trying yo be in it

“One does not simply hurt a princess’ bodyguard… at least, not without its consequences.”

this is a thing i imagine from @starrycove/ @shalalalalura‘s protect au! basically where shiro was tryna fight a bunch of ppl attempting to assassinate the princess and whoops there’s the princess herself and she’s PISSED YO

Me being positive is not a knock on anyone who feels otherwise. Everyon has a right and entitlement to feel whatever way they want.

My positivity is my attempt to create my own little light in the datk, bacause I badly need it. There is much negativity around me I struggle to keep this alive in myself.

So I write positive stuff, I write fanfiction. I put up cute pics of kittens and silly memes.

And I celebrate hugs. Pretty much any kimd. I will alwaus try yo find a silver liming in everything. I just cant be any other way. And I wont apologoze for that.

Yo, mod Jesse here!

 So we try to avoid posting drama-starting confessions for a few reasons. One of them is that any negativity/drama that doesn’t get contained to reblogs or comments on the post in question will just be shoved twords Alex, and honestly, they don’t need that! 
Another is that we’d rather not people use this blog as a place to anonymously argue with one another– it’s just not fun for Alex or me.
And also– as someone who’s been on tumblr an awful long time, I hate dealing with discourse.And I’ve seen the moderators of confession blogs get attacked more then once. Alex certainly doesn’t need to deal with it, especially over opinions that aren’t our own. 

But we are humans – sometimes something will slip through that could cause issue. I didn’t even think about the SDV one as a problem because SDV and HM are in the same vein, and nothing about the confession seemed inflammatory to me – But that was my mistake as well, and we’ll keep it out of here from now on.

 As a final note though— Alex (and myself, when I help out) run this blog for free. We don’t get anything from it, other then potential thanks, for offering this blog to the fandom. 

Yo. Why do people gotta try to guilt me into doing stuff I don’t want to do? Like look man, I’m all for birthday spirit but if you want me to call someone I’ve talked to maybe 3 times ever and sing them happy birthday when I’m thinking about bed right after cooking, doing the dishes and then cooking again? Sorry but no, I’m sure they won’t mind anyway. I’ve been awake a long time and I’m barely functioning

digging that one flag

Yes hello, Vetra’s backstory actually breaks my heart thinking about the stuff these poor girls had to go through. I gave you the cute, now you have to cry with me

So canon it hurts :”D


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house

I decided to colour them ╰(*´♡`*)╯♡
Silas finally took Corrin (Toya) on a picnic as promised 

 Watercolour on 200gsm


The Three Sweet Commanders