trying to make a picspam or something


‘’You give and give and give,’’ she murmured. ‘’ When will it be enough.’’

‘’It is my honor to serve.’’

‘’I don’t mean in that way. When have you ever been selfish?’’

‘’Stop trying to make me out to be something I’m not.’’ She lowered her hand from his hair. the corner of her mouth tugging upward.

‘’And what is that? A good man?’’

‘’People died because of me.’’

‘’They have also died at my hand, and Aelin’s, and a great many others’. And this is war. A great many will die from your choices, or your hand, as well.’’

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/post/149085502052/sometimes-people-dont-really-say is there anyway you would be able to do a tutorial/tell me how you created this picspam? its gorgeous!!

hey, okay, i’m bad at explaining stuff, but i’ll try my best!

first, you have to choose your colour palette (i usually find something good here) and colouring; i used the same colouring on all the pieces of this picspam (it’s a sony vegas colouring, i put it on before making the screencaps).

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the best advice i can give you for photoshop as it applies to tumblr graphics.
  • DO sharpen gifs. DON’T sharpen caps for picspam.
  • when making picspam, cap choice is just as important as coloring. 
  • when you color, enhance what is already there. don’t take a yellow cap and try to turn it purple. it’s going to look ridiculous. 
  • it’s better to under saturate that over saturate.
  • that tumblr trend with the chopped words lazy minimalism scratched out face etc that you think looks neat and everyone is doing seems like a good idea now, but its not. its not a good idea.
  • start an inspiration folder and use it when you want to start something new. that doesn’t mean  ”copy other people work” but break other graphics down and do your best to try to mimic the effect for your own knowledge. everybody learns by imitation. you can make it your own. i’ve had mine for 5-6 years now and its the best thing i ever did..
  • if the typography looks questionable, it probably is. that goes for most things. trust your instincts.
  • don’t stress about the fact that you “don’t have your own style”. some people take years to develop a recognizable look to their work. its okay. you will.
  • ANYBODY can be good at photoshop. ANYBODY. theres no creative gene that makes you pre disposed to photoshop superpowers, and its insulting to assume that some people are naturally better because it invalidates the years of suffering they went through to be as good as they are. Your favorite graphic makers didn’t get out of bed and master PS. YOU DON’T NEED ANY ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE TO START PHOTOSHOP. photoshop is something that takes practice, but you aren’t broken. you aren’t hopeless. 
  • arial bold italic with a +1 or 2 stroke for dialogue text.
  • when applying textures, soft light and screen are your best friends, and (probably) lower the opacity.
  • if you use a popular texture, always try to make it unrecognizable.
  • put your textures under your color layers always. 
  • even if you screw up a lot, never stop experimenting. you don’t have to post every failure, but screwing up is part of learning. 
  • idk or just ignore me

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hi! i want to ask you, why do you ship kaisoo? is there a certain reason? (not too personal right lol) and oh, can you rec me athlete!AU? sorry for asking too much, have a nice day! i love you!! <3 /throws rainbows and love and kyungsoo's heart smile/

Hi sweetheart! I love you too bby, you have a fantastic day! So I’m going to rec you athlete!AU first and then put why I ship kaisoo underneath a cut because It’s probably going to be really long sobs (also don’t worry you can ask me anything hehe I’m actually excited to answer this):

Enjoy the fics <33 And my why I ship kaisoo is under the cut^^

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I hardly ever add text to my caps but I had to here. 

Just look at him. Just look at the way he is looking at her. Ever since they met he is always trying to find something out about her life, constantly digging and digging. When he does actually learn something new, he just becomes completely engrossed in her and her everything. He looks so happy to be able to picture life before NCIS, kinda make a connection to her before he even met her. I am probably talking a load of crap here but I can’t help but watch him watch her when he is taking in all this information about Ziva. I want to know what’s going on in his head at this moment. 

To have someone so interested in you and your life is something she could have had. Her dad had 0 interest in her life, she’s never had that. And just across the table, and for years, across the room from her sat a man who smiles like a god dam idiot and concentrates so hard when he learns something new about her.

Again, I am sad. I am sad that this is all forgotten about. Not only was he interested in her past, he was involved in her present and suddenly not even remotely interested in her future. Makes no sense to me and no matter how many times I try to understand how this has all ended up, I just can not.