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I did this a few years ago but I didn’t get that much of a response. So I’m trying my luck again… I’m looking for friends and maybe something more. I’m an avid shipper of several fictional characters. I’ve been told I get too emotionally invested in series. I’ll probably get a heart attack screaming at someone on TV. Love to travel, bake & read. Love to watch the occasional hockey game. (go Pens!) My spirit animal is probably a cat. (Specifically a Maine coon.) & if I wasn’t allergic to cats I’d probably not be doing this & embrace my inner cat lady. Kinda #SociallyAwkard .. But come talk to me anyway, I’d love to get to know more people ! Hope to talk to you soon! 😘

So last night when I was trying to go to sleep, I started getting all these negative thoughts and I started to feel down. Then I realized what it was. I realized that the enemy was trying to attack me and make me feel down and bad so I said NO. I started thinking of different scriptures and saying them in my head. Some scriptures popped up out of no where and you know who was doing that was right? The Holy Spirit!!!! He was reminding me of scriptures I’d read before so that I could say them in my mind!! The negative thoughts went away and I fell asleep peacefully!! Praise Jesus!

I am telling you this to remind you that the Holy Spirit is there for us and that we have authority over our thoughts and over the enemy. The Word of God is sharper than any two edged sword, USE IT yall!! I hope this ministers to yall. God Bless you guys :)

Friday Fic Requests

Alright, so I’m going to try a little something here, just for my tumblr followers:

I love writing my long fics, but sometimes when I get stalled on a chapter, I need a breather. The best way to keep myself in the writing mindset is to write something else. When my other go-to fic to work on also stalls…well, then I have a problem. And unfortunately, all of the fics I have on the backburner are long, complicated plots, so it doesn’t really offer the same freedom to get the words flowing as shorter fics do. 

So in the spirit of not letting me surrender to the dreaded writer’s block, I intend to start taking fic prompts / requests which I’ll post on Fridays [once they’ve been written, I’ll have them all collected here ]. 

If you have a great idea or a scene that you want to see, send me a request and I’ll see what I can do. It can be AU, random one-shot, something you want to see from one of my ‘verses, etc.

Just keep the following in mind: 

1. given how busy my schedule is, I can’t do longfics, but if your idea can be depicted in about 1000 words, I’ll definitely give it a go.

2. I will not write anything with blatant non-con, utterly explicit and weird sexual fetishes, animal abuse or character bashing. I will also ignore requests concerning any of my NOTPs (NaruSasu, HinaSasu, KarinSasu, SakuSaso, KakuSaku, etc.). If you’re not sure, send me an ask to find out what my stance is.

3. I’m only writing Naruto fanfiction right now, not anything else (and I’m more likely to answer SasuSaku requests before other pairings. This doesn’t mean I’ll ignore someone’s request for another pairing, but I might take a bit longer with other pairings because I’m not as at ease.)

Other than that, I’m looking forward to your ideas! If I get some requests today I’ll try to post by this evening, but officially, we’ll start this next week ^_^


anonymous asked:

Hello I'm struggling with depression and all I do is just staying in bed all day feeling sick. Could I make a deal with a spirit helping me for example getting out of bed every now and then? I know it's pathetic but it's been years I'm tired

Spirits can’t help you with that. If anything, trying to make a deal with them will only make you more sick. 

I’ve totally been where you are, and depression is still something I struggle with all the time. There are a lot of positive outlets out there, and I can be one of them if you want. Message me off of Anon and we can talk.

I absolutely adore Cole and how he speaks, its so poetic and beautiful ❤ so I wanted to try and write a short poem in his particular speaking style… For me, my Lavellan realises she has feelings for Solas when she sees him die for her at Redcliffe Castle so here’s what I wrote -

“My life is yours, sad, hopeful, make it right
Red grows outward, too much pain, can’t fight
She reaches out, wants to heal the hurt
Despair, chaos, a burning world

She should have been there, spirited away
Time passed, dying, demons, decay
He looks at her, she can save us, has to
Fight to the death, protect her, can’t get through

Heart ripped out, lifeless body, her love
She didn’t know, not before, just how much
Hand grasps and pulls, she tumbles in
Nightmare ended, something else beginning…

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The present U.S. administration wants you to be overwhelmed.  They want you to burn out.  They want to swamp you with bad news so that you don’t know where to turn or how to fight back, or whether you have the energy to be effective.

A suggestion: for every piece of bad news you reblog, reblog something about resistance.  Reblog something about how people are building something, in direct contrast to those who are trying to tear us down.  Reblog something that lifts your spirits and reminds you why we fight.

Do not do their work for them.  Consciously choose to reblog light as well as the important news of what the administration is up to. 

They do not get to make us despair.

How to: Do Automatic Writing

You’ll Need:

A pen


(Optionally) A candle

(Optionally) salt

An Explanation:Automatic Writing is when you let an spirit/entity take a hold of your hand and move it to write, scribble, draw and communicate. It’s a (usually) safe way to communicate with spirits, as long as you stay calm and don’t let fear take over. 

A Fair Warning: 

Fear is food for spirits. Feed them, and they’ll get stronger. Stay serene. Automatic writing takes practice and might not work on the first try.

How to:

If you want to be very safe, surround yourself with a circle of salt.

A lot of people prefer to do automatic writing in the nude, however, you do whatever makes you comfortable.

Spirits like to come out at night, so you might be more successful then.
Now, to the actual writing.

Light a candle (preferably new and black for protection, but white’ll do) near where you’ll be sitting.
Sit comfortably. Some people prefer to do so half laying back.
Take your pen in whichever hand you want (maybe best in the hand you’re not predominant in? Since you body will have less control over the writing in that case.). Place it on the blank page.
Close your eyes. Enter a meditative state. Calm your mind. Let go of all thoughts and just breathe.
Relax your arm entirely so that you have no muscular control over it.
If your hand starts writing, let it do so. Don’t open your eyes. Don’t try and see what they wrote, what they drew, anything. Eyes closed, relax.
If you feel yourself starting to take control of your hand, let go of the pen and wait until you’ve relinquished all hold on the arm that’s writing.
Don’t try and understand, interpret or control. Let it flow.
Once you feel that it is over, open your eyes, put the pen away, thank the spirit, say goodbye, turn the candle off, throw it away and then, you may look at what was written.
By candle light, no danger should come. If you feel unsafe or that something “evil” or “bad” has taken a hold of your arm (and it frightens you), just request help from beings of light to protect you, or that your guides come and help you. 
If you want to communicate with a particular person, you may try by having an image of them or an object that belonged to them with you, but it’s a bit like chatroulette, you could get anyone from anywhere. And they might not even know how to write or speak your language, Remember that.


Samhain is coming up! It’s a great time to get into spirit work, channeling and such. The veil between our worlds are thinner.

Some writers have been said to write entire books through this method. And some have had lengthy conversations with spirits this way (once you’re good enough, you can keep you eyes open and ask questions.)
Either way, stay safe. Have fun, and share your experiences with me!

there’s a group of Overwatch players called “Team Hanjo” who have the goal of getting the lowest Skill Rating possible in the game by losing every single game. Two of them already have a Skill Rating of 1, the lowest you can get. 

I’ve been sewing and watching them deliberately losing games accompanied by cheerful Christmas music and it’s really getting me into the spirit of the season.

My fave is when one of them said, “Man, I tried solo queuing yesterday and won five matches in a row. I’m going to rise back into Diamond by accident. :(” and another guy was like “That’s the struggle.”

The struggle of trying to be the worst.

High school au where the otp are friends who are grossly obviously in love but aren’t dating, and the whole school knows and ships it. So the the school plans a Spirit Week and ever day is a different thing that get one of the otp hot an bothered. Like 40’s friday and sports monday. Person A’s brain stops working when they see B in a 40’s suit. Person B has to breath deeply when they see A in their sport uniform. Just the whole school being in on trying to get these two dorks together.

Context: Our rogue’s player, who tends to be a bit of a lurker and soft spoken recently got a job in retail.

Rogue (OOC): Wait, so the gnome ignored me and went and grabbed the potion before I checked for traps?
DM: I guess?
Rogue (OOC): Alright, my character punches him as hard as she can in the jaw.

Rogue: LISTEN UP, FUCKERS. I am sick of your bullshit. I have been busting my ass trying to prevent everyone from being killed by traps. I nearly got fireballed, filled with shrapnel, and I did get turned into a toad. So here’s the deal. You are all going to stand back and listen when I say I’m checking for traps. If you want to kill yourself with a trap, do it on your own time and don’t put the ENTIRE PARTY IN DANGER. Otherwise. You’re a liability. Don’t be a liability. Trust me on that one.

The entire room sort of stares in shocked silence at her yelling.

Ranger (OOC, a long-time retail
worker): See?! Retail makes you give no fucks and take no bullshit. I told you so.

Anti theory time

This post is going to be a longer one but with different sections to break it up a bit, per loose theory bits and I’ll try and keep it organized. Includes images woo! Gifs and images are compiled by me (first tries at video gifs yay). But without further ado!

1. At PAX Anti sported two, very deliberately, neck stab wounds. Maybe from one jab, maybe two. (That they are stab wounds is sortof confirmed by a post from @wubkins that Jack liked). And the placement is rather suspicious, its right where the vocal cords are.

Why the vocal cords? Most likely to shut Jack up and to not get interrupted during his little message to us (but Jack did try though with a very broken ‘Help me’). And Anti probably doesn’t need vocal cords anyway since he is most likely some kind of spirit/ghost/entity capable of 'out of body’ speech.

2. What kind of being could he be? The Tulpa has been going around as a theory and Jack himself has said that it’s fairly accurate (answered in an ask). A section of the Wikipedia page about it gives this bit:

'Playing the part of a real being’ is the part that creeps me out the most. Anti pretending to be Jack, slowly taking over the channel. People find it difficult to distinguish between them.

But despite Anti being the chameleon that he is, he is not flawless in his doings. He gets impatient very quickly, is often very rude and more aggressive than Jack. Absolutely loves violence. Going as far as wanting to chop off fingers for fun (EVERYTHING IS AGONY | Clone Drone #5).

Full Wikipedia Tulpa link here: It’s quite the interesting read. Heck, I could fill another whole paragraph about this stuff haha.

But where did Anti come from? Another part of the Wikipedia page says that Tulpa’s are generated by a powerful concentration of thought. Who’s thoughts in the case of Anti? The community? It might have started when the community started drawing/imagining/writing about a counterpart to Jack, his anti version. That was most likely the start of the inevitable snowball that accelerated during the October of 2016 and on Halloween itself Anti 'solidified’, was powerful enough, thanks to the attention the community gave him, to take over. “You could have stopped me, but you just watched, as this happened”.

He then proceeds to brag about Jack being gone forever but that might not be the case. Anti has taken over Jacks body but Jack is still around, in the background, crying out for help. Or in the case of the intro of EVERYTHING IS AGONY | Clone Drone #5, shouting stuff to Anti about what not to do. Two 'souls’ in one body kind of thing.

3. Glitchverse and dimension breaking. What exactly are the glitches that Anti is doing? Just video glitches or something more.

Anti does like his 'green’ dimension a lot, as well as fades/cuts to black. During these bits the viewer can’t see what is happening. During these blackouts the switch between Jack and Anti seems to happen a lot. Also during the blackout of the Detention episode the character went through a door with doors usually being the symbol for gateways. Might be a far stretch with the blackouts but it has happened quite a few times. Down below are gifs of the several blackouts, in chronological order of appearance.

4. Anti’s message at PAX. Ohboy. This was just brilliant. I attended the livestream and when Jack mentioned the participation thing, I too grabbed my phone to start recording but then Anti said hi. After finishing recording and getting hyped from that and watching the panel itself I did not think much of it at first. But the day after I realized something, why did Anti wanted that we record him…? Now I don’t know if there are any Whovians around but my mind immediately strayed to the Doctor Who episodes of the The Time of Angels, where a recording of a Weeping Angel came to life. Quoting the Doctor: 'That which holds the image of an angel becomes itself an angel’.

And if that’s the case with Anti, well, he’s probably just be grinning his ass off of the fact that we just multiplied him everywhere. And are we going to delete that footage? Not likely. It was too much hype. But watch your back. '͞I͝'͝m ̛not ̕going ̀a͘nywher̡é,́ I̧'́m̨ a̶l͡wa͏y͜s t͜hére, ͏a͘l̶w͟ays̛ ̧wàt͝c͟h͞i̸ng̀'͘.

5. The glitch video montage.

Gif is at 50% percent of original speed, my brain is molten from seeing it at full speed too many times haha. @amycampbell00 did an amazing job at splicing the segment down, frame by frame, game by game over here.

It’s quite odd to think that Clustertruck, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and Happy Wheels are in this compilation since it’s before the Halloween event but if Anti has been lurking around for some time then these series are perfect. Why? Clustertruck is a high energy game and Jack has mentioned that he gets all pumped up from it. Anti could sneakishly drain this energy from him, tiny piece by piece since he probably wouldn’t miss it anyway.

Why TABS and Happy Wheels? Well… Death, violence and gore. Again, Anti getting energy from this.

And what if the other games in the montage are the series that Anti has played/is playing. The Japan World Cup is probably one of the distraction ones, just like the Pipe Job one with a sneaky Anti at the end.

The Portal Collab and Don’t Starve ones have gotten me a tiny bit worried about Jacks friends. If they can’t tell the difference then, yikes, doomed.

Also, I’m still trying to figure out the message of the montage. The different audio segments. My feeble guess at what he says?

'Ha, ha, ha. Jack is dead, bitch. Now I’m terrified.’

First part makes kind of sense, second part, not so much. I’ve listened to the segment a heap load of times now but I’m not getting much wiser haha.

And these are my Anti theory bits for now. To anyone reading this, thank you. Also, have a cookie!

Feel free to share your thoughts about things. It’s a lot of fun going through all the theories that people have come up with so far and it gets me all excited. Good for story inspiration stuff too.


So the party consisted of a Paladin (Green Dragonborn), and a Rogue (Surprisingly short Elf). They were in a major city and decided to spit up to do their own things. Well the Rogue decided she wanted to try and steal things from a vendor in the market area and while that was happening the Paladin was irl going to get take his dog out since his character wasn’t doing much yet. When he comes back inside…

Rogue (OOC): So [paladin’s name], while you were gone I managed to convince this vendor that I’m a lost child. He agree’d to let me stay with him while I “wait for my parents” and he’s already almost caught me stealing from him twice. I need an adult, please help.


DM (me): *cackling because his face is ridiculous*

‘Ali Krieger Trade’ aka ‘Grass Trade’

From Clubs’ perspective

Boston Breakers: (After realising they won’t score against the Pride next year)

Chicago Red Stars: (After paying for the plane tickets to visit the Gran Canyon)

Houston Dash: (They don’t care about anything really..)

Kansas City: (Remembering they have A-Rod and Syd back next season)

Orlando Pride: (When the grass got them Krieger for free)

Portland Thorns: (When they have the fans but Krieger doesn’t like their turf)

Seattle Reign: (When they have wet turf but Ali wants grass) 

Sky Blue: (Seeing the 2017 championship getting away from them and season hasn’t even started yet) 

Washington Spirit: (On the outside trying to act like they’re above it)

Washington Spirit: (On the inside)

Washington Spirit fans:

WNY Flash: (Remembering Ali’s comments about the Flash)

Ashlyn Harris’ reaction:

little folklore things

in some english folklore there is a belief that the first soul buried in a new burying ground will be tasked to haunt the cemetery forever helping souls move on to heaven and help them to avoid the devil and witches, to avoid this fate there is some customs of burying a dog or some other animal in a new cemetery, it is called a church grim, and unlike other black dogs, which are often harbingers of death, it is a benevolent spirit meanwhile in scottish folklore there is the belief that a person will haunt a cemetery until another is buried there to take their place and so on

in breton folklore it’s believed that if you find yourself on the sea on halloween or all soul’s day that the spirits of the dead lost at sea will try and call your name  to get you to carry them back to land so they can be put to rest properly

among the numerous beliefs of the origins of the selkies, one in shetland and orcadian tradtion is that selkies are the souls of drowned sailors who can return to human form once a year to visit their families

it is believed that the seventh son of a seventh son (or seventh daughter of a seventh daughter) who has red hair will be born with the sight to see the fairies

it is believed unwise to wear too much green as it is a fairy colour and might attract them to you

that’s all i got for now, feel free to add ur own fave little folklore things

The bones it possesses were once its mother’s. Its mother’s regrets have become like a vengeful spirit protecting this Pokémon.

This Pokémon is out for vengeance on its natural enemy, Mandibuzz. It throws bones like boomerangs to try to take it down.

Marowak is the evolved form of a Cubone that has overcome its sadness at the loss of its mother and grown tough. This Pokemon’s tempered and hardened spirit is not easily broken.

Jessie as Marowak

It circles in the sky, keeping a keen eye out for Pokémon in a weakened state. Its choicest food is Cubone.

Cassidy as Mandibuzz


In almost every Pokémon game I have I get a Cubone and name it Musashi. You can probably guess why ^^^ Yamato as Mandibuzz made sense to me since Marowaks and Mandibuzzes are enemies haha

yesterday my lyft driver had a gps that read off directions in what was obviously some sort of specific customized voice

so i was like ‘hey, why does this sound familiar?’

and he was like ‘oh i downloaded it special. it’s colonel sanders.’

never in my life had a stranger thrown me such a goddamn conversational curveball. 

was this an official branded piece of content marketing by kfc? why? why would you go to the trouble of auditioning and hiring a voice actor to impersonate your now-dead founder guiding people onto the i-95, like the world’s least interesting benevolent spirit? colonel sanders was a real dude who is now dead; that is a flipping weird thing for a company to spend money on. is this some misguided corporate attempt to try to revamp his image, like ‘yeah he was a plantation-y southern gentleman and symbolically there’s no way it’s not at least a little racist to glorify him but look…he did just help you get to ikea’

on the other hand, if it’s not affiliated with the company that raises SO MANY MORE questions, like who did this? does colonel sanders have some sort of underground fan community? was there a forum somewhere on the internet where colonel sanders die-hards were all wistfully expressing their longing to have that fried chicken guy’s voice drawling in their ear during long road trips and then finally one lone man stepped forward to fill that gap with a microphone, a dream, and a sub-par fake southern accent

what i said was, ‘…huh’

‘i had t-pain’s voice for a while but it got old really fast,’ said my driver

‘turn right,’ said colonel sanders

‘mm-hmm,’ i said

‘there’s a traffic camera up ahead,’ said colonel sanders. ‘if anyone asks, i was with you last night.’ then he chuckled, in a warm, folksy manner.

i realize this probably sounds like some sort of twisted postmodern tumblr joke, but no, these were the actual pre-recorded words the actual app said.

‘did your gps just jokingly imply colonel sanders committed a murder yesterday and needs an alibi,’ i asked.

‘what?’ said the driver, changing lanes. ‘yeah i guess.’

never in my life had a gps thrown me such a goddamn conversational curveball

like. was it a gps at all, or some sort of experimental new form of fiction, an avant garde crime story delivered in tiny dribbles in and among every hundred navigational tips? but no, if so we are talking some TRUE UNSOLVED MYSTERIES shit, because why the fuck is your dark antihero colonel fucking sanders?

was it a gps at all, or was the deceased wing-and-drumstick magnate now a vengeful ghost and my driver a bold and resourceful ghost-hunter who somehow managed to trap that malignant specter inside the car and bind the colonel’s will to his own and then use that will to get us to the airport via the most efficient available route?

either way, the driver did not divulge his secrets. the colonel droned on. the ride ended. the car drove away and still the truth eluded me, slippery as greased corn.

somebody call a paranormal investigator because we have a lot of shit to work out

Highlights from the 1st session of my D&D campaign

(during character creation)
Mum: I’m Trump-Tinyhands, a famous half-orc ballerina.

(while trying to enter a cursed church) D
M: You (pixie character) enter the church, however, the second you enter you get distracted by a bright light, which you then fly towards blindly and continue to fly into it.
Dylan, our Pixie: IT’S SO BRIGHT AND SHINY

(in a bar)
Trump-Tinyhands: Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Me want drink! Drink! Drink!
Dylan: Erm yes I think we might need a few more dozen pints for our friend over here, he’s not drunk enough.

(still in the bar)
M'riqa, our Khajiit thief, talking to the barmaid: Hey, I’ve seen many pussies in my time, but if I pet you right will your purr?
Barmaid: I will beat the shit out of you if you talk to me like that again.
M'riqa: *sprints right out of the bar*
Dylan: Damnit, come back here!

(going back to the cursed church)
DM: Maybe Dylan should stop trying to enter the church. He’s a Loki-worshipper and this is the Church of The God of Mild Frostbite and That Very Annoying Feeling You Get After You Warm Your Hands Up After Being In The Cold That Makes Your Fingers Feel Like They’re Burning
Trump-Tinyhands OOC: If that’s the God’s name, I can’t imagine just how long the sermons are.

(M'riqa spotted something pretty in the church and wants to steal it)
M'riqa: I enter the church!
DM: You try to enter the church, but it appears that you cannot. The curse on the church does not know what to do with you, so it simply becomes an invisible wall.
Trump-Tinyhands: I think something’s going on with this church.
Dylan: *sarcastically* I never would have thought of that!

(40 minutes into figuring out the church)
M'riqa OOC: Does anybody have Detect Magic?
Dylan OOC: Hell yeah I do!
M'riqa OOC: Then go do it you winged bastard.
Dylan: I cast Detect Magic on the church doorway.
DM: You cast Detect Magic on the doorway. It seems that only followers of the God of Mild Fristbite and all that stuff can pass through the doorway.
Dylan: I can’t, I’m Loki’s priest.
Half-orc: What’s a priest? (too stupid to know what a god is)
Dylan: It’s down to you, M'riqa.
M'riqa: … I may or may not have sold my soul and devoted my life to Nocturnal. Is that a problem?

M'riqa: Nocturnal, may I stray from your path for a moment while I infiltrate this church?
DM: You poke yourself in the eye. That’s a no.
M'riqa: Please? Come on, I’ll steal something to add to the glory of the Guild!
DM: You sock yourself right in the nose. You are bleeding.
M'riqa: Pretty please?? I’ll serve you in the afterlife for twice as long!
DM: You stamp on your own foot.
M'riqa: Before I go any further, if I ask one more time, will I or will I not keep my tail?
DM: Nocturnal remains smugly silent.
M'riqa: If someone had told me that this is the sort of thing that happens when you give yourself to a god, then I may have reconsidered my choice.