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FEBRUARY 28th 2017 • trends in the periodic table and some of my favourite teas (this one is called “glitter and gold” and it has actual tiny gold stars in it!!!!) first chem test is this friday and I’m feeling majorly unprepared so time to really get down to studying! and I also have an essay due in a couple days that I haven’t started that I’m trying to avoid thinking about at the moment 😅🙃

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hi guys! sorry for not posting for so long, i’ve just been so busy trying to catch up with chem! i’ve been studying for chem for at least the last couple hours and honestly, if i put this much effort into studying in high school i would probably be an amazing school right now (not that i’m not, i love my school!). revelation of the day: shostakovich string quartets are AMAZING to study to. also, this room smells like fries.


hi guys it’s been a while !!! i’m so stressed because i have an exam for ap world, precalc, and ap chem tomorrow!!!! i’ve been trying to study but honestly it’s so much work and i have a monologue for tomorrow as well. my grades are ok rn but i have to bring up my C in precalc and my grade in chem is for sure going to drop😩 but wish me luck !!! it’s going to be a busy sunday… -ari x

[Day 7 of 100 of productivity]°•°•°☆
Aug. 27, 2017. (-4)
I havent posted the past two days because I’ve been so caught up with my academic and social obligations at the end of this week. I also got pretty sick at the end of this week and I’ve compleatly lost my voice. This morning I took some time to do a devotional in a new coffee shop I found, and I found the perfect blend of peppermint tea to sooth my throat. This afternoon I tackled all of my chemistry and history homework, and I even started making a study guide for my first chemistry exam.

anonymous asked:

how are you studying for AP Chem? I'm incredibly nervous and trying to cram today and saw that you were also! thanks!!


but yeah okay a quick rundown of what I’m doing:

  1. reviewing all the chapters (quick glance to refresh brain)
  2. memorizing and committing to memory (hopefully enough so that i can recite this in my sleep) all the things you need to know, like strong acids/bases, oxidation numbers, names for different compounds, solubility rules
    1. stuff you need to know cheat sheet here and here
  3. i’m looking at FRQ responses that college board has released and just looking at them, figuring out why the answer was what it was (it’s a little too late for me to do the problems, so i’m just trying to see what’ll stick)
    1. FRQ 2015 answers
    2. FRQ 2014 answers
    3. FRQ 1970-2013 answers
  4. and i’m looking at mock multiple choice tests to review
    1. here’s one
    2. and another one 
    3. website with practice tests 

also, remember to take deep breaths and tell yourself, out loud ‘i can do this. i’m going to get a three and above. i will, i can, i am.’ positivity helps, not just psychologically but overall, you know?

i hope this kind of helps! sorry this isn’t more comprehensive, but bc the exam is so close (less than 8 hours for me, less than a day for others, i think!) there’s only so much you can do for last minute cramming!

good luck and may the curve be ever in your favor. xoxo


Me: trying to study my chem notes

My brain: hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis hi welcome to chillis


           ❝          One cries because one is sad
           For example I cry because others are stupid
                           That makes me sad.

Study Buddy... Or not.

Derek: You were laying on the floor of Derek’s loft trying to study for your upcoming Chem Final. You had to pass… and you sucked at Chemistry. 

“Need any help?” He asked trailing along to your side looking down at you on the floor.

“No i’m good.” You said in deep thought.

“I’m pretty good at Chemistry ya know.” He said sitting criss cross next to you. 

“That’s cool.” You said not really paying attention. He took your paper and you reached for it quickly and snatched it back from him. “Could you not?" 

"Come on Y\N, let me help you!” You looked at him.

“No, because last time you ‘helped’ me,” You did the air quotes with your hands then turned back down to your papers. “All you did was try to get me now to do my work.” You growled and stood walking towards the kitchen. You shuffled through your papers and realized something was missing. “Derek!” You yelled, you could hear him laugh.

“Yeah babe?”

“Come here.”

“Why you need help?”

“No I need my paper back.” He poked his head around the corner.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” His smirk telling a different story.

“Come on Derek, you know I need to study.” He grinned wider and shrugged.

“I didn’t take anything.” You finally stood and brushed yourself off and headed towards him. He grabbed the paper off the counter and sprinted past you. All you needed was that sheet or you couldn’t continue studying. “Come and get it.” He said waving it in the air on the other side of the loft.

“Derek, i swear to god…”

“Come on.” He waved it a little more. Your eyebrows furrowed and you ran towards him. You chased him around the loft trying to get your paper back. He slid on the ground across the floor making all your papers spread everywhere. You groaned and threw your arms up, letting them drop to your sides.

“Derek!” You screamed. “I give up!” You plopped down on the bed and took a deep breath. He walked over and sat down next to you, paper in hand. 

“Y\N?” He asked and without warning you shot up and grabbed the paper from his hand and cheered for victory. “Oh you wanna play that game?” You smiled. You both started a game, you had to chase him with a piece of paper until you caught it, and you’d put it in your safe pile. If you gave up, he put it in his safe pile. “You win, you can study by yourself, i win i get to help you.”

“Game on.” You said with a dark grin. He ended up winning and helped you study, you also ended up getting a really good grade on your final, but you kept it too yourself so Derek would rub it in your face about how helpful he was.

Isaac: “Isaac please.” You begged for mercy. He kissed you again, and again. “We’re both suppose to be studying!" 

"Who needs studying.” He said in a sexy voice and kissed you again. You pushed him off.

“You do, you’re failing this class.” He shrugged and went in for another kiss. “Nope. No more until we finish studying.” He groaned throwing his head back.

“Come on Y/N, I’ll be fine.”

“No you won’t.” You laughed again. You dropped the textbook on his lap and he groaned loudly. He flipped open to a page and sighed.

“You know, this is extremely boring.” He said suddenly.

“It’s been 20 seconds, you haven’t even looked at the book!” 

“Yeah well if I look at the book it’ll only be more boring.” He claimed.

“Come on, just… 30 minutes to start. I promised I’d help you get your grade up.”


“No buts, let’s go.”

“30 minutes.” He growled and looked down. You started to read out loud, and within the first minute he was looking at you. Lying on your stomachs, your hair falling slightly into your face. Your eyes scanned the page as you were reading and he studied your face. Watching your eyes and mouth move in sync. You slipped a finger under the sentence you were reading, dragging it along as you read. 

“You’re not even looking at the book.” You said, mid sentence taking him off guard. He cleared his throat.

“I am! You were just talking about how there was this thing called The Clearing during the Vietnam war.”

“And what was it?” You asked looking up, biting your lip to hide a smile.

“It was when they were clearing all of the bodies out. Burning the dead ones or the enemy and bringing their people together to identify and record who had died.” I just looked at him and he smiled, proud of himself.

“Okay so you’re good at multi tasking, you should have all of you attention on this though.”

“I have all of my attention on one thing I can promise you that.” You rolled your eyes and looked back down. You started reading out loud from the history book again. He tucked your hair behind your ear, and you tried to ignore the rush of heat that came to your face when you felt his fingers touch your cheek. He moved in closer and you continued to read. He kissed your forehead then your cheek, gripping your chin and lifting it up to kiss your lips. It was warm, sending vibes throughout your entire body. You had to force yourself to stop because you truly didn’t want too.

“Isaac.” You whispered.

“Sh.” He said. “Just stop talking for a moment.” He kissed your lips again.

“You are a horrible study partner.” You added and he grinned kissing you once more. He ended up getting a rather good grade on the test and you couldn’t have been more proud.

Scott: You and Scott were really good at studying together. You always had to go to the library though, or you’d get a little to distracted. You sat across from each other, both reading silently. He kept glancing up, and you tried to ignore him but you couldn’t after so long. You looked up just in time to make eye contact with him.

“What?” You asked with a small smirk.

“Nothing.” He claimed looking at you. You rolled your eyes and looked down at your book again. He was working on English, something you could really help him with, but he wanted to do it on his own. You worked on A.P. Euro. It was all fun and studying until he started to play games. He slid his foot in between your feet and pushed his leg through. He moved it around slightly, causing your whole body to move. You smiled to yourself but wiped it off your face quickly.

“Scott.” You warned him and he gave you his puppy dog smile. “You need to work on that!” You said pointing to his paper and book.

“Yeah, yeah, so Hamlet’s uncle killed his father, no big deal.” You narrowed your eyes at him. “If I wanted to learn about Hamlet I could just watch the lion king.”

“Is that what you’re going to write in your report?” You asked him, and his playful smile faded.

“I guess not.” He mumbled and looked down, taking his leg back to himself. A few minutes later, after he picked up the book and looked to be reading, a small piece of paper flew onto your text book, over the piece of paper you were writing on. You glanced up to see Scott reading his book, looking normal. You opened the piece of paper, his eyes peaking over the top of the pages to try to see your reaction. All the paper said,

“Hi(:” You scoffed to yourself and wrote quickly.

“Hey(:” You slid it back to him and he grinned taking it completely fine. You stretched your arms and looked around until the paper came back to you. He was throwing you off track and you knew it.

“Whatcha thinking about?” He asked.

“This assignment, and how I really don’t want to do it anymore.”

“So don’t, let’s do something else.”

“No can do, you need to finish that report its due tonight.” He kept the paper for a while as you tried to focus yourself. It slid back to you.

“You know what?”

“What?” He held on to it again. This time for even longer. You started to wonder if he forgot. If he did that means he was focusing hard which made you happy, but you were invested. You couldn’t focus because you were wondering what he wanted to say. It was driving you mad, every minute he kept the paper. He knew it too, and that’s why he did it. Finally, he handed it back.

“I love you.” It said and you looked up at him. He was reading his book casually until he caught your look. He looked over he rim again and lowered it just passed his face. He gave you the sweetest of smiles then said, “What are you doing? Get to work!” You rolled your eyes and his eyes squinted from smiling so much. Looking down at your books, you both got back to work. There were plenty of more distractions… like hand holding and you spending 10 minutes looking around for a book that you already had. He had to run through the library to find you, catch you and bring you back to the table. You two are a great pair, nobody can disagree with that. 

Stiles: You were sitting on his floor, laying on your back with your tablet over your head as you scrolled down, rereading your essay.

“You know, these things could be anywhere.” Stiles said looking at his board.

“Don’t you have homework?” You asked him twisting your neck to the side to stretch it.

“What is more important? Saving Beacon Hills? Or homework?”

“Well passing high school is pretty important I’d say.” You sighed knowing there was no way to get him to do his homework. You pushed yourself up and leaned against his bed. You lifted your knees to lay your tablet down to start writing again. You looked up every time you couldn’t figure out what to say and watched him work. As soon as you saw the light in his eyes, for he figured something out, it sparked your imagination. You’d continue writing until you hit writers block again. But it never failed. Looking up at him would send an infinite amount of thoughts through your head, helping your process everything. You were on a roll now, typing quickly. You stuck your tongue out and tilted your head to the right, almost laying it on your right shoulder. Stiles looked up at you, watching you fly away on the tablet. He studied you from a distance, watching your every move. He watched the way your eyes flew across the screen, following the letters being typed, and how you mouthed the words once you’d finish a really good sentence. He memorized your face, everything about it. He memorized the way you held your body, how you’d slightly hunch when you were slowing down, and how you’d arch your back when you had to stop to process your thoughts again. He just watched you, and he loved watching you. As creepy as it sounds, you loved him for it. That was the secret though, you loved him, and you had no clue if he loved you back. That wasn’t your biggest thought right now, but it was on his mind. He watched the way you cracked your wrists and knuckles. He wouldn’t move his body an inch, barely even breathing until you noticed. You’d look up and he’d change how he was standing. He cleared his throat and looked at his board then back at you. “Done!” You said clapping and smiling. You locked your tablet and looked down at your lesson planner. “Aw crap.” You said rolling your head back.

“What?” He asked.

“I’ve got astronomy left.” You groaned.

“What are you learning about?” He asked, actually sounding interested. He knew astronomy was your favorite subject. “Still planets?”

“Actually no we’ve moved on to the phases of the moon.” You said with a slight laugh. “How ironic.” You mumbled to yourself bu he heard you.

“What do you need to do?” He asked capping his marker.

“Just take notes on the moon tonight. Where the stars are, and if I can see any planets… so on and so forth.”

“Well it’s a full moon.” He said crossing his arms. He walked around his board. 

“Yeah.” Was all you said. He waited a moment, hesitating on what he was going to do next.

“Follow me.” He said holding out his hand. You looked up, and didn’t hesitate to grab his hand. You knew whatever he was doing couldn’t have been awful, you trusted him with your life. He pulled you to his window and opened it. A nice fall breeze blew in, chilling your body enough to make you shake slightly, but it was cold out. He stepped out his window and onto the side roof, letting go of your hand in the process.

“What are we doing?” You asked.

“Just trust me.” He said taking a step back on the roof. “Come on.” He said waving his hands for you to step out. You did. The air was cool enough to give your goosebumps, but as soon as you looked up, the cold was gone. Now those goosebumps were for the stars in the sky.

“Wow.” You whispered to yourself.

“Wait for it.” He said taking you by the arm. He pulled you up to the side of the taller roof. “Do you trust me?” He asked looking you dead in the eye.

“Yeah?” You questioned. “Of course.”

“Good.” he said and stepped onto the steep slope to get to the taller roof.

“Whoa Stiles-” He just looked at you. He started to climb it and got to the top.

“Come on!” He said with a laugh.

“You know, I really should be doing my homework.” You said looking back towards the window.

“You are doing your homework, come on.” He said again. You rolled your shoulders back.

“Whatever you say.” You mumbled to yourself and stepped onto the slope. You climbed up and he grabbed your hand as soon as he could reach it. He pulled you up and sat you down.

“Look.” He said laying on his back. You laid next to him and looked up at the moon with him.

“Oh wow.” You mumbled. “Oh it’s so beautiful.” You said with a smile. He looked at you.

“Yeah, it’s really a sight to see.” You looked at him and he looked away quickly. He sat up and unzipped his hoodie, then wrapped it around you. “See, I do school work.”

“Helping me with my school work isn’t going to help you pass.” You added with a laugh.

“Well… still.” he said not knowing what to say. It was rare when that would happen to Stiles.  After a few moments you felt his fingers snake through your fingers. That was all it took. You clasped your hand around his and he did the same.

“Oh look, there’s venus.” You said pointing. 

“Tell me about Venus.” He said looking around in the sky.

“Well, it’s similar to earth, it’s almost the same size. People call it hell though, because it is the same as earth is many ways but it’s so incredibly hot, and it’s atmosphere is just…” He was looked at you. 

“Beautiful.” He whispered and you blushed hard. You had to look up at the sky to remain from pushing yourself forward just to kiss him. He looked up. “Oh look the big dipper!” You rolled your eyes. You loved how much of a geek he was, and you stayed out there all night, falling asleep by accident. You both woke up in time to watch the sun rise until you needed to go back to get ready for school. You were planning to study a lot more with Stiles after that.

Liam: Liam has a pretty hard time trying to get you to study. It’s not easy for you to focus on too many things at once. Right now you’re trying to focus on protecting him, but it’s hard for you to do so because you’re not supernatural.

“Y/N, you’ve gotta calm down. I’m fine.”

“Yeah you’re fine now! But what about later? What happens if-”

“Stop with the what ifs!” He begged you and you just sighed.

“Liam, if something happens to you… I’ll go out of my freaking mind! We’ve grown up together, you’re the most important person to me.” You reminded him.

“I know.” He said softly. “You’ve gotta trust me though! Especially with Scott protecting me, I won’t be able to even come close to getting a paper cut.” This comment made you giggle, all Liam was looking for. “Now come on, study, you’ve got a big test coming up.”

“So do you.”

“Yeah and I’ve studied, back and forth.” You rolled your eyes. “Come on.” He said pushing the book closer to you. You looked down at the Econ book and made a gross face. You pushed it away.

“No thank you.” He narrowed his eyes.

“Y/N.” He said seriously, but you knew he wasn’t being serious so you gave him a goofy smile. Most of the time he’d give up, but ever since he became a werewolf, your academic’s have been extremely important to him and you couldn’t figure out why. “Let’s go!” He said pushing the book back towards you.

“Or nah.” You said pushing it away. It was a constant game between you two.

“Babe, please?” He said and gave you puppy dog eyes. “For me?”

“Don’t pull that for me crap on me Liam Dunbar!” You said crossing your arms. He just looked at you and pushed the book back at you. “I can do this all day.” You said pushing back to him.

“What if I help you?” He offered.

“Don’t you have more important… werewolfy stuff going on?” You asked.

“It’s amazing how alike you and Stiles are…” He said shaking his head referring to your word choice. “And no, you are more important, so I will stay here and help you study.” You threw your head back groaning.

“Liiiaaam!” You complained.

“Y/N!” He said in the same tone, dragging your name out. He stood from your kitchen table and moved to your side. “Come on, I’ll help you.” He said with a smile that you couldn’t resist.

“Fine whatever.” You said pouting. He kissed your cheek and opened the book. You adjusted your chair to be his height and you started working.

“You understand now?” He asked.

“Nope!” You said laying on the table and playing with his hair as his head leaned over you, to read the book that was next to you. He narrowed his eyes again and gave a little growl. “Yeah, I get it sorta.” You added after. “Maybe, I don’t know I’m not good at this.” You gave his hair a little tug, frustrated and tired. You wanted to just relax, maybe watch some Netflix with him or even go meet up with Scott, see what’s going on. He could tell you were getting restless.

“We’re almost done.” He said looking down at you. You felt yourself grow overly tired in a matter of minutes, suddenly becoming very hyper. You started to laugh at everything he said, even if it wasn’t funny. “Y/N!” He said as you played with his fingers singing a little song to yourself in a baby voice.

“What?” You asked trying to be all cute. He just looked at you and laughed.

“You’re really something you know that?”

“Yep!” You said with a cute smile.

“Come on, let’s continue.” He said flipping his pencil in his fingers. You leaned up and gave him a kiss on the forehead, then on the cheek. Then on the lips. He couldn’t help but have a goofy smile plastered to his face, slightly crooked, just the way you liked it. “Look, do you understand if I write it out this way?” He said sliding a piece of paper towards your hands. You picked it up off the table and held it over you. Your lips moved and you squinted your eyes to see the paper more. He watched you, crossing his arms and leaning on the table, smiling at you trying to read the paper.

“Oh yeah. Yeah I get it.” You said simply rereading. “Yeah!” You said excitedly. “I understand I understand!! Okay do that again!” You said looking at him and he shook his head to himself with a smile. By the end of the night, papers were scattered across the table and Liam had fallen asleep on the book. You were laying on the table, head next to his, also passed out. You loved the way Liam could make things make sense to you, he was the only one who knew you well enough to do so.

Hey sorry guys, It’s only 1 am where I am right now and I got pretty tired while writing Liam’s part but I wanted you guys to have something! So here you go. Sorry it kinda sucks haha, still trying to get back into the habit. Send in requests!(:


11.12.16 | 2 weeks until christmas and I am desperately trying not to ruin my grades. I’ll spend the weekend studying History and Chem 🔬
Rome is incredibly beautiful during this time of the year, I had a romantic walk with my boyfriend and I feel so relaxed now;

You can handle this, keep going ✨

|| too many Lafayettes ||

Jeffrey: Can you stop chewing so loud? I’m trying to study for chem. 

Jake: Who studies in a diner? Stop being such a nerd and eat your food. [takes Jeff’s textbook and flings it off the table, looks towards your chara] Careful, don’t trip!

Henry: [comes out of the bathroom] Jake! The hell are you doing?