have literally not worn shorts in 5 years

  • Lips: My Beauty Addiction lip paint “Grape Crush”
  • Shirt: TwentyOne
  • Vest: Old Navy
  • Pants: Old Navy (jeans turned into shorts)
  • Accessories: rhinestones
  • Shoes: Converse All-Star

Trying to embrace shorts. ‘Try’ being the key word.