trying to organize myself

i want to do this so bad (since ill prob have a lot of time to myself in boston before i meet my friends lol lets be real): my first blog post being entirely made up of scanned photos from a little disposable camera of capturable moments in the first week living alone. mayb little scanned hand written notes to go with them or drawings. i really want to turn myself inside out and try to be candid and organic with you all if im going to try to format a more serious blog. 👵🏻

14.08.2016 / 84 days till A’s 

10/100 days of productivity

Every time i try to do organic chem i have to tell myself that i chem do it 🙃 but i feel like my head is going to explode from all the reactions i need to memorise😭

Here’s a sneak peek of my completed bujo spread for the week! Trying to complete as many things as possible on my to-do list wish me luck 😂 hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend as well (While it lasts lol)

karionwriting  asked:

Hi, Wil--what do you do when resisting Trump becomes too much? I'm involved in my community resistance organization, and I try to remove myself for a little while and take a news break when I'm overwhelmed, but it's always consuming my thoughts and I can't stop worrying. I know you are open with your anxiety problems, and I'm on medicine that normally works for me, but it doesn't seem to be working now. Do you have any advice?

It’s tough. If you care about even one of the things he’s relentlessly attacking, it’s hard to look away. He’s an abuser, and the nation is his victim. If you care about speaking up to protect and defend victims, it feels like a dereliction of duty to not stand up and speak out and resist at every opportunity.

But, as they say, you need to put your own mask on before you assist another passenger. It’s so so so important to take some time to care for yourself, even if it’s just twenty or thirty minutes a day doing something like cooking or baking, or taking a walk (without looking at your phone), or creating some art, or something like that. What I mean is, it’s something just for you because we absolutely have to take care of ourselves.

Someone else will step up to hold the line in your absence, just like you’ll step in for that person when they need to take care of themselves.

So I know you’re asking about the existential dread that hangs over all of us, but I framed my answer the way that I did because when you give yourself these breaks, it gets a little easier to handle the existential dread that hangs over all of us.

I hope this is helpful. Please reach out again if you have follow ups, or to share your experience (if you feel inclined to do that).

Guys, It's ShipsWorld

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty mad. But I’m going to try to just get this out in a calm manner. Although, I don’t think anyone would actually care about what I’m about to say so meh. I just want to get it out.

So you know EddsWorld, right? Well I just so happen to go on the EddsWorld tag on Tumblr. I was searching things like Ew Tom, Ew Edd, Ew Tord, and such. I was just expecting to find some buddy stuff and nice drawings.

You know what I find? Ships.

Ships, ships, and more ships.
(Honestly, the “Ew Tom” tag has the worst of it)

This has been covered multiple times, and now I’M talking about it. I just see it so much, it really boils my blood. Time to get this point across.

Does EddsWorld have any canon ships in it? Yes, ONE. And that ship is Kim and Katya. Is the EddsWorld crew in any relationships? No. The four buddies aren’t recognized as guys just falling for each other. They’re a friendo group who goes in adventures!

Don’t tag your ships in it (Unless it’s Kim and Katya) as “EddsWorld”. The guys being gay with each other is NOT what EddsWorld is about. It’s not “Ew Tom”, “Ew Tord”, “Ew” anything if its a fanon ship.

What tag should you use for these ships? ShipsWorld.

Use “ShipsWorld” for your shipping posts, “Shw” for short. Use “Shw Edd”, “Shw Matt”, etc. This makes it so EddsWorld isn’t recognized as ships, just good old buddies on adventures.

One other thing, I’ve also noticed that a few people tagged the ships as the real people’s names. Guys, come on. You should know by now not even to tag the real people as EDDSWORLD. To see people tagging the real people in ships is even worse.


Get that through your head.

Okay, I’m done ranting. It’s good to finally get that out.

EDIT: PLEASE UNDERSTAND. I’m not a homophobe, I tolerate everyone’s EddsWorld ships. I’m even a TomEdd shipper myself. I was just trying to keep the tags organized so when we search EddsWorld, ships aren’t the first thing that come up. Please don’t take this the wrong way.

Despite being in a sort of an art funk, I am slowly trying to get my life organized. I often find myself looking back at passed decisions and overthinking which causes me to spiral into this whirlpool of self doubt and mild panic. This is when I try to step back and look at the whole picture… take a deep breath and push on forward.

BTS in 10 years AU

Um so this happened and I’m trying to organize myself so here’s a compilation of the AU that started in Yoongi’s first drabble! The feedback/response for that drabble was so good and I loved it so much I’m not ready to let go of it yet :’) 

More information below! I’m sorry if it’s confusing, so I made a little timeline/summary at the end! Enjoy!

Originally posted by allforbts

In 10 years, once BTS has amiably broken up and the members have moved on to find their places in their new careers and personal lives, they end up settling right exactly where they needed to be

Yoongi (#1) 

Taehyung (#2) 





Jungkook (#3)

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Put Your Money On Me (pt. 2)

Character: Jason Crouse (The Good Wife)

Word Count: 2,272

Summary: Jason and Jen flirt some more; Jen begins to realize she might already be in a little too deep.

Warnings: None

Note: I meant to make this chapter longer, but it was getting pretty long as it was, so I decided to save the rest of what I had planned for this chapter for the next part. Also, I meant to make this more of a slow burn, but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t think I’m capable, y’all. I’m too thirsty for romance and Jason in general, lol.

Previous Chapters: Pt. 1

You can also read this on AO3, if you’d like!

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Trying something new...

Hello everybody, I’ve been thinking of how to make my blog a little more exciting and consistant and I made a weekly plan. Maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve been sharing tips/advice/inspiration and other people’s fics here since a few weeks and I plan to continue doing that. 

Why only share my works when I can share works from others I really enjoyed reading? 

So, new plan;

Monday: Sneekpeek update Wednesday ( which is currently Beneath the stains of time)

Tuesday: Throwback to one of my already published stories

Wednesday: Post a new fic ( or a new chapter of a long fic)

Thursday: Tips/advice/photo or post about a wip of mine

Friday: Sharing a fic I read and enjoyed

Saturday: Post a new fic ( these are mostly one shots/ficlets)

Sunday: Sunday Six

I think this is doable and I’m taking a page out of @tisfan ‘s book and trying to get myself more organized and productive. ( This will also help with not forgetting how many chapters I have for a story :/ )

It’s a work in progress so give me a little time to see what works and doesn’t work. Have a good week! 

@loveinthemindpalace @midgardiannerd @merindab @imminikiwi @ghislainem70 

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you ever want to post your oneshots/alternative povs on ao3? (I've actually joined because of your writing but I'm tired and really want to leave this hellsite 3 years are enough) sorry if I come of as demanding I'm not trying to offend or upset you I just wanted to know

the short answer is “yes, absolutely I want to.” 

the long answer is “yes, I want to, but it would be a heck of a lot of work, I psych myself out trying to figure out how to organize all of them, I don’t know at what length it becomes worthwhile to crosspost things, or if I should crosspost the half finished snippets of stuff I might come back to later (i.e. the shelter AU, the Clint and Natasha’s A+ parenting AU), and it would take such a long time, and do I want to spam AO3 like that even if I just did one a day”

there are…86 pages in my fic tag, equating to (roughly) 860 posts, and I would estimate that possibly as much of a third of that isn’t currently on AO3. 

I would like to have all that work archived somewhere - boy, would I. I just don’t have a good way to do that, at this point, without driving myself completely insane.

(I’m not offended or upset with you, anon - this is just something that perennially frustrates me, because I want to do something about it but can’t figure out how.)

The Weight of His Words::.Fred Weasley x Chubby!Reader

Hope this is okay! I’ve been busy because I have school starting up in two weeks and band camp next week. Trying to get myself organized has been rough so I’ve been writing this is bits and pieces throughout the week. Feel free to request anything! My box is still open. Please give me feedback!!
Love you all, Claire
You glance at your clock quickly.
“Shit.” You mutter under your breath. You’ve been trying on clothes for 30 minutes now, and you just can’t seem to find an outfit you look good in. You were supposed to meet up with the twins 5 minutes ago. They had some prank planned for this weekend and of course needed the help of you, their best friend since first year. You decide to waste no more time than necessary and throw on a pair of black leggings and an oversized sweater. The leggings, you’d grown to love after the first few times of feeling self-conscious in them, and the huge sweater hid what needed to be hid-in your opinion anyway.
You rush out of your dorm and to the Great hall. Entering the room, you find yourself out of breath but immediately spot the 2 redheads you are searching for.
“Fred! George!” You call as you make your way over to them.
“You’re late, love.” George calls back to you in a sing-song-voice. You roll your eyes at him.
“You’ve been late to see us every time we schedule something lately, y/n. What’s more important than me?”
“Nothing obviously,” you respond with a smirk “and I’m fine. It just can take a while to find something that I look okay in.”
“Y/n, you always look amazing.” Fred says. You snort a laugh and roll your eyes, hoping to move on from the slightly uncomfortable topic.
“Yeah, okay… Anyway, what do we have planned today?” You ask. Fred’s eyes study you warily, almost worriedly, but George’s eyes light up like a kid’s on Christmas morning.
“We’re going to collect Flobberworm mucus in a bucket, enchant it to always refill, and set a trap for it to tip over every time someone enters or exits the Slytherin common room.” He blurts out quickly with a mischievous grin on his face. Fred seems to have taken his interest off of you for now, so you agree enthusiastically, and set off with the twins.
After an interesting afternoon of collecting Flobberworm mucus, you have a free evening, and then at midnight, you have to meet up with Fred and George to set the trap. Usually, you’d just wear any old t-shirt and shorts/sweats to bed, but if the guy you liked- oops. ‘No, no, no, no!’ You scold yourself. If you let yourself continue to think that you like Fred as 'more than friends’ then you might ruin everything. You don’t know how to look like you’re not trying, but still look good in pajamas. As you get ready 'for bed’ with the other girls in your dorm, you notice for the first time them in their pajamas. They wear essentially the same things as you, but they are slim. They still look pretty.
As the other girls go to bed and shut off the lights, you close the canopy curtains around your bed, but sit up, with 2 hours to go. As hard as you tried to stay away from detrimental thoughts, all you could think was that Fred will never like you like you like him. Not only are you his 'friend’, but you stand no chance against the other girls he knows. Luckily, everyone in your dorm falls asleep quickly, and no one notices your bed shaking slightly with silent sobs.
At 11:45, you crawl quietly out of bed in yoga pants and a Holyhead Harpies sweatshirt. You pull your hair into a messy bun and sneak out to the entrance of the Gryffindor common room. The twins are already there and so lost in a heated conversation, they don’t see you at first.
“Y/n!” Fred whispers, surprised.
“You’re early.” George smirks.
“Shut up.” You mutter shoving him sideways, but giggling as well. You’ve started sneaking to the basement to the Slytherin common room by now. George shoves you back, with more force than intended, and you go toppling into Fred who’s on your other side. He catches you easily and shoots you a dazzling smile before helping you stand up again. His touch and smile make you swoon a bit, but thankfully, not enough for you to lose your newly regained balance.
“Thanks” you whisper.
“No problem, love.” Fred whispers back, shooting you a wink. And here comes that swoon again… Luckily, setting up the trap goes as planned. Out of the three of you, you are the best at casting charms, so you set the bucket to always refill, and help the boys set up motion detectors they made. Once everything’s ready, and you’re all about to sneak off, you hear a meow and approaching footsteps.
“Hide!” Fred whisper-yells. George leaps one way and Fred grabs your hand leaping the opposite direction. You see George open a hidden entrance to god knows where while Fred does the same right in front of you. Fred pushes you lightly into the entrance and follows you in before closing the door quickly. You were just in time. Through the door, you hear Filch muttering to himself, annoyance rolling off every syllable.
“I swear they were here…” You stifle a nervous, relieved, excited giggle and look up a Fred to see his reaction. He’s grinning and staring down at you. A blush rises to your cheeks. When you realize your hand is still grasping his, the blush heats up, but Fred doesn’t make a move to loosen his grip, and you don’t bring it up.
When you’re sure Filch is gone, your giggle spills out.
“Where are we anyway?” You ask.
“Oh, just some old passage George and I found. It’s saved us quite a few times.” He says with a wink. The two of you walk in a comfortable silence for a while, you hoping he knows where he’s going, him trying to navigate the dark, twisting halls, while figuring out the best way to bring up a certain topic.
“Y/n, about this afternoon in the Great Hall-”
“Ugh, I know I’m sorry I’m always late, i just-”
“ No, not that.” You feel a nervous clenching in your gut. You know where this is going.
“ Listen, if you want me to shut up at anytime, just tell me, but I need to try to talk about this.” Fred pauses momentarily before continuing.
“You’re always late, you say, because you’re trying to look okay. But don’t you realize you always look great no matter what? I mean look at you know! You’re in pajamas, and you look absolutely stunning…” His cheeks heat up, and you see him about to continue.
“Fred, look, this is kind of…awkward, but I-” your voice catches in your throat.
“I’m-” Suddenly, to your great embarrassment, you start bawling unexpectedly. You feel angry and sad and worthless and everything just comes flying out at once. Fred looks worriedly at you, and sits you down on the floor before taking a seat next to you.
“It’s just all these other girls are so pretty and skinny and athletic, and I’m not. I’m just overweight and 'bleh’. I’m nothing next to them.” You wail. Fred puts his arm around you, and you bury your face in his shirt, soaking it almost immediately. You continue sobbing for what seems like forever. The whole time Fred just stroked your hair, silently consoling you. When your eyes are finally cried out, and you’re only shaking every once in a while, he pulls you back from him, so you are looking each other in the eye.
“Okay, y/n. I want you to listen to me and take everything I say right now to heart because it’s all true. Do you promise?” He asks, still gripping both of your arms firmly. You nod and sniffle an agreement.
“So, you already know that I think you are beautiful.” You freeze from his words. He seems to think your tension means another break down, and he eyes you warily before continuing.
“I’ve told you that twice in the past 24 hours and before that, even more. If you think that your weight defines you at all, you need to think again, love. You are the smartest, funniest, most beautiful person I know. How can you possibly not see that? How can you think the opposite?”
“What?” You mumble, confused. “You think all of those things? About me?” You feel dazed. Your crush just said he thinks you’re beautiful and smart and funny.
“Of course, y/n.” He breathes. You lean your face a little closer to his, and his closes the distance, connecting your lips briefly. Your breathe hitches, and you dig your fingernails into the heel of your hand, just in case this is some crazy ideal dream.
“You really don’t think I’m fat and-”
“Don’t ever say anything bad about yourself again, or I’ll have to hurt you.” Fred says playfully. And then more seriously,
“Y/n, you are my everything, no matter what.”
The weight of his words, or perhaps their lightness, fills you. 'I am beautiful’ you think to yourself.
'I am loved.’

How to make an efficient study schedule for exams:

Hello, guys! Well, well, here we have my first official studyblr post after turning Studylikeadoctor into this new blog: thestudyingapollo. And I bring you a new edition of one of my most successful posts: how to make an efficient study schedule to study for exams. I’d like you to take in mind that this is the method that works for me, and so I don’t do this with the intention of telling you guys that this is what you should do. But I’ve been inspired by other studyblr posts to try new ways of organizing myself and studying, and some of them have been very helpful, so if I help just one of you, I’ll be pleased with myself for a year. So, let’s get down to business:

1. Know what you need to study: I have 4 subjects this semester, so I looked at the official syllabus and made one for myself, comparing it to the actual chapters that we saw in class. This way, I can make this “chapter guide” (that you can see on the colored paper of the photographs above) as reliable as possible. This also works as a “work score”: you can check each chapter as you study it so you can see your own progress. This helps me a lot when revision time comes because it makes it easy to see my understanding of each chapter. 

2. Know the days you won’t be able to work: when busy seasons such as Christmas approach, I tend to mark down all the days I won’t be working because I either have a party, a family dinner, or some other kind of event that is unavoidable. Usually, I work in the mornings during these days because I don’t need to be ready until late afternoon, but nevertheless, I don’t schedule anything, because if I end up not working, I don’t feel guilty for not keeping up with my schedule. When I have minor events, I write them down and highlight them in a coral tone, so I know I don’t have to schedule as much work in those days.  

3. Know yourself: okay, here comes the best tip I can give you: you’re not superhuman. That’s it. You have limits. Embrace them. Breathe them in and make your peaces with them. Cuddle them. Ok? Good. If you know you can study 4 chapters in a day, schedule four chapters. If you belong to that incredible part of the human race that have a super fast brain, schedule 10 chapters in a day. If you need to take your time to grasp the meaning of what you’re reading, schedule two chapters. That’s it, that’s what you need to know. If you set higher goals and don’t achieve them, you’ll feel like you’re failing every day, and that will increase your anxiety. You need to feel at ease in order to study properly and do well, so if you need to start 5 weeks before exams instead of just one week before, do it. But don’t overestimate yourself in that aspect. I’m a slow student and I’ve always needed more time than my peers, but that is not a shame, it’s just how my brain works. We get along, my brain and I. He’s a good fella. 

4. Color code!: I usually assign one color to each subject, so I can easily see at a glance what I have to do on a certain day. You can clearly see that on the pictures of the hand-made calendar (you can use a printable one, there are lots out there!). For example, psychiatry is pink, pathology is blue, dermatology is purple and otorhinolaryngology is green. That way, I can easily assess what I need to get done that day, and I can prepare my things the day before so that I only have to sit and study without worrying about what comes next. I also paint the day of the exam with its corresponding color. That way everything comes into place. 

5. Plan, plan, plan!: okay so, this calendar is just a rough draft, in which I count the number of chapters I have to study for a subject and, depending on how many days I have available before an exam, I distribute those chapters according to my needs and limits. After that, each night before going to bed, I take out my planner, see if I have accomplished my tasks for the day, and meticulously write down all the things I need to get done for the next day. I usually break down my task in smaller ones. Say, if I have to revise three chapters of dermatology, I usually write down said chapters and all the things that will help me with revision. This can end up looking like: Revise chapter 4 of dermatology (read the chapter, write down your doubts, make a diagram and answer quizzes about said chapter). If I only wrote “revise chapter 4″ I could forget one of those things that really help me with understanding the concepts I need to know, and is much easier for me to follow small steps than just a big one. However, you can have all this plan in your head, but I’m a really messy person if I don’t plan out everything I need to study. 

6. REST: Yes guys, your brain needs to rest. Your body needs to rest. Your soul needs to rest. Spending twelve hours straight studying is exhausting for anyone, so schedule resting times if you need it. Take your time while having breakfast, go out for lunch, go to bed early and bask in the delightful feeling of your sheets warming your body… I don’t know, do whatever you need to do to not think about studying once you’ve accomplished your goals. If you don’t feel calm and at ease with yourself, studying is a much more hateful task.

7. Don’t. Beat. Yourself. Up: we’re all human. We fail. And when we fail, we try again. If the day ends and you’ve not checked all the things in your to-do list, that’s okay. Get up from your chair, go have a bit of fun or quiet time with your favorite person, and wake up the next day with energy to keep going. If you fail, I’ll allow you to cry for one day, but not for more. Not everything is in our power, and sometimes things turn out different than we thought they would, and it may feel like all your hard work has been for nothing, or that you’re not doing enough, but you’ll en up finding your own pace, that point at which you feel comfortable with your performances. Just keep working and taking care of yourself. You’re all that matters. 

So, I hope this helped! If you have any questions or want to know about a certain step or technique for studying, just ask me, I’m more than willing to help!



I’ve try A LOT of apps to organize myself (like, seriously a lot) and this is the best one ever!.

You can add your classes, assign them a color, their schedule, etc.

You can add lots of types of “homework” (tests, labs, readings, finals, papers, etc).

Also, you can sync the app between Apple devices (I don’t know if you can do it too on android).

It’s available on App Store (for OS X and IOS) and on android for free ❤️


He probado muchísimas apps para organizarme (y organizar todo lo que tengo que hacer para la universidad), pero esta aplicación es la mejor que he probado!!

Puedes añadir tus clases, asignarles un color, añadir su horario, profesor, etc.

También puedes añadir muchos tipos de “tareas” (como pruebas, lecturas, exámenes, etc).

Y puedes sincronizar la App en tu iPhone y MacBook :)

Está disponible tanto en la App Store (para OS X y IOS) y también para android. Gratis!!

* No está disponible en español :c