trying to show lydia how it works

If Stiles Gets Kidnapped By The Desert Wolf...
  • Literally everyone shows up:
  • Desert Wolf: Wait a second, I thought you all hate each other.
  • Scott: I don't think you quite understand how things work around here.
  • Lydia: We might sometimes hate each other...
  • Liam: We might get pissed at each other...
  • Peter: We might maim each other...
  • Malia: Even try to kill each other...
  • Derek: But guess what, bitch?
  • Theo: No one hurts our Stiles.

Hi, I was wondering if you do would includes and if so could you do a being Lydia’s fraternal twin sister and dating Theo would include? Thanks.

  • you and theo would be in AP bio together and be partners
  • being a cheerleader (senior captain nonetheless)
  • him coming to all the games he can 
  • study dates working on AP classes
  • you guys having sass fights
  • makeout sessions EVERYWHERE
  • Bruises on your hips from him holding you
  • scratches on his back 
  • stiles repeatedly telling you to stay away from him 
  • stiles gagging when ever you guys show PDA around him
  • lydia thinking its super cute and is really happy for you
  • torn when he sends lydia to eichen house
  • knowing that he is evil but cant help to still love him
  • him trying to get you to see his side of the story
  • hearing him out and listening to his backstory and how the dread doctors manipulated him
  •  being there when he gets sent to hell tears streaming down your face
  • going down to the site on his birthday leaving a flower
  • falling deeply depressed
  • distancing  your self from the pack except from lydia 
  • when he comes back the pack doesnt let him see you 
  • you finally see him at the school 
  • he starts to cry
  • talking about college and helping theo apply at the same ones as you
  • taking his truck up to uni and living together


You’re Not A Mistake - A Lydia Martin Imagine

Hi first of all I am a big fan of your imagines your doing such a great job!!I was wondering if maybe you could write one where the reader was taken by the ghost riders and Lydia is the only person who’s starting to remember her and tries to get her back(basically the plot of season 6a)Thanx for your time  - @infinnitycatchers

WARNING: slight mention of abuse

Originally posted by stilinskikissme

a/n I’m actually really proud of this imagine so I hope you guys enjoy it! The italics are memories that Lydia is remembering (just for clarification). Also, if you would like to see Riverdale imagines I have requests open for Cheryl, Betty, and Veronica!

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Drive Thru - Malia Tate

word count: 2815

warnings: swearing

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

I was rushing around my room when I heard the knocks on the door.  I pulled up a pair of jeans and finger brushed my hair.

 “It’s open!” I called, and heard the person come in.

 “y/n? You ready?” I chuckled at Malia’s question.  I was never ready on time.  This was probably the fourth date in a row that I was running a tad bit late for.

 “I’ll be down in a sec!” I hollered and pulled a tee shirt on and grabbed a jacket then went quickly down the stairs.  “Sorry I just need shoes and my purse and I’m ready” I told her, pecking her lips hastily before going into the living room to grab my bag, still pulling on a my jacket.

 “You know you don’t have to rush, we have the whole night” Malia said.  “It’s only five o’clock” I nodded whilst I sat down to put on my shoes.

 “Just don’t wanna miss anything” I said, and she furrowed her brows.

 “What exactly are we doing tonight?” She asked me, and I grinned.

 “It’s a surprise” I sprung back up, kissing her cheek again and fixing my hair.

 “You look beautiful” She assured, giving me a genuine smile.  I thanked her, because I know if she thought otherwise she wouldn’t have said anything.  “Come on, let’s get going for this surprise date”

 Malia and I had a system for the dating aspect of our relationship.  We take turns picking the date.  They were usually some kind of surprise, but ever once in a while one of us would get lazy and just decide to have a movie night in our pajamas.  Last time it was Malia’s turn, and she we went to the mall.  It was fun, we had lunch and tried on fun clothes.  A lot of it was me trying to teach Malia fashion sense, seeing how Lydia got to frustrated to do it.  It took a while, but so far it’s appeared to have worked.  Tonight, I was extra excited to show her the surprise I had in store.

 I got in her car, snatching her keys and making her get into the passenger seat.  Malia did, she looked eager.

 “I thought you hated surprises”

 “Oh I do” She stated.  “But not the ones from you.  And especially not on date night” I laughed slightly as I backed out of the drive, pulling onto the street and speeding off.

 “How was your Saturday?” I asked her, and she shrugged contently.

 “It was fine.  I helped Dad rearrange the living room and it made me think about painting my room”

“Ooh, what color were you thinking?” I asked her in excitement.  

 90% of the time we were at her place, we were in her room.  But we were usually at my house because her father was often home.  He wasn’t, and I quote, ‘happy with her life choices’.  Meaning me, that is.  Malia’s told me that when it’s just her and him, he acts fine.  But whenever I’m at the house and he’s there, whether I’m dropping her off, picking her up, stopping by to study or for a date maybe, he pretty much steered clear of me.  Malia always made a big deal about me being there though.  Yelling how she was going out with her girlfriend, or her girlfriend was here to hang out.  Whatever she did to rub it in, it made me laugh.  She always made me laugh, it’s one of the many things I love about her.

 “I don’t know, maybe a dusty green or light grey” I nodded, thinking over the color ideas.  “I think I just need a change in there, it looks the same as it did when I was seven… just makes me think about those things and I want to move forward in life not be stuck in the past” I grinned over at her, and grasped her hand over the center console.

 “Change isn’t always bad.  It’s good to move forward” I told her, and she smiled delightedly at me.

“You want to help me when I do it?”

 “Of course” I responded and Malia smiled even bigger.  Another thing I love about her.

 I met Malia on the second day of her being in school.  I’d seen her around on the first, but she hid in the back of the classrooms.  But Scott McCall and his gang of misfit supernaturals had pulled her out of her shell and soon she wasn’t so shy.  

 Yeah, I knew of the McCall pack.  I had been friends with Lydia since kindergarten, so when things started to get strange… I was thrown into their world of monsters and demons.  I got along with the rest of them fine, but Lydia was really the only one I hung around with.

 Anyways, the second day of school I had been sitting in Geometry when she came in and took the seat right next to me.  At this time, I’d had no idea that she was a werecoyote, or had been an animal for the past eight years of her life.  Just that she was the new cute girl who I hadn’t heard the voice of yet.

 “Hello” I greeted with the kindest smile I could pull off.  She looked over at me and grinned, pushing back a few strands of hair that had slipped out of her braid.

“You’re cute” I hadn’t known how to respond, I was instantly a mess of giggles and blushes.

 “Th-thanks you too” I replied.  That’s when Lydia came in, and took the seat on the other side of me.

 “Hey, y/n looks like you’ve already met Malia” She said, and I nodded, face still hot.

 “Hi y/n” I looked back to her, and was grinning again.

 “Hi Malia” I reached my hand out and she shook it enthusiastically.  I giggled at her happiness.

 “Hey! Lydia’s throwing a party tonight you should come with me!” She said.  I’d already known about the party, hell I’d already made a bunch of snacks for it, but again, I was putty in this girl’s hands.

 “G-go with you?” I stuttered like a fool, but she nodded, still smiling big.  “Y-yeah I’d like that a lot”

 That night was one of the greatest nights of my life, and I never once had a cup of booze.  Just danced and talked with Malia.  I guess Lydia had told her that I was a trusted human that knew about the pack, because she opened up a lot about her past.  About how she felt guilty for killing her mother and sister, and how she was stuck in coyote form for eight years.  It seemed to still torment her a lot back then, her eyes were glossy when she spoke but she hadn’t shed a tear.  I wondered if she’d already done a lot of crying, but it wasn’t an appropriate question to ask.  We ended up walking around in the woods a little ways away from Lydia’s beach house.

 “y/n I really like you” I smiled over at her, holding onto my can of diet soda as we walked on te trail.

 “I really like you too” I replied.  Malia looked down at where our hands swung by our sides.  I caught this glance and reached my hand out to hers, letting her intertwine our fingers together.

 “I’d like to fall in love with you one day” Malia said, and I looked over to her, slowing to a stop and she did too.

 “I think I’d like that too” I responded.  She smiled at me again, one I’d grown used to seeing from her.  “So.. so we could like… go out sometime like for coffee or lun-”

 She’s reached forward, hand coming around my cheek and kissing me softly.

 “W-wow yeah th-that works that’s good too” Malia chuckled, almost nervously as she looked down at her feet and stepped back away.  We continued our walk.

 “Lunch sounds good too” Malia replied.

 I looked over at her for a moment as she was talking animatedly about finding a stream in the woods the other day.  She was waving her hands around and smiling that big smile I’d seen since I met her.  Her eyes were out the windshield, watching each car that passed.  I often noticed this about her, how she always looked at people.  I’d never really asked her about it, it wasn’t really a big deal, wasn’t like it bothered me or anything.  But I was curious.  A couple would pass, holding hands, or maybe older people, she often looks at them the most I think.  We’d go to the park to sit on the swings and talk and she’d watch the little kids playing on the slides and jungle gym.  I used to tease her that they weren’t meals, they were children.  But she laughed and shrugged it off.  I wondered now what she was thinking about.

 “Who’re you looking at?” I asked, glancing at the road then over to her.  Malia shrugged, directing her eyes away from the window.

 “Just the old couple in that car” She said.  I kept watching her out of the corner of my eye, and she began to play with my hand.

“What’re you thinking about?” Malia curled her fingers between mine, then continued tracing them like she’d never seen my hand before. 

“You never see two old women together, two old men together” She answered with a soft sigh.  I thought about what she meant by this for a moment, unsure of why this would be something she would think about.  Then it came to me.

 “Oh…” Malia looked at me for a moment, though I was focusing on the street again.  Her hand stilled it’s movements on mine.

 “I’m sorry, I probably trouble you with all my questions” She said.  I shook my head quickly.

 “No I love your questions” I told er honestly.  “Really, ask away.  I’ll try my best to answer them for you I know they’re important” She nodded, giving me a soft smile and went back to dragging her finger over each of mine.  “But wait, first, Wendy’s or Burger King?” She raised a brow, but shrugged and answered with Burger King.  So I turned into the lot.

 “Our date is at Burger King?” I shook my head.

 “Not necessarily… but we are going through the drive thru so what do you want?” She looked at the menu outside, pondering for a moment.

 “I guess I’ll try the Whopper… are you getting chicken nuggets?” I nodded.  “So can I get a large fry and we’ll split?” I nodded again with a smile.  I drove forward and placed the order.  The lady working it told me second window, so again I drove up and waited in the line of cars.

 “I was thinking, we could get a fast food dinner and go sit in the Preserve for the night” I revealed, and Malia’s whole face lit up with excitement.

 “I love the Preserve!”

 “I know you do” I giggled and she squeezed my hand in both of hers.

 “You’re the best girlfriend ever!” She said just as we pulled up to the window.  I handed the lady the $11.57 I owed and thanked her before pulling out of the lot.  Malia instantly grabbed a french fry, and handed one to me too.  Both of us sighed in content.  Burger King fries sure were something marvelous. 

“Anyways, what’re your questions?”

“Why don’t old people date old people?” I giggled. 

“Use some more words there” I said.

 “Like, old ladies, why don’t you ever see just two old women dating?” I thought about how to properly answer this.  Yes, I knew Malia wasn’t familiar with society’s aspects on… well homosexuality and things along those lines.  I’d told her how she should never be ashamed of herself for dating me, and that I was proud to say she was my girlfriend, that we’re girlfriends, that I was never embarrassed to kiss her in public or hold her hand.  But I didn’t really feel the need to dive into the fact it wasn’t always that way.

 “Well… there generation wasn’t as…. Open I suppose” I said as kindly as I could.

 “Open to what? Dating?”

 “Well…” I bit my lip.  “Dating… other women, or other men.  They preferred- no- they were taught that women have to date men and vice versa” Malia’s brow furrowed as she ate another french fry.

 “That’s dumb”

 “I agree” I said with a small laugh.  “But it’s different now, so you don’t ever have to worry about people telling you you’re wrong, okay?” She nodded.  “And if that ever happens you come to me okay?” She nodded again.

 “Of course” She said with her mouth full.

 “And you better not be eating all my fries too” I scolded and she gave me an innocent smile, two fries sticking out of it.  I rolled my eyes but couldn’t help my own smile.  She was such a precious girl.

 The drive to the Preserve wasn’t that much farther.  We parked in the empty lot and grabbed our bags and drinks.

 “Hand?” I nodded with a smile as I slipped my fingers in between hers.  She almost always asked, and part of me wanted to tell her she didn’t have to, but frankly I thought it was adorable.

 “There’s an overlook I was hoping we could stay at” I told her as we walked through the trails.

 “I have another question” Malia stated and I nodded for her to go on.  “Why don’t we see a lot of people here?” I snorted.

 “That’s easy.  Most people would much rather stay inside on tvs and phones rather come out here” Malia’s nose scrunched up and I giggled

 “But it’s so beautiful and peaceful out here- you like it right? We’re not just here because I like it?” I squeezed her hand.

“We’re here because you enjoy being here, and I enjoy being here with you” I told her honestly.  Malia smiled at that and tugged on my hand a little, a silent prompt for me to walk closer to her.

“I enjoy being here with you too” She responded and I kissed her cheek as we continued on our way.

“It’s just up here” I said, pointing up a small hill where the overlook was.  Malia grinned and broke into a run, pulling me behind her all the way up to the top.

“Wow” She breathed, and I smiled at her, glad that she liked what I’d picked out.

“Isn’t it amazing up here?” She nodded, and slipped off the sandals she was wearing, standing in the soft grass.  I laughed when her toes wiggled into it, and copied her actions.  We did this for a minute or two, standing in silence and appreciating this view, this perfect night for a picnic date.  Then sat down and ate our junk food.  Malia raised her cup and clinked it against mine as though it were a glass of wine.  “What shall we cheers to?” I asked.

“I would like to cheers to you” She replied with a curt nod.

“Me?” My brows rose in surprise.  “Now what have I possibly done to deserve such an honor?”

“I cheers to you because you are single handedly, and easily, the most important person in my life” Now I was truly shocked.  “You always push me to do my best, and even when I don’t and I fail, you’re there to help me fix things again” Malia said.  “You make me proud to be me, you answer all my ridiculous questions, you take care of me when I’m sick or sad or lonely, you’re always kind, even sometimes when people don’t deserve it” She continued.  “And… and I love you for all of that” My lips parted, a slow smiled spreading on my face. 

“You love me?” She nodded.

“I most certainly do.  In the almost year, ten months, we’ve been dating and I’ve grown to know you more and every day that feeling sparks, the one that I had when I sat next to you the first time we met, remember?” I nod.  I definitely remembered that feeling.  “I still feel it, every time I look at you” I couldn’t help the grin and blush on my cheeks.

“I love you too Mal” I told her, taking both of her hands in mine.  “I love you a lot, and you’re the greatest, most beautiful, and most perseverance girl I’ve ever met” I chuckled a little and she did too.  “I want to have a future together” I admitted.

“I do too” She whispered and leaned forward, kissing me gently and sweetly.  I smiled against her mouth and her arms wrapped around my back.  “You and me?” 

“Me and you”

heya, idk about you guys (i’m on break as of next monday) but i’m so ready for this summer and a shit ton of writing and really getting back into the game ;)

xoxo ~ jordie


I noticed this in the new Teen Wolf Season 6x16 clip (Jackson and Ethan). I don’t know if it’s trying to just be cute with the wolf symbol OR if this is a Pack symbol. And if that’s the case then Teen Wolf is plagiarising Game of Thrones…. (GOT please strike down this fan serviced cesspool of a show).

Another thing I noticed: Jackson is apparently now both werewolf and kanima?….
THAT 👏🏽 IS 👏🏽 NOT 👏🏽 HOW 👏🏽 IT 👏🏽 WORKS 👏🏽
Lydia changed Jackson back to full wolf after she confessed her love for him. Being a kanima was only a thing because he didn’t know who he was. That was resolved by the end of Season 2. These new writers I swear to God. Ignoring previous made canon just to push their idiotic new writing.

Per usual: fuck Stydia.

anonymous asked:

Stydia is so amazing like especially that red string scene how stiles reassured lydia about barrow. but yeah you know fan service??? dont know how thats fan service. even if jeff didnt plan it from the start it isnt fan service it works perfectly story wise why do people keep saying its fan service. yikes.

Ah yes, the notorious episode “Galvanize” in Season 3, where we see Lydia casually laying on Stiles’ bed while they try to figure out the murders. Lydia, the girl who 2 seasons ago asked “What the hell is a Stiles” is draped over Stiles’ bed, the same Stiles who showed up at her room to check on her in Season 1 and almost passed out when she asked him to sit on the bed with her, just to be broken hearted when he realized she thought he was Jackson. 

They are casually there, spending time alone together, and Lydia is stressing out that her abilities might be wrong or going haywire, and Stiles is there comforting her, telling her about his faith in her(with that, nothing ever changes). And the best part about that scene? They have a moment, where they look into each other eyes, and it seems like it’s about to become something more between them, until Stiles breaks away and changes direction. The well done subtlety of their relationship changing shape at it’s best. 

But yup fan service, yup yup yup. Totally. 


You hated being pregnant, especially in the morning, which was right now. You had just threw up the chicken broth your mother had made you for breakfast.

It had been almost disgustingly awkward to tell your parents you were pregnant, and even more awkward to explain the circumstances of how it happened. They of course wanted you to tell Isaac, and you knew he deserved to know, but you didn’t want to hear him tell you to deal with it yourself, so he decided to keep it to yourself until you started to show.

Until then you had to keep the others from getting suspicious, so you tried to act as normal as possible. You still went to school and hung out, but somethings had to change obviously, you didn’t go to Lydia’s parties and if anyone was smoking then you had somewhere else to be.

So far so good.

You were walking to school when a familiar crappy Jeep pulled up beside you. You rolled your eyes and tried to keep walking but Stiles jumped out the car and caught up to you and grabbed your arm.

‘What do you want Stilinski?’ you asked harshly as you yanked your arm away from him.

‘I want to talk, to apologize. (Y/N), you haven’t spoken to me for anything other than pack business for almost three months. that’s three months, of me leaving voicemalis, me texting and me knocking on your house door only for your dad to to nearly kill me. (Y/N) I’m sorry, the thing with Malia it was a mistake and meant nothing, I don’t even know what I was thinking.’ Stiles said.

‘Stiles, I accept the apology but it’s very little, and way too late.’ you sighed as you continued walking.

‘What do you mean?’ Stiles as he followed you.

‘I don’t trust you Stiles, besides even if I did, I can’t be with you now.’ you said.

‘Why not?’

‘Stiles I’m pregnant.’ you said before you could catch yourself.

‘You’re what? (Y/N), we never had sex.’ Stiles said in confusion.

‘Yeah, I know, you were too busy having sex with my friends, so I busied myself with your friend for a night. Lot of good that did, now I’m busy with kid.’ you replied as you entered through the school’s double doors.

‘My friend?! Scott!?’ Stiles yelled, luckily the halls were basically empty.

‘No you idiot, Scott is with Kira and unlike you he’s faithful.’ you were too tired to care about Stiles knowing your secret, you just wanted to tell him what he wanted to know so he’d go away.

‘Then who? Was it Isaac?’ Stiles asked angrily as he followed you to your locker.

‘Yes, Stiles it was Isaac, I gave my oh so precious virginity to him, because I was ready to give it to you but you know how that went. But i still had new lingerie and Isaac gave me my money’s worth, several times.’ you sneered.

Stiles glared at you before he stormed off. you sighed in relief and went about your business. The day went on as it normally did, class, throwing up between passing periods. Everything was fine until after school, AKA lacrosse practice.

You were like always in the bleachers with Kira and Lydia waiting to watch the guys practice when a frantic Scott ran up to you.

‘(Y/N)! get to the locker rooms, Stiles is PISSED and is trying to beat the crap out of Isaac! He keeps screaming about you and Isaac!” Scott yelled before you began pulling you with him into the locker room. This wasn’t how you planned on telling Isaac about the baby, in front of the entire half naked lacrosse team.

You saw Stiles on Isaac’s back, trying to choke the werewolf out, and the red face Isaac was making showed that it was working.

‘STILES! What the hell are you doing?!’ you yelled as Scott ran and pulled Stiles off Isaac.

‘Yeah man what the hell?!’ Isaac yelled once he caught his breath.

‘You knocked up my girlfriend you asshole!’ Stiles yelled in anger.

‘Stiles!’ you shouted, feeling yourself blush when just about everyone in the locker room gasped and looked at you.

‘Ex-girlfriend.’ you corrected as you tried to ignore the fact that you were the center of attention.

‘You’re pregnant?’ Isaac asked in pure shock.

‘So what if I am?’ you asked.

 Isaac looked around and saw how many people were watching this like a fucking TV show. He took your hand and pulled you out of the locker room. You could hear Stiles protesting and Scott holding him back as you left.

Isaac didn’t stop until you were in an empty classroom.

‘Are you really pregnant?’ Isaac asked.

‘According to the tests and my nonstop morning sickness and the weight gain, yeah I’m knocked up.

‘Oh that’s great! I’m gonna be father!’Isaac cheered as he hugged you and spun you around then gently put you down and stared at you in concern.

‘Was that bad for the baby? It totally was, wasn’t it?’ Isaac said quickly.

‘I take it you’re happy and want to be involved.’ you smiled, more happy than you’ve been since you found out you were pregnant.

‘I’m super happy, I’m having a kid, with a beautiful girl who was too in love with an idiot to realize how madly in with her I am.’

A New Course: Part II

The Pirate/Mermaid AU continues!

(This part turned out to be pretty much sterek. Don’t worry the allydia is still on its way. Someday.)


[Part I] [Part II] [Part III]

Part II

Lydia was not in a good mood.

She was annoyed and bored and mostly angry. At herself. Because although it wasn’t her fault, she could see how it could possibly be construed that part of this was her own doing.

Because she had actually made herself wake up at dawn, foregoing her usual full night of beauty sleep to stretch and patrol the island and generally be ready for a fight. And she had done that because she, for some stupid reason, had assumed that Allison Argent would be one of those captains who actually stopped their crew from being lazy assholes, as least in the face of treasure, and would be attacking at first light.

And there had been no dawn attack.

Which meant that not only had Lydia been awake for an extra three hours but she had somehow misread the bloody captain of the glorified rowboat occupying her cove. It turned out that Allison Argent was just as stupid as the rest and Lydia was stupid for thinking any differently. There would be no more exciting surprises.

It was almost midday when there was finally a flurry of movement on the deck of the ship and she heard the tell-tale creak of rope and wood as a rowboat was lowered into the water. And just… really? In broad daylight? Sure, it would make her easier to spot but she knew all the shadows of this water like the back of her hand.

And they weren’t even doing this right. One of the rowboats had been lowered, but it wasn’t hovering close to the ship and waiting for the others to be ready to all head for the shore at once. It was sailing straight for the little island she was protecting. Well, not straight actually- it was weaving back and forth slightly as if the two who were rowing it weren’t exactly in sync.

God, it was going to be alarmingly easy to kill all of them at this rate.

And it would really be a shame. To drown the first female captain she had ever found, with her long dark hair and her intelligent eyes and her long, graceful neck and-

Lydia blinked. She must be more tired than she thought.

Giving herself a final shake, she started towards the lone rowboat. It was still the only one in the water, which is what finally gave her pause and caused her to cautiously come to the surface while still a distance away. Maybe it was an elaborate trap?

“Oh, god,” a familiar voice rang out. “Derek! Derek, we have to turn back.”

“We can’t. Cap is still watching,” Derek sounded just as he had last night. Well, maybe not exactly the same. Still just as grumbly and tense, but in a different way. “Besides, why do we have to go back?”

“Because,” Stiles said and Lydia risked swimming closer. She didn’t think these two were much of a threat. “I forgot the white flag. We have no flag, Derek. She’s going to kill us. Before we even get a chance to explain!”

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Sterek (BAMF Stiles!) Fic Rec!

I’ve decided to post up my REC list of my favorite kind of Sterek fics!

I love the fics where Derek kicks Stiles out of the pack/Stiles leaves the pack/Stiles doesn’t think he’s pack and Stiles, in turn, ends up becoming the baddest BAMF ever!

So here are my recs for Sterek fics!

Fair warning, a couple of these fics have some cross dressing and at least one that I remember isn’t written all too well. But I loves these ones either way!

If anyone has any fics they would like me to add to this list, send me the link!




(I’ll Show You Who’s Useless)

 “I overheard Derek arguing with Scott” Stiles said softly as Deaton led him to the back room “He said that I wasn’t pack, because I was human” he paused for a few seconds as his hands closed into fists “I want to prove him wrong, you mentioned in a previous conversation that I have

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Imagine if the writers actually gave us a Malia, Lydia, and Scott scene where they work with Malia to try and help her regain control. To show her that she can be her own anchor and that she can stay human because of the intrinsic strength she has within herself.

Honest Feedback - Stiles Stilinski Smut

-Hey anon (though hello, I do know who you are and you’re freaking fave and no, you’re amazing) I hope this is good, these are literally my favourite things to write (drunken kisses and jealousy and stuff and omf)

Season four, no Stalia relationship though

Request: I’d really love a smut where you and /Lydia/ drunkenly kiss or something and stiles is watching and gets turned on umm idk you can make it up from there. Thank you so much if you can do it xx you’re amazing

Warnings; smut, that’s kind of it?

Okay, so I understand it wasn’t the full request, but you said ‘make it up from there’, so I did… I hope it’s okay. It turned more into just an imagine with light smut, because as I wrote, I just had a whole different background worked otu and oh my God, this was so sweet to think about Y/n and Stiles’ connection and ahh i loved this one :)

I still hope it’s okay though anon, i’m also sorry for the slight lack of smuttiness…


Thanks to the fact that you had no more troubles - for a little while anyway - Lydia thought that the pack - and now Liam as well who brought Mason - deserved a break, so of course, she threw a small house party at the boathouse so you could all be real teenagers. Though, since werewolves can’t get drunk, it was mainly only you, her, Stiles, Kira and Mason who were going to act like people expected you to.

That is not to say that it wasn’t fun, though..

“Scotty!” you exclaimed as you walked towards him, just finished with another bottle of alcohol.

“Yes, Y/n?” he chuckled, helping Kira with one of his arms while he caught your stumbling self with the other.

“You are so- you’re such a puppy,” you told him, squinting a little as he had become blurry, and then tapping his nose with your pointer finger, making him chuckle once again.

“Thank you?” he asked, smiling as he passed you over to a sober Stiles. He only had about a sip of your drink because he was responsible for getting you home. Your family knew him best, they trusted him with you.

“No problem, sweetie pie! Oh my God, Stiles! Your hair!” you gasped, running your hands through his head of hair that had been longer for a little while, but now it was so fascinating! He grew it out? Last time you saw him, he hardly had any of these silky strands! This is amazing! “I love it,” you said, staring at the styled mess in wonder and he laughed before taking your hands from him, trying to help you stand up.

“Okay, why don’t you stop with the drinks now, Y/n,” he chuckled before putting you on the couch and disappearing somewhere. You pouted as you realised that your best friend was missing, but soon enough, he was replaced by Lydia who fell into the seat next to you and smiled. The two of you started gushing about your hair, Stiles’ hair, your dresses, how good the night was, and just generally being nice, which made Lydia look amazing and nice in your eyes.

“Lydia, how are you so pretty?” you asked, smiling and placing a hand on her shoulder as you leaned in a little, your normal sense of private space forgotten with the influence of alcohol.

“Me? Thank you, but you’re pretty yourself!” she told you, her hand landing on your knee before she pulled back and leaned into the sofa, smiling widely, watching everyone else talk, laugh, joke around and generally enjoy that there was nothing to worry about. Even if for a little while.

“Really, you have so many boys falling at your feet,” you told her, just looking at the strawberry blonde next to you, leaning on the back of the sofa.

“That’s not what matters,” she shook her head, smiling a little.

“I haven’t been kissed since-“

“It doesn’t matter,” she laughed, looking to you again.

“Well it doesn’t make me feel any better,” you mumbled, suddenly not as happy as you were. The though had just pushed you not another phase of the tipsiness. There was one guy you wished would want to kiss you, but he truly wouldn’t. He liked someone else. Or maybe he couldn’t make his mind up, but you knew he wouldn’t like you.

Speak of the devil, “You girls okay?” Stiles asked sitting right next to you so you were between the two of them.

“Yeah,” Lydia grinned before looking at you again. “If it’s bothering you that much, why don’y you just do it confidently?” he asked.

“I don’t even know, I must kiss badly,” you sighed, taking the bottle of some kind of ready mix cocktail form Stiles’ hand and taking a long drink from it. All you knew was that it was fruity, and that it would help with any confidence issues for now.

“I’m sure you don’t!” Lydia said, almost scolding you for feeling that way. She was always up for showing people that confidence is good and sexy.

“Come on Lydia-“

“Kiss me,” she told you, sitting so she could move towards you easier. You looked at her weirdly, not aware that she had wondered about that, or that she was attracted to girls at all. “Seriously, come on, I’m your friend, I’ll tell you honestly,” she said. You were suddenly aware of Stiles sitting next to you and you glanced over at him to see he had taken the bottle form your hand and had taken a big gulp, looking a little nervous. “He can watch, come on,” she once again encouraged. You looked at her again, and thought you had nothing to lose. She was your best friend after all, right?

“Okay, be honest,” you told her and she nodded before one of her hands slid to cup your cheek and so did yours before your lips touched. She seemed to be a dominant kisser, forcing your lips open, only slowly to make sure that you were comfortable, but you happily obliged, slipping your tongue in as you heard a few cheers from around you when she pulled away for air.

Opening your eyes, you saw the others smiling at you two before chuckling a little and going back to whatever they were talking about and you sat back, your cheeks on fire, seeing Stiles had crossed his legs, the bottle on the table by the sofa, his hands in his lap.

“Not bad,” you shyly looked at Lydia who nodded with a grin, looking a little red, her lipstick smeared slightly. “Pretty good, actually,” she added, which for Lydia was a great compliment. You smiled, thanking her quietly, then glanced at Stiles. He looked a little uncomfortable before he glanced at you as well and your eyes met. His pupils had dilated as he bit his lip, the brown irises diverting to your red, swollen lips.

“You okay?” you whispered as he gulped and nodded before looking at Lydia.

“Try with Stiles,” she shrugged and your head snapped to her as you tried to subtly shake your head. She didn’t get it though as she nudged you towards him. “She’s good, come on,” she said as you looked to Stiles who only had eyes for you. He tried to smile, which kind of worked but he looked more nervous than comforting. Nevertheless, after a few words to yourself, you managed to softly press your lips to his, making him pull back a little from the surprise, but when you tried to stop, he only slipped his hand behind your neck and kept your mouth with his, letting you slip your tongue in and yes; it was everything you imagined it to be. If not better.

Again, there were sounds of cheering for you guys as your hands wound around his neck, your lips meshing together as he pulled you closer to him. However, soon, he had to pull you away and he quickly slipped a pillow onto his lap, making some others chuckle.

“Get a room!”

“Liam’s still innocent!” Malia laughed as the redness of your cheeks intensified to scarlet as you got up and excused yourself quietly, leaving the room, some of the others apologising for embarrassing you but you just waved a hand and sent them a grin before going to the kitchen to grab a glass of water to try and clear your head.

You leaned against the counter, hearing the buzz of conversation from next door, watching the tap fill the tall glass with the water while you tried to not think about what that kiss made you feel. What both of those kisses made you feel.

“I’m sorry,” you turned to see Stiles standing in the doorway with Lydia, behind the island counter in the middle.

“What for?” you asked, shutting off the tap and drinking from the glass.

“Did I pressure you into it?” Lydia asked, actually looking shy or uncomfortable, one or in between of those two.

“No,” you shook your head and put the glass into the sink. “Why are you apologising?” you asked.

“Well we just wanted to know if you were okay,” Stiles said as you leaned on the island counter, facing them. “You know, you just seemed embarrassed and you had nothing to be embarrassed about,” he shrugged.

“I’m not the one who had a slight problem,” you chuckled, still a little buzzed from the drinks, but the water and sudden flush of discomfort had given some of your true thoughts back to you. You saw Stiles’ skin blush as you just smirked slightly, happy that you had that effect on someone.

“It wasn’t slight,” he murmured, making Lydia chuckle before she picked up another can of some sparkling drink and left the kitchen while Stiles just took a step closer to you. “And it was your fault,” he added, making you raise your eyebrows in surprise.

“So what are you going to do about it? Shout at me? Tell me off? God forbid, kiss me again so I learn?” you asked, trying to show him how sarcastic he could be, but it didn’t exactly work. Instead, he leaned over the counter and pressed his lips to yours in one swift motion, a small smile on his face, a hand at your cheek, pulling you in. You still had your eyes open to see his eyebrows lift before you closed them and bit his lip, running your tongue along it after, both of you parting your lips as he walked around the counter and turned you around, pushing your lower back into Lydia’s marble island counter top, his nose nudging yours. It wasn’t rough, heated or passionate, but it also wasn’t too sweet. It seemed casual, like you guys did this any time.

“You understand my point now?” he asked, leaning his forehead to yours, his eyes still closed as you watched his eyelids flutter.

“Not fully,” you told him and saw his lips lift into a light smirk before he wound his arms around your back, pulling your body into his.

“Then let me show you,” he said as his eyes opened and you lost all consciousness in his irises before you nodded, not entirely sure what you were singing yourself up for.

You soon found out though.

He dragged you up to the room Lydia had told you you could stay in if you didn’t want to go home, and closed the door behind you both before he gently pushed you to lay down on the bed, immediately reconnecting your lips with his. “Hold on,” he stopped, a hand at your waist, the other keeping him up above you while you held his shirt in your hands, “how drunk are you?” he asked as you looked at him oddly.

“Stiles, I only drank like a bottle of that cocktail thing Lydia left out. I was tipsy. Happy, careless, unfocused, but kissing you was real,” you told him as he smiled. “I want to do this,” you added as he grinned and you bit your lip as he let you push his checked shirt down his shoulders before he sat up and pulled his shirt off, going back to kissing you, letting you run your hands through his hair, down his back and chest, hooking your fingers into his belt loops as the two of you continued to make out, and he softly pushed the edge of your shirt up, above your stomach, his fingers dancing lightly against your warm skin while his kisses travelled to your neck and your hands were tangled in his hair, letting him push his hips into yours, constantly moving it back and forth while you locked your legs around his waist, your eyes closed, feeling yourself want him more and more.

“You’ve always been beautiful, but lately you’ve been more,” he told you, pulling back a little as you helped him take your shirt off. “You’re perfect, Y/n,” he told you before his lips were at your neck again, and then your lips. Your mouths and tongues became sloppy as his grinding continued and your heart was beating rapidly at the realisation of what the two of you were about to do. Nevertheless, you didn’t stop encouraging him, your hands tugging at his hair while he slowly slid your bra strap down your arm, leaving kisses where the material had been moments ago, and repeating this on the other side.

“This has to go,” you told him with a light smirk, tugging at his jeans by the belt loops. He only smiled and reached down to unbutton and unzip the offending clothing and then rid himself of it, before he reached into his pocket and showed up a condom. “You were prepared?” you asked, a little surprised and perhaps slightly disappointed.

“Scott told me to have one, so he can get it from me if he needs it, but I guess he won’t need it anymore,” he shrugged before opening the packet, seeing you smile a little, which was all he needed as reassurance.

He saw that you suddenly became aware of everything, so he asked you again if you were up for it, but you nodded your head; yes. Of course you were up for it. You thought this guy would never kiss you, never mind sleep with you.

After a mess of kisses and light touches all around your body, he pushed your shorts down, yourself helping him by lifting your hips, before his lips reattached themselves to yours. In a chaos of tongues and lips meshing together, he had removed your underwear, his fingers slipping to the most needed spot. A few seconds later, it wasn’t just his fingers that had connected him there, and while he paused to let you adjust, you asked him to continue and soon enough, you both had to make yourselves be silent, mostly achieved by crashing your lips together again, so the werewolves in the house wouldn’t tease you for your actions later, though light groans and moans did leave you, entering the room and you hoped with everything that it’d be left alone.

He picked up his pace as you clutched at his shoulder, the other tugging at his hair still, letting him do as he please before you let out a light whine when your legs shook and the pleasure that had collected in your stomach flowed out of your system, leaving an overjoyed feeling behind while he chased his own release, then once he found it, he rolled over to lay beside you, his lips tracing your collar bones while you both panted. You pulled the covers over the two of you, not wanting to be seen if anyone would think it funny to walk in. “Thank you,” you breathed out, still overwhelmed from the pleasure.

“Y/n,” he sighed, turning his head t be able to see you and you did the same, “will you be my girlfriend?”

- I originally had a totally different thing worked out, so if you’d like to know that, just tell me, I’ll write that too (same prompt, different story though)


Brett Imagine part 6
Brett Imagine Part 6

This is part 6 to a Brett Talbot/(y/n) imagine. I hope this is an okay update!

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Part 5

The afternoon sun was turning the sky an orange and pink. The temperature was dropping and the air was becoming more crisp. You walk onto the field and cross over to the bleachers. Already sitting down, by herself, was Charlie. She is dressed in her denim jacket and red beanie and upon her face was an eager smile of excitement. You make it to the bottom bleacher and her smile falls as she makes eye contact with you. You take in a deep breath and let it out loudly stretching your arms.

“Hey Charley!” You greet, waving a hand. “I brought my history book if you want to study!”

Charley’s face is fighting back a disgusted look and you laugh to yourself shaking your head.

“No?” You ask the curly haired girl. “Alright.”

Kira meets your side and is dressed in her Lacrosse practice gear. She waves at Charley and looks you straight in the eye.

“Be nice.” Kira’s eyes go wide. “For Scott’s sake, she’s a new friend for Brett!”

“I was,” You pout. “I even invited her to study.”

“She isn’t going to last long,” Lydia whispers walking by, she then climbs the bleachers holding her math book. “Who knows maybe Brett won’t last long either and things can go back to how it was.”

“I don’t think he’s going anywhere soon.” Kira says.

“And I doubt things will be going back to where they were, whatever that was.” You climb the bleachers after Lydia and sit down beside her.

Malia runs across the field and runs up the bleacher steps. She slams her math book down and sits. She opens the pages and loose paper starts flying up into the air and across the field. 

“Just great!” Malia growls. 

You run down the bleachers and start chasing after the pieces of paper along with her. The papers fly toward the center of the field and you sprint after them. Bending down to retrieve them another hand snatches it off the ground. You frown and stand up straight to see Brett in a tight black tank top with gym shorts over long compression pants. In one hand is the piece of paper and in the other is his lacrosse stick.

“Lose something wolf girl?” Brett looks at the paper and furrows his brows. “This doesn’t look like trig work.”

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#1 How You Meet

You were seated in a very uncomfortable chair in the Beacon Hills Hospital, waiting for your dad, who just so happened to be working a little overtime- again. “Hi (Y/N),” Melissa, a very nice nurse greeted. “Hello Melissa,” you sighed, changing your seating position yet again. She laughed, “Your dad should be out in 15 minutes max.” “Thank you,” you replied, pulling your phone out to check for any messages. The doors slid open and 2 very handsome boys waltzed in. One had shaggy brown hair and the other with a buzz cut. The shaggy haired one had always caught your eye, he reminded you of a puppy, a cute one. As you were looking- sorry, staring, Melissa caught you and ushered the shaggy haired one over to where you were. “Um, hi? I’m Scott.” He smiled awkwardly. “Hi! I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you.” You greeted enthusiastically. “So um, what are you waiting for?” He asked. “My dad is working a little longer than expected.” You stated whilst rolling your eyes jokingly. “Your dad works here? That’s so cool! You know you look just like Dr. (Y/L/N)!” He laughed. “Well I’d hope so, he’s my dad,” you giggled. His whole face flushed and his friend face palmed. “It’s ok! He-” You began to reassure him before you were interrupted. “Pulling some moves on my daughter I see, Mr. McCall. I’d love if you would have asked me for permission first, but Friday at 7 sounds great! You really are such a great young man!” Your dad smiled. Both yours and Scott’s jaws dropped. Melissa walked by and gave your dad a high five. “We’ve been planning that for months! All you two do is look at each other!” Melissa laughed. Well, Friday at 7 it was.

You were one of Lydia’s closets friends from grade school, but you moved away in second grade, losing all contact. Your parents had gotten a new job back in Beacon Hills which led to you going to the same school as the pack for high school, but you showed up one week later than the original start and had to go through the awkward first day thing, but you had Lydia to watch over you. You stepped into the chemistry class, clutching your books to your chest, as you walked up to the teacher’s desk to get yourself situated. All the while, Stiles slowly lost interest Lydia and was quickly falling for you. “Yes, Miss (Y/N), you’ll sit next to Mr. Stilinski. Stiles raise your hand.” Mr. Harris ordered. You caught sight of the innocent looking boy and smiled. “Hi, I’m (Y/N).” You smiled warmly at the blushing boy. “I’m Stiles but you can call me the man of your dreams,” he tried on you. “Oh,” you laughed. He cringed, “Sorry! Sorry! It slipped out!” “It’s ok, you’re lucky I have a thing for awkward, cute guys.” You winked. Well that was a nice surge of confidence. “I’m sorry what?” He choked out. “Although I’d say if you want to charm me, just be yourself, you seem cool.” You smiled. “So how do you know Lydia?” He asked. “I’ve known her for a while, but we lost touch. I’m back now and she’s taken me under her wing to show me the works. I’ve noticed she mainly ignores people.” You whispered.
“Yeah, I would be one of those people.” Stiles sighed. “You seem so cool! I’ll try to get her to talk to you more.” You offered. “Some of us are trying learn here!” Lydia hissed from the lab table adjacent to yours. “Sorry.” Both you and Stiles blushed. “I’ll get the notes from my friend, and maybe we can study together sometime?” Stiles offered. “Yeah that sounds good.” You smiled.

“Hi! Do you need anything?” You asked the boy in the hospital bed. “You look a little young to be a nurse.” He said quirking an eyebrow. “I got in trouble and as punishment I have to volunteer here.” You muttered. “Well maybe I can make it fun for you? I could use some company.” He smiled softly. “Perfect! I’m (Y/N) by the way.” You smiled taking a seat in the chair next to the bed. “I’m Liam,” he replied sticking his hand out. You shook it slowly, “So what are you doing here?” You asked. “Some juniors made me hurt my ankle.” He said. “That’s gotta hurt! What sport was it?” You asked. “I was trying out for lacrosse at Beacon Hills High.” He sighed. “I haven’t seen you there before!” You exclaimed. “Well I’m a freshman,” he trailed off. “So am I.” You laughed. You and Liam continued to talk about teachers, classes, sports, etc. until you heard a scream. “I should probably check really quick.” You whispered, rushing to the door to peek out. You ran over to Liam quickly explaining that one of the nurses was being attacked and you needed to hide. “I don’t believe you.” He mumbled, before limping to the hallway. You tried to get him to come back into the room but whatever was in the hallway took an interest in Liam and took him. You began opening the door but a man covered in hair and red eyes caught sight of you, so you ducked out of fear and locked the door. You took a deep breath, opening the door as soon as you saw the hall was empty. You rushed around the hospital looking for your new friend. You frantically pressed the button to the roof, the last place to check. Liam was in pain holding his wrist while 2 guys stood worried over him. “Liam!” You yelled running over to him. “2! Scott, really! Good thing I have duct tape.” One of the guys yelled at the other. The next thing you knew, both you and Liam were taped up and taken to one of the boys’ houses.

“Stiles! Scott! This isn’t funny! Your guys’ parents didn’t pay me to drive 2 little kids around! This place is kind of creepy.” You called out. You were a neighbor of the Stilinski’s, a little older than Stiles and Scott, going to a local college, and the 2 teens’ chauffeur for a week. “Who might you be?” A guy asked, practically emerging from the shadows. “Um I don’t know if you know them, you probably don’t, but have you seen Scott or Stiles?” You asked nervously. “Yeah, actually. They were in here about 10 minutes ago.” He said. “Well, can you tell me where they went?” You asked, beginning to get frustrated. “Ok, ok calm down, I sent them on an errand. Can I get you anything?” He offered. “Seriously! They don’t have means of transportation! I’m taking to a creepy man and he’s offering me something from an abandoned loft! You’ll probably slip roofies in my drink!” You yelled. The guy stared at you for a few seconds before walking off. “Here’s a water. Sealed. Brand new. No drugs.” He said handing the water over. “Thanks,” you trailed off. It was awkward, so awkward. A very handsome guy watching you drink water in an abandoned loft. “I live here by the way. It’s not abandoned. I’m Derek.” He smiled. “Oh! Sorry! It’s just these 2 have been driving me crazy for the past 3 days, and I need the money, but they forced me to drive them here and I got worried.” You babbled on and on. “Well, clearly I’m not the one who needs to apologize but maybe I can make it up to you with a coffee, maybe dinner?” He smiled. “(Y/N) and I would love that.” You laughed. “Oh and I lent Scott and Stiles my car for the errand.” He chuckled. After exchanging numbers and relaxing a bit Scott and Stiles showed up. You laughed, lightly hitting Derek’s very firm arm. “Wow! Sourwolf got game!” Stiles exclaimed. Your head snapped over to the boys, as did Derek. “Wolf?! Really?!” Scott whisper yelled. “Yeah, you know why. Grrr!” Stiles chuckled awkwardly. I could hear Derek getting up, “Don’t worry I like ‘em feisty! See you in Saturday Derek!” You smiled as the guys’ jaws dropped at your words.

If you want any other guys feel free to message me! Also first post! Yay!

I’ll be honest, I was kind of expecting someone on the cast to sort of, tone down Sterek a bit. I mean, I didn’t expect for anyone to put it out-rightly, but I was expecting it. 

I mean, in case you have forgotten, the cast in general did enjoy the Sterek idea. They laughed about it, made jokes about it, even Posey. But then it sort of went over the head with people sending Dylan and Hoechlin the fanart. I mean, can you even imagine how awkward it must be see yourself painted in a sex scene with one of your best friends without your permission? I mean, it’s one thing to enjoy such things in the fandom, it’s an entirely other thing to actually send this to the actors. But you know, there was a hush, they didn’t mention it whatever.

So if you pause for a second. T-Pose didn’t say what he said because he was butthurt over the fact Scott doesn’t get as much attention. He didn’t slam the characters, he slammed the ship. Because if really your only reason to watch a show is a romantic relationship that has no intentional canonical support, it sort of just writes off everything else each of those crew members are doing.

Forget T-Pose for a second, I am assuming people who ship Sterek actually like Dylan? Alright then. Let’s put it this way. Have you see the past few episodes? Have you seen how phenomenally well Dylan has acted this season? This boy is giving his character so much life and he is clearly putting in so much hard work, and trying to the best he could. And then, when his character is veered towards Lydia, who Jeff had intended to be his love interest, the fandom breaks into an uproar. When you say you won’t watch the show if Sterek doesn’t happen, what you’re basically saying is, “Good for you Dylan, great acting and whatever. But if you don’t share steamy scenes with another of your co-stars then we really don’t care enough to watch.” And that’s pretty fucking offensive.

What T-Pose said, does make sense, If you’re watching the show only for Sterek, you’re not watching it right.

#2- You Find Out About The Supernatural

“Scott! I have your work from Finstock’s!” You called through the house. You slowly went up the stairs and looked for Scott. “Ok what’s wrong!? Why can’t you control yourself this time?” You heard Stiles exclaim. “Stiles? What’s going on? Are everyone’s suspicions right?” You asked jokingly. Stiles’ head popped out “Heeeeeeey (Y/N), what are you- um what are you doing here?” “I have Scott’s work and I wanted to check up on him.” You smiled. “I’ll take it, he’s in awful condition right now.” Stiles sighed. “Ok see you, oh and tell Scott I’ll text him later.” You smiled, but your smile faltered as you heard Scott grown. That poor boy. You made your way down the stairs and back to your car, you looked at the window in Scott’s room and could not believe what you saw. Scott, with hair on his face, red eyes, and long nails. You stared in shock but Scott caught you staring and rushed down to the driveway. You tried to start the car but it just wouldn’t start! “Oh my gosh!” You whisper yelled, your voice cracked, not knowing what Scott would do to you. “(Y/N).” Scott growled. “Please don’t hurt me!” You exclaimed, just as your eyes began to fill with tears. The car wouldn’t start and you knew you couldn’t out run Scott. “(Y/N),” Scott said softly. “Please, don’t hurt me.” You begged. “What, no, no I would never.” Scott said sadly, his face changed back and you looked at him with a look of confusion and wonder. “So I guess I should tell you that I’m a werewolf.” He sighed. “Yeah I got that, but why did you follow me?” You asked. “I never got to tell you goodbye.” He mumbled. “You really are part puppy!” You laughed while hugging him. Scot led you inside, where he and Stiles told you everything and anything about the creatures in Beacon Hills. It was a lot to take in, but you weren’t going to leave Scott for some bite he never asked for.

“(Y/N) be sure to tell your parents I said hi and- Stiles what’s going on?” Sheriff asked abruptly. The sight in front of you was confusing and upsetting, Stiles with chains and Malia. “I’ll deal with you later young man! (Y/N) if you feel the need to do any damage I never heard or saw you and uh go for the Jeep.” Sheriff smiled awkwardly. “What’s going on?” You asked suspiciously. “It’s a full moon tonight!” Malia exclaimed. “So what? That happens a lot, is a full moon your kink Stiles? Like with another girl too?” You asked. “No! On a full moon I have to be held back or I transform.” Malia said as if it were the most obvious thing ever. “Malia! Hush!” Stiles quipped. “Transform! What is she talking about? What’s going on? Stiles you better not lie to me.” You ordered, turning and glaring at your boyfriend. “Let’s uh, let’s take this to the hall.” Stiles muttered. You allowed him to lead you to the hall where he nervously paced. “If you’re cheating just tell me now. Since I’m here I may as well trash the Jeep now.” You murmured. “No! No! No! No! I want to tell you, I do but it can put you in danger!” He yelled frustratedly. “Is someone forcing you to do something Stiles? I’ll kick their butt!” You exclaimed. “No, I just can’t!” Stiles exclaimed. You opened your mouth to reply but a growl from Stiles’ room ripped through the house. “Stay here.” Stiles demanded, before rushing into his room. You heard the chains rattling and more growling. “Just tell her!” The voice growled. “You know I can’t,” Stiles said. “Tell me- whoa!” You exclaimed absolutely amazed. You ran over to Malia and sat a safe distance from her. “So are you like a werewolf or something?” You asked. “What just- what?” Stiles said. “You’re not scared?” Malia asked. “No, you’re one of my best friends, I trust you.” You smiled. “Are you anything special?” You asked turning to Stiles. “Well I- uh- I- no.” Stiles shook his head. “I’m sure you’re still pretty special to her pack. You’re in a pack right?” You asked. Malia nodded and Stiles sighed. He began telling you about Scott, Liam, Derek, Lydia, even Kira! You also told him how you guessed something was up but never pushed it. From then on you helped the pack when you could and when they let you of course.

“He promised me he’d show up!” Mason exclaimed. “I know, I know.” You consoled. “He’s bailed a lot on us, maybe we should confront him.” Mason sighed. “Maybe it’s something important we don’t need to know about though.” You replied. The two of you had stayed after school to work out and try to get in shape for upcoming sports. Liam promised to be there but apparently something came up and he couldn’t make it. You will admit that it got tiring and old, but you trusted Liam had a relevant excuse for rescheduling all the time. You and Mason headed towards the parking lot but Liam ran up towards the two of you. “You’re late.” Mason stated. “Yeah I know, but I promise I’ll make it up to you guys!” He exclaimed. “You always say that and you never…” You trailed off. “What? I never what?” Liam asked exasperatedly. “Turn around very carefully.” You instructed, taking Mason’s hand and leading him towards the main building. The two of you ran up the stairs and peeked from behind the wall to catch sight of Liam. Liam ran in and looked at the two of you nervously before turning and growling at the wolf. His eyes turned yellow, his nails grew, and hair sprouted from him cheeks. The wolf ran off and Liam turned to the two of you nervously. “Well that was something.” You muttered under your breath. “Totally,” Mason whispered in a daze. “I wanted to tell you guys,” Liam said. “Why couldn’t you?” Mason asked. “It wasn’t safe, and I barely knew how to control everything. I found my anchor but there are times when I can’t control it. Tonight Stiles needed me for a personal errand of his and that’s why I couldn’t make it.” Liam explained. “What else can you do?” Mason asked excitedly. “I can run faster, I can heal faster, I can hear a whole lot better, and I’m stronger.” Liam said with a small smile. You sauntered down a few steps, stopping and sitting at the very last stair. “You’re safe to be around right? We won’t get in trouble for knowing? You won’t attack us?” You asked. Liam pulled you into his arms placed a sweet kiss on the top of your head and told you everything would be fine.

“Derek! I brought dinner and movies!” You yelled as you pushed the door to the loft open. “Going!” Derek replied. He came running into the room with a little blood running down his forehead. “What happened!” You exclaimed. “Nothing, just family troubles.” He lied. “Don’t you dare lie to me! I see it in your eyes, now tell me the truth.” You demanded. “No Peter was here and we got into quite a fight.” He chuckled. “What happened to your cut?” You questioned because suddenly there was no blood or cut. “Crap.” He muttered under his breath. You have him a look and quickly backtracked his footsteps to a room filled with teenagers chained to random things. “What the hell is this?!” You yelled. “Well- I uh- you see.” He trailed off. “No! You know what I see looks to be illegal!” You yelled. You began to make a move to help the helpless teenagers but Derek stopped you. “It’s not safe,” he said grabbing your arm and pulling you away. “Yes, I’ll be in danger with the police since I am now an accomplice.” You stated taking a step towards a blonde girl. “Are you ok?” You asked her. She looked up, staring at you with yellow eyes and animalistic teeth. You jumped back and Derek caught you. “What’s wrong with her?” You asked him nervously. A boy in the corner let out a growl and pulled on the chains. “Derek!” You exclaimed. “Derek! How’s my my favorite werewolf Scott!?” Stiles yelled. “Werewolf?!” You shrieked. “Stiles!” Derek scolded. “Hey (Y/N)…” Stiles waved awkwardly. “How? This can’t be real!” You panicked. “I guess now’s a good as time as any,” Derek sighed. “(Y/N), I know this doesn’t seem like it’s real, but it is. These are my betas and my pack. There’s werewolves and kanimas. I know this is a lot to take in, but I wanted to keep you safe. The safest you could be would be you not knowing. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” He explained. “Can’t these teens kill people?” You asked. “Well yes, but that’s why they’re chained up. So are you ok with everything else?” Derek asked hesitantly. You shook your head,“No, a little spooked but I won’t leave.” He smiled pulling you into a hug and placing a loving kiss on your on your lips. The teens growled and Stiles gagged causing you to pull apart and laugh.

Teen Wolf Thoughts and Theories - Post Letharia Vulpina

Well, JFC, that was an intense episode. Watching it twice was hard, but necessary. Well, here is my new theory/meta for you. Please discuss it among yourselves or with me. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Stiles or demon!Stiles?

Let’s begin with something basic. Did we see Stiles at all this episode? I believe that the obvious answer is no. We only ever saw demon!Stiles this episode and that makes sense. He knew too much about what demon!stiles had done. Stiles, based on previous history, could not have known all this. So, I believe it is safe to say it was always demon!Stiles.


Allison had some questionable behavior here as well. While it made sense for her to stay at the hospital, there is the issue of Isaac not healing. This is pure conjecture, but what if her presence (the presence of a nogitsune) was suppressing his healing powers. It is possible as this nogitsune seems to behave in a much more subtle manor than Stiles’ nogitsune. Preventing the healing means that it could feed off the pain from Isaac.

Secondly, there was her behavior in regards to Lydia. Sure, it may have just been her being defensive because it IS Peter; however, Peter was trying to teach Lydia how to attune and harness her true power. With that, she would be better equipped to help defeat the nogitsune. Also, it would probably lead to her detecting the nogitsune inside of Allison as well. If you examine her interactions with Lydia, the pulling her arm, the grabs, etc., they are all very forceful actions. A little too forceful as it looks like she is literally dragging Lydia. This concerns me.I am almost certain that she is possessed as well and that we will soon see that come to light.

Her possession could also easily explain the money that appeared in her father’s office. Also, if she used weapons that the family owns, it would connect her father to the murder of Katashi. Agent McCall did show up at his house first, so this seems quite plausible.

However, there is one other possibility. What if the nogitsune isn’t being subtle by choice? What if it just doesn’t have full control yet? Before the Nogitsune really took such control over Stiles, it seemed to need a spark of electricity. Well, it almost got it tonight! Allison nearly stepped into the electrified water, but Isaac saved her. She also seemed to be ignoring Kira’s warnings and her own usual awareness of her environment. And after Isaac knocked her away, she seemed to not really move. Isaac might have stopped the control over her by hitting her. Anyway, if it is two nogitsune, Stiles’ nogitsune was trying to give it the spark that it needed to take control.

Allison and Stiles

Now, assuming they are both possessed, this would explain A LOT. Stiles has obtained several things that seem more likely to come from the Argents. For example, the emitters and the arrows. it would be easy enough for the two nogitsune to arrange a hand off or exchange. It would account for apparent discrepancies. They are helping each other.

Stiles and demon!Stiles

It seems that Stiles is still very much there. One reason the nogitsune chose to torture Scott is because it would also cause pain for Stiles which he could draw on. Also, as becomes apparent in the preview for next week’s episode, Stiles regains control of his body. It seems that control switches when one falls asleep. That actually fits with some Japanese lore regarding posession. Stiles decide to lock himself away in a hospital to protect everyone; however, he still does not want to sleep as it means handing over control to the demon. Either way, Stiles is very much there and is fighting as hard as he can. He is far from gone and far from unaware when the demon is possessing him.

The Poisoned Fox

As we saw at the end, Deaton injected the fox poison into Stiles. It is weakening his hold on Stiles and is weakening his power overall. As Deaton said, he is still very much a threat. If we believe what Dylan said, that Stiles will not be the one to die (despite the show trying it’s damnedest to convince us he will be), then this leaves the issue of how do we remove the demon? Well, if the fox is poisoned and constantly weakening, This will lead to the oppurtunity to remove it from Stiles safely. I believe that this will ultimately fall to Scott although it is also possible that it will fall to the pack as a whole, meaning that Scott, Derek, Lydia, and Kira must work together to save him. I am partial towards the Scott saves him because they’re best friends and because of Motel California, but I will not deny the plausibility of the group working together.

This does, however, leave us with a problem. Deaton only brought back enough for Stiles. If Allison is also possessed, then it is doubtful that he will have poison for her nogitsune. In which case it may be impossible to safely remove her nogitsune. Which leads into my next theory.

Who Will Die?

I believe the answer, based on all available evidence up to this point, is Allison. There has been foreshadowing of it throughout the season and now the has been behaving oddly, much like Stiles did. Also, see my Allison section above. On top of this, Dylan has confirmed that he is not the one to die, so that removes him. Then, at Day of the Wolf, Keahu said that the person to die would gain supernatural powers and then die. In my opinion, this rules out everyone with supernatural powers as is. This would leave only Allison from the core cast.

If she is possessed by a nogitsune as well and there is no poison as I stated above, then it may be impossible to safely remove the nogitsune from her, leaving death as the only option. I suspect that when it comes down to it, she may well take her own life in a final act of defiance against the nogitsune, taking the evil with her and protecting her friends who could not protect themselves against her, just as her code  says.

Now, looking at things from outside of the story and looking at it from the point of a studio/writing crew, her death makes sense if they absolutely have to kill off someone (I really think this is unnecessary, but, hey I’m not the writer/creator).Her death will have a profound effect on all of the characters and can serve as a source of character development, especially with Scott and Isaac and Scott and Stiles (because we all know he’ll need his best friend to help him through that). It will have the giant impact that they are hoping for and it will hurt the audience (emotionally); however, it is unlikely that it will decimate their fan base (fans stop watching). Her death would service everything they need and fit a safely calculated risk.

Kira and Her Mother

With Kira’s mom running out of tails and power, she will be forced to turn to Kira to finish the job. She will explain that the nogitsune must be stopped at all costs, even if it means killing the host. Kira will, possibly quite violently, reject this and refuse to. She will forge her own path and find a way to save Stiles. She will not accept her mother’s opinion on the matter. With her mother so weakened, it is unlikely her mother will be able to oppose her. I believe that she will come into her kitsune powers quite well (we got a taste tonight) and that, with Scott’s help, she will find a way to remove the demon without killing Stiles. But, yes, I do not foresee that conversation with her mother going well.

The End

I think that covers just about everything. I may have missed something and if I did I will add it later. I think this is the best representation of my thoughts so far. I think it makes a good theory so far. Please feel free to discuss and criticize it as much as you want! Reblog, message, reply, whatever you like! I would love nothing more than to discuss this with the fandom. So, what do you think?

I'll be scraping up the pieces from the bottom of my heart

Fic Request: Role reversal where Lydia is Scott’s best friend and Stiles is the popular guy she’s always had a crush on, and they start to interact when Stiles and Allison unwittingly gravitate toward the supernatural mess that is Beacon Hills

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Role Reversal

Author: augusturs

Authors notes: this is my first time writing for stydia-fanfiction! which is very exciting so i hope you guys enjoy! my username on both ao3 and is colorshow. 

title comes from scraping up the pieces by twin forks

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I just-

I cannot with teen wolf anymore. I’m beyond confused with how they’re handling stiles and derek (not sterek, just them as characters) and the so called ‘pack’ in general.

What are you doing??? Contrary to popular belief stiles and derek are friends. And you showed us this in 3b and 4 so far. They care for each other. It’s canon. Why do you insist on keeping them apart??? I just want to see them interact, not jump each other’s bones. It’s been 16 episodes since they last communicated, while being both real!stiles/derek. Do you not realize that the longer that you keep them apart, the more intense the little interaction that they will have (at some point in the distant future) will be. We are so deprived of stiles and derek interactions, that even that 2 second scene from the promo with derek and (maybe) stiles at deaton’s made us sososso happy. BECAUSE THEY WERE IN THE SAME ROOM. Can you even begin to comprehend how ridiculous it is that they don’t have scenes together?

Hoechlin said on numerous occasions that Derek will find a familiy in Scott and Stiles. Well that’s great. I’m happy to know that. Good for Derek.

Now, can I see this happen on screen or

Or there’s no time for that, gotta fill the time with pointless characters and corny unstable romance.

Did you know that the main four don’t actually interact. Like they made such a big deal out of Derek being rescued because it is a big deal for Derek but, did we see an outcome? A 1 minute bonding time? Just Derek realizing that he’s not alone and that he has people that care about him would have sufficed. 30 seconds of happy and grateful derek hale (it’s not like u give him more in a 40 min episode). 

I want them to be a team. I want them to communicate, to meet up, to discuss problems, to find solutions, to help each other. Why is Derek so /isolated/? I know that season 4’s just begun but from what I’ve seen, there’s not much hope for any of that, because they’re constantly paired/teamed up with persons that fit the writer’s idea of new and shocking. They try so hard to explore more and moRE AND MORE relationships, when the actual interactions that are important to the show itself and most of all, to the fans, are left untouched. 4 seasons in and I don’t even think Lydia and Derek had a proper interaction.

And back to Stiles and Derek for a second. I am far from being a writer and I have little knowledge of how things work bts. But as a viewer I’m telling you that you’re being dumb. Plain dumb. You have such a great relationship, you have such potential for amazing scenes, you know how loved and cherished that relationship is, and yet you actively chose to set it aside, because you’re afraid of the outcome, because rn sterek is the biggest elephant in the room. And you made it that way. If we are reduced to overexcited insane fans, who don’t care at all about derek and stiles as characters and just want to see them bone, it’s because you made us seem that way by toying with us. There’s a difference between making scenes that are meant to be a nod to the sterek fandom (like the miguel scene) and down right queerbaiting. I mean you give us sterek 3x24 dream, elevator scene, stiles comforting derek, 3b derek, parallels everywhere, and make a joke out of us when we’re expecting an outcome?? I just-