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Different In Time...

i am so nervous to be writting this. This is my first ever MMFD fan fiction and its something i never really thought about doing til the other day when i had this story pop into my head. Im not a writter, i jot down stories every now and then but i never though about putting them on a site like this.. im keen to hear your reponce and please go easy on me. (i will try my best at editting)


A/U: Set 11 months after Rae was released from the mental hosptial and 6 months after she moved to Stamford from leeds. During her time in the mental hospital rae really slimmed down and built up her confidence extremely thanks to her friend Tix. How long can she keep her secret hidden… And will she confide in the gang?



Dear diary, I still cant beleive how great these last 6 month have been. i never thought that i would ever been exepted or liked but i am. Im not this fat blob walking around school corridors with her head down or hiding behind books, im out there in public with a smile on my face and friends by myside. Have i really ever told you about the gang? i have been caught up my own little world diary, im sorry. Well first theres Chloe… She is the complete oppisite to me, she girly and has a horrible taste in music but thats ok maybe our friendship just works like that. Then theres Izzy… Oh izzy. you little ball of fuzz! She makes me smile, her energy around me makes me forget that i spent a year locked away. sometimes i have considered giving her a sleeping tablet or two but… eh. Shes just her! Her “best friend” Chop is another member, i bloody wish them two would get together already. i cant take much more of there flirty banter! Hes a great lad, always taking about sexual shit but hey we have a laugh. i guess you can say We have this great brother/sister conection. Oh next is Archie… EPIC SLICE… Beautiful lad, my eyes sometimes hurt looking at him. Gush. How i even get sentences out around him i dont know. Im a fumbling bloody mess when it comes to him still. Last but not least we have Finn, also rated epic slice. At first he was a bit of a bloody grumpy sod towards me always trying to give me rude banter but then i realised shit he is the male version of me. Music taste above adverage but of course below me, we dress alike - yes i am still not over my band shirt stage, we can sit there for hours and talk about music. i guess you can say he is my best friend (besides tix of course)… My scars have nearly faded diary, Dr. Nick and Kester said you can barely notice them now. I still have my down days when i remember the bullies and how they treated me. Flash backs are the worst, they feel so vivid and real like im re-living it all over again. But as Tix says “put ya hands on something flat ‘nd count to 10, you can do it skinny” ok, ok i better go i have school in an hour and have even started to get ready plus i need to get my football stuff together, being captain is hard work. see ya. love Rae xxx


As Rae slung her backpack over her shoulder she looked at herself in the mirror before rushing for the bus. Her eyes started on her feet and slowly made there way up her body, when she made eye contact with herself she lightly smiled. Yes she still had womenly hips and gigantic boobs, but she loved to see herself like this. Her body was some what athletic. She still dressed the same, just in clothing four sizes smaller. she was till rae with her red converse shoes, black skinny-leg jean that hugged athletic curve, oasis band shirt and her red flannel shirt tied around her waist. Her hair flowed down her back and a light dust of make-up completed her look. “cool as fuck” she mummbled to herself before racing down the stairs two at a time.

“RACHEL…” her mum yelled as rae ran past her. Putting her feet to a hault spinning her hips around as her hand gripped the door handle.

“What time is your game tonight love?” Linda still couldnt beleive that her daughter was on the football team let alone the captain she always thought that she hated sports.

“It’s at 4.30… Are you actually comin’?” Rae question raising her eyebrows to her smiling mum.

“Of course i am you silly cow, now get a move on before your late for school” linda said as she walked into the kitchen.

Rae turned back towards the door shaking her head, thinking ‘maybe karim will sweep her off her feet tonight in some sort of sex facard that she will miss the game’, rae loved her mum but she did not like the cheers that came out of her mums mouth. and with that Rae let out a small chuckle and scurried out the door after swinging her football kleets over her shoulder.

“fuck” Rae huffed as she reached the bus just intime to see last person step up to the bus doors. Still trying to catch her breath rae stumble over to the bus giving the bus driver a week smile and colapsed in one on the seats near the window. Rae reached into her bag pulling out her walkman, flicking in open to notice she still had her stone roses disk still in there. she smiled as she press play, the soothing sounds of ‘waterfall’ blasted in her ears as she slowly tilted her head back on the seat watching stamford pass her by. 

As rae hurried off the bus she noticed the gang sitting at there usual table out just inside the gates. they chose this table so chop could sneak into the school grounds with out being noticed at lunch time.

“RAEMUNDO… Where ‘ave ya been baby girl? chop yelled with a toothy grin on his face as he rapped his arms around rae for a tight squeeze.

“oh chop, ya know the usual shit… I really hate getting outta bed” rae laughed as she slapped him on the back

Hiya” rae said as she reached the table finally sitting down heavy backpack and kleets, so she could stretch. The girls waved and smiled saying “hiya rae” in unison.

“well… You look like you ran a bloody marthon tis mornin’ Finn laughed as he rapped his arm around raes shoulder.

“don’t you start you cheeky bastard… i nearly missed my bus again” Rae uttered as she nudged Finn in the ribs.

“Ey… maybe wake up earlier?”

And with that finn could feel the daggers of raes eyes shoot up to him and he slowly placed his hands in the air and walked backwards laughing.

Rae slumbered onto the chair next to izzy and chloe not even paying attention to what they were saying. Her mind driffed off as she looked around the school seeing everyone going about there own business. wondering if they would still be acting the same if she was her former self, would they still carry on not noticing she was sitting there if she was still 16 stone. Rae looked over to a perticular group of boys who were all grouped together ‘cooing and whistling’ at the girls that walked past them.Before she noticed she was even staring one over the boys looked over towards her and their eyes met. Rae didnt know him very well he was a tall ginger hair fellow that had a bit of reputation of giving people nicknames that stuck with them. she gave him a tight smile and he nodded back in her direction. would he really be nodding to me if i was still a blob.

“RAE… did ya hear me… RAE” rae shook her head as she came out of her own thoughts and glared over towards izzy and chloe who were looking at her confused.

“no, sorry chlo’ i didnt what cha say?” 

“I said are you comin’ to ma pool party this fridy night… mum and da’ are away for a few days so i hav’ tha house to myself… keen?” chloe stated as she look at rae with a smile on her face. Rae eyes switched to izzy to see her nearly bursting out of her chair in happiness. She sighed “course” she churped back with a weak smile.  All the girls began to clap as they sprung up out of there seats to announce it to the rest of the gang. They were all so excited giving everyone hi-5′s and cheering whilst rae just sat their in silence. Why a pool party… get it together rae its just one night. your better now. you have the gang. you can wear shorts to cover the faint lines. oh dear god… this will be the first time ive worn a bathing suit.

As the school bell rang rae ushered herself to her first class. English with Mrs.Tinwald was her favourite subject, she could just excape from herself and submurge herself in literature that she love. taking a deap breath as she reached the classroom door she stepped inside looking for a seat near the window. as she walked past people in the class she was greated with nods, waves and even “hiya” from around the room. she just smiled polietly back towards them and she made her way to her seat. sitting down she felt this weird situation arise within her, she didnt know what to think. she wasnt use to this sort of attention. sure her confident levels have risen dramticly but this feeling was still weird. She has neverbeen liked or wanted before, she has never really had friends besides Tix. She is still learning how to respond. As the rest of her classes slowly passed her, her excitement was starting to bubble inside. As the final bell rang she rushed out the door and headed for the girl locker rooms. This was going to be her first game as captain of the girls collage football team, she was more then happy to show everyone the skills she had. She has always love football but never really showed it because she always thought that she she was to fat to play and that she would be laughed at and bullied more if she tried. finally her dream came true when she saw a poster on the board about try-outs. and from there the rest is history, she became captain due to shirley templton’s career ending ankle injury but shit she was a first year and CAPTAIN. She hurried into the stool and grabbed out her football uniform and started undressing. After placing on her uniform she spun around to face the mirror making sure everythingwas correct, she pulled up her socks more and tied her hair up into a messy bun and smiled. she was off to prove to the world she was do it, but more inportantly she was going out there to prove to heself she can do it.

As Rae made her way to the football pitch she looked up tohear cheering. she smiled as she saw the gang standing at the entrence clapping. she couldnt wipe the smile of her face as she was greeted by a group hug. Izzy and Chloe jumping up and down, and all three of the lad giving her a cuddle and a kiss on the cheek. GUSH. Archies touch. Rae could feel the blush burn her cheeks as she look around to see people staring and smiling at her.

“Your gunna do great Rae, we will all be here to cheer you on” archie said as he met eye contact with her. he placed one hand on her back and gave her a wee rub. 

“Th-thanks arch… I-it means alot ya’know.” Rae mumbled as she put her face down to cover her embarassment as she could feel the blush slowly slip down her neck. Archie smiled and gave her a quick squeeze.

“OK…OK… I think raemundo needs ta go practice, so she can kick sum arse” chop cheered as he look at a few students from the aposing team walk past. Rae smiled and started to walk towards the field but just before she reached it she relt and arm pull her back.

“Finn….” she uttered as her gaze met his.

“you will be fine Rae, you are the best player on that team”

“how do you know that Finn, what if i stuff up?”

“You wont… Do you know why? Its because your strong, its because you hav’ worked hard to get were ya are, you deserve ta be captain” finn smiled as he gave rae a kiss on the cheek. he placed his hands on her shoulder.

“i beleive in ya Rae” he whispered but loud enough tofor her to hear.

She gave him a cheeky grin “Ok coach” she laughed as they both looked up at each other.

“well what are ya waitn’ for, ya heard chop go kick some arse” he said as he stepped aside and gestured Rae towards the field. her eyes lit up and she nodded. she started to jog towards the entrance of the field as she hear her friends cheer her on. she was so proud of herself for the very first time.

By Half time Rae was covered in mud and embarrassed to high heavens for being able to hear her mum cheer from the sideline. Stamford and lincon were both equal, both scoring a goal each. as rae slumped over holding her knees and panting she heard a voice over her huffing.

“Rae you are doing a great job, im glad your captain” she heard Amy franklin yelling as she looked up. she gave amy a smile as she straightned up, the girls faces all had smiles and nodding to agree with Amy’ statement. 

“Right girls, we cant do this… we are playing a better game then them and they know it. More pressure on defence, we need to hit them were it hurts. now win or not, im so proud to be on this team with girls” rae vocalised as looked around at each girl making eye contact with them all. Everyone was now revved up from their pep talk and swigging bottles of water. the girls one again re-grouped and looked at their captain.

“now on one i want you to scream stamford.” Rae said as she looked up from the grass.

“ THREE… TWO… ONE… STAMFORD!!!” The girls roaded. They all collected themselves and ran back onto the pitch. Before rae did she glanced up to the stands to see the gang and half the school cheering her name, and with that extra boost of confidence she ran towards her position.

There was now meer seconds left on the clock they were both still equal with both teams failing to score against each other. Amy passed the ball to rae just before she was knocked to the ground by a girl twice her size. Rae didnt panic she just looked forward, she weave around two more players before reaching the goal. Taking a deep breath she looking towards the score board to read th clock, 3 more seconds til the end game. she brangback her food and kicked the ball as hard as she could. Time stood still… Rae heart beat faster and faster, then she heard it. SWOOSH. She kicked the winning goal. She spun around and before she could realise what was going on she was tackled to the ground by her team mates in sheer excitment. everyone was rolling around on the ground laughing, crying and cheering. As they all made it to their feet once more she ran to the side lines to be congratulated by coach carter. weaving through people as she was patted on the back she could feel the rush of adreniline kick in, he was in heaven. 

she reached the gang on the side line, the girls were crying and clapping.Finn and Chop rushed over towards rae and hoisted her up onto their shoulders. They both held onto a thigh each and with there free hand were waving their fists around in excitement. Their Rae had doneit, Thier Rae had won the game. After everyone settled down chopped yelled “CELEBRATION AT THE PUB FOR OUR RAE, ‘EREYONES INVITED”. With the roar of everyone she looked over to her mum. Her mum mouthed ‘GO’ towards her as she smiled. Rae smiled and ran towards her and scooped her up. They have never really been a hugging family, but Rae new that this moment was different. Rae new that her mum was proud. 


The gang reached the swan and made their way over to their table, Rae had showere nd put the clothes back on she wore to school. she couldnt wait to have the taste of alcohol to her lips and saviour every sip. Chop wondered back with the drinks. sitting pints infront of the boys, fruity drinky drinks to the girls and a snakebite to rae. she sighed with happiness as she rapped her fingered around the wet, cold glass and brang it to her lips. the first taste felt like fireworks exploding in her mouth. she smiled looking around the table and took another swig. She felt Finns arms rap around her as shesat their, he had made his way over the the jukebox to change the music but could resist giving rae a celebration hug. he bent over and put his chin on her shoulder and smiled at her.

“see i told ya, you should really listen to me more often” he laughed as he unrapped his arms and sat beside her.

“oh you grumpy sod, you. i will never say i told ya so…” she said as her smile got wider when she saw his face lit up. they both ndged there elbows together and laughed. This is why they were best friends, she could be herself around him and she could have a converstation about anything.

As the night progressed the drunker the gang became, they all started to slurr their words and giggle at everything. By 10pm they were on the verg on passing out. As they all stood up to leave Rae noticed that Archie remained seated across the table. she turned to the gang and told them she would be right out. Maybe this liquid courage was doing wonders because before she realised she was sitting down next to the epic slice. Rae turned to him and as she was just opening her mouth to say something archie chimmed in

“Im gay”

Her mouth dropped, she should start cleaning it off the floor soon but her body was in to much shock she couldnt move. she could hardly breath, her breath was hitching and she just glared at him. Archie turned to rae with a single tear running down his face.

“Rae… Please say something. Anything.” Archie paniced as he saw Rae’s facial expression. She realised how rude she was being and smiled.

“oh arch, im so proud of you. But why me… why not Finn or Chop. Why didnt you tell them.” she said as she brushed the tear off his face. her shock was gone, only comfort and kindness remained. Sure, she just lost her dream lad to guys but she was so happy that he could confide in her.

“Beause i can feel myself around you, your not like other girls” he sighed and he took the last swig of his pint.

She smiled and and pulled him in for a hug.

“Your secret is safe with me arch”

“Thanks Rae, im just not ready to tell the rest of the gang yet. i mean i wasnt even planning on telling you until you sat next to me”

She sobbered up quickly and sat their in silence whilst archie told her all about how he came to realise he was gay and what he is going to do. she couldnt beleive that he was opening up to her and she couldnt beleive that she was with archie and she wasnt acting like a complete twat infront of him. she was herself. she was free around him, even though she hasnt sopke in a while only nodded she new from this day forward she was going to have a beautiful friendship with him.


ok so i have mixed feeling about this. i dont usually write stories at all… i like the story line i just have trouble putting it into words. i know there are silly spelling mistakes but my computer keeps glitching so i wanted to get it over and done with incase it crashed. now can anyone give me some ideas on how to write better of even maybe take over if your keep on doing a multi-chapter and your a better writter then me… so please be nice but honesty is the best policy. i hope i didnt bore you to much!!! much love!


and here we see what love live does to people, except the first one the first one i have nothing to even say about it 


“You’re going easy on me, aren’t you Dean?” you said as you took a swing of your beer, “there is no way I’m winning this game after only having one lesson.”

“You’re a fast learner,” he winked, “don’t underestimate yourself sweetheart.”

“Nice try, Dean. I know you’re going easy on me,” you laughed.

“Yeah I am. I didn’t think anyone could suck as much as you do,” he smiled as he grabbed his beer off the table and brought it up to his lips. “Here, let me show you again.”

You felt his chest press against your back, his hand snaked down and stopped on yours. His other hand rested on your hip momentarily, before grabbing a hold of your other hand.

“Okay, we’re going to line it up, and we’re going to sink the red ball,” he whispered into your ear, his lips brushing over it as he spoke. “We’re going to hit the cue so it will hit the side of the red ball.”

He moved your hands with his, hitting the cue and pushing the red ball into the hole.

“Can you make every shot you take?” you asked him as he let go of your hands and walked to the other side of the table.

“Yeah, near enough,” he smirked, “I’ve played almost my whole life.”

“Prove it,” you smiled.

“What’s my prize?” he inquired as he moved closer to you.

“That depends. What do you want?”

“I sink all of these, and you have to kiss me.”

“Fine, but you have to get every one in,” you said as you ran your finger down his chest.

Dean moved around the table, lining the cue ball up and hit it, sinking are stupid ball. He continued to move around the table, sinking each ball he hit. He had one ball left and it was in a particularly difficult position. He lined it up and hit the cue ball, hitting the last ball. It hit both corners in the corner, missing the shot. You could see the disappointment on his face.

“Not bad, Winchester,” you said as you moved closer to him.

“I could have had that last one,” he said with disappointment written in his voice.

“It was still better than I could ever do,” you winked. You stood on your tiptoes and brought your lips to his. He immediately dropped the pool stick and wrapped his arms around you, deepening the kiss.

“Damn, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

“Then we’ve got a lot of time we need to make up for.”


please, please, just be patient
with me as i try my hardest
to let you go. you see, this
is not easy–letting you go
when i’m still madly in love
with you is not easy.
giving you up is not as easy
as giving up my favorite
toy just because i’m all
grown up now; giving up
anything that i’ve grown
to love has always been hard
for me, but compared to
giving you up, nothing seems
to be harder. the thought of
someone else having you after i let
go of you makes my stomach
sick, and you know that. so
just please be patient with me.
you don’t have to cheer for me.
you don’t have to love me again.
i don’t need you to say anything.
just wait until i’m fully ready.
—  i.v.c., i am trying

Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Packs in “Bubble Pink” & “Chic Purple” Review + Tutorial

The Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack is a unique, patented Korean beauty product that has gained immense popularity due to its innovative peel-off mask application. This un-ordinary lip product applies on wet and dries within a few minutes to a sleek coating that gets peeled off to reveal a long lasting and transfer-proof stain on the lips! Sounds very intriguing, doesn’t it?! 

I received two of the lip tints from Memebox in the shades “Bubble Pink” (cherry pink) and “Chic Purple” (grape purple).

How to use it:

1) Apply a generous amount of the lip tint on clean lips; use a lip brush for an easy and precise application, and try to not go over the lip lines.

2) Let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes (avoid touching or rubbing lips together while still in the drying process), then gently peel the lip tint pack off.

3) Apply lip balm or lip gloss for additional moisture or shine.

Initially, I thought the Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack was just like any other lip tint that comes in an ordinary tube packaging—you apply it on like a lip gloss, then it wears off and leaves a residual stain, and that’s that. However, after doing a little research and finding out about the super cool and innovative peel-off technology—I was immediately fascinated and wanted to try it out right away!

It was hard to get a smooth and clean application by applying the tint straight from the tube, so I used a lip brush to get a more precise application. Once the tint was applied, I waited for about 10 to 15 minutes to ensure that the tint was fully dry before peeling off the mask. There was no discomfort during the removal process; the mask came off very easily—there was no pain or tearing of the skin on the lips, so no worries, no lips were harmed during this staining process! :)

The end result is a very pretty gradient look that is indeed, smudge-proof and transfer-resistant. The tint is very natural looking, as if your lips were stained from eating a popsicle. The pigmentation held up well throughout the day, lasting through eating and drinking before it eventually faded. 

Bubble Pink” with a clear gloss on top. 

Chic Purple” with a clear gloss on top.

The Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Packs are available for purchase at!


(Products were sent for consideration. The views and opinions expressed in this post were completely genuine.)

General's rules for their troops cursing
  • Obi-wan:He asks them to try to refrain but if they get hurt and are in a lot of pain then he understands that it can sometimes help.
  • Anakin:Try to avoid doing it in front of Ahsoka, but she's going to learn them sooner or later so just try to go easy in the beginning.
  • Yoda:Swear jar enforced
  • Luminara:As long as she doesn't hear it.
  • Shaak Ti:Absolutely not.
  • Quinlin Vos:He dosen't have one because then he wouldn't be able to curse so everyone can curse all they want so long as no kids are around.
  • Mace:He's pretty much fine with it. He gets that sometimes thats what sums up the situation the best.
  • Plo:He dose not approve of cursing and will call them out on it in a nice way. 'specialy around little 'soka

I finally got around to making these fresh rolls!


-Rice paper                        

-Lettuce (w/o the stem)

-Shredded Organic Carrots

-Pea Sprouts

-Tofu (Fried in a non stick pan w/ water)

-Vermicelli noodles (made from peas,green beans,water)

You can add whatever you like, I’ll probably make some up with sweet potato soon. I was so stoked that the vermicelli was made from veggies with no extra salt/oils. I was thinking that all vermicelli was made from rice but I was proved wrong. For dipping sauce I used sweet chilli & hoison sauce. I’ve also made dipping sauce from peanut butter/warm water/soy sauce in the past but I’m trying to go easy on the fats. These were super filling and DELISH!

sooo i wrote a cute webgott sidefic for AT and like, it’s an expansion on a scene from chapter 17 and i kinda wanted to wait until i finished chapter 17 until i put it up but like, there aren’t really any spoilers you could get from the fic and it’s fucking cute and i don’t wanna wait until my ass manages to finish another bigass chapter so…