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The second i realized that i didnt have to like or listen to things just because everyone else does or just because its “supposed to be really good” or critically acclaimed or some bullshit is the day i really started living.

Clear out all that unecessary clutter from your life! You dont gotta watch/listen to shit you dont have any interest in if you dont want to!

Omg stop

Someone posted on the base spouse’s page a sad little gift basket of cheap pink wine and a cork screw as like a diaper/money raffle for her friend who was having a baby. No more info about that other than an implied financial struggle. I did not want her basket but I’ve been needing to sell our high chair and car seat and I’ve got a handful of clothes left that friends of mine haven’t been able to use. So I messaged her about it. I gave a great price for the car seat and chair and offered a stroller and clothes for free. She refused the items for sale but wanted the clothes. She was super weird with her reply that I didn’t actually understand what she wanted at first. Then the next morning she just said “when can we meet for the clothes” and I explained they were in storage and I wouldn’t have time to even go through them until next week (this was Thursday and I was prepping for all the weekend social things). She messaged me early this morning asking if I had them yet. It’s Monday ffs, chill out.


I was going to respond to that “me too” meme, saying:

Although I have experienced things that would qualify me for this meme, I personally refuse to conceptualize my experiences as sexual harassment or assault. There seems to be an enormous social pressure to categorize things that way, and to condemn them as immoral, but I never perceived them as such. To me, they were always just social interactions – perhaps annoying ones, perhaps complicated ones, but always just ordinary interactions between real human beings with human desires and flaws. Not manifestations of evil or things that could be clearly and decisively condemned.

Except then I remembered the time that I legit almost got raped in the hotel near my house in Harpers Ferry. And I want to tell that story, not for “me too” reasons, but just because it’s interesting.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember all the details. This was during a very serious depression, where I had lost access to my emotional state and had trouble feeling anything. Perhaps for that reason, this event didn’t make a big impression on me, and I barely remember what happened. (A lot of the memories from that part of my life are similarly “faded”.)

But anyway, I’ll tell the story as best as I can. Brace yourself.

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i know i say this often but getting rid of clothes is so soothing

i have so many clothes just from years of hanging on to everything i got, and i’ve gotten rid of bags and bags of them over the past year. i have more clothes sitting by the door ready to go to donations and it makes me feel so much lighter

one of the best minimalistic witchy things you can do is clean your house.

seriously. light a candle and go to town. in the process of cleaning, you’re also metaphysically cleansing your space which opens doors to renew wards and put up additional barriers if necessary. 

you’ll feel much better afterwards, and remember to take breaks if you need to. 


but probably not

We can’t always change the way others will react to our limitations, but we can choose to be kinder to ourselves and make the best of difficult situations. There’s always another opportunity to try again 🍂🍃

The whole team is at a bar and some guy recognizes Dan from the strip club she used to work at.

  • The guy calls her by her stage name and hits on her and Dan politely tries to decline and turn away
  • The guy grabs her wrist so she can’t leave and has to listen to him while he tells her all about how she should give him a chance
  • Dan wrenches her wrist out of his grip and cuts him off as she not so politely tells him, “Do not touch me. I am here with my friends, not for you. I do not owe you anything. So, I am going to walk away now and you are going to leave me alone.”
  • She turns to walk away again, but turns back around when she hears the guy let out a pained sound
  • The guy reached for her again, so now Andrew has his arm pinned behind his back, silently threatening to break it
  • The upperclassmen and monsters alike (with the exceptions of Renee and Neil) stare at him in surprise because they are used to Andrew’s knee-jerk violence, but not in response to something said or done to any of the upperclassmen
  • Andrew’s voice is low and quiet and all the more dangerous for it as he says, “She told you not to touch her.”
  • The guy doesn’t want a broken arm, so he rushes and panics as he turns his head to face Andrew and apologize to him with the hope that Andrew will let go of his arm
  • Instead, Andrew gives it a violent jerk and waits for the guy’s howl of pain to die down before warning, “To her. Not me.”
  • The guy spits out his apology to Dan as fast as he can, stumbling over the words
  • Andrew stands perfectly still, still holding the guy, as he watches Dan’s shocked reaction
  • Dan accepts the apology in a rush
  • Andrew holds on for just a moment longer as he says, “You are lucky she believes in forgiveness.”
  • He shoves the guy away and the guy leaves, clutching his sore but not broken arm, with a muttered, “Your boyfriend is crazy.”
  • Andrew doesn’t bother correcting the guy and everyone else is too shocked to
  • Andrew shrugs the whole situation off and the team stares at him
  • Dan manages to stop gaping at him and anger takes over as she insists, “I was handling that.”
  • Andrew sounds bored with the whole situation as he responds, “Men like that do not listen to women.”
  • Matt’s voice is dry as he says, “Everyone listens to knife-wielding maniacs though, right?”
  • Andrew doesn’t look bothered as he stalks off to look for a table