trying to twerk

When he sees you drunk on the dancefloor

Okay, so it’s not a request, and I have no idea if this thing is still cool, but I feel like making a reaction~

*shocked and amazed by your moooooves*

‘What the fuck is she….’

*actually doesn’t notice, because he’s dancing next to you with much better moves*

Rap Monster:
‘Okaaaay, she’s dancing… she’s drunk… oh my gosh… she’s trying to twerk…’

*pretends to make fun, but inside dies out of embarrassment*

*is cheering you from afar* THAT’S MY BABY!!! THAT’S MY GIRLFRIEND! GO BABY!!

*is looking at you awkwardly* Uhh yes… that’s my girl…friend… *says through gritted teeth*

The Signs as Shit Rap Monster Says

Anonymous asked: Hi!Signs as shit Namjoon said?

Aries: “If I download porn, they’ll watch it anyway.”
“There’s this pose that I wanted to really push and I tried seven times, but failed all seven times.”
“Just like fireworks, we foresee our own possibilities. But it shines for a short moment and disappears, just like those fireworks. And that’s life.”
*first vlog he isn’t wearing glasses* “It’s the first time I’ve seen the world so bright. It’s so bright right now.”
“If I’m a pair of basketball shoes, then you’re a pair of flip flops.”
*trying to twerk* “Wait a second, something keeps moving.”
“The other day I woke up at 4am because this noise sound, and I went straight to the kitchen and there was Jungkook with a vacuum. And he was sucking up all the fruit flies.”
*picking up toothpicks* “I’m gonna use these to stab the members in the order they come through the door.”
“It sounds like there’s an army tank coming through whenever I snore.”
“This can’t be aired, right?”
“I would be wearing my glasses while looking for my glasses. I can’t find my phone when it’s in my pocket.”
“If you want something to break, I can do it for you.”


Korean Guys Try Twerking For The First Time + Reaction  

If you don’t want to see a lot of ass clapping on your screen, then you might want to skip this one, but it’s funny! xD

How the Bosses Dance

Giovanni: could probably dance you the best tangos of your life, the sappy romantic bastard.

Maxie: awkward dad/mom dancing, but when nobody is looking he can headbang like crazy, if he gets dunk he’ll insist that he’s the best dancer in all of Hoenn and just end up embarrassing himself 

Archie: knows some traditional Hoennese/ whatever they call Polynesian dances and is pretty good at some generic club moves

Cyrus: No just no, the most you’ll ever get out of him is a toe tap or two

Ghetsis: Knows all your basic Ballroom dances and some historical Unovan dances but when the party gets hotter (like the pop music comes on) he gets it in his head that he’s Miley Cyrus… and I feel guilty for putting the image of trying to Ghetsis twerk his old man ass in your heads

Lysandre: Can’t really dance with a partner because everyone (except for maybe Ghetsis but there’s no way that Lysandre would Compromise his dignity like that) and even though he seems so composed normally you should not let him dance UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE he’ll literally tear up the room.  

Hope on the Street (160413) Highlights:

- Hoseok’s fluid dance routine (he was literally sliding over the floor)
- Hoseok’s bare legs
- Jimin coming in on a hoverboard
- Jimin trying to TWERK on the hoverboard
- Jimin’s angry butt
- Jimin doing a split out of the stand surprising even Hoseok xD
- Jihope calling Tae asking him to hurry over to them
- Jimin throwing shade to the fans about Namjoon and Jin
- Taehyung CRASHING into the door with his bicycle (INTO THE FRIGGIN’ TRAINING ROOM)
- out of breath Taehyung’s instant freestyle
- Taehyung looking hot in tight black pants and shirt
- Sunshine roommate line huddled together to say goodbye, while Jimin has them all in a hug

Liam: *Might be trying to twerk, knows he isn’t doing it right*

Harry: *Has no idea what he’s doing, just having fun with it*

Niall: *Attempting salsa, not doing too bad of a job. Needs practice*

Louis: *Has too much dignity to join in. Having a good time with the host dude*

Female Host: *Has no chill*

Male Host: *Has now touched Louis Tomlinson, can die in peace. Also has no chill*