trying to lose this shit

Exo Reaction for When Their S/o Gets Kidnapped by a Rival.

Xiumin: He would lose his shit. The others would have to try to calm him down in order to come up with a way to get her back. He would only be able to listen half way because he was too worried for your safety.

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Luhan: His body would freeze, eyes widened. He would be so shocked that some assholes would drag you into something you had nothing do do with.

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Kris: Being the leader he would be sending people to figure out what happened and were you were. He’d seem cold on the outside but inside he was freaking out.

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Suho: Every scenario possible ran through his head, both good and bad. He would be on the brink of tears not wanting anything to happen to you.

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Lay: Was, like Luhan, shocked. He wouldn’t be able to control his crying. This poor angel would be so scared for you.

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Baekhyun: He would be going through so many emotions, anger, fear,sadness, ect. He didn’t know what would happen and it freaked him out. He hated it and was ready to kill anyone if they hurt you.

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Chen: He’d go blank. Wouldn’t know quite how to feel. He would want to scream but at the same time wanted to keep his composer in front of his members.

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Chanyeol: To say he felt sick would be and understatement. The members had never seen this kind of anger from this boy. His face seemed to harden as they figured out how to negotiate your return or if they would have to take it further.

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D.O: The other boys gave him his space while still talking over the situation. He was silent for the most part until he needed to throw in an idea or shoot one down. But then again its probably hard to focus with murder on the mind.

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Kai: His thoughts ran wild with worse case scenarios and plans. The members were surprised at him. He seemed to be 3 steps ahead of them, a side they had yet to see from him.

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Tao: Was already preparing to get you back. He felt his chest tighten every time he breathed. He seemed calm at first but his eyes were watery, puffy and red. He couldn’t help it, you were his world and he didn’t want that taken from him.

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Sehun: He was one of the calmest members. He sat down with the others and went over plans. He already had plans a to z figured out and would offer up anything for you.

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Suddenly I understand why they didn’t show the trailer at the Sherlock talk yesterday, can you fucking imagine the lights going back up in that room and the writers on the stage trying to retain their chill and the audience absolutely losing their shit?


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Ezra Miller x Reader
Words : 640
Prompt :
Could you do something angsty and then fluffy with Ezra Miller??? I need more imagines of my baby by anon
Notes : It actually has some fluffly parts but I prefered to end it more sassy, if you know what I mean. There’s insinuation of sex, although it’s not detailed or explicit.

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He could only be kidding. You couldn’t believe that Ezra was really freaking over something stupid. You put your fingers on your temples, in an action to try to calm yourself down and don’t lose your shit like he was doing.

“What the hell were you doing with that guy?” He looked furious. His pupils were dilated with anger and, although you didn’t like to see him like that, you had to admit that he looked incredibly hot.

“Ezra, I already told you. He asked me for an interview. I was only answering his questions.” You said in a calm voice. You needed to be the thinking mind at this. You loved to see him jealous but this time it was beyond the limits.

“Y/N, he was flirting with you!” He shouted in a hoarse voice. “Don’t pretend you’re stupid because I know you’re not.” This got the hell out of you.

“Are you fucking blind?” You shouted back. “Can’t you see that you are the only one that I want.” He stopped for a minute and looked shocked to you. “Because if you don’t, just go into the pictures they take of us and you will see the caption where it says how my eyes shine when they look at you.” You were so stressed about it. Why he was making such a fuss for nothing?

“He was flirting with you and don’t deny it!” His voice got a little bit higher and his neck vein became more visible with the anger he was feeling.

“Fine, Ezra! Maybe he was. But I wasn’t.” You tried to stay calm and he looked like almost he wanted to punch someone. “Why can’t you trust me? You seriously don’t see how much I love you?” You said those words in quite a whisper but he heard it. You moved to get out of his place when he held your arm.

“What did you say?” He looked deep to you while you looked to anywhere but his eyes.

“Let me go.” You tried to get out of his grip. He was not holding you with force, if you wanted you could get out of there. He would never keep you or hurt you.

“Not before you repeat what you said.” He answered in a dominant voice with a smirk on his lips.

“I said that I fucking love you, Ezra.” You shouted to him, looking angrier than never. “Are you satisfied?” His smirk got bigger.

“A lot.” And without realizing he was with his lips pressed on yours.

He pressed your body against the wall and one second later his body was pressed on yours. You two were feeling the heat increasing. His tongue moved fast inside your mouth but not as fast as his hands on your clothes.

In a blink of an eye, you two were in bed, without your clothes and making the hottest and agrier sex you two had ever made. Both of you never experienced with each other that type of thing and the pleasure you felt was unbelievable.

“Hey, Ezra.” You said with difficult, breathing fast after you were done.

“What, love?” He answered while putting his arms around you, pulling you closer and leading your head to his chest.

“Can you be jealous again so we can make angry sex more times?” You asked looking to his eyes with a smirk on your lips.

“Shut up, Y/N.” He looked with a smirk too. “I hate see someone flirting with you. You are mine. And just mine.” He had lust on his eyes.

“Am I?” He nodded in affirmative. “So why don’t you show me that I’m only and totally yours?” You said with a sexy voice and a sassy tone.

“Oh.” He smirked with desire on his eyes. “With pleasure, my dear.”

Okay but Pokemon Go with the X kids

Jean doesn’t get it but really wants to, follows Scott around trying to see why it’s fun.
Peter just losing his shit, running all over the place, proud member of team instinct, not afraid to do stupid shit for a Pokemon.
Ororo is gym leader of every local gym, kicks ass and reps team mystic with all she’s got, #Queen.
Jubilation legit jumped out of a car once to get a snorlax, will stop at nothing to catch em all, stays out most of the night for Pokemon, just wants to be a better team instinct member than Peter.
Scott thinks he’s hardcore but isn’t, needs to step up his game, peaks at level 7, team valor through and through.
Kurt is in love, thinks every Pokemon is special and names them lovingly, never takes them to the gym because he doesn’t want to battle them, team mystic is team blue.
Warren says he’s too cool for Pokemon but secretly loves it more than he loves himself.


Spotted on the steps of the Met: An S and B power struggle. Did S think she could waltz home and things would be just as they were? Did B think S would go down without a fight? Or can these two hotties work it out? There’s nothing Gossip Girl likes more than a good catfight. And this could be a classic.

Favorite bits of Stanchez fanon

Rick made the bet about dying in a cage with Stan.

Stan has Morty’s “human cloaking device” ability despite not being related to Rick, their brains just somehow sync up that perfectly.

Stan is at least passingly aware of all the other Ricks from other dimensions and treats it the way he treats 90% of supernatural/weird stuff: by ignoring it unless it interferes with his life.

Rick and Stan watch The Duchess Approves and cry together.

Rick speaking Spanish in front of Stan because he thinks he doesn’t speak it and so he says shit that’s way more emotional and honest than he normally would but guess what buddy Stan’s been semifluent since Columbia.

Rick and Ford being bitter enemies/science rivals who try to get along for Stan’s sake.

Mabel absolutely losing her shit when she learns about Rick and adopting Morty and Summer into the Pines family.

Stan’s hawaiian shirts.

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whenever someone says ‘foolish’ i try not to lose my whole shit because my mind just flashes back to that naruto screencap of the dude with one leg up and people caption it Give em the ol razzle dazzle also im on mobile if anyone can add that pic it’d be great

I don’t even play this fucking game but I am tired of seeing arguments about the new skin

Black people can use grey/pale makeup just as well as white people can (see: Homestuck cosplayers), it’s not whitewashing, it’s a Halloween skin, shut the fuck up PLEASE it’s just a goddamn costume