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Quiz time result & Projects ! 

First i want to thank the group of 281 persons who participated in my online quiz ! this will give me a good feeling about what you guys to see next ! Lets look at the top 3 !

Top 1 : More contents in my NSFW blog ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   33.45 % (94 votes)

I was expecting this results since we are all full of sins for this fox. I mean you guys hide it well but we all want the same thing haha xD. I will obey your command and do what you want ! My NSFW blog (Link here for those who never saw it) will get more stuff every week !

Second result:  More Stand-Alone pictures from different Artists. 21 % (59 votes)

This is a main part of my blog already , but i’m happy to see that you guys are still interested , so i will be sure to continue that way and look everyday for more amazings arts to share with you !

Thirst result:  Try to publish some “old” goods comics to make them alive again. 18.86 % (53 votes)

I was happy to see this option in the third place ! zootopia have so much comics, so much stuff , that sometimes its always good to read again some amazing comics from the past, so every week i will try to publish 1-2 comics from the Comic folder ! 

And here are the full results of the quiz :

Thank you again for participating ! now i know the course to take with my blogs to make you guys even more happy ! :D

Imagine Chris being terrified of your older brother, Tom Hiddleston.

A/N: Here’s that request of yours @shadowprincess0218, I managed to fit it in between other pieces I have to finish. Um- I don’t know about this one 😅 I’m tired so it might be a little trashy. But it’s done! Now- oh, right, back to my keyboard for the other three. 🙃 I need coffee.

“Stop,” you laughed, slapping Chris’ hands away as he playfully yanked at your hair. “You’re going to mess it up.” You told him but he ignored you with a cheeky smile on his face. “Chris, stop.” You giggled, slapping his hands away again.

“I’m just trying to make it look better, I’m really good at doing hair.” He licked the tip of his fingers and reached for your hair but you moved back before his fingers made contact. “C'mere,” he teased, trying not to laugh at the look of horror on your face. “C'mere, Y/N.”

“No!” You laughed as you made a run for it; as per usual, you were too slow for Captain America. “No, Chris!” You shrieked with laughter when he grabbed you from behind, lifting you off the ground. “Oh God, Chris!” You yelped and he spun you in a circle, laughing as hard as you were. “Put me down!” You started to choke on your laughter.

Your older brother watched the two of you fool around on the set while you were all waiting for the cameras to roll. The shenanigans seem to have only gotten worst now that the two of you were actually dating and not just friends- who clearly had a lot of chemistry- anymore. You met Chris a while back, when you were visiting your brother on the set of The Avengers, and immediately hit it off with him. You became really good friends, then co-stars in a few different movies- this one being your first MCU movie- and now you were a couple. It took Chris awhile before he finally made a move on you because you were after all his friend’s baby sister; you were only twenty-three whereas Chris was your brother’s age. He didn’t want to cross any lines but he couldn’t keep lying to himself anymore; he liked you and he wanted to be with you.

“Is that weird for you?” Robert asked Tom when he saw him watching the two of you. Tom turned to him and shook his head with a nonchalant look. “You don’t feel the urge to go over there and tell him how things are? Be an overprotective brother?”

“Not really, no.” Tom shook his head. “I mean- she’s my baby sister, yeah, but she’s not a baby. She’s more than capable of taking care of herself and- it’s not like Chris is a bad guy. I actually,” he turned back to the two of you, and Robert followed suit, “really like them together.”

“You also like messing with him,” Robert commented with smirk and Tom chuckled, nodding. “Yeah, I’ve noticed. It is quite funny seeing how scared he is of you. Does Chris know you don’t care that they’re together?” He asked.

“I’m sure Y/N has told him, but I don’t think he believes her. You can tell because he avoids me,” Tom said and Robert nodded. “Ready, watch.” A small smirk formed on your brother’s lips as he walked over, leaving a chuckling Robert behind to observe.

“Chris, put me down!” You demanded, giggling. Chris ignored you, of course, and continued spinning you around. “Chris!” You laughed; your stomach starting to ache from it. “You’re messing me up, I’m not going to be camera ready! Put me down!”

“You should probably do as she’s asked,” your brother’s voice approached and Chris’ laughter subsided pretty much immediately. You saw your brother strode onto the set, pressing your lips together as you tried not to laugh while Chris did as your brother said. You didn’t know why but your boyfriend- the ever-so-mighty Captain America- was afraid of your sweet, gentle brother, Tom Hiddleston who couldn’t hurt a fly.

“I’m um- I’m going to go check in with Anthony and Joe,” Chris began to come up with an excuse to leave; like he always did around Tom after dawning the title of your boyfriend. “See what scene they want me to film next so um- I’ll see you guys in a bit.”

You nodded, trying not to laugh as you shared a cheeky smile with your brother. You felt bad for Chris but you also found him ridiculously hilarious, as did Robert- who was losing it at a distance- and the rest of the cast. Basically everyone on set knew how Chris was around your brother; uncomfortable and awkward.

Of course Tom didn’t actually mind the two of you together, in fact- he wanted you with Chris. He thought the two of you would make a wonderful couple despite the age difference and you did. You’d told Chris before that everyone was okay with you were dating him, especially your brother; that fact was acknowledged but it didn’t stop him from acting weird around your brother. It worked in yours and Tom’s favor actually; Chris was very fun to mess with.

“You know it’s obvious you’re avoiding me, right?” Tom blocked Chris’ path and Chris took a step back, swallowing. “So you start dating my sister and suddenly I’m not good enough for you? She’s the better Hiddleston to hang out with?”

“That’s not-”

“It’s because she doesn’t have a British accent, right?” He quizzed and you stifled your chuckle at how ridiculous he was being just to mess with Chris; he was so easy that a reason as stupid as that worked. “If I spoke in an American accent, you’ll be more inclined to be in the same room as me?” You rolled your eyes at how British you brother was; you’d spent half your life in America so you didn’t speak with the accent, or with words and structure fit for the Queen.

“I don’t…” Chris trailed off, unable to find a way to respond. “Um-” he glanced over at you for help and you all cracked, bursting into loud laughter. “What’s happening?” Your boyfriend mumbled to himself, looking as lost and as confused as a baby duck.

“He’s just messing with you, Cap.” You giggled, sliding your hand in Chris’ as you joined his side. “He’s always just messing with you.” You shook your head at your brother who was now smiling. “He doesn’t care that we’re together. I’ve told you that a thousand times, so stop being such an easy target.”

“You’re not actually-” Chris glanced from Tom to you and back to Tom. “Oh my God,” he let out the breath he was holding in. “I was like ‘what the fuck is he talking about?’ Honestly, man. You are ridiculously scary when you want to be.”

“You think my brother is scary?” You burst out laughing and Tom did too. “Please,” you pulled away from Chris to throw an arm around your brother. “Tommy is the least scary person in this room. He couldn’t hurt a fly,” you said then looked up at your brother, smiling.

“Perhaps not a fly.” Tom agreed with a nod then continued in his most threatening tone- which definitely contradicted your previous statement because Chris was right, he could be scary when he wanted to be. “But I will hurt you if you hurt Giggles.” Giggles was your nickname growing up because- well, that was self-explanatory. “And I am not messing with you, that is a promise.”

“You are the only man I know who can say the word ‘giggles’ and still sound scary.” Chris said after a while and you giggled whereas Tom remained his threatening composure until he heard what he wanted from Chris; a promise not to hurt you. “I won’t hurt her,” he nodded. “Ever,” he added when he turned to look at you, smiling when you smiled.

“Good,” Tom relaxed his demeanor and smiled. “Now that you know where I stand, Chris, you can stop trying to avoid me.” Chris chuckled softly at that as you rejoined his side. “The crew’s starting to complain about how Captain America disappears the second Loki steps into the room,” he teased as he walked off.

“You knew he was messing with me and you didn’t tell me?” Chris tried not to smile as he turned to you; you pressed your lips together. “You Hiddlestons are the absolute worst,” he shook his head, chuckling. “I’m a little afraid to meet your parents now,” he said as you wrapped your arms around his neck; his hands placed on your waist. “God knows what they’ll do to me.”

“They’ll love you as much as I do,” you promised and he smiled. “And I love you a lot, Captain.”

“And I love you too, Giggles.”

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“You’re seriously like a man-child.” “Please put your penis away.”

Just the beginning

The TM was blasting with the loud music, everyone was drinking and having an overall good time. Croweaters walked around the place flaunting their shorts skirts and barely there tops, others were dancing around to the rhythm of the old rock n’roll tunes. I was seating right now in between my family, my brother Opie by my side and my best friend Happy on the other, we were talking to some guys from another chapter about stupid moments in between runs and dumb stories. We had been drinking for a while now and someone thought our old asses needed a bit of high school fun playing dumb games.

I was talking to Chibs when a very drunk Happy approached me immediately making grabby hands at me but I pushed him off playfully making him pout before leaving to bother someone else, we were seating at one of the sofas at the club house when Happy approached us again, moving his private parts in both of our faces in a “seductive” matter.

“Oh c’mon brother” said Chibs and I couldn’t help and start laughing.

“Please put your penis away” I said smiling at him and trying to push him off of us, making him pout once again. It was definitely a sight to see the Tacoma killer act so needy. Sadly for me it wasn’t long before he came looking for me once again like a lost puppy, so I said my goodbyes to the guys and took the annoying Son to his bedroom at the back of the house, he smiled at me like a child and I couldn’t help but giggle, I couldn’t imagine the scene of a relatively small woman like me carrying that man away to his room.

I helped him in bed, taking off his shoes and looking in the closet for a blanket to put on him. I took the blue flannel and tucked him in bed, his dark eyes never leaving my face making me slightly blush at the sight of the man known as the killer looking so innocent.

“Please stay with me until I fall asleep” he said before moving to the side. I took my shoes and leather jacket off before lying next to him, his head immediately finding a place in the crook of my neck.

“You’re seriously like a man-child.” I said softly making little patterns in his tattooed arms that were putting me as close as possible to him that moment.

“You still like me though” he said in a groggy voice, touching my hair with his fingertips.

“Yeah, I think nothing can change that” I said closing my eyes with the soft touches he was leaving in my hair and all over my face.

All I can say about that night is that even with the odor of the alcohol in the room and the loud music blasting just a few meters away that moment was the best moment of my life until that point and oh life had a lot of those times coming to me. It was just the beginning.


Word count: 682

You’re a witch and Kai helps you control your magic

‘Dammit!’ You yelled as you went through the pages of the grimoire that Bonnie gave you, trying to get your magic under control, but things weren’t quite working out for you. You only managed to do one spell and even that one was a complete mess. You felt useless, and powerless, regardless od the magic you owned. Everytime you tried to do the spell, things went flying and it always turned out bad. It was great Kai was there to help you. He’s always been around when you needed help with all kinds of things, but most of all, he was there everytime when you felt like giving up, when you thought it was impossible for you to do magic and that maybe it would be better if you didn’t have magic at all. He always shook all bad thoughts from your mind and he actually believed in you, unlike some people.

‘Don’t think about it too much. Clear your head and just say the spell and it will definitely work.’ Kai stated, watching you close your eyes, attempting to repeat the spell. He really hoped you would succeed this time, but instead of a spell for fire, you flipped the table along with the chairs.

'I give up!’ You yelled as you got up and closed the grimoire, wanting to throw it directly into the fire. All those failed attempts made your confidence lower down a little bit. Kai got up and stopped you by grabbing your arm and placing the grimoire on the table. He cupped your face and met your frustrated and angry face.

'I think we need a break. We’ll try again later.’ He trailed off as he smiled at you. You pushed his hands down and took a few steps away from him.

'No, I can’t do it! I can’t control my magic! I’m a mess and so is my magic and I’ll never be as good as you want me to be, Kai.’ You utter, wanted to leave the house but he ran quickly and stopped right in front of you.

'Hey, you’re not one of those people who give up on everything. I know you.’ He pulled you closer, his arms wrapping around your waist. 'We’re gonna try again and trust me, you’ll make it. Now, turn around.’ His hand never left your waist, his head on your shoulder. You felt his hot breath on your neck everytime he talked and it was only distracting you. His hands weren’t helping either. You placed your hands on top of his, the rings on his fingers cold on your skin. You took a deep breath, your heart picking up its pace a bit.

'Now, close your eyes.’ Kai whispered, his mouth pressed against your ear, hot breath sending goosebumps through your entire boy.

'You know, you’re not helping at all, Kai. You’re only distracting me.’

'If you succeed in this, maybe I will reward you somehow.’ He uttered, making your whole body shiver. You closed your eyes, trying to focus on the spell. He moved his one hand from your waist and placed it on your arm, gently stroking it.

'Kai…’ you whispered, your eyes still closed.

'Shhh, just focus on the candle.’ He uttered, placing a kiss on your neck. You took a deep breath and tried to ignored Kai’s actions on you and focused as much as you could on the candle. After a few seconds, Kai stepped back, your body standing alone in the middle of the room. You slowly opened your eyes and there you saw a small candle, burning. The biggest smiled on your face as you turned around and saw Kai smiling at you.

'I did it!’ You said, jumping into Kai’s arms and hugging him tightly.

'I told you, you can do it.’

'I’m gonna go again!’ You pulled away and turned off the candle and placed a few more on the table in front of you as you sat down and focused again, trying to light it up again. You did it and it was all because of Kai.


(PART 1)

(Y/n) had her head resting on his shoulder, but she knew he wasn’t there. Not really. He had been distant all week, only talking when he absolutely had to, barely laughing at her jokes. It wasn’t like him, not at all.

               “Henry?” she whispered, gazing down at the book resting on her stomach. She had stopped reading half an hour ago, but he didn’t notice.

               The boy didn’t answer, staring blankly at a random place on the wall.

               “Henry?” she repeated, glancing up at him “Henry!”

               “Yes, (y/n)” he responded quietly, his lips in a thin line.

               She didn’t say anything else, eyebrows furrowing together. He didn’t make a move to try and start up the conversation once again, returning his gaze to the wall.

               (Y/n) sat in the silence until she couldn’t take it anymore. She didn’t understand what was going on. He was being so cold and distant. Was it something she’d said or done? Or was it nothing to do with her at all?

               “Fine” she whispered, getting up off the couch and grabbing her coat. She strutted toward the door, body trembling. She wouldn’t cry in front of him though. He hated to see her cry, and she didn’t want him to be in an even worse mood.

               “Where are you going?” he grabbed onto her wrist, pulling her back. His eyes were no longer blank, but confused. It made her blood boil.

               “Oh so now you care” she huffed, pulling away from him “I’ve finally got your attention, have i?”


               “No don’t (Y/n) me” she grumbled “Either tell me what’s wrong or I’m leaving”

               He angrily ran his tongue over his teeth, trying to stay calm. He didn’t like how she was snapping at him, but deep down he knew he was in the wrong.

               “It was my mum”


               “It was my mum who made her say that. It wasn’t Violet’s words. She likes me too”

               (Y/n) felt her heart shatter into a thousand pieces, she almost fell to the ground in shock. Not because of Violet’s feelings for the boy. She had always known she had liked him, it was obvious.

               It was his choice of words that broke her.

               She likes me too.

               He still liked her.

               He lied.

               “You lied” she bit her lip, shaking her head “Why would you do this? I’m your best friend”

               “What do you mean?” he frowned, watching as she trembled. She looked very vulnerable, wrapped in one of his hoodies. It looked too big on her, like she had shrunk.

               “I told you not to kiss me if it was a pity kiss. But you did, you fucking did” she ranted “You said you liked me too. You kissed me knowing full well how I felt and now-now she’s back I’m yesterday’s news. Do I really mean that little to you?”

               “I never said that. I never said any of that” He yelled “you’re assuming”

               “Oh really” she snarled “So that’s why you’ve been distant all week. That why you’ve avoided me, pushed me away. Because you like me

               “Look” he sighed “I’m confused- I like you (Y/n). I really, really like you…”

               He reached towards her, watching the tears roll down her cheeks. He hated it when she cried.

               “But I like her too”

               She shook her head, stepping out of his reach.

               “That doesn’t make any sense” she hiccupped, griping at her hair in frustration “You can’t- it doesn’t make sense Henry. You can’t care for me and care for her. Ones more important and you damn well know it-“


               “No don’t. Don’t” she ran towards the door “You have no idea, do you? I’ve waited so long for this. To hold you and kiss you and be honest about how I feel. Because it killed me every day to hear you talk about her like she was your world. And I had to stick around because I was your best friend. And that night you snuck into my room and kissed me, it thought that I had finally got my chance. I told not to give me your pity kiss, you didn’t listen. You’ve brought this on yourself”

               She opened the door, chest rising and falling unevenly.

               “Wait!” he dived for her.

               “No” she replied coldly “You need some time to think about what you’ve done. Don’t talk to me until you decide”

               “Decide what?”

“Decide if it was a real pity kiss or not”