trying to get in there


i LOVE the new critrole kids this is a Long Post TM but i literally couldnt pick just two or three favorites to draw theyre all just so good

Hey guys

How’re you all doing? Hope everyone is snazzy but i understand it’s been a rough week. 

Remember to respect others! And to those of you who have been, or felt threatened, take a break, make some tea, message me if you just need a chill chat. 

Someday I will be able to write a novel in which the main character doesn’t spend the first chapter moping about how much they want to go home. 

That day, is unfortunately, not today.

I didn’t know there was a new Kino no Tabi anime!!!!

I love Kino and I consider the original series a treasure of my childhood <3

  • Nogal: Woah, Woah, Listen to me.
  • Nogal: You love Vanoss, right?
  • Delirious: Uh, yes?
  • Nogal: Do you wanna to hold him?
  • Delirious: Yes.
  • Nogal: Please him?!
  • Delirious: Yes!
  • Nogal: Then you got to, got to show a little tenderness!
  • Nogal: People love that romantic crap!

I spent my morning trying to look into the mouths of the wildlife in Andromeda ((for science)), and certain creatures definitely have three-pronged tongues. So now I’m considering the possibility that the Angara might also….

more cheeb practice!

the dirt: god I REALLY hate drawing shoes. I know nothing about shoes, fuck ‘em. I’m clueless about shoes and shoe design and I can’t fucking draw them for shit. My footwear drawing repertoire is like THIGH HIGH HEELS OR SOCKS I GUESS

Prob writing an article or short story about Nera for the Neopian Times (tbh TNT kinda owns her at this point anyway considering their policy or think they own her at least/everyone already calls her canon so I think doing an writing thing instead of a comic for once will be okay)

So uhh lemme know what I should put in it, like her bio and everything is here.


Alright, what the hell is this?