trying to read them all over again


“Is there anything else you like about me Yuuri?” he joked as he set Yuuri gently down on the bed, unwinding the other man’s arms from around his neck and trying to make sure that Yuuri wasn’t going to roll straight off the moment he let go. As soon as his arms were free Yuuri reached up again, not wrapping them around Viktor’s neck this time but cupping his cheeks, running his thumbs over the skin there and staring up at Viktor, gaze intense.

“Your eyes.” he said, the words slurred but clearly audible all the same. “You have…pretty eyes.” Viktor nearly tripped over the bed in surprise but Yuuri didn’t seem to notice. “I’ve always liked your eyes…”

I read chapter two of the brilliant @kazliin’s Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts and as always it destroyed me, especially finding out what really happened at the Olympics. Couldn’t help but try and draw a quick something for it. ;;;; Bless you for this brilliant fic. ♥

What to do when you’re stuck with a lazy group? I’m with two guys and we still haven’t chosen a topic. We have to present in two weeks. Nobody replies to my messages and both left after class this week. I just wanted to choose a topic and leave!!!! So I booked a study room today and they all made excuses. Ugh. I’m gonna be the one who’s doing all the work. This is worth 40% of our grade. Same as the exam. FML

Hi there, thank you for asking, as this is a super common problem in high school, university and the workplace! I’ve never seen this question answered in depth on studyblr, so I’ll give it a go! 

NB. It depends on your personality as to the approach you want to take, so let everyone who’s reading this not pass judgement upon others in such a situation~ Remember in all of this to be polite, understanding and gracious no matter how much you want to flip tables. The following 5 Options go in order of how many bridges you want to burn :’)

Option 0. Wait for a bit longer and try communicating with them again.

I have seen a similar question asked once on tumblr where the studyblr blogger answered “two weeks is plenty of time, you’re probably over-reacting”… Obviously, I’m not going to trivialise your answer by giving you just one option like that - I frankly thought that studyblr was quite rude for answering so shortly to someone who took the time to ask them a question.

How to do it: The way you communicate with them now might not be effective, so make sure that you’re ticking off the following boxes if you choose this option, rather than just letting nothing change: meeting face to face, setting mini-deadlines for each part instead of just allocating once at the beginning, and make sure each member knows what and when they have to complete something.

This option is best suited for people who:

  • really don’t want to create a commotion and would rather wait a little longer and reduce the time available for them to do the project,
  • or people who would answer ‘Strongly Disagree’ to “Being organized is more important to you than being adaptable“ and “In a discussion, truth should be more important than people’s sensitivities.” in a personality quiz (a strong prognostic factor for Option 1 tbh),
  • or people who know they can tackle everything in less than 1 week,
  • or people who just realised/kind of know they’re actually overreacting,
  • or have just realised whilst reading this that maybe they didn’t actually try contacting the other group members all that well (i.e. don’t have enough evidence for Option 3).


  • Nobody gets angry at anyone, and it doesn’t reflect badly on you either (because no one finds out if you don’t say anything - people tend to be judgemental if you pick one of the three options below).
  • Less stressful for some people than confrontation.
  • You might get eventual cooperation.


  • You might not get eventual cooperation, and end up being stuck with all the work anyway (hence resulting in options below).
  • More stressful for other people as you feel time is ticking away and nothing is changing.
  • The time you spend waiting for the others will result in less time for you to tackle all the actual work.

Pro-tip: doing as much individual work as possible sometimes will egg those team members to finally start pulling their weight, or can help you with Option 3 if you do end up going for it.

Option 1. You make all the decisions and do all the work.

Best suited for people who: are academically gifted, like doing work independently, have excellent time management skills.


  • You can ensure the quality of the work will be excellent.
  • You get to choose what topic to do and direct the overall project turnout.
  • No one hates you for anything, but NB. your friends and family relationships that suffer as a result of the time you have to sacrifice might not have anything pleasant to say about it all.


  • You need an extraordinary amount of time.
  • The other people in the group get a free ride and in nastier words, some would say you get taken advantage of for your goodwill.
  • Lack of group opinion may make the quality of your work suffer.
  • Other subjects you’re taking may suffer.

Option 2. Badger the other group members until they do some work.

Best suited for people who: don’t want to be stuck with Option 1, but don’t want to escalate to Option 3. Give them an ultimatum about the work, or just decide the topic by yourself if they don’t step up.


  • Very similar to Option 0 in that you wait a bit longer before taking drastic action, so you might get eventual cooperation, and you don’t bother your professor.


  • You stress yourself out badgering other people.
  • Other group members get annoyed at you, and your classmates that happen to watch you badgering have a not-so-great impression of you.

Option 3. Document a significant amount of evidence that shows your effort to get them to contribute and contact the professor about it.

Best suited for people who: would like to do things independently but just cannot afford the time because of other commitments.


  • Professor can step in and (hopefully) offer some sort of alternative solution.
  • Your other subjects won’t suffer.
  • Sometimes you have a really great professor and they end up taking into account that you’ve done the project by yourself and mark super nicely/give a bonus mark, or even penalise the other students.


  • Professor may snuff you and say “the purpose of this project is also to learn about team cooperation”. Had a prof before who told us straight up at the beginning of the project that “you work it out, not me”
  • Professor may help you out, but in a way that doesn’t really end up helping e.g. he just emails the two members of your group to tell them to start working once and that’s it.
  • Other group members hate you for life (and I know this bothers some people enough not to go through with it, again pls remember no judgement fellow readers)

How to do it: Email should be along the lines of the following:

Dear Professor _______,

I am a current student undertaking [course code]. I am sorry to contact you in unfortunate circumstances, but I have been having severe difficulty convening with the other members for the remainder of the _____ project. While I am aware that group projects have a dual purpose to both educate us on the academic topic as well as to improve our cooperation and communication skills, I have tried [insert whatever means you attempted to contact them by, attaching evidence is up to you]. I have already completed the intro/background research/other individual task, however I cannot complete the ______ by myself/without group input.

I would appreciate any guidance you could offer/I would greatly appreciate your help/If it is possible, could you please [insert action depending on how desperate you are - don’t ask for anything unreasonable!]?

I apologise for having to inconvenience you, and thank you for your understanding on the matter.

Kind regards,

[Name and student number]

Option 4. You do all the work and then leave their names off the work.

Best suited for people who: work independently, don’t mind burning a few bridges. I won’t actually recommend this option, but I’ve seen this happen in real life.


  • Sense of self-satisfaction for some people when the lazy members don’t get a free ride.
  • Again, you make sure the project quality is exactly what you want.


  • Similar to Option 1 minus the free ride bit.
  • Not only do the other group members hate you, but their friends in your cohort will too. At least in Option 3, those guys can’t try and gossip behind your backs because whoever they tell will realise that they didn’t do the right thing either.
  • Do this at your own risk, as it can backfire depending on the professor - if anyone’s watched Cheese in the Trap - the main character does all the work but the professor managed to suss out that the other group members didn’t do anything, and as a result penalised her with a D grade for failing to make it “group” work despite the fact she would’ve gotten an A. Some profs are really… they just don’t see it your way :/

Hopefully things don’t have to escalate to Option 4, but whatever you choose to take, I’ll wish you the best! I’ve given quite detailed instructions and written comprehensively, but feel free to contact me any time if you need any more help :)


Please see my #optomstudies tag or my study tips directory (web only) for the full list of study tips + see my kpop vocab lists + stationery + bujo spreads! ^_^

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Self Insert Week 2017


A year ago I read a post shitting all over self-inserts and Mary Sues, trashing them for being “poor writing” or too self-indulgent. And I thought to myself, what’s the damn harm? If you’re not trying to reshape the future of literature with self-inserts, then who the heck are you hurting? So I introduced Self Insert Week 2016 - a week where people were encouraged to shove themselves into WHATEVER fandom, to just have fun with it. Let’s do it again!


What is it?

Just a fun reason to make ourselves into the awesome characters we daydream up while going about our normal lives! Through the week people will be encouraged to post self-insert fic and fanart under the tag “Self Insert Week 2017.” The only rule is that you’re the main character!

When is it?

The week will be the second in May, May 7th - May 13th.

Do I have to sign up to participate?

Nope! Last year I got a lot of messages asking for rules or specific fandoms, and that’s not the point of this exercise. You make this week into what you want it to be; fanart, fanfics, mood boards, cosplay, whatever you want! I don’t “run” it, I’m just kicking it off (which isn’t to say you can’t reach out to me for any reason). 

Will there be a master post?

Naaaah last year so many people participated that I’d have to be nuts to commit to making one. Just tag it “Self Insert Week 2017″ and everyone can browse your work!

So sort yourself into your favorite Hogwarts house and win the House Cup! Design yourself as a sick as fuck Overwatch hero! Make yourself a rad space explorer and romance a turian! This week is for YOU, have fun!

clockwork-artifices  asked:

Hi Cassie, i just wanted to thank u for creating these wonderful books,even though sometimes i don´t totally like how some things develop(not a big fan of triads/triangles)so i'd like to ask u: When u create relationships in your books(TDA exactly) do u already know who is going to end with whom or is it something that can change through the writng process? does it change depending on the kind of reception of the readers/fans? Thx u. PS.I love Cristina, i hope she get some great scenes in LOS.

Yes, I always know who is going to end up with who(m.) So far I don’t believe I’ve ever deviated due to anything, including fan response. (Usually, there isn’t time anyway — I’m often working on the next book before fans even read the first book.) 

Relationships/love stories don’t stand outside the plot of a story. They are part of the plot of the story. Altering their outcome would mean ripping out huge chunks of the plotline. If I’d decided that Magnus and Alec weren’t going to get together and instead Alec was going to end up with Bob, a handsome Shadowhunter, in CoHF, I would have had to

1) Introduce Bob

2) Build some kind of realistic relationship between Alec and Bob

3) Rewrite the plot so Alec never went to Edom and Magnus never got kidnapped because it’s kind of depressing if Magnus gets kidnapped and no one goes to specifically rescue him, and makes Alec look like a jerk, but it is also weird if Alec goes all the way to Hell to rescue Magnus and then ends up with Bob

4) Think of a completely other plotline for Magnus that involves him making a significant contribution to the plot because Magnus is too major a character to be dismissed from the story and every major character must contribute toward the story’s outcome

5) Think of a completely different plotline for Alec because again, now he’s not going to Edom, which means he also misses out on a whole bunch of significant character-developing moments (his talk with Jace, his corrupted vision of a “perfect life”) and now will have to have them some other way.

Etc. God, I really hate Bob, I can’t be the only one?

I know who everyone ends up with in TDA because I know the outcomes of the major plotlines and the development of the characters’ arcs, and relationships — familial, platonic, and romantic — are part of that development. It’s not impossible to redirect your plotlines, but it’s really difficult — the challenge and magic of writing rests on the ability to create plausible-seeming characters in plausible-seeming situations in a plausible-seeming world, resulting in a sense of inevitability — that things could have happened no other way. Changing those plotlines means not just changing what you’re going to write in the future, but altering the meaning of what you wrote in the past (if I hadn’t intended Tessa to end up with Will, then Jem, I would have written Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince very differently. I would never have written the mizpah scene, or the balcony scene in Prince, or the scene where Jem realizes Will has paid for his yin fen.)

In writing, you aim to create something that feels seamless, where the bones of the story are invisible under the skin. Changing who ends up with who is, like I said, possible, but to me feels like I’ve been piecing together the skeleton of a pterodactyl and someone just came along and told me it’s actually an apatosaurus and I have to start all over again trying to use a bunch of wing bones to build something without wings.

* Cristina gets some great scenes in LoS.

* I may not be the person to read if you don’t like triangulated relationships, because I live for them. :)

Secret Relationships 《Microfic #15》[Nookie]

Secret relationships.

They weren’t Nate’s cup of tea, but Hunter had been insistent.

The fans were always difficult to please and it was understandable that he wanted to keep their personal relationship on the down low.

And yet, ironically enough, it was his own carelessness that got them caught.

They had been recording all day, stocking up on videos before Nate went on tour. They hadn’t ate all day either and they were both pretty exhausted.

Which led to them getting Taco Bell at almost two in the morning.

Nate yawned sleepily while Hunter read over the menu, trying to lazily decide what he wanted. The musician whined, reaching his hand out to lock their pinkies together, knowing how mental his boyfriend would get when they held hands in public.

“Dude… You’ve been reading that fucking menu for the past twenty minuets. Please hurry up…”

The brunette sighed and raked his fingers through Nate’s hair, pressing a little kiss to his neck. “Patience, Nathan… I’ve almost decided.”

Nate again whined and leaned against the larger male’s arm, sighing. “Fiiine…”

And yet, little did they know, two fans happened to be eating at the tables behind them, noting the affection the two were sharing with silent squeals and giggles.

Everyone had a feeling there was something going on between them, but now there was proof .

Needless to say, the next morning, both of their social medias were blowing up…

I think people tend to forget that fan authors get a lot of their motivation from the response that their fics receive. It’s quite important because one of the worst things as a writer is planning and working hard on an idea that you really love, posting it and receiving little to even no response. It’s like a crushing blow to how you feel as a writer and if you’re really as good as you’d like to think you are. It’s like screaming into the void where no one is listening or people hear you but they don’t bother to say something back. And you keep seeing the views go up and up but nothing else aside from those budges. It’s…really hard especially when you’ve put so much hard work into something that you’re proud of. 

Sometimes you begin losing that pride and looking at your fic as you begin to wonder if it was a bad idea. It’s horrible when the self doubt creeps in and wrangles at your throat and makes you ponder if writing is really for you. 

All I’d like to say is something that has been said multiple times but doesn’t get less important. Leave a kudos on a fic that you’ve enjoyed because trust me, it really perks up an author’s day. I actually smile when I see kudos on my work because it makes me feel like someone has heard me and has gone ‘yeah, i enjoyed this!’. Comments are fantastic and are the one thing that an author would love to see. Comments that are positive or provide constructive criticism are awesome and if you’ve read a fic that you’ve loved and you feel confident enough then leave a comment if you can. Obviously, it’s not by force but if you scream at an author about how much you’ve enjoyed reading their piece, they’re gonna scream back at you with an abundance of happiness and thanks.

 Another very important thing that I’d like to say is that you shouldn’t look at how many kudos a piece of work has. Don’t look at how many comments it holds or bookmarks or anything like that. I’ve realized that people (even myself) usually tend to look at the stats of a fic before clicking on it. I think it comes with the notion of the more kudos it has, the better the fic will be when that’s not the case in the slightest. I’ve read many fics which have a low kudos rate and they’re absolutely fantastic and it’s painful to see them not get more recognition because most people are looking for the ‘popular’ ones. That sort of mentality within fandom hurts those authors which haven’t gotten recognized. 

Of course, not all fics are going to be everyone’s tastes and I’m not saying that you should read every single fic that is on the fandom archive you’re on. At the end of the day, it’s all about preference and what equates to you as a good fic to read. But don’t hesitate to pick one of your favorite tropes/genres and just go through the tags to see what’s there. If you see a fic that intrigues you, click on it whether it’s brimming with kudos or not. Give everyone a chance within fandom to feel like their work is meaning something and is not simply being ignored by everyone else. 

I’m not a saint, I’ve been guilty of silent reading and not leaving kudos or a comment but I’ve been trying harder because I know how much it makes an author happens because damn it, it makes me so happy and makes me want to continue what I write. 

All in all, writers within fandom are wonderful and they work just as hard as authors who publish books and maybe even more. They offer their time and effort in the form of writing beautiful stories that we save to read over and over again and have even made us happier than reading an actual book. 

It’s just important to remember them and that they’re here and trying their hardest and doing something fantastic. 

It’s a simple push of a button to leave a heart, make an author’s day. 

And fuck those who say that writing fan fic isn’t real writing, get off my lawn.


Also on ao3 here.

University!style AU. Roman, Virgil, Logan and Patton all live in the same halls/dormitory.

Pre-relationship Roman/Virgil. Hurt/Comfort. Insecure Roman. Virgil helping Roman.

Content warning for: alcohol mention, homophobia, swearing.

Tagging folk interested from this post: @extremepenguin10@interstellarroadkill@jadorefreedom@flowersheep@helpimafangirlposts@imthenewproxy@isnt-that-wizard@panicitssammyanddean@serenity0092@ekkosoundspn@datonerougecookeh@intriguedslytherin@squashymoon-wink​ @thatdamfangirl12 @artidan@queensire@softbludemon@hopefullyalways@lucky-clover-cannot-hear-you@phanandothertrash@saltequeen@smiles-and-fandoms@faydedtruely @justanotherpurplebutterfly

Later, Virgil will thank fate that he had fallen asleep with his phone under his pillow. 

Now, he wakes to the sound of buzzing in his ear, and he groans, hand searching for the phone. He fumbles underneath the pillow and fishes the phone out, groaning again when he sees it’s Roman calling. He glances at the time: 2am. The after party will have been well under way, and he prepares himself for another drunken phone call.

But, when he picks up, there’s an odd stilted silence. No shouting, no singing. All Virgil can make out is Roman’s unsteady breathing, and a jolt of uneasiness has him wide awake, sitting up in bed.

“Hey. Hello? Roman?”

“Virrr…Virgil, sorry, I think- I lost my keys…sorry. Please let me in?”

There’s the usual slur to his voice (it’s well known Roman enjoys a few too many drinks after a successful theatre run), but Virgil can’t bring himself to complain. His gut is telling him something is wrong.

“Yeah, sure, no problem,” he replies quickly. He throws on his hoodie and wiggles his feet into his slippers. “I’m coming.”

He hurries downstairs, taking them two at a time. He opens up the locked front door and sees Roman standing there, shoulders hunched, swaying slightly. When he notices Virgil, his whole posture relaxes.

“Thanks,” is all he says.

Virgil nods and then, from the light of his phone, spies a glint of something silver on the ground.

“Look. You must have dropped your keys.”

Roman blinks slowly. “Oh. Yeah, I…yeah.” 

He bends down and picks them up, and Virgil’s worry increases at the sight of Roman’s shaking hands. He tightens his hoodie around himself, the night air biting, and reaches for Roman’s arm.

“Come on, let’s get inside, it’s freezing.”

They make their unsteady way up the stairs, and Virgil guides Roman into the kitchen, setting him down on a chair. He goes to the sink, and begins the usual routine after any party, filling up a glass of water.

“Okay, take it easy, you’ve just had a bit too much to drink and-”

When Virgil turns around, the bottom drops out of his stomach. Roman has one hand over his mouth, and he’s shaking with the effort of keeping his sobs silent. Virgil is reeling. This isn’t Roman at all. He’s should be happy and light, loud, boisterous, not curled in on himself and hiding.

Because Virgil is all too familiar with the act of making yourself small and quiet. This isn’t right. And, as Roman continues to tremble, Virgil realises this is a practiced effort, and his heart clenches at the thought of this happening before, and no-one being able to hear…

“Hey! Hey hey hey, Roman, what the-” 

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(disclaimer = people obviously have different opinions and different reactions to ways people text this is just a collection of general tips to help ^_^)

Starting a Text Conversation

-Keep it simple. If you write a long paragraph, it’ll show how much thought you’ve put into texting them so keep it short and sweet.

-Start with a question. This way they have something to reply to


+ ‘Hey, what you doing?’

+’Hi, how was (inserts something you know they’ve done)?’

+’Hey, I still can’t believe that (insert something you’ve both experienced, they’ve told you about or an event that everyone knows about e.g: sports result or something on the news) happened!’

+ ‘Hey, just wanted to say thanks for/ thanks again for (insert something they helped you with or something to say thanks for)’

+’Hey, what do you think of (insert something of interest maybe a film you know they’ve seen)’

Keeping the Conversation Interesting//Topics to Talk About

-Make sure the conversation is about you both. If things are one sided and focused on only what one of you likes it can get boring.

-Talk about things like new movies and music. You get to know each over better and it’s great when you find something in common

- Possibly mention travel. Most people enjoy travelling and love talking about where they’ve been and where they aim to go. Also you talking about places you’ve been makes you seem more adventurous  

-Talk about ambitions. It’s interesting to find out peoples aims and mentioning your own ambitions will make you seem… well… ambitious.

-Things youre passionate about. It’s great hearing people talk about stuff theyre really interested in in real life and its the same for over text

-Mention something you’ve noticed about them. e.g: ‘you always change your hair parting a lot’ ‘you look like you shape your eyebrows’ ‘you doodle a lot in class’ This shows that you notice small things about them and it’s a subtle hint you’re interested in them otherwise you wouldn’t notice these things

Flirty Texts (as this is a crushing blog)

-Compliments. Texting is a good opportunity to say things that you may be too shy to do face to face.

-Make your crush laugh. Maybe something with a bit of innuendo to keep things exciting.

- Avoid coming on too strong. Just in case

-Try picture what they’ll reply. Flirty texts can be difficult to reply to so try and make it easy for them.

-Teasing. Jokey insults can be effective and keep their attention

-Show you care. Be sympathetic when they’re going through something and wish them better when they feel ill.

-Play it cool. (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

general tips

-Proof read your texts before sending. You may want to rush to reply but typos can be fatal

- Try your best with spelling and grammar. You dont want to come across as too dumb to spell.

-Make sure you dont talk for too long otherwise text conversations in the future will be difficult

-End the conversation with intention to talk again soon e.g: ‘talk to you later then’ ‘I’ll text you later’ ‘text me later’

things to avoid

- Don’t over use emojis. I’d personally say none at all unless they send some and you feel the need to reciprocate it.

- If they do not reply after 2 spaced out texts, leave them alone. maybe call them if its for arrangements not just casual small talk.

-’I miss you’ texts can seem cute but you dont want to scare them off as some people can see this as being clingy and they want space

-If they ask to hang out, keep the reply short ‘sure’ ‘ok’ ,you dont want to sound overly excited otherwise then they know they have the power.

hope some of this helped ^_^ (click here for a similar post I did for conversation skills IRL) @crush–ad-vice

The Tower - Chapter 3

The Tower: An Avengers Fanfic

Chapter 3

Word Count: 2544

Warnings: Smut (M/F vaginal sex, unprotected sex)

Synopsis: Clint takes Elly to the Tower for some paperwork, and things get very real very quickly.

Author’s Note: Co-written with @emilyevanston , my sunshine.

Chapters: One / Two / Three /

Chapter 3 - The NDA

The morning Natasha left for her month long mission, I woke tangled up with her with Clint spooning me from behind, his arm draped over the both of us.  Natasha was trying to pull herself free from me.

“Natasha?”  I whispered, as she finally pulled herself free and sat up.

She leaned down and kissed me.  “Time for me to go.  Stay in bed.  Clint rarely sleeps and if you move he’ll wake.”

“You’re just going to leave me here with him?”  I asked.  I’d never woken up with someone I didn’t know at all and somehow the fact he was an Avenger didn’t set my mind at ease.

Natasha chuckled and rubbed my leg getting up and raiding the drawer she had been keeping spare clothes in.  “He’s one of the best guys you’ll ever meet.  You have less to worry about with him than you do me.”  After she pulled on some jeans she came back over and sat down on the edge of the bed while she put on her bra and t-shirt.  “Mishka, today Clint will ask you to go to the tower to sign some paperwork.  It’s a non-disclosure agreement.  We’ve reached the point where if you talk it hurts us.  It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just something we do when things get serious.”

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And then there was Merlin

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader

Requested: Yup!

Pronouns: She/Her

GIF: turonegerton

Song: ‘Raging’ by Kygo

Warnings: Swearing.

Reading time: 18 Min.

Notes: None

Summary: You’ve been working nights in the tech department of Kingsman and have a run in with Eggsy that could make things a little messy.


“You invent some kinda way to write code with your eyeballs?”

A wisp of hot breath tickled her ear. Y/N whipped her head sideways to meet it. Her face collided with the brim of Eggsy’s hat. “Oww,” She exclaimed. Her eyes squinted shut as she rubbed the bridge of her nose.

“Sorry love.” Eggsy stood behind her chair, leaning over her shoulder, his face next to hers. “You’ve been staring at that screen for 10 minutes. I wasn’t sure you were even awake.”

“I wasn’t,” Y/N muttered. She turned back to the computer, slouched down in her chair and yawned.

It had been almost two months since she started working nights in the tech department of Kingsman. She had met all the agents her first day but only ever saw Trinity, the night watch, which usually meant she could get in a good nap during her shifts.

“Don’t see you around here much.” Eggsy stood up.

“Yea, Uni keeps me pretty busy during the day,” She spoke with her eyes closed, arms folded across her chest. “But Merlin needs my help here so I find the- SHIT!” She sat up fast, eyes gaping. “What time is it?” She frantically checked the desktop for her phone and retrieved it from under a pile of papers and a half eaten banana. It was dead.

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anonymous asked:

headcannons for you and the gang spending time with each other during the summer?

summer w/ the gang!

- u guys usually go to th beach!
- darry is basically the designated driver anywhere you go
- the pack mom
- packs sunscreen and water
- steve and sodapop are the excited idiots who scrape their knees and jump and touch everything
- two is a pretty good surfer
- dally is picking up chicks
- johnny is either
a) following dal or pony
b) trying to help darry
c) or sitting on the sand awkwardly
- ponyboy is usually in the shade on his towel reading
- steve and sodapop scream and POUNCE.
- they grab him and throw him in the water
- only bc they’re holding him down
- it’s the fountain scene all over again
- hopefully johnny doesn’t stab them
- sodapop thinks he touched a jellyfish and steve INSISTS on peeing on it
- it wasn’t a jellyfish
- it was a plastic bag
- they don’t know that and soda nearly cries thanking steve for “saving his life”

you and the gang at the beach!

- johnny buys you a necklace !!!
- dally ditches these girls and drags u to get some drinks and make some people jealous
- two tries to teach you to surf
- darry makes sure u wear sunscreen and tells all the boys to keep an eye on you
- ponyboy and u collect seashells
- steve and soda tell u to swim with them
- they splash u
- u get dally in the water and they insist on a chicken fight
- steve is on sodas shoulder
- ur on dallys
- u win
- steve is honestly drowing
- when u get out of the water they give u the best towel
- steve and soda fend off any guys that come near u
- ponyboy asks u to read with him
- johnny joins too
- it was a rly good day!!!
- u also get icEcream (or whatever else u like)


Not Over You Too.

GUYS! I AM NEVER DOING A PART TWO TO ANYTHING EVER AGAIN lmao this had been one of the hardest thing I have ever wrote because I just couldn’t’ get everything to sound very smooth and I had all of these scenes and words in my head but trying to string them together beautifully had been a challenge.

This is back due to popular demand (lol, not really – you guys asked and initially, I wasn’t going to write a part two and this could probably be read as a stand-alone aka you don’t need to read part one to understand) and I honestly, hope you will enjoy this because this is over 2k words of I’m not sure what I was feeling when I was writing this! 

Thank you so much for your warm messages and responses to NOT OVER YOU. I would love to respond to all of your messages regarding NOT OVER YOU but I have a lot so I’m just going to respond to you here in one huge chunk of text: thank you so much for your kind words in regards to NOY and for the endless compliments you guys shower me with, I feel like I don’t deserve it but thank you so much!! Love you guys and thank you for the support!


Not Over You


Originally posted by sddonald22

“Are you still feeling down in the dumps, Peter?”

Peter lets out a sigh, playing with his lunch, contemplating Ned’s question. Peter never thought there would come a day where he would not be able to see you, hear your lovely voice and even see that brilliant, dazzling smile of yours that more often than not made every man (and woman) swoon and Peter has already gone a little over a week without seeing you. He had not actually meant any and all of the things he has said to you before and Peter regrets it – if he could turn back the time, he would.

“I thought you would be happy now that Y/N isn’t bothering you anymore.”

Ned’s words cause Peter to startle and drop his spoon to stare at his best friend. “I – what are – I never said that!” Peter refutes him weakly as he continues to stare at his best friend with eyes wide and heart hammering against his chest.

Ned briefly looks up from his own food, chewing thoughtfully. He swallows and shrugs his shoulders. “You sorta implied it before though.” He points out and Ned watches as Peter seem to curl up in to himself and Ned is a little bit torn between wanting to be a really good friend to Peter and wanting to be a really good friend to you. Being the middle person sucks.

Peter sighs, shaking his head before looking back at his own food. Honestly speaking, Peter never used to think that Midtown High School is a big. He always used to think that it is quite alright (in size – but Peter has always gone to this school so he really doesn’t have much to compare it with) but ever since that very day, Peter has started to hate how big the school feels like. He hates how empty and dull the walls seem to look like and he hates how quiet the cafeteria can get whenever he eats. Most of all, Peter thinks he is slowly sinking in his own depression and heartbreak. Is this what you feel like every time Peter rejected you?

The school only seems bigger now than it had been before because no matter where Peter looks, he is never able to find you. It’s like you really go out of your way to stick to your words in making sure you will never cross paths with Peter ever again.  He also doesn’t actually hate how empty and dull the walls are – they are fine – but he mostly hates how nowadays, whenever he is in the hallway, surrounded by those walls, Peter looks over his shoulders quietly frequently, just in case you decide to come over to greet him like how you used to, almost every morning with a smile on your face without a fail.

The cafeteria is never quiet – it’s always so noisy and this is a fact. Peter knows the reason why he thinks it’s quiet; the fact that you aren’t there sitting with Ned and him, chattering mindlessly about the amount of paper work, assignments and extracurricular activities makes his lunch time unappealing and very lonesome. Even though Ned tries his hardest to cheer him up as much as he can, cracking jokes here and there, it’s just not the same to Peter.

Peter can’t seem to find the same comfort he gets from you whenever Ned speaks – it’s really not the same and it hurts to know that you probably don’t even want to do anything with him now. If only Peter stopped you from walking away that day – if only Peter had grabbed on to your arm and tell you of his feelings for you!

Peter feels like the fact that he had been extremely cowardly and blinded by his own fear is probably going to haunt him until he can actually mend his own heart, whenever that may be although not any time soon. Now that you are literally gone from his life, Peter finds the you-shape hole in his heart gradually growing bigger and it’s almost taking up all of the space in his mind too. He misses you and he misses you a whole lot.

The way you would often greet him with that cheerful tone and beautiful smile, the way you would talk to him despite probably having a million of things to do, the fact that despite how busy you are with your own commitments, you always take the time to talk to Ned and him and you have never treated them any differently even if you are more popular than the both of them.

Peter sighs as he stops playing with his food altogether. He picks up the tray, causing Ned to stare at him in surprise because he is still currently eating. “I think I’m just gonna go to class early.” He murmurs and Ned slowly nods his head because there really isn’t anything much he can do to help Peter. “See you later,” Peter nods his head weakly towards Ned and stands up to leave the table.

Your absence strikes him like a kick in the stomach. He loves you. He knows he does. Even if he has rejected you multiple times and probably broke your heart every single time he turned down your offer for a date or confession. Peter knows he loves you a whole lot and he is willing to do anything, everything he can to get you to understand that.

You, on the other hand, had just finished a meeting with one of the teachers when you spot Peter. You immediately duck in to a random, open and free classroom the moment you spy Peter walking down the hallway, looking downtrodden and forlorn. Your heart is racing against your chest and as much as you really want to go see Peter, you know you shouldn’t. You have made a promise to yourself; to try and move on and you are not the type to go back on your own words and promises.

“So,” Someone speaks up, causing you to jump and whirl around to face the person. MJ is sitting at some table, books scattered on said table and she is staring at you with an amused look on face. “How long are you going to keep this up?” MJ asks as she places her pencil on the table. This isn’t the first time she has seen you do this – in fact, during break, she had seen you taking a U-turn from heading to the cafeteria to a random bench outside when you spotted Peter queueing up in line with Ned. “Do you not like him anymore?”

You sputter for a few seconds, trying to find the correct words to answer MJ. Telling MJ that you no longer like Peter would be one of the biggest and hardest lie you might ever have to do and as much as you really want to tell her that you no longer like him, deep down inside, Peter is still pretty much occupying your entire heart, mind and soul. There has never been a day that would go by without you thinking about Peter – ‘has he eaten today?’ ‘I miss him’ ‘I wonder what Peter is doing today’.

“I think you know the answer to that.” You murmur, rubbing the back of your neck sheepishly. You blink a couple of times as you try your hardest not to think about Peter but it’s really as if the entire world does not want you to move on from Peter. Ever since that day, everywhere you go or turn to, Peter is always there. He might have missed seeing you for a little over a week but for every single one of those times, you have always seen Peter and it hurts you a lot to see him.

MJ shrugs her shoulders before she lifts up her sketchbook. You almost want to smile at the drawing she had made – it was, you assume, of Peter and you and in between, MJ did doodles too but you really did not want to entertain those thoughts anymore, at least not today. “He misses you, you know.”

You freeze slightly before shaking your head. “MJ, please.” You beg her and MJ quietly packs her things, placing them in to her own bag as she readies herself for class. “I just want this feeling to stop.” The tears that well up in your eyes fall down your cheeks – and you start to cry a little bit harder because didn’t you just break your promise of never crying over a guy?

“I just can’t breathe – it feels like there is a bag of bricks on my chest and shoulders.” MJ frowns as she hands you a couple of tissues and you quietly murmur your thanks as you try to dab away your tears. “Are you going to tell me about how stupid I am for crying over him again? Even though I told you before that I was going to stop liking Peter?”

MJ shakes her head, putting her phone away. “That’s your choice – not going to berate you for what you choose to do for yourself, Y/N.” MJ reaches over to awkwardly pat your shoulder and if you hadn’t been crying and feeling sad, you probably would laugh because MJ showing affections is a rare occurrence. “I just want to know why you didn’t listen to him.” MJ looks away from you, grabbing her bag.

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anonymous asked:

RFA boys + V with MC being a teacher and all that comes with it. Like, for older kids a specialized knowledge about a certain subject and knowing teen stuff, and with little kids being up on all the latest "kid" things and always looking at (cont)

(Cont) toys and picture books and singing silly songs. And of course, the grading and lesson planning and kids who give problems and stress that comes on top of that. But she really really loves being a teacher and won’t give it up.

(Combined because of similarity!!)

A/N: These requests are so pure and I enjoy them so much but ive never seen how a teacher prepares for anything so i went based on what a few things teacher friends/my dad told me and how i interact with my siblings and stuff ;A; ~Admin 404


           -The two of you act like such kids yourselves, but he absolutely loves it, you teach younger children and he can see how soft and sweet you are to them!

           -He actually enjoys some of the cool kid gadgets you check out for your class

           -That cool robo-dog toy? He wants one now


           -He’s actually sat in on a few classes of yours his butt actually fits in the little kid chairs

           -The little tikes love him to death! They like to tease him about dating you

           - though they all think he’s a kid too just in a higher grade ;A;

           -But sometimes kids can get rowdy, and he knows this

           -When you come home stressed out, from kids misbehaving, he’s always there to lighten the mood! Tells you stories from when he was a kid, full of silly sound effects, and he’s even borrowed picture books from his mum to show you childhood pictures! It embarrasses him sometimes, but he knows that you enjoy the imaginations children have so it can’t hurt to tell you, right?

           - also lowkey shows up around snack time when he visits because he freaking loVES THE JUICE BOXES AND COOKIES MC CAN HE HAVE SOME TOO


           -He knows how difficult teaching can be, his parents were teachers

           -SUPER. HYPED. When he found out that you’re a HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA TEACHER come on y'all i saw the chance so i took it

           -You actually went to school!!!! For acting!!! That’s amazing! He’s a natural so he didn’t have to

           -He tries to come to your class at least once a week to give the students some tips (since he’s in the field and semi-famous and all)


           -He dropped out of school and had bad experience with teachers so he was actually really iffy about your job at first

           -But the first time he watched you shine because of your passion for helping these teens, he knew you belonged in this career

           -But when you come home from a long day of teens being….well….teens, he feels so bad

           -He was a rebellious teen so he thinks he can help talk to them about listening and respecting everything you try to do for them he kept them for two class periods one day lecturing them about how much respect you deserve and the kids all literally cried and hugged you at the end of it jfc zen what did you sAY TO THEM

           -Always there to wipe away your tears, whether they be of joy or sadness, when your class puts on plays. You’re proud of your students but he’s always 10x more proud of you because heY MC YOU DID THAT, LOOK



           -She thinks it’s so cool because!!!! The two of you can both really appreciate literature

           -It’s like a personal little book club between the two of you, always talking about themes and deeper meanings

           -Not to mention she lives for the drama you over hear in your classroom come on we all live for gossip every now and then dont judge me or jaehee and you can teach her all of the younger lingo which she uses to understand a few of the interns at work

           -When you’ve been up for hours trying to grade papers, she’s always there to help with them

           -Mainly because she wants to avoid you bashing your head against the table because they’re all writing the same things over and over again

           -If she comes across something she’s unsure about in her readings you’re the first person she asks

           -Love love loves helping you pick which books your students are going to analyze next

           -Not to mention!!! You always have all the newest books in almost any genre because of your job and!!! She always has something new to read!!!!

           -If your day was rough though, she’s got coffee at the ready for you, the two of you are going to sit down and just rant about anything and everything that happened because hey kids can be stupid, she’s not gonna tell on you for pointing out the obvious


           -He finds it absolutely adorable when you come home covered in paint, glitter, marker, you name it

           -Calls you his masterpiece what a sap

           -Not used to being around kids but he visits your kids as often as possible


           - they paint kitty whiskers on his face sometimes and you’ve never seen him smile bigger

           -They once asked him to build a tower out of blocks with them and he took over the entire project, made a replica of the C&R building

           -When the two of you are at home, though, he refuses to admit he enjoys it there with the kids. Complains about paint on his white shirt, why are kids to loud, they’re so energetic what the heck, etc etc

           -Always buying cool new toys and craft things for your classroom- he knows how teachers are paid and he just wants to help out. For you. Not for the kids. its totally for the kids dont let him fool you

           -He never really knows how to comfort you if you come home from a hard day with your class, so he usually sits with your head resting against him. He listens to you rant about everything that happened, running his hand through your hair to let you know he’s listening.

           -Never ONCE has he asked you to quit your job. He thinks teachers are important and should be treasured, and he sees how happy the kids make you every day- he could never ask you to give that up but hey mc if you ever wants kids of your own, he’s got you, wink wonk


           -Teacher? lmao what’s that not everyone is a freaking genius saeyoung shUT UP


           -You were a high school computer science teacher, and hello MC i could be of service saeyoung pls

           -He came in as a guest speaker one day and none of the students could keep up with what he was saying??? What’s all of this?? Mr. Choi can you please dumb down the lesson???

           -By the end of class though, everyone (including him) were just drawing stupid pictures on MS paint sigh

           -He’s actually really excited that you teach computers to teenagers!! Computers are great, MC!!! You can teach them to hack! no saeyoung thats not what i do, thats you

           -Sometimes he’ll play dumb and ask you for help with his computer just to hear your teacher voice (it doesnt work often because you KNOW he knows what’s wrong)

           -“MC, you can be the teacher and I’ll play the naughty student *eyebrow wiggle*” he walks in with a plaid skirt and knee high socks what a fucking doRK

           -There are days that the kids just don’t listen and do whatever they want, and it frustrates you to no end. Some of them were wrestling and broke a monitor once, and you had to call Saeyoung, break down and cry on your lunch break. He’s always there at the end of the day with blanket forts and HBC to get you away from all electronics even for a little while

           -The next day though, he hacks into all the computers in your classroom and scares the students into paying attention because what person doesn’t freak out when someone starts listing their personal information on their screen???


           -High school dance teacher?

           -Are you his soulmate MC because it’s really feeling like it

           -He’s a dancer himself! (though he doesnt practice it often)

           -So he always offers to be your partner on days you’re teaching couple’s dances!

           -He can tell how much effort and passion you put into helping these kids learn the art

           -You absolutely radiate warmth and excitement if your class holds a recital


           -But kids will be kids, which means sometimes there are attitudes thrown around

           -Some days you feel as if you get no respect, and they do whatever they want to do, and it breaks not only your heart but your spirit as well and he will not stand for it

           -He’s very good at lecturing, and seeming nice with a threatening undertone. So when he catches something like this happening, you can bet he’s in front of the class, pouring his heart out about how much respect you deserve for all of your hard work and they shape up real quick every time this happens. So he kisses you on the forehead and lets you keep teaching <3


           -You work with little kids all day?

           -Why would you wanna do that to yourself jfc

           -You’re always looking at cute, kid crafts and he kind of wants to try them but he’ll never tell you that

           -Very very afraid to visit your class because? He’s scary, he doesn’t want the little kids to be afraid of him

           -But they WEREN’T. AT ALL. He could feel his heart melting at how much they actually liked him like holy crap MC i wanna come visit every day


           -The two of you are the power team at story time, everyone is completely enthralled with the story, voices, and how you act them out

           -When you first told him that you were a teacher for little kids, it made complete sense to him. You’re so sweet and kind and patient and bubbly and it just cliCKED WOW MC YOU ARE A TEACHER

           -But kids have tantrums, and short attention spans, and they’re very stubborn, so if you have a rough day, you actually have to calm him down instead saeran you cant threaten the children its okay im just tired ill be fine

           -The two of you have naps on those rough days, he’ll rub your shoulders to help you relax, and he actually goes out of his way to look up things for your lesson plan the next day!

A Commutual Contract

After a terrifying experience during which Lance, seemingly, dies, Keith is haunted by horrible nightmares of holding his comrade in his arms while he took his final breath. To the point where he can’t sleep unless he knows for absolute certain that Lance is alive.

And while the attention is surprising, Lance doesn’t really have a problem with Keith checking up on him. Or the fact that Keith only seems totally comforted when he can cuddle Lance close and hear his heart beat. After all, there’s nothing wrong with two bros cuddling. It doesn’t MEAN anything. Or, at least, that’s what Lance keeps telling himself.

Chapter 1

It didn’t matter how many drills they practiced or how in sync their thoughts were—sometimes things just didn’t go as planned. Actually, Keith was learning that, more often than not, nothing ever went as planned. Rather, what defined their situation was their ability to think around it and scrape together something new from the falling debris.

Yet, even that too would fail at some point.

They’d been responding to another distress call, which was hardly out of the ordinary. Any and all distress calls were answered, and so going into unknown territory—territory potentially overrun by Galra—was no new occurrence. Still, each encounter was different, and this one was going far, far worse than even their regular dosage of what could be considered bad to worse.

It’d all happened very quickly.

The distress call had come from another Balmera, this one much, much more alive than the one they’d previously encountered and the people living within a far cry from wanting to submit to the Galra. From what little info was able to be gathered, the Balmerans—who, though were clearly related to the Balmeran’s they’d met previously, were skinnier, taller, and spikier, with darker complexions—had been enslaved for quite some time, but had always pushed forward with underground attempts at sabotage. With the news of Voltron spreading across the universe, it’d only been a matter of time before they’d decided to call for help.

And so Voltron was there, though it’d been split into its five lion pieces. Mostly in attempts to separate the Galra defenses, luring the masses orbiting the Balmera into different directions.

Keith hadn’t intended to break the atmosphere, but he also hadn’t intended to be side-swiped by an ion canon blast, which had left his lion comatose. Victim to the Balmera’s gravity, they’d plunged through the atmosphere toward it, Keith doing his best to get Red up and moving again. Before the force of their drop destroyed them both.

“C'mon, Red!” he said through gritted teeth, slamming his hands down on the dashboard but procuring no response. He knew Red was trying to heal up—to use whatever mechanical healing abilities were at her disposal—but it wasn’t fast enough. They were gaining speed all the time, twisting through the clouds uncontrollably.

“What are you doing, Keith?!” It was Lance’s voice that broke over his com.

“Red’s not working!” he yelled out in frustration. “We couldn’t get out of the way of the ion blast!”

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i’m re-reading the artemis fowl series, and i’m about to get sappy for a hot second so bear with me but? it’s crazy how much i loved this series (and still do), and how formative it was for me. i remember getting the first book when i was six, i remember not understanding half of the technology and struggling through the first chapter because it scared me, i remember staring at each cover of each book as it came out and being in awe at how shiny they were and how funny the blurbs were. i remember reading and re-reading desperately over and over again, when i was bored, upset, or even just for fun, and never once any of the books got old or tiresome. 

and now that i’m rereading it, for the first time since tlg came out, there’s this weird layering of nostalgia, like i know all the lines and all the characters. and this series followed me from when i was a kid to a pre-teen and onwards into adolescence, but even now, at 20, the jokes are still funny, and i’m still laughing out loud, even though there’s all this history on top of it. 

like? i’m trying to articulate how much this series meant - and still does mean - to me. and it’s incredible because even with this nostalgia, this series isn’t any less good - like the plot twists still gets me and it’s still hilarious and fantastic, and even though t i know these books inside out - from the characters, to the story, to the little activities in the back and the notes eoin colfer would leave pretending to have met the characters - and even though it’s from a place of personal history i’m just so eternally grateful just to have had these books mean something in this way? 

what i’m trying to say is, i’m so grateful to know them, to have so much meaning attributed to them, to feelings like they really do know me back. as sappy as it sounds, reading this series each time feels like i’m rediscovering it all over again, but to a further extent, like i’m rediscovering both my younger and present self again as well, and i don’t know how to put into words how much more that adds to my love for this series.  

Our last night || soulmate!AU Pt.1

“What’s the difference between the love of your life and a soulmate?” I asked.

“One is a choice, and one is not”

Word Count: 7.5k
Genre: Angst | Fluff | Romance | Smut
Pairing: Reader(She) x Jungkook 
Triggers: Depression, Mention of suicide, lots of angst tbh, Mature content, Cussing.
Gif: AngustD©GIFs

⇻ Playlist   (Playlist Cover thanks to @basicallyadragon  ♡)

A/N: Much cry while making this…
Hope you guys like it! thanks for reading! and thanks for 400 followers!! <3
constructive feedback is always appreciated :)



—first 24 hours—

“This love was so pure it would smolder within their hearts for all eternity”

That one, single line from the book made your heart hurt. Is that the word? hurt? or…Is it something else entirely.
It pained.
That, you are sure about.
There is just something about it, that that made you go over it once again…not analyzing, just letting it sink in, let your mind absorb it, let your body absorb it, let your soul absorb it.
The book remains open on that one page; your eyes hovering above each letter and word for a long time.
What did it mean? How can a love smolder you? is that even possible? How can it be eternal?.
The more these silent questions spread through your thoughts, the more you feel confused, the more you feel empty; but at the same time, you somehow understand exactly what they mean.
You need someone to talk about this.
You read over the phrase once more:

 “This love was so pure it would smolder within their hearts for all eternity”

Without realizing, pools of tears flood your eyesight, trying to blink them away the big drops drip down your cheeks. A face on the back of your mind appears.
His dark and messy hair.
His big gentle eyes.
His goofy smile.

“Jungkook” a giggle joins the streams of water rolling down your eyes, while saying his name out-loud, making you realize you aren’t sad; In fact, you are desperate to see him again, to hug him and kiss him -just like you did every time you are together.
Putting the book down, you grab the cell phone on the nightstand, ignoring the piece of white paper, standing out because of the sapphire blue seal on the front, and tap over his name on the contact list.
-the dial tone causing you anxiety and a pang on your chest.
It is the first time you felt like this, so frantic and in a haste about phoning him.

Unwillingly, your eyes travel to the night stand once again, landing over the closed envelope with the blue sigil.
You knew this day might arrive.
Since the very beginning.

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I hid you between the pages of my journal, between the lines of poems, in metaphors that spoke of moonlight and the stars and hurricanes and oceans. I learned your phone number by heart, even when I knew I would never need it again. The typical things you would have thought of a girl in love, I know. I delivered them all, cliché after cliché. I wrote it all down, ink flowing in my veins, trying in vain to turn heartbreak into something pretty. But I’m not trying to surprise you - I only ever wanted you to listen like I listened to you. I couldn’t bring myself to delete your messages, even after it was over. There are so many words I could have read the wrong way, so many phrases I probably didn’t understand. Now look at me, months have passed and I’m still digging for hidden messages in your unspoken words, I still read between the lines and try to unravel secrets you wove into your letters. I wish I could stop trying to interpret your silence, but it seems so much louder than everything you have ever said. It leaves room for more, something that your words never did.
—  j.a.

@a-throneoffeelsnessian literally anything just give me nessian PLEASE but if you insist on a prompt: “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you don’t think I notice.” // send me a ship and a prompt and i’ll write a one shot!

Nesta was curled up in an armchair in the living room of the town house, completely immersed in her novel when they all came back. She could smell the alcohol before they entered the room, before they entered the house. Gods, they must’ve all been drunk off their asses. They had been out long enough. As soon as they entered the front door, she could hear every clumsy step they made, and every loud noise they made as they crashed into…well, everything. Furniture, walls, cupboards…it seemed they fell or stumbled into everything in the entire house before the got to the living room where she sat. She rolled her eyes in contempt and tried to continue focusing on her book. It seemed the Cauldron had different plans for her, for as soon as she made it through one sentence, the entire group crashed into the room.

“Nesta!” Elain drunkenly called out. Nesta looked up, steely eyed but startled. She didn’t think she’d ever seen Elain this drunk before. Come to think of it, she didn’t think she had ever seen Elain drunk. It seemed she had more love to give when she was intoxicated, as she was clinging to Azriel, but her hands was interlocked with Lucien’s. Lucien seemed to be equally as drunk on liquor as he was on Elain and he didn’t seem to care or even notice Elain’s split affection.

“Hello,” Nesta sighed, closing her book. No point in trying to read when they would just be clamoring all over her trying to find a seat.

“Nessie!” She heard a large yell from the back of the group. “Nesta, Nes, Nesssaaaa,” Cassian’s drunken mumble dissolved into giggles. Suddenly, he came to the front of the pack, seeming to be pushed by Rhys. Nesta rolled her eyes. Again. 

“Hello, you big brute.” He somewhat fell, somewhat kneeled in front of her and placed his hands on her knees. Nesta registered the rest of the Circle talking between them, filtering in behind Cassian and beginning to plop down, some in chairs, some on the flood, Feyre into Rhysand’s lap. But she couldn’t draw her focus from Cassian’s fingers on her skin.

“I am not a brute,” he stated, definitively.

“Then what are you? A graceful dancer?” Nesta taunted.

“Now that you mention it,” he heaved himself up. “Yes.” He did a clumsy twirl around her armchair which resulted in the entire room erupting into loud, raucous laughter. Nesta could sense her headache fast approaching. Cassian ended his little show by somewhat leaping onto the arm of her chair but he teetered and fell, his head landing in her lap.

“Hello again.” He grinned up at her. She huffed out an annoyed sigh, but she could tell her mask of frustration didn’t meet her eyes 

His attention was drawn away from her by a joke Mor made, something about Feyre and Rhys needing a bucket of cold water thrown on them, but Nesta’s eyes stayed pinned to his head in her lap. She almost felt herself smile at the way his eyes crinkled up when he laughed, how his grin brought out these almost-dimples in his cheeks. He was now talking amongst the group about the bars they had gone to, cracking on Lucien about his dancing, and grilling Mor about who she had snuck off to the bathroom with. His speech wasn’t quite slurred, but it came out different, the words’ edges rounded and soft instead of hard. He spoke as if each thought simply rolled out of him, not requiring any analysis. Nesta’s eyes lingered on his mouth as he spoke each syllable, not even hearing what he was saying but just enjoying the sound of his voice. 

She turned away, and picked up her book. She could attempt to focus and she really wanted to get through the chapter she was on. She began reading, and the conversation faded away into background music and, though she would never admit it, she enjoyed the white noise.

Nesta was a few more pages into her book when she felt teeth nip the back of her hand. She flipped the book closed and glared down angrily at the drunken mess of hair still in her lap 

She flicked his nose. “Why.”

“I wanted your attention,” Cassian responded, pouting and looking like a sad puppy. She heaved an annoyed breath.  “I felt you looking at me, you know.” His eyes bored into hers and she tried to quell the flush rising in her cheeks. “Other times, too,” he continued, relishing her embarrassment. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you don’t think I notice.” He was bold when he was drunk.

She opened her book again. “I don’t know what you mean.” She could feel his grin. Then, she felt a small kiss over the tender area where he bit her.

“Sorry about the bite.”

Nesta couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her features. And she couldn’t stop her eyes as they wandered back to her stupid bat. She let them linger there, just for a little while more.

ok this was low key inspired by a headcanon post i saw about the crew coming back drunk but idk where it is??? or who wrote it??? so i’m so sorry but that was my inspo!!!


Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 3.)


Part 1. - Part 2. 

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (pre-apocalypse)
Negan finally sees you again.
Word Count: 6,056
Warning: Sexual tension and Negan’s usual potty mouth!
Author’s Note: And the duo is back together!!! Wow, this is a long chapter! I didn’t expect to get distracted go off the rails in this one hehe. I’m glad you are all enjoying the story though! Things are going to pick up soon…

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms​)

Song: Untitled (How Does It Feel) by D’Angelo 

“Chris, it’s either I quit or I work for the both of you,” you argued. Having two jobs while going to school would be tough to handle, but you were sure that you would get used to it. Plus, having another job could help with the bills and then some.

“But why him? Of all people?”

“He asked me to work for him. Simon and I… We know each other. I told him that I couldn’t just leave this place. You gave me a job when I first moved here, Chris. So, I told him the same thing. Either I work for the both of you or I don’t work at all.”

Chris sighed, “But I get you for more hours than he does.”

“Well, yes, but let’s not tell him that,” you smiled.

“How is it going to be split up then?”

“I’ll work here weekends because I know it’s the busiest. The rest, I’ll work for him.”

“So, you’re telling me you’ll be working three days out of the week for me and the rest for him? How is that fair, [Y/N]?”

“Are you forgetting that I need a day off, Chris? It’s split evenly. Three days for you. Three days for Simon. I’ll work for him Monday through Wednesday and Thursday through Saturday for you.”

Chris narrowed his eyes. “You’re lucky we’re even negotiating this. If it were any of my employees, I would have let them go without having this conversation.”

“It isn’t too late, you know. You can fire me,” you grinned.

“Oh, and what? Let Simon have all the business? Yeah right. I’d be stupid if I did that,” Chris sighed. “So, today’s Monday…”

You nodded, “I’ll be across the street. This will work out. Trust me.”

“Oh, I trust you. It’s not you that I’m worried about… It’s Simon.”

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The One Where Phil Dates Dan

TW: Mentions of self loathing, cursing?? I guess
Word Count: 7712
Genre: Fluff
Prompt: dontforgettosmile (AO3)

Summary: It’s been a long time since Dan last dated someone. Eight years, to be exact. Phil offers that they go on a date, to save each other from the dreadful feeling of being alone. But no homo though.


I may or may not be accepting prompts it depends do u want a fic next year let me know

Author’s Note: This promt was sent an entire year ago! Yikes! I’ve been struggling to write this because of school, but since its summer again, I finally got to finish it! Ey! 

Also listen, this was meant to be a sad ending™ fic but I love yall!! Didn’t say it’s a good ending tho it’s pretty rushed and shitty so yea enjoy

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