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This isn’t exactly the ~peak upload time~ but I feel bad that the last few updates to this blog has just been HatF update notifications, so have some recent art I’ve done!

The 1st bit of art is my rendition of Passionate Patty, from Leisure Suit Larry ¾, pieces 2-6 are various Pokemon Sun/Moon Characters, last 2 are characters from a short comic I’m working on!

I generally post any artwork I’ve done a lot sooner on my twitter, but I do admit I also ramble on…I’m probably gonna try to make an effort in 2018 to post my artwork more often across all platforms…

ID #79122

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 16
Country: USA

Hi! I’m Elizabeth, a small girl from the US. I’m looking for a pen pal mostly because I enjoy talking to new people, and making friends and such. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a total introvert. I have very bad social anxiety, which makes it difficult to meet new people irl, so I thought I would give this a try.
I have many cats, and am a total animal lover all around. I read frequently, sometimes finishing books in a day. Some of my favorites have been Hate List, Eliza and Her Monsters, and absolutely anything from John Green. I am also an artist, even though I am quite busy and don’t have much time for it anymore. I love baking, and watching every new baking show that is released. I have also been learning German for the past three years (and yet it’s still not great) and lastly, I am a writer.

Preferences: I prefer anyone between the ages of 15-18, as long as you are not hateful. I don’t mind what country you’re from–I’m here to meet new people from anywhere.
I also would really prefer email, as I find it the easier way to keep consistently in touch.

long mornings and longer thoughts

totheowls  asked:

Hi there, I was wondering if you could give some tips on how to draw character body expressions because I can't seem to get it right, they always look like robots or unnatural abominations pretending to be humans. Also, your art is fantastic, on both of your blogs and I love it :)

Hi there! :D Ahh! Thank you so much! Usually when I go about approaching drawing a pose or expression, I start off with sketching in the gesture of the pose to make sure the pose or expression “flows” together. I try to make sure that the lines have a “rhythm” to them to help lead the eye around the pose, and give the pose life. In addition, keeping your drawings loose will also help to make the poses have more life, and maintain the energy of the pose. Here is a tutorial on how I tend to approach sketching :D I hope this helps!

The Beginning 

My second #septicart!
I drew young Jack! This is a little thing where I imagined Sean finding Sam. He said it in a video before, imagining finding Sam in a cave. Ye I did too. :3c

I honestly like my first art I did for septicart than this one. It was Antisepticeye:

This was also my first attempt at drawing slime. Jack is making me try new things when drawing. Thank you for that! I enjoy doing this~
I also had to go back to Jack’s older videos and I looked at his old blogs and Skate 3 game play. I kept laughing and remembering his old videos. I think Little Inferno was what really got me to keep watching his videos. It is one of my favorite series from Jacksepticeye. ;w;
Hope you like the drawing and have a great day!
Oooo~ Shinyyy~ 

Characters belongs to:

Art belongs to myself:

  • they are a sign that you’re learning
  • people forget mistakes; ask your friends if they remember 5 mistakes that you made in class, they won’t remember, only you remember your mistakes
  • they make you laugh after you don’t feel embarrassed anymore
  • they remind me what to not do again
  • you know on what to focus more 
  • they enourage you to try again and be better
  • your mistakes are the equivalent of how much you learned/learn
  • they make you humble

No one judges your mistakes. Only you do that and you need to remember that you always need them as long as you learn a new skill, like speaking a foreign language, because they help you.

drew911d  asked:

JNINUNIJDNIUUFIN I LOVE THIS BLOG??? Literally instantly followed when I first saw your AU god it's so well done- Anyways;; I was wondering how Ouma and Amami would interact in the AU without Saihara around them? Hooh boy-

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I’m really sorry I haven’t been active and posting much, just going through some stuff. This blog makes me happy so I’m going to try and post more, dm me some things or people you’d like to be seeing more of!!💕💕💕⚡️⚡️

anonymous asked:

Sensei, I’d like to ask for a little bit of advice. You see..i’m in a rather dark part of my life again and what i was doing to make it better no longer works. I’m somewhat out of ideas. Do you have any advice?

Don’t forget to eat, drink water, and try to sleep at proper hours. Take care of yourself, got it?

(( I hope this helps you feel a bit better, Anon! Though please do take care and go seek help from trusted people, especially if things go further downhill. Aizawa and I believe in you!! Keep fighting!! ))

so; blog change!

like I mentioned in my @thebbros blog, my mlp blog was gonna get a magor makeover and here’s why:

I said I was gonna make this about the Fusion Ponies I maid, but, I didn’t see much potential in them

sure I had fun coming up with their designs and backstorie, but stories and a univers around them? I couldn’t see that happening even if I tried

so I’m just going back to my oldest rearcarnation of mlp,

if any one knows me from my oldest days on Deviantart; you’d remember these from 2013

yep, my anthro pones are back, on tumblr this time!

of course the style is not the same cause this art is old, and their feet aren’t that huge anymore; but other then that, the designs remain the same

mostly they’ll be in mini comics and 4-komas making fun of the show; untill I decide to try other things with them

(maybe I can do some more fusion ponies here and there, but this blog ain’t about them anymore)

that’s it!

Art tips from me

So! A wonderful person by the blog named @ask-bubblegumb1tch asked about tips on how to draw people. I’m no professional, but I’ll try to break it down in these steps, as this is how I draw :D

I hope this is helpful to y’all! Thank you :D

(Also! Check out tutorials, and try to draw real life stuff too [in your own style, if you want!] Promise. And remember, practice! It’s your best friend- practice makes improvement!)


I wanted a gif for the topbar of the blog new design, so I created one. But I can’t make it work - obliviously. 

Tomorrow I’m going to try again, in the mean time - Ta Dà! 

In the future I want to do something similar with their adult self if I find the time.

(Ps. The costume I chose for Yuuri is one of his old ones but the only picture I found is really small, so I’m pretty sure the necklace is wrong, but whatever. One day they are going to release some official art of Yuuri past costumes and I’m going to scream of happiness.) 

In the mean time the Christmas stuff is gone and we are only at a day from S. Valentine! It could have been worse.

!!SasuSaku Month 2017!!

Hello everyone! Welcome to SS Month 2017! For this year, us moderators really took a look at Sasusaku’s core while still being faithful to the fandom and community us SS Shippers have built over the time. We mods know that last year did not go so well due to lack of communication and relevance, and so, together we have decided to involve you guys with the planning as well keeping in mind that this is an event for fans by fans. Without further ado, we would like to announce the prompts this year, curated to both represent SS and its shippers: (click here for the calendar pic in high res)

  • Day 1 - First Love
  • Day 2 - Something More
  • Day 3 - Chemistry
  • Day 4 - Lean on Me
  • Day 5 - Blood, Sweat and Tears
  • Day 6 - Thank You
  • Day 7 - Love You Goodbye
  • Day 8 - Heartbreak Hotel
  • Day 9 - On Opposite Sides
  • Day 10 - Photograph
  • Day 11 - Shelter from the Rain
  • Day 12 - Lights Out, Words Gone
  • Day 13 - In Another World
  • Day 14 - Even just for a moment
  • Day 15 - The Slug and the Snake
  • Day 16 - That Day
  • Day 17 - War Torn
  • Day 18 - Comfortable Silence
  • Day 19 - Regrets
  • Day 20 - Deja Vu
  • Day 21 - Not Everything is Black and White
  • Day 22 - An Outsider’s Point of View
  • Day 23 - It was Always You
  • Day 24 - After Winter Comes Spring
  • Day 25 - Maybe Next Time
  • Day 26 - Hawkmail
  • Day 27 - The Trek Home
  • Day 28 - Hokage’s Desk
  • Day 29 - Connected Feelings
  • Day 30 - Their Little Girl
  • Day 31 - Free Prompt/Boku no sekkusu daisuki

Also, please take a few seconds to read this year’s rules! Do not worry, they’re not too restricting and are easy to follow.

As such:

  1. Any form of media is accepted. We accept your creativity because it is your love for SasuSaku. So long as it is respectable, we accept fics, art, edits, AMV, poetry, etc.
  2. Follow our tagging system! It is not for any reason other so that we can see it and we can reblog it. The tagging system we provide is the tags we go to search for entries! So please tag your entries with ‘ssm17’ and ‘ssm17dNUMBER’! For example, your first three tags could look as follows: #sasusaku, #ssm17, #ssm17d1, d1 stays for d(ay) one. So, for day two, you would tag your post as #ssm17d2!
  3. Please do NOT repost other people’s work!
  4. There is absolutely NO ship hate or character hate allowed. It is not even allowed in passing. It is not allowed in foreshadowing. It is not welcomed in any shape or form. Keep it out of your work, keep it out of this blog, keep it out of this month. It is not allowed.
  5. Rude comments will not be ignored but will probably be replied with witty banter and maybe some comments that will make you reflect on your attitude. At some point, though, it will be ignored. We’re working so hard on this. Please be considerate.

Lastly, two things that are not rules so much things we would like you to consider:

  1. SasuSaku is the main focus here. It is the mutual ship. When you write or do art, especially, try to not make the sideships too heavy.
  2. We mods are people too so life will catch up to us at some point. When we fall behind on reblogging your work, please do not harass us about it! Do not spam this blog’s inbox about why we have not reblogged your entry and do not assume it is because we do not like it or you! We ask that you simply enjoy the month for what it is: a month for our OTP! We will do the rest: reblog the works at the pace that works best for us.

Of course, feel free to send us a message if there’s something you want to know! This year’s team consists of: @xinpaii, @sasukeuchihayas, @saradacchi and @chienakamura.

 Please like, reblog and share and we hope you have lots of fun!