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2018 will be the year of studying hard, finding love, meeting new people, trying new experiences, self love, ice creams and long beach days in summer, jumping in leaf piles and making carrot cake in autumn, wearing comfy warm coats in winter, picnics and flower gardens and bike rides in spring, learning to live with the scars from previous years, growing as a person in every way, being kind despite having bad days, high ambitions and consistency, not giving up on goals after 2 days, leaving habitual toxic thoughts behind, and determination to make 2018 different and happier and more productive than 2013-2017.


Genji won’t be sitting next to those two (specifically Moira) again

How to Change from being a Toxic Person

Even if you’ve hurt other people in the past, or have been the kind of person that you really don’t respect, you can always make the decision to change. The tips below might be helpful for this.

1. Look for the good in the people that you meet, and try to empathise, and understand others’ viewpoints.

2. Remind yourself of this: “That it’s not all about you” … and the feelings and the wishes of others matter too.

3. Be polite; try saying “thank you”; and don’t take people for granted. What they did took thought and effort, and it’s nice to be acknowledged.

4. Think before you speak. This will save a lot of grief. For once those words are spoken, they cannot be taken back. They may never be forgotten, and can haunt you later on.

5. Check your tone of voice and the words you choose to use. These can cause misunderstandings, or create a bad impression.

6. Don’t gossip about others; look for things to praise instead.

7. Don’t take the bait and be pulled into arguments. Just let the comment go. You don’t need to rise to that.

8. Make the effort to be kind, and offer others your support. And do something that’s special, and which demonstrates some thought.

Soulmate AU idea

So I had this stupid idea, idk if it’s been done already but here we go:

Soulmate AU where, everytime your soulmate is listening to a song/music (It also counts if they’re the one making the music, if that makes sense), you can hear it too. This leads to a bunch of situations, for example:

“Wtf they’re listening to this again? It’s been like 20 times today!”

Being almost asleep and suddenly, DEATH METAL OF DOOM 

Or, on a more pleasant note, hearing your soulmate sing before you go to bed every night and then one day the singing just stops

Trying to be productive while your soulmate is listening to some ass loud music, and so you try to cover the noise by putting your own music over them. War ensues

Being on the bus with only one earbud in, listening to a song not very well-known, when suddenly the person next to you starts humming the exact same thing you’re listening to

Growing up, hearing your soulmate sing almost everyday, until one day you see them on TV and they’ve become famous

Noticing that your soulmate is listening to depressing/sad music these days and trying to cheer em’ up by putting on your favorite songs

A lot of people trying to meet their soulmates at concerts of an artist they know the other likes

Soulmates who have found each other making little playlists for when they’re away from one another

Not hearing anything because your soulmate is deaf

Living your life with an almost constant soundtrack, because your soulmate really loves music

And of course, trying to communicate with your soulmate via songs and music, which is harder than it seems

Daily #1,604! Yesterday the people I met were all about Twitter, and today they were all LinkedIn…the one I rarely use LOL.

But I got their names anyway. XD I’m trying!

Things I Wish I Knew Before College

1. Leave your door open. If your door doesn’t stay open, find a way to open it. I know almost no one on my floor and I regret that. 

2. The work is a lot different from high school. Make sure you have a study system that works.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

4.  I have a lot of anxiety and it is hard for me to meet people. That’s why I try to do one thing everyday that scares me like eating in the dining hall alone or sitting in a coffee shop for a few hours. I wish I had started this earlier because I can already feel it helping. 

5. No one knows what the fuck they are doing with their life. Don’t feel pressure to figure out your life your freshman year. 

6. No one gives a fuck if you eat by yourself in the dining hall.

7. Join as many clubs as possible, even if you don’t think you are interested in the club. I joined a couple just because the people seemed cool. 

8. Don’t rely on your roommate to make you friends. 

9. Bring more storage. If you think you have enough, you don’t. 

10. Call your parents. They miss you. Especially call them if you are the first to go to college because they are not used to this. 

11. Don’t spend all your money on the sims. Especially before midterms. 

Add on some more if you have any! 

Ideal Partnerships

Ideal First Date (Use 5th House, if you’ve got a planet, only use the planet)

Aries: Going out to a football game, hangouts turned into make out sessions.

Taurus: Going out somewhere nice, like a restraunt. Wants a stable atmosphere that they can flaunt themselves in.

Gemini: Staying at home / hanging around and talking about the important things in life. Likely has very few “real dates”.

Cancer: Staying at home and watching a movie, cuddling with someone while they’re out. When they go on “real dates” they like to have it somewhere close to home or they’ve been before for “comfort reasons.”

Leo: Something “no one’s done before” and often very random. Usually has an idea of a double-date like setting in mind.

Virgo: Dinner dates, study dates.

Libra: Movies, Mall, Dinner. Very typical stuff.

Scorpio: Going on an adventure, taking someone somewhere they havent been before.

Sagittarius: Similar to Scorpio, except they want to be taken somewhere they haven’t been before (usually + booze/weed).

Capricorn: Likes to take someone out, likes fancy restraunts.

Aquarius: Driving in their car blasting music until they find a nice place to park and chill. (Weed is often involved).

Pisces: Parking their car somewhere and watching the sunset/stars and talking about the universe. Alternatively, cute dates like bowling and going out to get ice cream.

Sun: Going somewhere and having the other take pictures with them / of them.

Moon: Staying home, watching Netflix. Going somewhere in their comfort zone that they know well.

Mercury: Study dates, along with tutor dates and going to museums.

Venus: Wants to go out on a “normal” date.

Mars: Wants to go to the beach/pool.

Jupiter: Wants to chill somewhere and talk philosophy, likes art museums.

Saturn: “Normal” dates. Movies, dinner. Kinda repeats this with everyone.

Uranus: Adventurous dates. Wants to go out of their comfort zone. Wants to meet new people, try new things, often constructs their meet over the internet. Probably wants to do something at least a little illegal.

Neptune: Wants to smoke weed in the woods and talk about the world, and how beautiful each other are (they do this a lot).

Pluto: Type of person to fuck on the first date, but only if it meets their adventurous standards. Wants to go somewhere they’ve never been, and somewhere they feel the rest of the world hasn’t seen either. Somewhere where they feel 100% alone with the person.

Ideal Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Use Venus)

Aries: Someone who wants to go out, do things. Who isn’t afraid to get dirty, but is also kind and won’t hurt them.

Taurus: Someone who is honest, stable, and understanding. Who isn’t afraid of loving someone, but isn’t too quick to jump the gun.

Gemini: Someone who is also honest, but intelligent and adventurous. Who has a “world be damned” attitude and wants to change the world. Really only likes people with the same or similar political opinions.

Cancer: Someone who is comfortable to be with, and appeals to their emotional side. Who isn’t afraid to sort of take care of them without taking their freedom. Someone to open up to.

Leo: Someone who wants to treat them like they’re the only thing that matters. Who isn’t afraid to give them their all.

Virgo: Someone who is aloof, intelligent and kind. Who isn’t afraid to think about the deeper parts of the mind and has more to offer than most.

Libra: Someone who is as romantic as they are. Who is the “Price Charming” or “Princess” they’ve been looking for their whole lives.

Scorpio: Someone who’ll understand them, love them, and help them find their way without dictating them. Who wants them to get better, but won’t force anything upon them. Someone who isn’t afraid to commit, but doesn’t need it:

Sagittarius: Someone who’ll talk to them about anything and everything, that’ll show them new things and places and teach them. Wants someone who doesn’t take things too seriously, and doesn’t get attached too quickly.

Capricorn: Someone who’s aloof and stable, but they can also take care of. Who is willing to put in their weight, but still has time to grow. Wants to learn something and grow with their relationship.

Aquarius: Someone who’s aloof and somewhat “dangerous”. Likes people who are intimdating and eccentric, along with weird.

Pisces: A hopeless romantic like them, who’ll make a whole new world with them and won’t have to question why this one isn’t good enough.


There’s nothing I love more than being on set, so work never really feels like “work.” But there are times when I need to take time to just be a regular human, in those moments I try to travel as much as I can. Meet new people, have a new experience. The balance is still something I’m working on.

“I’m a community leader here.  I watch over about eighty people.  We meet every month, and I try to bring their concerns to the government.  They also look to me for guidance on how to vote.  Hardly any of them are educated.  Most of us have nothing.  I’m lucky because I work as a street cleaner, but my salary hasn’t been paid in three months.  But if we try to feed ourselves by hawking articles on the side of the road, the government will put us in jail.  We need jobs.  We need clean water.  We need good roads.  The politicians promise these things before every election.  They visit the neighborhood, and tell us this time it will be different.  But after the election they disappear.  I’ve been to the minister’s office so many times.  Every time his receptionist tells me that he’s in a meeting.  I sit there all day.  The meeting never ends.  But he’ll show up again when the election comes around, carrying eighty packages of noodles, and a polo shirt with his name on it.”  
(Lagos, Nigeria)

dealing with finals week
  • all nighters do more harm than good. limit your all nighters and do them only when you NEED to (i mean you end up napping all day, what’s the point of suffering at night)
  • always have a glass of water at your desk to drink
  • eat!!
  • use meal times as de-stressors. i love eating with friends and forgetting about the pain of studying and eating good food
  • get up and stretch your legs and arms for blood circulation!
  • try to meet with people in your classes to see if you are on track with things and aren’t missing out on some info
  • plan your days every morning; making a time schedule of when you’re planning on doing things really helps you keep yourself productive!
  • try to use natural sunlight when you can because it helps your eyes
  • keep the room well-lit if it’s dark again for your eyes!!
  • studying actively is more efficient than just staring blankly at stuff or wasting time doing things you already know. 
  • if you don’t know something, learn it right then and there because you are in the moment; if you move on you’ll forget about it and any leads you had on understanding it
  • make a list of things you know you gotta study and add to it when you find new things you have to review
  • pack your backpack the night before the exam so you have time to make sure you got everything
  • give yourself plenty of time to get to your exam location. not tryna stress about being there on time!
Unrequited Love//How Long Does it Take for the Sign to Move On

check Sun, Moon and Venus**

Aries: Aries people tend to cursh on multiple people at the same time. They also know that they can’t force anyone to love them, so they’re racional about it and it’s usually pretty easy for them to move on.//1 week - 1 month

Taurus: Taurean people only fall in love with those they really care about, so it might take them a lot of time to get over them. Often think about them, tend to get nostalgic and think about how things could be.//about 1 year

Gemini: Usually get super emotional, like all at once, but unless they were really serious about the person, they get over them pretty quickly. Maybe the most likely to cry a lot.//2 weeks at most

Cancer: Still talk about the person often like in front of their friends etc., but actually get over it pretty quickly?? Depends on how serious they were, but usually they just need to vent it out and then they’re good.//1 week - 9 months

Leo: One of the signs who are most likely to start crushing on someone else just to forget about this person, they might also like gossip and talk badly about them, even when they still secretly like them.// 3 weeks - 11 months

Virgo: They don’t take rejection that well, especially if they were serious about it. Like they might even start dating someone but still think about the person they used to love sometimes. Never talks about it though. Sometimes eats away their feelings.// 3 months - 4 years

Libra: Sometimes try to stay friends with the other person, because even though they got rejected, they want to stay close to them, but other times, when they weren’t really serious, they go out and flirt and most likely end up crushing on someone else.//1 week -8 months

Scorpio: They might actually get over the person quicker than you think?? Though Scorpios are into long term relationships most of the time, they realise that there’s nothing you can do really to change a person’s mind, so they have like one big breakdown and then move on.// 3 days - 3 weeks

Sagittarius: Sagittarius people take rejection pretty well. Just like with other signs, it depends on how serious they were, but they usually move on, because they know that there’s a lot of people out there who would be fun to date. If they were serious, it can take them quite a long time, then they cry sometimes and think of the person a lot.//1 day or 1 year

Capricorn: Very heartbroken, since they usually fall in love long term, but they won’t really talk about it or make it obvious. You can see that they’re more silent and don’t really try to flirt or get into another relationship.// 5 months and more

Aquarius: Really depends on how much they liked the person here, because Aquareans don’t mind dating just for fun, but then there are also times when they’re really deeply in love. Usually act as if nothing happened and barely talk about it.//5 days -10 months

Pisces: This one depends on how outgoing they are, but they sometimes try to “forget” about the person by simply going out and meeting new people. Really heartbroken, since they love very deeply, but you won’t notice.//6 months -2 years

23 Psychological Life Hacks

1. When you first meet people try to notice their eye color while also smiling at them. It might be because you look for a second or two longer, but all I can tell you is that people really respond to it.

2. Pay attention to people’s feet. If you approach two people in the middle of a conversation and they only turn their torsos and not their feet, they don’t want you to join in the conversation. Similarly, if you are in a conversation with a co-worker who you think is paying attention to you and their torso is turned towards you but their feet are facing in another direction, they want the conversation to end.

3. Foot-in-the-door phenomenon. People are more likely to agree to do a task for you if you ask them to do something simpler first. (Gradual Commitment… makes people them think you like them)

4. Alternatively, you ask them to do an unreasonable task, and they’ll say no, so when you ask for what you wanted, a much more reasonable task, and thew re more likely to agree that way.

5. If you ask someone to do you a small favor, cognitive dissonance will make them believe that because they did that favor, they, therefore, just like you. (yes you all know that - Ben Franklin)

6. If you ask someone a question and they only partially answer just wait. If you stay silent and keep eye contact they will usually continue talking.

7. Chew gum when you’re approaching a situation that would make you nervous like public speaking or bungee jumping. I can’t remember where I heard it but apparently if we are ‘eating’ something in our brains trip and it reasons ‘I would not be eating if I were in danger. So I’m not in danger’. Has helped calm me a few times.

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Meet me in Montauk.
Sometimes we try so hard to forget people that they unintentionally etch into our minds forever.
When you spend a lot of time scrubbing out a stain, you’re bound to remember it’s shape.
It’s where the sea meets the sand, even though the sand has been there the whole time and it always will be and it never goes away.
Nestled under the lapping waves for an eternity, not unlike that of the smiles shared on that beach in late July when you thought you’d feel this way forever.
But by August first it was over.
And you began scrubbing the stains.
And so it goes.
It’s far enough from the gentle anarchy of piss soaked streets squeezed between the ebb and flow of skyscrapers.
And the ant people they told you you’d never fit in with.
But colonize me and call it home.
‘I don’t want you to fall in love with me.’
Even these words were music to your fifteen year old ears because you hadn’t the faintest clue what love was but you knew you loved them.
The worst part of it all is that we try so hard to forget people who never cleared space on their memory cards because they weren’t ready for us.
Sometimes we are not ready for ourselves.
Meet me in Montauk.
—  a poem inspired in part by eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, ‘montauk’ by sarah kay, and my own never ending desire to understand
January 2018 Zodiac
  • Aries: You need to learn to embrace a bit of change this month. By this I don't mean the classic "you're moving away" or "you'll be around new people", I mean you will be faced with new challenges. Obviously, you are prone to facing challenges well as an Aries, but you may never quite realise a new challenge doesn't have to change anything
  • Taurus: There could be a lie to overcome for you soon and this could cause you issues. Also, remember to try to have fun as well as take things seriously; this month may test you to balance those things.
  • Gemini: Don't be afraid to go all in this month, anything that you want to do, you should because your happiness is important too. Find excitement in meeting new people and learning new things.
  • Cancer: Try to keep organised this month as a lot will happen all at once and it might be hard for you to cope with. You have every right to take control over what you're doing.
  • Leo: Try to keep your cool this month, as you might be under alot of pressure all at once. It could be helpful to remind yourself why certain things irritate and if you cannot think of a good reason, ignore them.
  • Virgo: You might have to change your schedule quite a bit soon, so be prepared to adapt and make some small sacrifices. It is important to know what you want to prioritise as you may be faced with decision making this month.
  • Libra: You might be told some very good news this month, bit make sure to stay humble and realistic about it. Also be careful with money this January, you should plan a bit more with your cash than usual.
  • Scorpio: You might be forced to tell a truth soon to someone you didn't plan on telling. You should also remember that no matter what others say, you can achieve.
  • Sagittarius: Don't be quick to escape people's company this month, you may regret not spending extra time with those you love if you do not. You might experience some great bonding with a sibling or parent soon, too.
  • Capricorn: Try not to beat yourself up for getting things wrong this month, because everyone does. Also this might be the year for you to actually set some new years resolutions.
  • Aquarius: This January will be overflowing with love this year for you. Have a great time when in the company of new people but be weary of people who want to get too close too quick.
  • Pisces: You could experience forgetting something important this month so try to keep track on what is important. Also, you can eat what ever you want right now, don't worry too much I know it can be tough.

This is part one of two, featuring Genji, Hanzo, McCree, Soldier 76, Reaper, and Torbjorn. Hopefully part 2 will be done and posted tomorrow with the rest of the guys. Going underived a read more because it got a little long


- He probably went looking for you and that was one reason for his being a playboy. He was trying to meet as many people as possible to try and find you

- But he doesn’t meet you until after he found peace from Zenyatta teachings. At this point he’d already given up on ever finding you

- As a cyborg, he gained the ability to see a few colors he couldn’t before

- Part of him worries that he won’t be able to see the addition of new colors when he meets his soulmate

- But it’s not long after Winston recalls everyone from Overwatch and he’s meeting a couple new recruits. He’s shaking hands with them and when he shakes the 2nd to last one the world bursts into color

- Turns out that he didn’t need to worry about knowing whether or not he’d be able to tell when he met you

- The two of you just stand there staring and holding each other’s hand. He’s wondering if you’re put off by his appearance until you throw your arms around him and say “I’ve been looking for you for so long”


- Hanzo is the opposite of Genji. He doesn’t want to meet his soulmate because he knows he has to marry for the good of the clan, no matter who his soulmate (there have Shimada’s who take their soulmate as a lover, but Hanzo wants to give them everything or nothing)

- He meets you anyways, before either of you are prepared for it. He’s dragging Genji out from a party and bumps shoulders with someone. The world bursts into color and both of you stagger

- Genji thinks Hanzo suddenly feels sick, and since he is concerned from him gets him out of there. It isn’t until later when Hanzo has recovered a bit that they realize that it was Hanzo’s soulmate. But neither of them know who it is and Hanzo has no desire to find out or so he tells himself

- The world is color now and it’s makes things more beautiful and more horrific for Hanzo. He can see the color of the cherry blossoms but he can also see the color of Genji’s blood when he kills him

- It’s years later when he finds you again, after he has forgiven himself and joined Genji at Overwatch. They return to Hanamura and this time, when he brushes shoulders with you, the colors don’t appear but they do get brighter. He hadn’t even noticed that in the years since your first meeting that they had dulled

- This meeting goes much better and the two of you have done some not-so-good things in yours lives, but you have each other, finally  


- In Deadlock, it was considered a weakness if you looked for your soulmate, or decided to associate with them if you did

- It wasn’t until he joined Overwatch and learned that that wasn’t normal for the rest of the world that the thought of finding you and actually having a life with you crossed his mind

- He started looking for you whenever he could, meeting as many people as possible

- But Overwatch gets disbanded and he goes on run and he still hasn’t found you

- He stops looking because he doesn’t want to drag you into the mess that is his life

- One day he’s running from some cops and he runs into you, literally

- The world bursts into color. That you have pretty hair is the first thing that pops into his mind

- But unfortunately for him, you’re a cop so you arrest him, soulmate or no

- But he breaks out of jail, and of course he doesn’t do the sensible thing and run but shows up at your house and makes you coffee

- You talk to him and at first it’s just a way to stall until you can arrest him again but he’s charming and kind and you just kind of let him go

- He texts you as he travels around the country and calls you when he can. He even visits a couple times. Over time the two of you develop a friendship and then a relationship and when Overwatch reforms you join and you and Jesse get the chance to actually try being a couple

- Spoiler alert: You guys are perfect for each other

Soldier 76

- So Jack was probably pretty idealistic when he was younger, so he was very enthusiastic about meeting his soulmate and he looked for you wherever he went

- Years passed and he became Strike Commander Morrison and he gave up on finding you. He accepted that he probably was never going to meet you and he accepted that even though it pained him

- He meets you after he becomes Soldier 76 and he’s fighting Los Muertos. You’re a civilian and he tackles you to block you the gang’s weapon fire

- The moment he tackles you, both you’re visions of burst into color

- He’s been trained to well enough that he doesn’t stop fighting but doesn’t mean he’s not shocked. Immediately after the fight he vanishes again

- You’re shocked that your soulmate is an infamous vigilante

- He reappears that night in your apartment. He doesn’t know what to say but he knows he can’t leave

- You’re still mildly freaking out at his identity. You freak out even more when he tells you he’s Jack Morrison

- He tells you about the fall of Overwatch (as much as he knows anyways). It all comes out in flood, he’s been alone so long that he’s forgotten how good it feels to have someone to trust. And he does trust you, even though he just met you

- You listen to all he has to say. You remember when Overwatch was a force for good and saved the world. You decide you believe him, he’s your soulmate what else are you going to do?

- He stills goes off to try and find out the whole truth of what happened, but he keeps in contact and comes to see you. It doesn’t take long until he’s referring to you’re house as ‘home’ even though after Overwatch fell he said he’d never have a home again


- Gabriel is more idealistic when he was younger so he definitely search wherever he could for his soulmate. But he wasn’t expecting them to find you in the middle of a war zone

- You’re one of the many nurses helping the civilians injured by the Omnic War

- But when both of your visions suddenly turn colorful, you’re more surprised than he is

- You weren’t expecting the great Gabriel Reyes to be your soulmate

- Both of you are very busy with the war but it doesn’t mean that you don’t make as much effort as possible to get to know each

- This relationship continues after he becomes the head of Blackwatch

- It continues right up until the explosion at the Swiss Headquarters when he dies and you’re vision goes back to black and white. Over the next few weeks your ability to see color seems to fade in and out, finally seeming to settle on being able to see a few washed out colors. You don’t know what it means but you’re determined to find out. After all, if you still seeing colors then he can’t really be dead, right?

- You go his funeral, both the public one and the private one for his closest friends. Angela doesn’t meet your eyes at either one

- You spend the next few years secretly looking into what really happened when the base exploded

- Talon notices, and they don’t like it so they send a few agents to ‘deal’ with you. Unfortunately for them, they send Reaper, not realizing that you’re his soulmate (you kept that fact hidden). The moment he realizes it’s you he kills the other agents before you even realize that they’re there. He doesn’t plan on revealing himself to you, but he didn’t know that the closer he got the brighter your vision became (after Mercy revived him he was still able to see in full color). He’s hiding in the shadows behind you when you turn around and say “Gabriel? Is that you?”

- So he reveals himself to you and steps out of the shadows. You stand there, staring at each other until you reach up and gently remove his mask. He looks different, there’s scars and bits of his flesh drift away as smoke, but it’s him and you missed him so much

- You join him in his quest to find out the truth about who betrayed Overwatch. You have to relearn each other all over again, but neither of you really mind


- There’s a reason that Torbjorn seems to be married to his turret

- He met you when you were kids, about 5 or 6. You went to school together and one day playing tag at recess he was ‘it’ and tagged you

- The world burst into color and both of you started crying because it hurt your brains to process all the new colors and neither of you knew what was going on

- It doesn’t take long for the teachers to figure out what happened and call both your parents

- It’s rare to find your soulmate so young, but you’re parents are thrilled that you won’t have to ever wonder who your soulmate is. Plus, both pairs of parents know each other and know that they’re good people

- It takes a few years for you both to realize what being soulmates means, but the two of you have already become friends.

- That friendship only grows as the years go on

- You both join the Ironclad Guild and help design the Titan class omnic (the giant one that Torb is fighting in his comic)

- The two of you are incredibly skilled and talented engineers, some of the best in the world

- One day you head to Russia to act as a consultant for the Volskaya Corp.

- A few days after you’ve left, Torbjorn’s vision fades to black and white, the color slowing draining away. He doesn’t know that you’re bleeding out in the snow in Russia, one of the first victims of the Omnic War.

- A few months later Torbjorn will join the original Overwatch Strike Team to fight back against the omnics

can we PLEASE

just enjoy harry potter: hogwarts mystery? stop picking it apart and enjoy the fact that you’ve got the damn game. if you’re so desperate for accurate information, you go and try and make your own game.

second note!!! it’s literally free my dudes! we could have to pay 4.99 for it or some shit but