trying to watch a movie guh

I don’t normally post negativity on here but it’s my blog and sometimes you have to vent. I’m happy to be visiting home, especially cuz I get to see my friends, but it makes me realize how much I prefer to keep certain people at a distance. It honestly sucks waking up every morning and being torn apart by family members on the way you look.
I get that a lot of people see me as this strong, positive, independent person but deep down inside I’m still that insecure, terrified, little girl that just wants to be accepted.
It sucks having to hold this positive front people expect of you. I get it, I’m a happy person, but I can feel a full spectrum of emotion. So please let me be depressed and cry for a bit and instead of attacking me for it can I just get a hug? I struggle with constantly trying to please people, so having something shoved back in my face just makes me feel like I’ve done wrong and I’m not good enough.
Guh, I just want a hug…and ice cream…and to hang out with a best friend and watch silly movies. Is that too much to ask?
Well rant over. Smile back on to make sure I don’t piss anyone off! Yaaayyyyy xP