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Do you have any fic recommendations that haven't received the recognition you think they should? Or, alternatively, any recommendations for stories you've read more than once? I'm currently caught up on my personal to read list and looking for new stories, especially with the news that shall not be mentioned. AU is preferable!

Hey nonny!

Ahh I feel ya. i’m gonna try and list up some older works, ones that may have been forgotten or unheard of. Most my fic faves have either been lost or deleted and i’m absolutely useless at keeping track.

I love so many fics out there and majority of them I see get recced quite often, so i’m going to list the gems I haven’t seen so far.

But i’m gonna pull some from my ffnet faves list and hopefully some from memory. 

I’m useless at tumblr URL’s so apologies for not tagging names, i’m just going to list the FFNET names.

We build these walls to watch them fall by Jadeddiva - Post Neverland, and i love it. 

He deserves by Revenessa - A nice angsty one shot.

You give me love by ForPony39 - This is the 4th instalment of a fantastic little series called ‘you give me’ i’d definitely tell you to check them all out. S3 based.

A guide on how to Woo by Tadpole24 - A little valentines fic I love.

Actions not words by Jadeddiva - The love I have for this story… my gosh.

Lovestoned by Moirariordan - Sex pollen hits Storybrooke! It’s funny, it’s sweet & it’s really worth reading!! 

Read between the lines by ofprincessesandpiratesandheroes - Some angst during Kansas

The favor by Madj - A ‘what’s your number’ modern AU. 

Welcome to the 21st century captain hook by Alqalunte - A cute little bit about Hook getting a phone in s4. Captain charming and captain cobra too.

Deeply loved by Emn1936 - The s3 battle with Zelena goes differently. It’s very angsty.

New normal by captainkillianhjones - Canon divergence from 3x20. Cursed Killian/Amnesia. Angsty. 

(Just give me) one perfect moment by emn1936 - Post Neverland where Emma and Killian are secretly seeing one another. Much angst, very good. 

H-E-Double Hockey Sticks is Other Peoples’ Parents by Las-Botas - Modern AU. Emma’s a girl’s hockey coach and Killian’s a single dad. 

These days of dust by leca B - An AU where Emma keeps Henry. no magic or curses. I have such a massive love for this story. it’s so beautifully written and really touches my heart. If you haven’t given this a try yet, please do so.

Twenty-Five hours to sunrise by Daughter of the black - Technically a christmas fic but can be read at any time. I really love this one. it’s fun and really enjoyable. Canon divergence post S3 where the kiss didn’t happen. 

Stories at a bar by nitefang - A series of moments between Killian and the Charmings. Post S3 CD. 

The very thought of you by Karindalynn - Modern AU. This was one of the first Modern AU’s I dipped into and i’ve never regretted it. It’s got everything. Action, humour, romance- it’s great.

Someone like you by seastarved - S4 finale canon divergence. This story absolutely breaks my heart. Deckhand hook…. enough said. 

Fast friends by randomsquare - Post Neverland canon divergence. I love this one!

As real as you want it to be by always-been-a-pirate - Modern teachers AU. One of my favourites. Read it!

The shorter story by bluestoplights - S2 canon divergence. it’s so juicy!!! And totally what I wish would have happened. 

Alive again by rebeccaV - season 1 with cursed Killian as a shy waiter at Granny’s. 

Always meant to be (just friends) by mona001 - This is probably my absolute favourite friends to lovers fic of all time. The angst, the love, the pining - you feel it all so much. It’s absolutely beautiful. 

Breaking the hinges by piratesails - modern neighbours AU. This one is still in progress but it’s definitely worth reading. I have such a soft spot for this one.

Some sort of neighborly by shipping-goggles - Neighbours AU. This one is so great!

This is all I have for now and if i’ve forgotten any i’m so so sorry. I’m trying my hardest to dig through the archives. 

Hey Vulture Culture: help me give my friend's daughter an awesome Christmas.

My coworker, whose a good friend of mine, came back to work today from her leave of absence. She’s had 3 surgeries in 3 months and has another coming up early next year. I don’t actually know where to begin about how much struggle this poor woman has gone through but I wish I could do more for her than I realistically can. She’s disabled, wheelchair bound and works a small amount of hours at my job to try to stay afloat, even though she’s in constant pain and really should not be working, because after 3 years she’s just now finally getting a hearing for her disability benefits that she should’ve been entitled to years ago.
One of her daughters special interests has become taxidermy. She’s getting really into animal bones, taxidermy and everything surrounding it. I’ve been helping her find skulls online to buy for her daughter because she totally supports it and wants her daughter to keep being interested in animals and nature. But since she’s not so much into it herself, she’s had a hard time figuring out where to really start.
I know lots of people out there make zines, patches, booklets, etc, so I thought I’d look around to see if anyone was willing to send even the smallest thing our way to help out, especially if anyone has anything informational to go with any bone stuff I can set aside for her, although I don’t have much right now unfortunately, I think it would be awesome to get some booklets or patches (she loves those too, but she doesn’t have any vulture culture ones yet, so that would be cool!) to go with the other things she’s trying to find for her.
I don’t have much spare cash yet but I could cover shipping costs for small things for now and anything larger in a couple weeks if needed. It would mean a lot if anyone decided to help out, I’m hoping to surprise her with some things before Christmas ❤️❤️

The Green Dinosaur

TITLE: The Green Dinosaur 


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic

WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Actor Tom / Daddy Tom

GENRE: fluff / romance

FIC SUMMARY: Tom waited until last minute to buy his son, Charlie, his Christmas gift.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: I thought of this in shower once I came home from school. I wanted it to be funny so tell me if you did laugh at some parts. :) Thanks for reading! Much love and as always, love to hear what you think.

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