trying to recruit all the kids

Things To Love About Tamaki Suoh

- Would 100% fight you if you upset one of his friends

- Is super forgiving even of those who don’t deserve it

- Deliberately invited the loners at school into his club and taught them to love themselves and to be kind to others

- Tries so hard to include everyone

- Puts up with the twins pranks because he loves them just as they are and wants them to be happy

- Immediately decides Kyoya is new best bro when he arrives


- Gets depressed if his friends are sad

- One time when Hikaru nearly died on a ski trip ( the most heart stopping moment in the manga like holy shit we all thought it was taking a dark turn)
Tamaki is so distressed he drops everything he’s doing and rushes to the ski resort to be at Hikaru’s side and to make sure Kaoru is okay and is honestly the biggest mess the entire time.Kaoru ends up trying to calm Tamaki down. When Hikaru turns out to be okay besides a concussion, minor hypothermia , and exhaustion, Tamaki is so relieved and gets super emotional and it’s just such a touching scene I STILL get all weepy about it tbh


- Is so kind ??? Like he even recruits a kid who’s literally a future mob boss into the host club because he sees the kid is lonely and sad ??? And Casanoda is so grateful like Tamaki literally helped turn his life around


- Is so high key excited all the time that I honestly think he’s related to Victor Nikiforov ( NO BUT LIKE FOR REAL HE TOTALLY IS)

- Is actually so smart he reads really complex books in English even though it’s not his native language ? Like he learned Japanese within a few months when he moved to Japan I mean ???

- Is so culturally respectful ? He tries so hard to understand local custom and be respectful about it ? Like in the manga he’s always going on about historical Japanese traditions and famous Japanese people and begging Kyoya to visit historic places with him and honestly it’s the cutest thing to me that Tamaki throws himself into new cultures so purely

-No but he bonded with his grandmother because they both obsessed over this old tv series based in ancient Japan and TAMAKI LEARNED HOW TO PLAY ALL THE MUSIC THE SHOW EVER FEATURED and he plays it on the piano for his grandma



Like she’s crying because she thinks he’ll be mad at her because she was forced to give him up and he’s just like
“ Mom no , I’m glad you did it because I’m happier now and you’re healthy ”

- Hugs people a lot

-Always down for adventures if you want one

- Tries really hard to be liked by everyone

- Travels overseas to support his girlfriend??? GOALS

- Never pressures Haruhi into being ANYTHING other than herself , even though he comments sometimes about how he’d like to see her in feminine things , he never tries to force her to wear something she doesn’t like

- Thinks Haruhi is beautiful no matter what

- Gets super flustered when Haruhi gives him any kind of romantic attention

( she hugged him in public once and he blushed beet red and got all speechless it was adorable )


- Is so genuine in his praise and it’s so pure ?

Like he’s not flirting he honestly does think every girl is beautiful

- So Extra about everything , no wonder Kyoya is so tired

erensilverlink  asked:

What's some good whump!Erik fics out there? Love your blog so much.


I’m so sorry for the late reply! Whump!Erik is such a unicorn. You blink and you miss it! Here are some! :)

On the Breakers by Skull_Bearer

Another reason why Erik did the things he did on that beach.

In Shadow and Silence by Yahtzee

Written for the following prompt: Erik is an aggressive, dangerous, cynical mutant, hardened from years of being passed through private laboratories and used for experimentation. He’s covered in surgical scars from operations, tattooed and bar coded like a lab rat, and blind from an experiment done on his eyes. …  Charles Xavier finds out about him.

These Cindered Bones by swoopswoop

Erik gets attacked by something unknown and when his health starts to decline, has no choice but turn to the x-men for help after seven years of separation.

Wir Schützen Was Wir Lieben by Cylin

Erik comes back to the mansion hurt. The kids try to help - they really try - but things escalate. What has happened to Erik affects all their relationships, but most severely Charles’s and Erik’s.

Stitches by Amuly

Set during the bromance recruiting montage, Erik gets injured and needs stitches. Charles patches him up.

Point-blank  by keire_ke

Not too long after the Cuban missile crisis, Erik is captured. Charles rescues him.

Point of Intersection by nixajane

Movie alternate ending. Charles stops Erik from launching those missiles, but doesn’t stop him leaving. Now Erik has been taken prisoner, and Charles can think of nothing but getting him back.

A River In A Time of Dryness by Ook

The soldiers get tired of playing with Erik about the time his feet give out on him for the second time, and they’d have to drag or carry him to get him back to camp.

In which Erik is lost in the desert, until he is found.

Care and Feeding by SpiritsFlame

Ever since his time with Shaw, Erik has been afraid of getting sick. Charles shows him there is nothing to worry about. Written for the Erik/Charles summer fic exchange.

anonymous asked:

Hi, is it ok if I request 111 & 46 for Steve please? ❤️

Pairing: Reader x Steve Harrington.
Fandom: Stranger Things.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 703
Prompts: “I thought you were dead!” / “You can’t just hug me and think everything’s okay.”

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i don’t want to be a superhero (2/?)

summary: you’re a new enhanced individual in new york that has the ability of pyrokinesis and telekinesis who gets on tony starks’ radar after you saved his car from crashing. meanwhile peter becomes intrigued with your abilities. part 1 is here 

a/n: sooo (y/b/n) sounds totally dumb so lets just call him adrian

edit!: i linked the wrong fic at first bc it’s 4am and i’m dumb srry

part 1

part 3

part 4

the next morning was rough, you still couldn’t believe tony stark came to your house never mind offer to take you to the avenger’s compound. so after a week of not leaving the apartment, you took a shower, put on some clothes that made you look a little less homeless, did your normal face routine and had a nice breakfast.
“it’s only 12 pm and you actually look… not dead. nice.” adrian said getting a glass of orange juice.
you were going to say something dumb back ag him but then your phone rang. it was an unknown number but you already knew who it was.
“is this (y/n)? i’m picking you up in 30 minutes so be downstairs i’m busy and i gotta be places okay?” you guessed this was happy hogan. who ironically didn’t sound so happy.
“okay that’s fine but how did you get my number?”
you heard a beep and realised he hung up.
“he’s on his way?” your brother said from the couch, flipping through channels.
“yeah just thirty minutes…”
you began to put your keys and phone in your bag when you started feeling really nervous and your hands really warm. the only person you had ever been comfortable using your abilities around was your brother. what if something happened and you couldn’t control yourself? “adrian can yo-”
“you want me to come with you?” he said looking up. you stood there, as if you were ten again. not being able to do anything without your big brother.
"you can’t even go to the doctors by yourself, of course i’m coming with you.” happy picked you up and drove you to the compound, which by the way, was over an hour away. you barely went to school that was 20 minutes away because you didn’t want to walk. how did tony expect you to regularly get here?
"there’s tony.” happy said pointing to the entrance of the lobby. you stepped out and walked towards him with your brother following. “isn’t it nice? the tower had it’s vulnerabilities and we needed more workspace. plus barnes is afraid of heights at times.” tony said as a welcoming. you felt comfortable with him yet you could sense he wasn’t.
"well today hopefully i can just introduce you to some people and work out how we’re going to do this.” he said leading you into the building. you looked over at adrian who looked like a little boy at disneyland. you hoped he could keep it together but as you approached some kind of apartment setting you heard him gasp. there was a group of people sitting on couches that stood up as soon as they saw you walking towards them and you recognized them immediately.
”(y/n), i’d like you to meet the avengers. you’ve probably heard of them before? avengers, (y/n) the girl who bravely saved me from an almost accident.” tony said, motioning you to them. you suddenly felt really nervous and didn’t notice little pieces of furniture floating in the air behind them.
“sis. the vase.” adrian whispered.
"oh!” the vase fell with a crash as you tried set it down. they turned around and looked at it then back at you surprised.
"i’m so sorry i got nervous that usually doesn’t happen i swear i-”
"calm down, kid” captain america said almost laughing.
"i know we’re a little intimidating. how old are you?”
"s-seventeen.” they all looked at each other and then at tony with not-so-happy faces.
"another kid, tony?” black widow said. you saw wanda maximoff shift and her facial expression seemed worried, almost scared. their reactions were making you so anxious you felt your skin start to heat up.
"she’s not joining the team she’s here to learn how to figure out what she can do, okay? where is parker by the way? he was supposed to be here.”
"him and tic-tac are finishing up training. they should be down soon. but don’t act like you’re not trying to recruit her tony, this is serious.” this time it was the falcon to speak up. you felt your brother pull you closer as tony and the rest of the avengers began having a full blown argument right in front of you. you felt like you had to say something.
"excuse me!” you feigned a stronger, more confident voice and they stopped to look at you. “i don’t plan on joining the team. i know i’m only seventeen and i’m not ready for people’s lives to be in my hands. saving tony stark was an impulse that happened before i even knew what i was doing but he offered to help me control what i can do. obviously i don’t have complete control and i don’t know everything behind this, whatever this is. so no i don’t want to be a superhero and even if stark tried to recruit me i would say no.” everyone stood kind of looking at their shoes for a second as you all heard yelling come from down the hall.
"you guys! scott threw the disk thingy at me and it worked! it made me tiny! tiny spider-man! you guys why a-” the boy making all the ruckus stopped talking as soon as he saw you.
"shes already here? why didn’t anyon-”
"kid just stop talking and come over here.” tony said. this was spider-man?! he looked like a 15 year old boy! you looked over at adrian whose jaw was on the floor at this point.
"in case i missed the introductions, i’m p-peter parker. i’m spider-man.” the boy said, waving his hand.
"we hadn’t even gotten to those because captain kill-joy made things weird.” tony said sending captain america a death glare.
"well… let’s start over again. i’m (y/n), i’m seventeen and i can move things and start fires with my mind. and this is my big brother, adrian who is currently freaking out. he takes care of me.” you said pointing to your brother, who could only wave.
"fire?! could you do it right now?” peter said, getting a little too close and comfortable.
"uh i don’t know if that’s a good idea.” cap said. “it’s okay. i got it.” you said trying to reassure him but also yourself. without taking your eyes off peter’s you put your palms up and after feeling a little heat, you were holding two flames.
"that’s…… so cool.” peter said looking right into them. something about the compliment made you blush. which didn’t go unnoticed by your brother as he cleared his throat and eyed spider-boy. you closed both hands to put out the flames and looked up at everyone and they looked almost as shocked as peter.
"so what’s everyone else’s name?”

this was short bc i wanted to get the avengers first meeting out the way also people asked me to tag when i made a new chapter! thats so cool so: @rosaetum @inumorph @fandomingforever @do-you-mind-if-i-slytherin1

Seriously why does no one talk about the YJ tie-in comics?

I feel like not a lot of people are aware that this exists. Because if you’re looking to temporarily satisfy your YJ needs after binge-watching the show, this is it. Not to mention, this is all canon and written by the creators of the show. This comic has almost anything you ever wanted.

Supey and Wally bonding time?

Bam! Bro-time with the Wall-man! [this takes place after the Cadmus break-in before Batman made his decision]

Curious about what caused the team to become superheroes?

Bam! The smol children’s humble origins 

Ever wondered what set off Superboy’s weird hatred of monkeys?

Ka-blam! Holy green creepy psychotic monkeys, Batman!

Did you ever pine to see the team and their mentors to work together more?

Bam! Look at these snarky children and their mentors! [heh, I included that Kid Flash/The Flash panel for that Endgame foreshadowing…]

Remember the beginning of “Downtime” and ever wondered what happened in that failed mission with Clayface?

Bam! Children getting wrecked by this ugly monster!

Or remember when Beastboy mentioned that poisonous flower incident incident in “Earthlings”?

Bam! Connor trying to be a sweet boyfriend to M’gann! 

Ever wanted to know how Jaime ended up joining the team?

Bam! Nightwing and Wondergirl recruiting this sweet child (this is also where many started shipping Wonderbeetle due to their interactions in the comic).

This isn’t all of it, of course. There is this and way more. I’d say that the writing is of course on-par with the show. There’s so many plot-twists that were certainly unexpected when I first read through these. Some of these are fun (like the team sitting around a campfire and telling their stories) but there are others that are more serious, like the type of stories you’d expect to find in the show.

Also, not only can you show support for YJ by watching it on Netflix, buying the comics show your support to Warner Bros as well. So if you can afford it, I’d say give it a shot!

Wayward Casting Call

Hey, guys. For those who don’t follow me, you may be wondering who I am and why I’m addressing you. Well, I’m Mack, a professional animator (toon boom and flash), and I’m trying to create a new webseries called Wayward, that has been in minor development for a year now.  I have a few friends helping me already, but for now I’m asking for Voice Acting help, for my finished pilot script.

Brief Description

Wayward is a show heavily inspired by RPGSs and adventure games, especially whimsical ones like the Mother series. It’s a story about a group of kids who are all potential Questers in this world, recruited by the YHA (The Young Hero’s Association) to join their cause and go out on hero’s journeys specific to their own interests. But not every kid can be a hero, some people’s hearts just aren’t in it, no matter how badly they may want it, and this will cause conflict in the story.

That’s not the case for Milo, however, a good natured but free-willed individual whose ambition sets them on a tunnel-vision path towards their goal, ignoring danger, the odds, and difficulty level. They’re obsessed with space exploration, and they’ve wanted to get up there since they were little. When they hear about a mysterious person known as the Questmaster visiting their town they’re ecstatic. The space-quest page on his website peaked their star-bound interest, and this quest opportunity is also a great way for Milo to spend time with their dad, who is a rather famous doctor in the area and often away. However, while he’s on board to spend time with his kid, this whole quest show has him suspicious there’s more going on.

The pilot episode centers around both setting the story in motion and having the father and child overcome adversity strengthening their bond.

As of right now I’m only asking for volunteer work. This is because Wayward is being funded directly out of my pocket, and made with help from friends. If the pilot is successful I will open a patreon to crowdfund the production of the rest of the planned episodes. I am committed to making this any way I can, regardless of finances, and I’d like to have something to show for our efforts first.

Onto the point of this post: Voice Acting.

I would like you to have your own equipment. I understand asking for volunteers is a big request already so don’t go out of your way. So long as it’s clean and clear, it’ll do just fine (Snowball and Blue microphones are pretty good for an inexpensive choice). Below is a list of main characters and bg characters I need for this episode. I should note Milo themself doesn’t talk. Think of them as your silent protagonist, though they aren’t mute. They’re deaf, so they do still have a voice, but I’m putting them at low priority since they technically have no lines.

A lot of the characters are POC, so if you’re a person of colour yourself, please try out! I’m not myself so even if you end up not doing that I would value your input if something seems wrong or if you notice room for improvement. 

Character ages are included for reference, but your own age doesn’t need to match them.

Info on characters and trying out below the cut:

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When the world fell magic replaced technology. In between massive cities controlled by a magical nobility and tiny villages where the old magic rules are wastelands of desert controlled only by the strong. Annie Oakley is a null, a person born without the ability to manipulate magic at all and an aura which breaks down magic used against her. Stolen as a child to protect her from execution at the hands of those who fear her kind’s ability to nullify their magic Annie once worked as a Revolver, a null who uses dead technology to kill and maim for a price. Now having left the organization which trained her, protected her, and contracted her out for a price Annie drifts from town to town in her Ford taking any contract she can get to keep her in gas and cigarettes, all while trying to avoid her former partner Jessie James and his attempts to re-recruit her for The Null. When an old friend calls for help finding a lost kid Annie takes up the cause and ends up finding herself lost in the ancient city of Yen, a magi-tech metropolis which is controlled by an all-seeing Goddess Tyche and ruled by a corrupt noble court. With the help of her companion DOG (the mutant dog) Annie races against time to save a child’s life all while trying to dodge a mysterious force which wishes her dead.

We are currently casting for Revolver. The audition window is open for a long time due to the importance of finding actors that fit the roles. Please feel free to contact us with questions.

Revolver auditions cover 7 characters so far, although there will be more released. Roles include parts for actors of Jewish heritage, actors who are Southeast Asian, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, and First Nations.



My Overwatch Fancasting
(not yet complete)

So I’ve been cruising along doing this fancast when I hit a snag by watching Powerless last night and seeing Gerrard Lobo on it and realizing “I’ve seen him on Master of None” and then my brain went “what if he was McCree” and it won’t shut up!!!!

Imagine him as an Indian/Pakistani kid who is recruited from a drama class by Vishkar and sent to SW to infiltrate gangs in community. (All the Southern mannerism & western dress is an act!)

He takes initiative and joins Overwatch when it shuts down his Deadlock gang.

McCree deliberately became close to Genji because he is a Shimada and Vishkar are trying to gain influence in Japan.

McCree setting explosion (or maybe just not warning about explosion) in Swiss HQ because Morrison being taken out would have increased Vishkar influence in Overwatch. (He is actually upset about death of Reyes with whom he has grown close.)

When Lucio joins OW recall, McCree is very friendly but he is also feeding information to Vishkar that sabotages Lucio’s efforts in Brazil.

Symmetra, McCree is very cautious about getting close to because he isn’t 100% sure she won’t make him (she shouldn’t have had clearance high enough to know about his involvement but..). His reticence is dismissed as mild paranoia over Vishkar having a bounty on him.

Hanzo joining OW recall could start out business as usual and be a catalyst for change in McCree’s POV (what is Vishkar actually doing to help him, after all).

Someone requested a sickfic of Tony and Peter (I’m really sorry, I totally forgot your url, BUT I remembered your request). I decided to just bust it out because I’m bored and don’t want to practice or do physical therapy or boring things like that.
Title: “Can I Get a Blanket Over Here?”
Word Count: 1672


That’s the only word Peter really had for this occasion, and he briefly thought that he needed to expand his vocabulary.

And then he remembered that he has MJ for that.

He coughed, and the feeling of utter disgust returned. Ugh was certainly the perfect word to describe the situation.

His chest was congested, and he could feel the phlegm that built up. His nose was stuffed up and red from many attempts at blowing some snot out. His head was pounding, his face was warm, and he was freezing.

“How are you doing, loser?”

He looked up through bleary eyes, watching as MJ settled in the seat facing him.

He really tried to think of a wisecrack, but his head just wasn’t doing much for him right now. “I’m surviving.”

MJ glared at him, the book in her hands still unopened. “Really, Hamlet?”

Peter just shrugged. “Whose idea was it to send kids to a small, confined space in the middle of winter, anyway?”

She turned to her book. “Ask the government.”

“That’s not helpful.”

She smirked, not bothering to respond to his comment.

Flu season was his least favorite time of year. He may be Spiderman, but none of his special capabilities that came from the spider bite transferred to his immune system. At least, not when it came to a simple bug that would be gone within a week.

Ugh. He felt like crap.

“At least Flash isn’t here,” MJ remarked off-handedly, not looking up from…whatever it was she was reading.

Peter hummed in response.

“You got the Stark Internship today?”

Peter nodded. His headache had increased in intensity and exhaustion had settled in. Maybe it hadn’t been a good idea to patrol the city yesterday.

Or the day before that.

Or even the day before that.

Or the past week, really.

He felt utterly weak, and every inch of his body ached.

“Don’t give me the flu.”

Peter nodded again, fighting to keep his eyes open. He pulled his jacket closer to his body and coughed, wincing at the onset of pain.

Michelle looked up sharply, watching him with a careful eye. “You should go home.”

Peter waved away her words as he gave into a coughing fit, tears springing into his eyes at the pain spreading across his chest and the severity of his coughs.

Okay, well maybe he wasn’t convincing, but if he went home, he would have to give superheroing a break, and, well…he wasn’t that sick.

As he doubled over, hacking, desperately trying to suck in a breath, he thought maybe Michelle was right.

Someone shoved a water bottle at him, and he grabbed it quickly, drinking around the hotness in his throat. The cool water soothed his inflamed throat, and he gasped once he had his fill.

MJ stood before him, her mouth set in a straight line and her eyebrows furrowed. “You really should go home, Peter.”

He shook his head. “No,” he said, internally cringing at his raspy voice. She shifted awkwardly, avoiding eye contact.

“Then you should eat something.”

He shook his head again, straightening and turning back to the table. “I don’t think I can hold it down.”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re gonna kill yourself if you don’t get checked out, Peter.”

He shrugged. “Yeah, well…what else is new?”

The rest of the day was relatively difficult. He refused to go to the nurse, despite the pounding in his head. He felt colder than he had earlier, and he knew it probably would be a great idea to call Mr. Stark and tell him that he would need to take a sick day.

But he wasn’t planning on it.

Home was starting to sound more and more appealing, and the mere idea of taking a sick day sounded fantastic.

He still wasn’t planning on it, though.

The final bell rang, and he shuffled out of school, silently cursing Ned for staying home today. He tried to recall how much homework he would have to get done before tomorrow, but MJ came up next to him.

“Tomorrow’s Saturday, and we have a long weekend, dumbass.”

Right. Dumbass, right.

Wait, what?

He shook the fog from his head, nodding a thank you to Michelle before leaving the campus. Long weekend, Saturday, minimal homework…

Oh shit.

He just remembered that he was staying at the Stark Tower for the weekend, at Aunt May’s request for a romantic weekend with her new boyfriend.

He rolled his neck. “Shit,” he whispered to no one in particular.

Maybe he could just sleep once he got there. Or take a hot shower. Or sleep in the shower.

He arrived at the tower, not recalling any part of the trip it took him to get there. He shrugged, licking his chapped lips.

Come to think of it, a hot shower sounded fantastic.

He exited the elevator, making his way to the room Tony had designated as his.

“Kid, you look like death.”

Peter turned sharply, wincing at the pain it added to his headache. Tony’s brow creased, and he walked over to Peter. He pressed the back of his hand to Peter’s forehead.

“Good God, how long have you been sick?”

Peter opened his mouth to answer, vaguely aware of how thick and dry his tongue felt. “Um.” He gestured with his hands, and Tony raised his eyebrows. “Uh…”

“F.R.I.D.A.Y., what’s Peter’s temperature?”

“104.6, boss.”

“Shit.” Tony’s voice echoed Peter’s thoughts. “You were at school with that high of a fever?”

Peter shrugged.

“Bed. Now.”

Peter nodded, sluggishly trudging to his room. “Mr. Stark?” he called, his voice weak. “Did May drop off my clothes?”

Tony nodded. “Yeah, kid. Why don’t you change, and I’ll be there in a minute to take care of you?”

Peter nodded again, resuming the walk towards his room. He found a duffel bag on his bed, and he opened it up to find the Hello Kitty pajama pants and a shirt that was too big for him. “She must have known that I was sick,” he muttered, quickly changing into the pajamas.

He tossed his duffel to the other side of the room and settled on his bed.

Tony knocked on the doorframe, holding a bowl of water in one hand and a washcloth in the other. His face was grim.

Peter sat up straighter, taking notice of the achiness in his bones.

“You been out patrolling?” Tony’s voice was tight, and he pulled up a chair to the side of Peter’s bed.

Peter knew it was a trick question, but seeing as how he was the world’s worst liar, he decided to just go with the truth. “Yep.”

“While you felt like crap?” Tony dropped the cloth in the bowl, letting it soak up the water.

Peter winced. “Yeah.”

Tony shook his head. “You know, for a genius kid, you can be really stupid sometimes.” Peter opened his mouth to protest. “Lie down.”

Peter did as he was told. “I’m not stupid, Mr. Stark.” His voice sounded small, and he caught the quick flash of concern that flashed in Tony’s eyes.

“Really, kid?” Tony glanced at Peter as he wrung some excess water from the washcloth, leaning over to press it against Peter’s forehead. “What’s your pulse at?”

“Um, well, I have an elevated pulse because of, you know, the whole spider bite thing –”

“It’s at 180 bpm.”

Okay. That wasn’t good.

“What do you think you have, Pete?” Tony pressed his back against the chair, crossing his arms.

Peter squeezed his eyes shut. “Flu?” he guessed.

“Wrong. You show all the symptoms of pneumonia, which – guess what? – is far more serious.” Tony’s eyes practically spit fire, and judging by his somewhat labored breathing, he was struggling not to yell at Peter.

Peter looked away. “You’re mad.”

“No, I’m fucking pissed. You’ve been overworking yourself since I recruited you, only God knows how many times you almost fucking died, you’ve let homework and extracurriculars slip, and to top all that shit off, you don’t take a break when you need one! Yes, I am pissed.”

Peter took a moment to respond, tears blurring his vision. “I’m sorry, Mr. Stark.”

Tony sighed. “It scares me, you know. It scares me when I see you get in over your head. It scares me when I see you throw away – or try to, for that matter – your chance at being a kid.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Stark,” he repeated.

“You’re too young to die, son.”

Peter almost rolled his eyes at the sentiment, but when he looked at Tony, worry was the only thing he could see.

“I don’t think pneumonia is going to kill me, Mr. Stark.”

Tony crossed his legs as he shook his head. “Probably not by itself. But combine that with your heroing and a couple of jackasses who have no qualms about killing, and you very well could be killed.”

Peter pursed his lips and nodded, processing Tony’s words through the pounding in his head. “Sorry –”

“God, kid, if you say ‘sorry, Mr. Stark’ one more time, I’m 98% sure I’m actually going to scream.”

Peter laughed.

“Like, I am slowly starting to be convinced that is my actual name.” Tony was smiling, and it was nice to know that he wasn’t in (a lot of) trouble. He reached out and squeezed Peter’s shoulder. “Get some rest. Happy is making a trip for some medicine.”

Peter smirked. “Bet he’s happy about that.”

Tony quirked an eyebrow as he stood, placing the chair back in its original position. “Was that a pun, kid?”


Tony smiled, softer this time, and patted Peter’s knee. “Get well soon.”

Peter was surprised at how quickly sleep was dragging him into unconsciousness. “Thanks, Dad,” he slurred.

The bed was soft and the pillow was just right and the blankets were warm and his father figure was smiling at him, just as proud as he’d always been.

Maybe he was home.
The ultimate Flash/Legends of Tomorrow Fix-it for Leonard Snart

Len wakes up with a start. He’s in his bed, in a safehouse he remembers but hasn’t used in months. In fact, the last thing he remembers had nothing to do with a safehouse or Central City. He’d been standing before the Oculus ready to blow up with the Time Masters. Was this Heaven? Likely somewhere else…

But as Len gets up to solve the mystery, nothing about this feels like the afterlife. He knows where he is but not when, so while he first considers calling Lisa or Mick, he’s conflicted, and maybe against his better judgment, grabs his cold gun and a simpler outfit closer to his Legends gear, gets on his bike, and heads to STAR Labs.

When he arrives, Team Flash is outside around back, gathered with Snow and someone Len isn’t sure he recognizes from far away. He expects the rest of the crew to be less than thrilled to see him, but considering he and Barry shook hands the last time they parted ways, he’s surprised that a zip of lightning suddenly has Barry gripping him by the front of his jacket.  

Definitely not the present, or at least not the present Barry was from when he recruited Len’s help. Len wasn’t stupid, he knew Barry was from the future compared to him. Now he knew why. Barry must have known how Len’s story would end, but instead of being angry at that, Len thinks he gets it. He doesn’t want to lose what that moment meant either.

“What are you doing here, Snart?” this Barry demands. “I can’t believe you’d even show your face after what you did.”

“Can you be a little more specific?”

Barry snarls but Len isn’t trying to be snarky. “You let all those meta humans go.”

Ferris Air. Shit.

But Barry, being the naïve kid that he is, sets Len down when he doesn’t fight back, and Len makes a grand show of reaching slowly for his cold gun only to hand it over to Barry just like he had at Argus—and before then with his father.

“I’ll talk. You listen. And when I’m done, I promise you will hand that back to me willingly.”

Barry stares, amazed but skeptical. Several of the other faces look downright angry. But Len knows he’s right, because a couple of those faces are Ronnie Raymond and Eddie Thawne. And although he’s new to this whole hero business, he can’t help thinking that if he plays his cards right, he can save them—he can save everyone.

Maybe even himself.

(I’ve had this idea haunting me for a while…)

Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Ch 12- Debut

(AN/ Hey Folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceartais. Thank you to everyone who liked, followed, faved, reblogged and reviewed the last update. As always a big shout out to the soc development team who helped create this chapter and a massive cheers to @australiancroissant who beta read this chapter. Anyway folks we have a discord server but for some reason I can’t put a link on the story page so come to my tumblr page; Crewefox and type in discord to find out more details. Anyway without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 12- Debut

Three weeks of solid combat training by two of the most infamous vigilantes ever, is as hellish as it sounds. Every afternoon at 3.30PM, the recruits would arrive at the bunker for four hours of intense training and on each day, Marian and Robin senior would dare the kids to quit…But none of them did, despite all the sprains, cuts and bruises. However, these training sessions were not just for putting the teen heroes through physical hell; for the three that had powers, Luna and Olivia had been running tests on them to see what exactly their powers did and how far they could push them.

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Voltron Hogwarts AU headcannons

I’d put:

Keith in Griffindor, Lance in Slytherin, Shiro and Hunk in Hufflepuff, and Pidge in Ravenclaw

I’ve expounded on my reasons for this in a huge as essay here if you’re curious as to why I’d sort them like this, I actually thought about it a lot. lol

So here goes:

  • I sort of love the idea of Hunk and Lance being unlikely best friends, like meeting on the train, not knowing where they’re going to be sorted, getting put in diametrically opposite houses, and still being best friends anyway. Like Lance will just go eat at the Hufflepuff table with Hunk and cause being adaptable is his thing he’s just able to fit in where ever. 

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When the world fell magic replaced technology. In between massive cities controlled by a magical nobility and tiny villages where the old magic rules are wastelands of desert controlled only by the strong. Annie Oakley is a null, a person born without the ability to manipulate magic at all and an aura which breaks down magic used against her. Stolen as a child to protect her from execution at the hands of those who fear her kind’s ability to nullify their magic Annie once worked as a Revolver, a null who uses dead technology to kill and maim for a price. Now having left the organization which trained her, protected her, and contracted her out for a price Annie drifts from town to town in her Ford taking any contract she can get to keep her in gas and cigarettes, all while trying to avoid her former partner Jessie James and his attempts to re-recruit her for The Null. When an old friend calls for help finding a lost kid Annie takes up the cause and ends up finding herself lost in the ancient city of Yen, a magi-tech metropolis which is controlled by an all-seeing Goddess Tyche and ruled by a corrupt noble court. With the help of her companion DOG (the mutant dog) Annie races against time to save a child’s life all while trying to dodge a mysterious force which wishes her dead.

We are currently casting for Revolver. The audition window is open for a long time due to the importance of finding actors that fit the roles. Please feel free to contact us with questions.

Revolver auditions cover 7 characters so far, although there will be more released. 

Audition rules have been changed since the last time this was posted. If you have already auditioned, you may audition again, but we still have your e-mails.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 04

First things first: did Gook-do’s girlfriend lie to him about being out of town? And went to meet his childhood friend? Seriously? What is she thinking? She’s so ending up in the killer’s kidnapping list.

Which takes me to the mystery at hand: today I can safely say that the killer is not Bong-ki (didn’t really believe it for a second) nor the mafia guys tailing Bong-soon. By the way, that entire thing was hilarious and I’m dying to see how it plays out in future episodes. Are they trying to recruit her? If yes, I’m dying of laughter since she’s already the Boss in the neighborhood. Those high school kids were pretty funny too, I was lol-ing through the entire scene. And as a finishing touch, the two mobsters getting all excited about witnessing an UFO has to be the most hilarious scene of the entire episode.

By the way, how does the Mafia Boss know about Min-hyuk? Is it because they keep tabs of all important CEOs or is it regarding his father’s past? I’m more inclined for the latter and I’m sure this storyline it will comeback to us in the long run, and even will have something to do with catching the killer and Min-hyuk’s stalker, who now I believe it’s not the same person.

That’s right, methinks today we got more clues that we are dealing with two different criminals: the stalker harassing Min-hyuk and the killer kidnapping the young women. For one, the first seems to have a very detailed goal and that it’s getting Min-hyuk out of the family business. In this case, I have to assume it’s indeed one of his older brothers trying to get the company for themselves. What other reason could it be to do all this?

The second criminal also has a plan but it has nothing to do with Min-hyuk or a business, he’s just a crazy man harming random people he feels attracted to.

Also, today we got to see Bong-soon have a change of attitude towards Gook-do. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still crushing on him but now she’s getting fed up of his rants and also making unflattering and unexcited faces when she sees his name on the caller ID. What a difference from the first episode!

I liked it when we can see the friendship between Gook-do and Bong-soon, it makes me understand why she likes him despite his cold attitude. Gook-do is all business, most of the time, and it’s makes him a pain but also someone to admire since he is honest and hardworking. The scene where they are talking outside her house made me see more into their relationship, and I think he honestly doesn’t know about her crush because he wouldn’t be this way otherwise. He cares too much and he has demonstrated it by being all up her business and giving her advice on how to avoid dangerous situations.

The thing is Gook-do is convinced Bong-soon is some sort of delicate flower so in a way, despite of being together for so many years, he doesn’t really know her. I’m looking forward for him to find out the truth about her powers, although I admit is pretty hilarious how oblivious he is to what’s under his nose.

It was also nice to see a more vulnerable side of Bong-soon since she is always wearing a tough attitude, but watching her crying her eyes out at the movie theatre, getting drunk and dancing to forget her worries was not only hilarious but also a different person. But we also got to see her cool side, a là Kevin Costner, and also her more feminine and sensitive side when she was taking care of Min-hyuk, who noticed every single thing about our leading lady.

If Min-hyuk was smitten before, after today he’s a goner. Watching him tear up in front of that breakfast made me want to cry, imagining how long must have been since he had a proper meal. One that he can appreciate and from someone he cares about.

We already knew that after his mother’s death, he was isolated and didn’t get along with his older brothers; but what was shown to us today was straight up bullying. How many years did he have to endure it? What’s more, now he chooses to make a closet the door to his safe place because it’s a way to battle his demons face on. And in that door the painting of the woman who saved his life many years ago. Hasn’t he made the connection that Bong-soon and the woman are one and the same? I wonder how will he react when he realizes…

Bong-soon and Min-hyuk had a lot of development, although small and slow, they are not in the same place as before. Min-hyuk is definitely interested in more than just a professional relationship now, just look at him talking all sweetly and like an Oppa on the phone the morning after they went out. And while Bong-soon remains unimpressed, I’m starting to see her care more for him with each episode. So darn cute, guys. See ya at the wedding!

You know who else notices things? Kyung-shim, who accurately points out Min-hyuk isn’t gay at all. Yes, girl, you are right. Also, can I point out that Bong-soon’s bestie is awesome and endearing, and that Bong-ki seems to have thing for her? Or am I imagining things? Yes? No? I mean, I think they are pretty cute together and have an easy going relationship. I ship it.

Another week of two good, solid episodes of Strong Woman Do Bong-soon and I’m officially hooked. Looking forward to more clues about the crimes and character development next week!

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Across the Universes (Harry Wells x Reader)

Rating: T

Summary: In a world where you are a mutant recruiting students for Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, an unexpected turn finds you in a whole other universe…

A/N: ~2850 words. In the beginning, the story takes place sometime after First Class, as Charles first gets his school up and running.

This boy is unstable.

You hated it when they were unstable, but it was apart of your job. Charles expected you and the others to follow through. Recruitments for his school mean everything to him. Saving these kids from society and themselves rested on your colleague’s shoulders. Bless him and his grand altruistic schemes.

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Fury trying to recruit the Power Rangers in a team up with the remains of his Avengers and these kids are just like

“it doesn’t concern the Crystal, so therefore we don’t give a shit”

eventually the Crystal is threatened, and during the battle plans Captain America trying to dish out orders and they just blank stare him through their disturbing masks not moving fucking INCH because no, we barely take orders from Zordon let alone you. Jason “I don’t speak for the others” Scott kindly asking Steve to with all due respect, piss off.

and Thor fucking bows to them, even Loki’s reverent, which oh okay that’s a little weird, but apparently Power Rangers are to Asgardians and other aliens races what deities are to devout Humans so…

Peter hanging out with kids his own age who’re also super powered and have to deal with the troubles of balancing superheroism with school

( Tony pays for Mrs. Taylor’s medical fees and doesn’t say anything, Zack just gets home after the battle and there’s a letter saying everything’s been anonymously taken care of and breaks down crying in relief )

anonymous asked:

Tell about your friends? (how they differ from original or headcanons about them)

“This is ann She’s the best girl in school (she keeps saying shiho but she doesnt even go here anymore but I respect that) Everyone Didn’t like her and thought she was waaaay too flashy And seducing that ass wipe. Her nails area a killer as she gets them done every 2 or 1 week. Honestly though I have no idea how she keeps those things intact during the metaverse. She isnt afraid to tell a guy to fuck off in the middle of class ESPECIALLY if they try to hit on her now that they know the shit eater is out of the way. If it where not for School rules (and makoto) she would probs be wearing full on make up aside from her usual baby blue eyeliner and Lipstick Girl can work it. She basically keeps our group in line For now Along with the new recruit Makoto Though she acts more like that teenage mom who hands their kids a 20 and hopes they dont Spend it all on fidget spinners”

“My best (human) friend he risked his life for me even tho he didn’t know me I guess he thought I was some scared little kid Oh but I showed him wrong! Hes Loud and noisy likes to gather crowds of people towards him to do Stunts and stuff! I think Its pretty cool. His combat boots look like they hurt but he says my Heels look even worse to him. hes pretty Muscular too I mean he hasnt worked out in almost a year and yet he retains a lot of muscle! even now its kinda……. Hard not to stare! As for his eyebrow things thats for another story Ann used to do them but too thick so now he just Does a quick check in mirrors and a pencil liner smh cant man up to ask me. He is always concidererate of his mother and our team often bringing Some food his mom made for us! Boosts up the Sp with motherly love”

“HE ISNT FAIR I mean How dare he say such romantic Things and not even know it does he even know what hes doing???? everything that comes out of his mouth is like a freaking novel. He’s still uncomfortable to wear his normal clothing with us but he still looks really good in it. His “Normal people” clothing is still kinda //// well not normal. HE HAS NO FASHION SENSE UNLESS ITS TRADITIONAL STYLE SMH Though he does Help Ann design new styles TO wear every now and then They cleared up the whole Nude Modeling thing Even tho he still brings it up as a joke every now and then He likes cold environments as its easier on him to dress in is usual style (he has layers of them) Suave mother ********** please notice me”

“Ah makoto Still hiding your true colours I see……. Tho she is a new recruit she still doesn’t seem very trusting of us. I mean she DID blackmail us all you just don’t let things like that go ya know… But I’m sure she’s going through a difficult time I mean the poor girl Did blow up in Kaneshiro’s Bank Let’s let her adjust to us in the meantime and see if she becomes more comfortable at the current time. She IS definitely a valuable asset to the team as she is well verse in fighting close ranged combat. She can analyze enemies Quicker than I can at times. Shes an all around Battle type which lets Morgana take a breather in healing. Shes cool but She needs to learn to trust us and We to her we wont judge”

More thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming (spoilers, too)...

OK - so, sheer speculation and SPOILERS (for Spidey Homecoming) ahead:

I have to wonder…why was Tony in India, of all places? Just because it looked cool and like it was on the other side of the world onscreen?  It looks like he was at some swanky soiree for a local ruler or wealthy friend in the Bollywood business, but…  

Inquiring minds wonder if maaayybe he went to India to try to look for peace and healing, in the wake of Civil War, in some yogi’s meditation ashram.

Like the Beatles did in the wake of their crazy popularity.

Because otherwise why India? Maybe Tony will find some centering and become all inwardly calm (I’m trying to recall – is it the World War Hulk comics where his office is so Zen and spare and clean, with minimal Japanese art and a few Samurai artifacts on the wall…?)??

(Or at least as inwardly calm and Zen as Tony Stark can humanly be; in other words, probably not very…)

Anyway - maybe (and probably) I’m reading way too much into that scene. But – fan fic could pick up on this. Maybe Tony goes to an ashram to just help get his head straight after the trauma of clashing with his friends and losing Pepper, and it helps him at least a little on the road to healing.

So getting into more stuff and thoughts…

Of course mentoring Peter from near and far helps heal TONY too – because he NEVER stops watching over him, which is a little obsessive (like everything Tony does) but way more endearing and dad-like.  Because when all is said and done, Peter is too much like Tony Stark for Tony to just let him muddle through alone – Tony KNOWS that call and the irresistible impetus to heroism and doing the right thing.  He knows Peter will NEVER resist it and is already a hero, because THAT’S WHAT HEROES DO – he’s one of the rare few that not only have the calling, but the powers and ability to serve mankind as a hero. Peter will never stop being Spider-Man, no matter what Tony does – because “if you can do the things I can do, and you don’t – and then bad things happen – it’s on you.” So Tony does the only thing he can do: he trains and protects this young padawan and brings him along, because if you’re going to be a hero and get into hugely dangerous situations anyway, you might as well be trained by someone who’s been through that wringer and is sadder but wiser because of it.

That’s basically why I remain untroubled by the whole “ooh Tony Stark is still recruiting a kid into ridiculously high-stakes danger” argument. PETER WOULD DO THAT ANYWAY. Tony Stark or not. Tony may have been a tad irresponsible recruiting the kid for the airport confrontation in Berlin, but A. it wasn’t supposed to be a battle, just a talk with erstwhile friends, and B. Peter was there for a specific purpose, to “web ‘em up” and take them down without hurting them in CASE things went south. Tony couldn’t much have predicted the response from Team Cap and the extreme violence of their objections – who would have thought friends could raise the Defcon level from 2 to a damn million in two minutes flat?  But. Tony is not “recruiting” Peter in “Homecoming.” He’s working with this kid who just WON’T STOP, who’s extremely adept at pulling the wool over his aunt-guardians eyes all on his own, who Tony sees enough of himself in that he KNOWS the kid won’t quit.

And when the final “Homecoming” battle happens, Peter does a very Tony-like thing in actually saving (successfully, unlike Tony…)  the guy who’s been trying to kill him – because under all of Tony’s and Peter’s glib quips and attempts to distract and attempts to cheekily misdirect your attention, the audience knows (or should know) what they’re really all about, which is heart and determination, courage and compassion.

And that’s Test 1. That’s when Tony both knows Peter’s utter goodness of soul and also knows this infuriating, amazing kid won’t stop even when he’s being shot through jet engines and riding a crashing airplane to the ground. That’s when Tony starts thinking hey, maybe Peter WOULD be safer and better trained as an Avenger, because sure as heck it doesn’t work to plant a training program in his suit, so let’s give that a try – because he needs me, he needs training and protection if he’s going to be in this hero business. Bringing him into the Avengers Compound is simply Tony’s latest effort to protect and keep an eye on Peter, I think – because, as he actually said, if anything happens to Peter now, he can’t have that on his conscience. I think it would literally kill Tony at this point.

And then, Peter turns it all down - the dream. And that’s Test 2.

Tony probably didn’t know it was a test at that point, but it was. It’s another reminder that this kid is the real thing, and it impresses the heck out of Tony, because he knows this was Peter’s desire. But - in all of that turmoil and the serious violence of the battles with Vulture and his crew, Peter learned what Tony knows: it’s not a safe world out there. There are smiling neighborhood people who literally want to kill you, behind their smiles. There’s no telling where the next danger will come from – the sky, or someone you know. Maybe Peter is NOT quite ready to come to grips with all of that – maybe in a year or two. It’s a very self-aware, adult decision that Peter makes. I think it genuinely surprises Tony and then it warms Tony’s heart, because knowin him and his self-doubt, he probably wonders if HE would have made the same decision, at the same age, given the same circumstances.

And of course all of this will be absolutely moot when Thanos threatens the Earth and all its inhabitants. I love how this movie infinitely raised the stakes of love and the homefront for Tony, who’d basically had EVERYTHING taken away from him in Civil War and now has, well, two things he can’t live without. A family, including a Spidey son. You can bet Tony will be keeping his eye on Peter, even if the shiny new suit is all he can do to protect him now. And when that “something worse is coming,” as it inevitably will, it will be ALL heroes on deck, teenager or not. They ALL will be called to try to defeat the threat, and the boundaries of Peter’s “neighborhood” will suddenly become much, much larger and immeasurably more dangerous.

Anyway - my 2 cents’ worth. Sorry that was so long.