trying to get out of my art funk

Unfinished- This was sopose to be 1/3 to a picture of a mock cover of comic I’ll never make because it’s tragic. This whole week I haven’t had the will to do any art let alone finish anything lol. 

 Anyways I think mentioned before that I have a head cannon that one of Davie descendants fight in every war. And by fate America always is in his ranks or platoon and vows to keep him alive and always fails. Well in the Revolutionary war Davie the 3rd or 4th gets killed by England during a battle and America can do nothing to stop it.  

I often think about making this comic every time my computer plays  Nothing Stays The Same -by Luke Sital-Singh which has been playing non-stop for the past 2 hours hence this pic. 

So almost a year ago I did my first Undertale themed piece! (It was also the first ever piece I did my pencils traditionally and the colors digitally!)
Back then, I LOVED this piece SO MUCH. I was SO PROUD lol. I had really put in quite the amount of effort into it, and thought ‘oh wow. this is the best piece ever.’

And then fast forward just shy of a year…I hated it!
I could’t stand it. I would look at this piece compared to some of my others and just deflate. It was lacking in composition and my coloring had changed.
Now don’t get me wrong, it is still very close to my heart! To those that have prints of this piece, THANK YOU <3 And to my friend who purchased the original, You’re the bomb!

It was just time for me to grow as an artist, and try out some new things I had learned.
(Sounds like a break up LOL)

But anyway. The speed paint video of this goes live tomorrow morning at 11AM, but I really wanted to show what progress looks like!
The past couple weeks I have felt very defeated and angsty against my artwork. I felt as if I was making no progress…I wasn’t any good, and that my art just wasn’t cutting it. However after getting slapped in the face by WalkingMelons ( a couple times) I started to come out of my funk.

I decided to redo this piece just to see how far I had come in a little under a year. And seeing the two pieces side by side makes me smile, knowing that there is always room to grow! We are only limited by what we think we can and can’t do. If you asked me a year ago if I ever thought I would be drawing like what I am now, I would think NO WAY!
And so now I am more than excited to see where I will be NEXT YEAR! 

086/365  |  08.03.17
Carpe Diem. 

July was an oddly busy month full of family time, catching up with friends, and work assignments. Not necessarily a bad thing but I did find myself in a weird funk for not being able to get back to this quickly. With that said I’m trying out a new strategy that I have to credit to @gregorydarroll. Each month will be dedicated to one unique style of illustration or animation. The purpose is to learn a new technique and really develop a deeper understanding of the tools I’ll use to accomplish this. For the rest of August, I’ll be creating simple line art animations using my Wacom tablet, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

Instagram: @creative.365 

Been working hard on trying to power through some long overdue large commissions for some very patient people, but have been in a bit of a funk with my sketches. Mystery Skulls characters usually seem to help break me out of it when I get stuck on drawing other art so have a messy morning Shiro sketch.

ok so in an attempt to get out of my writing and drawing funk, I did this thingy from those palette thingers, and it looks pretty good, so I’ll try and crank out some answers for the blog, too. sorry, I just. can’t answer when I don’t feel good about my drawings being seen. So yeah, that’s been the cause of this hiatus. me being dumb 

love u all thank u for the patience and support and I hope to update soon!))