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Hufflepuff!Joshua and Slytherin!Jihoon Hogwarts Headcanons

A/N: I’m sorry it took forever but I finished it and I love both of these boys so much.


•literally the sweetest boi, I cri
•When he was put in Hufflepuff no one was surprised because he spent the whole train ride there being his gentlemanly self
•Helping people with their luggage if he saw them struggling or having a hard time carrying their things
•Holding doors for everyone- the ladies and  gentlemen
•Bc let’s be real Joshua Hong don’t care about your gender he just wants you to be happy and comfortable
•The lady with the snack cart rolls around to his section of the train and asks if he wants to buy anything
•And he’s like “oh no thank you, but hi what’s your name”
•Cue Joshua befriending the lady and learning her life story and the names of her 6 kids
•The lady is like “can I give an award to your parents for raising you to be this way”
•And Joshua is like !!! “My parents are great I’ll tell you why!”
•He tells the lady everything about his family and is so happy and  enthusiastic and the woman is almost in tears she’s so touched
•She’s all “if you need anYTHinG don’t hesitate to find me”
•She low key leaves him a bunch of snacks without charging him
•And he’s like “oh she must’ve left these, how nice” and shares with the other students around him and adfghjk  can you tell I love Joshua Hong because I do like who doesn’t
•I stg it’s impossible not to love him
•You know he’s one of the Prefects for Hufflepuff because like who else is more qualified? Soonyoung? No ma'am. Not unless we want a dance party every time people are trying to study in the commons room.
•Is really helpful and caring over the younger students and if he sees they’re getting frustrated/sad/homesick, he’ll just go full out dorky and get them to laugh
•Student: *is sad*
•Joshua: “Wanna see how high I can sing?” *SCREAMS*
•Student: *not breathing enough because of how hard they’re laughing*
•If anyone questions his prefect method of handling things (which is usually in a casual and memey way) he’s just responds like “well it’s a good thing they didn’t make you prefect, you obviously have no idea what you’re doing”
•*air horn noise x1000* KILL EM JOSH
•if he’s really worn out or just generally feeling down after a long day, he’ll go to his bed and slide his guitar out from the space under his bed frame and play really relaxing and beautiful melodies and sing along
•So if someone hears Joshua playing in his dorm room from the commons room it’ll be a chorus of shuffling and whispers of “he’s playing again! Everyone hush and listen!” Until everyone literally stops what they’re doing to listen to his beautiful voice and rhythmic guitar playing.
•Joshua wonders why he finds most of the Hufflepuff kids asleep in the commons room the next morning like “how did you all manage to fall asleep here?? Why wouldn’t you go to bed?”
•And Seungkwan and Hoshi are all “wELL yOU know these couches are so comfy ahaha”
•And Joshua is just like “ …k good to know”
•Everyone knows that if Joshua is ever up late playing pretty music it’s because he’s feeling down so they make like an organized system so that the next day, everyone is nice to him and only good things happen.
•Someone’s clumsy owl is flying straight for Joshua? Hoshi jumps and grabs it out of the air and then runs tf away so Joshua doesn’t notice anything happened.
•Some jerk looks like they’re about to start a fight with him? Seungkwan “accidentally” drops a vial of newts urine on the jerk.
•Seungkwan: *hair flips* “hmm… sorry bout that” *walks away*
•Joshua: “??? Are you okay? Let me help you”
•Joshua would literally help the guy clean himself up OBLIVIOUS TO THE GUY’S ILL INTENTIONS TOWARDS HIM and the guy would be like “WHY DID I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS ANGEL, I MUST PROTECT HIM”
•And this is how everyone comes to love Joshua
•Because how can you not?
•Joshua was talking with some random Hufflepuff kiddo about Naruto and a pureblood Hufflepuff walked by and was like “wtf is a naruto”
•And joshua was like “bro its an anime how do you not know this”
•And then the pureblood kid was like “wait what is anime?”
•Joshua immediately calls for a Hufflepuff house meeting
•“Okay guys it’s come to my attention that some of us aren’t aware of a certain reALLY awESoME thing called anime so we’re gonna have a marathon of a handful of them. I chose Fairytail, One Piece, and Haikyuu for tonight, let’s do it!”
•Half the kids are like “hECK YES”, and the other half are like “??? If it makes Joshua happy then sure I’ll stay”
•Some kid: “what about Yuri On Ice??”
•Joshua: “what ABOUT Yuri On Ice?”
•Another kid: “wait doesn’t Jeonghan kind of look like Victor?”
•Joshua: “omg, you’re right. no one tell him about it but let’s Photoshop his face onto Victor and fill his dorm with copies of it”
•The kids: “Joshua aren’t you supposed to be nice”
•Joshua: “I’m nice to you now hush Natsu is about to breathe fire”
•A couple of days later Ravenclaw!Jeonghan (at this point in time his hair is dyed silver and is longer like in the Mansae era) storms up to the Hufflepuff dorms with hands full of crumpled Victor posters, demanding to see Joshua
•Joshua is just like “oh it must’ve been one of your ravenclaw kids, us Hufflepuffs know not to start trouble”
•Jeonghan: “what do you mean you don’t start trouble, you have Seungkwan and Soonyoung in your house”
•Jeonghan dyed his hair black and cut it shorter the next day
•All the Hufflepuffs were snickering and Joshua was like “doN’t make fun of him”
•Joshua: “hey Jeonghan nice hair” *knowing smirk*
•Moral of the story, everyone just wants this memey boy to be happy and loved, and he definitely is. Even by Jeonghan.


•don’t make fun of his height unless you want to be hexed.
•Literally the other Slytherins call him “Prince of Hexing”
•He really likes hexes the best because they’re worse than jinxes but not at bad as curses
•They’re just the right amount of “don’t fuck with me, I dare you”
•Is also a prefect like Joshua,  but more because he’s really smart and good at handling situations that require leadership (like who could be the leader of a subunit with memes like Seungkwan and DK and not be a good leader smh)
•The other houses are like “woah this guy is hardcore”
•But his Slytherin kids know he’s a softie :)))
•Jihoon: “hey quit running in the hallway, who do you think you are”
•Actual translation of his emotions: “don’t run in the hall because someone’s gonna get hurt and I’ll be upset if you guys are in pain”
•He’s soft. But disguises it well.
•Unless you’re like already good friends with him and just picking fun at each other and are like “aww you’re a cutie, ya know”
•Jihoon’s cheeks will flush brighter than a tomato
•Also the sleeves of his robes are a lil too long for his arms so he has constant sweater paws and it’s the cutest thing
•I’m not saying that he has a prank war with Gryffindor!Seungcheol but that’s exactly what I’m saying
•All the stereotypical negativity between Slytherins and Gryffindors has been channeled into pranking each other.
•For the most part it’s Slytherins Jihoon, Jun, Minghao, and Chan vs. Gryffindors Seungcheol, Vernon, and Mingyu.
•This war was initiated in the dining hall on one fine day *ba dum tss*
•Seungcheol may or may not have slipped a love potion into Jihoon’s drink (literally just for shits and giggles like he had no real reason to, he just wanted to see what would happen)
•the next person to go talk to Jihoon was Hufflepuff!Soonyoung
•Let’s just say that after a very accidentally romantic conversation between the two, that Soonyoung still has a crush on him lol (who wouldn’t)
•Seungcheol: “??? You’re welcome?”
•Meanwhile Jun, Minghao, and Chan who were at the Slytherin table at the time never let Jihoon live it down
•So Jihoon is like “alright revenge time”
•So he plans to hex Seungcheol because like. that’s just what he does, he’s Prince of Hexes.
•He goes to the stadium one day because he left his bag behind when he was leaving quidditch practice (his position on the team is beater) and was like “oh God my homework is in there, what if it rains???”
•What a cute studious boy
•But yeah he’s getting his bag from the stands and thought that no one else was in the stadium but there he is. Choi Seungcheol. Out on his broom practicing (He’s the captain of the Griffindor quidditch team).
•Jihoon is like “welp it’s now or never”
•But he finds himself hesitating.
•he realizes that if he hexes Seungcheol, the role model for the Gryffindor kids, how is that going to reflect on their opinion of Slytherin kids?
•And Jihoon does NOT want anyone fucking around with his kids.
•So instead of putting a painful hex on Seungcheol, he turns Seungcheol’s originally black hair, very very pink.
•And he just leaves the stadium.
•Seungcheol meanwhile has no idea that this has happened, because he’s intensely practicing and there’s no mirrors around because it’s a stadium
•He only finds out when he walks into the Gryffindor commons room, vry tired from practice, and goes up to his dorm which he shares with Mingyu.
•Mingyu sees him and loSES IT
•He can’t even say why he’s laughing because he’s laughing so hard
•Seungcheol is literally about to throw hands when Mingyu just shoves a hand-held mirror in his face
•Seungcheol stops moving and just thinks really hard.
•And he knows that it was Jihoon. he knows in his sOUL that it was Jihoon.
•Mingyu is like “its okay man do you want me to fix it?”
•But Seungcheol is like “no. let’s have the rest of the school see what he did”
•Mingyu: “pffft okay, princess bubblegum”
•Seungcheol: “right back at you, Cheeto”
•Mingyu: :/
•I got side tracked whoops
•The next day in the dining hall (because yes this is a high school, it’s just for magic and stuff, so like all high school dramas/movies, shit is gonna go down in the caf)
•Seungcheol walks right up the Jihoon who’s sitting at the Slytherin table and is like “like my hair? ;)))”
•Jihoon is like “yeah, it really suits you”
•And Seungcheol
•My boy, Seungcheol
•We know how he gets a lil reckless when he’s competitive
•So Seungcheol says “I’m surprised you could even see the color from all the way down there”
•Before Jihoon can stand up or react or do anything, Seungcheol’s pink hair is covered in an apple pie
•An apple pie that Slytherin!Minghao just happened to be taking to Jun who was sat further down the table
•Jun: *yelling at Minghao in Chinese* “omg my freaking pie!!”
•Minghao: *yelling back in Chinese* “it was fOR A GOOD CAUSE”
•Seungcheol is just standing there. And on the inside he’s thinking “fair move, Slytherin”
•And he just turns and gives Mingyu and Vernon a certain look full of determination and a lil bit of craziness tbh
•they know what Seungcheol wants them to do lmao
•Cue Mingyu’s look of horror and Vernon’s biggest smile
•Vernon stands on the Gryffindor table and yells loud enough for everyone to hear:
•And metaphorically speaking, shit hits the fan. Literally speaking, Minghao is immediately pied in the face by Jun.
•Minghao: *still yelling in Chinese* “WE’RE ON THE SAME SIDE”
•No but forreal everyone in Gryffindor and Slytherin are throwing food across the cafeteria at each other.
•And you know how in the dining hall there’s just four really long tables, one for each house? Well the Slytherin and Gryffindor tables are the outside tables.
•Which means they are throwing food OVER the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables. and a lot of food begins to hit these two houses too
•Jeonghan and Joshua just make eye contact and nod and then everyone is in this fight
•It lasts for about fifteen minutes until the professors can get it under control
•When the professors ask who started it, everyone knows about Seungcheol and Jihoon’s feud, so the finger is pointed at them.
•While sitting in Dumbledore’s study, its dead silent but Jihoon and Seungcheol are shooting glances at each other every couple of seconds
•Until they finally make eye contact and bust out laughing
•“did you see Seungkwan get knocked out of his chair because Vernon threw a whole chicken at him?”
•“Of course but did you see the look on Jeonghan’s face when Wonwoo smeared peanut butter into his hair?”
•Dumbledore walks in and is like “I see you don’t regret your actions, but you’ve made a special bond with one another, so I’ll let you off the hook this time around”
•Seungcheol: “wow, really?”
•Dumbledore: “lol no, you two get to clean up the whole dining hall, without using magic. But that’ll give you two more time to get to know one another and realize you’re more similar than you think”
•So Jihoon and Seungcheol spend the whole night cleaning, but they also talk the whole time, too.
•By the end of the night it’s like they’ve know each other their entire lives.
•The next day, Jihoon sees Seungcheol in the dining hall and smiles at him and everyone is like “…what. Jihoon just smiled at someone. and it was seuNGCHeoL. Are they friends now?”
•But everyone just goes along with it and no one holds any grudges.
•Except for Minghao @Jun lmao

too-many-goddamn-fandoms  asked:

For the honesty hour thing: So, how did you fall in love with Sakuya, and want attracts you to his character? Im interested in this!

Lol girl did I ever tell you that I love you?

It took me awhile to answer this because I needed to collect my thoughts about it. AHAHA TAKE A SEAT EVERYONE. Okay gosh where to begin….. THIS IS LIKE THE INTERVIEW I WAS WAITING FOR. HA.

Well, as some people know I wasn’t extremely fond of Sakuya when I first started Servamp about….7-8 months ago? I didn’t hate him or anything, just didn’t really care for him at first. (but that kinda goes for quite a bit of characters really, but everyone grows on me at some point. ^^)

I think what really got to me was after learning about his past and how it affected his motives, relationships and current situation in the series.

So many aspects about his characters just make so much sense but I feel like are just kinda looked over……. probably cause his backstory was kinda glazed over real quick, in my opinion at least. (Like why dammit? I have so many questions still, this series can’t do this to me.) It just really kills me inside, especially the more I thought about it and the more I think about his character.

I’m gonna kinda express some of my new random thoughts on his past , cause this intrigues me oddly: (Kinda theory time right now whoooo) AND ALL IS WHAT GIVE ME SO MANY FEELINGS MY GOSH.

Just thinking about the extent of the abuse he must’ve suffered is something that really boggles my mind…… We know it went on for years, those 6 years before his “death” and then probably a few more before that obviously, when his sister was still alive. Who’s knows how long she had to endure it though? She was much older, Sakuya was about 9 at the time, and she appeared to be High School (or maybe Middle School can’t really tell with the uniform.) 

She was also the one covered in bandages after all, and we couldn’t see any visible scars or injuries on Sakuya. So she obviously took all the beatings so he wouldn’t have too most likely but after when she died I’m sure things got worse for poor little Sakuya.

But this is my other biggest thing about the abuse he went through…

How come he never tried running away?

We all know his parents threatened to do the same thing to him as they did to his older sister, but could he really not just try and leave before anything happened? Maybe not until he got a bit older.. but still….

Was his parents that controlling? I doubt his parents even cared enough to hunt him down if he did run away…. So why didn’t he try? Did they really keep him that locked in? Its so hard for me to imagine him being and feeling that hopeless, did he have zero fight inside him?

It’s hard to imagine him not fighting back in the slightest. But he could have been a very different person back when he was human too, of course. Maybe more meek and submissive… again who knows. (To be honest, I am extremely curious about to what most of the vampires characters were like before they were vampires and who and what they did before as well.

But anyway, do you think Sakuya put up with it…

Because it was ALSO a loyalty thing??!? I’m making no jokes here. Hear me out, even if he hated his parents(I’m sure he did obviously, even though he never explicitly said he did, because we had Tsubaki tell his story, and not Sakuya.)

Do you think he never tried running away or whatever, because he just felt like he just couldn’t? Like he was betraying something? Maybe not his parents, just because “They are my parents…. whether I like it or not. I have to listen to them…

But maybe because of his sisters death? Like he felt like he had to endure it like she did for him?? I mean…. he was told:

“You don’t want your sister’s death to be a waste, right?”

YOU GUYS GET WHAT I AM SAYING HERE RIGHT? History can repeat itself….

(This boy is gonna kill me with his conflicted ass)

Maybe there wasn’t actually much physical abuse doing those years… Maybe at least for as long as he did what they said and stayed out of their way and kept their secret. But I kinda already talked about this part in a post about what I think happened to his parents after he became a vampire. (I am very sensitive about this topic alright?)

We know they killed his sister so they could get insurance money(ughh so sickening) but did they really try to kill Sakuya for more money? They would only be two people at that point…… so that’s why a part of me is like, “there’s gotta be a greater reason.” The best conclusion I came up with was “They killed him because maybe he tried to TELL someone.”

Think about it. Sakuya hates lies, he had to lie his whole life basically. He takes it very serious and to heart. WE KNOW THIS.

We know he only kept it a secret because he was threatened and didn’t want his sister’s death to be in vain…. But maybe he eventually cracked under all the pressure… And maybe tried speaking about it or was planning too and then… That was also the day he died…… Damn…. I just stabbed myself in the heart.

So yes, his past is a big factor on why I found him so interesting initially when I was new to this fandom/series, I was really hoping we would see his past elaborated a bit or learn more and see what he does and how on earth Mahiru was gonna “save him.”

I could go on and on about these two as well. Not in a shippy way…. but friendship or romantic, considering his past it makes sense to why he’s attached to Mahiru. Again in another post where I “defended his character” I guess you could say, I talked about how Sakuya’s “screwed up friendship methods” and how he really dug himself into a hole. -__- But I was saying its almost hard to blame him for going about the way he did. BECAUSE IT JUST MAKES SENSE SADLY.

Sakuya is a real lonely and distant kinda guy. After he sister died I’m sure he didn’t have much light in his life then. No one to talk too, no one who understood. No one who loved him. I’m sure growing up during those 6 years he was probably afraid to get close to anyone. What was school like for him then…. did he really have no friends at all for 6 years? It’s crazy to think about right? His childhood was anything but normal…. 

But then he received a “second chance” after Tsubaki found him and I’m sure Mahiru’s kind-hearted nature really drew him in, it’s not wrong for him to really want a friend, yeah he did go the complete wrong way about it, but unfortunately lies and deceit is all he knew how to do. He found some light in his life, and he was willing to do anything to hold on to that for as long as he could. Also HE KILLS ME because he regretted lying to Mahiru so much and did all the awful things he did/said, BECAUSE HE WAS HOPING MAHIRU WOULD HATE HIM and have his Servamp KILL HIM because he felt that was the only way to apologize for everything. and BOIII did that really kill me. AND THEN MAHIRU FORGAVE HIM STILL and now look at where he is with his conflicted loyalty….


-inhales- ALSO ONE THING I NEED TO GET OFF MY CHEST BECAUSE THIS REALLY BOTHERS ME. Before ANYONE says “Mahiru is too forgiving about the whole fake memories thing and shouldn’t have forgiven Sakuya or be his friend.” Cause I HAVE heard someone say this and it makes me angry.


  • Mahiru shouldn’t have forgiven and accepted Kuro for his past and all his sins and regrets, that he never shared with him. Also for attacking Mahiru that one time, lets not forget.
  • Mahiru shouldn’t be friends or ever trust Lawless because he’s killed so many eves and killed all of Tsubaki’s subclass and who knows what else he’s done?
  • Mahiru shouldn’t be finding a way to stop Tsubaki without killing him, because he’s not worth it.
  • Mahiru shouldn’t be trying to save Tsurugi either because he’s also done bad things.
  • AND SO ON.

SO SCREW EVERYONE WHO SAYS THAT. Cause you’re basically saying NO CHARACTER deserves happiness. -exhales- Sorry I just feel very strongly about that and I forgot to mention this in my defense post awhile ago. I feel better now~

So about Sakuya’s damn conflicted loyalty between Tsubaki and Mahiru. How are things gonna go from here?.WHICH ROUTE MY GUY? I WANT TO KNOW.

Tbh he’s kinda similar to Tsurugi in a sense (a certain someone kinda opened my eyes about that) that the whole “afraid to start something new because this is all that I’ve ever known and honestly I don’t know how to feel anymore?” kinda sense.

Although Tsurugi is debatablely the saddest character in servamp right now (backstory and current situation and all ARE WAYYY more painful.) 

What? Just cause Sakuya is my fave didn’t mean I’m completely biased about him. He sad. But not the SADDEST. I just thought I would mention this cause the parallels kinda fascinate me.

I WANT SAKUYA TO TAKE SOME ACTION. HE’S FREE NOW RIGHT??? What’s he gonna do now??? What’s he planning to do!?!? STILL WAITING HERE.

. Ughh its probably gonna be awhile until we get anything about Sakuya again. Which is fine. Cause its not his arc right now.


But still I’m extremely curious… To what he might do in the future…. I mean Sakuya and even Lilac are still running around freely unlike the other melancholy members at the moment? So will he somehow be involved with that later??? Will he find Tsubaki??? WHERE ARE YOU MY BOY?

Ughh I’m having Sakuya withdraw lol… I hope he gets to do something exciting or important soon…. Tanaka strike is TEASING ME by putting him in so many recent official arts but then NOT IN THE ACTUAL STORY. WHYYYY. (well we do see Sakuya in a recent bonus chapter so….)

I HOPE THAT MEANS STRIKE PLANS TO INCLUDE HIM AGAIN SOON. I’ll take it as foreshadowing *sobs* Strike obviously hasn’t forgotten about him….so JUST waiting and watching now.

Waiting and watching….

Sorry, that got so angsty above I wanted this post to be positive too.. So here are good/fun things I like about him:

  • Even though he character design absolutely baffles me(yes I mean the hair) I gotta say I really love it~ His hair is really something original that’s for sure. HA. His design also helped immediately catch my attention to him also I may have a bit of a “stripes bias” ahaha I own A LOT of stripe shirts myself lol always have and always will.
  • He owns a lot of pink accessories and wears pink a lot too! LET. BOYS. WEAR. PINK. YES. YOU. GO. MY. BOY.  He rocks it fight me.
  • He’s cool and I’m kinda curious on what his subclass ability is. If there is even one for him. Weapons seem to be his specialty. (F.E knives, chainsaw(which I am still trying to figure out how magically pulled out in AN ELEVATOR!?! And can make a sword outta blood apparently.

Originally posted by sleepynyashnekomancer

 But I don’t really trust the animes canon….) Also his little black strap things have a function??? THEY ARE ALIVE. WHAT

  • Look how happy Mahiru makes him. His smile is precious. He loves his friend so much I cry. I want them to be together and be friends again.

Originally posted by natsv

Originally posted by sleepynyashnekomancer

  • All the Tsubaki and Sakuya shenanigans make me laugh. One minute he’s crying to Mahiru “please don’t kill him” and the next you’re trying to put the guy into a fox trap. What even boi.
  • Has the best “yandere” expressions.
  • HE PRETTY STRONG and has great potential to be truly terrifying and useful. UNLEASH THAT POTENTIAL YOU GREEN EMO CHILD.
  • Another random thought I had was what would have things been like if Mahiru did choose to tell Sakuya about Kuro in the beginning like he originally planned? Might’ve still gone down the same way. But who knows?
  • (I could keep going tbh)


Thank you for asking Aviiiii~ <3

Azriel Fan Fiction Chapter 14

So sorry this took so long to get up. I’ve been super busy and lazy so I finally got to finish it this morning. I hope you guys like it and I’m sorry if it’s not that well written. Next chapter coming soon and Tarquin Fan Fiction chapter 1 coming sometime this week :)

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Gem AU Kiribaku/Bakushima

-First Dance-

Summ/Notes: OK so I really love the friggin au from the wonderful @yaboybokuto and seeing that teeny doodle of an accidental fusion with Kiri and Baku YOU KNOW IMMA NEED SOMETHING AIGHT so I did it and I have little to no regrets this is au is gold and I support it 10000000/10 also Tigereye=Bakugou and Ruby=Kirishima bc ever since that episode with multiple rubies I wholely believe Kirishima would be the most adorable precious ruby ever


Home world; it had been silent and peaceful for quite awhile now. Nothing major happening, gems were in their respective places going about their business.

“Haha!! Come on, Tigereye! You’re so slow!”

“I’ll fucking kill you, get your ass back here!”

Aaaand the usual but unusual pair of troublemaking gems were out again. Probably headed to go train together, as they should. Different gems of battle do tend to acknowledge one another, but unlike similar gem classes such as Rubies or Jaspers, they never trained with each other. That’s why this pair, a Ruby and a Tigereye, were always so peculiar to see. It wasnt really anyone’s business though, and eyes were always turned or glancing to the rambunctious pairing. So full of life, and energy, one would think they could never see the war ahead of them.

These times however, began with experimentation. Togetherness, and perhaps something especial would come from today’s secret training session.

“Alright shitty hair, now I’m gonna lay it on yo-”

Tigereye was stopped by Ruby’s hand over his mouth, while a mischievous grin played on his face. With dazzling eyes, his forefinger raised to press on his own lips to hush Tigereye’s protest.

“I found out about this cool thing we could try out today. So no punchies or kickies or any of that junk, as much as I hate it.”

Ruby’s hand was smacked away but a now glaring Tigereye.

“Just what the hell are you on about.”

“There’s a rumor going around the higher ups about this cool way to get suuuper strong.”

Tigereye’s brows raised, pursing his lips as if to say ‘go on’.

“Something about, 'syncing your strengths’ and going all out!”

“Then let’s try it already, I feel like punching you for taking so long.”

With those last words, Tigereye was already hitting the ground to close their distance. Ruby side stepped him and grabbed his wrist, using the momentum to swing him around and release. Tigereye was flung into a wall, leaving an indent among many other. He shook his head, and glared daggers at his opponent.

“What the fuck!? Do you even know how to do this shit, combining our strengths, you just wanna try and kick my ass don’t you!?”

Ruby tilted his head, thinking to himself for a moment.

“Actually, I have no idea how to do it.”

That was it.

“..I’m gonna kill you.”

A game of cat and mouse began for the second time that day as Tigereye launched off from his spot to tackle down the surprisingly unsuspecting Ruby. He almost got away, but when you have a ferocious gem fighting for dominance over you its a little hard. Especially when he bites onto your shoulder for some kind of shock factor, but what came next was a little weird.

“Get off- aAGgh..”

Ruby pleaded for a second until his throat erupted with a mildly satisfied groan when Tigereye laid a good chomp onto his neck. This made both gems freeze in place, Ruby still on his stomach, arms pinned behind his back with Tigereye mounting him and holding down both if the others wrist with one hand as the other was planted by Ruby’s face. Of course, his own face was right by Ruby’s and heard the whole thing.

He released, keeping position, and stared down the other gem in disbelief and deadpan.

“…I’m not asking.”


Awkwardness and innuendos aside, Ruby decided to give Tigereye the fight he had wanted earlier. Which went all good and well besides a few more awkwardly close and personal moments. As much as he wanted to pin down Ruby, and oh he really wanted to get him down, his mind went back to that weird little noise from his opponent and made his cheeks flush a little. Ruby was no better, he felt this constant bug in the lit of his stomach when the two’s fists met the others or when he decided to side slam into Tigereye. That bug better not had been a butterfly, but any other explanation wouldn’t add up. This fight wasn’t getting anywhere, just sloppy dodges complimented with hesitant and itching hands. Tigereye had enough, and it was clear when he shoved Ruby against a wall, right next to the indent left by his own collision earlier.

“Listen up fuckmunch, quit dodging all my damn hits! Just cuz I bit you once, you getting scared or something!?”

That telling right in his face wasn’t helping the question.

“No no, I just- uh, er..”

Ruby’s hands were up in protest, signalling he wasn’t going to fight back against this. He was getting at his wits end too, that harsh confused glare in Tigereye’s, well, eyes was communicating a few similar feelings Ruby had. He signed, and looked away.

“Look, uh, do you wanna call it a day? I guess I’m not as energized as I usually am ahaha..ha..”

Growling crawled from Tigereye’s throat as he leaned in closer to Ruby, closing some distance and possible escape.

“Who said you can go anywhere you little shit?”

Ruby jumped a bit when the other gem planted his knee between his legs. Tigereye slid his palms to be at either side of Ruby’s face, closing him in. This kind of expression, one that was daring the other to escape and the look of trying to understand himself was very much present.

“Uh, I…did..?”

“God you’re so stupid.”

“Then why are we friends?”

“You tell me.”

Ruby’s attempt at lightening the mood was shoved right out the window.

“Because we’re pretty much made for each other?”


Tigereye pulled away from Ruby’s face, letting him release a heated breath of relief. He never moved from his place, but both hands went slack in keeping Ruby caged, that pesky knee was still right there. This was the best time for escape. Ruby flashed a grin and grabbed Tigereye’s wrist, pushing it outward with his arm to dip under. Catching the other gem by surprise, he hopped over his knee to free himself and let go of the others wrist. However, snapping back into reality, Tigereye snatched Ruby’s flying wrist with a growl.

“Get the fuck back here!”

Feet catching up, he almost tramped Ruby if he didn’t swerve around his other arm. Instead of catching his other arm, he grabbed tight hold of his hip. Ruby pushed himself forward, pulling his caught arm with him to try and trip up Tigereye. They became a spinning, constantly fumbling pair.

Ruby felt, strange now. Like, he liked this. Playing chase, with Tigereye. But Tigereye was focused on catching Ruby, his body moved against Ruby’s and wouldn’t let up the pursuit. He didn’t know why, but he wanted to. He liked this too. That’s why when he finally tripped up on his own feet, Ruby slid his hand around in Tigereye’s and tightly gripped his wrist. His other arm swooped down to curl around the others lower back as his leg stomped down between the noodled legs of the tripee. They never noticed the ever glowing light of their gems, eyes caught in each others long gaze in a mix of confusion and childishness. Ruby’s arm tightened around Tigereye’s back, not wanting to let go and let the moment sink in as long as possible, eyes enchanted and becoming a beautiful glittery red in the light of Tigereye’s glowing gem. The new caught gem stared up, confused and mezmorized by this new light of the Ruby he constantly fought with. It was then, both flushed gems had given in to the moment, leaned ever so closer and in a single gush of shared emotions.


so this happened while i was writing. so i decided to just put them both into one post. thanks for sending them guys!


Who is more likely to raise their voice? daryl. jesus doesn’t have to yell to get his point acrossed. it’s merle’s fault that daryl thinks the louder you talk the more chances you have in winning an argument.
Who threatens to leave but never actually does? daryl does this often actually. when he gets really angry about something he just wants to run away cause he doesn’t really know how to deal with it, but jesus just leaves him alone cause he knows that he’ll calm down eventually, or so he hopes.
Who actually keeps their word and leaves? jesus would. daryl is really proud about it and watches him leave and thinks like oh fuck what have i done, the best thing in my life is leaving me and i don’t know what to do. he gets so upset that he cries and goes after him, and jesus is so upset and doesn’t even want to see him, but after he sees daryl’s crying face he just breaks down, cause he knows daryl loves him so much just like he loves him and i’m gonna cry.
Who trashes the house? daryl. when he gets REALLY mad he starts breaking things made of glass cause they make the most noise, and jesus gets so frustrated with him (which is probably why he just leaves)
Do either of them get physical? no. they never let it come to that. daryl once flinched because he thought jesus was going to hit him, and that ended the argument quick.
How often do they argue/disagree? they couldn’t be more different. and they used to argue a lot because of this, but they decided to make a rule, that they would take turns agreeing with each other.
Who is the first to apologise? daryl. when jesus gets mad it’s scary and he gets scared that he’s done it, and he’s never been in a serious relationship before so he doesn’t know how these things work so he just gives in and apologises in the same day so he doesn’t have to go to sleep without  jesus.


Who is on top? jesus is probably always on top unless he pulls daryl on top of him
Who is on the bottom? daryl most of the time. he just does what jesus wants.
Who has the strangest desires? jesus wants to do a foursome with aaron and eric, but daryl doesn’t. he kinda gets jealous thinking of someone else having their hands all over jesus.
Any kinks? jesus probably likes roleplay and does it just to tease daryl lol i mean ‘come on daryl, i’ll be the doctor and you’re my patient’ idk maybe.
Who’s dominant in bed? jesus is dominant. i mean he threw daryl up against a truck. but he’s not forceful or aggressive he’s just more experienced in the bedroom so he’s the one leading. daryl follows along.
Is head ever in the equation? yes. they both give and receive, depending on their moods.
If so, who is better at performing it? jesus is obviously more skilled, but daryl is a fast learner and he’s getting better. sooo much better.
Ever had sex in public? no, never. daryl would never.
Who moans the most? daryl. he’s like a virgin i swear.
Who leaves the most marks? daryl sometimes scratches, and apologizes in the morning but jesus leaves love bites all over daryl.
Who screams the loudest? daryl, though they both get pretty loud, and they have to remember that they do have neighbors. tara is the first one to say something about it in the morning.
Who is the more experienced of the two? pfft jesus. like daryl is still trying to learn terms that jesus says.
Do they ‘fuck’ or ‘make love’? they were fucking at first, because of sexual attraction. but they only make love now.. they love so much… so much love.. so much.
Rough or soft? jesus calls the shots. its usually somewhere in the middle. daryl goes crazy if jesus goes slow, he like tries to get him to go faster cause it feels like he’s being a tease and he just wants him so badly.
How long do they usually last? daryl can’t last longer than 10 minutes or less hahah and jesus is like 'wanna keep going?’ and daryl is out of breath and already came like 3 times ahaha i’m sorry
Is protection used? yes, they try to be safe about it.
Does it ever get boring? never. jesus always has new ideas. and daryl keeps getting better at it.
Where is the strangest place they’d have sex? in nicholas’ house on his pool table. cause yeah they were playing pool at first, i swear. there was that one time in the pantry though and olivia almost got them and they awkwardly shuffled out of there. or that time they were rolling around in the hay right in front of the cow?

barac-daria  asked:

How would any of the Sakamaki and Mukami brothers react if they found out they are going to be a father?

[MTK: This is what I think would happened.

And, apart from Laito maybe (lol), the mother of their child is the woman they love and chose to be with.

I’ll put a “Keep reading” since it turned out to be a very long post.]

Shuu: Aaaah, is he ready to become father? Lol, nope. He is happy, but at the same time he’s like… “Oh nope” “Does this mean the child will wake me up everytime he/she cries” “Ah, goodbye peace” “Damn my libido”: these would be his first thoughts; but I bet he would start daydreaming very soon about their future, for example teaching his child how to play a musical instrument… or just his beloved nagging both him and the child for being extremely lazy.
… oh, and if there’s gonna be more than one child, he’ll try treating them equally. Y'all know why.

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Fukawa Touko's school mode ending

Back when I made the post asking for people’s preferences for school mode endings, I was surprised by how Fukawa utterly dominated the scene…so here it is, the long awaited Fukawa school mode ending. I might make a separate post later including what I consider to be some of her best general school mode events, and maybe Kokoronpa…depending on how long it takes for me to make it happen two more times (the chance of kokoronpa happening feels a lot lower in school mode than in island mode….)

 -Before leaving…
I had a talk with Fukawa-san, just the two of us.

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