trying to get in there

So I found something interesting by chance...

These two images are part of an exhibit that was on display, I believe. Well, just out of a whim (and c’mon I love these pics), I took another look at them and

“By wearing the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand, a married couple symbolically declares their eternal love for each other. In Western cultures, a wedding ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger.” 


…this is the most cutesy thing I’ve done in a while but maybe that’s just me HA dun mind me or all the Redbubble spam lately.

Day 2 - Family

I probably have to explain this one. Sooo the maids gave Rose some clean clothes after she dirtied her usual garb, and well.. gave her some Royal Family clothes knowing her relationship with Alisha. Rose either didn’t realise the emblem’s there, or doesn’t realise that going around wearing it like that is pretty much screaming ‘I’m with Alisha’. Alisha is surprised, embarrassed and silently pleased to see Rose in it.

a sick sherlock texting john he needs to come home because he has a plan for their current case and john being grumpy like “why can’t you just tell me sherlock, I’m on the other side of london”. sherlock then replying “because I wanna see you” and john rolls his eyes but smiles when he gets another one “and I was hoping you could make me some tea”

Sunday Shoutout





Hey guys, it’s my favorite time of the year! Mardi Gras 💚💛💜

Mardi Gras is a much more Cajun french celebration, and in America, New Orleans is the most historical and popular place for celebrating it. I actually have travel to New Orleans once before and I’m not exaggerating when i say they take Mardi Gras seriously. It really is a cool place to visit and they have really good seafood down there! 

So for this Shoutout, I’m will tell how my family and I celebrate Mardis Gras. As I said before in a previous post, my mom’s side of the family is french, and they used to celebrate it for fun so now, even though we don’t live in a city that throws a festival, we still get to celebrate it. We usually throw a big party (We had a costume party last year)and we wear lots of beads mask, we have lots of King cakes and drinks (hence the name Mardi Gras). There’s lots of dancing, singing and drinking going one and its the one time of the year I get to see my french relatives on my mom’s side of the family.

Now an update on my of my works: ummmm are you blind? Did you not just see that last paragraph?? How can I actually work when its the weekend before Mardi Gras!

But I have been planning stuff this week and it may take some time but I’ll get to them. At the moment , I’m still working on playlist and drawing (and a shitload of references) and also a little FYI, I usually run my drawing through ALOT of filters and programs so they look smoother and that can sometimes ruin the coloring, so yeah it is what it is


just remembered it was the oscars and got excited and then remembered that La La Land is nominated for fuckin everything and that I couldn’t give two shits about Ryan Gosling’s wispy bangs or that Hollywood has a boner for Emma Stone’s amateur tap dancing and whisper-singing