trying to win by cuteness


Socially awkward jocks try to win a cute nerd’s attention by being drama queens.

There’s isn’t much height difference between Fareeha and Genji, composition is just hard in a square. I’ve been drawing a lot of Pharmercy/Gency things recently, it’s a lot of fun to put Angela in the middle and watch two ships have a war.

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Top 10 fanfic title and summaries?

Sacchariwrites -  top 10 most popular in universe viktuuri fanfics? lol

Ok so for these are the top 15 (I couldn’t stick to top 10, I had too many ideas!) most popular Viktuuri fanfics of the Rivals universe AO3. As a disclaimer they are not based on any existing Viktuuri fanfic irl and they are not all fics and tropes I would necessarily read or write (I don’t like RPF myself), they are just the kind of fic that I imagine would be most popular in the Rivals universe considering what is publicly known of Viktor and Yuuri’s story and how they are each viewed by the public in general and their fans, plus the kind of fics that tend to be popular in most fandoms. 

I also got way too into this and started mentally writing out the whole fic for some of them but I had to restrain myself and just stick to summaries! 

Top Fifteen Most Popular Fanfics In the ‘Rivals’ Alternate Universe AO3

1)      Title: The Life We Live

Rating:  Explicit

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, Celestino Cialdini, Yakov Feltsman, Yuri Plisetsky, Georgi Popovich, Mila Babicheva, Otabek Altin  

Additional tags: Domestic, Domestic Fluff, Fluff, Love, Romance, Kissing, Sexual Content, Ice Skating (obviously)


Everyone knows the love story of Katsuki and Nikiforov and the kiss that shocked the world. What not so many people know however, is what came after.

(My take on the domestic lives of Viktor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki based on interviews, social media and fan speculation)


2)      Title: Love!!! On Ice

Rating:  Explicit

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, other minor characters

Additional tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe – Coach and Student, Coach AU


When the world’s top skater Viktor Nikiforov is permanently injured in a freak skating accident and forced to retire from skating for good he knows his life will never be the same again. But while his life is empty without skating to fill it, being forced to become the unwilling coach of a headstrong Japanese rising star skater was the very last way he wanted to return to the ice.

The reluctant coach and unwilling student clash over almost everything but even through the hatred, something different slowly begins to emerge. Can Nikiforov teach Katsuki the secrets to finally winning the gold? And can Katsuki bring back the meaning to his life that Nikiforov thought he had lost forever?


3)      Title: A Melody Sung, With Words Unspoken

Rating:  Mature

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, Yuri Plisetsky, Otabek Altin, Jean-Jacques Leroy, various other skaters

Additional tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence, Injury, Angst and Fluff, Enemies to Lovers


At the height of his career and at the brink of winning gold for the first time, Yuuri Katsuki is instead injured and prevented from ever returning to competitive skating. Unable to let go of his love for the ice he instead turns to choreography, creating record-breaking routines that every skater dreams of one day skating to. World renown for his work he is in constant high demand but willing to work with any skater who needs his help, from the youngest juniors to the most decorated seniors. All but one, his ex-rival Viktor Nikiforov, the world’s top skater and seemingly the only person who has never skated to a Katsuki routine.

Inspired by the emotive creations of Katsuki, Nikiforov sets out on a quest to convince the ex-skater to help him choreograph the routines for his final and definitive season. Just how far will he have to go to convince his once-enemy to work together and what hidden secrets will he learn along the way?  


4)      Title: On Love: Eros

Rating:  Explicit

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov

Additional tags: The Eros Costume, Smut, Shameless Smut, Sexual Content, Top Viktor Nikiforov, Bottom Yuuri Katsuki, Porn with a little bit of plot, Seduction, Riding, Oral Sex, Barebacking, Hair-pulling, Finger-fucking, Dirty talk, Orgasm Denial, the real story of how Katsuki convinced Nikiforov to give him the Eros costume


“Why?” Nikiforov said and his eyes were as dark as his words were cold. “Why would I ever want to help you?”

Katsuki licked his lips, looking up at the other skater with a heated gaze and smirking a little as he ran his fingers up Nikiforov’s arm to rest tantalisingly on his shoulder.

“I think I can make it worth your while.”


5)      Title: Before the Camera, Behind the Screen

Rating:  Explicit

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, Celestino Cialdini, Yakov Feltsman

Additional tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe – Actors, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Eventual Smut, they’re actors playing figure skaters for a big Hollywood movie, and they hate each other, at first at least, why do they not use body doubles for their sex scenes?, plot reasons that’s why


Sweat-slicked skin gleamed under the lights, two bodies moving as one as gasps of pleasure filled the quiet room. Katsuki had his head thrown back, eyes glazed as he rode out the sensation, thighs clamped tight around the warm body beneath him and hands fisted into silver hair…

“Cut.” Came the harsh voice of the director as the studio lights snapped back on, flooding the scene with a glaring brightness. “Take five everyone.”

“And you two.” he turned to the two actors who were both blinking in the sudden light and wiping the fake sweat from where it was lying stickily across their skin. “You need to get it together soon or this whole movie is going to be a disaster. You’re supposed to be in love for Christ’s sake! Katsuki, you look like you’re counting down the minutes until you can finish this scene and go and get lunch and Nikiforov, you’re just looking bored. You’re supposed to be actors! I don’t care how much you hate each other, you better act like you don’t or you’re both getting fired.”

Katsuki glared down at Nikiforov who was still lying beneath him, looking annoyed.

“You better step up your game.” Nikiforov drawled, looking disparagingly up at the man still straddling him. “I have a reputation to uphold and I’m not going to lose it to a bad movie because of one amateur, one-hit-wonder actor who can’t do his job properly.”

“Maybe it would be easier to do my job if you weren’t such an arrogant ass who can’t admit to his own mistakes.” Katsuki shot back, glare intensifying. “And stop acting like you’re such a big deal. You might be famous but you’re not that impressive.”

“I don’t know, I’ve been reliably informed by a lot of people that I’m very impressive.”

Nikiforov flicked his eyes to where their bodies were joined, only the smallest pieces of fabric separating them, eyebrow raised suggestively. Katsuki snorted in disgust, then rolled his hips in an unexpected movement that made a certain part of Nikiforov perk up in unintentional interest.

“I’ve seen better.”


6)           Title: The Calm Before The Storm

Rating:  General Audiences

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: Gen

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri and Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, other character tags to be added

Additional tags: Backstory, Childhood Friends, Backstory Speculation, Fluff, Angst and Heartbreak, Nikiforov/Katsuki Rivalry Backstory


Another speculative fic about the origins of the Katsuki/Nikiforov rivalry. Based on the popular theory that they were childhood friends until something went horribly wrong.

7)      Title: coffee, cupcakes and other ways to fall in love

Rating:  Teen And Up Audiences

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, other character tags to be added

Additional tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Coffee Shops & Cafés, Barista!Katsuki, Nikiforov is still a figure skater, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Katsuki is the cute barista Nikforov has been trying to charm for weeks, Katsuki is having none of it


“You know, I like my men like I like my coffee.” Nikiforov said, leaning closer across the counter and trying out his best, award winning smile. The cute barista - whose nametag was always suspiciously absent whenever Nikiforov was in the shop and whose name he still couldn’t charm out of him, although not from lack of trying - merely glared in response and continued to make his order without replying.

“Dark, strong and a little bitter.” Nikiforov added with a flirtatious wink, making a point of looking at the man’s feathery dark hair and the lean muscles that stood out in his arms, accentuated by short sleeves of the uniform he was wearing.

“That’s funny. I like you just like I like my coffee too.” The barista’s glare changed in an instant to a coy smirk and Nikiforov’s heart leapt a little in his chest at the sight. It had been weeks since he had first spotted the man at his favourite coffee shop and he had been trying to charm him from the moment their eyes first met. Unsuccessfully so far but he knew it couldn’t be long now.

“And how is that?” Nikiforov replied, layering his tone with as much suggestiveness as he could muster.

“I don’t like coffee.”

The barista turned away to serve the next customer with a look of triumph and Nikiforov could feel his face fall. Oh well, there was always next time. After all, he didn’t give up easily and he always loved a challenge.


8)      Title: All Things Must Die (Except You and I)

Rating: Mature

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Other Character Tags To Be Added

Additional tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe – Greek Mythology, Alternate Universe – Gods and Goddesses, Hades and Persephone, Hades and Persephone AU with a twist


The God of Death and the God of Spring have been waging a silent war for years. Spring, with his eyes the colour of the sky and his hair like precious metals, brings life and laughter while Death, dark like a shadow, ends all things and sorrow walks in his wake. For centuries their silent war raged on, until one day the power of the God of Spring grew too great and he taunted the God of Death, creating an eternal Spring on earth where nothing could ever die.

Angered by the arrogance of the other God, the God of Death kidnaped the God of Spring for his mockery, locking him away in the underworld and plunging the world above into an eternal winter. But hatred slowly began to change into something new and the two Gods came to realise they might not be as different as they once seemed. But both were needed to keep the balance in the world, one above and one below, and as the long winter raged on even love was called into question. Because can anyone truly be in love if they are also not free?


9)      Title: doing it backwards

Rating: Explicit

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov

Additional tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega Katsuki Yuuri, Alpha Victor Nikiforov, Mpreg, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Knotting, Biting, Mating, Nesting, Protective Viktor Nikiforov, Viktor being a good dad before he even knows he’s the dad, Angst With a Happy Ending


Katsuki hates Nikiforov and always has. But after one night of ill-advised passion leaves him with a lot more than just hatred to remember the other man by, he realises his life is about to change, and not necessarily for the better. And what’s worse, he knows he has to hide this new development from the other skater or face what might be terrible consequences.

Otherwise known as the fic where Viktor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki fall in love, get married and have kids. Not necessarily in that order.


10)   Title: winged Cupid painted blind

Rating:  Teen And Up Audiences

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov

Additional tags: Secret Identities, Mistaken Identities, Pen Pals, Falling In Love


Being the world’s best figure skating is exhilarating but also lonely. After a string of failed relationships, Viktor Nikiforov decides to forgo love for good, knowing that people only want the version of him they see on the TV and not who he really is inside. After finding a website for anonymous people just wanting someone to talk to, he quickly discovers that it is a good way to deal with his feelings without the pressure or expectation of his fame. Another user, KYKatsudon, quickly catches his attention and the two of them click instantly. Viktor finds he can talk to the other man about just about anything and the other man has similar feelings and fears. Slowly he begins to fall for the mysterious man at the other end of the conversations and he wonders if maybe it might be worth trying out love one more time. The only problem is he has no idea who KYKatsudon really is, and he has never revealed his own identity either.

They might both be in for a surprise…


11)   Title: Every Pawn Can Become A Queen

Rating:  Explicit

Archive Warning: Graphic Depictions of Violence

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Katsuki Mari, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, Yuri Plisetsky, Otabek Altin, Jean-Jacques Leroy, Georgi Popovich, Mila Babicheva, Other Character Tags To Be Added

Additional tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Arranged Marriage, Alternate Universe – Historical Fantasy, Alternate Universe – Royalty, Plotting, Assassination Attempts, Enemies to Lovers


Yuuri is the Prince of an Empire, second in line for the throne and renown in battle, a formidable warrior who has been fighting for almost half his life against the neighbouring Empire and their barbaric ways. But after tragedy strikes both kingdoms, an uneasy peace must be formed between the two opposing sides, a peace that must be sealed with the strongest of bonds.

Charged with keeping the peace for the sake of his people, Yuuri is forced to leave his homeland forever and marry the only son and heir of the opposing kingdom, forging an alliance with marriage to protect the empire built on the backs and blood of his family and now ruled by his beloved sister. But Yuuri knows what the marriage truly is beneath the pretty words. A life-sentence, imprisoned forever under the rule of a man he hates and has faced on the battlefield countless time.

But the political machinations of the foreign court might prove to be an even deadlier battlefield than the one he just left and he must keep the peace between the two kingdoms to save the lives of millions, whatever the cost. And what’s more, his long-time enemy and new husband is not the man he believed him to be and his position as Prince Consort holds more power than he ever expected. For the one who holds the heart of the future king is the one who can control the kingdom.


12)   what would I pay, to stay here beside you

Rating:  Teen and Up Audiences

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, Yuri Plisetsky, Otabek Altin, Georgi Popovich, Mila Babicheva, Celestino Cialdini, Yakov Feltsman

Additional tags: Alternate Universe - The Little Mermaid Fusion (original), Mermaid!Viktor, Prince!Yuuri, Happy Ending


Viktor has always been fascinated by the human world and especially one human in particular, a man he once saved from drowning one stormy night after a shipwreck. A dashing prince with a beautiful laugh, kind and beloved by all who know him. After loving him from afar for years Viktor makes a deal with the sea-witch, in exchange for his silver hair he has one month to make the prince fall in love and marry him or he will lose his life and be turned to nothing but foam on the sea. Known by all as impulsive and rash, Viktor takes the deal without a second thought and begins a life on land with the intention of wooing the prince and finding his happily ever after.

The one problem? The Prince hates him on sight.

Working against the clock, Viktor has one month to uncover the mystery of the Prince’s past and discover why he is so hated by the other man. And not only that but he must also convince the prince to fall in love and marry him, least he be lost to the sea forever.

13)   Title: Saving Viktor Nikiforov

Rating:  Mature

Archive Warning: Major Character Death

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, Other Skaters, Celestino Cialdini, Yakov Feltsman

Additional tags: Temporary Character Death, Alternate Universe – Time Travel, Slow Burn


After a tragic accident out on the ice, the world mourned the loss of figure skating legend Viktor Nikiforov. Consumed by guilt, his rival Yuuri Katsuki lost all love of the sport that was once his life and wished desperately to change what happened. In an unexpected turn of events his wish was granted and he was sent back in time, all the way back to his senior debut before the rivalry even began. His one goal? Save Viktor Nikiforov.


14)   Through Another’s Eyes

Rating:  Gen

Archive Warning:  Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, Yuri Plisetsky, Celestino Cialdini, Yakov Feltsman, Jean-Jacques Leroy, Otabek Altin

Additional tags: Fluff and Angst, Changing POV, based on public and social media reactions of each person, also based on Yuri Plisetsky’s face when they kissed on the podium at the end


A look at the Nikiforov/Katsuki rivalry over the years from a variety of different points of view


15)   Roses and Blood

Rating:  Explicit

Archive Warning: Graphic Depictions of Violence

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, Other Character(s)

Additional tags: Alternate Universe – Mafia, Alternate Universe – Assassins and Hitmen, Enemies to Lovers


Katsuki Yuuri is one of the most successful and feared assassins in the world, his reputation only succeeded by his greatest rival, an opposing hitman called Viktor Nikiforov. But after circumstances bring the two of them together for a complex and long-lasting job an uneasy peace is formed and gradually hatred turns to trust and respect and from that grows something more.

Job complete and aware of his new feelings for the man he once thought he hated, Katsuki returns to the organisation holding his leash - controlling him with the only other thing he cares about - to be given his next job, something he cannot refuse no matter what.

His next assignment. Kill Viktor Nikiforov.

gav comforting meg after michael knocked her back to the start saved me

Six Years

You couldn’t believe what you were seeing from your upstairs window. There it was, all shiny and still in the best shape possible for her age. His beloved impala parked on the curb, the tall, bowlegged man headed towards your door. Your heart was racing. You and Dean Winchester had not parted on good terms. In fact, you stated you never wanted to see him ever again, amongst a string of curse words. You desperately wished that he would have stayed away.

  It took you six years to get over Dean Winchester. Six long years of misery after he stated that he didn’t have the same feelings towards you, that you were just a convenient lay for him when he was staying in town. Dean didn’t break your heart, he shattered it and kicked it into the dirt like it was something replaceable. Now here he was, headed towards your doorstep. 

  You were hyperventilating. You couldn’t handle this, you couldn’t handle seeing his face again. You knew yourself, you would give into him, you would forgive him and let him back into your life knowing he was going to stomp over your heart once more. Girls like you didn’t matter to him. 

  The doorbell rang and your body stayed stagnant. You willed yourself to stay put, to not give into him, to not set yourself up for another six years of heartache. The loud sound of banging filled your ears next. They were consistent and needy almost. Damn it Y/N.

  Before you could even register what you were doing, you were standing in front of the door. You were going to be strong about this. You were going to state your ground, you were going to be stern. You were going to be the badass Y/N that you deep down craved to be. 

  You unlocked the door, swinging it open. Dean was standing there, both hands on the doorway. He looked up at you, the tip of his tongue peaking out past his lips. He looked much older than when you had last seen him. He was darker; rougher. 

  “Hi Y/N,” he said casually. You were half ready to slam the door in his face, and maybe that’s what you should have done.

  “What do you want, Dean?” you asked coldly, your arms crossing over your body in defence.

  “I miss you,” he breathed out, almost inaudibly. You were tempted to roll your eyes. 

  “Congratulations?” you chuckled. 

  “Guess I deserved that one,” he stated. “I know we left things on a very bad note, but I did what I had to. I had to leave and I had to be sure that you would’t follow, that you wouldn’t call, that you wouldn’t search high and dry trying to find me. But believe me when I say that walking away from you was the hardest thing I’ve had to do,” he paused, taking a deep breath, composing himself. He stood up straight, shoving his hands in his front pockets. “I lied when I told you that I didn’t love you. Fuck, you were the best part of my life and that time we did spend together was damn near perfect. I know I screwed up, big time! But I wanted to let you know that I still love you, god I love you more than I’ll ever be able to tell you. I know I don’t deserve a second chance, but I can’t live with myself without knowing I at least tried to win you back.”

  “I want to know everything,” you demanded. You were proud of yourself. Your voice was loud and stern, it never wavered or sounded weak. You weren’t going to go easy on him. Not after what he put you through. “No more secrets, no more lies. I want to know it all, Dean.”

  “I will tell you everything,” he smiled weakly.

  “Come in,” you said calmly. “And put your tongue away. You’re not going to win me back by trying to be cute.”

  “Oh sweetheart, we both know you think I’m adorable.”

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Nct-127 Reaction to you getting jealous

Here it is!! Thank you for the request, I hope you enjoy it!! 😊 


I can’t see Taeil getting mad, but I don’t think he’d want to have to get into any arguments over his involvement with other people if they were just innocent interactions, however if you were only a little jealous occasionally he’d make sure to reassure you he was only yours. 

Originally posted by neoculturedaily


Since I think Taeyong can be a bit insecure sometimes, you getting jealous over him would reassure him you did care for him so he wouldn’t mind too much. He’d probably find it cute and like being affectionate with you if you were a little jealous, both of you affirming your devotion to the relationship with one another. 

Originally posted by 7thsns


Johnny would try and act cool as soon as he realised you were jealous, joking that he was so irresistible or something of the like. He’d be casual about it and not pay much attention to it, not doing anything to make you any more jealous but not letting go any further than a few jokes. 

Originally posted by madtwn


Another one to tease you, he’d enjoy seeing you get a bit wound up when he pointed out your jealousy, but wouldn’t take it too far or do anything to make you too upset or more jealous. He’d make sure you weren’t actually upset and knew he was teasing if you were a sensitive person, but sometimes his jokey side might get the best of him and you’d have to tell him to stop. 

Originally posted by nctech


He might not understand why you were getting jealous, but wouldn’t com, but as long as you weren’t too serious about any small interactions with others he’d probably find it cute, and enjoy teasing you about it. 

Originally posted by valentensday


Although he didn’t want to make you feel bad, he’d question why you were jealous and make sure you knew you could trust him. If you were only a little jealous, he wouldn’t mind too much but if you were getting in the way of his other friendships or work, he’d start to get annoyed. 

Originally posted by shutupxiumin


Upon realising you were jealous about something, he’d turn on the aegyo - acting cute to try and win you over so you wouldn’t be mad at him. He’d be cute and affectionate, letting you know he wasn’t going to stray from your relationship no matter what. 

Originally posted by animequeenn13


Mark might take a little while to realise you were jealous, confused as to why you were acting as you were, until it clicked. Once he realised, he’d probably be a bit unsure as to what to do, deciding to come to you and tell you there was no need to be jealous as you were the only one he wanted to be with - possibly getting a little flustered in the process. 

Originally posted by nctech


Another aegyo king, as soon as he realised you were getting jealous he’d call you out for it, then act cute and innocent so you’d forgive him. He’d probably enjoy you being a little jealous from time to time as long as you weren’t ridiculous about it, enjoying that you wanted his attention and wanted to give him yours. 

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Requests open for NCT-U and 127! 

RFA HEADCANONS: Your First Fight~


(Aha! Yes, thank you for the request. I haven’t done this yet, simply because I’m still new on tumblr :) there isn’t much I have done, really.

So, thank you again! Means so much to me <3 hope you like it.)

(OKAY SO I FINISHED THIS AND I REALIZED; CRAP IVE NEVER DONE A FIGHT THING LIKE THIS?? Plus I got tired. T_T Lmao, I’m sorry. These are kinda bad.)



While he was playing LOLOL, you decided you would get a head start on your homework.

Well, you haven’t really been paying attention to the lessons.

You knew nothing.

You probably sat there in silence for a good hour or so, before you just lost it.

Getting frustrated, you slammed your book shut, sliding it on the floor.

This gained Yoosung’s attention, so he quickly rushed over to you.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?”


He’d get really scared because oh my god? You were screaming at him? What is he supposed to do?

“Oh..! Uhm..I can help you!”


This..ohh, this was harsh.

You were too caught up in the moment to realize what you had said.

He started to tear up, but he tried brushing it off, just wanting to help you.

Still, he’d try to raise his voice..but just can’t??

“I didn’t know you felt that way, (Y/N).”

You looked over and saw the tears, and fELT SO GUILTY, P R O T E C T H I M.

“Wait..Yoosung, no..”

He’d probably try smiling, reassuring you that it was okay.

He legit picks you up, place you on the bed, and will just hold you in his arms for a while.

Then, once you’ve calmed down completely, he will actually help you with your homework.



Seven hadn’t spoken a single word to you all day. It was really starting to get on your nerves, but still, you tried to get him to speak.

He was trying hard to ignore you at this point, wanting to talk to you..but, he just didn’t want to continue getting close. He was scared of hurting you, really.

He would get up from his chair, going over to grab another bag of honey Buddha.

This is when you’d make your move.

You’d go up, and slap his ass playfully, just trying to get him to laugh, or make a remark..or something.

But he actually pretends to get all mad?

“Stop acting like a child, (Y/N).”

You’d feel a little hurt at this, because normally he was fine with it? So???

You’d raise your voice.

“Child? Luciel. You have been ignoring me ALL THE DAMN DAY? AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL ME THE CHILD?”

At this point, you would start tearing up a little bit.

He was fine with the yelling. He wanted you to get mad. He wanted you to realize that he was a terrible person, and that he didn’t deserve you.

But when you start crying?

His heart breaks.

He instantly regrets trying to ignore you, realizing that maybe it would be fine if the two of you were together.

He goes up, giving you a big hug.

“God.. (Y/N)..I’m sorry. It’s just..been a rough day, that’s all. I love you.”

“..I love you, too, Seven.”



The two of you were going on a date tonight.

Of course, it was really starting to dwell on you…that he is perfect. He’s handsome, and talented..and you’re just over here looking like a classy potato?


He literally comes up there, just to see what the hell you’ve been doing this whole time.

You’re in there, trying to look perfect, but to just wasn’t working out.

“(Y/N). You look beautiful as always, come on. It’s just another date.”

“Just another date?! What do you mean just another date?”

He’d widen his eyes, like ‘o shit, no.’

“(Y/N). You know that isn’t what I meant..”

“Then what did you mean, Zen? What is it? Dammit, can’t you just see I’m trying be worthy of you?! And you don’t even care?”

At this point, he gets pretty mad at what you’re saying.

To him, you are perfect? So?? The hell?

“Stop acting like that, (Y/N). You know damn well you’re worthy of me. If anything, we are deserving of each other. You. Are. Perfect. I will never get tired of you. I. Love. You. Can’t you wrap your cute mind around that fact?!”

Of course, he called you cute while trying to win.

And it worked.

You couldn’t stay mad much longer. In fact, you were never mad at him to begin with.

You say your apologies, and go on your date~



She never came home.

After a long day at work, you were ready to cuddle your beautiful girlfriend..but where she at, tho??

You were frustrated enough, and knowing that she was just over working herself again was enough to make it worse.

So, you had to drive all the way to her work place.


“Jaehee. You never even called to tell me you were going to be late! I’m worried about you. Come can fi-”

“(Y/N). I am busy. Leave me alone, please.”

MCSCUSE ME? (Reference. Ha.)

“What? Jaehee. I can tell yo-”

“I said leave me alone.”

You feel tears well up in your eyes, and you don’t know what to do, just run out.

She quickly realizes her mistake, and instantly gets up, and runs after you.

“(Y/N)! Wait!”


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap.”


“No, it’s okay. Let’s just..go home.”



You had broken Elizabeth 3rd’s collar whole trying to get it off. It was an accident, but Jumin didn’t see it that way.

“Jumin. I said I’m sorry, okay? I’ll buy her a new one!”

“(Y/N), you know damn well I can afford one myself. I don’t care about replacing it. She’s had that collar forever! It must have meant a lot to her..”

“Exactly. It was old. The part probably wasn’t in good shape, an-”

“Jaehee never had a problem with it.”

You would feel your blood boil at this.

“Then why don’t you date Jaehee, then?”

“ know that’s not what I me-”

“Oh, so now I’m an idiot?”

This is when he’d say something stupid like “I knew I shouldn’t get involved with women.”



You don’t even try to fight back. You grab your purse, and you’re already going out the door.

Jumin quickly realizes his mistake, and while he doesn’t want to admit it..he needed you.

He would sigh, rushing over to grab you before you left.

“(Y/N)..I’m sorry, okay? We can get her a new one. Just..don’t leave me..”



He needed the eye surgery.

No doubt, you knew this pastel boy needed the surgery.

You tried to convince him..every day now. But, he never seemed to listen.

So, you go back to base one.

“V..I reall-”

“Want me to get the surgery? (Y/N). You’ve reminded me everyday. I appreciate that you care..but, please. I’m fine.”

You’d get a bit frustrated. I mean, you’ve been trying, and he doesn’t even give it a thought?

“You still love Rika..don’t you?”



“You love rika. Don’t you?”


“No. Answer me.”

He pauses for a moment, unsure of how to even respond. Did he love her? He didn’t even know, himself??

He sighs, not in the mood to fight with you, the one he truly loves.

“No. I don’t. In fact, (Y/N) Jumin. I’m getting the surgery.”




You two would be walking hand in hand around town, when an old friend called your name.

You’d turn around, giving your friend a big smile.

You feel Saeran’s grip on your hand tighten, as he gives the person death glares.

Your friend and you talked for a good 2 or 3 minutes, before they said “See Ya later.” and ooohhhh boy. Is Saeran mad when they finally left.

“Are you?”


“Are you going to see that son of a bitch later?!”

At this point, you can’t help but just laugh. I mean, cute, jealous boyfriend alert~

“Probably not. I haven’t seen her for a long time. That’s just something people say, you know.”

“Hmph. I do- wait. Her?”

“Saeran. That was a girl.”

“But- they-”

“Oh my god. You actually- okay. ”

The two of you probably just walk in silence for a few minutes, before changing the subject, as if that whole thing never happened.

All of Me [Suga]

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“Babe,” He cooed from the other room.

“I’m coming,” I said as I applied some chapstick before heading out of my bedroom door.

“I’m not rushing you; It’s just that you know how Jin can be.”

“Well, I’m in no rush. I have to be looking perfect,” I walked towards him as he held out my jacket.

“But you are already perfect,” he looked at me lovingly as I put one arm in each hole and then smoothing out the jacket before turning towards him.

“You are quite smooth with your words,” I poked him on the nose as he snaked his arm around my waist, clasping his hands together on my back to secure the position we were in.

“I’m always smooth. Have you just noticed that?” He crinkled his nose as he stared into my eyes, “What was taking you so long?”

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What the Chocobros, Cor and Nyx would do at the Moogle-Chocobo Carnival with their S/O

Requests are open!

Noctis would want to take home as many of the fishing prizes as possible, his s/o would have the patience and time to sit with him and take notes on the catches that he’d made. Not to mention when actually wandering around the carnival it’s completely up to his s/o to protect him from the daemon known as Kenny Crow - he’s not exactly happy when his s/o just bursts into laughter instead when a supposed Kenny statue is actually a person and scares Noct.

You can guarantee that Prompto would want to find the hidden moogles with their s/o, dragging them around the whole of Altissia in order to find them and win the prize, you can also know that he’d pride himself on taking as many photos of his s/o enjoy themselves and cooing over all the baby chocobos.

Gladiolus would insist on trying to win his s/o as many cute plushies as they want, it’s kind of a pride thing when it turns out that whack-a-cactuar is the one game that he can’t win against and spends most of the day demanding to beat it so he can win that prize of a cute yet giant chocobo plush for his s/o or Iris.

If you think that Ignis wouldn’t try all the different carnival food, you’re wrong, his s/o would be stuffed silly after spending the day at the different food stalls and restaurants, he’d definitely be coming up with plenty of new recipes with his s/o after their trip.

Cor would be dragged to the carnival by their s/o, you can tell that he’d be avoiding participating in literally anything that would be out of his comfort zone… But when he’s caught by the mascots, he does dance with his s/o, despite being all embarrassed by it.

Finally, Nyx would definitely want to find all the medallions in order to get as many prizes as possible with their s/o, there’s a slight amount of bragging rights he wants since he set up a versus match on who gets the most prizes between him and Libertus. Spending the night in the luxury hotel and seeing the fireworks with his s/o make it all worth it in the end.

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can you do some aus for ptsd

disability au’s: post traumatic stress disorder!

  • “yeah i went out for fear factor and they really fucked me up over bugs crawling all over my body and in my mouth so u can get the fuck out with your beetle farm I’m not stepping foot into your house”
  • “I have extreme anxiety over heights now that I’ve witnessed someone falling to their death and hitting the ground right next to me, but of course:
    • my crush flies around and saves the day a lot, including me but dEAR GOD DO NOT PICK ME UP–NO STOP IM UGLY CRYING ALL OVER UR CAPE
    • you’re super into astronomy and I really like you so I’m stuck trying not to vomit and pass out as I climb this stupid ass ladder to the top of this building
  • “you look a lot/remind me of my abuser and while I know it’s not fair to assume you’re as bad as them I can’t help it when you’re so alike, sorry
    • “knowing this you decided to take it as a challenge to prove my wrongness and now I’ve been forced to learn all sorts of useless things about you, like how you favor cactuses over flowers and you cry when youre frustrated and idk how this is supposed to show ur different but I have to admit—you trying this hard to win me over is kinda cute”
  • “you got yelled at real bad by our boss and I found you trying not to have a panic attack in the bathroom—apparently angry authority figures really aren’t your thing”
  • “youre very shy about letting people know youre suffering with the flashbacks of war, so even though we havent been together long I kinda catch you wide awake at night panting and sweating and having an episode and curl up on you while ~sleeping~ to let you know that im here without embarrassing you”
BTS & GOT7 - Reaction - New Pet Attention

BTS & GOT7 reacting to you (as girlfriend) spending most of your time with your new pet - anon

(just a head’s up, I don’t really know the members of got7 very well, so if their reactions are very accurate to their actual personalities, I’m sorry!! 😭 also, I’m not too sure what all the member look like, so if the gifs are of the wrong people, I’m sorry about that too.)



Even though he’d quite mature, if this whole ‘ignoring thing’ when on for too long, Seokjin would get rather sad and complain in a loud way. He’d even attack you with kisses and other affectionate gestures.

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Jimin would defiantly not be let out, mostly because he would be playing with the new pet too. You two would spend the entire day just playing together with the new pet, even going as far as to fall asleep on the couch together with your new little pet companion.

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Despite how Hoseok is generally always happy and carefree, the fact that you are ignoring him would really frustrate him. He’s one of the more emotional members of BTS; he’d try to look happy on the surface, but deep down, he would be very jealous over the whole thing.

J-Hope: “How about you spend some more time with me, I’m here, I’m important too!”

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To be honest, he would be the one ignoring you. You can bet that anything he could pet, besides you, he would be petting it. In the end, you’d be the one who was eager for his attention. Chances are that he would be distracted for a while with your pet.

Originally posted by mvssmedia


Glaring at the pet from the other side of the room, Suga would be less than happy that he was getting less attention. Once you’d left the room to go get something, Suga would get up close to the pet and give it a good talking to.

Suga: “Listen here you puffy mess of fluff, I’m the one that (Y/N) loves more, okay? … We should have gotten a fish or something.”

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Rap Monster

I feel as if Namjoon would be surprisingly calm and okay with it. Not that he didn’t care, but he respected the fact that you wouldn’t want to spend all of your personal time with him. In a relationship, it’s important to give the other person space.

Rap Monster: “I’ll be here if you need me.~”

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After being ignored for quite a while, he’d end up calling his members, asking them what to do in this situation. They’d tell him to stop being so obsessive over your attention… Jungkook didn’t listen to this advise, and then proceeded to dress up as a bunny to ‘out-bunny’ your new pet bunny.

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BamBam isn’t one to normally sit still, he’s a man of action. So, he’d start getting very touchy and affectionate until you were giving him some attention that he had been deprived of.

BamBam: “Why pet that pet when you can touch something far more interesting?~”

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i’m sorry for the choice of gif XD


No questioned asked, Jackson Wang puppy can out-puppy any puppy. While your back was turned for one moment, Jackson would move the pet from your embrace, place it onto the floor, and hold himself in your embrace instead.

Jackson: “You can pet me instead, I won’t bite!~”

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Not that he really wanted t show it, but he may get a little agitated from the fact that you were ignoring him. He’d try to pass the time by playing on his phone, but time still seemed to crawl at a snail’s pace for him.

Jaebum: “That’s it, you’re coming out with me for some happy couple time!”

Picking you up, he’d drag you out the house, not letting you catch on to his low-key jealousy.

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Relentlessly, Jinyoung would keep trying to get your attention by talking to you a lot. When that failed, he would sit with his members and stare at you until you noticed him… that would take a long time though…

Jinyoung: “(To Jackson) Can you believe this? What does this puppy have that I don’t? I’m much cuter!”

Originally posted by got7official


Yugyeom would be flustered to say the least when you began ignoring him more and more. It wouldn’t be that major of a concern, but he’d get madly jealous because of the pet; he wanted you all to himself, he didn’t like sharing you with anyone, not even pets.

Originally posted by chichangyu


Of course he loved you and respected how you wanted to spend your time, meaning that he didn’t want to bother you while you were with the new pet. Although, from time to time, he’d poke you for some attention which he’d only get occasionally.

Originally posted by marktuanxgot7


With Youngjae, he would get kinda lonely since you were spending most of your time with the new pet. Getting all pouty, he would try to win back your attention by acting cute and using aegyo against you.

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Just because she’s cute, doesn’t mean she’ll date you.

I wasn’t going to put anything about this on Tumblr, but the more I thought about it while I was at work, I felt I needed to say something.

A while ago, I made an aquaintance who was, at the time a male Au Ra. We chatted about our characters and traded ideas (we were both only new to the characters we were playing as- Ohka didn’t have a proper backstory at the time and they just had a few ideas that they’d not put together yet). During this conversation, I mentioned that Ohka is recently widowed and was interested in races other than Miqo’te when it came to relationships; her late husband was an Elezen. It should be noted that I also told them she wasn’t looking for a relationship after her last one turned into a very soul-crushing life event.

Anyway, we sent each other friend requests and I hadn’t seen them online since, until earlier today.

First thing I noticed was pretty obvious- they weren’t an Au Ra, but an Elezen. Fair enough, I thought, maybe they’ve made another character instead. We chatted about his new character’s backstory and I thought it was all good until he told me,

‘Then your character will date him for sure! I know it!’

Thus causing my brain to begin it’s pterodactyl screeching that signals an anxiety attack. I try not to be rude as I tell them that while Ohka is single, she’s not actively looking for love. They persist and I stop responding while I check in with some friends in an LS, who tell me to run and blacklist this person asap.

But the more I thought about it, the more frustrated I got that someone would just assume that my character would date theirs, despite the fact that we’d only ever spoken twice, OOCly, and never about a relationship between them. If and when Ohka enters a relationship ICly, it will be because it’s agreed on by both roleplayers first, not one pressuring the other, and because it feels like a natural progression.

The long and short of it is, please don’t do this to people. It’s frustrating and trying to coerce me by saying, ‘but she’s cute’ isn’t going to win me over. My character is my own, and not asking or consulting me about it first just makes me really angry. You aren’t entitled to anything from Ohka or I just beacuse you think she’s cute.

Also thank you to the lovely people in Pizza Box Meme LS for confiming that I’m not crazy in thinking this was weird af™

Cloud play-fighting with the bfs though They see him sort of like a harmless kitten, who bats his adorable little paws at you and is generally harmless. He likes to tap his hands against things when he’s bored, and if he’s close that can mean Angeal’s scruffy jaw and cheeks, Genesis’s shoulders, Zack’s arms and Sephiroth’s hips. Angeal scrunches his face up in a way that’s cute when that happens which just encourages the violence, really, so if he’s sitting on the couch Cloud will climb onto his lap and harass him a little. Genesis and Sephiroth tend to grab his wrists when he starts to gently whack at them - they get locked in a struggle where Cloud will growl in his throat and try not to laugh as he attempts to overpower them. Sometimes Genesis will switch both Cloud’s wrists to one hand and use the other to tickle him, the asshole - then Cloud will try to get him with his knees and feet and anything he can flail, really. Sephiroth always, /always/ uses kisses to distract him, making Cloud’s arms go from lax copies of what he learned in hand-to-hand to winding sweetly around Sephiroth’s neck, his cheeks turning pink. Zack, as the one primarily in charge of Cloud’s training, can get rough - they roll around on the floor and Cloud does his best to force the SOLDIER into submission. Zack lets him get close but always slips out of his hold, usually to turn the tables and make Cloud wriggle out of his own, usually with a murmured praise or two if he manages it (or even if he doesn’t). They indulge him and never hurt the infantryman (with a few small exceptions that led to Cures, apologies, shaken SOLDIERs, and lots of talking as a group). Cloud is occasionally too awkward or quiet to initiate intimate moments on his own so sometimes this is his way of getting close and getting those kisses he was after all along, and other times it’s just fun to make the four super SOLDIERs stay on their toes And eventually the day comes that Genesis does something stupid, and Cloud rolls his eyes, laughs, and hits him–and Genesis says “Ow!” and the four of them stare wide-eyed at their young man and realize soon he’s going to be a SOLDIER too.


97 line in the jungle

Kookie: mrnin…

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yugyeom: *still sleepy*

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bambam: *hyper af 24/7*

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jaehyun: *always a happy lil shit* (ilovehimtoomuch)

Originally posted by why-jaehyun

winwin: *unintentionally cute* so everyone takes care of smol tol child

Originally posted by seungkwansthighs

eunwoo: *been there done that* *is one with nature*

Originally posted by fawnave

mingyu: *first time tryna catch food.. didn’t get in in the first try*

Originally posted by amemericans

minghao: *is patient* *cute like winwin but takes care of win*

Originally posted by minghaeo

dokyeom: *shy around jaehyun cause “he(jae)’s too good-looking”*

Originally posted by japanaesi

Byung man: *is done* *leaves lil shits to fend for themselves*

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okay fuck off disney channel

Jeff Skinner #3

Requested by Anon:  Hi!! Can i have a Jeff Skinner imagine where you are not a romantic stuff girl and Jeff is always trying to make you said cute things to him, sometimes he wins but not always and he tells you that anyways he’s still in love with you? And i wanna tell you that you are an amazing writer and you always make me smile, you are very important for us.

*Thank you so much! I’m just so happy that I make you smile. I hope I don’t disappoint you with this. I loooove Jeff Skinner, don’t even get me started. :) Enjoy!*

Word count: 891

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You shifted uneasily on the bed and watched as Jeff shook the wrapped box he was holding, “ugh,” you groaned, “I hate this.”

You just opened his Christmas gift for you – a new Kindle because he knows you broke your last one – which was perfect and really thoughtful of him and now you’re just sitting here, biting your nails, as you watch him get disappointed.

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