trying to move on without you

Jon Moxley trying to get you back after you break up would Include...

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💔 Jon would go absolutely crazy without you 

💔 Jon drinking a whole lot 

💔 Jon realises the mistake he’s made when its too late 

💔 But Jon’s determined to get you back 

💔 Before Jon makes any moves he watches you because he wants to know what you’ve been up too 

💔 Knocking out anyone who’s even attempting to flirt or touch you 

💔 Jon comes up with a meticulous plan to get you back 

💔 However, Jon gets drunk one night and drunkenly confesses that he misses you and how much he loves you before he pushes you against the wall and kisses you. 

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You know what “moving on” means?
It means you have to stop looking for him. It means you have to stop searching for the feeling he used to give you. You need to keep going on everyday without thinking about bumping into him.
He used to make me so happy, take my stress and sadness away, and when you try to get over him, you have to learn to do all this by yourself.
And it’s so fucking hard.

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do you have any suggestions for me for doing something in my game to keep it interesting?

hard to say! if you’re bored of ts4 in general - just take a break, play other games or focus on real life. if you’re bored of the legacy/family, something you’re playing right now - spice things up. make someone cheat on their partner! kill off a sim! change their career, move them to another town, adopt a baby, send them to spa, or to the bluffs, let them have a house party, try something you haven’t done yet without cheats. imo cheats only make things worse and i get bored easily if my sims are too rich or when i don’t have to worry about their needs (i’m talking about random families i sometimes make, i can’t imagine being bored of the sims in my legacy, i love them). i just think it’s better to stick with one sim/family and explore the game with them, than to make a new family every week, but it’s just my opinion. but the most important thing is: remember that you don’t have to play. tumblr and sims are fun, but only when you actually want to do it. not when you feel like you have to, because you don’t want to disappoint your followers. i hope you’re gonna have fun xx

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Pokeshipping- dancing together!

Misty loves dancing. You name it, she’ll try it. Even if it’s just spur-of-the-moment movement when listening to CDs at home, she’ll do it.

Ash, on the other hand, hates dancing. Mainly because he can’t and he’s notoriously tone-deaf so it’s very difficult for him to move without squishing Misty’s feet.

So when Misty wants to try a ballroom dancing competition, Ash panics: “You really can’t expect us to win.”

“No,” She says. “But it’ll be fun anyways.”

Ash doubts that, but says nothing. He’s going to have to figure something out, and soon. 

The weeks flash by, and eventually it’s the night of the competition. The head judge asks for all of the competitors to take their places on the floor, so Ash in his suit and Misty in her gown pair up, numbers pinned to their backs. 

Misty’s not expecting much, so when the music starts up and Ash is actually in rhythm she’s shocked beyond belief.

“What… how?!” She whispers in his ear, but he just shakes his head as they go on. This nettles her but they might actually have a chance now so she tries to focus.

They end up making it to the quarter-finals before being eliminated, but Misty is extremely pleased regardless, especially since Ash performed well past her expectations.

“Okay, fess up,” She says as they walk out of the building. “How did you get so good?”

Ash kicks at a pebble before taking a deep breath and looking up at her. “Well… I knew this was important to you, so… so I got Brock to teach me.”

The image of her two oldest friends dancing together is too much and Misty breaks down laughing, clutching her stomach as tears leak out of her eyes. After a few minutes, she straightens up, smiling with the force for a million suns and hugs Ash so tight he thinks his ribs are going to break in half. 

Secretly he hopes he’ll never have to do it again, but relents when Misty signs them up for weekly classes and monthly competitions. 

If it means seeing her smile like that again each time then it’s worth it to him.

[Drabble A Day Request]

  • The Vets™: *Talk about backdooring Ika, want to stay a strong five without her*
  • Me: "Ika this is your chance for redemption for how you treated Heather and for how you wasted your own HOH and became a pre-jury flop. MAKE A MOVE! FLIP THE HOUSE!"
  • Ika: "Gary, Dre........ I want to screw over all of our games by not trying to save Cass this week, and we'll draw the line next week."
  • Dre: "But without Cass we won't have the num-"
  • Gary: "Sounds good."

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with the vibes from that producer that season 7 could maybe happen, do you think there is a good chance JMO and Colin would be there?

I keep saying this, but I’ll say it again.

I think that season 7 will only happen if Jen agrees to come back.  I think that Colin coming back is a given.  I think that season 7 will only be successful if they are both there.  Could I be wrong?  Possibly.  But I honestly think that ABC knows who their most valuable assets are on this show, and I don’t think they’re stupid enough to try and move forward without them.  Not after what happened with Castle.


when i got this ask i got so nervous because i really suck at teaching;;; sorry for getting to this so late and letting this stew in my drafts but here’s my best shot! 

Some things to consider: Line of action is perhaps the most important thing when drawing poses and figures, as it is the balancing rod that guides the body’s movement. If the line of action is weak or doesn’t make sense, then the pose will not work no matter how much you try to fudge it. 

I forgot to mention this in the drawings but you can see that i start every drawing with a basic skeleton. As much as i wish i could draw without the aid of a skeleton, it’s the most essential part of drawing figures. 

USING REFERENCE PHOTOS IS A GODSEND. Do not disregard using references, it helps clarify the way a body can move and bend so so much. If you have trouble imagining how the fingers in a pose should look, try it out in the mirror and study your own hand!  

there’s so much to talk about with posing and figures, i feel like i hardly scratched the surface. But i hoped this helped somewhat! 

This flashback broke me.

And it’s not only because of the closeness between both, or the intimacy you get from their interactions, but it’s also the fact that…

…this stands as a promise between them. “Please, have faith in me. I’ll make it happen, just watch me.” While we know the quad is Victor’s signature move, we also know what happened the last time he tried it, of course he was coming out of the high of the moment, he was just happy he managed to try the jump. But now, it’s different, he has been practicing, he wants to performed it without mistakes, just like Victor would.

Now Yuuri has actually made up his mind to carry out the flip, he has planned ahead and train. He’s running out of time and he knows it, he feels pressured to make it happen. He’s desperate to try and show the other man… him deciding to become his coach was in no way something he’ll regret, even if it all ends after the Grand Prix, Yuuri wants for Victor to feel proud, he wants for the other man not to regret his decison of coming to Hasetsu.

He wants for Victor to believe in him one more time, he gets strength from that, he wants the other man to see he is capable of doing it, and Yuuri himself wants to believe he’ll be able to make it this time. HE’S NEVER MANAGE TO LAND ONE IN AN ACTUAL COMPETITION, CAN YOU IMAGINE NEXT EPISODE, I’M PRAYING TO EVERY GOD HE GETS TO LAND THE FLIP.

But the thing is, after Yuuri fails to complete the jump… you can sense both the frustration and desesperation in his eyes, in his defeated posture, “I failed to show him… why wasn’t I able to… why?… he will leave soon, he will not stay by my side to see it happen again. ”  And then we have him break down in middle ice, he can’t control his shaking, his breathing is all over the place, he just can’t seem to calm down.

He knows he failed to show Victor a perfect routine, a perfect jump, he knows there’s still things he lacks, and he knows he wants to get stronger, BUT HE ALSO KNOWS, THERE’S NO LONGER TIME.

One of the things he was hoping from his Eros routine, at the final, was to be able to complete this specific flip. The fact he didn’t make it, the fact he couldn’t show Victor what he promised, THAT’S WHAT HURTS HIM THE MOST.

And then we have Victor, who’s trying to control himself, he is trying to keep a straight face and maintain his composure, because even if he wants to, he knows he can’t go to where Yuuri is, he can’t tell him it’s alright, he can’t tell him he’s proud either way… so he stops himself from saying anything or getting close. He wants for Yuuri to get to his own closure… he wants the boy to see he’s not alone, he never was. But of course seeing the boy he loves break down like that, it might explain his pain expression.

What Victor wants most in the world is for Yuuri not to loose his confidence, not again, he wants for him to trust his own choices just like he’s been doing up till now, he wants for Yuuri to keep on going, keep on skating.







GRIMM | 6.12

I thought I lost you once already tonight. Be careful.

he didn’t think i was pretty. forget enough; try not at all. it is a sobering truth to learn. how do you react when someone knows every inch of your soul and doesn’t fall in love with you, even just a little bit? i don’t know how you come out of that without a slice in your heart. i don’t know how you just… pick up and move on. i look at myself in the mirror. really look at myself. and i feel a stone drop in my stomach, because no, i never thought i was pretty before. but i never thought i wasn’t, either.
—  he didn’t think i was pretty - oakflower
My heart is a bar and you tend to it. Or you don’t, but you might have if I let you. My heart is in a bar and you left yours there too for a while. Yesterday, I woke up from a nap to a world without you in it. I thought it was a joke, but there was very little setup. Man walks into a bar, stays for eight years, dies in his sleep at thirty-seven. I’m never going to get the punchline, but I keep trying to. Once, you made me throw up Fireball whisky on my birthday. Once, you sobbed on my shoulder and I didn’t tell you to move. Once, I wrote a poem about kissing you and wishing it was someone else. I don’t have a working list of things I regret, but I think I’m going to. My heart is a bar and someone else works there now. My heart is in a bar that feels like someone else’s home when I walk into it. If I never go back there, does it mean everything’s okay? Does it mean you’re still waiting for me to agree to that date? Does it mean nothing changes if I stop looking back at it? Will you still save me a seat?
Can you trust him?” She asks, the cigarette dangling from her fingers. “Can tell him anything without feeling judged? Can you call him and know he’ll answer, or call back as soon as he can? If you’re hurt, and I mean really hurt, will he drop everything and get to you as soon as he can? Will he be there for you when someone you love dies? Will he look after you if you’re sick? Will he hold your hair back after too many tequilas? Will he be there? Does he try to see you, even if he has work early or a busy week?” She holds my gaze as she brings the cigarette to her berry lips. “If the answer is no to any of those things, maybe he’s not the one?
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write// alter ego advice
We did it!!

( The excited Peridot above was drawn by Castypha, one of our contributing artist’s!)

We did it, and it was great! On Tuesday, at 12am, we closed out with approximately 251 Pre-Orders! Whabamo-Kapowie!, completely obliterating my original expectations! The excitement for this project is truly inspiring, and now, we can move full speed ahead into the compiling + printing physical copies process! :D Thank you all, without your support, this Peri-Zine wouldn’t have been possible! I’ll for sure be posting a picture of the Zine’s when they arrive, and plan to begin shipping shortly thereafter throughout December & Early January at the latest! (I’ll try and get the majority out before Christmastime, but please bear in mind that international shipping may take longer, as this is a busy time of year for the postal service!) And, Wow, Thanks! :3c


Hurt one of us and you face us all ~The Originals~

You stomped into the kitchen, slamming your bag down on the counter. Your dried tear stained cheeks probably leaving foundation stripes over your cheeks along with the short lines of the weak mascara you wore. 

The bruise forming under your eye already visible from your angle. It pounding slightly. You had to stifle another sob from escaping your throat as another body moved into the kitchen without warning. As swift as a ghost. 

“Good evening darling,” Elijah’s voice came from behind you as you immediately turned towards the fridge. You quickly opened it, sniffing to keep back the tears. Ravaging around the three or four consumable things for you- the only human in the house. 

“Hey Elijah.” you quickly replied, pulling a bottle of water from the fridge trying to wipe at your cheeks and your eyes. You could hear him walking around behind you. 

“Are you hungry? I can fix you something? I’m sure you won’t appreciate a glass of blood” he remarked behind you. You forced a slight laugh, 

“No-no I’m fine thank you” you replied, taking a sip of your water. Carefully surveying the backdrop of the kitchen. You still not turning towards Elijah. They all had warned you. Kol, Rebekah, Elijah even Klaus had warned you about your boyfriend. The boy that you had been with for more than a year had finally showed his true colours tonight. 

He had cursed your name, uttered all your flaws, admitted that he cheated on you and enjoyed it, disrespected you and had lifted his hand against you. You should’ve listened to them. You should’ve listened to them because they knew who and what he truly was. 

“Y/N- may I ask you to turn to me?” Elijah questioned in his informative voice. 

You shook your head, forced to bite your lip as you didn’t want to cry about that pathetic ex boyfriend of yours especially not in front of Elijah. You heard him sigh and you could only imagine his facial expression. Regret, maybe a knowing glare but sadness. 

“Y/N” he soothed as he slowly put his hands on your shoulders forcing you to bite away the tears even harder. He slowly turned you around and his jaws clenched upon seeing your bruised facial feature. 

His hands gently cupped your face, his thumb grazing slightly over the bruise and then his eyes locked with yours. 

“Y/N, whatever might’ve happened- it is not your fault,” Elijah’s voice soothed as your eyes brimmed with tears once again. Then you heard footsteps behind Elijah and you ducked away but it was too late. Klaus had already saw you and he paced over to you. 

“What in the bloody hell is this?” he snapped angrily. You turned towards him slightly and his facial features morphed into anger. 

“Oh that bastard- how dare he!” Klaus exploded as Elijah opened a cupboard a few feet away from you. Klaus firmly took your face into one of his hands and inspected the bruise. Careful not to hurt you. His eyes danced in anger. 

“Death” he announced turning towards Elijah as well and you wanted to interject but Elijah turned and talked over you.

“I’m sorry Y/N but I have to agree with Niklaus” he spoke wetting a cloth in the sink next to you, “But first you need to tell us what happened” 

“I don’t need to know the full story to know I’m going to kill the lad” Klaus declared. 

“I’m fine- really just leave it both of you. It was just a misunderstanding but its over- ” you tried but Elijah slowly padded the bruise making you flinch slightly. 

“It is not fine- he physically abused you and most likely verbally and mentally and honestly Y/N he needs to be taught a lesson before meeting his maker” Elijah declared, slowly dabbing at the bruise a bit more. 

“Don’t try to tell us your fine your emotional state is all over the place” Klaus declared and you shrieked away from him. 

“I was just stupid- I should’ve listened” you declared. 

“You sure should have Love” Klaus declared as Elijah turned to his brother. 

“Niklaus you are not helping at the moment. I suggest you keep your mouth closed.” Elijah sarcastically replied. Klaus rolled his eyes, leaning against the counter keeping a watchful eye on what Elijah was doing. 

“He admitted he cheated” you sheepishly stated and Elijah clenched his jaw. You bit away tears that had suddenly creeped up on your eyes when you thought back at what he had said. Elijah saw and Klaus stiffened as well. 

“Whatever he said, whatever he insinuated, whatever he made you feel- it was lies and you deserve better than that low life.” Elijah said as the tears started falling from your eyes. He wrapped his arms around you and you didn’t hold back. 

You cried into him. Him holding you tightly. 

“I’ve got you y/n” Elijah soothed as someone else entered the kitchen. That is when you wanted to disappear.  You pulled away from Elijah as he turned to see who entered and it was Rebekah. You saw her confused expression and then she stalked over to you. 

“Bloody asshole” she hissed as she slammed her arms around you and hugged you, Elijah moving out of the way. When you pulled away from her Klaus was angry all over again. 

“I won’t kill him, I’m just going to hurt him” Klaus declared and Rebekah nodded. 

“I’m in” she hissed as Elijah nodded in affirmation. 

“Let’s go then- he hurst one of us, he has to deal with all of us” Elijah said and Klaus and Rebekah stalked out of the kitchen. 

“You mean everything to us, Y/N” Elijah’s deep voice interrupted the brief moment of silence,  making you look up, “Your our family wether or not your a Mikaelsson or not” he informed. You smiled slightly, when he returned it and disappeared leaving you in the silence of the kitchen. Just when you thought you were alone boots  thumping on the floor, Kol strode in with a bat comfortable seated on his shoulder. 

“So I heard that so called boyfriend of yours hit you?” Kol knowingly stated, trying to provide an encouraging smile. You nodded sheepishly biting your lip slightly but before you could try and talk him out of anything he interrupted. 

“Well, I finally get to try out my new bat” he smiled and you couldn’t help but laugh at the smile he gave you before leaving. You quickly ran after him but when you turned the corner he was gone a small smile still playing on your lips. 

steps to moving on:
step 1: stop telling people about them. i know you want to tell the world how they broke your entire being. your reason for existing and now you have to exist without them, but stop telling people. it helps i promise. it helps you forget. and though you don’t want to forget. you have to. you’re getting there. keep your head up.

step 2: cut ties off, talk to them less. don’t check their social media everyday. just try to distance yourself. i know you’ll miss them. but it will get easier as time goes on.

step 3: don’t think they are coming back, they most likely aren’t, even if they say they are. don’t let them rule over you when in your heart you know they don’t even want you. you have to accept that they are not coming back. im sorry. this is one of the hardest steps.

step 4: don’t tell them things. i know when something happens they are the first person you wanna tell it to. i know when you’re breaking you wanna call them and hear them say it’s okay, but don’t. you can do this on your own.

step 5: if they tell you they miss you, DON’T SAY YOU MISS THEM. let them miss you. let them see what they lost.

step 6: stop arguing w them, i know it gives you a chance to talk to them and that’s all you want but stop. nothing you can say will bring them back. if they want to come back, they will.

step 7: don’t let them call you baby or babe. the false hope will hurt so much in the end. be strong. say no. i get it if your heart leaped out of your chest when they said it, but your hearts gonna crush again if you believe they love you and much as you love them. honey, if they loved you. they would be with you, case closed.

step 8: hang with friends. getting out and being productive will put your mind off the fact that they aren’t there anymore. & if your friends are busy, take a you day or week or as long as you need. get some snacks, turn on your old favorite movie you haven’t seen in forever, turn off your phone, and enjoy the present.

step 9: get rid of it, you know what im talking about. the stuff that reminds you of them. the stuff you cry over or lock away hidden. throw it away, burn it, rip it to shreds if you can. just let it go. let the memory of them go, sweetie.

step 10: make yourself your main priority, look in the mirror each morning and tell yourself “it’s their loss, im amazing.” because you are. learn from their absence. learn how strong you are for getting through this.

—  from a broken girl //
Can you tell what's wrong with this picture?

I’ve framed the photo. It sits in my cubicle in the same spot it has occupied for the last two years. It’s a reminder for me to work harder. A reminder of all the pain that was caused by moving too slow.

Seventeen kids went missing that summer. Snatched from their bedrooms without a trace of who had done it. This case cut deeper than any I worked on before. Every day another parent would come to me and ask “why haven’t you found my baby yet?” And I would have to say “I’m trying. I promise.” After the sixteenth disappearance, we got a photo in the mail. There was writing on the back. Two words.

“clocks ticking”

If you didn’t know better, you might think the picture was kind of beautiful. It’s of an old gravel road that winds delicately up a hill. The picture is taken from the middle of the street, the lens aiming up its path. One side of the road is lined by a patch of bright autumn leaves that look like they’ve recently fallen. The leaves are matted down slightly, as if by a heavy rain. In the center of the road there is a small basket. The camera is angled so you can’t see inside of it. On either side of the road there are gigantic pine trees that cast crisscrossing, haunting shadows.

Our department was able to find this location but there was no evidence. No basket in the street. Nothing in the woods. They dismissed as a false lead, but something about the photo got to me. I kept it on my desk for the next year, just trying to figure out what it meant. All I wanted was to tell those parents what happened to their kids.

There was just something off about the picture. Something that felt really unnatural about it. I thought about it all the time. The basket. The leaves. The pine trees. Then one day it clicked. Fallen leaves and pine trees. Pine trees don’t have leaves. They have needles. Needles don’t turn those colors and they don’t fall off in the fall. The pile of leaves wasn’t natural.

After a year of staring at the picture, a year of telling parents that I couldn’t find their kids – I finally figured it out. I dug a hole where the leaves were in the photo. There was a basket buried underneath the dirt. It held a child’s skull. Dental records matched it to Michael Blasters. One of the children who had gone missing.

I ordered an excavation of the area. The other kids were buried nearby.

Only one complete skeleton was found. It was a child that disappeared only a few days before we got the photo. Unlike the rest, her body was in a coffin.

There was a note pinned to the front of her dress. The same handwriting as the photo.

“48 hours of air – you could have saved her.”

Grief. Sometimes the inexplicable happens. Time stops and things you get worked up now don’t really matter. These times I grapple with God and I wonder if I still have a purpose. And if I’m selfish or if it’s futile for pursuing art, love and creativity. I wonder. And they say time heals things. But when the tragedy has a ripple affect, you know it affects others. They’re pain may be dealt with in different ways. You so want to become jaded and cynical and hide. But maybe there is a light. And so you keep pursuing it. You work through the confusion. You cry. You mourn. And one day you start your regular routine. One day you will smile without feeling entirely guilty. Do you move on? It seems inconsiderate to think of that concept. Selfish even. Alas, we have to in some way…make due. Make sense. And try to make something worthwhile. You have to feel the pain and all the complexities of the event.
—  flawedconqueror 
Love and heartbreak differs for everyone although I can tell you a few things, I can tell you the 6th inevitable stages you go through.
First? Well first comes shock. The realisation, the helplessness. The I-can’t-live-without-him.
Second comes the tears. The screaming. The shivering. The lying-in-bed-and-I-cannot-move.
Third is usually the anger. The cursing. The blaming. The fuck-you-I-hate-your-guts. Forth is the fear. The anxiety. The worrying. The my-heart-is-pounding-I-wonder-if-he-misses-me-too. Fifth is forgiveness. The talking. The trying. The please-let-me-back-in. Sixth is when your heart grows colder. The ignorance comes. The repressing. The I-swear-I-don’t-care.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write