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wife is having a dinner with high school friends (and french ppl literally eat dinner for 6 hours… so literally… my evening ahahaha)

Watching food youtube videos, trying to get rid of this headache, trying to plan our grocery list for this week, etc.

(also I saw a request to bring back Curvy Witch Club and I totally will, I might do a different design though!)

And on that note– what are you favorite meals, foods, etc? I want to bring some new food into the meal plan this week, so please let me know, hook me up with links, etc. Also this is my Pinterest, (most of my witchy boards are private, sorry hahah) so you can totally send me things there okaaaay hahaha

Annnd send me your favs 

Mistletoe - Wonwoo Christmas imagine (fluff)

Hey y’all! So I want to get back to writing imagines/scenarios! I’m not that good yet but I hope to improve by writing a lot (: If you have a request just drop it in my ask box and I will try to write it as soon as possible! (I don’t write smut since I’m a smol bean and It’s very awkward to write)

I get caught with one of my friends under the mistletoe and you literally sprint from across the room to shove them out of the way and take their spot.

(I got this prompt from a list from this account) 

You closed your apartment door and shivered when you felt the cold breeze against your face. It was winter, almost Christmas, to be exact. So it wasn’t a big surprise when you saw some snow on the sidewalk, it must have snowed this night. You wouldn’t know, since you hardly came outside since you were, let’s say, a slightly unsocial person. It’s not that you didn’t like peop- no wait, it was. Even though you weren’t too fond of people, you were still pretty good friends with thirteen boys, all members of your best friend’s group. 

The friendship started when your best friend, Seokmin, auditioned at Pledis and became a trainee, to later be placed in the group. You’ve known Seokmin since you were small kids. You were from the same neighbourhood and your parents almost forced you two to spend time together, since they were good friends with each other. It only seemed logical to Seokmin that you would meet the boys he spent every minute of the day with immediately.

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Stage Left - A Robbie Kay x Reader imagine - Part 2

I have a few good ideas for this fic! bare with me and the kinda shitty and choppy writing.. I’m trying my best to get back into the swing of things haha But I hope that you guys like this part. Please give me some feed back, send in some requests and such! I love you all and I’m so happy to be back.

Part one

Originally posted by lets-play-pan

(Why is he so damn perfect?)

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Cheating - Jason DiLaurentis

I have no idea who requested this because I can’t find the ask, but I did find the prompt on my list. So here we go. Requested by who knows.

You rushed out to your car, wanting nothing more than to get as far away from Jason as possible. You slammed your door shut as Jason came running out of his house, throwing his shirt back on. You put the key in the engine while he knocked on your window.

“Y/N, please,” he said, trying to get you to talk with him. You felt almost compelled to open the door until you saw Ashley Marin walking out of the house as well. You rolled down the window a little bit so he would hear you.

“Move or I’ll run over your feet,” you threatened.

“Y/N-” he tried again.

“Seriously, Jason,” you said, your face growing cold. He sighed and backed away so you could drive off. You didn’t want to go home and talk to your family, and you sure as hell weren’t going to go to Hanna’s house. You pulled out your phone and called Spencer.

“Hello?” she said, answering the phone immediately.

“Spence,” you said, your voice cracking a little bit.

“Y/N, are you okay?”

“No, not really. I need to talk to someone. Can we meet up?”

“Yeah of course.”

“Thanks, Spence,” you said, hanging up the phone. She texted you to meet at Aria’s knowing you didn’t want to drive past Jason’s house again. You pulled up in her driveway the same time Hanna did.

“Y/N, are you okay? Spencer said you were really upset.” You looked at Hanna but couldn’t find the words to say. How were you suppose to explain to your best friend that her mom was sleeping with your boyfriend?

“It’s a lot to talk about. We should get inside.” Hanna nodded and followed you into the house. You sat down on the couch, the girls all looking at you. 

You and Jason had plans to go out to dinner since it was a week before your anniversary and he would be in Philadelphia on your actual anniversary. Jason was suppose to pick you up; however, after waiting for thirty minutes, you decided to go check on him. You arrived at his house and saw his car and another sitting in the driveway. 

Normally you would have just walked in, but something felt wrong. You knocked on his door, but no one answered. You waited a few more minutes before you finally opened the door. You called out Jason’s name but there was no answer. You heard noise upstairs and walked cautiously up the steps. Your mind began to race with all the horrible possibilities of what could be happening, A being involved in all of them. 

“Jason,” you heard a woman say breathlessly. Now different scenarios were running through your head, just as painful as the ones involving A. You opened his door loudly, finding him lying in bed, Ashley Marin straddling him. She noticed you before he did, looking at you in embarrassment.

“Y/N-” she began as you started backing up. Jason turned away from Ashley now, looking at you with wide eyes.

“Y/N!” he said, pushing Ashley off of him. You shook your head and ran down the stairs. Jason stumbled after you, trying to stop you. “Y/N please wait!”

“Leave me alone,” you said as you pulled on your coat.

“Please let me explain!”

“Explain what?” you shouted. “I was waiting for you! What the fuck are you doing with my best friend’s mom?!” Jason looked at you, trying to find an answer. “Goodbye, Jason.”

“Y/N, please. I’m so sorry,” he called after you. You shook your head and walked out of the door, leaving your boyfriend in his yard.

When you finished telling the story, you could feel all the girls looking between Hanna and you. You looked up at her but she was only looking at her feet.

“I’m sorry, I should have told you before, Hanna.” She shook her head and smiled at you.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” she said, hugging you. 

“What are you going to do?” Emily asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to talk to him. Well I do but I don’t want him to make me fall back in love with him right now.” The girls nodded and Hanna put an arm around you. 

“You shouldn’t be alone. I’ll come stay with you. I don’t want to see my mom anyways.” You smiled and nodded. After talking with the girls for a little bit longer, you and Hanna drove to her house to pick up a few things. As soon as you parked you saw Jason leaving the house. Hanna looked at you before getting out of the car and walking up to him.

“Hanna, I’m sure you’ve already talked to Y/N, but-” Before Jason could finish what he was saying, Hanna punched him in the face. While Jason recoiled, you got out of the car.

“Hanna.” She turned towards you and nodded, walking into her house. Jason pulled his hands away and you saw blood dripping from his nose. 

“Lucky she got to you before I did,” you said, keeping your space from him. “Are you here to finish what you started back at your place with Hanna’s mom?”

“Y/N, I can explain.”

“Please, enlighten me,” you spat.

“Ashley and I have been seeing each other for a few weeks.”

“Oh my god,” you said, shaking your head.

“But I was ready for it to stop. I couldn’t keep it going. She was only a fling. We hooked up once and it was good. I wanted more.”

“Is that suppose to make me feel better? You were only with her because she was good in bed?”

“No what I did was unforgivable.”

“I know,” you said blandly.

“I can’t explain any of this to you. There’s no excuse. I love you so much, Y/N, and I hate what I’ve done to you.”

“I would love to be us again, but I don’t think that can happen. At least not now. We need to break up.” The second the words left your mouth, Jason’s eyes began forming tears.

“I understand. I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I know you don’t forgive me, but I hope one day you can let me back into your life.” You nodded as Hanna walked out of the house.

“Goodbye, Jason.”

“Goodbye, Y/N.”

A year later you were sitting in the Brew when you saw Jason again. He spotted you immediately and waved. You smiled at him slightly and walked over to him.

“Hello,” you said, walking up next to him.

“Hey! You look great.”

“So do you.” There was definitely an awkward tension between the two of you. You hadn’t seen each other since your breakup and only texted occasionally. You didn’t want to admit it but you missed him horribly, even though you were still mad at him.

“Do you wanna get coffee sometime? Catch up?” he asked hopefully.

“I’d like that a lot,” you replied with a smile.

Dozy || Jungkook


Summary: College!AU. Your poor sleeping habits tended to get you into sticky situations, but you never expected these problems to be this weird.

Word Count: 1,322

A/N: Thank you very much for the request Anon and sorry you had to wait so long for it, life - ya’know? In other news - my exams are over and I’m going to be trying to finish up my To Do List to open my requests for the Easter Weekend so be prepared for lots of scenarios and a clear ask!

You yawned, a common occurrence for you over the past few weeks of your life. You blinked a few times in rapid succession, trying to clear the tears that had appeared from your yawn and subsequently refocus your gaze over your textbook. Readjusting your highlighter in your hand, you reread the same page you had been on for the past twenty minutes in an attempt to understand the content you needed to revise.

You yawned again; face scrunching up as you did and you mentally cursed yourself once the yawn had momentarily left your system.

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So, I realised I hadn’t done a new commission price list now that I’m back at uni! 

The American prices may vary slightly depending on the translation rate at the time of charging, I request everything via paypal in Australian dollars to ensure I get paid the same amount on my end.

I kinda made up the names of the styles just so that people can request it easily, rather than trying to describe the picture. If there’s some other style you’ve seen me whip out, or a merge of two styles, or whatever, I will happily do so. The prices are based on a $30/hour rate, so I can estimate a cost for any other sort of art you want with that idea.

I usually try to get commissions to people within a few days but because I’m at uni I may take longer sometimes. If I’m crazy busy and you need a rush job I may charge extra. I’m happy to draw any character or fandom, but I prefer to work from a photograph (also, I’ve no issues doing nsfw). I will very happily draw your family or friends, I’ve found that my art can be a great birthday present!  

My art tag on my blog is #shannon rose if you want to have a look.

Send me a message!!

anonymous asked:

Hey, I sent a request for a newsie name a while back and was just wondering about how long it usually takes to get the names out?

((I am so sorry for not getting to those newsie names. With everything that went on earlier this year, I just didn’t have time. I want every name to be perfect, so I spend awhile thinking of them, and I can’t do them unless I have access to my desktop so I can have my list of used names, since we don’t want any repeats. Now that the Newsies Family is a thing, I want to try to get as many name requests out of my inbox as possible. I should be working on some more names this weekend hopefully, but until then, thank you for your patience!))


I’ve been making a list of AUs and oh man. I add about 50 new ideas a day and I’ve been doing it for three days now, this being the third day. My best friend is helping me and we’re at 117 ideas so far. I’ve been trying to get myself back into wanting to write romance instead of tragedy. As a rule of thumb I must always pick anything over angst, even hardcore shrekxual stuff. I want to do something like Drarrytexts only it’s like DrarryOne-shots. So when I don’t feel committed enough to write 3000+ I can just do a few requests to get my writer juices going. I’m not mentally stable enough to commit to a 20k+ fic so one shots seem to be my go to. I’m hoarding the URL btw so don’t even try it. Anyways yeah sorry about the rambling. These little boxes are where I put my brain goo. Ignore the little boxes if you don’t want brain goo.


From Fan to Friend and Maybe More - Jack Gilinsky Imagine (Requested)

I was shopping at my usual Target store going through the aisles looking for the items on my list. As I made my way down the frozen foods aisle, I saw the back of what had to be the most gorgeous guy. I shook my head trying to get the rush of sudden fantasies out of my head as I opened one of the doors to get some Lean Cuisines.

“Excuse me?” Came a raspy voice from behind me, a voice I had definitely heard plenty of times before. I turned around to be greeted by the one and only Jack Gilinsky. Of course it was his back I saw! I nearly collapsed to the floor, but tried my best to keep it cool. I’m sure I’d make a better impression if I kept it cool.

“H-Hey! What’s up?” I asked as my palms began to sweat.

“Uh is this your cart? I guess the wheels are broken or something it made its way down the aisle to me.” Jack said with that smile I only had seen in pictures.

“Oh wow thanks so much!” I said still mesmerized by all his beauty.

“Yeah no problem, wouldn’t want to lose your chocolate milk.” he said with a laugh. Of course he would point out the chocolate milk, he was practically obsessed. I bit my lip to stop myself from laughing at the fact that I knew such irrelevant details about his life.

“Well thanks again!” I said as I placed the lean cuisines in my cart and continued down the aisle, already regretting not getting a picture with him.

“Wait! Wait, what’s your name?” I heard Jack shout as he ran to catch up with me. I smiled out of relief.

“I’m Y/N, you?” I said.

“I’m Jack. Would you wanna hang out sometime?” He asked blushing. I almost lost it, Jack Gilinsky was asking for my number, what was going on.

“Normally, I don’t make plans with strangers but I’ll make an exception.” I said with a wink as Jack typed in my number.

“I’ll text you.” Jack said and he was off.


Over the next couple of weeks Jack and I hung out several times. We had become really close and I really thought we had the potential of something more. This was already more than I could have asked for, hanging out with a guy I was obsessed with over social media.

Jack told me all about his music endeavors and I was introduced to most of his friends, who were all so sweet. It was a funny thing suppressing my inner fan girl when meeting them. I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to tell Jack that I knew who he was and I planned to do it today when Jack was supposed to come over.

A few hours later Jack arrived at my house, looking gorgeous as ever in that famous red flannel. We sat on my couch watching movies and eating junk food. In between movies Jack turned to me and smiled “Can I confess something?” he asked. In response I nervously laughed “Ugh if we’re confessing I should go first.” I said.

Jack immediately put his head in his hands “Please tell me you’re not like 15. I’ve already dealt with this before and I” he began rambling.

“No, I’m legal. It’s just that I wasn’t quite honest with you. I’m actually a huge fan of you and I thought if I freaked out when I met you then you’d be immediately turned off. ” I said trailing off feeling extremely nervous.

“Really? You’re actually a fan, wow I’m glad. You honestly didn’t have to hide that, I still would’ve asked for your number regardless. You’re gorgeous and were so cute when I met you. These past couple of weeks getting to know you and spend time with you have been amazing. I’m starting to really like you Y/N. I want us to be more than friends, but only if you want.” Jack said as he grabbed my hand.

“Seriously!? Jack yes of course. I just want to let you know that ever since I got to know you, the real you it has been more than I could ask for. You are so kind, nice and funny and I promise you I am not using you because of your fame.” I said laughing.

“Oh I already know you’re not. If you could pretend for a few weeks you had never heard of me and pull it off so well I know you’re not in this for the wrong reasons. ” Jack said as he leaned closer.

I moved my head in closer too and finally our lips met and it felt better than anything. We moved in sync for what felt like an eternity. When we broke apart I looked at Jack from a whole née perspective. Now, he wasn’t the Jack Gilinsky from vine I had grown to love he had become Jack the guy I met from a silly encounter in Target who I was now about to start a new phase in my life with.

It was funny how things could change so fast like that.


I just went to Animate Tennouji a couple of hours ago, and of course I had to splurge on SERVAMP goods! XD Aside from two items above requested as part of my shopping service, the rest are mine. :’D This shop doesn’t stock a lot of new stuffs, so I’ll try another shop one of these days to get the rest of the items.

Bad news for those requesting the Joy Can Premium set: they are sold out everywhere (now they only sell in retail with randomized bonus). D: Nevertheless, I will still try getting them from other shops as they are on top of my wish-list too. ;__; However, I tried buying two cans just to try. The cans were covered with the anime SERVAMP illustration at the front and a really cute kitty!Kuro at the back. X3 I also got a super cute Lily and Sakuya! *^*

Finally, I bought the new Animedia that was just released last Friday. It came with the Animate-only bonus of 4 can badges (Kuro, Mahiru, Tsubaki, and Sakuya). It also came with the normal clear files and bromide bonus of the same illustration while featuring pin-ups of the past anime illustrations~ :D

A Love She Never Knew (1/6)

For ease of access please find below links to all my previous stories;
Sam and Dean Series Lists     Stand Alone and Requests     Little Winchester
High School Sweethearts       Dear Diary             Reader Title Challenge    Heart Song
Enjoy my lovelies.
A Love She Never Knew (1/6)

randomvlogstuff said to 5minutefanfiction:

Could you do a fic where the reader wakes up in a bed with ____ (kinda like the ‘French Mistake’) and kinda freaks out until ____ calms her down. And is supposedly living in the bunker with TFW and is in a long relationship with ____. They try to get her back but then she realizes she wants to stay? I thought it could have smut and/or lots of fluff? ️ thank you so much love😘 I like 100% am in love with your blog 😍🙏🏼💘

Authors Note: Ok so this will be a 6 part series. I am so sorry it’s long, I got carried away…xxx


   Y/N rolled over in bed, unable to place what was different. She groaned slightly, she knew that she needed to open her eyes and get moving soon. Work wouldn’t wait.
    ‘Good Morning, Beautiful,’ a gruff voice said.
    Y/N froze, she recognised that voice, but there was no way he would call her that. Her eyes flew open, she looked at the man lying next to her in bed, and his green eyes open sleepily. Y/N jumped out of bed screaming.
    ‘Dean what the fuck are you doing in my room? In my bed?’ Y/N realised then that she wasn’t wearing any clothes quickly grabbing the blanket off the bed she wrapped it around herself.
    The door slammed opened and Sam came in gun raised, panic on his face. Looking from Dean to Y/N and back unsure what was going on.
    Dean looked at his girlfriend wide eyed and confused. Something wasn’t right.
    ‘Baby, what’s wrong?’
    ‘Don’t you Baby me Dean Winchester!’ Y/N looked around, this was not her house this was not even a motel. ‘Where the hell am I?’ She was starting to panic now.
     ‘At home. Are you feeling ok?’ Dean asked her, pulling on some sweats that were lying next to his side of the bed. He walked around to face her and ran his hands down her arms. Y/N looked at his hands and at him, before stepping back. The action broke Dean’s heart, his girl, the love of his life the one who even if she was mad she would always let him near was acting like she hated him.
    ‘Don’t friggen touch me Dean,’ she growled.
    ‘Baby?’ he tried again, pain in his voice.
    Y/N found some clothes on the floor and picked them up rushing into the bathroom to get dressed. If she was going to face Dean she needed to be dressed at least.
     She came out a few minutes later to an empty room, following the voices she listened as they spoke.
    ‘What in the hell Sam? That was only a spirit last night right? Not a damn witch?’
    ‘Yes, well as far as I know?’
    ‘Then why the hell does my girlfriend appear to hate me and not want me near her?’
    ‘Because I am not your damn girlfriend Dean,’ Y/N spat as she came into the room.
    ‘What the hell does that mean? Of course you’re my girlfriend, you have been for 10 years now.’
    Y/N froze, that wasn’t right.
    ’9 and a half years ago I left,’ Y/N said in shock.
    ‘No you didn’t,’ Dean said shocked, between gritted teeth.
    ‘Yes I did. You know when you screwed around with anything that moved,’ Y/N growled.
    ‘I never…would never…son of a bitch,’ Dean said, his face growing pale.
     Cas appeared in the room, causing Y/N to jump a mile.
    ‘What in the actual hell is that?’ she asked.
    ‘I am Castiel, Angel of the Lord.’
    ‘Cas, what is going on? Why doesn’t Y/N remember anything?’ Sam asked. He was just as worried, Y/N was like a sister to him. She was also the one who kept Dean grounded and sane. She had their entire life.
     Y/N had had enough she turned to leave, but had no idea where she even was.
     ‘Where am I?’
     ‘I told you, home. At the Bunker, near Kansas,’ Dean said.
     ‘My home is in Ohio,’ she snapped. ‘Now if you don’t mind where is the way out?’
     ‘You’re not leaving Y/N,’ Dean said softly. ‘You can’t not while you have no idea what’s going on. It’s not safe.’
     ‘Like hell I’m not. You can’t keep me here.’
     The angel approached her then, Y/N stepped back, not sure what was happening.
     ‘What are you doing?’ she asked.
     ‘This may hurt, I am sorry,’ Castiel said. He placed his fingers on her head, the pain was horrible but only lasted a few seconds.
      ‘She is not from here.’
      ‘What the hell, that doesn’t make any sense. Of course she’s from here. It’s Y/N,’ Dean answered shocked.
       ‘This isn’t her reality Dean. She is from another world. Before this morning, what were you doing?’ Cas asked Y/N.
       ‘I killed some witch.’
       ‘No last night we ganked a spirit,’ Dean growled.
       ‘No I hunt alone and I killed a witch.’
      Dean went into over protective mode, not only was his girl not his girl she was hunting alone. He lost it, yelling and making a scene. Y/N stood there shocked, not sure what to say or do. The Dean she knew couldn’t care less if she was hunting alone, to be honest she doubted if he even cared if she was alive, he was probably hoping she was dead and rotting in hell. Not that he would know it’s been years since they last spoke. She still talked to Sam every now and again but never Dean.
       The Angel was new though, she had never met one of them before.
       ‘If I’m here and me and not me, then where is the me that is meant to be here and me,’ Y/N asked.
       Dean stopped his rant and looked wide eyed at Y/N, she had a point. Cas looked confused.
       ‘Where is she?’ Dean panicked now, realising what Y/N meant. If she wasn’t his Y/N then where was she?
       ‘She is the Y/N in this reality,’ Cas explained.
       ‘No, I’m not from here.’
       ‘But you are her.’
       ‘What happens when I leave? Go home? Does another me appear?’
       ‘No it will be as if you never existed,’ Cas explained.
       ‘So we would never have got together?’ Dean asked upset.
       ‘We never were together, not for that long any way. If at all,’ she sighed.

Sam Wilkinson Imagine - Photoshop

Wattpad Request: You can choose between which not (Sammy or Nate) but like it’s cute. they cheated but it was misunderstood like the girl kissed them and yeah smutty if you want it to end like that.

Contains swear words (cuss/curse words)

I don’t even remember the last time I posted an imagine but I finally got one done. I’m trying to get the motivation back to write all the requests on my list, they will be coming slowly but surely.

– (Y/N’s POV) –

Sam and I lay on our bed, my head laying on his chest and his hand playing with my hair. His free hand holds his phone, I continue focusing on the TV in front of us.

Sam tenses beside me, his hand clenching my hair, though it didn’t harm me in anyway. “Sam what’s up?” I ask, reaching to pull my hair out of his grasp to sit up and look at him with concerned eyes.

“You think I wouldn’t find out? He’s my fucking best friend Y/N!” He yells, climbing off the bed.

I furrow my eyebrows, opening my mouth to reply but he begins pacing the floorboards, running his fingers through his hair, cursing repeatedly.

“How stupid are you? I’m gonna find out everything you do, and you go and fucking cheat on me? What the fuck ever happened to forever?” He screams, throwing his phone onto the bed beside me.

I immediately pick up his phone, unlocking it before staring at the screen. “Sam are you fucking kidding me?” I sigh in relief, combing my fingers through my hair.

“No Y/N, I’m not kidding,” He yells back, grabbing a bag to start packing some of his clothes in it. “I’m gonna’ kill him, I’m gonna’ fucking kill him.” He rants, shoving what he can in his bag.

“Sam,” I snap, making him look up at me with so much pain and anger rushing through his hazel eyes. “It’s fake, you idiot.”

“What do you mean it’s fake? Your fucking making out with him, he’s squeezing your fucking ass.” He yells, snatching phone back to take a double look at it.

I see the confusion flash through his eyes, I laugh a little. “Since when the fuck was I that skinny?” I laugh.

“B-But your tattoo.” He stammers, furrowing his eyebrows as he looks to the screen and then to me, comparing the two sources.

“Photoshop works wonders doesn’t it? And since when did Nate have one nipple?” I burst out laughing. “His tattoos are fucked up too.”

Sam looks down to his feet, rubbing the back of his neck whilst he sits back down on the bed. “I’m sorry baby girl.” He sighs, running his fingers through his tangled hair.

I soothe him by rubbing his back. “It’s okay I guess, I’m just a little hurt that you believed I would do that, take a closer look next time.” I laugh quietly, wrapping my arms around him from behind, kissing the back of his head.

“I’m stupid, I’m sorry,” he sighs, tracing patterns on the back of my hand. “I saw red, I don’t know what happened to me, I’m sorry for accusing you.” He says, I shake my head.

“Don’t, there’s no need, it’s an easy mistake,” I shrug. “For a blind person.” I add, hoping to brighten the mood.

“Shut up,” he mumbles, escaping my arms to climb under the covers beside me, hugging me to his side. “I literally have no idea where I was going to go then.” He laughs as I lay my head on his chest and he begins stroking my hair, kissing the top of my head.

“Apparently to go kill your best friend.” I laugh, he chuckles.

A Love She Never Knew (6/6)

     For ease of access please find below links to all my previous stories;
Sam and Dean Series Lists     Stand Alone and Requests     Little Winchester
High School Sweethearts       Dear Diary             Reader Title Challenge    

Heart Song
Enjoy my lovelies.
                                            A Love She Never Knew (6/6)

randomvlogstuff said to 5minutefanfiction:

Could you do a fic where the reader wakes up in a bed with ____ (kinda like the ‘French Mistake’) and kinda freaks out until ____ calms her down. And is supposedly living in the bunker with TFW and is in a long relationship with ____. They try to get her back but then she realizes she wants to stay? I thought it could have smut and/or lots of fluff? ️ thank you so much love😘 I like 100% am in love with your blog 😍🙏🏼💘

Authors Note: This is the final part. Enjoy. xx

    Y/N came out of the shower later and was heading to the kitchen to grab a hot chocolate when she heard the boys talking.
    ‘Do we have to keep looking?’
    ‘We can’t just pretend to look and not look Dean.’
    ‘I don’t want to loose her Sammy.’
    ‘Dean she’s not your Y/N.’
    ‘Bullshit, she still is my Y/N. We may not be together, but she is still that girl that I have loved all these years. She is still the girl I want to love until the day I die.’
     ‘I can’t send her back there Sam.’
     The two started to argue some more when Y/N walked in, they both stopped and looked at her.
     ‘Everything ok?’ Y/N asked.
     ‘Yeah sweetheart it’s fine,’ Dean said.
     He knew he had done it again but never bothered correcting himself. He had given up a week or so ago. Y/N and Sam knew he was doing it, both never bothered correcting him either. Y/N had grown to like the pet names. She knew she shouldn’t but to be honest no one had ever called her anything nice like that before. Sam didn’t bother. He knew Dean wouldn’t listen. He knew it was too late, Dean was in love with her, well he’d always been in love and it wasn’t going to stop over this weird situation.
      Y/N nodded and carried on to the kitchen, making a hot chocolate before taking it back into her room. She never heard Cas arrive, but she did hear the glass smash, she rushed out hearing Dean swear.
      ‘We found a way to reverse the spell,’ Sam explained softly when he saw her.
      Y/N looked at Dean, the pain and fear in his eyes evident even from space. He was going to loose her. Y/N felt tears building in her eyes. All she could do was nod.
     ‘It will take a few days to gather things,’ Sam continued.
     ‘Sure.’ Y/N said, before she walked out the front door. She knew it was coming but it didn’t make it easier. She didn’t want to leave. She couldn’t leave. But there was no choice, she had to go back, this wasn’t her life it was someone else’s.
     She hadn’t realised how cold it was outside, she ended up finding herself shivering. She just kept walking. She had no idea where she was going or how long she had been gone for. She just walked.
     After a while she heard the rumble of the impala, she stopped as Dean pulled up next to her and watched as he got out.
     ‘You ok?’ Dean asked, he had been worried about her. She had been gone several hours and her mobile was at home. He wanted to go look for her earlier, but Sam had insisted on giving her some time alone. Dean put his hand on her cheek and swore.
     ‘You’re freezing,’ he pulled his jacket off and put it around her shoulders, rubbing his hands up and down her arms.
     ‘Is it stupid that I don’t want to leave?’ Y/N asked her voice barely above a whisper.
     Dean froze unsure if he heard right. Y/N immediately regretted her words.
     ‘Never mind, here,’ she handed him his jacket and turned and ran back towards the bunker. Dean stood dumbfounded. She wanted to stay? Oh God, let it be for him? He prayed over and over again that she wanted him. By the time that he came around from the shock of her words he realised she had gone, he couldn’t see her anymore. He called out for her again and again but she never answered. Y/N had gotten part way back to the bunker and changed directions walking through the tree’s that surrounded the property.
       She lent against one and just cried, sliding down the tree and collapsing at its base. She curled up and cried some more. She never heard Dean’s panicked voice or his cries. She never got to hear the desperation and fear when she wasn’t answering him. She stood several hours later, with a bad headache and stiff body. Her clothes damp from the cold. She made her way to the bunker and slid in through the front door hoping not to wake anyone. She hadn’t counted on them not having slept at all.
     Sam rushed towards her when he heard her coming in. Dean was still out searching. Sam wrapped her in a hug and held her while she cried some more.
     ‘I can’t win with your brother,’ she mumbled. ‘I either love him or hate him there’s no in between.’
     ‘That seems like a normal reaction to Dean,’ Sam laughed trying to lighten the mood.
     ‘If I’m lucky you will screw this up and send me to a place where I don’t even know him,’ she gave Sam and small smile and went into her room to put on some dry clothes. She had barely pulled on her sweater when Dean crashed through her bedroom door and smothered her in kisses.
     ‘Are you ok?… Are you hurt? …I want you to stay too… God, please don’t leave…I love you so much Y/N…’ he spoke between kisses his hands and lips all over her. This time she didn’t pull back she let herself get completely and utterly wrapped in him. What she experienced that night with Dean was more than any words she could ever use. There was more love, more desire, more passion than she ever believed humanly possible.
     She fell asleep in his arms, for the first time in weeks Dean felt whole again. His girl was home she was where she belonged. He was where he belonged. For the first time in her life Y/N felt whole. She felt at home, she felt loved and like she belonged.
     Dean knew there was no way he was sending her back. They would have to kill him before he would allow it. He would take on all the armies of heaven and hell and still coming out swinging to keep her here. Y/N didn’t want to go back, she wanted to stay. She was going to fight it, she knew she had Dean on her side. The man who was so different to her realities Dean, the one who loved her not hated her. The one she knew without a doubt would fight for her. He was her Dean now. Her Dean was here holding her, running his fingers down her spine, kissing her head. This Dean felt right, this reality felt right, a world for which she belonged, one with a man she had spent her life dreaming about, a love she only ever dreamed of. Her Dean was a love she never knew.

adult-sasuke  asked:

fic prompt: mikasa walking in on a stoned eren and armin perfectly parodying an alt-j song while eating rice cakes. (just kidding) (buT IMAGINE). No but how about "my mom is on a crazy cooking kick and she's trying weird recipes and sent me to an asian market to find something and i can't find it and look I know this is horrifically stereotypical but since your asian im going to ask: what the fuck is a durian"

Omfg first of all your requests are all so perfection ily. This one made me so nostalgic cause I grew up going to a Japanese mart back home where I could buy my weight in yakisoba (and promptly eat my weight in it). So I was trying to remember all the things my mom and aunt used to buy when we went shopping there that I never get to eat unless I visit them and now I just really want to eat my weight in yakisoba again. Also Eren so would.

Eren squinted at the grocery list his mother had given him. He couldn’t even pronounce half these words let alone know what the hell they were. He pulled his keys out the engine and opened his door, stepping outside into the bright parking lot of the address she gave him before she made him to grocery shopping for her. It’s not that Eren minded helping his mom, or even minded her cooking food from other countries. Yet when he looked up at the small Asian mart in front of him, signs advertising more words he couldn’t read he knew this wouldn’t quite be as simple as going to Walmart. Granted, Walmart probably didn’t have…he looked down at the list again. Yakisoba? Furikake? Kewpie Mayonnaise? Why couldn’t she just ask for Hellmann’s for Christ’s sake.

His mom was so lucky he loved her so much.

He shoved his keys in his pocket and walked the short distance up the building. It was actually lot larger than it looked, with packages and packages of food crammed down long aisles all sporting characters and pictures that were unfamiliar. All the way in the back looked to be fresh produce and fish but of course his mom didn’t pick out anything he could pronounce.

Eren pushed his sunglasses onto his head as the man at the counter gave a small greeting. Eren tried to smile back in return but he was a bit more concerned on how he was gonna do this without looking like an ignorant asshole. He slipped down the first aisle glancing down at the list again before looking back at the shelves. Well, it was unfortunate practically everything was in Japanese. He skimmed the list seeing if there was something easy he could start with.

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A Love She Never Knew (3/6)

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Heart Song
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A Love She Never Knew (3/6)


randomvlogstuff said to 5minutefanfiction:

Could you do a fic where the reader wakes up in a bed with ____ (kinda like the ‘French Mistake’) and kinda freaks out until ____ calms her down. And is supposedly living in the bunker with TFW and is in a long relationship with ____. They try to get her back but then she realizes she wants to stay? I thought it could have smut and/or lots of fluff? ️ thank you so much love😘 I like 100% am in love with your blog 😍🙏🏼💘

Authors Note: Ok so this will be a 6 part series. I am so sorry it’s long, I got carried away…xxx

    He never had a reason to be jealous she was always his. He had no doubt in it. But now, he was talking to her and there was a chance that at nights someone else had been holding her, looking at her, making her smile and it made him feel sick. The very thought that someone else might have been running there hands through her hair or down her spine as she lay on her stomach in bed it all made him angry. Y/N shook her head, Dean let out a breath he didn’t even realise he was holding in. He watched as she looked up at the clouds, it didn’t matter which reality she was from. She was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Y/N felt Dean’s eyes on her, she bit her lip and looked at the ground. The look was intense, so full on emotion like nothing she had ever received before. Dean watched as she blushed and looked down, he watched as strands on her Y/C/H fell down in her face. Automatically he reached over and tucked them behind her ear, just like he always did, running his fingers along her jaw, just like he always did. Y/N tilted her head to look at him, a soft gentle tender Dean was not something she was used to. It was something she had wanted, prayed for even wished for growing up. But not something she ever got. She looked at him, into his eyes. His forest green eyes boring into her own, the love that was coming off them was so intense. The desire made her heart race and calm all at the same time. She realised then that she had forgotten to breath, when she finally did it was a struggle. His gaze quite literally taking her breathe away. Dean leaned in, just as he always would, it was second nature to him. There was no thinking about it, for him it was automatic. His lip kissed hers gently and softly, a single kiss to start before his hand found the back on her head and pulled her in further.
    In his mind it was his Y/N, his girl and she was here and back. It took several minutes for Y/N to come round, to realise what was happening to pull herself out of the spell that this Dean seemed to put her in. She pulled back, tears in her eyes. She couldn’t do this. She couldn’t fall for a man she could never be with. Especially not Dean Winchester, the one who hated her more than he hated the monster’s he killed, the man who she had grown to despise.
    ‘I’m sorry,’ Y/N said as she got up quickly.  
    Dean struggled as reality set in for him again, as the realisation that she wasn’t his girl came back into light. He felt his heart shattering again. He fought back tears, not that fighting them worked. When he looked up at her and watched as tears fell down her face, his own fell freely. He always hated seeing her cry. Even as a kid. If she got upset he would move mountains to stop or prevent the flow of tears. And if she did cry he would just pull her into his arms and hold her until she felt better.
    Dean stood up, and did just that. Pulled her into his arms. Burying his head in her hair.
    ‘No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have. I just… it’s hard not to. I have spent years … and now to not it’s hard,’ he muttered.
    ‘What will happen to you when I go back?’ Y/N asked him.
    ‘Apparently it will be like you never existed. That scares me. I couldn’t imagine a world without you in it. One where you aren’t my rock,’ Dean admitted.
     Y/N eventually pulled back out of Dean’s arms, the safe at home feeling it gave her disappeared.
     ‘I should go help the others,’ she said quietly.
    Dean watched her leave; it was one of the most painful things he had even experienced. He knew it wasn’t going to get easier. Tonight he would be sleeping alone. He hasn’t done that in over 10 years. Even before the two of them got together, the spent most nights in the same bed, even if it was only part of the night. Y/N here had watched her parents die at the hand of a demon they had hunted. It was pretty gruesome and had given her nightmares. Either Dean climbed into bed with her or the other way around. As the nightmares eased they found it hard to sleep separate. John wasn’t happy when he found out, but it didn’t stop them. John eventually caving and supporting the relationship. Y/N was the daughter he never had, he had promised her Dad if anything ever happened to him he would watch out for Y/N. Seeing how the two were together he knew that Dean would take care of her and the other way around. It was hard not to agree to it.
    Y/N walked back inside, and sat at the table in the library and looked around the room.
    ‘This is the weirdest place I have ever seen,’ she remarked to Sam.
    Sam laughed and nodded, ‘Yeah but it’s safe and home.’
    ‘So I live here? With who exactly?’
    ‘Dean, Cas here when he’s around and I.’
    ‘And we hunt still? Together?’
    ‘And I’m dating Dean? And you’re here?’
    ‘Yes,’ Sam smiled sadly. ‘Obviously your not where you come from.’
    Y/N shook her head, ‘Your brother hates me, you are a lawyer and the two of you can’t stand each other.’

A Love She Never Knew (2/6)

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Heart Song
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A Love She Never Knew (2/6)

randomvlogstuff said to 5minutefanfiction:

Could you do a fic where the reader wakes up in a bed with ____ (kinda like the ‘French Mistake’) and kinda freaks out until ____ calms her down. And is supposedly living in the bunker with TFW and is in a long relationship with ____. They try to get her back but then she realizes she wants to stay? I thought it could have smut and/or lots of fluff? ️ thank you so much love😘 I like 100% am in love with your blog 😍🙏🏼💘

Authors Note: Part 2 of a love she never knew.


       Dean’s heart fell to pieces, he couldn’t take it anymore. Here she was, the girl that meant the world to him, the one who he had planned on proposing to. The ring he chose hidden in the impala, waiting for him to plan the how and where. He walked out. He couldn’t take it anymore. How was this even possible? How could she have never existed before now? He could remember everything about their life together and as friends. His time with her filled his mind. From when they were little kids in the motel looking after Sam, through high school, their first kiss, how they were each other’s first time. She was his everything. And yet now she was apparently nothing. He wasn’t buying that crap. He sat outside the bunker for hours not sure what to do. He couldn’t go back in there, he couldn’t look at her and not her not want him how she was supposed to. How she had their whole lives. He couldn’t have her sitting near him and him not be able to touch her.
      After talking to Sam and Cas, Y/N eventually went to find Dean. She found him outside the bunker under a tree.
      ‘So Sam and the angel are going to look for a way to send me back,’ she spoke quietly. This was going to be an awkward conversation. In her world, Dean was an arsehole. They had grown up together, but he always treated her like crap. Eventually things changed after a drunken night together, they trialled a dating relationship. It seemed easier as she was hunting with John and Dean. The Winchesters taking her in fulltime after her parents died in a car accident. But the relationship didn’t last long, Dean couldn’t stay faithful, he slept around and went back to treating her like crap so she walked. She had been alone and hunting solo since.
      ‘What happened in your reality?’ Dean asked, ‘Why do you hate me so much?’
      ‘You treat me worse than a person treats a stray dog, always have. We eventually hooked up. Well got really drunk, well I got drunk, you stayed drunk it took a lot for you to be sober, one night after a hunt went wrong and your Dad lost his crap over it. And slept together, the sex was great, and after was the only time we ever really talked. We trialled a relationship, purely for ease of sex, you apparently didn’t like the idea of a one and only partner and slept with anything that came your way,’ Y/N sighed as she sat down next to him. ‘Apparently it was my fault for being too clingy, too needy, too well anything. It was just my fault. Always was, still is.’ She leant her head back against the tree. ‘We haven’t spoken in years, when your Dad died you got hold of me and abused the crap out of me for it. Apparently even that was my fault, the fact that I was 3000 miles away in a hospital bed didn’t matter.’
      ‘No wonder you hate me,’ Dean felt horrible. He considered the possibility of going back with her just so he can kick his own arse for treating her that way.
      ‘What about us here? I’m guessing we are a bit more friendly than that?’
      ‘Just a bit,’ Dean laughed. ‘We have been together our entire lives, officially together for 10. Here I’d like to think you are treated like the Queen you are. You are my life Y/N, here it’s always been you and only you. You were my first and only kiss, first and only sexual partner. And I had every intention on you being my last. Our life wasn’t perfect but it was amazing. More than any hunter could hope for. We fight and yep I probably yell at you more than I should. But that’s more worry than blame, if you risked your life to kill a demon that sort of thing. My Dad’s death wasn’t your fault, he made that deal to save me. If anyone’s it was mine.’
    Dean reached over and held Y/N’s hand, he wasn’t even thinking it just happened for him it was automatic. The constant need to be close to her, to calm himself, remind himself that she was still here and safe. For Y/N it was unexpected, even in the short time they dated, Dean had never done that. Hell he had never even spoken to her like that before, with such love, admiration and respect. She froze and looked at Dean’s hand. Watching as his thumb ran across her knuckles. Dean watched her and realised what he was doing. He let go slowly and moved his hand away.
      ‘Sorry Baby… Y/N… old habits,’ he muttered.
      Y/N watched the pain in Dean’s face as he pulled his hand away. She swallowed, trying not to become emotional. She was conflicted right now, his hand was comforting, but she knew it wasn’t meant to be there. His touch made her heart speed up and yet she knew it shouldn’t be happening. There was nothing between them, no emotions or feelings nothing but hate.
      The two sat in quiet for a while.
      ‘What will happen when you go back?’ Dean asked her.
      Y/N shrugged, ‘I’ll go back to my life I guess.’
     ‘What’s that?’
     ‘Hunting solo, taking odd nursing jobs where I can.’
     ‘Is there someone waiting for you?’ Dean didn’t want to ask, he didn’t want to know.

A Love She Never Knew (4/6)

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Heart Song
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A Love She Never Knew (4/6)

randomvlogstuff said to 5minutefanfiction:

Could you do a fic where the reader wakes up in a bed with ____ (kinda like the ‘French Mistake’) and kinda freaks out until ____ calms her down. And is supposedly living in the bunker with TFW and is in a long relationship with ____. They try to get her back but then she realizes she wants to stay? I thought it could have smut and/or lots of fluff? ️ thank you so much love😘 I like 100% am in love with your blog 😍🙏🏼💘

Authors Note: Ok so this will be a 6 part series. I am so sorry it’s long, I got carried away…xxx

     ‘I can’t believe that I am that different there,’ Dean said coming down the stairs. ‘I really can’t believe that I would hate you. Not you. Sam yeah I can see that but Y/N it’s you.’ He frowned.
    ‘Thanks Dean,’ Sam sighed. He knew what Dean meant but it really didn’t come out too well.
    Y/N pulled her mobile from her pocket and checked it, funnily enough the messages her Dean had left were still there. She put it on speaker for the Winchester’s to hear.
    ‘You stupid bitch, I can’t believe you have gone and fucked up again. Dad’s dead and it’s all your fault. Which damn cross roads demon did you slut around with to make this happen? Always trying to destroy my life. Dumb fucking-‘ The message cut out and the next one started.
   ‘I’ll make you pay for ruining my life Y/N for Dad, for Sam, hell even for Mum. Some how I bet that was you too. I’m coming for you Y/N. You will pay for this!’
    The two men looked at Y/N their mouths open. Y/N shut down the message bank on her phone.
    ‘So yeah he wasn’t a fan,’ she said softly.
    Dean had never felt so mad, he had never wanted anything dead as much as he wanted that version of him out of the picture.
     ‘Maybe he was just hurting, when was that not long after Dad died?’ Sam asked.
     ‘Yeah but it wasn’t the first message like it and certainly wasn’t the last. Dean spoke to me like that a lot. I was the root of all his problems. If he missed a kill it was my fault, even if I wasn’t in the same town. I don’t even know what I did, other than showing up one day.’ Y/N swallowed, it was still a sore point, she had tried so hard to get along with Dean. At least well enough that he wasn’t abusing her.
    ‘And you’re going back to that?’ Dean asked.
    ‘It’s not like we are together. I don’t even answer the phone when he rings, I just let him leave his message and move on.’
    They sat quietly for a while, before Y/N spoke again.
    ‘Do I have a laptop or something here I can research on? I never heard the witch say anything but maybe I can find a spell.’
     ‘It’s in our room,’ Dean said quietly. ‘I’ll show you.’
     Y/N followed Dean into the bedroom, she could help but notice the pictures on the wall, there was one of her parents, of her and the boys and a huge pile of ones of her with Dean. She moved closer to look at them. She couldn’t help but smile, she doubted she had ever felt as happy as she looked in those photos.
     ‘We look happy,’ she said feeling a pain in her chest.
     ‘Yeah we are…were…I don’t know. But yes happy.’
     ‘You have the impala?’ Y/N asked surprised.
     ‘Of course,’ Dean laughed. ‘Like I’d let baby go to anyone else.’
     He watched as Y/N bit her lip.
     ‘I don’t have her where you’re from?’
     Y/N shook her head.
     ‘Why the hell not?’
     ‘Ah your Dad told you until you cleaned up your act you weren’t getting her. He was worried you would crash it.’
     ‘But I got her after he died right?
     ‘For maybe a week and now she’s at Bobby’s.’
     ‘Explain that one for me sweetheart,’ Dean asked. ‘Y/N,’ he added.
     ‘After your Dad, you got drunk and totalled it. Bobby towed it to his place and you went with him. And you two had a falling out and you left her there and never went back.’
    ‘What kind of falling out?’ Dean asked her.
    Y/N shook her head, she didn’t want to talk about it.
    ‘Where’s my computer?’
    ‘I showed up after your message, I wanted to make sure you were ok. John was like a Father to me too. I wanted to be there for his funeral, I wanted to say goodbye. It was bad enough finding out he died the way I did. You weren’t happy I showed up, we got into a fight and Bobby disowned you and kicked you out. You two haven’t spoken since.’
     ‘Why? I know I was an arsehole but surely mouthing off wouldn’t cause him to do that,’ Dean was confused. ‘Not unless I… Son of a bitch. He hit you didn’t he?’
    Y/N looked to the ground, this was why she didn’t want to talk about it. This Dean was different to the one in her reality; he was kinder, sober and actually cared. There was no way she could picture this man doing anything like that.
     ‘Y/N?’ Dean demanded.
     Y/N spotted a computer and went to get it. Dean stopped her putting his hand on her arm, he turned her so she was facing him.
     ‘Did he hit you?’
     ‘Can we not do this?’
     Dean watched as tears formed in her eyes. He knew the other Dean had. The anger he felt earlier coming back. He wanted him dead. He wanted to make sure that guy couldn’t ever go near her again. He had spent his whole life protecting Y/N, keeping her safe. And out there somewhere there he was being the root of all her pain. It killed him. He wiped a stray tear from her cheek and kissed her forehead.
     ‘I am so sorry.’
     Y/N laughed, ‘I have no idea why you are apologising. It wasn’t you. Well it was but it wasn’t.’
   ‘He shouldn’t have. I would never. God I hope you kicked his arse.’
    Y/N reached for the laptop and felt her body brush against Dean’s as she moved. She walked into the library and sat with Sam. She couldn’t help but laugh at her background it was a picture of Dean with his face and hands squished against glass so it looked like he was stuck in the computer.
 Dean came in about an hour later and put a coffee down near her, running his hand down her head and across her shoulders. Sam watched the action, he watched Dean’s face as it changed from loving to realising he wasn’t supposed to. He watched the pain that tore his brother apart. He couldn’t even imagine how hard this was for him. Dean’s entire reason for breathing sitting there and she was off limits. She was not in love with him.