trying to kill us both

me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack


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Question: does Keith ever actually agree to a cutesy nickname? Also, how quickly did Lance decide Keith needed one? I'm guessing, like, immediately, and when Keith hardcore refused to be called "babe", he just started being ridiculously gooey and gross with the nicknames because "I-actually-want-you-to-pick-one-because-I'm-sappy-and-romantic-that-way-and-also-this-embarrasses-you-which-is-now-one-of-my-top-priorities-in-life-so-honestly-it's-a-win-win" XDD

It took Lance and Keith about three weeks to settle into their status as “boyfriends.” 

After coming down from the high that was a romantic space ball, Lance found he had no clue how to be a boyfriend, and sort of floundered in awkwardness a lot, trying to hold hands but then changing his mind and doing things like pretending to pick lint off Keith’s jacket sleeve. 

Keith had moments of weird insult-compliments because he thought that maybe they shouldn’t fight anymore? So he’d start with, “Lance, you’ve gotta stop running your mouth … except, uh, it’s nice, sometimes, and I like looking at your lips saying stupid stuff?”

They got over this eventually, but Pidge and the others got so much amusement out of it that many inside jokes developed as a result. (“Hey Pidge, you know I love you ‘cause I’m constantly grooming your clothes!” “Aw, thanks, Hunk, I think you’ve got a funny face, but it’s nice to look at it!”)

There was some awkward maneuvering during meal times, too. (Do they sit together? Across from each other? “Okay, make up your minds, Lance, Keith, at this point you’re both just playing musical chairs.” “Bite me, Pidge.” “Insert obligatory innuendo about your boyfriend here.” “Wow, Keith is really red now — nice one!” “Hey, only I’m allowed to embarrass him like that!”). 

And, first kiss aside, there was a lot of: 

“Um, Keith, can I kiss you now? Is this a kissing moment?” 

“That was a pretty awesome shot you just made, so I think yes …” 

Also: “Keith, is there some kind of rule for making-out? Do we just agree together that this couch is a make-out spot?” 

“I don’t mind kissing you anywhere — I mean, anywhere on the Castle, not like, anywhere on your not yet at least, and Lance, stop freaking laughing and kiss me, you asshole.”

Not to mention they had to figure out where their boundaries were during super-important-Voltron-missions-and-meetings, as well as when they were just hanging out with the others during casual-nobody-is-trying-to-kill-us times.

Eventually, they both became at ease with certain levels of PDA, and they learn how to read each other’s wordless cues, and talk about other things that are important, like the how and when of personal space, how much time to spend in each other’s rooms, etc.

So, almost a month has gone by at this point, and Lance is comfortable and content, and just has to call his boyfriend something other than “Keith” or “Red.” But when he lets “babe” slip out, Keith immediately says, “Uh, no. Never say that to me again.” 

Lance took that as a challenge, and started tossing increasingly terrible names at him randomly and with much eyebrow waggling. Keith got annoyed, but he never took Lance aside to seriously ask him to stop, so Lance kept right on embarrassing him (and the others, secondhand), for about two weeks. 

And yes, romance was fifty percent of his enjoyment, but blushing Keith was absolutely the other fifty percent of his motivation — even if half of these blushes were less I’m-so-embarrassed, and more next-time-we-spar-I’m-going-to-kick-your-ass.

During their pirate encounter, Lance lets “querido” slip out — partially deliberate, partially a natural fall back into his native language, but as soon as he says it, Keith has a very visceral reaction, and that is it

Lance uses querido and cariño all the time. After they’ve been dating for even longer, mi amor slips in too. And maybe, further down the road, mi vida comes into play.

Point being, Lance cannot believe he’d neglected to use Spanish with Keith, especially considering that words of affection were the first he’d learned, since they’d been said to him by his parents and older siblings since he was a baby. He starts speaking Spanish not only with Hunk, but with Keith now as well, and it’s fun to whisper things into Keith’s ear, watching him turn pink, even when all he’s saying is, “Querido, next time you use my face cream without asking first, I’m going to flush your fingerless gloves down the toilet.”

And holy crap, I’m sorry! What a freaking roundabout way to answer your question. *sweats* Sometimes my brain does stuff without my permission. Damn. You’re awesome for asking stuff, and I’m sorry for being so damn long-winded! *hugs*

Battleground Bruises

Request: Hey! I was wondering if you could a Newt x reader where she is injured really badly after a some battle and tries to hide it from the squad because doesn’t want them to worry but later on passes out in front of Newt because of the blood loss? In other words a lot of angst but fluffy and cuddly happy ending!:) 

Word Count: 3,462

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Everyone quiets when you enter Tina’s kitchen, trundling in with a giant bag.

“What’s this about a lead?”

Newt jumps to answer. “Nothing that should concern you, love.”

You drop the bag full of groceries you’d bought onto the counter and spin around, leaning back and crossing your arms. “And yet, it does.”

He shifts from foot to foot before he sighs. “There are rumors that Grindelwald was spotted in Kentucky. We aren’t sure, so there’s no need to come along.”

“I want to.”

An awkward silence stretches one minute, then two as everyone looks at everyone else. Only you and Newt maintain any sort of eye contact. You are not going to let him leave you behind.

He rubs the back of his neck, aware of your stubborn side. “Could we speak in another room?” Without waiting for an answer, he steps forward and links his fingers with yours. You follow him down the hall and into his room. He shuts the door and faces you, taking in your slight frown.

“I know you want to come along-”

You don’t let Newt finish his excuse. “Did they find signs of Grindelwald?”

He takes a deep breath. “Yes.”

“Then I’m coming.”

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The Joker x Reader - “Old Habits”

Everyone in the underworld answers to The Organization. This only happens once, but you will be auctioned to the other members that already served their term and for 6 months you will belong to that person. You have to do anything they ask, both on personal and business level. All the profits go to The Organization; you can’t keep anything for yourself; you can’t escape, you can’t avoid it, just postpone the inevitable. After your 6 months, you can choose and stay as a bidder (just like you did).

“We’ll start the bidding at $500.000 ! “ the auctioneer points towards The Joker, who is chained to the wall and sure doesn’t look pleased with this evening’s events. But there is nothing he can do about it and he is aware of it. He certainly fought them, that’s why he’s tight up. J should have known better but …there he is.

You lift your hand up and so do several more.

“You’re popular, Mister Joker” the announcer snickers and you know J enough to notice he might snap soon. Please don’t do anything reckless, it’s only going to make it worse, you think to yourself, worried.

“What about a million dollars, hm?”

Poison Ivy turns towards you, winking:

“Wanna share him? We can go half-half girl,” she bites her lip, enthusiastic.

“Not on J, Ivy”, you answer, determined to hold your ground.

“Uhhhh, you’re no fun Y/N! But I can understand how powerful an old flame can be… ” she sighs, playing with her hair.

“ 2 million?” you hear and you lift your hand again. So many wanting him… If anybody else gets The Clown Prince of Crime it won’t be pretty. He can probably handle it… and yet something inside you doesn’t want you to give up.

“ 5 million! “ you raise your voice and all heads turn towards you.

The Joker finally notices you and grinds his teeth, definitely not glad with the encounter.

“6!” Ivy waves at the auctioneer, excited.

“7!” you keep on going, irritated she is just doing it to antagonize you.


You take a deep breath and loudly exclaim:

“12 million!” People start talking and whispering and Ivy pouts, already bored:

“She can have him for that price,” she giggles, elbowing you. You pinch her arm, smiling and relieved you won.

“12 million going once, going twice…. Mister Joker is sold to Miss Y/N for 12 million!”

Everyone starts clapping and congratulating you; he just stares with a blank expression on his face, wanting to kill everyone in the huge room. At least he didn’t do anything stupid for once.


“Untie him,” you command once J is brought to your quarters. He starts cussing, trying to kick the guards and you cover his mouth while they take the chains off.

“Please shut up, you’ll get in trouble. It’s your turn and there is nothing you can do about it. If you run or try to trick them, they will take away everything from you and you’ll have nothing to get back to in Gotham, you know it. Most than likely you’ll end up dead; they don’t like rebellions, no matter who the person is. Are you good now?” you ask and his chest goes up and down really fast but he nods a yes. “Good, “you let go and the guards are done too. “Leave us,” you signal and once they are gone you close the door behind them, finally relaxing a bit.

“Where the hell were you???!!!” he stomps towards you, extremely furious and pushes you so brutally you almost fall on your back. “You just left me without a word???!!  Gone for 8 months and now I find myself here with you as my buyer for the next half a year?!!! Do…do you know how long I’ve… I’ve searched for you?” he takes it down a notch, keeping his hands in his hair, panting.

You just regain your balance and calmly inform him:

“You know I postponed my time for as long as I could until they didn’t play along anymore. They came for me at my apartment and I had to go. I couldn’t contact you because they don’t allow it, you know the rules. I thought you would have guessed on why I disappeared…I didn’t leave you…” you blink faster, rubbing your cheeks, not wanting to get too emotional about it.

“Why didn’t you come back, hm?” he points his finger at you, still mad. “Your 6 months were up two months ago!!!”

“I stayed for you!” you suddenly scream and he frowns, not expecting it. “I knew your time will be up soon and you won’t be able to avoid it. I wanted to buy you so none of the ones having a grudge against you will !!!! Once you leave you can’t come back so I stayed. That’s why I chose to remain here as a bidder, you, you…ungrateful JERK!!!” you lash out at him, upset and almost regretting your decision.

“Jeez, thanks,” The Joker has the nerve to sarcastically mock you, even if on the inside he gets the picture.

“You dare talking to me like this, J?!” you tremble with anger, trying not to have a meltdown. “You know this is everyone’s chance to get revenge on those whom they don’t like or have a grudge against. And you, King of Gotham… “ you smirk, fuming with vexation,”… have a lot of enemies among our own. You should be so grateful right now that you’re mine and not someone else’s! Do you know Ivy wanted to share, huh? Do you know what happens to the men she buys? I’ve seen it and it’s not pretty. Harvey hates you, he would have torn you to pieces until the bitter end of your 6 months. Riddler would have driven you insane, really insane; you wouldn’t have recognized yourself at the end of your time!!! You think you know mind games? HA! Try his!… And the list goes on and on!”

You take a deep breath because spitting out this stuff made you all worked up.

J definitely seems speechless for once; he keeps on looking at you up and down, debating:

“Who… who bought you?” he utters, taking off his jacket and placing it on the bed.

“I was lucky it was Dr. Freeze,” you sniffle. “Due to his…condition, I mostly just had to do the business part for The Organization. A few times…”, he sees your eyes getting teary, “…I don’t want to talk about it, OK? And then I stayed…waiting for you…so I can get you and nobody else. That’s how much I cared. But don’t worry, that’s not the case anymore,” you hiss at him, regaining your composure. “ I just wanted to repay you for that time during the Wayne Industry heist you saved my life. I don’t want to owe you, understand?” you quickly make up a reason this way it won’t show how hurt you are. He has no idea what you’ve been through and what it took for you to stay when all you desired was to leave and run back to him.

The Joker just lifts his shoulders up, puckering his lips:

“So this means I don’t have to sleep with you and all that stuff since I’m yours for 6 months?”

“Exactly, I don’t want you to touch me; just worry about the business part of it and get them as much money as they want!  I’m responsible for you so try not to get us both killed. Then you’re done and that’s it. If you want to stay as a bidder afterwards, it will be your choice,” you grumble, shaking your head since J is really getting on your nerves.

He deliberates for a few seconds before talking again:

“So…what am I supposed to do if I…get…the urge, Doll?”

“What?!” you snarl, not amused. The Joker was hoping it would make you smile.“Whatever you did while I was gone!” you bark at him and head towards the bathroom, adamant to take a shower, maybe it will help cool you off.

You hear the knock in the door and it scares you. Were you two really loud?! Hopefully they didn’t hear the argument or you’re in big trouble.

“Take your shirt off, quickly!” you tell him while you pull your dress over your head, taking your bra off and tossing it to the side. He knows why so for once he does as asked and you push him in bed, getting on top of him really fast and covering everything you can with the blanket.

“Come in,” you turn your head and one of the guards walks in, averting his eyes when he sees the both of you like that.

“What is it? I’m busy enjoying my prize!” you growl, covering your breasts with your hands.

“I’m so…so sorry to interrupt, Miss Y/N. I have the Organization’s list of everything Mister Joker has to do for 6 months, all the heists, kidnappings and…”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” J replies, irked, getting on his elbows. “Just get out, we know the drill; the lady’s having fun, OK? She sure wants her money’s worth so I have to get back to business, like…NOW!”

“Leave that stuff on the table,” you point with your head and the guard obliges, turning around afterwards and exiting your quarters.

“Of course, m-my apologies again,” he nervously stammers, closing the door.

“Good, this helped, it looks believable,” you whisper. “Would you take your hand out of my bikini?!” you slap his arm, trying to kick him in the crotch as you get off him.

“Heyyyy, watch the merchandise, you paid 12 million for it!” J snickers and he doesn’t like the fact that you’re still upset. But he was a complete ass, so…

“You’re not worth it, trust me…” you sadly reply and he bites his tongue because he sure wants to say something very mean. “I’m going for a shower, I have 2 more bathrooms in my quarters, pick one,” you let him know with a sour expression on your face, heading back towards your own.


“So I’m sleeping here?” he inquires, slamming 4 pillows on the bed.

“Yes, you know the rules: you have to sleep in the same bed with your buyer. Sometimes they raid the rooms at night, they sure don’t care about privacy too much. You can’t lock the doors, ever.  We have to follow protocol.”

The Joker huffs, fiddling around with his boxers before sitting down.

“How was sleeping in the same bed with Dr. Freeze?” he inquires, watching you roll your eyes:

“Cold!” you shortly reply and continue: “This is a double king so there’s plenty of space. Make sure you stay on your side, don’t try your sneaky ways with me,” you warn him, getting comfortable under your comforter. You reach your hand and turn off the lamp when you hear:

“Hey, Y/N, do they have stripers here?”

“Shut the hell up, J!” you place the cover on top of your head, hoping he’ll be quiet.

“No, seriously, do they?” he tries again.

Since you don’t answer, The Joker assumes he can continue yapping:

“I think you should know I might have got somebody pregnant.”

“For God’s sake, give it a rest, will you?” you turn on the other side. “I don’t care!”  but after a few seconds he is so pleased to hear your muffled voice from under the covers: “Did you really?!”

His maniacal laughter resonates in the bedroom and you decide not to say anything anymore.


You wake up sweating, feeling really hot and you realize why: he got under your comforter and he’s squeezing the life out of you in his sleep.

“J, wake up, go on your side!” you take his hands away from around your waist, not wanting him so close to you. “This better be your gun!” you push him away, not entertained at the situation.

“Nope, not my gun, you know I sleep naked,” he groans, half asleep. “Old habits, don’t flatter yourself,” and he tries to snuggle by you again.

“I’m not. Stop bugging me, I mean it!” you punch him in the arm, aggravated again.

“Don’t hit me!” he musters, trying really hard not to hit you back. “…What the hell is this?!” J grumbles, feeling your skin from under your t-shirt.

“Not all my missions were easy, I have more scars now, “you confess, not happy at the memories, pulling away from him and he finally lets go and rolls over towards his side of the bed.

“I’m sure you deserved it,” he maliciously responds, getting cozy with his pillows. He certainly likes to bite.
“Just make sure you do what you have to do for your 6 months and then you’re done…we’re done with this nonsense…” you sulk since you are fed up with his crap.

“Whatever, I don’t give a damn!” he has one last outburst before winding down. “Hey, Y/N, can you imagine me sleeping in the same bed with Dead Shot or Harvey? Those guys are boring.”

And you thought he was done. But you don’t reply.

“But Ivy though… that woman knows how to make other men want her and… ouch, hey, watch it!” The Joker protests when he receives one of your pillows right in the face. “ I’m keeping this one too,” he decides, and he hears you mumble not very nice things; it pleases him to realize he still has the power to antagonize you.


He came back from one of his mission with a black eye. Because of his pale skin, it looks so much worse than it is.

“Can you see?” you ask, staring at his eye: definitely doesn’t look clear blue anymore: just red, swollen and inflamed.

“Somewhat,” J sighs, grabbing the ice bag from your hand and placing it over his bruise.

“You should go to one of the doctors here, I don’t want you to go blind,” you pout, unconsciously keeping your hand on top of his.
“I thought you don’t care, Doll,” he pushes your hand away, pretending to be in pain.

“I don’t,” you are fast to respond. “I just want you to be able to continue with your assignments, remember I am responsible for you.  Are you sure you don’t need a doctor?”

“Pffttt, I’m OK, I’m The Joker. I don’t need anybody for anything,” he puffs, hinting at you not being important to him.

Like you need clues.

“Yes, honey,” you make it a point of being overly sarcastic while saying it, “we are all aware of that!” and you slam the door, leaving the confused J sitting on the couch with a displeased expression on his face. He sure believed you will put up with his temper and venomous remarks and baby him. This is what you used to do…


He returned from a robbery with two bullet wounds in his right arm. The medical team took care of that and patched him up well, but you know it’s not going to be easy: he’s never been a good patient.

He keeps on tossing and turning, wincing in pain while you want to nap. You try not to pay attention but he won’t quit. You even cover your head with a pillow; it’s no use.

“Doll, I think I have a fever,” he whines, pulling at your blanket.

“Uuuhhhhh,” you get up on your side, wishing you have shared him with Ivy so she can get a taste of his wonderful interpersonal skills. But since you didn’t…joke’s on you. “No you don’t!” you snap but move towards him anyway to check. Old habits

“See? I’m burning up,” J complains and starts purring when you touch his forehead.

“You’re fine, you don’t seem… too…hot…” you utter and glare when he takes your hand and kisses it.

“I am hot, maybe horny, can’t really tell,” he flashes his silver smile at you, winking.

“Stop your stupid games!” you back out, regretting you felt for it.

“What games?! I got shot and I’m in pain. Com’ere,” he gestures for you and it makes you cringe.

“No, I’m fine where I am,” you decline and The Joker is not used with rejection. He opens his mouth to say something vicious and you just ignore him. “Good night!” you cut it short, wanting to rest. You manage to put your ear plugs in, not willing to listen to a single word that comes out of his mouth anymore. He sure blurred out a lot of things that you didn’t hear.


2 in the morning and you wake up startled, not knowing why. You stretch, adjusting against your body pillow when you hear J groan in his sleep, uncomfortable from his fresh wounds he got on another commision today.

He’s dozing off in the middle of the bed and since you have the nightlight on you can distinguish the grimace of pain on his face and messy green hair all over the place. You watch his restless sleep for a while and bite your cheek, worried without even noticing. You move close to him and touch his forehead but it doesn’t seem like he has a fever.

You remember how you used to comfort him when he got injured in the past and you press your lips against the bandages, not even knowing why you’re doing it. Old habits

“What are you doing, Pumpkin?” J yawns, scrunching up his face with his eyes closed.

“Kissing it better,” you bitterly reply and can’t help but sensing your heart beating faster when he answers:

“It does feel better…” and he softly pulls on your hair, snoozing, playing with the long strands until he’s out cold again. You wouldn’t know that what you did sure relaxed him; he wouldn’t admit to it even if it kills him, but he really misses your touch. Old habits

You swear in your mind this is the only time you will be nice to him since he really screwed up. You have to be strong, this way you can have revenge for all the anguish you suffered for his sake.


Today is the end of his 6 months service and The Joker ended up being stabbed on his mission. Since it’s quite a superficial lesion, they allowed him to take the rest of the day off. He mopes around the quarters, delighted his ordeal is over with. He sure didn’t enjoy serving his time for The Organization. So much money, diamonds and guns he got for them and he couldn’t keep anything. He completely detests it but there was no way around it.

Where is she? J wonders since he didn’t see you at all today. He really wants to get out of there as soon as possible.

You enter the rooms with the 4 guards and seem deep in thought. When you leave the premises for good you have to always be accompanied by them; you can’t take anything with you; all stays behind.

“Finally, Y/N, let’s get out of here!” he impatiently grabs your hand and starts dragging you out. “Walk faster!” J barks and after a few moments you yank your hand away, staying behind while the security team closely follows his steps. He turns his head, reaching for you again while pacing down the hallway.

“Come on, what you are doing?! Move it!”

“I’m staying…” The Joker hears your voice echoing and he halts, alarmed, not even knowing why he has this strong desire for you to follow him.

“You’re what?!” he tilts his head, irritated and wants to head back towards you but the guards won’t let him.

“You can’t go back, sir, you know the rules. Please keep on walking!”

“What the hell are you doing, Y/N?! Let’s go!” he yells, trapped in between the wardens.

You blink fast a few times, hesitant. You sure want to get out of the place as fast as him… yet:

“They’re bringing Frost in tomorrow,” you talk loud enough so he can hear you. “I want to get him; a lot of them hate Jonny for his connection to you.”

“That’s so stupid, Doll! I thought you want to run out of here as soon as I was done with my time!” he shouts as the guards make him move again.

He keeps on looking back and you don’t say anything; you just lift your hand and wave a faint good-bye, your eyes getting watery while watch him depart. You don’t even know why you are so upset; he’s definitely not worth it.

“Fuck!” J grumbles, irked he won’t see you anytime soon. He can’t understand why his selfish self keeps on having doubts about leaving you behind; you’re definitely not worth it. “Hold on!” he gets the attention of his wardens. He takes a deep breath and passes his fingers through his hair, wanting to keep his mouth shut but something inside makes him pronounce the words: “I’m staying as a bidder.”

“Are you sure, Mister Joker?” one of the guys double checks.

“Yes, I’m sure, even if I’m aware this is the most stupid ass decision I’ve ever made…besides dating her, of course,” he scoffs, heading back towards you.

You pretend you don’t care at all when he comes in front of you and starts rambling, dramatically gesturing to accentuate his feelings:

“If you think you will get Frost and sleep with him in the same bed without me supervising the whole damn thing, you’re wrong!”

“Huh?!” you look so confused when he angrily hugs you.

Him and his stupid jealousy… Old habit.

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Just A Prank - Sherlock

GIF not mine

Ship: Sherlock Holmes (BBC) x Reader (Requested By @gabwinchester-dixon )

Request:  Hii… Soo i wanted to know if you are taking requests to write? Ill love to see something like Sherlock and the reader trying to prank watson or ms hudson…. And Sherlock being all logical about it…. It could be fun…

Type: Fluff

Words: 1,448

Warnings: None

Notes: I’ll Admit I got carried away Writing this. Sorry if there are any typos or grammar mistakes i didn’t edit it after I wrote it.

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Give you all

Pairings: Murphy / Reader

Warnings: Fluff… fluff overload

Request: @jinglebellsjinglebellamy  Hello, I was wondering if I could request a John Murphy imagine based off the song All of me by John Legend ? Love your writing honey xx 

(All credit for the song ‘all of you’ to John Legend) 

If you’d like to be added to my taglist please do so here…. TAGLIST 

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What would I do without your smart mouth?
Drawing me in, and you kicking me out
You’ve got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down.

You were unlike any girl he’d ever met before. He had never met anyone who was willing to deal with his sarcastic comments never mind anyone who had a smart mouth to rival his own. Your brain worked at a thousand miles an hour meaning often a conversation about one thing soon ended up in an entirely different place to its beginning point. It was like being on a rollercoaster trying to keep with you. One he never wanted to get off of though.


“Yeah baby”

You appeared at the doorway to his room in Polis leaning against the frame as he turned away from the window. You were frowning clearly unhappy about something.

“Y/N what is it? What’s wrong?”

You smiled suddenly, shaking yourself and pushing off of the door frame. You came over to him dropping down on the sofa and pulling him down with you.

“Nothing, I’m good”

“You aren’t a good liar baby girl, what’s going on?”

Cause all of me
Loves all of you
All your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections

“Murphy why do you like me?” You asked him abruptly, mind having wandered through the options of how to broach the subject and coming up with nothing suitably subtle so simply going for blunt. It had been on your mind for a while now, why this hot bad boy was interested in you.

“I’m so different to all the other girls here, louder, weirder, stranger… I don’t fit”

“What?” he was frowning plainly confused with where your mind had wandered “babe I have no idea what you’re talking about”

“Then concentrate” you pushed his leg with your foot. “This is serious John. Why do you like me? I’ve been thinking about it for a while now… I just don’t understand”

“I ‘like’ you because you’re perfect”

You snorted at that shaking your head in denial “I am far from perfect”

“Grabbing your hands he stared straight into your eyes. “Y/N to me you are perfect. All your weird imperfections and everything you say is bad about you I love”


“No, I don’t know what brought this on but baby don’t you ever think you aren’t good enough for me, because you are literally my everything”

“It was something Raven said” you admitted “she was talking about the city of light again, and how everything in it was perfect even people”

“Come here” Murphy demanded pulling on your hands so you were moved up and around laying between his thighs with your back against his chest. He wrapped his arms tightly around you with his chin resting on your shoulder. “The city of light was cold Y/N, no emotion. That’s why it was perfect. It was beautiful in a cold, mechanical way. People aren’t like that. You are perfect because you’re warm, all those little idiosyncrasies that make you you. That’s why the city of light could never be real could never be perfect”

How many times do I have to tell you
Even when your crying you’re beautiful too
The world is beating you down
I’m around through every mood.

“Sometimes it’s just so hard John” you didn’t like the fact that your voice wasn’t steady. Didn’t appreciate the sound of tears. “I’m really tired” you revealed softly linking your fingers with his own as they rested on your stomach. “I’m tired of the world constantly trying to kill one or both of us”

“You and me both sweetheart” he kissed the side of neck gently, picking up your linked hands and turning them over to reveal the skin on the inner sides of your wrists. About a month ago now you’d had matching tattoo’s put there. “But we’re together and that counts for something”

“It counts for a lot” you agreed. “You know that I think you’re pretty perfect as well right?”

“You’re the only one who does baby”

You hated the note of self-loathing in his voice. Hated that he still thought of himself as the bad guy, the one everyone expected the worst of. Even after everything he had been through and after everything he had done to redeem himself.

Getting up on your knee’s you turned around to face him straddling his legs this time as his hands rested on your hips.

Your my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning
Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you

“John I don’t give a shit what they all think or what they say. I can’t explain it either but I just know that when I’m with you everything gets better. The world doesn’t seem quite so bleak”

“Well beautiful we agree about one thing at least”

“And what is that?”

He smiled dangerously pulling you closer to him. “I love all of you, no matter what anyone says. Every last bit of you is mine and I’m never letting go of you”

“I love you too” you whispered roughly. “Every bit as much as you say you love me”

Murphy’s hand was suddenly in your hair pulling your mouth down to his own kissing you roughly, your lips just one more thing that felt like they had been made to fit with his own.

You both really had been born for each other, made for each other. Always and forever.

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intp x enfp headcanons?

INTP & ENFP Headcanons

The pair goes scuba diving. ENFP is taking a million pictures and gushing over all the fish, while INTP calculates the shark attack probability and collects cool rocks because listen there could be fossils inside 🐠

Everyone is hanging around a bonfire. ENFP is adding things to the fire that they shouldn’t, and INTP is watching the flames, because the evil wiggly light is such a strange concept ?? 

All the mundane household chores are ignored but who needs to do dishes when you can spend all day covering the ceiling in those glow in the dark stars?? Priorities 🌟

INTP helps a sad ENFP indirectly. They bake them tater tots, play their favorite music, bring them hot chocolate and blankets and games and anything that says I love you and I know my words won’t help so here are your favorite things

The pair is on a ferris wheel. ENFP starts rocking the car. INTP snaps because dear god are you trying to kill us both I swear if you move one more muscle I am personally ejecting you from your seat I have never hated ANYONE moRe 🎡

INTP wakes up early to make ENFP breakfast in bed. They stumble across ENFP making breakfast for them as well. It turns into a heated cooking competition #choppedIsLife 🍽️

~ INTP mod

Big Plans

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluff.

Author’s Note: This is for Moeyy’s 1k Fluff Fest Challenge. @waywardmoeyy

Prompt: “You are going to plan a date? Okay. Just try not to get us both killed.”

Originally posted by sam-and-dean-winchesters

Dean was the absolute worst at planning anything remotely romantic. So, when he offered to plan a surprise date for you and Sam, you were apprehensive at best.

“You have got to be kidding, Deano,” you huffed at the older Winchester. “You are going to plan a date? Okay. Just try not to get us both killed.” You playfully flicked Dean’s nose as you turned towards the hall. “You have three hours,” you grumbled as you headed towards your bedroom.

Once you entered your room, you shuffled over to Sam, who laid on his back in the middle of your bed. “Sooooo, Dean is planning a date for us tonight.” Your voice was laced with concern.

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hey you know that callout about giving a growing child a bracer? well after going to the medical wing he came to me (greatest wizard, taako from tv) and asked if i had a spell for it. i burnt all my spell slots trying to get it off and almost killed us both twice. please help i am going to fight the director.


Moeyy’s 1k Fluff Fest Challenge!

Well folks, it happened. I’ve reached 1000 followers! Thank you EVERYONE for being so supportive and kind through everything.

So, now that I’m feeling better, I’d like to propose another challenge. This one is a little more challenging than my last challenge, but that’s not saying much. Haha.

Please read the rules carefully and feel free to shoot me an ask or message with any questions.

Here are the rules:

Fandom: Supernatural

–You do not need to be a follower to participate, but it would really rock my fuzzy cat socks if you did.

– All writers welcome. Whether it is your first fic, or one millionth, everyone is welcome to participate. <3

Pick a prompt from the ones below to inspire a fluffy fic. The prompt does need to be included into your fic.

– There will be a limit of 2 people per prompt. Please send me an ask with your choice (plus a back up), and your pairing. Prompts with a strike through are already taken. I will try my very best to update the post as much as possible.

– You may use any pairing: reader-insert, ship, OC, anything your wonderful heart desires. RPF is also welcome.

– You may absolutely write smut, as long as it is also fluffy. You must be 18 or older to write smut.

 There is no word limit. If you would like to write a drabble, one-shot, or a series. Anything is fine!

– Please, please, please include warnings in your fics when applicable.

TAG ME IN YOUR WORK! Please mention your prompt and “Moeyy’s 1k Fluff Fest Challenge” in your author’s note. Also include the tag “Moeyy’s 1k Fluff Fest Challenge” in for first 3 tags. Like my last challenge, I will be creating a Master List after the deadline.

– The deadline for your fic is August 31, 2017. Time zones don’t matter.

And just have fun! If you need an extension at any time, please met me know. Let the fluff fill you. Haha. I’m counting on all of you to make my heart melt. Prompts below the cut. If they run out too quickly, I may add more. Maybe.

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Probably something that's actually happened
  • Fives: Padmè? More like pad-DAMN.
  • Fives: What the difference between Anakin and Droids? IDK because they're both always trying to get us killed
  • Fives: Why didn't the clanker cross the road?
  • Fives: Because I shot him.
  • Rex: Fives, I swear to God...
  • Fives: Oh no Captain, please don't yell at me, that would be Ter-REX-ible!
Fast cars

Description: You were no where near your destination but you were already beyond satisfied with how the day had gone.
Word count: 2,470
Rating: M (smut, swearing)
Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader (first person)
Notes: this is the first time I’ve ever attempted to write anything, it just happened to be smut.

I’m a hopeless driver and that’s all there is to it; I never wanted to learn how to drive but I was forced in to it as it became necessity. Since I’m so bad at driving, I like to have no distractions so I can avoid the nervous wreck I become when I have to focus on something other than the road while in the car so as you can imagine, allowing Kim Jongin to sit in the passenger seat while I drove was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

It all started quite innocent, his hand resting on my thigh as I drove along the highway at a steady, even pace with no problems in sight. However, a small alarm bell went off inside of me when his hand began to wander, seemingly drawing small patterns on my thigh.

“Jongin, please could you keep still, I just need to pay attention to the road right now” I sweetly said, giving him a quick glance and a flash of a smile before immediately diverting my eyes back on to the road.

“But jagi, I’m soo bored, you won’t even let me have the radio on! the road is just straight for ageees, I can’t see what the problem is,” he whined in reply, his hand dangerously getting higher up my leg until it reached the hem of my shorts, where his fingers began to fiddle with the fabric.

When I next glanced at him, I was no longer smiling, it was more of a glare. “I know you might be bored, but we only have half an hour left to go, please just behave,” I felt like I was scolding a little kid, but no child would respond like Jongin did.
His left arm that was on my thigh slipped around my shoulders and he leant across the middle section of the car, nestling his head in to my neck as he brought his other hand to rest on my thigh.

“Don’t want to,” he murmured in to my neck, planting a small kiss where he spoke. The vibrations of his voice were already doing things to me. So there I was, eyes wide in fear as I tried incredibly hard to solely focus on the road while Jongin had his left arm draped over my shoulders and his right hand on my thigh, torturing me with the slow patterns he was drawing with his finger tips.
Unfortunately, my legs were already slightly open as my feet rested on the pedals in the car so that pretty much granted him free access to which he took full advantage of and he slipped his hand on to the inside of my thigh.

“Jongin you are not doing this right now, first, you insisted I drove despite knowing how much I hate it and now you’re trying to kill us both,” I snapped at him, trying to wriggle my legs up and down to try and get him to remove his hand. All this did was cause a low chuckle to emerge from him as he inhaled deeply on my neck, rubbing his nose gently on my collar bone and placing another sloppy kiss there.

“Jagi, you just need to relax a bit,” he chuckled again as he moved his body even closer to mine, allowing his left arm that was around my shoulders to stoop down to my chest. Without warning, he took ahold of my breast and gave it a harsh squeeze, causing me to gasp and jolt out in reflex; slamming my foot on the accelerator which sent us forward rather quickly.

“Jongin I swear to fucking god, if you don’t stop I’m never letting you sit next to me in a car again” I said, quickly slowing back to a normal pace as his left hand carried on with the grabbing and kneading it was doing. I let out an audible gulp as he moved his mouth to the front of my neck, causing me to lift my head so I could see the traffic which granted him even more access to me.

“Baby, are you saying it’s completely fine for you to give me head while I’m driving, but as soon as I try and return the favour, I’m in the wrong?” He laughed, starting to suck softly on my neck, going straight to my sweet spot which he had memorised so well. The panic alarms were in full swing now as I momentarily closed my eyes as he carelessly toyed with me: his left hand having it’s way with my breast, slipping through the top of my shirt and caressing it through my bra, his right hand slipping under the edge of my loose cotton shorts and making it’s way ever closer to my heat. And his mouth. Oh god his mouth. His teeth grazed my neck as his tongue danced on my sweet spot in a spectacular fashion which left me a whimpering mess.

“Jongin-ah,” I gulped, “Jongin you know damn well this is a very different circumstance as you actually requested the head and can drive very well, now, while I may be enjoying this, I’m afraid I can’t let you carry on your show if you want us both to live,” I had returned to a sweeter approach as I seemed to be getting no where with snapping at him, it just seemed to make him progress quicker.

“But jagiyaaaa I’m soo bored,” he nipped my neck, causing me to gasp again. And my knees locked together when I felt his right hand reach the hem of my panties. I tried my hardest to keep my feet on the correct pedals as my knees and thighs rived around, and my hips bucked forward as they had a mind of their own. His long index finger stroked over the thin, lacy material, up and down- applying light pressure and pausing at where my clit would be and he gave it a harsh flick. Well, at this point, I was practically choking trying to stop myself from crying out as every reaction I gave him caused him to laugh and push my limits even further. His left hand had somehow managed to undo my bra and he had full access to both my breasts and he was pinching my nipples, massaging the flesh with the palm of his hand.

“Jongin, everyone that’s driving next to us can see, please stop, I’ll never tease you again, I’ll always do as you say, I’ll buy you as much chicken as you like?” I tried again, but it was hopeless. He now had two fingers dipped in to my panties and they were mercilessly rubbing at my clit in circles as my hips pushed themselves towards his hand and I used all the strength I had to keep both my hands on the steering wheel and both feet in the correct place. My knuckles turned white as my death grip on the steering wheel got tighter. Suddenly, his long finger had entered me, causing an incredibly loud moan to escape my lips. Jongins head snapped up from my neck, presumably to see what kind of bliss I was in, which would enlarge his ego since he had me in such a state.

“You’re so cute when you beg jagi, but gosh, you’re so wet, are you sure it’s safe for you to be driving?” The smirk was so clear in his voice, tempting me to look at him, luckily, I somehow managed not to because lord knows what kind of catastrophic crash we’d have been in if I had.

“Actually Jongin, we have just come up to a service station, so get the fuck off me while I go get some damn coffee,” I snapped, pulling in to the large service station, slamming the breaks on as I found an appropriate parking spot. I tore myself away from him and swung my door open glaring at him as I fiddled my bra out of my shirt and threw it at him in anger. I then slammed my door and marched off and I could hear his loud laughter as I ran in to the safety of the services.

Several minutes later, after cooling myself off a bit, I returned to the car with an iced coffee to find Jongin in the drivers seat with my bra in his hands. I glared at him as I made my way around the car and got in hastily, putting my coffee in the cup holder and crossing my arms in a temper. A pout was evident on my face as I stared ahead, pretending not to acknowledge Jongin staring at me as he tried to stop his laughs. He brought his hand back to my thigh and I slapped it away harshly.

“Just drive, Jongin, I’m not in the mood” I said, still not looking at him.

“I think we both know that’s a lie, considering how wet you were ten minutes ago,” he grinned.

I turned my head towards him; ready to snap again and instantly regretted it as I knew that once I met his eyes that I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself. “We’re meant to be going to see Jongdae, I don’t want to leave him waiting,” I whispered, my eyes not moving from looking at his lustful ones.

“Well I guess we’ll have to make this quick then, plus I can think of many ways of making it up to Jongdae,” he winked, already moving his seat back to allow us more room as he knew I’d given in. His hands circled my waist and he pulled me on to him so that I was straddling his legs.
“Luckily you chose a very private spot jagi, it’s almost as if you knew this was going to happen,” he mocked me, quickly pulling my shirt over my head, leaving my top completely bare as he attacked my breasts with kisses. I could feel his hard on beneath me and I slowly moved my hips back and forth to cause some sort of friction. He growled in response and moved his mouth to my lips, kissing me hungrily, “yeah, I don’t think there’s any need to prolong this any further,” he was already breathless and the urgency in his voice was clear as I leant back on the steering wheel to give us both room to wriggle free of our shorts.

Once we were both free of our restraints, jongin let his seat lie back and he reached forwards to grab me and we both fell back on to the seat messily. “Please ride me jagi,” he uttered, not really giving me any choice since we were in such a perfect position for it. I grabbed the condom from his jeans and slid it down his member with little difficulty. Next, I positioned his hard on below me and slowly lowered myself on to him and the car was full of our moans as I slid down.

I sat there for a few seconds, giving myself a chance to adjust and I threw my head back in pleasure. Jongin clearly grew impatient as he gave my ass a light slap which was followed by a mumbled “move” which I could barely make out through his groans. It was my turn to laugh as I looked down at him, he looked like he’d passed out, his head was tilted back, his mouth was wide open and his eyes were shut tight.
I leant forwards and supported myself with my hands at either side of him on the chair. This pleased Jongin as it allowed him to have one hand on my breast and another on my hip. “You’re so fucking hot up there,” he slurred, looking up through heavy eyelids.

I quickly began to move my hips up and down, glad to finally have some friction. I cried out as Jongin gripped my hip roughly in support but also guided me to lift myself up, before he dragged me back down and he threw his hips up harshly, already going as deep as possible. We then picked up a steady pace, mainly controlled by his guiding hand but every now and then he’d surprise me with a deep thrust which made the knot in my stomach to grow incredibly fast.

“J-jongin, uh, I’m so,” i gasped out as he’d brought the hand that was on my breast to my clit, moving his fingers in quick circles.

“You were saying jagi?” He chuckled and opened his eyes, “hey, open your eyes and look at me, I want to see how hard I make you come,” his voice dripping with confidence.

“Asshole,” I grinned as I opened my eyes, struggling to keep them open as my muscles tensed and I became a complete mess as I let myself go, crying out Jongin’s name as he carried on thrusting in to me through my orgasm.

“Oh babe you just got so-” the end of his sentence was cut off by loud profanities as he reached his own orgasm, his thrusts gradually became sloppier as he emptied himself in to me.

After, we just sat gazing at each other for a few seconds, breathing heavily. We were then interrupted by my phone which I quickly grabbed and saw the caller ID as Jongdae. I threw my phone at Jongin and he looked at me in confusion before he answered the phone “yoboseyo? Ahhh Jongdae, no we won’t be long now, just had a quick pit stop for coffee. Yeah she’s loving the drive, yeah, I’ll see you later,” Jongin promptly hung up and grinned at me, “you’re going to have to drive otherwise he’ll be suspicious,”.

“I can’t believe you!” I shouted and slapped his chest before turning around on him and been faced with the steering wheel. His laughing started again as he bought his hands to my hips.

“How about we try driving like this, I’ll do the pedals and you can be in charge of the steering wheel while bouncing up and down on my-” I cut him off by rolling on to the passenger seat and grabbing my clothes, trying to put them back on in the small space provided, ignoring his ludicrous suggestion.
He didn’t stop laughing as he sat up and carried on talking, “come on, imagine how good it’d feel as we go over speed bumps,” he joked as I quickly gathered his clothes and threw them in to his arms.

“Get dressed Jongin, don’t you dare try anything in the remaining ten minutes it’s going to take to get there,” He grinned lazily at me as he pulled his shirt over his head.

“Ok jagi, but I’m going to put the radio on, otherwise I don’t think I’ll be able to help myself,”.

I hope that was ok, thanks for taking your time to read it. It’s the first time I’ve ever tried writing anything that wasn’t for school so it will probably be quite bad. If you have any suggestions/tips etc please send me a message! Also if you have any requests I’ll gladly take them on :)
I Don't Like You Part 2 (Cassian Andor x Reader)

Originally posted by krasnaya-ledi

Word Count: 1307

Pairing: Cassian Andor x Reader

AN: You can read Part one here and part two here

Today was the day you were leaving for Jedha, accompanied by the man you hated ever since you joined the rebellion, Cassian Andor. That morning Mon Mothma had briefed both you and Cassian on the mission. You were to gather information from a gang leader on Jedha (who has been rumored to be working with the Imperials) whom the rebellion believes knows about the weapon that the Empire is building.

You were making your way to Cassian’s ship when you heard the all too familiar voice of K2 shouting your name. “Y/N! I didn’t believe Cassian when he told me that you would be accompanying us on this mission, since there is only a 10% chance of that ever happening. But it appears to be true! I finally get to go on a mission with you!” You had never seen the droid so excited before, you couldn’t help the wide smile that appeared on your face. K2′s sarcastic remarks and kindness towards you were what always made you feel at home on Yavin 4, being in the rebellion would suck if this droid wasn’t here with you. 

“Good morning K2, always a pleasure to see you.” You greeted him, giving the droid a friendly pat on the shoulder as you moved past him into the ship. You didn’t hear K2 respond because your eyes were too busy glaring at your worst enemy. Cassian. You broke your glare to dump your backpack onto the floor, choosing to just ignore him this entire mission. It would be easier then actually trying to work together.

“Don’t I get a good morning?” Cassian asked, sending you a sarcastic smirk that you really wanted to slap off his face. 

“No, you don’t.” After double checking you packed everything, you yelled out to K2 who was conversing with an R2 unit outside.

 “K2 we’re leaving now!”

It wasn’t long before your ship left, K2 piloting it. You were sitting in the corner eating the crackers that you packed with you since you were always hungry. You thought you were being quiet and keeping to yourself, but Cassian obviously thought otherwise.

 “Could you stop chewing so loud.”

His irritated voice made your attention move to him. Was he serious right now? You weren’t even chewing loud! You decided to use this to your advantage however. If it was a war Cassian wanted, it was a war he would get.

“What do you mean?” You purposely take a loud bite out of your cracker, chewing loudly knowing it would piss him off. 

“Can you two not start a fight please, it’s only been 30 minutes.” K2 groaned, just wanting both of his friends to get along for once. “

It’s not me, she’s the one chewing like a child.”

“Really Cassian, is that the best you’ve got.”

“Well-yes!” He blurted out, not having enough time to think of a comeback. 

It was silent for a moment, both of you processing what Cassian just said. You don’t know what came over you, but all of a sudden you were laughing hysterically, clutching your stomach. Then you heard the most adorable sound, the sound of Cassian Andor laughing. This was the first time you’d ever seen him happy and you honestly liked this side of him, even if you only saw it for a few minutes. You would never admit that to anyone though. 

“Is this your strange way of getting along?” K2 asked hopefully, you hated to break his hope but you and Andor were not getting along. Not now and not ever. 


“Oh.” The droid looked down, obviously disappointed with your answer, but it was the truth, even if you shared that laugh with him, you and Cassian were still and always would be enemies. 

You decided to continue to ignore Cassian until it was necessary not to. The rest of the trip you spent making conversation with your favourite droid. When you finally arrived on Jedha everyone grabbed their weapons, preparing for whatever may be outside the ship.

“The plan for now is to scope out the area. Strategize how we can get the information and how tight the security is. K2 you’ll stay here on the ship, the last thing we need is someone trying to shoot you or reprogram you.” Cassian spoke with authority, it was honestly kind of hot. You shook your head at the thought. This was Cassian you were thinking about!

You nodded, waving goodbye to K2 and following Cassian out of the ship. “Let’s spilt up, that way we’ll cover more ground.”

You were quick to object to the idea since it was a stupid one. “Do you really think that’s a good idea? There are imperial droids and stromtroopers all over the place, it would be wise to stick together.” You protested whilst you both were moving from alley to alley, trying to stay out of sight. 

Cassian halted his movements, turning to you with an annoyed expression on his face. “Y/N I know we hate each other but could you just for once listen to me! Splitting up is the better option, we’ll cover more ground and-” 

His words were cut off however at the sound of a blaster. He looked up at you, your blaster pointing somewhere behind him. He quickly looked over his shoulder to see an imperial droid laying on the ground. 

“You were saying.” You couldn’t help the cocky grin on your face, knowing that you just proved your point. He turned back to you  a little shocked, obviously realizing that you were right. He couldn’t give you the satisfaction of winning this argument, so he just continued walking.

“Let’s get going then.” 

You didn’t hide your laughter as you followed after him. “What’s that Cassian? I thought we were splitting up, it’s safer you know.”

It was night and you were all back on the ship, getting some rest before the mission tomorrow. You were in your room, laying down in your bunk, tapping a tune and slightly humming along to the sound. The doors to your room slid open, causing you to sit up and stop your tapping. It was Cassian, unfortunately. What was he doing here?

He looked a bit uncomfortable, not really moving from his spot in the doorway. You were both kind of looking at each other, it was weird. He cleared his throat, trying to break the awkward tension.

“Uh, I just wanted to let you know that I’m-I’m sorry about earlier today. I should have listened to what you had to say and because of my stubbornness I could have got us both killed. What I’m trying to say is, thank you for saving us back there and i’m sorry for the way I acted.”

You were speechless, completely and utterly speechless. This was so unlike him, to apologize to you, let alone say thank you. You often thought of Cassian as a machine since he never seemed to show much emotion. 

“Who are you and what have you done with Cassian Andor?”

He couldn’t help but chuckle at your words, scratching his head, obviously uncomfortable. “But thanks, for the apology, I appreciate it Andor.” You spoke honestly, sending him a genuine smile. He sent one back and awkwardly nodded his head.

“Well, night Y/N.” He left the room and you were left more confused then ever. 

You laid back down on your bunk, thinking about what just occurred a few seconds ago. Strange, but maybe Cassian wasn’t so bad after all? He did have a really cute smile too, one that you’d hope to see again. What was wrong with you? This was the second time today you’d thought Cassian was attractive. You shook your head, trying to rid your thoughts of the man and get some sleep.

Thanks @ly–canthrope for appreciating my fic, means a lot to see that people actually enjoy it :)

ABC's Castle Quote Sentence Meme
  • “Apart from the fact that I’m dying, I’m fine.”
  • “Can I say something that will probably annoy you?”
  • “Everything I’ve ever done, every choice I’ve ever made, every terrible and wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me, it’s all led me to right here, this moment with you.”
  • “Everything you’ve accomplished is because of me.”
  • “Have you ever looked back on something you’ve done and it’s like someone else is doing it?”
  • “I can’t help it if you got off by putting things in my mouth.”
  • “I don’t know what to do about my life.”
  • “I just feel like I’ve waited long enough. I don’t want to waste any more time before we take the next step.”
  • “I love when you get angry, I mean at other people, not at me.”
  • “I need time to stop being mad and you need time to figure out a way to be okay with this.”
  • “I need you to know that our partnership, our relationship is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.”
  • “I think I’m man enough to admit I’m completely theory-less.”
  • “I’d rather be dead than end up in your bed.”
  • “I’m so happy for you, despite of who you’re marrying.”
  • “I’m suddenly getting a clear and frightening visual of what my future will look like.”
  • “I’ve been kind of looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you so don’t do anything stupid.”
  • “If I have to hear that confession one more time, I’m going to shoot somebody.”
  • “In life, there is no such thing as a perfect time for anything.”
  • “Keep your mouth shut and let’s try not to get us both killed.”
  • “Lipstick marks on my shirt? Where?”
  • “Now just take your turn and feel the bitter sting of defeat.”
  • “The last thing I need is to watch someone from my past try to seduce my fiance while talking about the goddess that lives in her hooha.”
  • “Trusts kills faster than bullets.”
  • “What’s a great love story without obstacles to overcome? Every fairy tale has them.”
  • “You want everything to be black or white. I get it. But in this town it rarely is.”
  • “You’re trying to drive me crazy, aren’t you?”

anonymous asked:

OMG, those Densi scenes last night!! I'm still trying to process all the wonderfulness! So not expecting them at all! The gym scene was SO THEM, so full of continuity & we got Deeks casually saying "our love is so much stronger than their love". Were they trying to murder us? And then that bullpen scene both killed me & gave me life! So much adorableness, and growth and honesty and pda, and just thinking about what Kensi's words about her Dad & Deeks not being alone must've meant for him...LOVE!

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I love me some unexpected Densi awesomeness.

heyyoufriendthere  asked:

Alright, how's this. Ten'soon and Sixth of The Dusk. Go.

all riiight, so they both have to be pretty fluid to ADAPT TO THEIR RESPECTIVE SITUATIONS OF DOOM&GLOOM (in TenSoon’s case, sometimes literally) and they both are used to Environments that Try to Kill You (less so in TenSoon’s case bc he’s a kandra and can adapt really well but Still) and TENSOON can LIVE LONG ENOUGH to ACTUALLY MEET SIXTH so it’s PLAUSIBLE. PRACTICALLY CANON ALREADY AMIRITE. and THEY BOTH DON’T TALK A LOT so they BOND OVER THE LOVE OF SILENCE IN THE RIGHT MOMENTS. also both probably used to seeing their own body/manifestation of their body dead. so their SENSES OF HUMOR PROBABLY ALIGN GREAT. also THEY BOTH SEEM REALLY TIRED OF EVERYTHING SO THEY COULD TAKE A NAP TOGETHER.