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mid november grass guide!

so I know how every season its a struggle to blend the edges of your paths, and this is my personal way of keeping track and helping out anyone else who needs it! (yes this is extremely late ill try to post one as soon as grass changes from now on) but ANYWAY here are the two colors i found work well this season:

and if you put smudges of these two colors around your tiles, it blends like this:

hope this comes in handy for anyone who needs it, ill try to have next season’s up on time!

a day in december: words of good cheer

on ao3

this is ~technically~ part of the “seasonal fucking cheer 2016 ficathon” @msdisdain and @roquentine19​ are running, buuuuut i didn’t want to use all of the prompts so i’m just goING FOR IT

basically, i’ll be posting every single day in december. or i will die trying.

since i had finals today (and am supposed to be answering questions for a lit mem final rn whOOPS) i didn’t really get a chance to google much about holidays in france. so this one might be p americanized. i’ll try to either be better or be more focused on the wintery stuff. most aren’t going to be too christmas-y, but this is where inspiration struck

based off this one thomas sanders vine


“You have a ‘4x + 12yx’, right?” Adrien asks.

Marinette hums in response.

“Ok so I pulled out a ‘4x’—”

“Disgusting,” Alya mutters.

Adrien rolls his eyes. “Just factor out the ‘4x’.”

“Factor out the ‘4x’,” Marinette murmurs. “Okay. Sure. This looks worse than before.”

“I promise it’ll look less gross in about ten seconds.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” Alya says.

Adrien scoffs. “I’m just trying to teach math.”

“Math is a sin,” she deadpans.

He raises his eyebrows and is very glad that they’re just in a voice call, because Marinette would find a way to punch him through the screen if she saw the expression on his face right now.

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One thing I’ll give the c//exa fandom is that they actually pull together for shit. Anger makes you loud, they reblog posts to get a message across, they come together in trending, they come together to vote in polls and to rate episodes. And they’re determined, they’re not stopping. We’re too passive, GET ANGRY, they’re trying to cancel our show and if we don’t pull together to be just as loud, we’ll never see a 5th season. We need to reblog, we need to trend, we need to rate every episode, vote in every poll, and rewatch on netflix. The network is watching closely. This is not the time to be passive. Be loud

ninjago season template
  • episode 1: the antagonist appears and attacks one person at random! chaos ensues!
  • episode 2: Somebody Explains Shit That They've Been Hiding For Years.
  • episode 3: the ninja make a plan to try to figure out what's going on. it works, but at a high price.
  • episode 4: the ninja try to find more information and have to face a variety of obstacles in order to do so, also at a potentially high price.
  • episode 5: the epic midseason fight™.
  • episode 6: supposedly the calm after the storm, but shit quickly hits the fan.
  • episode 7: team takes a weird detour somewhere which accomplishes nothing and ultimately wastes time on the way to their goal.
  • episode 8: team makes a last-ditch effort to defeat the villain without having to resort to a final battle, but unfortunately it fails. one of the best episodes of the season, if not the best.
  • episode 9: beginning of the finale. an ok episode at best which is extremely underwhelming compared to the previous episode
  • episode 10: yay we win but ooh whats that scary new villain??????
Merry Christmas!

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I hope you all having a great holiday! My vacation has been absolutely wonderful so far! I spent whole day walking around the city today and everything is so beautiful and festive! 
Sadly I don’t have much holiday posts, but I’ve been re-downloading tons of CC in my spare time, because I want to go with historical theme in my game so I can recreate bits and pieces of the story I’m writing (I will turn this novel into a script once I have enough). I’m planning to recreate all the places and characters and post quotes till then. I downloaded over 200 MB of clothing today so I think now I have every single historical item out there. I really want to try and photoskin some military uniform using EA meshes, but we will see if I can actually manage to do something like this! 

Anyway, thank you all for the wonderful year! I really appreciate each and every one of you <3 I’m mostly available via messages for the holiday season, but I will try to catch up when I can and post things whenever I get to play. 

Are you fkn kiddin’ me they share the SAME FUCKING BURGLAR TOOL KIT!! Nygmobblepot is so canon I can’t even. Like the writers aren’t even trying to hide it until season 2, come on.

They only have one and they decide at the breakfast table every morning who’s gonna have it that day :3

“Ozzie dear can I have the kit today, gonna put some body parts in the medical examiner’s locker”
“But Eddie dear, I told you yesterday I was gonna break into Liza’s today! I need it!”
“Okay…Well at least I know now what to get you for your birthday”

Mabon: Rosehip Jelly

I’ve been trying to put up some posts this year about what I do for the holidays, and honestly, this one was a little bit hard: Mabon always seems to fall when I’m most busy. Something I have managed to do, though, is make a batch of jam or jelly from seasonal fruits to enjoy throughout the fall. Rosehips have the added bonus of being 1. harvest-able ON Mabon, every year, regardless of growing season and 2. chock-full of vitamin C, making them great for warding off illness as it starts to get cooler. 

So from now on, I hope to be making rosehip jelly every year on Mabon. I look forward to going out into the fall air, battling the thorns to harvest rosehips, enjoying nature and how it provides before heading indoors to spend time cooking with family. This represents what the holiday is about, to me, and I invite all of you to share in my new tradition. Below is my recipe for rosehip jelly, enjoy! 

Harvesting Rosehips

Rosehips are at their best when they’re bright red/orange and plump. You can harvest them August-January or thereabouts–some people say they’re sweeter after the first frost, though my experience is mixed. I suggest wearing thick gardening or leather gloves while doing this to protect your hand, but go in ready to get pricked. Ask the plant before you harvest, and give it something in return–blessed water is always a good option, or weeding/removing garbage from around the plant. Never take more than a third of the hips on any given plant–they’re an important winter food source for small birds and mammals, and that’s who you’re taking from. 

Making Jelly


-About a quart of rosehips
-Pectin or unflavored gelatin
-Ground cardamom
-Dried and powdered hibiscus
-White wine or water


1. Wash all the rosehips carefully, and remove the stems and tips. Cover with a mix of 50/50 wine and water (or just water) and set to boil until soft, about an hour. 

2. Once cooled, mash with a potato masher or large spoon as best you can. This is a great time to infuse the mixture with your intent–for a good harvest, for your goals to come to fruition, or whatever else seems appropriate. 

3. Strain through a mesh strainer or cheesecloth to remove all the seeds and most of the pulp. Add a pinch of cardamom, a tablespoon-ish of hibiscus, and a cup-ish of honey to the resulting liquid, to taste. 

4. Measure out two cups of the liquid into a saucepan. If you don’t have enough, you can add a little water, wine, or orange juice to make up the difference. Bring to a boil

5. Add a tablespoon of gelatin or pectin and allow to dissolve. If you’re using pectin you’ll need to add additional sugar for it to set–about a cup should suffice. Bring to a boil again, and allow it to stay there for one full minute while stirring. 

6. Pour into sterilized jars and seal with sterilized lids. You can stop here, but if you’d like your jelly to last a little longer you can boil the sealed jars in a tall pot for ten minutes. In either case, the glass should be cool before moving to the fridge.



WHAT~WHAT~WHAT?!?!? (^O  [  ] O)^ what is this NOT KYLUX content?!?! LOL! LOL! LOL! XD well~ brace yourselves followers… i’m going to start doing my best to post different stuff at least once a week! (-^ __^-) this is suppose to be my drawing blog, not JUST a kylux blog! so… i’m gonna try not to be afraid to do that! (O wO) <3 if you’d like to blacklist future content that isn’t kylux i guess i’ll tag it with “pidgy likes stuff”??? so yes! no need to fear if you’d like to avoid other stuff! (-^ w^-)

anyway! (O vO) before ever coming to Tumblr i had spent the entire season one run of the anime Osomatsu-san laughing my ass off with my friend every episode!!! we’d call each other up the second we’d finished watching it and just laugh till we cried! XD Some of you might recognize this as the art that was my original banner when i first started out here!!! anyway~ my friend’s favourite brother was Karamatsu and mine is Ichimatsu! So i made this because of our love for them!!! <3 <3 <3 i used the exact color pallet from the show, hence the bright blue line art! (-^ O^-) i can’t wait to re-watch it all before season two! <3


Just a little post of appreciation for my favourite TVD character. Had me cracking up with every line and expression of his. Never a dull moment with this one. He made season 6 one of the best in my eyes (the abundance of Bamon helped too, just sayin). Don’t know which side of him i loved more - the murderer with the hilarious commentary or the lil’ puppy dog trying to win Bonnie’s affections ❤ It’s a shame they didn’t keep him for longer. But then again - it must be too hard for Plague to maintain such witty dialogue (and monologue) and recognise what people actually love watching… Either way, let’s give it up for the one and only Malachai Parker! (Who names their kid Malachai? It’s like they expected him to be evil)

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Every time i go into the Klance tag i see someone complain about a shipping “war” but I’ve never seen it? Plus i thought sh//eith “sunk” if u will, in season 2? Im not hating, im all for live and let live but like, no ones going to date their brother or brother figure? Im so confused?

HTGAWM post 3-04 Predictions

SPOILERS through 3-04.

Every single episode is so shocking this season.  After a little slump last year with the Hapstall case mire, season 3 is back and fabulous.  After the 3-04 rollercoaster, I have some thoughts.

  • Frank isn’t the enemy. He’s trying to redeem himself.  He killed the man who hurt Annalise, and now he’s killed the one who hurt Bonnie.  This isn’t rage or evil, it’s atonement.
  • Maybe killing Bonnie’s dad is strategic to get her on his side, but I think it’s more than that.  They’ve got a fight club.  He loves her so much he wouldn’t kill her even if Annalise asked him to
  • This is the last we’ll see of Eve.  She’s not under the sheet.  She’s happy off in California.
  • Bonnie’s going to go talk to Frank, and she’ll try to bring the family back together again.  Annalise will find out and she’ll be pissed.
  • By the night of the fire, Frank won’t be the enemy anymore, but we’ll know who is. 
  • Around episode 7 or so we’ll get a Michaela-centered story that shows her and Annalise being drawn together by something.  
  • Coliver = back together by the fire.
  • Wes & Meggy = broken up before the fire. 
  • Asher is the next “safe” reveal.
  • Nate won’t be able to stay away from Annalise for long. 
  • Whoever is putting up the flyers is doing it for the president of the university. 
  • Possible “shocking” hookups: Laurel/Wes, Connor/Drake (in a hatesex way), Annalise/Wes, Frank/Bonnie, Connor/Asher.
  • Whoever is under the sheet died heroically.  Everyone we’ve seen die so far somehow contributed to their own death.  This time will be different.
  • Wes is under the sheet.  We’ve seen him go from a wide-eyed innocent through some of the worst possible things ever.  He killed Sam, he shot Annalise, he watched Mahoney die.  Wes’s last big moment is sacrificing himself to save someone else, maybe multiple someones.
  • Laurel ends up in the fire because she went back in/stayed to try to save Wes. 

Post-race PC, Argentina

Vale on his second bike + tyres

“I can do nothing, because every time I try to push more - I did one good lap, but after one big moment, or one big mistake. But after in the last corner the two Ducati go out, so this 20 point are like gold for the championship. But especially first podium of the season, very very happy for my team and for Yamaha.”

Like, I don’t understand why Graeme is being such an asshole about Cophine in all these post-finale interviews.

These shippers have stuck with his show since season 1, them being so passionate about it online helped promote it, they’re part (a very small part sure but a part none the less) of the shows success but directly after killing off one half of their ship he’s shitting all over them in every interview he’s doing.

Is he actively trying to discourage fans from coming back for season 4? It just makes no sense to me why he’s acting, quite frankly, like a dick about the whole thing especially when fans emotions are already running so high. And then acting like Shay is an acceptable replacement, like queer characters are interchangeable, is just downright insulting. 

It’s not a good look at all. I thought these show runners were better than that, obviously I was mistaken.

The Noob Guide

(Warning: Very Long Post ahead!!)

Uh huh. You weren’t talking to yourself when I walked in. Riiiiight.

I agree, it’s pretty fun! Almost like a video game or somethin’

HAHAHAHA! Look at this loser, trying to learn things and better herself! What a scrub! LMAO

…Let’s try that one again.

> Want me to teach you?

Ok well first of all you have to feed your animals every day or else they’ll die,

Oh my.