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A new chapter is up and it seems like Reyes didn’t leave for good!

A new quick sketch related to the chapter, without too much detail unfortunately, because I have done it quickly today, while being outside. So I apologize for the inaccuracy in McCree’s outfit and for his missing demon hand.

Osomatsu-san LINE stickers

I’ve been able to get the images of the cute LINE stickers and I figured I’d share them since… they’re very cute and can be used as great icons or reaction images. (Sadly, I couldn’t figure out how to get the animated ones to work for the Sanrio sets…)

New~ Autumn - (1)

Sanrio - (1) (2) (3)

Osomatsu-san - (1) (2) (3) (Animated!) (Popping up!)

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Some teens somehow break into the house, black hat decides to scare the shit outta them, shenanigans ensue.

Headcannon # 3 What would happen if there was a stranger in the house - to me it seems like a fun way to see what may happen with the crew especially if someone like a hero broke in or if just a random robber came by and kept getting messed with (like they keep tripping over “nothing” and they swear they see a black top hat in the shadows) before getting wrecked. On another note, it’s been really fun to read all of the headcannons and I hope things continue to be well!

((I’m combining this with an ask i got a while ago back for the first follower celebration i did! sorry for the delays~))

  • The teenagers are from a neighborhood over. They don’t know the stories, don’t know exactly who lives in that “Weird, hat-shaped house.” So, might as well fucking rob it. morons.
  • So they break in. not even subtly, the moment they step on the lawn Flug’s security monitors are activated, the moment they break the window on the house, Black Hat senses it. He grins when Flug runs up the stairs to alert him and waves him off. “Let them come. I’m bored; this should be fun”
  • The first thing they notice is how nice this house is. The many paintings on the walls, huge statues everywhere, everything just screams “money.” Even though it’s dark as fuck outside, they ignore the creepiness and start trying to ransack the art
  • Then 5.0.5 shows up. The teens scream when they see the bear. 5.0.5 screams back when it sees the kids. they both run in opposite directions
  • as they run, they hear skittering and giggling following them. someone screams as they’re dragged off by an unseen figure (Said teenager was forced into a very unwilling tea party for the next few hours. poor, poor soul.)
  • Flug watches from the security system with some morbid amusement as they get lost in the labyrinthine passages of the mansion. Black Hat cracks his knuckles and grins, maniacally. Time for some fun.
  • ((GORE TW??))
  • He dissolves into flesh and bone and shadow, sliding under doors and phasing through walls, until he’s rematerialized right behind them. As they bicker over what direction to turn next, BH grins, his smile and teeth growing bigger and bigger as his form fills the entire hallway
  • The teenagers hear the squelches of flesh and cracks of bone as BH’s shoulders seem to dislocate, spine hunching unnaturally as his form shifts
  • They turn around, just in time to see his face split in half, his torso unzipping and unfurling, revealing an endless chasm of fangs and eyes and tongues and acidic green slime and whirring blades and holy shit they’re going to die, aren’t they
  • It takes about .003 seconds for them to fucking run. BH is too elegant to chase them, but he falls over onto the floor laughing the second they’re out of view
  • “Did you see that Flug?? Holy shit, I think one of them pissed himself; they were so terrified! And the other one’s face, don’t get me started, I’m gonna start crying again.”
  • Flug just silently watches as his boss literally rolls on the floor laughing. what an asshole.

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Master list!

This will be my whole list of imagines and preferences. Do not steal my work, they are my own ideas and writing. 

Warning: Some contain smut and will have two stars after them. 

 Like this **

I do take request at anytime, but I don not do one shots. Follow me for more! Thank you dolls.

And I will try my best to keep this updated. Last updated 1-23-16


1.  He’s angry with you.   - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

2.  Heated moments. **- {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

3. You see him change for the first time. {Semi Dirty} - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

4. How you fall asleep together. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

5. The first “I love you” - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

6. PDA - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

7. blowjob ** - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac}

8. Crying - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

9. He yells at you - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

10. Nickname he usually calls you - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac, Derek}

11. “Baby…“  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

12. Hickey’s - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

13. Silent-treatment. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac}

14. He hurts you while play fighting. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac, Derek}

15. Make up sex. ** - {Scott, Stiles. Theo, Liam, Isaac}

16. You give him silent-treatment - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

17. You’re sassy - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

18. “But babygirl.”  -{Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

19. “Please don’t go.” - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

20. You Shower together.  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

21. How you kiss. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

22. Over protective brothers. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac, Derek}

23. You get Jealous.  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac, Derek}

24. Over protective boyfriends. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

25. Mate. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Derek}

26. “Kiss me.“ - {Scott Stiles, Theo Liam}

27. You’re in heat. ** - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

28. He makes you cry.  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

29. Distractions.  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

30. His favorite body part on you.  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

31. Your name in his phone. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

32. Meeting.  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

33. Daddy.** - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

34. Making out.  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

35. Break ups. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

36. Pick up lines. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac, Derek, Brett.}

37. Needing Cuddles.  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

38. Makeups. {Pt.2 of Breakups.}  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

39. His name in your phone. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac, Derek, Brett, Jackson}

40. Messages. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Derek}

41. shorty - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac}

42. Missing you. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

43. Periods. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

44. Big Butt. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}


Scott McCall

1. Good morning babygirl. **

2. Bad girl. **

3. Can’t stop love.

Stiles Stilinski

1. Always here.

2. Bites. **

3. Teach you a lesson. **

4. I’m sorry. **

Theo Raeken

1. Daddy. **

2. My step brother Theo. **

3. Blowjobs. **

Liam Dunbar

1.  Broken. Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

2. I want it rough **

3. Make up. **

4. Anchor.

5. Booty rubs. **

6. You’re mine.

7. I love you.

8. “I thought I lost you.”

Isaac Lahey

1. Too late to say sorry.


1. A little help. ** {ScottxreaderxLiam}

2. Sex lessons.** {TheoxreaderxLiam} Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3


Dark. - Liam Dunbar 

The time has come guys!!! Tomorrow, I’m flying out to Burbank, CA! I start working at Cartoon Network Studios as an intern on Tuesday, and I’m told my desk is gonna be set up right on the Steven Universe floor!! Gonna be an awesome summer!!!! 😱

Thanks again for all your kind words and support, I am so incredibly humbled to be able to meet and work with the amazingly talented people on the Crewniverse!!! Even though I’m leaving tomorrow, I’m not sure everything has registered completely in my mind. Like, this is insane right?? This is insane???? I’m going to try to take pictures and stuff where allowed to keep you all updated when I get there!! Love you guys!!

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Hello!! Just curious if you have any erotica recs? I've been trying to get into nonfanfiction things and don't know where to start.

I sure do! I’m not linking due to sheer laziness, but here’s…the tip of the iceberg, lol:

The entire Middle of Somewhere series by Roan Parrish (especially the first book and the second). SO FUCKING HOT. May be the best m/m I read in 2017 and I made that call in January and I’m sticking by it so far.

In These Words by Kichiko Neko (actually a graphic novel series and also very dark but w/e it’s awesome).

Axel’s Pup by Kim Dare (one of the best explorations of a/b/o culture ever, and also what it might look like if an omega wanted to pair with a human ‘alpha’).

Ricochet by Xanthe Walter (Xanthe has a massive and seasoned background in fanfiction as Xanthe, and they invented the BDSMverse, and this seasoned background shows in their original work. In a good way).

By His Rules by J.A. Rock (not for everyone, but great domestic discipline).

The Boy series by Lisa Henry, featuring The Good Boy / The Boy Who Belonged. (lbr, I reread book one of this approximately five times a year. It’s amazing).

The Whyborne & Griffin series by Jordan L. Hawk.

The Enlightenment series by Joanna Chambers

Blue Collar by Sean Michael (this is filthy and filled with erotica and dubcon and has some of the hottest sounding scenes like holy shit it’s like you know when you just need to read a whole bunch of filthy scenes back to back to get off to - this is one of those lol).

The Claimings series by Lyn Gala (the most amazing, thoughtful, xeno series you will ever ever read. It’s AMAZING. Also the sex when it does eventually come, is weird and hot and beautiful).

The Darker Side of Trey Grey by Tara Spears

When All the World Sleeps by Lisa Henry

The Sun, Sea and Submission series by Kim Dare. (It’s just porn).

The Avian Shifters series by Kim Dare (including Magpie and Duck!) (Read Duck! first. It’s incredible. Great worldbuilding around what a culture of bird shifters would look like, an amazing and ingenious take on the ‘ugly duckling’ trope, and also a really hot relationship between two birds lol).

Three of a Kind by Sean Michael (hot, filthy, polyamory awesomeness).

Beautiful Boy by Grace R. Duncan

The Sex Sells series by Kim Dare. (porn, lol).

Worth a Shot by Kim Dare (features a touch-starved but also touch-phobic - due to trauma - sub, and the Dom who helps him with that, in the most consent-oriented and hot way possible. I love this novel.)

Glitterland by Alexis Hall (bipolar bottom! And it’s not ‘cured’ or waved away or treated with disrespect).

How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps by Josephine Myles (fun)

The entire Captive Prince series by CS Pacat you know why not just start here like legit.

For Real by Alexis Hall (short, young, willowy Dom and tall, older, buff, experienced sub. Totally breaks all the tropes and does so WONDERFULLY - it won awards for a good reason).

Bound to Fall by Jaime Samms

The Impulse series by Amelia C. Gormley

The Subs Club series by J.A. Rock (okay, I have mixed feelings about this series and I really just reread book one, but for a solid and seasoned handling of kink subjects you don’t often see, I definitely think it’s worth a read).

Control by Mary Calmes

The Society of Gentlemen series by K.J. Charles (esp. A Seditious Affair - but it’s all good).

Violated by Jaime Fessenden (more romance than erotica, but eh, I’m putting it here).

Witches of London - Lars by Aleksandr Voinov (also more romance than erotica, also I got to beta this, which was a ton of fun - plus gay and bi pagans!).

The Losing Game by Lane Swift (also betaed this!)

Lickety Split by Damon Suede (the hottest fucking edging scene you will just about ever read and a very rare example of gooning. Just filthy and gorgeous and HOLY SHIT also the characterisation and dialogue is fucking on point will probably go into my top five for 2017).


What you can expect from these:

A mix of hurt/comfort, trauma backgrounds, character development, hot sex (unless I’ve said it’s more romance focused) and BDSM or at the very least power play. Also a bit of a/b/o with the Kim Dare and Mary Calmes stuff.

Man I did not read like 600 m/m novels for nothing. It’s actually good to be able to share some of the highlights. I try and read about a hundred new original m/m a year to stay up to date with what’s trending in the community. Though I don’t read nearly as much as friends of mine.

OTP- Part 1- Love Notes

Okay so I know I said I was going to have the network write this but I kinda stole it back because nobody was doing anything (myself included) and I liked the prompt too much so hERE WE ARE!

Genre: Fluff fluff fluff and maybe some angst at some point

Word Count: 932

“You probably do not feel the same, but I simply cannot hold it in any longer. I like you, a lot. From your jet-black fringe to your blue-green eyes with their hint of yellow, to the black Converse on your feet, I admire every inch of you. Despite these wonderful physical features, it’s quite obvious to me that your most admirable trait is your heart. I can only hope this heart is big enough to accept me in it, despite the fact that I cannot yet reveal my identity. I forgive you for my cowardice, but I hope to one day remove the mask I have placed over myself through this note.

Forever yours, 

Your secret admirer.”

Phil read the note to Dan, who sat faking a curious look. “A secret admirer?” 

“Yeah. I found it in my locker. I don’t know who could have left it there.”

“Maybe it’s not really for you? It could have been a mistake.”

“It can’t be. It’s got a detailed description of me, right down to the eyes. How did they even know that?” 

“I don’t know…” Dan immediately regretted going into so much detail. 

“Let’s review what we know. The admirer has been close enough to me to notice every shade of my eyes, and they know my locker number. It could be nearly anyone.” 

Leaning up against the cafeteria wall, Dan let on naivety. “Anyone.” 

“I’ll ask around. I wish our friends knew more girls…” He said, getting up and heading to another table. 

Dan let out a sigh, now alone. He knew Phil was bisexual, but he wished he would open his mind a bit more. He would have been fine with dating a guy, but he for some reason couldn’t comprehend that one liked him. Society had molded him into such a closed-minded person at such a young age that he couldn’t break out of this box. Pulling out his notebook, he transferred all the information he just took in from Phil into a new note. 

“Dearest Philip,

Your cheerful and loving nature continues to entrance me and inspire me to write to you. My trail of cowardice continues, as I shan’t reveal my identity yet. Alas, I will tell you a bit about myself. I am a freshman, the same as you, and I have eyes and hair of chestnut. Most importantly of all, perhaps, I may be closer to you than you think.” Phil looked up from the note he pulled from his locker. “I may be closer to you than you think. What could that mean?” 

“Maybe they’re a friend?” Dan attempted to sound clueless. 

“Oh, that can’t be. You’re my only good friend. Chestnut eyes and hair…” Phil stared into Dan’s chestnut eyes as he spoke. “Who do we know that has chestnut hair and eyes?” 

“I only know myself.”

“I’ll look through last year’s yearbook and try to find some girls with chestnut hair and eyes. I’ll keep you updated!” Phil raced off to find a yearbook, leaving Dan shaking his head. 

“So oblivious…” He smiled at the boy as he ran off down the hallway towards yet another wrong answer. 

The next morning, Dan walked alongside Phil to his locker. “Nothing. I gave a handwriting test to every girl I could find, and none of them matched the notes. I’ve tried every girl in the freshman class. What else is there to do?” He threw open his locker to find another note, opening it up and reading it aloud. 

“Today I shall give you a break from your constant attempts to reveal my identity. Instead, I shall remind you of why I am here in the first place. Philip, you are the sweetest, the most kindhearted boy I know. I have had my eye on you for a long time, but have just now gotten the courage to speak to you, even anonymously. When my identity is finally revealed, you will probably become annoyed with my lack of ability to simply speak up, and I apologize. I care too much for you to risk losing you over something as idiotic as a crush. 

Until I write again, 

Your secret admirer.”

Phil’s face showed pure confusion. “I care too much for you to risk losing you? I’m now confident I must know this girl well. I just can’t think of anyone it could possibly be.” 

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out eventually. Or, maybe they won’t be discovered until they really want to. They’re doing a pretty good job of hiding it so far.” 

“You’ve got that right.” Phil sighed as the bell rang for first period. “I’ll see you next period.” Dan headed off to his first class to restlessly wait until he would meet Phil again in his second. 

Phil ran to his locker before second period to get his binder. Opening the creaky door, he found yet another note lying on top of his books. Grabbing his binder, he read it as he walked to second period. 

“Sweetest Philip, 

Oh how oblivious you are. It’s quite adorable, in my opinion. However, your struggles sadden me as well, so I will help you. The reason you haven’t figured out my identity yet is simple: you’ve only searched 50% of the freshman class.”

Phil reached his English classroom and sat down in his desk beside Dan, setting the note on the desk. As he threw his things down, something dawned on Phil. His closed mind had screwed him over yet again. His admirer was correct; he had searched only half of the student population: the female half. Phil’s secret admirer was a boy. 

Septic Sweethearts!

Hellooo everyone! Welcome to the official opening of the Septic Sweethearts blog.

Septic Sweethearts is a dating sim based around Jack’s egos. The game is completely made by fans, for fans. It features all original art and music, all kinds of cameos, and multiple endings.

You play as a college graduate, recently moved to a new city. As you explore, you meet (and romance) all kinds of interesting characters, such as:
-Jackieboy Man, the city’s own energetic superhero
-Henrik von Schneeplestein, an uptight but kind doctor
-The goofy and childlike Chase Brody
-Magical Marvin the Magnificent
-A ra̡̛̕͟͏ther in̵̢̧̢terest̡̛͢͠ing kni̷̸fe enthusiast.
-One secret, unlockable character!

Each with their own arc, unique dates, and three endings each. 

While we don’t have a set date for when the game will come out, we can assure you it will be to the highest quality we can make it, and totally free! We’ve got a team of twelve people working on everything from art, music, and dialogue to coding, plot outlining, and sound effects (in fact, you can check out all of the Sweetheart Squad here). We’ll try to keep you guys updated throughout the process of Septic Sweethearts. Stay sweet you guys~