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Maya, I'm convinced more than ever that he has someone else working for him that we don't know about yet, because this video teaser is clearly out of the league of the people he's working with now.

This video is just perfect? Technically, visually, conceptually. The global idea, the little details, the style, the hints. It’s so good in any possible way that I’m still unable to articulate.

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*gulps* um, please Seto A5, Pharaoh Atem D6 and Mokuba in D5? ;w;. If it's too hard I don't mind having only one char!! xwx

They were all good faces, so I couldn’t resist making it a scene (and I’m not the only one about to make a scene probably. I can’t decide if surprise!birthday present for Mokuba or if Atem got the opportunity to babysit and didn’t waste it)

Hey, like, I know a woman leading a scifi show isn’t revolutionary or anything (clearly Voyager did it first), but I honestly never thought I’d ever get to see my hero in my image so if you all could stop minimizing things unnecessarily that’d be swell.

It’s pretty early where I’m nestled on our crazy little planet so I don’t know if anyone is really going to see this BUT, I am completely blown away by how amazing, welcoming and talented this fandom is. By far, best fandom I’ve been part of. And somehow, 3 months after I made this blog, I have almost 600 followers. I am completely blown away by the kindness and support each person has shown me, and I can only hope that you guys continue to tolerate my crazy ass shit-posting and every-now-and-then quality posting self. 

As thanks, I wanted to encourage you guys to send me drabble prompts and I will try to get them all done today along with some of my own things I’ve been writing. I have some starter prompts that you can defer to, but feel free to send me your own just tell me the character(s) you would like, the prompt, and let me know if you would like it to be gender-specific. Will assume all are reader-inserts unless specifically stated otherwise ;) Also let me know if you’re thinking of SFW or NSFW.

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Hii, I just recently followed you, so maybe you talked about this before, but could you explain what you meant with "the pre-2017 era was amazing" on the Ed Sheehan post? I only listen to his music but this sounds like there was a change in 2017?

Hello!! :)

Oh, well before Ed came back and started Divide promo, he was mostly seen as this fluffy, adorable teddy bear who enjoyed playing guitar. People generally liked his music, but even if they didn’t, they barely cared about him. Then he started going from averagely successful to  very successful to incredibly successful, broke records, invaded the charts, the radio, shape of you literally spread everywhere, he was in newspapers, magazines, shows (sometimes with quotes that were a bit unfortunate or taken out of context), festivals, went back on the road touring and it looks like people got tired. Envy and stupidity are a dangerous thing and hating on Ed Sheeran became the new, temporarily trand to be perceived as cool. You’re no one today if you don’t troll Ed Sheeran! Which boggles me because there’s a dozen very famous artists I can think about who say nothing at all to me, personally or musically. Same for actors or popular names in general. And yet, I keep on living my life normally? There’s a big difference between disliking someone’s music and being hateful about it or them as human beings. But, oh well, it’s the internet world! It’s pretty pathetic, but it shall pass :)

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honest question: what's the point of shipping jalec if it's never gonna happen? are you shipping out of fun or just for the heck of it?

I noticed that at least one of my mutuals got a similar ask so I’m side-eyeing you anon but I’ll answer anyway.

okay so by “never going to happen” I assume you mean that we’ll never get to see jalec be a couple in canon. but to be quite honest I don’t see why I wouldn’t ship jalec just because “it’s never gonna happen” on the show or in the books. the concept of shipping something non-canon isn’t weird to me because I don’t need a ship to be canon to be able to enjoy it. jalec isn’t the only non-canon ship I ship and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

what I love about non-canon ships so much is that you get to explore the relationship on your own and wonder what it would be like if it was canon. plus you get to enjoy all the amazing fics, fan art, fan videos etc. sometimes it’s even better to ship a non-canon ship cause that way you don’t have to worry about canon ruining the ship. like for example would I like to see a jalec kiss on the show? ofc I would! but would I like to see it if it was like the jalec kiss scene written by cc? oh hell no.

the main reason I ship jalec, however, is simply because I think their relationship is the most interesting one on the show and in the books. I’ve read the tmi books and even though jalec’s relationship isn’t nearly as well portrayed in the books as it is on the show, I still became a jalec shipper the minute I started discovering their relationship. I love that they have so much history together and they’ve basically known each other their whole lives. I love how deep their relationship is and that everything about their relationship is so passionate - both good and bad things. I love that they’re parabatai and soulmates and I find the fact that their bond makes them falling in love forbidden so intriguing. I also love how well dom and matt portray them and how much research they’ve done in order to do justice to jace and alec’s relationship.

but yeah I could basically go on and on about their relationship so I’m gonna stop right here lol. the point is that I just really love jace and alec’s relationship and that’s why I ship jalec. simple as that. :)

plus how am I supposed to believe that jalec isn’t at least a little canon with all the material we’re getting? and jalec will never happen? oh but my dude I think it already has a little lol.