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Summary: In another universe, Obi-Wan Kenobi falls to General Grievous’s blades. In another universe, Obi-Wan Kenobi does not live to see the end of the war. In another universe, Anakin Skywalker hunts down General Grievous, intent on revenge.

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The Force goes frighteningly silent.

Anakin doesn’t know what to make of it. He feels numb, empty, as though his insides have been scooped out and thrown away. The sounds of the dogfight taking place around him are muffled, like someone is covering his ears with cotton.

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Word gets around that Rex has feelings for a certain General, but he gets confronted by all sorts of Jedi, his brothers, and his own general and commander about what would happened to him if he ever hurt Obi-Wan

Now, Rex expected to be confronted by his vode, he expected General Skywalker and he expected Commander Tano.

What he did not expect was for the first one to confront him with their arm crossed over their chest was General Windu of all people as he stared Rex down with those deep dark eyes, tightly pinched lips and a vein throbbing in his forehead.

“One warning Captain.” He gritted out, eyes narrowed. “Hurt him and they will never find your body. Not even a hair strand. Are we clear?” The Jedi glared at him.

Nervously, Rex saluted him. “Yes sir, of course sir… I wouldn’t dream of hurting him.” He added the latter part quietly, more earnestly.

Those dark eyes flickered over his face before Windu suddenly relaxed, giving a nod and then patting Rex on the shoulder, obviously having read something in Rex that testified to his sincerity.

Breathing out heavily when the Jedi was far enough away, Rex pulled his helmet on. ‘Sweet stars, that was almost not worth it… oh who am I kidding, anything is worth it when its about Obi-Wan.’ He smiled to himself, glad the helmet hid his face as he headed through base.

Though honestly after having the master of the order threatening him… well Cody didn’t scare him one bit.

He watched his vode as the other slowly cleaned his blasters at the mess, resting his head on his hand. “…Cody?”

“Yes Vod?” The other drawled, pretending the rest of their vode weren’t listening in as he continued polishing.

“I had General Windu threatening my very existence about two and a half week ago when we were paired up with him and his trope. You threatening to shot me in the groin isn’t all that scary after that.” Rex shrugged when the other looked at him with wide eyes. “Ob- that is General Kenobi is very popular and well liked, which is good considering how he seems to be low level trying to get himself killed every time we step onto a battlefield.” He settled his other elbow on the table, head now supported by both hands.

The commander blinked slowly, staring at him.

Rex shrugged. “And then there was Commander Tano who told me how a lightsaber could be used to castrate someone… slowly… while still aware.” He grinned a bit at his vod even as a few of the eavesdropper winched and tried to discreetly covering their groin.

Cody settled his half finished blaster down, now looking wary. “And General Skywalker?”

Not even pretending they weren’t listening, several brothers from the 501st and 212th had turned to to stare at him which caused Rex to snort at them. “Hasn’t gotten to me yes. I think he’s trying to figure out how to threaten me without compromising chain of command but I know its coming.” He grinned before the grin faded. “But all of this hinges on people actually thinking I’m going to approach General Kenobi. Which I won’t, because honestly, he’s way above my level.” He shook his head, sighing a bit.

The other struggled at that.

On one hand he wanted to encourage his vod because honestly everyone deserved a chance.

On the other hand, this was his karking General!

Finally he sighed. “Look, Rex… I know that we might be clones but Jedi don’t look at us that way. They look at us and see people and… honestly? I don’t think General Kenobi is above your level. He’s just…” Cody frowned a bit before shrugging. “Well protected and if you did approach him, he’d be the one to give the final say. And honestly? In the end that’s the important thing, what he says and what you say.” Cody and Rex stared at each other.

The blond finally gave a wry grin. “Is that your version of a blessing?”

Snorting, Cody picked up his guns. “Kind of. Considering the level of threat you have against you, you have to treat him well, I’m pretty sure you will anyway.” He smirked even as Rex barked out a laugh and several vode quickly hiding their sniggers into their foods or drinks and in Killer’s case, having a massive coughing fit from inhaling his food.

“Honestly? Out of everyone threatening me? I’m most scared of Ahsoka. She’s a fireball.” Rex confessed with a wide grin.

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Thanks to you I’m starting to work on a clone team and IT TAKES SO LONG WHYYYY also UGH GEAR FARMING. Is Rex the one to focus on re: mods + gear then?


But yeah, I focused on getting Rex first, since he debuffs and plays well with others. And his basic does some turn meter reduction. I’m currently trying to finish Fives off and while I’ve got Cody and Echo up to purple gear (Level 6? Level 7?) they don’t have as many stars as Rex and Fives do so they’re still squishy. 

BUT ECHO ASSISTS (practically) EVERY BASIC SHOT HIS CLONE BROTHERS FIRE. It’s AMAZING. And Cody’s “Everybody In the Pool! It’s Murdering Time!” is also FANTASTIC. I’m not sure they’re Super Mega Extra Top-Level but everytime I’ve tried to defeat a Clone Squad, they have brutally decimated me. 

And I Loved it! 


So in conclusion, your honor, CLONES.

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Would love to read more about memorie loss Obi-Wan! Maybe with the remaining 212th and 501th clones?

“Ouf!” Cody blinked in surprise as he walked right into a shape around the corner, the men stopping right behind him as he stared down at…at…

“General…” He whispered out before quickly pulling himself together and offering the rumbled looking man his hands. “Sir, here. I apologize, I wasn’t expecting anyone down the corridor.” He managed to get out, helping the redhead up.

No one was suppose to be there, the 212th were on cleanup duty!

“No apologies needed.” Warm, clean high Coruscantian filled the air along with a small smile. “I think I’ve gotten myself lost. A nice R2 unit let me down here but I lost sight of him and…well lost.” A sheepish laugh.

Cody desperately wanted to cling to the others hands but forced himself to let go. “I see, that may be R2D2, the Emperors unit. It can be mischievous but I don’t think it meant any harm.” He assured.

“That does explain why the door shut behind me.” Obi-Wan glanced back at the elevator then turned sheepish green eyes on them. “You wouldn’t mind helping me?”

He wanted to scream ‘of course not’ that he’d be willing to do anything for the other man. That he’d give anything for Obi-Wan to continue smiling at him and the rest of the 212th like that.

‘We shot you down, but you’re here and you’re injured and kind of broken but you’re HERE.’

He didn’t say any of that. “Of course sir. Where were you going?”

“I was trying to find the training salle An-the Emperor talked about. Get some workout, I’m starting to feel…cooped up.”

“I see, of course, there is one on this level actually if you don’t mind us walking around doing cleanup duty.” Cody offered, hopeful that they may be able to keep half an eye on the man.

“Really! Well then R2 wasn’t being mischievous, please then.”


“There you are. I was wondering where you went.” Anakin moved into the gym, one of many on the entire ship. Obi-Wan stopped mid move and smiled at him.

“Yes, I needed to move, I was getting really cramped up.” Obi-Wan offered in turn to the unasked question.

“I see. I do wish you would have left me a message, I spent some time looking after you.” Not strictly true but telling Obi-Wan that he could track him through the bond sounded unwise even to Anakin.

“I apologize, I just…” The other shrugged and Anakin reached out, resting a hand on his shoulder.

“Its fine. Just next time, please?”

“Next time, for sure.” Obi-Wan smiled at him, that warm and gentle smile that always set Anakin’s thundering heart at ease.

‘I need talk to him about who he was…I need to tell him before we reach Coruscant…’ The media would devour him whole if he didn’t warn Obi-Wan.

The Negotiator back on Coruscant.



But alive.

“Obi-Wan…I have some things I need to speak to you about.”

“I get the feeling its serious.”

“It is.”

“Does this have anything to do with the poster of me in Jedi robes and the name Negotiator written on?”


“I’m not oblivious sire.”

“Doooon’t call me that, not you, not alone.”

“Then can I have the truth?”

Anakin sighed but nodded, taking the other by the shoulder. “Yes. But you’re not going to like it. No you’re not going to like most of what I have to say and I’m not even sure how much I should tell you.”

“How about you tell me about the fact that I used to be a Jedi?” Obi-Wan smiled at him. “And we’ll…take it from there…see if I remember anything?”

“Okay.” Anakin breathed out. “So…you used to be my teacher and…”