trying to kill my hand

my hand is officially dead but here is more altean prince iwaizumi + designs :’D


i see the the “draw pearl (with ears??) at 4am when you wanna draw but don’t know what to draw” door is still jammed wide open

My mom during episode 13:
; “don’t you dare be jealous Archie I swear to god!”
; “I don’t like the mayor.”
; “Cheryl is acting weird, is she going to try to kill herself?”
; “oh my god Archie’s hand!”
; “please, tell me this is not the end of Bughead”
; *bughead enter FP’s trailer* “about damn time”
; “Archie and Veronica are cute but not as much as Betty and Jughead.”
; *Bughead in the kitchen* “OH MY GOD seriously? Yes ! Give all you have! WTH DON’T GO OPEN THE DOOR YOU DON’T DO THAT”
; “serpent Jughead? Yeah why not”
; “I love Cheryl”
; “I swear to god if Fred dies..”


Don’t call me Turtle Man.

Our Baby Girl - Part 2

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Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 1,463

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Author’s Note: I hope you all like it! I literally just got done writing it, so if there are any mistakes that is why. I’ll eventually fix those. Also, the tag list is still open!. - Haley xx 

Your name: submit What is this?

“Where did you find it?” I asked Cas.

“On the windowsill,” Cas said, pulling me over to Charlie’s window. “I didn’t notice it at first because there’s no smell.”

I opened Charlie’s bedroom window and saw the yellow powder of sulfur scattered around, but like Cas said, there was no smell.

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The Real Me- Bellamy Blake x Reader One Shot

(A/N: God, why am I part of so many fandoms? And oh my god, I cannot wait for the new season to start! Btw it’s a long one.)

Summary: (Set in Season 1, Episode 7 ‘Contents Under Pressure’) (Y/N) and Bellamy have been in a long term relationship and are trying to run thing smoothly on the ground. However it has not been easy meaning that unknown sides to a person can be shown, not all of them being good.

Characters: Bellamy Blake x Reader, Clarke Griffin x Reader (platonic), Octavia Blake x Reader (platonic), Raven Reyes x Reader (platonic), Finn Collins x Reader (platonic)

Warnings: Torture, swearing, shouting, arguing, sadness but happy at the end

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

'This is getting out of hand.’

The thought repeated itself in my mind constantly. The storm outside had barricaded us all into the dropship, packed tightly together with a huge amount of supplies as there was no telling how long we would be stuck in there. We were still so new to Earth and what had happened to it after the radiation hit it. No one wanted to say it but we all had the same thought; what if we were stuck here for ever?

Although Bellamy and Clarke seemed to be the main leaders of the group, I took it upon myself to take on the motherly role. There were a lot of hotheads and rebels amongst the group (since all of them were criminals) meaing that someone much calmer would have to step in at times, aka me. But I could be classed as one too. When I heard that my boyfriend, Bellamy, was being sent down from the Ark I immediately panicked, fighting a guard to get thrown on last minute. He was the only thing I had left.

But now he has changed. Finn had just been stabbed by a Grounder who we know had captured. Finn went after Octavia when she went exploring again, something Bellamy and I both hated, she was now practically a little sister to me. Just as the storm hit Finn had been carried inside the dropship to be operated and monitored by Clarke alongside his girlfriend Raven. Meanwhile Bellamy dragged a bloody Grounder inside too and onto the third floor. We were all moved to the second floor which included a lot of groaning.

Bellamy didn’t even notice me as he, Drew and Miller stormed through with the unconscious grounder. Battling against the crowds, I mistakingly followed them, not really knowing what to expect. I felt someone tug on my leg as I took the first step in the ladder.

“Octavia!” I exclaimed, jumping down to hug her, already making a fuss to see if she was alright.

She returned it but looked worried.“I don’t know what my brother is going to do. I’m scared!”

“Maybe you should stay down here-”

“Whatever he’s going to do, we have to stop him!”

She clambered up the ladder before I could protest, I followed swiftly after. From the gasp that left her mouth, I gathered that something bad was happening. As I made it onto the third floor, the grounder had been tied up, the boys looking ready to attack at any minute. I was in shock. I had never seen anything like this. Grounders were scary from a distant and even up close but I almost felt sympathy for them. No, that was wrong…wasn’t it?

“Bellamy what are you doing!?” Octavia demanded as she stomped towards him with clenched fists.

“He kidnapped you and stabbed Finn. Imagine if he had hurt you too!” Bellamy raised his voice.

“But he saved me! There’s no need to hurt him.”

“You need to go. I don’t want you to see this.” he finally turned to look at her, spotting me too.“(Y/N), you should go too.”

I couldn’t help the scoff that left my mouth.“What? No, I want to know what’s going on up here.”

“You are both leaving. That’s an order.”

He knew how much I hated him ordering me about like one of his henchmen.


“JUST LEAVE!” Bellamy screamed, a vein on his neck popping out.

Reluctantly we both left. Bellamy hadn’t been the same since we landed. I understood that there was a lot of pressure to lead everyone but I was here to comfort him. The past week had been the worst. He constantly ignored me, was always snappy and never held me when we were sleeping. He wasn’t one to share his feelings, that was pretty much obvious to everyone, but he card too much about others and not himself.

Octavia went to check on Finn as I stayed with the Delinquents. The storm was getting worse. People were starting to get scared, some curling up into each other. Finn’s screams could also be heard, not helping with the situation. As I was about to say something to help call down everyone, a huge bang sounded throughout the dropship also shaking it. Screaming was now in the midst of it all as pieces of debris attacked us.

I stood on a box to grab everyone’s attention, shouting out,“GUYS! It’s ok, it’s just debris from outside. We all need to remain calm. Clarke and Raven need to concetrate on helping Finn, so let’s all try to keep the noise to a minimum, ok?”

I couldn’t really hear anyone it I saw them nodding. Climbing back down I started to walk around, making rounds to the group’s to make sure they were all ok. As I walked around I spotted Clarke and Octavia rushing up the ladder, something was wrong I could just sense it. Following them upstairs my eyes landed on the grounder again, only now he was bleeding and bruising. They were toturing him.

“This blade is poisoned. My friend is dying down there. Please just tell us which is the antidote!” Clarke begged as she held up the knife used to stab Finn.

The grounder’s cold eyes just stared at her, he hardly blinked.

“Clarke, you don’t have to be here to see this.” Bellamy spoke holding a seatbelt. Wait, what was he using that for?

“I want to be here. We need answers quickly.” she moved away from the grounder as Bellamy replaced her.

He drew his arm back, whipping the grounder with the seatbelt. A horrible clashing noise between the material and skin filled our ears, Octavia and I both screaming.

“Bellamy stop it! He saved me! Let me just talk to him!” Octavia begged.

He couldn’t hear us or was choosing not to. His hits became harder, faster, not showing any signs of mercy. Drew held back Octavia who was trying to retaliate, still screaming at Bellamy to stop. Miller wasn’t sure if he should pull me back either as I was frozen to the spot. Somehow I couldn’t pull myself away from this but I knew I hated it; the grounders were killing us though I couldn’t stand watching this torture much longer. The grounder didn’t say anything, not even a single groan came from him. How was he able to resist screaming out?

“This isn’t working, we’re running out of time!” Clarke exclaimed causing Bellamy to stop.

Bellamy dropped the belt, the clattering sound making us all jump. He bent down to grab a spike out of the grounders bag, all the contents scattered across the floor. There were three vials but there was no way of telling which one was the antidote.

He stalked back to the grounder.“Tell us which one it is and we won’t torture you anymore.”


With a frustated huff, Bellamy drove the spike through the grounder’s hand, finally receiving an earpiercing scream from him. My shaking hands quickly covered my ears and I had to turn away from it all. The trap door burst open, a furious Raven dashing in.

“Finn almost died, again! You are taking too long!” she shouted.

“He’s still not saying anything.” Bellamy snapped.

“That’s because you’re not trying hard enough.”

Octavia thrashed around again.“This isn’t going to work! Stop hurting him!”

Raven grabbed two exposed cables, pushing them together to cause a spark. The grounder’s eyes widened, he must have never seen anything like it. She smirked, knowing it scared him.

“This scares you, huh? Big, scary grounder doesn’t like a bit of electricity. Now, you’re going to tell me which one is the antidote. My boyfriend is dying down there.” her voice was hushed though we could still hear her.

“Bellamy,” I ran up to him, gripping his arms,“this is inhumane. I hate the grounders as much as the next person but we can’t do this.”

“It’s the only way.”

I buried myself into Bellamy’s chest as Raven electrocuted the grounder, loud screams following.

“I can’t stay here any longer!” I ran to the ladder, needing to escape.


Everyone had asked me what was going on with the grounder but I answered no one. The night seemed so long and I prayed to whoever was out there that I could get out of this dropship soon. As the night wore on, people started to settle down to sleep. It would be uncomfortable, especially being so close together, no one was going to complain though. They were tired of the shouting and screaming coming from the level above and below them, sandwiched between the drama. I too fell asleep, upset that Bellamy hadn’t even come to check on me.

When morning arrived we risked venturing out. The storm had kept us awake most of the night, more dents being made from flying debris. Luckily for us it was safe in the morning but the camp was completely ruined. All of our hard work demolished in just one night. Seeing as Clarke or Bellamy were no where to be seen, I gave out the order for everyone to try to are if anything could be saved it fixed easily before starting to build it all again.

“(Y/N).” I heard Bellamy call my name before I could exit the dropship with everyone else.

Slowly turning around, I avoided eye contact.“Yes?”

“So you won’t even look at me?”

“What do you want?”

He sighed, grabbing my hands to pull me closer.“I didn’t want you to see any of that.”

“Neither did I.”

“Please understand I had to do it.”

He sort of had a point.

“It’s not just that though.”

“What do you mean?”

I finally looked up.“You weren’t yourself in there, you haven’t been yourself for a while now.”

He suddenly turned snappy.“Well I’m sorry that I’m trying to run this camp and not get anyone else killed.”

I ripped my hands out of his.“Bellamy, don’t take this out on me. I understand that there is a lot to take on but you could talk to me once in a while. Actually, that’s your problem, you won’t open up to me, you never have.”

“Because I don’t want you to see the real me!” he yelled.

I was shocked but silent for a few seconds.“W-what do you mean?”

He ran his hands through his hair, not wanting to look at me as he distanced himself.“I put on this tough guy act because I want to be strong for everyone. I went soft for my sister, letting her go to that party cause my mother to die. I can’t show a soft side, the others wouldn’t listen.”

“So don’t show the others. Just show me.”

“But I need to protect you.”

“You won’t be protecting me if I leave.”


“For this to work, you need to communicate, especially now. We’ve been stranded on this planet, left to our own defenses; I would have thought that you would want me close to you.”

His head snapped towards me.“Of course I do. I just don’t want you to get hurt. My sister hates me, I couldn’t stand it if you left too.”

“Then show me you love me! And your sister doesn’t hate you, she just wants to explore and you’re stopping her; rightfully so actually.”

“I’m sorry.”

I sighed, feeling bad about it all.“I know you are, I am too. I just don’t want any of this to tear us apart. I love you so much and this is a lot to take in.”

“I know it is.”

I quickly kissed him.

“I’ll make it up to you. We’re going to make this place a home, for everyone.”

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But but but imagine guys (because I obsess over Sirius’ and Regulus’ never-seen-in-canon somewhat possibly brotherly relationship)

So, I’ve seen a lot of headcanons with Sirius as the Quidditch commentator, yelling profanities at the Slytherins when they were nasty during the game.

But imagine! Regulus is twelve, it’s his first game of Quidditch, and he is that scrawny little thing who looks like a gust of wind would send him off Merlin knows where. Sirius comments the match like he usually does, mocks Regulus like he does with every Slytherin player, and then a Beater from the opposing team tries to knock him off his broom with a Bludger.

And Sirius flips out and his language goes from bad to first-year-traumatizing-level (he learnt all those words from Bellatrix’ temper tantrums), because what the fuck do you think you’re doing Barcklay, are you trying to kill my brother you mphhphmph…

The mphhphmph is Remus slamming his hands on Sirius’ mouth trying to get him to shut up before he gets detention.

McGonagall has to replace him to keep it safe for young ears.

(The Beater in question mysteriously ends up in Madam Pomfrey’s care the next day)

Spider Lily: The other shore


Araknea Thornstalker- You’re going to need a bigger book….

Araknea Moonward- seen as an ill omen to both dragons and other beast clans. These araknea are raised from birth to be the personal elite guard of the Swarm Queen and rarely leave her side.

Might try recoloring them later *tilts head*, but the males are done for now. Hey I didn’t forget their jewelry this time! For reference, Araknea are the size of….. eeeh…………… Mirrors or Wildclaws? Around 5M.


Hayley Marshall Appreciation Week

Day Five: Favourite Relationship

I had a dream. I was holding you. You seemed happy.

I can’t have been the only one who first thought this was Vlad doing the heart thing with his hands


(also psst I kinda like the sketch better

why do my sketches always look better than the final product why?? OTL)


Credits for original Vlad drawing goes to Prommi

Dressing Room

Chris was on Ellen again but this time, he was going to be alone.
“Babe, come with me. I’ll get you a seat right in front of me.”
“Anxious?” I ask running my fingers through his hair.
“Just a little. Will you come?”
“Of course.” I’d gotten ready and had been snuck into the auditorium before anyone else. They give me my seat and I smile, it’s perfect. My short skirt and bright red thong will help keep Chris’ mind off of his anxieties.

It seems like hours before Chris comes out. Women scream for him and he waves at the crowd before his eyes settle on mine. He smiles that easy smile, and everyone sits down after giving Ellen a hug he sits down too. I spread my legs slowly, inch by inch until I know Chris can see the red fabric of my thong. I know he sees it. He shifts and so do I, ever so slightly just enough so that my thong slips over and he catches a glimpse of my bare pussy. That’s it. Just a glimpse then I close my legs and cross one leg over the other.

Chris crushes his time with Ellen and when he leaves her set I slip out of my seat and make my way toward backstage. Chris meets me at the door and wraps his hand around my wrist.
“Were you trying to kill me?” He whispers wrapping an arm around my waist.
“No just give you something else to focus on.”
“Well it worked.”
“Where are we going?”
“Dressing room.” He guides me into the room then locks the door. “Bathroom.” He growls. I yank my skirt up as he unbuttons my shirt. He peels my shirt off and I unhook my bra as his hand slips down into my panties. His large fingers swirl against my clit.
“Mm yes.” I sigh I’m already so wet for him.
“So wet. You liked teasing me didn’t you.” He says sliding his fingers into my cunt.

I pull his belt loose and unzip then unbutton Chris’ pants. He’s already hard, I pull his cock out of his pants and start to stroke.
“Oh yes baby.” Chris growls, thrusting into my hand. I smile as he presses his lips against mine. He pulls his fingers out of me and I drop to my knees in front of him. I pull his cock into my mouth. I rub my tongue along the underside of his cock and slide as much of him into my mouth as I can. His tip hits the back of my throat and I hum softly.

“Fuck.” Chris moans causing me to hum again. “Baby if you keep doing that I’m gonna loose it before I even get in that tight pussy of yours.” God I love it when he talks dirty. I look up at him with his cock in my mouth and bat my eyes at him. I know how much it drives him crazy when I make eye contact with my lips tight around his dick. He pulls me to my feet, his dick popping from my mouth. He bends me over the counter so my face is by the mirror and pushes into me.

“Oh god. Oh fuck Chris.” I hiss my breath fogging up the mirror. I prop up my elbows and watch his face as he fucks me. I’m not going to last long, watching him is so hot.
“You like watching?” He asks with a smirk, his eyes meeting mine in the mirror.
“Yes.” I moan as he thrusts deeply into me again. “Ooooh!” I cry and he reaches around covering my mouth with his hand.
“You gotta be quiet.” He whispers kissing the tattoo on my shoulder. I nod my head and he removes his hand. His cock throbs deep inside my pussy, I squeeze my legs together and he groans.
“I’m gonna cum babe.”
“Me too.”
“Together?” He grunts.
“When you’re gonna cum.” I pant and he nods reaching around my body to put pressure on my clit.

He groans then presses down on my clit as he begins to cum my legs twitch as I’m hit with my own orgasm. Chris bites down gently on my shoulder to keep from crying out I slap a hand over my mouth to keep quiet. I moan loudly into my hand Chris rests his head against my back.
“That was-” I start.
“Amazing.” Chris finishes.
“Yea. We should probably get cleaned up.”
“Yea.” He says, not moving. His large hands skim along my stomach and I straiten up. He slides out of me then grabs some paper towels. We clean up and pull our clothes back on then Chris kisses me again.
“Thank you for coming with me. I hate doing these interviews alone.”
“I know. I’m glad I could be here.”
“Let’s go home.” He whispers and I weave my fingers through his. Home sounds nice.