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Finally. A reason to live again.


(PART 1)

(Y/n) had her head resting on his shoulder, but she knew he wasn’t there. Not really. He had been distant all week, only talking when he absolutely had to, barely laughing at her jokes. It wasn’t like him, not at all.

               “Henry?” she whispered, gazing down at the book resting on her stomach. She had stopped reading half an hour ago, but he didn’t notice.

               The boy didn’t answer, staring blankly at a random place on the wall.

               “Henry?” she repeated, glancing up at him “Henry!”

               “Yes, (y/n)” he responded quietly, his lips in a thin line.

               She didn’t say anything else, eyebrows furrowing together. He didn’t make a move to try and start up the conversation once again, returning his gaze to the wall.

               (Y/n) sat in the silence until she couldn’t take it anymore. She didn’t understand what was going on. He was being so cold and distant. Was it something she’d said or done? Or was it nothing to do with her at all?

               “Fine” she whispered, getting up off the couch and grabbing her coat. She strutted toward the door, body trembling. She wouldn’t cry in front of him though. He hated to see her cry, and she didn’t want him to be in an even worse mood.

               “Where are you going?” he grabbed onto her wrist, pulling her back. His eyes were no longer blank, but confused. It made her blood boil.

               “Oh so now you care” she huffed, pulling away from him “I’ve finally got your attention, have i?”


               “No don’t (Y/n) me” she grumbled “Either tell me what’s wrong or I’m leaving”

               He angrily ran his tongue over his teeth, trying to stay calm. He didn’t like how she was snapping at him, but deep down he knew he was in the wrong.

               “It was my mum”


               “It was my mum who made her say that. It wasn’t Violet’s words. She likes me too”

               (Y/n) felt her heart shatter into a thousand pieces, she almost fell to the ground in shock. Not because of Violet’s feelings for the boy. She had always known she had liked him, it was obvious.

               It was his choice of words that broke her.

               She likes me too.

               He still liked her.

               He lied.

               “You lied” she bit her lip, shaking her head “Why would you do this? I’m your best friend”

               “What do you mean?” he frowned, watching as she trembled. She looked very vulnerable, wrapped in one of his hoodies. It looked too big on her, like she had shrunk.

               “I told you not to kiss me if it was a pity kiss. But you did, you fucking did” she ranted “You said you liked me too. You kissed me knowing full well how I felt and now-now she’s back I’m yesterday’s news. Do I really mean that little to you?”

               “I never said that. I never said any of that” He yelled “you’re assuming”

               “Oh really” she snarled “So that’s why you’ve been distant all week. That why you’ve avoided me, pushed me away. Because you like me

               “Look” he sighed “I’m confused- I like you (Y/n). I really, really like you…”

               He reached towards her, watching the tears roll down her cheeks. He hated it when she cried.

               “But I like her too”

               She shook her head, stepping out of his reach.

               “That doesn’t make any sense” she hiccupped, griping at her hair in frustration “You can’t- it doesn’t make sense Henry. You can’t care for me and care for her. Ones more important and you damn well know it-“


               “No don’t. Don’t” she ran towards the door “You have no idea, do you? I’ve waited so long for this. To hold you and kiss you and be honest about how I feel. Because it killed me every day to hear you talk about her like she was your world. And I had to stick around because I was your best friend. And that night you snuck into my room and kissed me, it thought that I had finally got my chance. I told not to give me your pity kiss, you didn’t listen. You’ve brought this on yourself”

               She opened the door, chest rising and falling unevenly.

               “Wait!” he dived for her.

               “No” she replied coldly “You need some time to think about what you’ve done. Don’t talk to me until you decide”

               “Decide what?”

“Decide if it was a real pity kiss or not” 

The photographer in the back:

“Dude, you’re gonna ask for the TMO again? FOR THAT?”