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Life is shit.  The news is terrible.  Go watch a funny movie.  Here are some suggestions:

Some Like it Hot – A couple of dudes on the run.  Marilyn Monroe trying not to get the fuzzy end of the lollipop.  A hilarious Jack Lemmon.  Though it dates from a much more hetero-time, it’s funny and not mean-spirited.  It’s aged well.  Free on Amazon Prime.  

Young Frankenstein – Comedy genius.  Just watch it.  Free on Netflix.

Groundhog Day – Bill Murray at his sardonic best.  If you haven’t watched this movie in a while, it’s time for a re-watch.  There are jokes in here you don’t know you forgot.  Free on Starz.

Trading Places – Watch Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy stick it to some old white one-percenters.  If that’s not satisfying, I don’t know what is.  Free on Netflix.

Best in Show – Dogs.  Christopher Guest.  Hilarity.  Free on Netflix.

What We Do in the Shadows – If you enjoyed the recent Thor, you may enjoy this earlier work from director Taika Waititi and partner Jermaine Clement.  Treat yourself.  Free on Amazon Prime. 

Finally some slow dancing sheith; tried to keep it fluffy because god knows I don’t write enough of that. Also tried to keep it in character… I’ve been questioning the way I write these two for a little bit, so who knows? I enjoy writing them so I guess that’s what matters *shrugs*


“Yes, seriously,” Shiro answers, pulling the bottle of Olkarian spirits out from behind his back. “Or you don’t get any of this.

Keith’s eyes dart from it, to Shiro’s face, to the music device in his other hand, and back to the bottle. The gears turning in his head are almost visible.

“How do you always know how to blackmail me?” Keith asks, sounding accusatory.

Shiro shrugs. “I just know.” He does, but he also knows that Keith is wound just as tight as the rest of them, in the face of their upcoming battle; it sinks over the horizon of Olkari while they all turn in for the night, only to rise again the next morning with renewed strength, a reminder as subtle as it is ignorable- which is to say, not at all.

Keith eyes the bottle again, arms crossed over his chest. “Fine. Okay. But I doubt I’ll do it right.”

Shiro grins at the victory and sets down the bottle to approach him, fidding with the music prism. “Don’t worry, half of it is improv anyway.” He finds the switch and flicks it on.

Nothing happens.

It prompts a frown from Shiro, and he clicks it off, then back on again, messes with the volume wheel, and pauses to frown just a little more. “Uh… Maybe it’s broken.”

“Are you going to sing?” Keith asks, amusement laced in his tone.

Shiro laughs nervously at the suggestion, pocketing the device instead. “I’m not… that into improv. We’ll just have to imagine the music.” He holds out his hand.

Keith’s smile drops again, and he chews on his lip in a clear internal conflict. Shiro just keeps his hand up and waits; Keith doesn’t rush into things, outside of the battlefield and training and the occasional prank war, so he knows it will just take a little bit for him to make up his mind, which is okay. They have time, no matter how little it seems to be.

“…just the one dance?” Keith asks, and then takes his hand when Shiro nods, glancing up at him with a lost, Now what? look.

“So you hold my left one like this,” Shiro adjusts their fingers, and Keith seems to relax a little bit. “And then you can put your left on my waist, or my shoulder, or-” He pauses when it slides up to his arm, right above the prosthetic, where the mangled skin can still pick up the warmth of Keith’s through Shiro’s shirt. “-there,” Keith must have taken off his gloves, without him noticing.

“That’s okay?” Keith asks, expression shifted from unsure to more worried, or maybe just a stronger mixture.

“Yeah,” Shiro is quick to reassure him, pushing aside the familiar longing gathering like clouds in his chest. This wasn’t meant to be a romantic gesture, not really, and treating it like one wasn’t fair to either of them.

Though the emotion that flickers over Keith’s face seems to run deeper than simple relief; or Shiro is just quicker than usual to entertain his imagination today.

“So my hand,” He lifts the prosthetic, letting it hover near Keith’s waist. “You can tell me where to put, if you want.”

Keith glances at it, seeming thoughtful, before saying, “Higher,”

It sounds like there’s an echo of a question there, so Shiro touches his side where he moved his hand, asking, “Does that feel right?”

Keith’s ears redden; he must have taken it as rejection, like Shiro was trying to guide him toward the right answer where he’d made a mistake. “I don’t- I haven’t-”

“It was just a question, Keith,” Shiro says, refraining from rolling his eyes, but unable to keep the amusement out of his voice. “I just want to know if it’s okay.”

He’s silent for a minute, refusing to meet his eyes like he doesn’t quite believe him. But, eventually, he glances up under furrowed brows and says again, “Higher.”

Shiro complies, hand drifting up over his ribs until Keith stops him. His fingers are curved around his side, palm close to Keith’s heart, and he scolds himself for thinking it was intentional, that Keith would pick a spot that seemed intimate-

“Maybe I will hum, just so we have a beat,” He says, bulldozing over his own thoughts.

“Can’t hurt,” Keith agrees, lifting one shoulder in a shrug, as Shiro starts to move his feet, in a simple box-waltz pattern that mostly everyone at the Garrison had learned for formals. The movement comes as naturally as the song, a gentle tune that he’s been recalling sporadically since their last fight with Zarkon- something random, but sweet. Fairly slow.

Keith moves with him, looking down at his feet mostly, muttering apologies every time he messes up. They die out soon enough- dancing is like that, after a while; mindless, as easy as breathing.

“I know what you’re doing,” Keith says, after a while. “Keeping me up here.”

“Oh?” Shiro pauses his humming, a nervous flutter in his stomach despite his self-proclaimed indifference.

“You want to talk about it.” Keith raises his eyes again briefly. “Tomorrow. What we have to do.”

“No, actually,” Shiro finds his feet stalling, frown rising to his face. “I was trying to get our minds off of it. But if you’d rather-”

“Oh,” Keith shakes his head immediately. “No, sorry. I just- I assumed.”

Shiro’s unease ebbs away- Keith could be lying, of course, and actually want to talk about the upcoming battle. Maybe he doesn’t know how to approach the subject, or now he thinks he’s been shot down-

“Shiro, it’s fine.” He interrupts his analysis. “Really. Just go back to humming.”

Shiro almost doesn’t; he almost pushes another question again, but Keith’s half smirk is genuine, like he’s the one who’s amused now, which, Shiro doesn’t want to put an end to.

So he goes back to humming, and the song ends just after the last of the sun has disappeared to the west. Keith is looking at him now, gaze unbroken like he’d forgotten how to look away, and Shiro fights to keep his own eyes from dropping under the intensity. Everything about Keith is intense- his will, his determination. It’s like staring at a bright star for too long.

“Do you want to stop?” Shiro asks, because they’d made a deal, and he wasn’t about to make Keith continue if he didn’t care to.

Keith shakes his head.

“Me neither,” He says, quiet, and maybe it was contradictory, looking back on it, to lean down and kiss him, because then everything stops- the swaying, the speaking. Maybe the war itself, for just a fraction of a moment.

He just barely touches their lips together, afraid of what might happen if he’s been misreading Keith this whole time, breath ghosting carefully over Keith’s skin like it makes the action any less intimate, any less obvious and undeniable. He’s a fool for thinking it, but can’t bring himself to pull away yet.

Keith’s exhale is warm against his, sounding like some semblance of his name is flowing through it like an undercurrent, but it’s lost to the kiss when Keith tilts his head closer, their noses brushing momentarily.

And Shiro thinks back to his previous thought; that Keith doesn’t rush things. It leads him to the conclusion that this wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment, life-is-short kind of thing. Keith must have thought about this, maybe just as much as Shiro.

The other recollection is just as much of a relief- they have time.

Not much, but they have, at the very least, some time.

The Hawkins Grinch

Jim Hopper x Female Reader

Anon Asked:  tis the season for Christmas fluff and smut. I’m thinking decorating the cabin with Hopper (even though Hop is probably a grinch) as a surprise for El. Trying to get him in the Christmas spirit and mistletoe and kissing him all over. Not to mention using it to make him kiss the reader in all the right places (making his heart grow three sizes that day)

Word Count: 1,377

A/N: No smut for this one, i was feeling too fluffy, I hope you still enjoy it!!

Read on AO3!

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“Bye Janie!  Whatever crazy monster Mike throughs out on the board today, you better make me proud and KICK ITS ASS!!!!” You waved out the Blazer’s window, over Hopper as Jane walked to the Wheeler’s front door.  It was the day after Thanksgiving and it seemed everyone except you was dragging ass.

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At a brunch…

MC Sophomore: My life is falling apart… Kaitlyn needs my suport for winning The battle of the bands, James graduated and left the newspaper to be run by Reina, Chris is stressing out after the championship and Abbie and Taylor are on the verge to broke up… On top of that, they want to demolish the house we are living in…I mean, can it get more worse???

MC ILITW: Tell me about it. Me and my friends are being hauted by a evil spirit who probably is responsible for two massacres.

MC ES: - “casually sipping from their drink” -

I’m still trying to stop the end of the world and saving Hartfield from turning into a pile of ash. Oh yeah, with the help of my older self.

MC Sophomore: faints…

MC ILITW: Did she just?…

MC ES:… Yeah. Just give her a minute. Waiter! We need some water over here! Thanks!


@actualhumansunshine mentioned in their tags that I’d picked the creepy bits of the Closer to the Light video, and that gave me an idea for an even creepier gifset.

I just think this video would make for a great horror movie, in which Niall accepts to stay in this super creepy house off season, and slowly gets consumed by all the dark memories still trapped in those walls. Possibly, he gets possessed by the spirit of one of the old inhabitants. He stops going out, stops answering the phone, he just spends his days walking the dusty hallways and strumming songs he’s never heard on his guitar, trying to understand why they sound so familiar.

When the house staff comes back to prepare everything for the summer, Niall’s not there, nor is there any trace of his ever being here, apart from his guitar, lying on the couch, covered in dust.

Backstory: We’re interrogating the leader of a group of cannibals. I’m a rouge, and I’m in a group with a gunslinger, a ranger, and a bard.

Mayor: I’ll die before I tell you anything!

Me: I slit his throat.

Gunslinger: We’re trying to get information.

Me: I slit his throat.

GM: Ire slits his throat.

Ranger: Why the hell did you do that you moron.

Me: I roll to compel the gods to put his spirit back into his body.

The entire party: what.

Me: *rolls nat20 plus 13*

GM: Jesus Christ, Ire somehow convinces the gods to gingerly put the guy back in his body and heal his wounds.

Me: What were you saying about dying first?

Mayor: What the fuck is wrong with you.

Get into the Halloween spirit or die trying.

We come bearing the gift of absolutely horrifying Tumblrs.

Batsies (@thebatsies)

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A fleshy-pink, adorable, flying nightmare of the dark skies, who seems very grateful of their kind reviews.

Vintage Halloween (@vintage-halloween​)

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Never underestimate the power of a creepy curative Tumblr to liven up your dashboard. 

Deep Dark Fears (@deep-dark-fears​)

Originally posted by deep-dark-fears

Here artist Fran Krause illustrates the scariest thing of all: What happens to childhood relics when time quickly marches forward while we helplessly beg for it to slow down. 

Janee Allure (@janeeallure​)

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Janee is a year round make-up artist who has been serving up some amazing Halloween looks this month. If you’re short on ideas for an upcoming party, she’s one to follow for inspiration. 

I’m crying rn why is Keith so DAMN RELATABLE??

- is SO AWKWARD trying to introduce himself

- tries to film a cheerful vlog and ends up talking about his abandonment issues and social awkwardness. (Oh worm?)

- fidgets when nervous (with his knife proTECT HIM)

- doesn’t understand youth culture

- cries and gets pissed about it

“I want to go home.”

A Spirited Away AU @sumyna (check out her TeruMob one!) and i have been thinking about… I’ve been calling it “The Lost Brothers and the Dragon Twins”. More about it + bigger picture of the brothers under the cut!

(🌿 background from the movie 🌿)

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✧ *.🎃Samhain Solitary Rituals🎃*✧

As the air grows cooler and the winds begin to howl and rip the dead leaves from trees, we know the veil is thin and Samhain is near! After the equinox, which was equal parts night and day, Samhain marks the time of the wheel that we descend into the darker half of the year. It’s this time of the year that communication and connection to the spirit world is a lot easier and we’ve grown accustomed to making wards to protect the home from malevolent energy in the form of jack o lanterns and lights. On a positive note it is a time to leave out treats and foods for passed away loved ones and to remember them. It’s the final harvest full of well spiced comfort autumn foods as well as a ‘New Year’ since it’s a sabbat that honors the natural cycle of death and sees it as a form of transformation.

A lot of us witches practice alone and have our own solitary rituals for each sabbat that we observe (or the ones we’ve created just for ourselves that we observe alone!) Like any solitary eclectic witch I do things my own different way but some of these things might line up with others practices. I do refer to some of the equinoxes/solstices/crossquarters by their celtic sabbat names but I celebrate them in a secular animist way and treat the wheel of the year I celebrate as more of an argrarian cycle and celebrating nature. I use sabbat names as a point of reference and also people that do celebrate these witches sabbats more traditionally might find value in my personal practice!  Here is my personal correspondences post and my personal samhain tag!

When I am alone and casting spells a lot of it is visualization/intent so my solitary rituals are more like activities I like to do then specifically casting a spell. If I am doing a spell with an activity based on it a lot would be listening to music to get in the mood and focusing on a candle while visualizing for a period of time! Eves are also important to my celebration as I like to stay up until midnight and cast a spell then!

Hallow’s Eve

Tuesday October 31st 2017

  • Dressing up in your most witchiest
    Ok every year I’m a witch, whether it’s just a lazy witch in my black clothing or an over the top kitschy witch with colorful hair and electric colored make up, but I just like to have these looks casually on Halloween day cause its amazing and a chance for me to be myself!

  • Pumpkin Carving!
    If you haven’t already tonight is definitely the night for pumpkin carving! Write sigils inside your pumpkin for protective magic. I love this DIY for a pumpkin indoor lantern cause it shows how to rub spices like cinnamon and nutmeg inside to achieve that sent of pumpkin pie in the home. Use electric candles instead of flame if you want it to last the night since the flame’s heat will cook the pumpkin.

  • Mini Pumpkin Tea lights
    Also an easier alternative to carving if you don’t have much time. Even gutting the mini pumpkins takes a lot of time for me but doing so and filling them with a black tea light will make an excellent centerpiece either for your altar or feast table!

  • Making Candy Apples
    I associate candy coated sweet red apples with halloween (and caramel/maple sugar on granny smith for mabon) and I love how you can make the candy various colors like a poisonous black or vibrant blood red!

  • Setting sweets aside for spirits
    So everyone has spirits that chill with them and it would be great to show appreciation for the positive spirits that surround you. Set some sweets on a dish and make a tiny altar for them in your space.

  • Enjoying sweets while doing crafts!
    Enjoy some of that halloween candy for yourself! My favorite treats on this night are chocolate coated donuts, reeses cups, cider sugar donuts, red licorice and apple cider.

  • Watching a spooky or Halloween themed movie
    Or halloween themed film. My favorite will always be the 80s halloween special The Worst Witch with Tim curry. I watch it religiously.

  • Spirit Contact
    I wouldn’t suggest using an Ouija board or doing any communication with spirits if you have never had experience. They can be rude and harass you, YET if you are experienced and know how to guard yourself, then this is a great night to play with an ouija board! (PS I think Ouija Girl has a great informative blog about working with ouija boards. Here is her FAQ page. But still, it’s always better to do work with a medium or someone with experience than trying to figure it out alone).

    A safer experience for someone with no spirit communication experience is attending a seance! In NYC there are a few mediums that hold seances monthly. I love the one at Catland in Brooklyn, the mediums that host the event there are fantastic. It might be hard to attend an authentic one on Halloween night since a lot of people will want to just try to cash in on creating a 'spooky’ experience, but if you really want, try to get in contact with mediums and ask if they host any seance events. Important to know: usually the spirits that chill around you are guides and family and they might have more info to give you then you might be ready for. My first seance I really don’t know what to do with the info given to me but I really hope I make the best of it and don’t mess anything up.

  • Witches Flight
    This is like an extension of the previous point where if you have never done this before just completely disregard this suggestion cause flying is dangerous. For many years witches have flown on Halloween night to other realms using flying ointments.

  • Protective Magic:
    Finally, protect yourself from the high spirit activity with crystals like black tourmaline, obsidian and spirit quartz. Do protective spells for any cats you see or live with especially black cats since they tend to be targets.

Midnight Spell:

  • This sabbat honors the natural cycle of death and transformation. Focus on what you want to transform in your life. Magic on this night is very powerful so think about it before hand and make sure it is what you want for if you ask to transform something, you might find a lot of endings that suddenly occur in your life to lead to the transformations that you want. (There was a conversation on here I can no longer find but it was put  really nicely that death is not just some simple 'transformative’ process it can be very drastic, often very uncomfortable and if you are not ready though you ask for something to change, you might not be ready for the new obstacles that will be thrown at you. Just know that you will be ready for what you ask for.)
  • Some spell activities can be shuffling the deck visualizing what you want to change and then finding the death card and seeing the card that follows will be your answer to seek how you can further bring that transformation closer.
  • I’m a mixologist and enjoy working with liquor for rituals. I find fire to be a great transformer yet instead of burning something I prefer blessing a shot of whiskey or absinthe with my intent then taking it like liquid fire to transform me within. If you do not like alcohol or can not drink it for whatever reason you can perform this with hot apple cider instead!

Samhain Day

Wednesday, November 1st 2017

  • Upon the day I like to dress in complete black. My makeup is very dark and I wear long black dresses and veils. Depending on how you want to honor the dead, dress how you wish.

  • Gravesweeping
    Visit your loved ones on this day and leave flowers and gifts on their grave! If you want you can also visit any cemetery, yet make sure to practice good graveyard etiquette. Leave a penny by the gate, do not sit or lean on any tomb stones, of course don’t take anything from a grave. Be respectful of those whom are resting.

  • Close Your Garden
    This is a time to close the garden for the winter to come. Harvest the last fruits and herbs and bring in any delicate potted plants within the home.

  • Shadow Work
    Especially if you are looking to transform some aspect of your life this is a great time to do shadow work and look within if you are creating any obstacles for yourself. Get to know your shadow self, get to solve problems together. This is also an excellent day for divination and scrying.

  • Meditation and Energy Work by the base of a tree
    I love to do energy work on the days of the sabbats yet as the earth grows colder, the roots dig deeper and the world goes into hibernation. Sit at the base of a tree preferably with thick roots and feel it’s connection to the cold earth beneath you. Dig into yourself and see what needs to rest and what needs to be healed.

Celebratory Feast

  • So in many practices people like to host a dumb supper but instead I like to have a lively feast where everyone will share a story about someone they loved that passed away or a story of an ancestor in their family. At the end of each tale we toast our glasses to them! (And pour a little bit of drink to them or set aside a snack if they are not into alcohol.)

  • Hold a feast of rich comfort foods that are spiced and sweet like sweet potato mash, candied brown beans, pumpkin bread, smokey bourbon pulled pork or maple glazed beef brisket, roasted carrots and beets and (I personally love to make baked mac and cheese but its a fall comfort soul food for me). My Samhain feast is abundant with fall soul foods and sweet roots and spices. (here is a fantasy feast post and my personal feast post from last year)

  • If you are alone (as this is a solitary post), make a few fall dishes you deeply enjoy or cook the favorites of loved relatives that have passed away, eat some sweets and set out some offerings to passed away loved ones.
Ouija Boards

It is that time of year again, Samhain and Halloween and I know that a lot of you are going to be having your turn at Ouija Boards.

There are lots of misconceptions, superstitions, misinformation and so on about these items, and I am here to educate.

Common Ouija Board Misconceptions:  ☠

  • You can get possessed through a ouija board:
    This is false. A ouija board cannot possess you. It is just a piece of paper, wood, cardboard, ect It does not have powers. It cannot possess you. To be possessed, one has to find a demon or evil spirit and consent to have it enter your body.
  • Ouija boards are evil:
    Ouija boards are not evil. They are not of the devil. They are not satanic. This is propaganda spread by the Christian church and community. Ouija boards were originally invited during the World Wars by people back home who wanted to contact their lost soldiers.
  • You will meet demons or evil spirits if you use a ouija board:
    It is possible to meet demons or evil spirits if you use a ouija board. If you happen to be around them, they may try to contact you through the board and disturb or frighten you. However, it is not certain that you will meet a demon or anything like one. Thing of ouija boards like Omegle or a random chat room. You get hooked up with whoever is ‘online’, around you, present, and wants to talk. You are more likely to meet spirits who have died, are lost, or are attached to you or the area you are in.
  • Ouija board open portals for demons/spirits/ghosts/angels/faeries/etc to enter through:
    This is not true. A ouija board is not a portal. It can not create a portal. It is a piece of cardboard, paper, or wood, remember? You are interacting with spirits that are already around you regardless of the ouija board. Spirit boards are no different and no more dangerous than tarot cards, pendulums, and other related items.

Dangers of Ouija Boards:  ☠

  • You can become frightened:
    Truly, the biggest risk you take (the most probable) when using a ouija board is that you will be frightened. For some spirits, it is fun to frighten users, or they are doing so for energy to help them manifest.
  • You may see/feel/hear/sense things you don’t like:
    if a spirit is strong enough or collects enough energy (this is more likely of you are with a group) it may manifest in physical ways. You may hear sounds or voices, see things move, or even see part of a spirit. This is not usually dangerous, but if you feel unsafe, stop the game at least long enough to calm down. Fear makes these things stronger.
  • A spirit may become attached to you:
    Most common with child spirits, confused spirits (ones who don’t know they are dead), or lonely spirits, spirits and entities can become attached to you and follow you home. You may sense or feel them frequently, see them in dreams, and so on. If this happens, you need to cleanse yourself. Ask the spirit if it needs help and try to do so (only for experienced spirit workers), or banish it.

What to do if things get bad:  ☠

  • My board is saying “666/999/zozo/ect.”:
    This is usually nothing. Spirits know that doing these things generally frighten users, and fear is energy Spirits need energy to move the piece along the board and frightening you is the easiest way to get some. Some spirits also just think it’s funny and it entertains them. If the spirit you are in contact with is saying these things, tell them that it is not funny to you, you don’t like them, and ask them to stop. If they do not, tell them you will leave and speak with someone else. Be polite and respectful, but firm and frank.
  • I am using my ouija board and I feel scared!:
    Spirits can do things to make you frightened. They can say frightening things, make threats, and if they are strong enough, they can even give you impressions of negative or scary feelings. If this happens, tell them that you are no longer enjoying talking with them and respectfully leave.
  • My ouija board is just saying random letters/numbers:
    When this happens, you are either speaking with an echo or impression and not a real spirit, the spirit is not very strong and does not have enough energy to be coherent, the spirit is confused, the spirit is a child, the spirit speaks a different language, or more than one spirit is trying to use the board with you at once. If this happens, it may help to light a candle for the spirit(s) to draw energy from. They will take energy from the flame instead of you, as well.
  • A spirit won’t answer my question/when I ask a question, the spirit avoids or becomes unkind:
    The spirits you are most likely to come across are deceased humans, especially during samhain when the veil is thin. You need to be respectful and kind with these types of spirits. They have feelings and memories. They may not want to talk about certain things. Trigger topics can include but are not limited to: How they died, their age, their family, they past lives…
  • I am using my ouija board and I feel physically ill. I smell strange things that make me feel nauseated. My chest feels heavy, my skin feels prickly, or my head hurts:
    This is usually a sign of a demonic presence. If this happens to you, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Tell the spirit that you have to go go and stop playing. If you want to play again, go to a different spot, drink water, and wait until you are calm and have more energy again.
  • I am playing with a party and one of my friends is more frightened than the rest of us and is acting strangely:
    Sometimes spirits will target one person to draw energy from. This is always the most easily frightened person. To avoid, do not be tense, fearful, or anxious. If you sense this beginning to happen, tell the spirit that you are not frightened and that you will leave if it continues.

Be safe! Be careful! be educated! Have fun!

Happy Samhain!

Background: I’m DMing for a group of new teens. Our tiefling bard has decided to sleep through a bit of traveling and our dragonborn paladin is carrying him. The crew gets where they are going and try to break into a house with high windows and have no luck.
Paladin: Can I throw him through the window?
Me: It’s above your head?
Paladin: I know. I’ll spin throw him.
Me: I mean, you’ll have to roll high and he’ll talk damage. *to the bard* Are you going to let him do it?
Bard: Yup.
Me: Ok, roll.
Paladin rolls the highest roll anyone had all night.
Me: Fine. You grab him by the tail and spin a few times and fling your half asleep tiefling through the window 10 feet off the ground. *to the bard* you take 4 damage, what do you do?
Bard: I curl up and go back to sleep.

Correspondences for Succulents and Cacti

Originally posted by blindwire

     So I know there are a lot of witches, including myself, who grow succulents and cactus plants. Despite that there seems to be hardly any resources or correspondences/uses for them in witchcraft. So I figured I’d share my own with you guys, these aren’t strict guidelines they’re just personal correspondences so feel free to use them or base your own different correspondences off of them, or completely disregard them.

Cactus Correspondences/Uses:

  • Protection magic
  • Wards (cactus or just their needles are good for “offensive” type of wards as well that “poke back” at the person or spirit that try to cross it)
  • Needles can be used in curses as something to cause them pain (physical or metaphorical)
  • Endurance of a spell (like make the spell last longer, have a better chance against blocks) since cacti can grow while enduring harsh conditions.
  • Personal growth spells, spells to overcome obstacles, or spells to get over something that previously happened (again, growing through harsh conditions)

Succulent Correspondences/Uses:

  • Luck and money spells (honestly this doesn’t have a specific reason I just remember hearing that somewhere but it resonated with me and works for me personally)
  • Home related magic
  • Endurance of spells (same reasoning as cactus)
  • Personal growth, overcoming obstacles, getting over something (again, same as cactus)
  • Charging with specific energy (succulents tend to store a lot of water in their leaves, charge your water with a specific intent or energy before you water it and the succulent will hold onto that and give off some of that energy over time)

 Of course these are just general, and specific types of cacti and succulents will have their own correspondences as well. For example Aloe Vera has healing and soothing properties and the gel can be used to help with minor cuts and burns. Hope this helped give people some ideas of what to do with the extra leaves and needles they collect from their plant friends.

Types of Divination

I have touched a little bit on divination before in one of previous posts and I believe I did mention that I was going to be doing one of these post, so here you go!

I am not the most educated when it comes to divination, I know what I know and it works, so why should I try anything else? Because growth, girl! Because expansion of the mind! Because it’s damn amazing to know all these witchy things! That’s why!

So upon doing my mystical research, I honestly learnt some really cool forms of divination that I’m annoyed I didn’t know before, so here are the different forms of divination :

  • Tarot Cards - the most common form of divination on this planet (besides crystal balls). You go to a carnival and happen across a fortune teller in a caravan, what has she most likely got on the table in front of her? A crystal ball and tarot cards. The only difference here is that anyone who actually uses tarot cards knows that this is not going to “tell you your future”, it’s simply vague guideline, just some probable insight into the forces at work. When I first started I relied on this handy book that helped me translate every card through the reading, now I only look at it every now and then. Three-card spreads are my favourite! You can literally use them for anything. I personally don’t like just drawing cards, i lay them out and hover my hand over the top moving across the spread out cards and whenever I feel a slight tug I know that’s the card. I go over it a few times just to be sure, but i just don’t like picking random cards, not my style.
  • Nordic Runes - another one I am very familiar with, created by Odin and given to humankind as a gift. (”Oh, they’re lovely, thanks.”). When I first got into the craft I think it was one of the first few things I was taught out of my reading and the symbols and their meanings are fairly well known. I have passed a handful of strangers with runes tattooed on them and when asked about them they actually knew the meanings and details of the runes. Runes are similar to the tarot in the sense that they are a guideline not so much a prediction, also generally used to address issues. Readings are done by putting all the runes in a pouch and drawing, depending on the question, the select number of runes out. My go to number is always three. There are some amazing DIY’s for runes, but the real magic is in the carving of the runes. I really like the way they look when burnt into wooden disks, especially if the bark is still intact in the edges.
  • Celtic Ogham  - this is one I had surprisingly never heard of. Out of all the books I have read on Celtic magic and they failed to inform me of this? What the heck, guys? So, from my understanding, there are 25 letters in the Ogham alphabet; 20 if you wanna be super traditional. They have so many correspondences I will honestly need to learn them all, but now is not the time. It was supposedly created by Ogma, to show off how well spoken he was, or something like that. (I only skimmed the article when it came to this part, sorry guys.) Now the method for using the Celtic Ogham is very similar to runes. The symbols are normally carved onto wooden staves, placed into a pouch and drawn out when seeking the answer to a question. Very cool and I plan to DIY a set of these someday.
  • Tasseomancy - the art of reading tea leaves. This is one I haven’t tried, purely because drinking tea with loose tea leaves just sounds terrible. Basically you need to make your tea with the loose leaves and drink it. You have to leave a little bit of the tea left over to swirl the tea leaves around so that they can form a pattern. Just do it a few times so the leaves aren’t spread out everywhere. You might end up with one big picture or you will end up with a few little ones. In this case go clockwise around the cup. It works kind of like a timeline. Now look at your blobs and try to see the images in the blobs. There are plenty of guides for figuring out what these images mean or you could just go with your gut feeling.
  • Automatic Writing - this method uses the spirit realm to get messages. For this you would need to be in a meditative state, enter with a clear mind or a question or thought and, with a pen and paper in hand, just let the words come to you. You can even write the question or subject on the piece of paper and let the spirits take over. Like with any form of divination, you will need practice. If you have been sitting there for 20 minutes and haven’t gotten anything then maybe take a break and try to clear your mind a bit more. This method is used by loads of mediums for getting answers or just connecting to people who have passed on. I would advise that we take caution when it comes to using this method as it can open doors for spirits, not all of the things you’re opening yourself up to are friendly, so always make sure you are protected and ready for whatever there is to come.
  • Osteomancy - reading bones, being South African I’m fairly familiar with the cultural background of osteomancy. The Sangomas (basically the medicine men) of the villages have been known to use this method of divination. The way it’s done is the bones were placed into a bowl or pouch and mixed with various stones, shells and feathers and shaken out onto a mat. Reading it relies solely on intuition and requires a lot of training to master. Depending on the bone and it’s position on the mat, the way it’s facing, the objects surrounding it. In my opinion this is one of the most difficult forms of divination to master.
  • Scrying - this one is also pretty common and comes in loads of forms (I will need to do a separate post for all the different methods of scrying. There’s fire scrying, water scrying, using a black mirror, etc. There tons of different methods but I’m going to use the example of water scrying. Most people like using reflective surfaces to scry since it is the easiest. Simply clear your mind again or keep the intent in the back of your mind and focus on the water. Follow all the slight ripples until you’re fully connected to the small body of water. You could see images or shapes on the surface or you could see mental images. It’s different with everyone and what the universe is trying to show you.
  • Pendulum Divination - the easiest to make, since you can use your own necklace as a pendulum, this is purely for yes or no questions and is basically a simplified version of a ouija board. Again, take caution when working with spirits. You might think you’re talking to a recently deceased family member or one of your ancestors and it could end up being something else completely and be in a bit of trouble. When using the pendulum some people use sheets for more advanced questions but I would say just using the four directions; left, right, front and back; for answers. Ask some basic questions that you will know the answer to first to see which direction is “yes” and which is “no”. Once you have that down you can ask away.
  • Numerology - using numbers in divination. Numbers hold a lot of magical significance (any witch can tell you that). There are specific numbers that we like to stick to and we stick to it for a reason. Odd numbers are related to a feminine energy, while even numbers are related to masculine energy. Different numbers have different meanings and in order to use this method research should be done on the different meanings of numbers. Play around with numbers in magic. use numerology to find your birth number, name number, fate number, your pinnacle numbers, etc.

These are all the methods of divination I could cover for now. Watch this space for upcoming, in depth tutorials for each of these methods.

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🌹Hereditary empath tips

The gift of empathy has been in my family for generations. My mother is one, her father, and so on. Here are some tips that my family has used throughout the years to make life as a feeler a little easier. There’s also a list of correspondences all the way at the bottom.

  • Rose quartz is your best friend!
  • If your child is an empath, protect them by putting chunks of rose quartz throughout the house (my mother swears by this)
  • Any body of natural water is healing to empaths, especially the ocean. When you feel overwhelmed bring your heart to the water.
  • Moonlight is also extremely healing
  • Don’t wait till you’re too overwhelmed with emotion before you cleanse and ground.
  • Sometimes periods of isolation are necessary for empaths, set some time aside as often as you want, to be alone, preferably at a peaceful and calming place (beach, forest, your bathtub)
  • Remember you can’t lose your gift, but it can become blocked or suppressed. It’s likely to happen after a trauma or if you become too overwhelmed with the emotion you constantly feel. If it happens be patient, it’s more important to deal with your own emotions and take care of yourself first. It doesn’t make you a bad empath, I promise.
  • Shielding is super important! My mother had a cats eye necklace made for me as an infant for this exact reason. Shield however you see fit, even an quick energy sheild before you leave your house will help.
  • Try to connect to your element. Not every empath is gonna be a water element, althought water will still be healing for them. If you’re an empath who’s a fire element, light a bonfire to ground, and so on.
  • Spirit work might be challenging and can get extremely overwhelming for empaths. Be careful around any haunted places or antique stores. Although some empaths are extremely talented at spirit work and use their gift to help spirits pass on, this isn’t always the case, especially in younger empaths. An empaths ability to do that safely has everything to do with their comfort level, if you’re extremely sensitive to emotion, the wrong kind from a spirit can do a lot of damage. I don’t recommend any empaths go to places where violent deaths occurred (especially not empathic children, my mother learned this the hard way with me). It’s almost 100% of the time too overwhelming and pushing yourself only makes it worse in the long run.
  • You may find cannabis to be helpful during times when you need to ground and relax. It also might help unblock your gift if it get repressed. I recommend an indica or hybrid since empaths are prone to anxiety.
  • Aromatherapy, meditation, and self-care can make a world of difference for an empath. Remember to take care of yourself first. If you’ve had a hard day and your friend is upset too and you can’t handle both, it’s okay. It doesn’t make you a bad person or empath. You need to come first, try to set boundaries to protect yourself.

**quick correspondences page

A crossbow?

Context: playing a Druid who doesn’t have their longbow because we just entered a new world after a party. We’re trying to kill a tentacle face monster

Druid(me): okay I just realized I have a crossbow that we got upstairs, so I try to hit it with that
*proceeds to roll nat 1*
Druid: so I can’t even get the arrow out of the crossbow, even if I try jamming the trigger.
Cleric: maybe next time use a bolt, since that’s what you’re supposed to use
Paladin: also face it AWAY from you
Cleric: come on I’ll teach you how
Druid: *cries softly* thank youuuu

Keith’s Motivations this Season

Aka, “Me Trying To Puzzle Out Keith When I Still Haven’t Even Finished the First Episode.” Let’s pop off.

So the conflict this season is obviously Keith’s responsibilities as a Paladin vs his desire to help the Blades. And because Keith’s life is a melodrama, his problems quickly become everyone else’s. But the real question is: Why is he doing all this in the first place?

(cracks my knuckles) Time to one part analyze, one part predict, one part headcanon.

Here are my theories as to what Keith’s reasons are for doing anything this season:

1. Keith is a man of action. And Voltron hasn’t really been doing much lately.

I’m actually going to disagree with Keith here because, as pretty much Everyone in the episode points out, Voltron has been doing tons lately. They’ve been freeing planets, consolidating with rebels, leading parades- They’ve been winning.

But not in the way Keith wants. Keith is a very single-minded person, and he’s also… Not a pessimist, exactly, but he’s a realist. He knows that everything they’ve accomplished will mean jackshit so long as their real enemies (Lotor, namely, with Haggar close behind) are still out there. Keith is the kind of guy who’d rather get everything done first and then relax.

Voltron is the defender of the universe. But Keith focuses more on being a protector. He wants to be pro-active. In the earlier seasons, he was more used to being pro-active for himself since, y’know, loner. But now that he’s become the Leader, his instincts to strike first have gone into total haywire. Voltron is the defender of the universe, but Keith wants to defend Voltron. And to do that, he has to take out every possible threat he can, and he can’t do that if he’s parading himself in front of a crowd for the second time this week.

Also, Keith just… hates performative action. He’d rather have his boots on the ground doing something rather than sitting back and waiting for Lotor to come to them. The thought just makes him antsy lmfao. Keith probably feels fake under the attention like. He doesn’t really trust people just at their word, and this applies to himself. If he were really a Paladin of Voltron, he’d be out there suckerpunching Galra, not sitting around and waving at a crowd. He got enough  over-glorification and attention at the Garrison, thank you very much.

2. The Blades are fucking shit up and locking shit down.

Like, these guys are kicking ass. I’ll fully admit it, and I don’t even like them lmfao. Keith would much rather be out there risking his life for the cause instead of celebrating like they’ve already won. That’s just the kind of person he is.

Also, he definitely feels some sense of belonging with them, or something of a kindred spirit. I mean, throwback to NotAllGalra in season 2 lmfaoo. Plus, these guys are like the Key to Keith’s past and all the stuff he doesn’t know about himself. Of course he wants to get in on that.

On a side note, does Keith know anything about his mom yet? I mean like. He better. If she was a Blade and Kolivan still hasn’t told Keith jack I’m going to be PISSED on his behalf. My boy nearly dies every mission and they’re still withholding information from him? Ugh.

3. Keith is trying to avoid being the Black Paladin/Leader.

There’s only so many times Keith can try to give Shiro back the Black Lion before people start getting suspicious lmfao.

Keith really, really doesn’t want to be leader. This should be obvious by now. Before, he bore the burden grudgingly, but always with the condition of ‘until Shiro comes back.’ Well, Shiro is (supposedly) back now, but he’s not taking refunds and Keith doesn’t know what to do. It was easier before, because Keith had a clear purpose: Find Shiro. And then, later on, Stop Lotor. 

Now he’s found Shiro but Lotor is gone with the wind and Keith is frustrated that he’s still stuck in this role. Also, it’s kind of nerve-wracking to Keith that Shiro is watching and judging his every move as leader. I mean like, not really, because Shiro is a nice guy, but it Feels Like Shiro Is Measuring Him Up and it’s hell on Keith’s instincts since he’s now always second-guessing himself. What would Shiro do, you ask? Well, Shiro is right here and he has Opinions. Unfortunately, Keith’s eager beaver attitude goes directly against his urge to follow his own instincts, leading to a lot of mess and a lot of bad feelings on Keith’s part. It’s not fun feeling like you’re failing someone important to you just because you’re trying to be true to yourself.

Additionally, Shiro is the one guy in the world Keith doesn’t want to let down, and now they both have to do this awkward tango where Shiro says he’s happy that Keith is the true Black Paladin when he’s very obviously Not That Okay with it. Awkward. Of course Keith wants to bail out of this situation.