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My Saviour - Part One

A/N: I finally have enough chapters of this finished so that I can start posting. I will be posting once a week and I’ll try and stick to mondays, but I can’t guarantee anything. I need to thank my beta @thorne93 for still keeping up with me, you are awesome and I would be thoroughly lost without you. Feedback is highly appreciated since I practically live for the stuff.

This story is going to be a very bumpy ride, with a lot of angst, pretty much in most chapters. The reader is in an abusive relationship. I will warn properly for each chapter, and do my best to tag it properly as well. But if you are easily triggered, this might not be a series for you.

This is also an AU. Dean is a doctor, Sam is a lawyer. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Alex (OMC mentioned)

Wanings: Mentions of abuse, low self esteem, language, Dean being a doctor (yes that’s a warning)

Wordcount: 2170


You were sitting in the emergency room, one arm carefully cradled in the other, wondering if it was the third or fourth time you had broken that same arm. You could hardly feel the physical pain of it anymore, and on the inside… you were just numb.

You sat there and looked around the near empty room, some informative posters on the walls, some pamphlets on a stand in the corner, several year old magazine littering the few tables, and a half dead plant near the entrance. You had gotten pretty familiar with this room over the past few years, and you imagined that at some point you would get immune to the smell of disinfectant, and the deafening quiet in the room… but no. The smell still made you queasy, and you had read through all of the magazines at least twice.

As you sat there and waited, like you had done so many times before, you wondered how your life had come to this. After you graduated high school, you had decided to take a year off before you started college so that your boyfriend, Alexander, could move with you to wherever you wanted to study. He had gotten an internship at his dad’s construction company that was set to start right after graduation, but he promised that after that year, he would come with you wherever you wanted to go. You made your peace with that and started your own job hunt.

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New Beginnings // Archie

Summary: Reader is a year and a half older than her brother Kevin and their friends. During Kevin’s freshmen year and the readers junior year she dated Archie but they broke up a year later for reasons. What does Betty have to do with the previous breakup? Will the reader and Y/N get back together.

Characters: Archie Andrews x Reader, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, brother!Kevin Keller, father!Sheriff Keller, Hermione Lodge, and Ms. Grundy (mentioned)

Words: 2127

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters.

Warnings: Swearing, crazy Betty, allusion to Grundy-Archie affair, and breakup

Author: Caitsy

Requested: No.

Tagging: At the bottom.

A/N: Popped into my head and thought about how Betty would have acted towards Archie being in love with someone closer to their age.

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Archie Andrews was no longer the boy he was pre-Grundy, he was more buff and more sure of himself. You wouldn’t socialize with the red-head anymore because of the torrid affair with an older woman he had had. He tried to talk to you but you kept stone walling him and you just couldn’t look at him in the eye anymore. Jughead seemed to understand the most out of the group.

“You feel uncomfortable because your dad is the sheriff?” Veronica asked confused on why you didn’t talk to Archie. Why you would rush off when he joined you guys for lunch.

“Majorly, I want to be an officer when I’m older.” You sighed.

Veronica and you had bonded very quickly when she arrived. Both her and Jughead were the small group of people that you frequently socialized with. Other than your brother of course.

“Why would you want to wear those drab clothes?”

“She’s lying, that’s her childhood dream.” Your younger brother, Kevin, said as he plucked a fry off your plate.

You weren’t the same age as your friends but Jughead was in your advanced english class so you studies together a lot. You were a year and a half older than them truthfully but they were more matured and not stuck up assholes. They were sophomore and you’re a senior.

“Shut up child.” You said pushing Kevin away from you and your tray of food.

“I’m just surprised.” Veronica said, “I’ve heard you and Archie dated.”

You sighed as she brought up your past relationships. During Archie’s freshmen year you had dated the entire year. Maybe it was the seriousness of the relationship before his cougar loving summer that didn’t allow you to be around him anymore.

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anonymous asked:

Omg omg omg please do a part 2 of teacher GOM ?? PLEASE ??? THANK YOU

(*´▽`*)This was much fun to write. Here’s Pt1:

Kise Ryouta - Kise knew what he was doing wasn’t right and wasn’t fair to her, but he just couldn’t stop himself. What kind of plan was this?

“________-san…your thesis here isn’t as succinct as it could be. I recommend you revise it,” Kise said, pointing to the sentence with his pen.

She was sitting in a chair on the other side of his desk, a puzzled look on her face as she leaned closer. “Hmm…but sensei, I revised it plenty of times and I don’t think there’s any way I can make it better. You even told me a week ago that it was good.”

Well, you see, that was the week before he came up with this plan to find something erroneous with her paper everyday so that he could have some alone time with her (even if it only consists of long literary analysis). But this is exactly what he wanted: the mild fragrance of her perfume…the softness in her voice everytime she spoke… the cute look she had on her face when she was trying to understand whatever Kise was criticizing about her paper. Yes, he was being selfish. But how could he resist?

Kise leaned back, smiling. “Hmm, _______-san, we’re not off to a good start if you can’t even recognize your mistakes.”

“It’s not that I can’t recognize the-”

Kise abruptly inclined towards her, closing the distance that the desk created between them. He was so dangerously close that she stiffened. Kise felt a very strong confidence in himself at this moment.

“________-san, can you guess why I’ve been calling you after class everyday?” he asked with a tone so smooth it was like honey.

She hesitated to reply, and Kise didn’t wait for her to. His eyes softened as he reached his hand out towards her, holding her face in his palm. Her skin was soft and warm, most likely because of the blush he had induced. “You’ve been driving me crazy since the day you stepped into my class.”

At this moment, her eyes gleamed. She felt a different aura from Kise than when she first met him. They looked at each other not like student and teacher, but as though they were soulmates and lovers.  

She gulped, choosing her words very carefully, “I-I’m sorry, sensei…I didn’t know I was bothering you in any way-”

Kise rubbed her cheek and then held her chin, tilting it upward ever-so-slightly, causing her lips to part. He stood up and leaned over the desk, once again making the distance between them so miniscule. “If you still can’t understand what I mean by that, then I’ll just have to show you,” Kise whispered, then pressed his lips against hers, setting off sparks in her heart. There was a unique chasteness to this kiss despite its nature.

After what seemed like blissful eternity, he pulled away from her and gazed at her expression. Her eyes were closed, lips glistening and she was completely dazed. It was like she forgot how to breathe. A moment later, she blinked open her eyes and looked at him with a different kind of glance. It was the glance of a woman in love.

Kise smiled at her and then sat back into his chair while fixing his tie. “Do you see your mistake now?”

She helplessly looked down at her paper and nodded.

Midorima Shintarou - Midorima looked through all the papers she gave him and often glanced at her who was sitting apprehensively across his desk.

“Well? Sensei, what do you think about them?” she asked, biting her lip.

Midorima wasn’t even looking at the job title, or salary, or description. The only thing he paid attention to was the location. Sydney, Australia. New York, United States. Seoul, Korea. Too far. All of these jobs would send her so far away from him and he didn’t like that.

He adjusted his glasses and cleared his throat. “I don’t think any of these jobs would be your best fit. You should search for something else. Perhaps something local? How about something very close to the university? This is just a possibility.”

She cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow at him, “sensei, why would I want to get a job near the university? I’m kind of sick of this place. I want to go out and explore the world!”

An uncomfortable knot settled in Midorima’s stomach. He knew that she were graduating this year. There was no way he could tie her down from something like that, especially knowing her outgoing and ambitious personality. But he didn’t want her to leave. He didn’t want to miss her presence in the hallways. To put simply, he didn’t want her going out somewhere and starting a life without him. Because of this, he was greedy with her job applications.

“The world is dangerous. I still highly recommend staying at least in Japan,” he said, trying to mask his real motives.

“But you told Kazuya-kun that he should try to get a job as far away as possible…you even suggested he should become a conductive scientist in Antarctica…” she asked suspiciously.

Midorima hissed and closed his eyes tightly. “That’s because I hate him, he’s a horrible student. I care too much for you to see you go somewhere far away.”

Midorima rarely slipped things out of his mouth that were something he hadn’t intended to see. Unfortunately, this was one of those rare moments.

“Huh? You care too much for me to go somewhere far away? But I’m just your student, sensei,” she chuckled and tucked strands of her hair behind her ear.

He stared at her with his eyebrows furrowed. ‘That is where you are wrong’ he was thinking. To him, she was so much. To him, she was the purpose of his career. To him, he wouldn’t look forward to a single day of teaching if she wasn’t there. She was the one who kept him from quitting his job as a professor. If she hadn’t stumbled into his class the first day of the year, he probably would’ve been somewhere halfway across the world right now. This is why he couldn’t let her go.

Midorima reached out and grabbed her hand, startling her. He was blushing from his own action but still maintained eye contact with her. “What would you do if I said something completely ridiculous?” He inquired.

She hesitated, struggling to form an answer. “Um…it’s impossible for you to say something ridiculous, sens-”

“I love you, _____”

Her eyes widened and she felt shivers run down her spine. “E-Excuse me?”

“I love you,” he repeated, “I love you so much. I don’t want to see you gone. I want to live the rest of my life with you. I want to start a family with you. I want to hold your hand like this everyday. I’d die if you weren’t here by my side, _______.” His voice wavered from the desperation in his voice. She was still shocked. 

“W-What…I don’t know what to make of this, sensei, I-”

“Don’t say anything,” he said, letting go of her hand. “Think about it properly, think about everything I have just said to you right now, and then tell me your response. I’ll be waiting for you.” He weakly smiled at her. Her eyes lit up from how handsome he looked like this. All she could do was nod.

Aomine Daiki - Aomine entered the classroom and set the stack of papers onto his podium while sipping his coffee. He groaned and rubbed his eyes, causing the dark circles underneath them to become more apparent. He looked out into his classroom and at the group of students.

“You all failed your year-long assignment. I can’t believe I teach such dumb people,” he said harshly, looking at some people in particular.

The students began to groan and fidget, their stress levels increasing by the second. Some banged their head against their desk while others were praying.

Truth is, Aomine could’ve been a lot easier with his grading. Like, much easier. If only he hadn’t been so exhausted when he came home last night after tutoring her. Usually when he tutors students, it only takes him about an hour to finish up and then go home. But with her, it was a different story. She’d challenge almost anything he said. She would tease him endlessly and nag until he wanted to rip his hair out.

He located her among the group, and she was just sitting there in her seat with her head resting on her palm, a smile on her face. When she noticed he was looking at her, she gave him a wink. It wasn’t a flirtatious wink, but rather a playful one. Aomine glared at her, as though to say that she should be the most worried about her grade.

She didn’t know why Aomine-sensei always put up with her shit. He doesn’t even like to answer questions in class and only tutors if he needs the extra money. But for some reason, he was always so much more patient with her (although he’d still get pissed). Thoughts processed in her mind. What if Aomine-sensei was interested in her? What if he liked her?

There was really only one way to find out. She stretched, looked at the people around her, and then found her hands at the buttons of her blouse. She undid them slowly, one-by-one. Aomine, who was handing out the assignments to the distraught students, looked her way and when he did, his gaze fell immediately upon her chest. At this point, her cleavage was out for display and Aomine could easily tell what color bra she was wearing.

She watched him as he gulped, his eyebrow twitching slightly. When he looked up and met her gaze, it looked like he had enough and was ready to punish the hell out of her. He looked down at the name of the next paper he had to hand out. It was her’s.

When she walked up to receive her assignment, she swayed her hips and bit her lips, causing some of the male students around her to gawk. Aomine handed her the assignment but held onto it tightly so she couldn’t take it so easily. She looked at him dead serious, as though to ask “What? Need something?”

“______, you need to see me after class,” he said in a low growl.

She smiled, “Gladly, sensei,” and made her way back to her desk. Aomine enjoyed the enticing view.

Akashi Seijuro - Akashi gathered his notes that were neatly placed on the desk. Right before d      leaving, he remembered something. He opened the drawer next to his desk and looked at the book he had checked out earlier. When he picked it up, he was reminded of the girl he met at the library. She wasn’t a student of his, so she probably wasn’t a business major. A possible literary major? She did have great taste in novels after all.

He didn’t notice the smile on his face when he thought of her. But when he did realize it, he quickly regained his composure and cleared his throat. He exited the classroom, closed the door, and locked it. The hallways were empty with natural lighting sprawling the clean floor. This peaceful feeling was all Akashi had ever asked for in his life.


Akashi turned his head around to see the source of that sound. A student was carrying a huge box, tall enough to cover their face. He approached them and asked if they needed help. A head popped out from the side of the box. Akashi’s eyes widened slightly when he saw who they were. It was the girl from before.

“Ah…Akashi…sensei?” she said as though she was unsure of his name.

He nodded and smiled sweetly, taking the box from her hands. She was flustered and told him that it was fine, and that she would carry it instead. Obviously, Akashi ignored her.

“What’s your name?” Akashi asked abruptly as they walked to the storage room.

“Oh, ________. I’m a literature major,” she said, her tone excited when she mentioned her major.

Ah, I was right Akashi thought to himself. Upon reaching the storage room, he placed the box on the top shelf and watched her as she looked for another box. When she located where it was, she stood on her tiptoes and tried to grab onto the bottom, but unfortunately she was too short. Akashi reached over her and grabbed a hold of it. When she realized how close he was, she began to blush furiously, and of course Akashi noticed all of this.

He handed the box to her, causing her to yelp because of how heavy it was. He smiled at her (fake) sobs and patted her head, taking the box back and laughing softly. She pouted and followed him outside of the storage room. As they made their way downstairs to the second floor, Akashi felt his heart beating abnormally faster than usual. He didn’t want to admit that he was in love with her, but he already knew it.

“Sensei, what do you teach?” she asked while fidgeting with her hair.

“I’m a business administration professor,” he said.

“Ahhh…I wonder if it’s too late to change majors,” she said to herself but it came out a lot louder than it probably should have.

“What was that?” he inquired.

“Eh- Oh, I meant…uh, business sounds really fun!”

He nodded and chuckled softly. When they reached the room, Akashi placed the box where it should go. “Is that all the work you have to do?”

She nodded. Akashi gave her another smile and then opened his bag and searched for his school key so that he could open the shortcut door to the parking lot. She couldn’t help but look into his bag and see the book that was in there.

“Oh! You’re on the third book!” she beamed.

Akashi nodded and they talked briefly about the series. He felt at ease. He felt like he didn’t have to impress her, and he felt like he didn’t have to be assertive to maintain respect from her. This feeling was comfortable. A feeling he could get used to.

“_______,” he said, “would you mind joining me for dinner later this week?”

She smiled. “Not at all. I’d love to join you. I’ll be sure to have new titles to recommend to you!”

He smiled and made a move to walk past her, but stopped at her shoulder, leaning down slightly. “Great. It’s a date then.” He then walked by her.

Her eyes got bigger, “A-A what?” She asked, following behind him.

Kuroko Tetsuya - She hid behind the hall’s pillars and behind walls, watching Kuroko from afar. It was his job to post class rankings after each exam and this often included one of his students to follow him everywhere he went until he stapled them onto their respective boards. He barely finished putting up the sheet for the senior class and there she popped up, right beside him. Kuroko jumped back slightly, thinking if this is how people felt whenever he “showed up out of nowhere.”

Her eyes scanned the list for her name and let out an exasperated sigh when she found she barely made the top ten at tenth place. She was too busy in this that she didn’t notice Kuroko’s admiring gaze upon her.

“______-san? I think you should allow other people to see the ranks as well,” he politely said. She looked at him, surprised, but then humbly ducked away from the crowd. Inside, she was happy beyond belief that she had actually ranked. Kuroko approached her with a smile on his face.

“Congratulations, _______-san,” he said.

“Thank you, sensei,” she sighed, “if it weren’t for you, I would’ve failed the Japanese test.”

Kuroko’s cheeks flushed when she said those words to him and he felt a warmth within his chest. He was beyond ecstatic that he was able to help her on the test and wanted to tell her that teaching her was the best part of his day. He wanted to tell her that he would tutor her for hours on end and never get tired of glancing at her thoughtful expression. But how could he say this to her?

“I’m glad I was able to help,” he said, as polite as ever. There was a sadness in his voice that she could barely notice, but not enough to make a comment about.

She hummed when she walked away and all Kuroko could do was watch.

What do you do if you’re just not happy with your course?

This is a topic that I haven’t really seen discussed among studyblrs, and I would have liked a post like this when I was going through this; so I thought I’d make a post in case any of you are struggling with the same things I did.

There can be quite a few reasons that you might want to drop out, but make sure you know what the problem is so you can weight out the solutions.

  1. The classes aren’t what you expected.
    Maybe you went for a psychology degree but you’ve realised that the subject just doesn’t interest you as much as you thought. Or maybe you didn’t get your first choice and you’re stuck in a subject that you really don’t feel passionate about. Maybe the classes are too big or too small or you don’t enjoy the way things are taught. 
  2. The university isn’t what you expected.
    This was a major factor for me - I expected something completely different, and I was surprised by how much the university resembled high school.
  3. The classes are too difficult.
    If this is one of the major reasons that you’re contemplating dropping out of college, seek help first. Pretty much all students feel like they’re drowning in work 24/7, so speaking to other students about this, organising your work in a way that suits you and talking to your professors will be a huge help.
  4. You’re just not cut out for college life.
    This is possible; a lot of people don’t feel comfortable with the pressures and academic aspect of university, even if they thought that they would enjoy it. Chances are, if you didn’t have a good high school experience, you may find it hard to continue the whole teaching/learning thing in adulthood. If you’ve really checked in with yourself and realised that college isn’t for you, then that’s perfectly fine. It isn’t for everyone, and you can still have a fantastic life without a college degree.
  5. It’s too expensive.
    Maybe you went into college thinking that you could handle the debt, but you see it accumulating and you don’t think that the experience you’re having is worth all that money, or maybe your loan application got rejected halfway through your first term (which happened to me). You should talk to your university’s financial advisers before making any decisions, and look into grants and scholarships for the upcoming years if you haven’t already.
  6. You want to do something else.
    If you’ve just started a philosophy degree and realised halfway through your first lecture that you’re destined to be a carpenter, follow your goddamn dreams dude. Bear in mind that you can always get your philosophy degree and then study carpentry afterwards, but if you feel like you’re getting a philosophy degree for no reason then yeah, consider dropping out.

Of course there are countless other reasons that you may be unhappy at university, but you have to be sure that the reason for your unhappiness isn’t easily fixed by talking to your tutor, or just getting away from it all for a while. I asked myself these questions repeatedly:

  • What is it about college that isn’t working?
  • Is there a solution that doesn’t involve dropping out?
  • Is being in college affecting your mental health?
  • How have you benefited from being there?
  • Why did you decide to do this in the first place?
  • What aspects of college do you enjoy? Are you ready to give those up?
  • Would you be happier in a different course (or a different school)?
  • Have you discussed the problem with your friends and family?
  • Is there another path that seems more appealing?

If something about college just doesn’t feel right, and you know it isn’t going to get better with time, then trust your instincts. Life is far too short to be stuck doing something that you don’t want to be doing. That may sound simplistic, but trust me, I’m now sure that dropping out of the college that I was in was the right decision. REMEMBER - dropping out does NOT mean you’re a failure. It means that you were brave enough to make this huge decision about your future and your happiness; it’s a very courageous thing to do.

How do you go about dropping out?

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thepaintedbuttons  asked:

Hi Dr F, I am an undergrad student in Canada about to start first year. I know that you practice in Australia so my question might not be applicable, but I figured I would try anyway. How the HECK do people afford vet school? This yeat cost ~ $20,000 alone, thankfully a lot was subsidized. I am working part time to make up the difference. I don't think it will be possible to keep a job while at vet school with such a dramatic increase in course load. How do you all do it? I'm so scared of debt!

I have no idea how overseas and full fee paying students afford vet school.

When I went through in Australia I was fortunate enough to be awarded a Commonwealth supported place, which meant two things.

  • My fees were lower, because the government was paying a percentage of them
  • I qualified for FEE-HELP, which is a goverment loan that is basically interest free, but adjusted for inflation, which I only start paying back once my income reaches a certain threshold. The money for repayments is actually withheld as additional tax, so it will be paid off automatically as I work, but I can made additional repayments if I choose to.

There’s been a lot of noise in the last few years about increasing university fees or deregulating them, which is short would bankrupt future vets. Vet school is one of the most expensive degrees, owing to it’s length and requirements for medical equipment and animal specimens. It is more expensive to run than a human medical degree, but our earning potential is much less than medicos (close to half). If our university fees re deregulated as war proposed, your average Australian veterinarian would not pay off their loan by the time they retire. Basically the government wanted to American-ize our tertiary education system, and our profession stood up and said “Excuse me? Oh hell no!”

Most of my course fees went straight onto the loan, and any income I had was spent of just cost of living and such.

I really feel for overseas students with their loans, especially seeing as the payoff from a vet degree is not as high as from degrees with other costs.

Advice to would-be-students

I know there are lots of “college advice” type posts floating around, but what the hell, maybe I have something to add. 

I’m going to preface this by saying a couple of things:

First, I have really liked college. It is 100 times better than high school, in my opinion. And I liked it enough that I’m planning on pursuing a career in academia at some point in the future. 

Second, I would probably have enjoyed college a lot more if I’d made an effort to be less busy. (I don’t regret taking advantage of opportunities, but I do rather regret not having a social life for the last two and a half years). 

Also this post is long and should probably have been a bunch of separate posts but oh well. 

First and most important:  If you take your classes seriously, you will be fine.

If you remember nothing else from this crazy long post, remember this part: You don’t have to be brilliant to be successful in college. If you put in basic effort (show up to your classes, do the work on time, and study for your tests), you may not have the highest grade in the class, but you will be ahead of at least half your peers (if not more) just by making an effort. I kid you not, 2/3 of success in college is just forcing yourself to give a fuck - do the reading, edit the paper, organize the group project, whatever it may be. If you do it and you put in some basic effort to do it well, you are golden. If you really want to go the extra mile, email or meet with your professors to talk about big assignments. When half your class isn’t even doing the reading, coming with the reading done and something to say about it makes you look fucking brilliant, and over the course of a semester staying on top of work pays off. It’s a lot easier to study for a final when you’ve actually looked at the material it covers. 

Stay organized

Everyone goes about this differently and it will evolve for you over time. The important thing is to write down important dates and information and keep that info close to hand. Also, find a way to organize the assignments you do and papers you write. In a couple years you’ll be wanting to look back at those things either to use them in another assignment (plagiarizing yourself is great because it’s not really plagiarizing), or because you need writing samples for job/internship/scholarship applications. 

Invest in a couple folders, maybe a planner. Find a notebook you like and use it to “brain dump” everything (from to do lists to paper outlines). Basically, do whatever works for you but have a system and for the love of all that is good remember that spending 5 minutes a day staying organized pays massive dividends down the line. Trust me on this one. It has saved me time and money and made me look brilliant just because I could pull out an assignment, find a source, or reuse course material. 

Talk to your professors, the aren’t as scary as they seem and (most) of them genuinely want to help you

I still have to remind myself of this one pretty frequently, but it’s true. It is not an admission of weakness to go sit down with a prof and ask for advice/clarification/whatever. That’s something you hear a lot, so here’s the more important advice: You will not develop awesome relationships with every professor you talk to - and you don’t need to. But you don’t know which ones will turn into valuable assets and allies and advisors until you talk to them. Once you have good relationships with a couple of professors, doors start to open. I’m not talking about good letters of recommendation (although those are great and important), I’m talking about things like research opportunities. I ended up with paid research assistant job because I talked to a professor after class and we had some shared interests and ‘clicked.’ Which brings me to my next point…

Opportunities will come your way, but only if you put yourself in the position for that to happen

The more accurate way to say this may be “You can’t plan for everything and you shouldn’t try.” By all means, have a plan, but don’t limit yourself (or stress yourself out) by treating that plan like a step-by-step guide to “success.” Talk to people, go to meetings, go to events. If you’re an introvert like me, that can all be really hard, but it is important and worth it and will pay off. I have met some of my best friends and opened the door to some awesome opportunities by showing up to meetings, even when I was out of my comfort zone doing it. Say yes to things. If you join a club and the president says, “Hey, do you want to help me with X project,” say yes if you have any interest in it at all. Those things open doors. Not all of them will turn into great opportunities, but some will. Put yourself in a good position, be open to things, and good things will come your way.

Likewise, understand that “networking” is something that goes on all the time. I used to get really stressed when I would go to an event because it was a “good networking opportunity” and then leave feeling like I hadn’t made any useful connections. It’s okay not to make connections all the time, even at “networking events.” If you get involved in things in your campus/community, pursue interesting opportunities, and talk to your professors, you are going to wake up one day in a couple of years and realize you have a network. Don’t stress about this one, it’s not worth your time. 

Basically, don’t expect every event you go to and every person you talk to to turn into an awesome opportunity; some of them will and ‘some’ is more than enough. 

And on the subject of (career) plans…

Plans are good. They give you a direction. They can also limit you if they put blinders on you. Think about where you want to end up, and use that goal as guidance. Where you want to end up doesn’t have to be “realistic,” and it can change. There can be more than one “goal” in your head at any one time (this is generally how I operate). Having these ideas will help you decide which opportunities to pursue; it will keep you moving in a direction you’re happy with. Things will happen along the way that will change your goals and plans and that is very very okay. 

This is all sort of theoretical, so here’s an example: Someone I spoke to recently said “I”m never going to be the Secretary of State, but I’ve spent college pursuing opportunities as if that was the end goal.” He just got one of the most prestigious international fellowships in the country. As a freshman I looked up the entry requirements for my absolutely ideal program at the best university in the world and made that GPA etc my “goal”. That program is no longer my ideal, but by using it as a guidepost and as motivation I have come out of undergrad with a resume that will give me at least a shot at pretty much any program I want to pursue now. 

One thing I’ve learned from two awesome internships and lots of conversations with interesting people is that there is no one right way to get anywhere. One of my best doctors dropped out of college for a couple of years because it “wasn’t right for him” at the time. A colleague went through like four majors and now has an awesome, really hard to get job doing something unrelated to any of them. Just breathe and do things that interest you. 

So the lesson there is to choose a direction, and not be afraid to grow and change. It’s like that meme/quote about “My life didn’t go as planned and that’s okay.” Those are words to live by. 

Learn to say ‘No’ to good opportunities

Earlier I said “say yes a lot” (and you should) but at some point you will have a full plate and trust me, it’s better to dedicate yourself to six things than take on 12 and start dropping balls left and right (or lose your social life). 

If you need accommodations, ask for them, it’s worth it

Accommodations make a world of difference. Find you disabilities office and go talk to them. Most are wonderful. It’s worth the awkwardness and some paperwork to discover what you can accomplish with a (mostly) level playing field. 

Okay I’m sure there’s more I can come up with but I’m going to leave it here for now. Feel free to reblog and add on. Everyone approaches this stuff differently and the important thing is to find what works for you.

hey guys! rejection sucks. i just received that dreaded email yesterday that said: “we regret at this time we are unable to offer you admission”. thankfully, i planned well in advance and so instead of being completely devastated by this email, i am actually enrolled in my program at another university!

of course it sucks to be rejected (and psa: rejection is not the end of the world) but you can always be prepared. just a heads up– at my uni you have to apply and go through a decisions process before being offered admission to your intended major. some universities are similar and some are different. it also depends on your major. my intended major was Electrical Engineering a highly competitive major at my school. hopefully this will help!


  • please please please talk to your advisor! do not just go into the application process blind. ask them or look up average stats online of the students who did get accepted to the program previously. where are you on the scale? i didn’t have a good chance– but i still wanted to try! i encourage you to always try no matter the odds.
  • plan to apply to multiple majors if you have the necessary requirements. this way you keep your options open. 
  • figure out the most important thing to you: do you absolutely want to stay at your current university? do you mind transferring to get into your program? can you retake classes and try again next year or not? 
    • if you don’t mind transferring (this is the route i took) then look around for a few backup schools and begin applying for them NOW. it could take a few months to hear back. sometimes your course-work from your previous institution will transfer nicely and you could either be accepted directly into the program or be a few classes away from applying to the program there.


  • if you aren’t planning on transferring– then just wait patiently. it took me 26 days to hear back from them!! of course i was freaking out the entire time. try to find things to pass the time.
  • if you are considering transferring as a backup– hopefully you’ll hear back from your institutions! choose the right one that fits your needs.
    • if you can wait until you hear back before paying the non-refundable fees then great– if not i’m just going to say what i had to tell myself: 200 dollars now is nothing if i have to drop out of school and wait to reapply or if i have to spend another semester/year here (on tuition). 
    • i know that this isn’t entirely plausible for some people and most schools will work with you and have reduced costs if you talk to them!
    • also sometimes you have to attend an orientation for the transfer school! schedule it for after you will find out about your acceptance so that you can have time to cancel and get your money back if you do not have to attend it!!! 


  • if you got accepted– congratulations! i am so proud of you!
    •  if you got accepted/paid your transfer school already then you can withdraw from the university now. 
  • if you got rejected– i know how it feels. it sucks a lot. but, you have backups and plans. you are already steps ahead of those who didn’t think of any plans!! 
    • if you want to stay at your university you can petition to take some of the major-only classes and also retake classes for a better grade. talk to your advisor about steps you could take. some people try multiple times before they are accepted!!
    • your advisor might tell you to consider a different major or you might have gotten into a different major than the one you want. again, decide what is most important to you.
    • if you are going to transfer– start withdrawing from classes, make sure you don’t have fees, and get ready to attend orientation! 

this is something that i believe needs to be said: the stigma around transfer students is bad, even within the studyblr community. you might feel like you are dumb for not making it and you could also feel terrible. i know i did. but, i just want you to know it is not the end of the world. you have a whole new bundle of opportunities waiting for you!!! you can re-establish yourself and do more things than ever before. i am rooting for you. i promise it will get better. your university doesn’t define you. your major does not define you. 

acceptance does not make you a better, smarter person than one who got rejected. 

i hope that this can help people who might be/are in a similar situation i was just in. this is all from personal experience. you got this.


Something I’ve learned about University is that it is a place full of choices, and often times, I make the wrong ones. 

Right now is one of those times. And in the interest of being a completely honest studyblr, I’m going to share this major fuck up with you today. 

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Hello Studyblr Community,

Even though I’m transferring to university this fall, I know that my community college is starting up soon. So, I thought it would be helpful for those in community college (freshmen or otherwise) to know how my experience went. Hopefully I will help you avoid making the same mistakes I did and have a stress free transition from community college to university.

Before You Step on Campus for the First Time:

  1. Take the Placement Test Now!! :Hopefully you’ve already done this, but taking the placement test is so crucial. You can’t make an effective schedule if you don’t know where you stand. Many people make the mistake of taking classes before taking the test and it messes up their entire time line. If you haven’t done it, try to do it within the next week or so.
  2.  Take the Placement Test Soon, But DO the Prep work: Many schools offer prep for the placement test and it can really make a difference if you go over the material first. My school only allowed us to take the placement test twice. I made the mistake of not prepping the first time I took it and I when I tried to prep for the second time, I felt a whole lot more confident. It may not change your placement, but you will never know. Some people skipped multiple classes just by studying for a couple days.
  3. Don’t Let Your Placement Ruin Your Mood: You may get placed in a class that’s lower than you expected, don’t let this discourage you! In my experience, its better to start in a lower placement (especially in subjects like Math) because it will give you an opportunity to not only brush up on your skills and find your weaknesses, but also get used to how the subjects are taught in a college setting.
  4. Stay Positive!: Just because you’re at a Community College, doesn’t mean you’re not capable or smart. I went to a private high school and when I told people I was going to community college they were shocked. I had a strong GPA so they didn’t understand why I would choose not to go to the many universities that accepted me. My personal reason was that university was just too expensive at the time. You have your own reason. You don’t have to explain yourself. But know if you’re reading this, it obviously means you care about your education. So don’t worry about the name. An education is an education.                                              **Side Note: Many of my teachers at my college work at my uni, so I basically got the same class for THOUSANDS of dollars less.
  5.  See a Counselor as SOON as Possible: You might think you know     what classes to take, but in reality you don’t. If you know what school you want to transfer to, tell them that too. Many school’s require the same classes in order to transfer, but a couple have very specific requirements to weed out candidates. So tell your counselor as soon as possible. 
  6. If You Can, Find ONE counselor and stick with them: This maybe hard to do, but I joined a education program during the second half of my freshman year and it changed my life. I was able to get a specific counselor. She was super sweet and she wanted to know me and understand my goals so she could help me. She constantly stayed in touch and I made it a point to meet with her at the end of every semester so I had a clear path for the next term. By finding one person, you save time on having to repeat your story and goals, and you also ensure you get a person who cares about you. If you find someone you like, ask for their email and inquire about how you can meet with them specifically.

Now You’re College Student:

  1. Keep EVERY syllabus your teachers give you on the first day: many universities require you to bring the syllabus to your transfer counselor so they can determine if the class meets their requirements. This is the only way to ensure you will get credit for the classes you finished, so NEVER throw them away. Nothing is more awkward than asking a professor if they have their syllabus from 2 years ago, especially if you never had a relationship with them.
  2. Try to make Relationships: Coming from a person who HATES social interactions with strangers, I’ve noticed community college is just that, a community. I only had to out right introduce myself once in my two years. All the other times, people came up to me and talked. But regardless building relationships with your teachers and your fellow classmates will save your butt more than I can tell you.                      **Side Note: Relationships with teachers can be hard to start up, but just remember they’re people and they’re being paid BY YOU to help you. So make sure their earning your money. Ask for help, and if they don’t want to, push them. Again YOU are paying them. And most times they appreciate seeing a student take the time to fight for their education and will be more likely to help you when finals come around. So build them early.
  3. Find Resources: Campus has so much to offer, but you would never know if you don’t look for them. The most important resource for me was the math lab. I was hanging on by a thread by the time I went in there as a freshman, but I met a tutor who saved my ass. I pretty much lived there ever since. So if you need help, PLEASE GO LOOK FOR IT!             **Side Note: Scholarships through the school tend to be easier to find (and a whole lot safer) than outside scholarships. Look into how you can apply if its possible.
  4. Join a Program: Many schools have programs to help certain groups (such as race based programs or scholars programs). These groups tend to have reserved classes for those who are part of their program which can ensure that you get the classes you need. And its a cool thing to put on your transfer application. 
  5. Stay Motivated!!!: Remember you are going places and you have a reasons to work hard. Maybe you want to attend your dream university, earn an AA degree, make yourself proud..etc. Whatever it is work hard at it! People will take notice and opportunities can open up because of it. Don’t get discourage if takes more than 2 years to complete your classes, just don’t give up! You are putting in the effort to better yourself and that’s an amazing thing.
Not Your Typical Love Story, But Your Cliché Porno.

Request: Gerard smut where hes a porn star and y/n is doing her first film and hes the co star and they have to do the stereotypical teacher student porno with a shitty plot and just all smutty goodness

AN: This is gonna get weird.

Did you know 66% of men and 41% of women watch porn at least once a month? Don’t believe me? Look it up. Despite porn being shrugged off as sleazy, poor quality, unrealistic sex, the porn industry grosses over 10 to 14 billion dollars annually. The stigma and universal conclusion about porn is quite true however, porn is the definition of unrealistic and is sometimes so cheesy you can’t even get off to it because you’re laughing so hard. The most amusing factor about it is that somewhere in the world, a teenage boy is being brain washed into thinking that he could get a job as a pizza boy and some blonde bimbo will bang him instead of paying. 

Gotta love porn.

Even though I was well aware of the horrendous scenes and stories porn revolves around, I still couldn’t help but groan at the part I landed. Of course, when I finally build up the nerve to audition, this is what I have to work with. The email was simple and straight to the point.

Title: “School Girl Earns Her A.”
Co star: Gerard Way
Summary: Student seduces teacher for a better grade.
Your character: Student
Co Star’s character: Teacher

Not much of a plot, but that was suspected. Porn is 90% improvising and 10% of the director yelling a few key words and positions they want you to include. The rest of the message was all the information about the actual shoot, date, time, address, along with a few routines and crew member names. 

I was thrilled that my interview went well and got picked up by a company fairly quick, but really? Teacher and school girl? I internally cringed at the thought of what I was sure my costume would be as slutty as possible and in a signature school uniform skirt.

And I was exactly right.

The designer, who I remembered from the list was Ashley, held the outfit level to my chest and examined it, furrowing her eye brows as she lined up the top. I heard mutter “too big” to herself and switching it out with a different size, biting the inside of her cheek before giving it an approving nod. “Okay, try this one on hun and we’ll go from there.”

It was relieving to have another girl helping me, a majority of the crew were men and they all couldn’t keep their eyes to themselves whenever I walked past them. I could tell this wasn’t Ashley’s first time working on a movie because she sensed this would be my first one immediately after I walked in. That was also reassuring, she was trying to help put my ease at the same time without making me feel like an amateur. 

“How does it feel?” She inquired when I walked out of the dressing room, admiring the uniform in the mirror. 

“It’s a little snug, but i’m guessing that’s the point eh?” I chuckled, adjusting my boobs again as they were determined to spill out of my shirt.

“You already got the business down kid,” she said in amusement, tweaking a full ruffles on my shirt and straightening the pleated skirt. “Okay, now we just got to touch up you’re make up and then you’re ready to rock girl.”

I’m always extremely impatient when it comes to waiting. Horrible character trait, I know, but it’s simply the worst. Waiting leads to thinking and thinking leads to second thoughts. And the last thing I need is to be having second thoughts about this when i’m in full costume and sitting cross legged on one of the plastic chairs outside the set.

I was nervous, beyond nervous. I brushed off the thought of any downsides to doing this when I first filled out an application, the company paid well and I sure as hell could use the money. But now i’m mentally imagining thirty people crowding behind the camera and watching my every move and running out is starting to sound like a good option. Before I could, the door swung open and Jordan, the director, walked out.

“Alright, we’ll all ready in there,” he said casually, nodding his head towards the set. I nodded, standing up from my chair, making my black heels click against the tile floor. 

Jordan didn’t look like what you usually imagine a porn director to look like. The initial mental image is some creepy, old, bald guy who looked more like a guy you instinctively lock your car door when you spot him coming near you instead of someone you can comfortably have sex in front of. He looked young, had short, spiky hair and complimented the rough look he was working with a few piercing and tattoos. 

“Nervous?” He asked, glancing back to me.

“Very nervous,” I admitted, feeling the jitters come back. “I don’t even know this guy.” The sentence slipped out before I could stop it. It felt like a foolish thing to be hung up on in this business. No one knew each other.

But Jordan waved it off like it was nothing. “Don’t worry, you’ll like Gee. I’ve done a few films with him and well,” he paused to chuckle lightly, shaking his head. “Let’s just say I haven’t had any complaints.”

I laughed lightly along with him, picking at my nails unconsciously as I watched him set up his camera. We small talked here and there as he ordered around the rest of the camera, demanding more lights in certain areas and getting multiple cameras spread out to capture every angle. 

The door creaked open, alerting everyone that someone was here. Jordan’s head perked up and he grinned widely, jumping up with his arms stretched out. “Gerard!”

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a male porn star? A muscular guy with a perfect quiff and a spray tan, right? They all usually look the same or have the same look. 

But not Gerard.

His jet black hair was long and purposely messy, yet combed back to give him a sophisticated look while being dashingly sexy. The daunting black locks made his complection seem even more pale and highlighted his deep hazel eyes. He was wearing a white button up with a black waist coat and striped tie over it, complimenting the look with black slacks and freshly polished dress shoes. He had a coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other, pinching the bud between his index and middle finger. Gerard looked like the substitute teacher you fantasized about having when you were a teenager and my mouth uncontrollably came crashing down before I could stop it. 

Thankfully he didn’t notice, smiling at Jordan and giving him a quick hug before following him to his desk in front of the fake classroom, setting down his coffee and plopping down on his rolling chair. I could feel my cheeks heating up as I made my way over to him, heels clicking obnoxiously with each step I took. He glanced up from drink and eyes me, a coy smile forming on his lips as he swiped his tongue over his bottom lip.

“Hi, i’m Gerard. But you can call me Mr. Way,” he chuckled, adding air quotes to his character name. He had a thick jersey accent and his voice was oddly soothing and melodic . “What’s your name darling?” He asked politely, extending his hand out. His charm was ridiculous and I started to understand why Jordan had little doubt I wouldn’t like Gerard.

“Y/N,” I responded, my voice seductive and hinted with lust. I shook his hand, his large, calloused one engulfing mine. He flashed that smile at me again and set aside his coffee, folding his hands up into a triangle and raising an eyebrow at me.

“That’s a lovely name, i’ll have fun moaning that later,” he winked, his eyes lighting up when I squirmed at the comment and fought to keep my composure. Jordan’s shouts snapped us back to reality and I scurried off to the desk in the front row as Gerard flicked his cigarette and Starbucks cup into the bin next to his desk and organized his papers to seem more realistic. 

“You two ready?” Jordan asked, placing a hand on my desk and looking back and forth between us. I let out a shaky breath, shuffling in my seat and avoiding the hungry gaze of all the crew members. Gerard seemed to notice and frowned.

“Hey Jor, why don’t we clear out the room? Y/Ns obviously nervous and just having you in here we’ll probably keep her from freezing up,” Gerard suggested, shrugging casually while he scribble nonsense onto one of the blank pieces of paper. 

Jordan paused, thinking it over before nodding. “Will that help?” He asked, looking down at me. 

“Yeah, that’s fine,” I squeaked, giving Gerard a grateful glance as Jordan shooed everyone out of the room. Gerard simply winked back before returning to his papers.

Jordan hoists up the camera so it’s level with his eyes and flashes a wicked smile. “You guys ready?”

I nod, adjusting myself one last time as Gerard just responds with a curt, “yep.”

“Alright,” Jordan pauses for a few seconds, allowing us to get into character and loosen up. “Action!”

I looked up at Gerard, who seemed very interested in whatever work he was pretending to do, batting my eyelashes for effect. “Why did you want to see me after class Mr. Way?” I said in a velvet voice. 

Gerard tilted his head up, suddenly very serious and professional. “Come here.”

I stood up and slowly walked to Gerard’s desk, making sure to sway my hips with each step. I leaned forward onto the desk and rest my head on my hands, kicking my left leg back so the hell was nearly touching my ass.

“What’s the problem Mr. Way?”

“You’re falling behind in my class Y/N. You’re not turning in your homework or paying attention during my lectures. You need to focus if you don’t want to repeat this class,” Gerard said in a calm yet serious voice. He had a frown on his face but I could tell how hard he was trying to not smile at how cliché everything felt. 

“I’m sorry Mr. Way,” I pouted, looking up at him through my long eyelashes. “Maybe I could do something for you.” I smirked at Gerard before sauntering around his desk, hovering over him and tracing my index finger down his chest.

“I’m your teacher, i’ll get fired,” he protested, weakly trying to push my hand away. I straddled his waist, running my fingers through his hair.

“Come on Mr. Way, no one has to know,” I purred into his hair, making sure I was loud enough for the cameras to pick up. Gerard pauses for a moment before nodding, glancing up at me with a hungry look in his eye.

“This will just be between you and me, okay sugar?”

I giggled and nodded, grinding my hips down and holding back a moan when I felt him buck up. My arms hooked around his neck, fingers toying with the soft hair at his nape. Jordan moves closer and I hear the small static noise of the camera zooming in. I assumed that was a cue for us to deepen the kiss because Gerard’s tongue forces my mouth open and quickly invades my mouth. 

I moan at the feeling of Gerard’s tongue rubbing against mine, the wet noises our mouths are making is obscene and I whimper when I imagine what we look like. My lungs burned as I pulled away from the kiss, desperate for air. Gerard responded by lifting up my skirt, hands gripping my ass harshly. He digs in with his nails and then smooths a comforting hand over the same spots.

He brings his hand back before bringing it back down and smacking my ass hard. I whine and throw my head back, my grip on his shoulders tightening. “You like that, baby?” Gerard asks, smacking again and smirking at the moan that bubbles out of my throat. “You like when I smack you?” 

“Yes,” I whimper, his large hands roaming up and down my thighs.

“Yes, what?” Gerard says cockily, sucking on his teeth.

“Yes, Sir,” I corrected, the beautiful wide smile returning on his face.

“There you go. Maybe I should grade your final based on how good you can suck me off. How ‘bout you get on your knees and show me what you can do,” Gerard growls,teeth nipping at my neck. That was the last line of the script and now it was time for us to show off our improv.

“Yes, Sir,” I say again in the most lustful voice I can muster, grinding down on his hips before moving off of him and sinking onto the floor. The cold tile felt like ice on y exposed knees and my heels made an echoing click every time I adjusted. I could see Jodan move around from the corner of my eye, kneeling on one knee to get a straight view of me from the side.

I blocked out the camera and focused on Gerard, feeling a chill run up my spine when my eyes locked with his enlarged pupils that absorbed all the light hazel, leaving only a thin border around them. I palmed at the growing bulge, watching Gerard lean his head back into the chair, a small hiss escaping his mouth. I smiled and undid his belt, loosening the leather strap with ease and wiggling the slacks down to his knees along with his briefs.

His erection springs free from the tight restraint and I could feel my mouth watering. His size was beyond impressive and I knew there was no way in hell I could take all of him. It would be a challenge, but who doesn’t love a challenge?

I pumped him slowly, teasingly, and rub my thumb over his slit each time my hand meets his head. Tiny beads of pre-cum leak out of the tip and drip down the sides and I can’t stop myself from leaning down and running my tongue along his protruding vein. I hear his breath hitch and I hold back a chuckle, moving up to his tip and taking it in my mouth. I flatten my tongue and rub the underside of his head, making Gerard clutch at his armrest. 

“Fuck, yeah, just like that baby,” Gerard moans, removing his nails from one of the leather arm rest and running a hand through my hair. I stretch pen my mouth as wide as it will go until my jaw starts aching and sink down, barely taking in half of his length before his tip brushes against my gag reflex. 

Yep, that’s as far as i’m gonna go.

But I knew that’s not what matters, you could give someone an amazing blowjob with barley going an inch past the tip if you knew what you were doing. I hollowed my cheeks and starting bobbing my head, sucking extra hard when I got to the head and sometimes pulling off completely to blow cool air against it, watching Gerard shiver and squirm in his seat.

More shuffling around me and I see Jordan move behind Gerard, hovering the camera above Gerard’s shoulder and gesturing for me to look at him. I look directly into the lens and moan around Gerard, batting my eyes as I felt tears brimming.

“So…fucking good,” Gerard pants, the hand resting on my head tightening as he pulled up, hinting for me to get off. I pull off of him and finally catch my breath, my throat already starting to feel sore. Gerard ran a hand through his sweaty hair before standing up. “Get on the desk now,” he ordered. I sat down on the edge of the desk, looking up at him. “Flat on your back,” he instructed, reading my mind and answering in a raspy voice.

The cool wood felt good on the exposed area on the small of my back. My shirt barely covered me and I still had the top buttons undone to give a sneak peak of my breast. Gerard noticed, his slender fingers trailing up my stomach to the first button. 

“Fuck baby, you have no idea how sexy you look in this uniform,” he grinned, his right popping one of the buttons open while his left hand traveled up my thigh. He took his time, getting joy out of watching me squirm under his hard gaze and trying to arch up into his touch. Jordan snapped his fingers behind me, signally for Gerard to pick up the pace. I was relieved that I would finally get some sort of relief, but the growing intimacy from all the teasing was nice too. But that’s not porn, porn is about putting on a good show for the viewer and not for us to build up chemistry. 

Or as I recall the interviewer saying, “If you want passion, get the fucker’s number after the shoot and do that on your own time.”

The last button flicked open, revealing my lacy bra Ashley picked out for me, Gerard’s eyes growing wider and another smile curling up on his face. He took the fabric in both hands and torn it right down the seam with one swift motion.  He leaned down to my ear, biting my earlobe. “I’m gonna fuck you so good baby,” he grunted, his hands roaming down to my legs and pushing my knees up. “But first, how about I reward you for sucking my cock so good?”

I whimpered and nodded frantically, forgetting all about Jordan and the cameras. He knelt down in front of the desk, hooking his arms around my legs and yanking me towards his face. He pushed my skirt up, taking the hem of my panties between his teeth and slowly pulling them down and letting the fabric fall to the floor. 

He spread my legs and kissed the insides of my thighs. His breathing had sped up, and he was moaning every time his lips made contact with my skin. How could he possibly be enjoying this as much as I was? My heart nearly stopped when I felt Gerard’s warm breath against my sensitive folds, and I held back a squeak as his tongue parted the lips of my labia and grazed my clit. He then held them apart with his thumbs and placed a loving kiss against my sensitive little bud.

“You taste so good baby,” he murmured against me. His tongue swirled around my clit in complicated patterns, and I truly understood for the first time how many girls he must have practiced on to get this good. His tongue lapped at me relentlessly, and my breathing grew labored as I moaned and whimpered his name. The flat of his tongue pressed firmly against my clit and I cried out for more. 

“Sir, please,” I begged, and he brought one of his hands down to slide a finger inside me. With my free hand I clawed at the desk in an attempt to find something to cling to. He crooked his finger inside me, hitting my g-spot and prompting me to cry out for him. Gerard added a second finger and crooked both at the same time. “Mr. Way, f-fuck! Please fuck me,” I whined. I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed more. I needed him.

“Since you asked so nicely,” he smirked, rolling his chair back. “Flip over, hands and knees.” I did what he said, trying my best to not acknowledge the camera. I felt his hands grip my waist, positioning me so my heels were barely scraping the ground and ass was perked up, on display. “Imma tie you up now, okay baby?“ He said softly as if he was talking to a child and I nodded, letting him pin both of my hands on my back and tie them together with his striped tie.

I gasped when I felt his head press against my entrance, teasingly running up and down my slit before slamming in. I choked out a moan and felt my legs turn to jelly. One hand stayed firmly on my hip while the other came up to the back of my head, keeping my face firmly pressed against the desk.

That’s a porn position for ya.

Each thrust was hard and deep, the whole desk scooting forward every time he bucked his hips forward. My hands pulled at the restraints and I groaned in frustration, I was aching to touch him. I glanced back and him and almost came at the sight. His button up was soaked with sweat and was clinging to his broad shoulders, eyes rolled back and dark locks falling onto his forehead. 

The room filled with breathy moans and the sound of skin slapping together, the occasional sound of the legs of the desk screeching against the tile floor. I used to think people over reacted in porn, but I was proved wrong. The feeling was indescribable and knowing we were on camera only made it more hot. 

I could tell by his noises he was getting close, moving his hand out of my hair and onto my other hip, forcing them back to meet his thrust in the middle. “I’m close Mr. Way,” I moan, struggling to find my voice as he sped up his thrusts.

“God, you sound so hot. You like my thick cock stretching you out, huh? Feel good, Princess?” He said in a husky voice, pressing down on my clit.

“Mm, yeah, fuck,” I cried out, my eyes screwing shut as I came. I could feel sweat dripping down my neck and the back of my thighs as Gerard continued to pound into me. His thrusts falter and become erratic, his breath coming out in short pants and grunts. 

“Come inside me, Sir,” I moan, my body shuddering at how sensitive I felt.

Gerard throws his head back and groans, his eyebrows furrowing and his mouth opening to form an ‘O’ shape. I clenched around his cock, feeling him shoot inside me, it doesn’t stop for a while and I can’t help but feel a swell of pride I made the sex god cum that hard. He eventually slows down his thrusts until he comes to a complete stop, pulling out slowly. He leans closely to my ear, whispering so the camera won’t pick up what he’s saying.

“Meet me outside my dressing room. I need to see you again.”

I couldn’t get myself to respond before Gerard walked away, pulling his slacks beck up and fixing his zipper. Jordan moved closer, getting one last shot of me slumped over the desk before snapping his fingers as the red blinking light turned off. 


candycountries  asked:

Hi! Thank you so much for your 40's New York references! As someone who doesn't even live in America, it's very helpful! I was wondering if you had any ideas on what jobs Steve and Bucky might have AFTER the war if they made it home ok (Bucky minus one arm) since I'm trying to research possibilities and it's proving difficult. Thank you and I hope you have a lovely day!

Aww, thank you!  Let’s see if I can help.

My own personal assumption about what Steve and Bucky might have done after the war is that they would have been snapped up by an intelligence agency.  The Howling Commandos seemed to have functioned as an independent unit performing covert intelligence operations and sabotage in hostile territories, which would have made all of them phenomenally valuable after the war as the US government pivoted from dealing with fascism to dealing with Communism.  The CIA was founded in 1947 to deal specifically with this threat; I think we could reasonably assume also they could have been folded into the SSR, as it became SHIELD.

Now, if you’re asking what kind of jobs they would have held if they chose to become civilians after the war, let’s start with a quick overview of the GI Bill, which helped to create what we understand as the modern middle class.

Passed into law in 1944, the bill was designed to ease the transition out of wartime for the roughly 11 million or so returning veterans, 73% of which had served overseas.  The GI Bill offered the following benefits:

  • College tuition or vocational training for up to 4 years
  • Zero interest loan guarantees for a home, farm, or business
  • Job-finding assistance
  • Unemployment pay of $20 per week for up to 52 weeks if the veteran couldn’t find a job
  • Priority for building materials for Veterans Administration Hospitals.

That first bullet point was a big one.  When Steve and Bucky were growing up, only an 8th grade education was compulsory; about 6% of the population was college educated before WW2.  If you’d like to take a look at a shitload of graphs, you can see the stunning leaps that happen after 1940, when the government paid a whole lot of people to get educated.  I’m getting some differing numbers between websites, but at least half of World War II veterans participated in an education or training program through the GI Bill.  In 1947, vets accounted for 49% of college admissions.

This was a great thing also because there was rampant homelessness and unemployment waiting for returning veterans - in 1946, about 2 million veterans were unemployed, and at least 1.5 million vets and their families were squatters.  Millions also took advantage of the GI Bill’s home loan guaranty. From 1944 to 1952, VA backed nearly 2.4 million home loans for World War II Veterans.  Overall, home ownership in the US went from 43.6% in 1940, to 61.9% in 1960, to a large part attributed directly to GI Bill benefits.

So what could their jobs have been, as civilians?  Well, I also had a hard time getting a direct answer from the interwebs, but we can extrapolate a few things based on other economic factors at the time.  The construction industry was going through a boom period - not only were homes and planned communities being built at a feverish pace, but the national highway system started construction in 1956, and many of our familiar skyscrapers were constructed during the post-war boom.  So civil engineer might be a good choice, career-wise.  

Food science, also a big thing: due to lots of fucking around with chemicals during the war, we developed new types of fertilizer.  We had tons of manufacturing facilities that had been making bullets and guns, so we turned those over into making tractors and other farming machines, phasing out the use of horses, carts and other such tools.  Between the population boom and the stunning advances in technology that happened because of WW2, a lot of people were paid to make feeding our citizens a lot more efficient.

The late 40s and 50s also saw the highest rate of Humanities majors that we had all century - the evidence that I’ve read seems to be anecdotal, so I won’t link to it, but a college professor AU is pretty charming.  Television also became a huge, huge thing after the war, so a pretty face like Steve Rogers could definitely have become a television personality.

The US Government also put a lot of money into nuclear and energy programs, plunking down research facilities all over the country, but primarily in the south: South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, etc. Nuclear engineer Bucky, anyone?  

If you want to keep them in New York, NYC experienced a huge cultural shift during the post-war period, and created most of our modern art canon for the next few decades.  Lots of beatniks, lots of social unrest, lots of avant garde artists.  Disillusioned, anti-war Greenwich Village painter Steve Rogers?  Haha love it.  Anyway, you have lots of options, and can even have them opt out of employment and become hobos on the 52-20 plan, which was what unemployed veterans were derisively called.

A history lesson from Hans Bekhart is never really complete without the social justice context, so let me add also that Gabe Jones would have been for the most part shit out of luck trying to get his benefits through the GI Bill.  The federal government left the actual carrying out of these benefits to local agencies, who - you guessed it - were hella racist.  They outright excluded black people for both educational benefits (Southern universities being segregated at the time, and HBUCs overwhelmed by the number of applicants) and housing (by refusing home loans to black applicants seeking to purchase outside of designated areas, also known as redlining, the effects of which can most certainly still be seen today.)  Black veterans were overwhelmingly shunted towards vocational training rather than education, and then further excluded from minimum wage laws at the time (or rather, job categories with high rates of black workers were excluded from having to comply with minimum wage laws, such as domestic workers).

Much of the current wealth disparity in the country between white people and black people can be directly traced to the GI Bill, as home ownership is one of the biggest creators of wealth (as opposed to income, wealth is assets - cash savings, homes, and retirement accounts - minus debts i.e. mortgages and credit card balances).  Wealth disparity perpetuates from generation to generation and has an enormous effect on a person’s ability for financial success as they move into adulthood.  Money makes money, as they say.

Jim Morita would have done alright, though: Japanese veterans were not excluded from GI Bill benefits, so it was during the post-war period that Japanese-Americans achieved near economic parity with white Americans; turns out that whole model minority weirdness is older than you maybe thought it was.

anonymous asked:

I'm in the middle of a crisis & I need an advice, could you please help me? I just graduated as an accountant & I realized I hate it. I feel like I wasted the last 5 years of my life I don't know what to do :( thank you in advance if you answer

Hello love,

Thanks for your message, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a bit of a rough time. I do know exactly how you feel though. 

Because Oxford and Cambridge are Oxford and Cambridge in your final year you begin to receive invitations to all sorts of events and drinks parties and even dinners with huge corporations within the UK. It doesn’t matter what you studied, a lot of these companies just head hunt students from Oxbridge universities based on the university alone. For that reason I was THISCLOSE to choosing between working for a huge bank in London or taking a training contract with one of the biggest corporate law firms in London (and the world) when I was graduating. I didn’t particularly want to do either of these jobs, but it’s what I thought I should do. 

My best friend (Ben from the book) had graduated before me and taken a corporate job in London which he hated and while I was telling him about these job prospects and how dull they seemed he was like, “Don’t do it. You’ll hate it and you’re too creative to work in a bank.” I had a good friend who I’d known since I was a child working at the law firm I had the offer from and she took me out for drinks shortly after this conversation with Ben and told me all about her job and how she basically did a lot of research and paperwork for anywhere from 80-90 hours a week and that it paid really well but that she didn’t have much time off. So I asked her finally if she liked her job and she said, “Well, I wouldn’t call it soul satisfying.” 

I don’t come from a particularly affluent background, despite my education. I think one of the greatest lessons I was ever taught was by my mum who told me that because of our economic background that I would always have to work, so if I was going to have to work I needed to at least enjoy what I was doing. That’s why my first job was dog walking when I was ten. I’ve kind of carried that over into my adult life, which is why the idea of a job that wasn’t “soul satisfying” solidified my apprehension towards the job. Sure I’ve had jobs that I didn’t love, but later on I found myself in a career that I hated two years ago and thought about what would happen if I stayed in that particular job and it was just kind of depressing to think that I knew exactly where I would be and what I would be doing for the foreseeable future. So I started interning at a radio station in my spare time and going to music festivals to interview bands and realised that what I really wanted to do was write and listen to music (I mean…who doesn’t?) So eventually I saved enough money to quit my job and start freelance writing and here I am, publishing two books and still getting free passes to festivals to write about music. 

I was the managing director and head sales trainer for a company once and we used to ask every applicant to choose what was the most important thing to them from the four F’s - family, fame, fortune or freedom. The answer for me has always easily been freedom, but if it’s fortune you want you’d take a totally different path. Similarly, if your priority is a family the whole boho living month to month and travelling all the time lifestyle I’ve built probably won’t work for an entire family, and fame-wise…I wouldn’t call myself famous, but I think attention in the media was actually the easiest thing that ever came to me which I know isn’t normal, but I had more newspaper articles written about me than actual blog posts when the Sex At Oxbridge blog first went viral so I think the fame thing really just made me realise that I could use my writing to achieve the kind of freedom I wanted. 

Regardless of what you choose to do, if you want to be great at your job it requires a massive amount of work. I read a Korean proverb that said “Hard work will never betray you” so when I want something I just keep working until I get it and I don’t know if I’m just lucky or if I just have an extremely aggressive work ethic, but I have never not gotten something that I’ve put all of my effort into getting - from sports, to what university I wanted to go to, to publishing my book. 

In my experience, freedom and happiness are directly correlated for me. Money does afford you a lot of freedom, and not having it can definitely make you feel trapped but I’ve never felt like I’m too good for a job and last year I was working in a pub whilst trying to sort out other plans because realistically you can’t just not work if you don’t have a trust fund or a massive amount of savings. The temporary nature of the job made me much happier than the bleak possibility that I could be sitting at a desk for the rest of my life, and I got to talk to people and listen to music all day which is what makes me happiest, but it’s really a personal thing. 

Anyway, that’s my story and hopefully a good example of how getting out of something you hate can work out for the best. I think it’s a good idea to consider your options - 1. You stay in this job you hate and ultimately you might be okay with it but it’s kind of like settling or 2. You do literally anything else and regardless of what it is at least you’re not stuck with option no. 1…The last five years are gone, you can’t get that back, but hopefully you learned something even if that something is that you do not want to be an accountant. The only thing you can control is what happens now, so there’s no use in mourning what you could’ve done in the last five years because that will never change. What you can change is what happens next.

If there’s one thing I learned from growing up poor it’s that the easiest thing to get if you really need it is money. Whether it’s working in a pub or selling stuff on eBay…if you need money you can always find a way which is why I’ve never been motivated or driven by money. You can’t buy the feeling of freedom and happiness I had lying out by a pond in Hyde Park writing a book yesterday and if I have to sacrifice bi-weekly shellac manicures (which I only really needed for the sake of appearances for my job) for groceries then I think it’s a fair trade. 

I hope this helps! Feel free to dm me or email me at if you want to talk in private xx

anonymous asked:

Whats the purpose of having all of these telescopes and equipment used to discover places we'll never touch? Why doesnt it make more sense to focus on the feasible productivity of what we could use from space and other planets, that we *can* get to?

After I posted the recent video simulation of the orbits of multi-planet systems as discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope, I received a pair of comments like this one from anonymous writers questioning why we should be spending resources on things like Kepler rather than here on Earth or in this Solar System.

These types of questions, while important to ask, also deserve the strongest response I can give, because I want people to understand how important this type of exploration actually is. 

The Kepler Space Telescope is a mission built to discover planetary systems outside of our solar system and it has found thousands. To me, this is an extraordinary accomplishment for many reasons. It turns out that it tells us a lot both about our own solar system and about the galaxy we live in. But before I address that, I want to address two common misconceptions in this type of reply.

First, every single cent spent on the Kepler Space Telescope was spent here on Earth.

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Messin' with the Heads of Feminists

By Michael


Stay with me now. I promise. I won’t bore you.

Have you ever really considered what the universally absolute laws of organic logic tell us about the problems of existence and origin … or just spouted slogans all your life?

Most products of the state schools and popular culture just spout slogans nowadays.

It’s the weirdest thing, really. They all sound alike, all pc talk and no hat. I used to marvel at it in high school.

Routinely, some nitwit, a feminazi type with a degree in education—snicker—would mouth some drivel or another, and the heads would just bob up and down. You know the type. She wears Ms. like a neon sign, spouts the banal as if it were profundity. She’s all jingoism … without a lick of common sense.

“Gender is a social construct!”

I used to wonder if my fellow “students” were pod hatchlings or if they were all just hoped up on Soma—a little Epsilon-it-up, Brave-New-World, go-go juice.

You know what I mean?

Every once and a while … between slogans … I’d throw a realty-check bomb out or a question from first principles … real innocent like, you know, like I was confused or—dare I say it?—wondering how this or that could be true.

You have to be careful with that though. You can’t overplay it or the knee-jerk, thought cop paid to babysit and burp the sheep cops an attitude, goes into repressive tolerance mode, and the band of brothers and sisters of group-think closes ranks. They start spouting epithets as mindlessly as a dog licks its genitals: misogynist!, fascist!, homophobe!, bigot!. Oh, and then there’s my favorite:  “Patriarchy!”

All the usual suspects.

You.  Know.  The.  Routine. 

This is always useful as you can make out which of the kids haven’t been switched out with pods yet and who the cuckold sissy faggots, the faux males of feministia bootlickery, are.

That’s always good to know so you can isolate the Betty Friedan types from time to time and ask ‘em for a little rape-culture action just for kicks or corner the bootlicks and let 'em know that the next time they kiss feminist ass at your expense in class you’re going to send them home to their mommies with your size 12 shoe lodged in their asses.

(Is it just me or do others yearn to smash the faces of those “males” who wear T-shirts or hold up signs that read, This is what a feminist looks like?  I get a hankering to show them what a beat-to-a-black-and-blue-bloody-pulp-of-feminist-male looks like eating that T-shirt or sign without his favorite condiment.)

But I digress, and you’re probably thinking I’m not a very nice Christian boy at this point.

In truth, I used to tell the teachers and the multiculturalist “students” that they were a truck full of robotic mutants right to their faces in class … with a beatific, Jesus-loves-you-but-hates-your-sin-and-rank-stupidity smile, of course.

The feminazis were always shocked at first, but then went into overdrive magpie and shrewish bitch. I just told them to shut their vulgar pie holes and make me a sandwich. Then I’d tell the teacher that I wasn’t leaving the classroom unless these faux females were booted too.

Equal rights and expression, you feminazi bitch!

If the bootlicks, you know, the pudgy, soft-around-the-edges metrosexuals popped off at their mistresses’ behest, I’d talk about their mommies and their pathetic, friend-zoned lives of worshipful puppy dogs while casually punctuating each phrase with a closed right fist slapped against my left palm.  I stared each of them down, one at a time, as I spoke and wielded that fist.  You have to keep the manginas in check or they start to imagine they're real men who can flay and slap at you with their sissy talk.  They need to know there’s always the afterschool curriculum of beat-your-ass, that you’ll take more than just their lunch money.  Unlike cowardly bullies, real men require a pound of flesh.

(I never actually did that, of course.  The implied threat was a enough.) 

I did that in each of my classes sometime during the first week of each year to establish the ground rules, find out who the real humans were, make the feminine girls giggle and swoon, and draw out the other boys who weren’t buying it.

The things teachers let these creeps say to nonconformists in class nowadays should get their asses sued and put out of a job.

These are the sort of things that are fighting words, really, that by all rights should be shoved back down their cowardly throats, and it’s always the four-eyed, frizzy hairs, the just-let-it-bleed-and-stain types who don’t shave their legs and armpits, leading the pack as they hide behind their vaginas.

Oh, wait! You’re not John the Savage, i.e., John Doe the Christian, so you don’t know what it’s like to be surrounded by a mindless horde of hateful zombies.

Every now and then I’d just tell the dingbat in front of the chalkboard to kiss my ass … not in so many words, you understand, but on the down low.  Dig me?  I'd rattle off the applicable version of the ratio ad absurdum of the irreducible mind and of the infinite regression of origin, then watch her mouth drop and the drool drip.

(Why are virtually all of the teachers female dingbats? Boys need men to teach them, not these silly bitches.)

When things got boring, which was most of the time, it was always a real hoot to throw out that universal ground of objectivity for all human intellectual endeavors, including science. Everything came to a screeching halt.  I counted to 10 for the inevitable Say what?


“Oh, I’m sorry, Teach. My bad. I just noticed that you stated that as an absolute without an ontological justification anywhere in sight. I thought you might want to elaborate … or back the hell up and try again. That one didn’t make my head bob.”

I swear. Sometimes it’s like they’ve never even considered the imperatives of first principles … even though they’re as plain as the nose on their faces, as readily self-evident as they can be to anyone with an IQ above that of a gnat.

Weird, eh?

But how could that be, you know, seeing as how they’re educators … with degrees, state certificates and such?

Can we get some teachers back in the schools packing the authority of the absolute rationalism of the masculine intellect? All this touchy-feely, sentimental emotionalism is ruining America.  A man can only take so much moist, snot-stained-hanky feelings.

I’m going to homeschool my kids, Sweetheart.


Part of My Chemistry

Advent Prompt #11: Teaching assistant!Darren and College Student!Chris with a science lab experiment gone wrong. Chris gets worried Darren is hurt since he’s the one who blew up the thing because of a bet on how to make your teacher lose his cool. CrissColfer. 4K [AO3

Read Previous Advent fics on: AO3 | Tumblr

Chris is a planner. He wrote his first short story at age seven and decided writing would be his career by the time he was nine. It’s a conviction he never wavered on. By junior high and high school, he was planning all his courses and extracurricular activities (of which he signed up for the bare minimum possible while still having a passable resume for college applications) around what would help him develop his writing and strengthen his applications to colleges with strong creative writing programs. Now, many years later, he’s finally made it to the University of Michigan and aside from the school’s obsessive interest in football, he’s pretty damn happy with his choice. He’s got professors that understand him, that have been published themselves and understand his drive to achieve the same, that give him actual criticism and feedback on what he’s writing. Chris feels like he belongs here in Ann Arbor, like he’s home in a way he never felt in Clovis, not even on the best of days. All his years of planning and striving and working and dreaming have finally paid off.

The one thing Chris had absolutely never planned for was falling in love with his teaching assistant. Chris would never write something so cliched for any of the characters in his novel, so the fact that he’s become a walking cliché himself is a shameful secret he finds himself constantly trying to deny. But then he walks into his Chemistry lab section at 6 PM every Thursday and he looks at stupid Darren with his stupid riot of curls and stupidly compact frame and melodious voice and stupidly cute smile and he just falls all over again. Basically, he’s fucked.

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anonymous asked:

American here. While I don't know everything about the Brexit issue, I do think it's probably best you try to respect the decision instead of complaining about it. Older people do have wisdom gained from age, and I'm sure they had some good reasons

“Good reasons”

Know what old people have? Money.

Know what old people do? Vote.

Know what old people do with their vote? Vote for parties and policies that allow them to keep as much of their money as possible.

Sure, the baby boomer generation may have had their struggles with going to a shop or factory and asking for a job and getting it almost immediately and having a trade or learning on the job skills while getting a lump sum pension when they retire as well as many other benefits.

Sure, they might have had the hassle of going to the bank of building society and getting a mortgage for a property that was where they wanted to live and was within their realms of affordability, even on one household income.

Sure, they might have endured the pains of going to university for free and gained more knowledge than what was afforded to their parents.

Sure, they might have had the NHS and been able to have every part of any dental and medical treatment paid for as well as even having their travel costs reimbursed.

Compare this with this generation, the millenials.

Tell me, how many times has a millenial had to complete application after application for a job before even getting to the interview stage, let alone get the job. And how many of those jobs are for zero hours contracts which don’t guarantee them a stable income?

Tell me, how many millenials are going to be renting and spending a sizeable chunk of their salary on household bills? How many of them have already given up their dreams of ever owning a property of their own, even relying on joint income?

Tell me, how many of them are now saddled with five-figure student loan debt that will be repaid from the moment when (or if) they get a job that even meets the minimum threshold for repayment? And if they don’t meet that income, well too bad, interest is now going to be paid on it.

Tell me, how do you think millenials feel about the fact that their NHS is being slowly but surely privatised away?

Respect the decision?

You think they should just shut up because older generations told them that they know best?

64% of 18-24 year olds voted, 65% of 25-39 voted, and 66% for 40-54 voted. 75% of 55-64 year olds voted and 90% of people aged 65 and over voted.

More than 70% of young voters voted to remain in the EU.

I want them to get angry. I want them to get organised. I want them to get politicised. Because this is their future that they should be fighting for. Join a political party. Read up on politics and current affairs, but for fuck’s sake make sure you choose it from a credible source. If you’re going to get your political commentary from a topless woman on page three of a national newspaper, you’re going to have a bad time. (Seriously it’s 2016, why does this blatant display of sexism even still exist?)

Above all else, I want them to actually fucking vote and realise that their vote matters.

I don’t want them to sign a petition either because even though over four million people signed a petition calling for a re-run of the referendum, the government shrugged its shoulders said “the people have spoken”.

Let me tell you something else about that.When the junior doctors rejected the new contract, 39% voted against it with 29% for it, with 32% abstaining. Jeremy Hunt said “only around a third of serving junior doctors actively voted against the government” and imposed the new contract anyway.

EU referendum: 37% of the eligible voting population voted to leave, 35% voted to remain, with 28% not voting. And yet, the government says “the will of the people has been expressed.”

39% against new contract: oh, too bad.

37% against EU: Well, we better leave.

Respect the decision? The very people that were for leaving the EU don’t even have a fucking plan! Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom, Nigel Farage… all leave campaigners…. none of whom are going to take responsibility for this farcical situation. Hell, even Theresa May was quietly for remain and now she’s the one expected to get the UK a better deal?Do you honestly think the UK, once it enacts article 50 to leave the EU is then going to go to the EU and say “now that we’ve shat on your table and stepped outside, do you think you can give us a fair deal on trade? Yes, we want all of the good things coming to us, be we want all of this, none of this, oh and we don’t want to pay any membership fee either.”

Do you think the EU are going to say “absolutment, we shall give you the very best deal. You are so great, Britain”? Ahaha, not a fucking chance. We’ll get none of the good stuff that EU did for this country. And for that, we should be furious.