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so if naelia summons lightning and is the thunder queen, wouldn't that make her like. lightning mcqueen.

first of all, how dare you

harry: *does anything*

some bitter ppl here on tumblr dot com: *write a five page essay about how that’s Wrong, Disrespectful, and OT4 Erasure™️*

(51) Gladio’s pick-up lines

Gladio: *sneezes*
Noctis: You’re always sneezing, big guy. 
Prompto: Want to go to a warm place?
Gladio: It’s not the cold. It’s my allergy to feathers.
Noctis: …? There’s no chocobos nearby.
Gladio: No, but there’s Iggy.
Prompto: So?
Gladio: I mean, all angels have feathers. 
Ignis: Oh.
Prompto: * squealing in background*

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10. please?

“Don’t try, I’m not worth it.”

“Are you fucking insane?” Tony exclaims, but the outrage he intends to convey somehow ends up sounding as blind panic.

Steve doesn’t stop in his descent down a creaking wooden ladder; each shudder and groan it makes as it rebels against Steve’s weight just another scrape against the inside of Tony’s chest. He is only a small dot high above, but moving steadily down.

He still has enough time to go back, to save himself. If only the fool would listen.

“When we’re out of here,” Steve calls out, clearly pissed off. “We’re going to have a long talk about what constitutes as insanity. Among other things.”

Tony shuts his eyes and bangs his head against the concrete. He tries to move, but fails. Again.

He doesn’t know what is it they gave him, but it successfully paralyzed him from the neck down.

And then they stuck him in the suit. Well, suit minus the helmet. And the best thing? The suit is completely out of juice.

But the worst thing is that Steve - that foolish, reckless, brave idiot - is now literally climbing down to his own death just because Tony went and got himself captured.

“You can’t carry me up,” Tony tries again. “Even without the suit-”

“Tony, I love you very much, but right now I really need you to stop talking.”

“Fuck you, Rogers,” Tony exclaims hotly, feels something wet streaming down his cheeks. “You can’t save me, all you’re going to do is kill yourself trying.”

“Yeah?” Steve grits out, and even with the distance separating them, Tony can hear that familiar stubborn determination giving his voice a steely edge. “Watch me.”

And Tony does. Watches Steve jump down thirty feet of height, unable to do anything to stop him. Unable to even breathe, all air expelled out of his lungs by sheer panic.

Steve!” Tony cries out when he gathers enough air to speak. He doesn’t recognize his own voice: thin and small and cracking on edges. “Steve, you fucking idiot.”

A pained grunt sounds from somewhere to Tony’s right. A wave of relief surges through Tony’s chest. Tony grits his teeth, tries to lift his head, the sound of his harsh breaths almost drowning out that of boot heels scraping against concrete, and then, then-

There are hands wrapping under Tony’s arms and lifting him to his feet, pressing him against solid chest for the briefest of moments. Then, gloved fingers are darting along the metal of Tony’s suit, finding the hidden catches and releases.

“Don’t try it,” Tony pleads in a pained voice, raw with guilt and panic. “I’m not worth it.”

Steve, whose face is dirty and bleeding from a gash above his right eyebrow, pauses in getting Tony out of the suit, his right hand sliding up to cradle the back of Tony’s neck.

“Shut up. Shut. Up,” Steve grits out in a wrecked voice, leans his forehead against Tony’s. “You’re worth everything.”

Tony screws his eyes shut, opens his mouth to curse the stubborn bastard, but all that comes out is a half-choked sob of Steve’s name.

And somewhere in the building above them the clock continues to count down, fast approaching zero.

Minsung u ok back there