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Sixth Time Lucky (2/?)

Summary: In which Gavin has a crush on the newest member of the Fake AH Crew, yet somehow manages to find himself faking relationships with every single other person instead.

(Five times Gavin had to pretend to love someone in the crew and one time he didn’t have to pretend.)

Part 1  AO3

warnings: some harassment, discussion of drinks being spiked (doesn’t actually happen)

3. Jack

“He’s in St Scholastica’s hospital, two blocks away from the bank,” Geoff says, the second he puts down the phone. And then, “Fuck, fuck, okay. Fuck.”

Things go wrong on heists. It’s a given. Usually they’re prepared, back up plans upon back up plans to get everyone out of dodge if the police show up unexpectedly, or something doesn’t go the way they want it to.

Usually, though, things don’t go this spectacularly wrong.

This time, it’s Gavin’s fault.

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  • me: Plans on writing fanfiction
  • me: gets distracted with reading other author's fics or blogging on Tumblr or the internet
  • me: 3 hours later...oh well, I guess I'll write tomorrow

Michael constantly bugging you about what book you’re reading, but never actually reading it with you. Especially at night, when you’re sitting in bed, trying to get in just one more chapter before tomorrow comes. And Michael crawls in next to you, resting his head on your tummy, wrapping his teddy bear arms around it. He nuzzles himself in until he’s cozy then yawns a muffled “whatcha reading?” So you tell him the title and a short synopsis before asking if he wants to read with you. But he shakes his head no, complaining that it sounds too boring. You roll your eyes then go back to your spot on the page. It would be quiet again for all of twenty seconds, until Michael starts interrupting with his string of never-ending questions. “What part are you at now? You almost done? Wait, what’s happening? Babe, tell me. Then why don’t they just kiss already?” Fed up, you tell him to shut up and just decide to read out loud to him until he falls asleep content at the sound of your voice.

A Thousand Natural Shocks - Chapter 6

Trying to get the plot rolling. Next chapter should have more of Fiddleford and Stan, while Ford begins to investigate just what exactly he had branded on his brother, all those years ago.

As always, inspired by @notllorstel​‘s Neverhuman AU!


As it turned out, ‘Lazy Susan’ was an older woman with a vaguely familiar face and a single lazy eye, which Stanford supposed explained the name. She greeted the two of them with a wide, genuine smile. 

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