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The Upside of Falling Down

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Warnings: Language

Pairing: University!Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 4.3k

A/N: Hey guys!!! I’m so excited to finally be able to post my next series!!! Skyline received so much positive response and I really really hope you guys like this next story as much. It’s going to be pretty different, but I hope you enjoy it.  Also, while I have you, let’s just cover some housekeeping stuff: I do not have a tags list, so please please please stop spamming me with requests to tag!!! I appreciate how much you like my writing, but I have it in my bio and put it on almost every update.  I try my best to respond to every message I get, and sorting through all those messages just makes it harder!! Secondly, I don’t think I am going to be opening up requests.  I’m going back to school in a week, and I have eight classes as well as three jobs.  I’m going to do my best to update once a week, but I really just want to focus on the longer stories that I love, so I can give you guys the quality you deserve.  I’ll make a longer post about this all later.  Let me know what you think about this story!!! I would love to hear some feedback.


You never expected university to be easy.

When you walked up the steps of Columbia University for the first time freshman year, you had known that the path ahead of you would be hard.  Extremely difficult, even.  But nothing had prepared you for the hurricane that would be your life for the next ten months.  Between the all night cram sessions, endless term papers, lab studies, and regular class hours, you were emotionally, mentally, and even physically drained by the time you finished your final exams.  As you packed up your freshman dorm, you remembered how excited you had been while decorating it for the first time, and shook your head at how naïve you had been.  Freshman year left you beaten, bruised, and with permanent bags under your eyes, but at least it was done.

Now, walking into your sophomore year, you knew what to expect.  You knew what had to be done to manage your time and your life.  You knew what study methods worked for you, and what didn’t.  You knew when it was wise to go to a party and when to stay in to finish your English literature essay.  You knew which friends to avoid during exam week so they wouldn’t whisk you off to a frat kegger, and which friends would hold up flashcards to help you study. You knew what profs gave retests, where the best snack places were on campus, the best study corrals in the library. You knew the name of the librarian that would spend his time helping you find all the resources you needed for your chemistry write up, and the emails of every TA for every one of your classes. Unlike last year, you were prepared. You were ready.

But you weren’t ready, however, for the biology fieldtrip to Thatcher State Park, the fall you were about to have, and the unexpected consequences that would follow. There was no way to study up on how to keep a secret.  There were no flashcards on what to do if one of your classmates entrusts you with their life.  There was no way to prepare for Peter Parker.

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Hiii!! Can you please do #9 from the drabble list? I absolutely adore your writing and i can't wait to see what you do with this!

#9: “Let’s give these fuckers something to talk about.”

You couldn’t help but shift your eyes to behind Harry as you noticed a flash going off in the window. Harry’s eyes raised before he turned to see what you were looking at. Harry let out a curse as he turned back to you. You couldn’t help but feel a little guilty as you stared at your plate in front of you.

You just got the promotion you’ve had your heart set on for a few months now. Harry was ecstatic for you and instead that you needed to be celebrated tonight. So you guys were at one of your favorite restaurants having dinner with the most expensive wine that was on the menu.

“I’m sorry, H. Do you want me to call a car? Let me ask the waiter if they have a back entrance I could use” You said as you looked around for the waiter. Harry let out a sigh, feeling guilty himself.

Being the star Harry is, everything in his life was broadcasted to the world. He had so sense of privacy. By this point, he was used to it. He was used to people he was dating claiming that it was too much for them and leaving. But you were different. You knew dating Harry would be hard but he was worth it. He’s made you feel things you’ve never felt before. He made you feel like everything and anything was possible.

Harry was absolutely smitten with you. He adored everything about you. He admired how strong will you were and he still managed to have his breath taken away every time you smiled at him. That’s why he wanted to keep you as far away from the press as he could. He didn’t want them to ruin anything he had with you. You assured him you weren’t going anywhere but he still had his doubts. So he kept the PDA to a minimum. He refrained from holding your hand in public. He made sure you were able to exit buildings safely through a back entrance while he dealt with the paparazzi. It was hard for the both of you to hide your love away.

“We haven’t even finished eating, love…” Harry pointed out quietly as he stared at both yours and his plate. You gave him a small reassuring smile, fighting the urge to reach across and grab his hand. “We can box it up and finish it at home.”

You managed to find your waiter. You were just about to call him over before Harry shook his head. “No.”

You turned back to Harry with raised eyebrows. Harry sighed. He was tired of dates being cut short. He was tired of making it seem like you guys were just platonic friends. He knew that you were growing tired of it as well. Harry grabbed your hand from across the table. “Let’s give these fuckers something to talk about.”

Before you had the chance to question him, Harry leaned over and placed his lips on yours. You closed your eyes and kissed him back. Suddenly several flashes went off, everyone trying to get the first picture of Harry Styles kissing someone. You pulled away from the kiss, cheeks turning red as you gave Harry a shy smile. Harry smiled fondly at you before he gave you hand a small squeeze. “Let’s finishing celebrating you.”

eh not my best lol but thank you to the multiple anons who requested #9! i hope you guys like it! i love hearing from you guys! let me know what you guys thought or request another number from the drabble list!

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⚠️The beginning paragraphs may have some triggering content that discuss assault, death, murder, and kidnapping ⚠️


I guess I should first say ye that’s me up there ⬆️🙄I promised myself I’d post a selfie once I hit 1K

I hit 1,000 followers a while ago and I never really properly announced it, not that it’s really a big deal for some of you. But for me, it’s huge. The only social media account I’ve gotten 1K on was my Dan and Phil Google+ account from seventh grade (don’t ask), so this is a real accomplishment. I gained followers from work - my work, and that is one of the most tear-jerking moments I’ve ever experienced in my short life.

As I’ve told you, I’m not the happiest I can be right now. I struggle with social anxiety, extreme depression, suicidal thoughts, and from time to time, voices will haunt me during the late night hours when I can’t fall asleep. It’s becoming more of a problem now, to the point where if one little thing goes wrong, I consider all possible ways to hurt myself. I know I’m strong, but I can’t help but feel weak at times. I already have such a hard time leaving the house because of my fear of being murdered, kidnapped, or assaulted, and even though I barely know anyone that can understand, I’m able to find comfort right here.

I’m gonna be honest: social media is not my thing. It’s full of hate, whether directed towards me or someone else. However, Tumblr seems to be the once place where I haven’t been attacked (yet). This small community that we’ve created has served as a safe haven for all of us. I’ve found new friends, and new reasons to keep fighting for the future. My closest friend, Brian, is one of the few people that are keeping me alive today, the others being my family, BTS and my girlfriend. He’s basically my big brother, and I’m just so glad I got to meet him through here.

I checked my follower count and it literally just spiked up to 1.1K. I’m so incredibly grateful that you guys like my work, and I’m even more grateful to the people who inspire me to write, or just make me smile in general! I’d really like to thank everyone who sends in requests, and I know that I can be super slow with them, but they help spark my creativity, and it’s super fun to let you participate.

So, without further ado, here’s nightskyhoseok’s first Follow Forever!


Well, that’s my list. I don’t know what else to say soo… I really want to get back into writing for you guys, and I’ll try my hardest to get those damn requests finished that have been waiting in my ask box for like 13 years. I’m probably not the most reliable author out there, which is why I’ve listed all of these wonderful authors here! I spent so long going through my ‘following’ list and of course @jungblue was one of the very first blogs I followed. If you don’t know her, which would be very unlikely because she’s so damn popular (and I understand why), go check out her writing right now. It’s far better than mine. Seriously, just go bless yourself. I’m looking forward to the future with you guys ❤️

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OMG please make a continuation of the jimin drabble!! I need more angst!!! Let reader find out about him cheating !!



Member: Jimin

Prompt Request: “Did you buy me… lingerie?” 

Genre: Angst

Imagine Summary: You find a box of lingerie on your shared bed with Jimin, but it might not be for you.

After what feels like hours, I finally stop crying. Now I feel as though I’ve been removed from my own body. Like I’m a spirit who watches from afar as my limp body just lays on the bed, tear-stained and broken. Eventually, I do fall asleep.

The next morning is difficult. I wake up and immediately find that Jimin still didn’t return home. Our fight seems so stupid to me now. He just wanted to surprise me. Me. A plethora of “What if’s” and “doubts” tingle my brain but I brush them off. Jimin loves me. Only me.

I look down at my finger and see the promise ring Jimin gave me for our three year anniversary. I remember he told me how much I’ve changed his life and how he wanted to give me a token of his love. I smiled, all of my doubts vanishing in an instant.

With no job, I decided that I could clean up the house. I decided to start with the bathroom in our master bedroom. Listening to some music on my headphones, my mood began to lift. A couple of minutes into the third song, I hear our door open. Immediately a smile takes over my face. I really missed Jimin, no matter how rude he was last night.

I was about to step out of the bathroom when I hears a female giggle approaching the room. I quickly switched off the bathroom light and hid behind the door.

“How do you know she isn’t coming home?” The girl’s voice asked.

“She’s working.” Jimin said. His voice was a bit muffled though. I heard the girl laugh again.

“Are you sure?”She asked again. Jimin shushed her. “Enough about her. I just want you.” Then the girl shrieked and then all I heard were the sounds of their lips against each other. I looked at myself in the mirror and was disgusted at my reflection. I wanted to cry so bad. But I would not give them the satisfaction.

I told myself that I had to be strong for the next five minutes and it would all be over and I could cry later.

I slammed the bathroom door wide open and screamed, “Get the fuck off my bed you disgusting fucks!”

I moved towards them with the jug of soapy water I had been using to clean the bathroom and threw it on to the their tangled bodies.

“Y/N! WHAT THE FUCK?!” Jimin screeched.

He got off the bed soaked. He was completely shocked. Bastard.

“Y/N.. I..” He began to stutter.

“So this is who the skank lingerie was for? Your side hoe.” The girl who was struggling to put on her shirt gasped. “Oh? Don’t tell me you didn’t know you were just a plaything on the side.”

“Y/N. It’s not her fault. This is on me. Baby I’m so sorry.”

Baby? I began to laugh hysterically. I felt tears brim in my eyes. This would probably be the last time he’d refer to me as that.

“Jimin if the water wasn’t clear enough. We’re done.” I took off my ring and threw it. “Now get the fuck out of this house.”

The girl scrambled to the door and seconds later I heard the front door slam. I went into the closet and got out one of our overnight bags. I started stuffing a bunch of Jimin’s clothes inside. “Here take this. Go after your ‘friend” and sleepover-” Then it hit me. How many times had Jimin used that excuse? Sleeping at a friends?

My strong facade was beginning to fade. “Y/N. No. Don’t do this. Don’t do this to us.”

“Do not put this on me Jimin!”I was starting to cry now. I threw the bag at him and went to the front door to open it for him. Jimin ran after and put his arms around me from behind. “Y/N, I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m so sorry. Please don’t leave me. I love you. It was a mistake! I made a mistake.” He was rambling frantically. I shook myself out of his embrace.

Shamelessly he got down on his knees in front of me and hugged my waist. “Y/N, It’s us. It’s always been us.” I was trying to hold in my sobs.

“No Jimin. It was us. Now it’s just me, and it’s just you.” I pushed him off me and picked up my shoes. 

“You better be gone before I get back.” I walked out the front door. I expected Jimi to come after me but he didn’t. I wanted him to, but he didn’t.

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A Relationship with Warren Worthington Would Include...

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A/N: I’m trying to get back into writing and i know i’ve done ‘Dating’ with Warren Worthington before but I had this request on my list as well, even though i couldn’t find the original request, let me know what you think maybe? xx

Tagging: @quicksilverbells and @notsofastmaximoff 

  • Snuggling with him encased in his wings
  • He’d be a shy little birb at first, but as soon as he felt comfortable with your relationship out in public he’d be all over you
  • Like trying to be subtle/ not so subtle PDA though
  • Sliding his hand from your waist to your bum when you’re walking about
  • Nuzzling into your neck and leaving faint love bites there
  • Flowers randomly appear in your room and he denies all knowledge of putting them there, despite the fact he’s the only one who knows wat your favourite flower is
  • Warren really tries but he can’t make a good cup of tea/coffee to save his life
  • He is however fantastic at hot chocolates, you don’t know how and every time you ask he just taps his nose and winks at you
  • Watching him work out on the bars and him catching you staring
  • Winking at him when he does because you are not shy about appreciating that fine body
  • Hiding his shirts so he has to walk around shirtless all the time, not that he needs much persuasion
  • Getting a dog together and naming him Crumble or Rascal or something; ether cute or Warren attempting to be badass via his dog
  • Warren picking outfits out for you and looking questioningly for your approval
  • Some of them may be a bit to risqué for public but that doesn’t stop you grabbing one from him occasionally and slipping into it, just for him
Harry Hook x fem!reader || Fixing

request nr.1 with prompts #36. “ You still love her ?” , #40. “ This isn’t the guy/girl I fell in love with. “ , #41. “ You’re hurting me. ” + Harry Hook x Reader

request nr.2 with prompts #36. ” You still love her ?“ #41. ” You’re hurting me" & #28 “ I have nowhere to go.” + Harry Hook x reader ( daughter of princess Tiana) @jugheadismyking

I hope you guys still like this, I decided to combine two similar requests , so I get to finish them sooner ! ❤ Also just so you know from 13 august ( aka my birthday ) I’ll be going in a one week trip around my country and I won’t be online. I try to post some one shots every day ( if I have WiFi! ) but I won’t respond to messages or things like that, also my master list won’t be upgraded until I came back home, thanks for the understanding ! Woah this turned out longer that I planned.

THIS IS NOT EDITED ! So I’m sorry for the grammatical errors !


Also this one kind of gave me an idea for a mini series which I might write after I’ll finish the requests ( which are a lot tbh )

master list

writing prompt list


“ You’re sure you don’t want to come with us, (Y/N)? You’ve been going there since your were six,” Tiana looked at her daughter compassionately, knowing that something wasn’t right.

Princess (Y/N) was always the happiest when their family went to the Isle of the lost to help people there; now , the 18 years old princess, refused to go, confusing her mother.

“ I’m fine , mother. I will just skip this time,” (Y/N) smiled

Tiana shook her head, “ You refused to come last year as well, there are no more excuses young lady, ”

“ But mother-”

“ No buts. Now put that pout away, ” Tiana said kissing her daughter’s forehead, “ You will come and stay there for the summer, just like how you always used to,”

(Y/N) groaned , “ I don’t want to stay three whole months there !”

“ (Y/N), the people there need us, until they’ll be accepted into Auradon , they still need us. ”

“ Fine,” she gritted

“ Great! See you on the ship in half an hour, sweetie. ” Tiana smiled, going to pack her own suitcase, leaving (Y/N) alone in her bedroom.

The (h/c) haired girl laid on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She knew very well why she didn’t want to go there anymore.

It all started on her 16th birthday; she saw her boyfriend kissing another girl, not any girl but also her best friend. That’s why (Y/N) tried to stay away as much as she could from the isle, from them.

(Y/N) walked cheerfully along the docks of the isle, it was her birthday and as a gift, her father let her pick two of her friends from the isle and take them outside the barrier for the day.

Of course, (Y/N) knew the perfect people, her longtime boyfriend, Harry Hook and her best friend, Uma.

“ Harry, I have great news!” she said in a singing voice as she opened the door to Ursula’s chip shop, but she wanted to ate her words as soon as she saw the scene in front of her.

Harry was holding Uma on his lap, her lips against his. (Y/N)’s mouth dropped open, “ What’s going on?” she asked, trying to mask her shaking voice as much as she could.

Harry and Uma both pulled away at the sound of (Y/N)’s voice, “ Love, this isn’t what it looks like,” Harry cried panicked

“ Oh really?” (Y/N) asked sarcastically, “ Then what it is ? Is it normal for my boyfriend and best friend to kiss when I’m not here ? ”

(Y/N) didn’t wait for any of them to respond, she just stormed out of the shop and let her legs carry her away, until a strong hand grabbed her wrist, “ Just let me explain, (Y/N),” Harry’s voice echoed in her ears.

“ Explain what , Harry? That you’ve been kissing Uma while I was working my ass off to get you both of the isle today, since it is my birthday, thing you’ve forgo I assume. ”

She was planning to give them a gift for her birthday? Harry couldn’t believe, he was an idiot to ruin that and also their relationship, “ Look, I only kissed Uma because we were in a middle of an argument and I wanted to make her shut up-” Harry sighed, “ and then it evolved into something else, I’m sorry,”

“ Do you love her as you love me?” (Y/N) asked, her voice trembling, tears falling from her eyes. The pirate didn’t reply, thats when she tried to pull away, “ Let me go, Harry,” she cried, “ You’re hurting me,”

And he let her go.


(Y/N) whipped her tears away as she closed her eyes, trying to forget the memory. The princess got up from her bed , grabbed some clothes and threw them in a small suitcase, “ Honey, you’re ready?” her mother yelled from the other room, “ Y-yeah,” (Y/N) said closing her bedroom’s door and going to her parents.

“ Did you cry?” Tiana asked worriedly

“ No, I’m fine mom, let’s go,” (Y/N) smiled weakly, going ahead and hopping on their family’s ship.

The trip wasn’t long, (Y/N) was already used to it and in less than two hours they’ve made it to the isle, Tiana called Belle to lift the barrier and they passed through, “ Here we are, didn’t you miss it ?”

(Y/N) glared at her mother, “ Not really, but thanks for forcing me to come, ” she said bitterly

“ (Y/N)- ”

“ I’ll be fine,” she said running to the old garage that it will be her home for the summer, just like how it used to be .


“ They’re here !” Gil announced happily entering The chip shop

“ What are you talking about ?” Uma asked bored, sometimes she couldn’t understand Gil’s enthusiasm.

“ Queen Tiana and King Naveen with their daughter, isn’t it great?”

Uma dropped the plate she was holding, the daughter of Ursula couldn’t believe that (Y/N) , her former best friend, came back.

A smile appeared on her face but it faded quickly when she remembered the look on (Y/N)’s face when she saw her kiss Harry, “ You’re sure (Y/N)’s here? ” Uma asked

“ Yes, Captain, positive. I saw her. ”

“ Who did you saw?” Harry joined the conversation as he entered the shop, wearing his signature smirk.

“ (Y/N) !” Gil answered enthusiastic

Harry’s smirk dropped ,“ Tell me he’s joking,” he said looking at Uma.

“ Afraid not, ” she sighed, “ You still love her ?”

“ I’m not sure, Uma, ”

The teal haired girl nodded, as her eyes opened wide when she saw who was entering the shop, “ (Y/N),” she said softly, making Both Harry and Gil to turn around and see the princess holding a bag full of groceries.

“ Hi, so…these are for you guys,” she said awkwardly; Tiana made her go there herself and fix things between them and her old friend, “ Good to see you again,” she said showing a slightly fake smile.

“ It’s good to see you again, (Y/N)” Gil smiled, taking the groceries from her hands and handing them to Harry, “ I’ve missed ya,” he said wrapping his muscular arms around her.

Her eyes moved from Uma to Harry then she hugged Gil back, “ I’ve missed you too,” she said , her eyes landing again on Harry.

Slowly she pulled away, turning on her heels, “ I guess I’ll see you around,” she said running away from there, back to the garage where Harry’s eyes couldn’t follow.

“ I still love her,” Harry sighed, “ I knew it, but remember that our priority is to get revenge on Mal and her friends now, for giving us the fake wand, okay?”

Harry nodded slightly as he started to run after the princess he still loved.

“ Be back in a hour, Harry !” Uma yelled after him.


“ Mom, go away I’m not in the mood,” (Y/N) sobbed as she heard someone entering her room.

“ I ain’t your ma’, love.”

(Y/N) recognized the deep voice and the thick accent, she cursed herself for not locking the door, “ Go away, Harry. ”

“ We need to talk, (Y/N), please, I have to get back to Uma-”

“ Then just to back to her already!” (Y/N) snapped, getting up from her bed, “ This isn’t the guy I fell in love with, ” she screamed, “ You’re just her lap dog now, aren’t you?”

Harry was at a loss of words, he never heard (Y/N) yell at him, or anyone in fact, she was always known for her friendly and calm personality. He ruined that, “ I’m sorry…” he whispered, turning on his heels and ready to go.

And she let him go.


“ What took you so long , Harry ?”

“ Can’t you just give me a rest, Uma ? I’m your first mate-”

“ And as my first mate you don’t get to complain, do you Harry?”

The pirate glared at her, “ No, but as your friend I do get to complain,” he said

“ What did you just say?”

Harry sighed, “ Uma ye know I’ll always love ye and defend ye, but I can’t just give up on everything for ye. ”

“ So what you chose the princess over me?”

“ I didn’t want to choose, Uma. But I love her and I can’t just let her go, not again. I hope you understand. ”


“ You sure about this, (Y/N)?”

“ Yes, mom. See you two in three months ! ” the princess waved at her parents as the ship started to sail.

She told them about Harry, about everything that happened and Tiana decided that if (Y/N) couldn’t make things work with her friends, then she has the right to go back home.

So that’s what she was doing - leaving ,hoping to never go back again.


(Y/N) assured her parent’s friends that she didnt need help with the luggage, so she went alone to grab it from the ship, but what she found there wasn’t her luggage.

Harry was standing in front of her, smiling innocently, he noticed she was ready to scream so he ran towards her and covered her mouth with his hand.

“ I couldn’t let you go this time, love,” he whispered, “ Wanna know why?” he asked even though Harry knew the girl wasn’t able to answer, “ Because I love you and you’re my home, don’t kick me out,” he said with his voice a breaking at the end.

Harry took his hand off her mouth, praying she wouldn’t scream.

“ Why don’t you go back to Uma?” she hissed

“ Because I chose you,” he sighed, “ And if you don’t want me here, I have nowhere to go, so can I stay and try to fix things with ye?”

She didn’t reply, (Y/N) just turned on her heels and left.

“ (Y/N)?” he called out for her

“ You can start the fixing by taking my luggage and come to the castle. ” was all that she said

Title: Miss Me

Warnings: *SMUT* Beware, children.

Request: Hi do you think you could do a Morgan Rielly smut? Btw I love your imagines!!!!💙

Note: I’m slowly but surely getting through the current list of requests. Let me know what you think of this one!

Links: My Master List  and My Current Requests

 “At the beginning of the season, did you expect the team to make it this far?” the reporter asked. You saw Morgan’s eyes narrow slightly before answering the question. You rolled your eyes from the back of the room. These journalists were only trying to do their jobs, but fuck, couldn’t someone come up with an original question anymore?

“Um, yeah, ya know. We go into every season with the goal of making it to the finals, to win the Cup. It just didn’t come together for us this year. From where we were in the standings last year, I think we had a hell of a run.” Morgan said from the table, his expression blank. “Winning the Cup; that’s always the goal. We’re ready for next year.” Cameras continued to flash; more reporters waiting to be acknowledged. 

“This year you were tied with your rookie season for a career low in points, do you think that had a major impact on the season?”

Dropping your head back in disbelief, you accidentally bumped it on the wall behind you. Wincing as you rubbed the back of your head, you watched as Morgan tensed up, preparing another generic answer. “Yeah, I mean, that wasn’t the goal for this season. Every time you’re contributing less to your team than you have in the past, it’s not a good feeling, you know? Only thing we can do now is focus on next season.”

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My Masked Lover (II)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Synopsis: By chance, you find yourself in the park at 3 am, face to face with your favourite superhero/crush. Whilst you visit the park every morning to see him, you are oblivious to the boy behind the mask making his advances.

Words: 2.3k

Part one

Warnings: None

A/N: I’m so so sorry for making you wait so long! School is a bitch. But I’m back now! This second part is mainly focused on Peter, so I hope you enjoy his awkward little self. It was fun to right. Also, I’m making a playlist for this series and I would love suggestions of songs you think would go with the story. Anyone I hope you enjoy this part! 

P.S: My tag list and Requests are open!  


You walked through the park, trying to ignore that you had yet to see your favourite hero. You had already walked passed the forest you had met him in three times. Even Angel was beginning to get tired.

It was too good to be true. Why would he want to come and see you again? His job was to save people and you weren’t in trouble. Yesterday was a meeting of chance.

As you walked by the forest once more, you decided to sit on the bench opposite it. You began thinking of school. Today you had spoken to someone you had been trying to speak to for a while now. Peter Parker seemed so interesting and you had wanted to get to know him ever since you joined the Decathlon team. But until the Decathlon meeting yesterday, you had never got the chance to speak to him by himself. And it turned out he was so much better than you expected. Peter was so funny and incredibly smart. Since nationals were next week and you had no clue about Physics, he had offered to study with you tonight (mixed with a few pizzas and Ned).  

Angel whined at your feet, seemingly bored. You checked your phone and saw that it was nearly three already. Sighing, you clipped Angel’s leash onto her collar and got up from the bench. You began walking towards the park gates. To say you were disappointed would be an understatement. From the way he had lowkey flirted with you yesterday, a small part of you thought this would mean he would return. But you pushed those thoughts aside and realised that he probably did that with every girl he met. After all, he was Spider-man.

Pushing the creaky gate open, you led Angel out of the park. Instead of moonlight, you were greeted by the artificial lighting of the street lamps. The stars you loved to look at were now hidden and the moon was barely able to shine its gentle light upon you. Angel tugged on her lead, eager to get back to your house. You sped up to please your puppy, jogging slightly to keep up.

“Hey, hey are you running away from me?” A voice from above asked.

You halted suddenly, much to the dismay of Angel. You looked up and saw the red and blue suit that brought you and many others joy. Spider-man was crouched on one of the lamps, looking down at you.

“I thought you weren’t coming.” You said, accidentally speaking in an annoyed tone.

“How could I miss seeing you?” Spider-man returned, jumping down from the lamp and landing in front of you.

“Sorry. I just kind of got my hopes up and all.” You sighed.

“Don’t apologise. It’s my fault for being late. Also, how could I miss out on seeing this cutie?” He replied, looking down at Angel.

“You talking to me or the dog?” You joked and you almost swore you could see him smirk under the mask.

“Both,” Spider-man said, looking back up at you.

You blushed, unable to comprehend that your favourite hero had called you cute. This was the second time he had flirted with you and you had only met him yesterday!

“So, are you headed home? If so, I can’t let you walk home alone.” He spoke again.

“You don’t have to. I’m sure you have people to save.” You answered him.

“But if anything were to happen to you, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.” Spider-man stated, trying to sound responsible.

“Do I mean that much to you?” You asked, trying to contain your smile.

“Of course.” He replied.

“You don’t even know my name.” You said, realising that you had never got round to telling him yesterday.

“Okay then, what’s your name?” He asked.

“(Y/N). What’s yours?” You answered, your smile turning into a smirk.

“Oh, you’ll have to try a lot harder than that to try and get that one out of me.” Spider-man chucked.

“It was worth a shot!” You exclaimed and you both laughed.

“Anyway, I need to get you home. Lead the way mam!”

 Peter stood outside of your house for the first time, silently screaming in excitement to himself. He had for sure thought he wouldn’t be able to see you tonight after he got caught up on the way to the park. Obviously, he couldn’t let that guy rob someone’s apartment but he was slightly annoyed that he had to pick today of all days to do it.

After Peter had found you leaving the park he found himself walking you home. He learned so much about you and was annoyed that he couldn’t tell you anything about himself and could only speak of his adventures as Spider-man. But it was worth it in the end. Although he had finally spoken to you at school, it seemed that you liked Spider-man much more than Peter. He might as well his hero identity to give you what you want.

“So… this is me.” (Y/N) said, unlocking her door.

“When will I next see you?” Peter asked.

“Well, it’s Saturday tomorrow and my brother usually takes Angel for walks over the weekend but I could ask him if I could do it instead.” She replied.

“Don’t feel like you have to come out every night to see me!” Peter blurted out. “A lot of people tend to need help over the weekend so I might not be able to make it.”

“I understand. Although I won’t be able to see you again until Wednesday.” (Y/N) sighed.

“Why is that?” Peter asked you, pretending not to know about their decathlon nationals trip.

“Decathlon trip. Nothing exciting. I’m so glad I’ll have you to look forward to seeing afterwards.” She answered, a small smile on your face.”

“I look forward to seeing you as well.” Peter said, smiling widely underneath the mask. “Good luck at your Decathlon thing as well!”

“Thank you. I’ll see you Wednesday?” (Y/N) proposed.

“See you then.”  

 You knocked on the apartment door, physics books under one arm and Harry Potter DVD box set under the other. You were eager to get into Peter’s apartment after the strap of your bag broke whilst walking through the park and this time, Spider-man hadn’t swung round to help you. So you carried all of the contents of your bag to Peter’s apartment, which thankfully wasn’t too far from your house but still a good twenty-minute walk.

“Hello? Who might you be?” A female voice asked, and you looked up to see an attractive, middle-aged woman standing in the door.

“Hi! I’m (Y/N). I’m here to study with Peter.” You answered.

“Oh! So, you’re the mysterious new friend. I’m Peter’s Aunt May.” She said, a slight look of surprise on her face.

“Mysterious?  What’s Peter been saying about me?” You asked.

“Don’t worry about it.” Aunt May began. “Anyway, come in- the boys are in Peter’s room.”

Aunt May opened the door wider and you stepped into the apartment. You heard the voices of two boys coming from behind a door on the far side of the apartment. Aunt May went ahead and you timidly followed. She knocked on the door and you heard Peter call her in. May opened the door to Peter and Ned building, what appeared to be, the Millennium Falcon out of Lego. Peter looked up and smiled at you sweetly. Ned gave you a wave before going back to being engrossed in his creation.

“Hey (Y/N)! How are you?” Peter greeted you.

“I’m good! I mean, a little tired from carrying my things, but still good!” You replied.

“I was wondering why you’re carrying all of your things. Where’s your bag?” He asked.

“It broke, unfortunately. Coincidentally in the same park that I met Spider-man in.” You answered.

“You’ve met Spider-man?!” Ned suddenly asked, looking back and forth between you and Peter.

“Yeah, I guess. I’ve tried not to tell too many people because I don’t wanna seem like I’m bragging about it.” You said with a small smile on your face.

“But you’ve told Peter though.” Ned smirked.

“And Michelle and Betty. Oh, and my Mum.”  You muttered.

“I mean it’s pretty cool though. Isn’t it Peter?” Ned asked his friend, who was suddenly very interested in a random piece of Lego on the table.

“Yeah, yeah pretty cool. Anyway, we should start studying now you’re here.”

You nodded, a blush creeping on to your face. Peter got out a large textbook from underneath his desk whilst Ned moved their Lego creation aside with a smirk still on his face. Awkwardly, you sat down on the edge of Peter’s bed nearest to his desk. You placed your things beside you, other than your physics book which remained on your lap. Looking up at Peter and Ned you took a deep breath before talking.

“So… where do we begin?”

 “Wait, everyone shut up! Hermione is about to say it!” (Y/N) exclaimed.

“(Y/N) no one is talking.” Ned laughed.

“Well now you are, so shut up!” She said, giggling.  

Peter looked at you with a large grin on his face. After about two hours of awkward studying,(Y/N) had mentioned to him that she had brought her Harry Potter DVD set. Ned suggested that they take a break and watch the first movie of the series. Now they were on the third movie and had completely abandoned their studies despite the fact they were leaving for Washington tomorrow night. But Peter didn’t care. This was amazing. (Y/N) was sitting on his bed, next to him, watching Harry Potter. Sure, Ned was here as well but so was (Y/N) and that’s all that really mattered. (Y/N) was so close to him, he could smell the floral scented washing powder on your clothes mixed with your vanilla perfume. Every so often, when he reached for some popcorn, Peter’s hand brushed softly over (Y/N)’s in the process. At first, he was sure that (Y/N) didn’t notice but soon felt her hand tense at his touch.

“I can’t believe we’ve nearly watched three Harry Potter movies already. Not to be a party pooper but should we could get in an hour of studying before I have to go.” (Y/N) said.

“If that’s what you want, I’ll get my physics book out again.” Peter replied, with an eagerness in his voice.

“You two can have a little study date somewhere else, but I’m going to watch the next film.” Ned stated, eyes glued to the small tv screen on the wall of Peter’s bedroom.

“I think Aunt May is out at work right now so we can go out into the living room if you want?” Peter suggested.

“Sure thing!” (Y/N) nodded, getting up from the bed.

Peter led (Y/N) out his bedroom, turning back to Ned who was smirking at him. He was dreading having to explain how Spider-man met (Y/N). Despite not actually telling Ned he liked (Y/N), Peter wasn’t exactly subtle when it came to him admiring her. By inviting (Y/N) over to study, Peter had only confirmed Ned’s suspicions. He sighed silently to himself before closing the bedroom door and leading (Y/N) to the couch. They sat awkwardly next to each other with a short distance between them.

“So er, is there anything you’re still unsure about?”  Peter asked, breaking the silence.

“Do you mean in Physics or just in general? (Y/N) returned.

“Oh, well- I meant Physics but if there is anything on your mind feel free to, you know, tell me. But don’t feel you have to obviously!” He stammered.

“Well, I suppose I’m just slightly worried about tomorrow. Everyone else on the team has been to at least one national before and I’m the only one who hasn’t ever been to one. You guys are so smart- especially you.” She confessed.

Peter felt a deep blush creep across his cheeks as he looked at the girl next to him. (Y/N) smiled sweetly at Peter, staring into his eyes.

“I’m not that good.” Peter mumbled.

“Are you kidding me, Peter? You’re, like, the smartest person I know! I mean, not to sound creepy but I know you have that internship at Stark industries. You’ve got to be a genius to get into that place, right?” (Y/N) said enthusiastically.

“Yeah, I guess so. I mean you’re pretty smart as well!” Peter replied.

(Y/N) shrugged at Peter’s statement but had a small smile on her face. Peter wished for this moment to last. Just to see (Y/N) happy, and to be himself in front of her, and not have to hide behind a mask. It was all he wanted.

“Anyway, I think I should probably get going. It’s going to get really dark soon! Don’t wanna like, get murdered or anything.” (Y/N) announced.

“Oh right, yeah! I’ll go try and prise your DVDs back from Ned” Peter said jokingly.

(Y/N) let out a genuine laugh that he had only heard once before. He got up and proudly walked over to his bedroom. Peter found Ned over by the desk, building the Millennium Falcon once again. He saw the Harry Potter box set, packed up on the edge of his bed. Ned didn’t look up from the desk, but Peter could see that he had a smug look on his face.

“So is (Y/N) leaving now?” Ned asked.

“Yeah. She doesn’t want to walk home in the dark, in case of murderers and stuff.” Peter muttered, grabbing the DVDs from his bed.

“Right, right. And if she did run into someone like that, Spider-man would be ready to save her right?” Ned remarked in a teasing way.

“That’s none of your business Ned.” Peter replied.

“Well, I think you’re playing a dangerous game, Peter. I mean come on! Using Spider-man to speak to your crush.” Ned responded, no longer sounding like he was joking around.

“Keep your voice down dude!” Peter cried. “You act like Spider-man and me are different people. It’s just me but in a mask!”

“It’s a lot more than that Peter. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you when this goes wrong.” Ned sighed.

“Just have a little faith, Ned.”

Ned shook his head at Peter before turning back to the Lego creation. Peter took a deep breath before going back out into the living room. (Y/N) smiled at him. Ned just didn’t understand. Peter would make this work. He had to make to this work. Even if he had to hide behind a mask.

Only Love Can Hurt Like This

Originally posted by fanfic-shiz

Prompt: “You know why? It’s because I’m fucking in love with you.”

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: Language

Words: 2,611

A/N: This is my first fic on Tumblr and I hope you guys enjoy it! I haven’t written for a long time and I’m trying to get back into it. Requests are also open! I’ve posted a list of characters I write about in my blog. 

Also, I’ve only watch the three newest Star Trek movies so all my fics about the franchise are based on them. Sorry in advance for any mistakes and let me know what you think!

(Title is from a song by Paloma Faith)

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River Vixen Romance (Cheryl x Reader Request)

Request: Cheryl x fem reader- You join the river vixen and she has a crush on you’ - Anon.

Characters/Pairings: Cheryl x Fem!Reader, Betty, Veronica.

Warnings: Kissing.

Word Count: 710.


Originally posted by hellomadzstuff

‘And from the top!’ The redhead yelled at us from the front of the hall. The music started and we went through the routine yet again. It was my first River Vixen practice and I was starting to lag a little. Cheryl’s routines were hard going and she was a perfectionist when it came to her squad.

Suddenly the music stopped. Everyone let out angry sighs, we were desperate to get through the routine at least once.

‘Cooper, you call that sexy? I could look sexier with my Grandma’s underwear on my head.’ Cheryl barked to the bashful looking blonde at the back. Everyone glared back at Betty, despite the fact she probably hadn’t done anything wrong but Cheryl liked to nit-pick. When the elegant Captain turned to me, my eyes widened like a deer in headlights.

‘Good job y/l/n.’ She spoke softly, the complete opposite of the harsh tones from moments before. I was taken aback.

‘Um, thanks.’ I could feel the eyes of the squad on me and my face flushed. Cheryl walked to the front again.

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Hello I’m back!

Dear all,

After a VERY grueling six months or so, I have found a job! This is good news, as my current job is ending very soon. This means that I would like to dust off the ol’ blog and see if I haven’t totally destroyed my following by disappearing for many months!

I have just opened up askbleachlists ( to requests (!!) so that I can get a few. I don’t yet know what sort of writing schedule I’ll be able to manage (I am getting married in less than a month!) but hopefully a few lists a week. If and when I get Bleachlists integrated back into my life, I’ll try to figure out a regular schedule for you all. 

Thank you again, so much, for your patience and for the kind messages I got throughout my hiatus!

~Your friendly Bleach Lists Girl 

✧・゚yoonkook fic recs・゚✧

Hello! This is part 1 of my yoonkook fic recs (cause trust me I have much much more) Anyway, just a heads up, you may see some of these *** things; those indicate my personal favorites. Also if you have any questions or just want to spazz about sugakookie my inbox is always open! I use twitter a LOT more than I do tumblr so here: ciara’s twitter So now that that’s taken care of let’s get started!

I know I’ll fall in love with you, baby***

The soulmate/soulbond au where Yoongi is part of a famous rap duo and Jungkook is his diligent fanboy, they meet at a fansign and things escalate from there

(alt. Yoongi didn’t sign up for this)


Fool me Once

Yoongi is thirty years old and alone. He’s got a watered-down version of his dream job (working for a small-town paper writing fluff pieces and ghostwriting the advice column), an older sister who won’t stop trying to set him up with every girl she knows, and today is his parents’ fortieth anniversary.

Maybe if he was happier he wouldn’t have pretended to be someone else’s blind date in the middle of the train station.

The Garden Of Eden***

the truth of it all is that yoongi is inexplicably lonely.


“you say that now,” namjoon, a son of athena, states. “but in the future, you never know what might change.”

“trust me, if i am felled, it won’t be because of love,” yoongi tells him stiffly.

first impressions***

“you’re a famous critique and I’m a server and I get so nervous that I trip and spill the dish all over you” AU

Those candles aren’t the only ones getting fired up

Written from these two prompts:

“i own a candle store and some cute weirdo comes in every day to smell the candles but they have never actually bought any and they literally run away when i ask if they need help” au

“i love smelling candles in this candle store but this cute employee keeps walking up to me and asking me if i need help and i always get super embarrassed and run away” au

soft melodies and even softer touches*


I see the way you look at me, hyung.

Yoongi’s world stands still, and in that moment, he wants nothing more than to wring Jimin’s neck. It’s Jeongguk, it has to be Jeongguk, who else would it be? Yoongi knows many dancers–unfortunately Jimin’s one of them–but there’s only one that he’s on close terms with, and whose number he doesn’t have.

Jeongguk. It’s Jeongguk. It’s fucking Jeongguk.

(OR: Jeongguk’s a contemporary dancer, and Yoongi is his academy’s pianist).

Beauty and The Beast ***

Jungkook didn’t completely understand what was going on, and he wasn’t sure if he believed in the whole true love thing, but he did know one thing. Yoongi was the single most lonely broken thing he had ever seen in his entire life and something deep inside of his bones screamed at him to fix it. So, He was going to fix it. Or perhaps die trying.

 (my notes: i’m gonna go die this is so magical)

trust yourself to me

jungkook isn’t one for clubs and yoongi hates his job.

Can we pretend a little longer?***

 Written from a request prompt:

“we’re only engaged to get our parents off our backs and you’re in love with somebody else so feel free to hook up with them idc i’m not jealous (yes i am)” x SugaKookie

baby (don’t be so elusive)***

 no one said finding yoongi was going to be easy. (soulmate au)


your love is such a sugar rush (and i can never get enough)

 A List of Things Jeon Jungkook Expects Min Yoongi to Do to Him After Jungkook Accidentally Calls Him Short:

1.) Take back the green apple sour tapes he gave to Jungkook.

2.) Punch him square in the jaw.

3.) Spit a diss rap he made on the spot at Jungkook’s face.

4.) Glare at him until he withers and dies, leaving his life horribly unaccomplished. (Out of the four options, this is the one Jungkook preferred the most.)

the feeling of you*

 within one moment and the next, jungkook takes his finger in his mouth, slowly, lips hollowed around yoongi’s thumb.


Loving You (It’s All I Know)***

 Jeongguk is a sunflower and Yoongi is his sun. It takes a long time for him to understand what that means.

Alternatively, Yoongi saves Jeongguk from a playground bully and the rest is history.

Color Swept me off my Feet *

In which Namjoon is an asshole friend who disses Yoongi’s style and Yoongi reluctantly drags himself to get a haircut. Also in which Jeongguk is the hairdresser on whom Yoongi develops a mortifying teenage crush and it all goes to hell from there, with a lot of help from well-meaning friends. (Or: Yoongi changes his hair color a gazillion times.)

Color Psychology

 Hoseok tries to improve Yoongi’s non-existent love life by setting him up on a blind date with his co-worker. Yoongi’s flashy dye-job wasn’t part of the equation, though.

One Song Glory**

 When Yoongi gets a drunken call from Jimin’s friend Jeongguk in the middle of the night, he’s ready to blow him off and go back to sleep. He never expected to end up doling out life advice and driving the kid home across half of Seoul.

the rest is fiction***

 his mom says that his partner may have the same dilemma as him, not knowing what to write in the notebook they share. yoongi wonders if his soulmate is even alive at this point.

Behind Every Corner Is A Stolen Kiss***

 Jeon Jungkook is a 5th year Gryffindor with a secret but secrets grow heavy on the heart and stolen kisses are, oh, so sweet and so is a certain Slytherin.


(my notes: I love harry potter aus omg)

donut know what I’d do without you**

When Jeongguk follows the familiar route to the shop, he realizes that, despite feeling absolutely mortified with every interaction, Jeongguk almost wants to see if Blondie is there. The coffee and donuts are good, sure, but a part of him wants to find out what Blondie plans on saying next despite Jeongguk always being the butt of the joke.

He starts to wonder if he has masochistic tendencies.

(or AU where Yoongi works at a Krispy Kreme and Jeongguk is a regular. Jeongguk may or may not be smitten).

Teacup Pup*

Yoongi didn’t expect to be starting a family with his boyfriend so soon.

ride out to the storm with you***

 babysitting a field operative who probably has the shittiest measure of danger is definitely not a part of yoongi’s job description. but that’s what he still ends up doing half the time, anyway.

baby, it’s cold outside***

 yoongi was pretty sure that this was the moment he knew he was in love. (part 1 of christmas special)

(my notes: XIAJIN I LOVE YOU)

your eyes are like starlight now*

 jungkook falls in love with baking after he falls in love with singing.

(part 2 of christmas special)

그 손을 내밀어줘, Save Me***

 That’s when Min Yoongi, self-declared ‘simple man’, turned the corner onto his street, mid-yawn, his breath escaping with a small squeak he’d never admit he made, when he collided into another body, and his ‘simple man’ life was thrown into chaos.

In which Jungkook is angry, nearly a high school drop out, and alone, and Yoongi is an adult who is struggling, and somehow, they find someone to save them in each other.

(part 1 of you shine so bright)

The Best of Me, 나 너밖에 없지***

Three weeks. It had been three weeks since the performance, two weeks since he and Jungkook had that silly little Romeo and Juliet talk. Silly and dumb, maybe, but the thought still made Yoongi smile, even in his groggy, half-asleep state. Nothing had really changed, per say, nothing except for the kissing. God, the kissing… Jungkook kissed, for all his inexperience, like he was trying to make up for lost time.


Jungkook was still a little shit, Yoongi still indulged him. Days were long, nights were longer, and Yoongi loved Jungkook with more ardor than he’d ever thought possible. It was a pity he didn’t seem to be what Jungkook needed.

you’re under arrest (for stealing my heart)*

It should be illegal for Jungkook to be so good looking.

Stupid Cupid

Min Yoongi literally gets clotheslined by love and he is so, so pissed about it.

OR: That time Jeongguk made Yoongi cough up flowers.

Sneeze once; I hate you. Sneeze twice; We’re Doomed.*

Jeon Jeongguk used to imagine himself being brave and confident in front of his soulmate. It wasn’t until he realised that his soulmate is a gorgeous (and serious-looking) man dressed in all-black that he started to doubt the whole soulmate thing altogether.


Soulmate AU in which you sneeze at the same time as your soulmate. No exceptions. You have a flu? Your soulmate sneezes it all out with you. Your nose itches? Your soulmate finds out through experience.

do it like me***

min yoongi the cop… gets feelings for local housekeeper aka neighbor who’s cute af

(or: a darker heart to heart au/spin off.)

(not finished but oohhhhh my god xiajin kill me)

coffee and a date **

when jungkook hears his boss, seokjin, say: “we’re going to have a new promotion!” his body locks the fuck up. like, legitimately - he stiffens, eyes widening in horror.

sun child***

so jungkook lives like this. curiosity may take him from time to time, but it always disappears with something new to do. he doesn’t mind his existence in the tower, nor does he question why he’s always left inside there, nor does he wish to leave.

there’s maybe, only like, one time he wants to leave. jungkook never asks, because he knows his mother will say no; yet still he keeps it in mind, records the dates for that day to come, and paints where his mother won’t see.

other than that, jungkook is fine. he is.

(tangled au i’m literally dying i love tangled so much and this is beautiful i’ve reread it like 5 times thank you so much xiajin (as you can tell xiajin’s writing is amazing read all of her fics you won’t regret it))

siren song***

the thing about jungkook is that he’s a bit of a spacey witch.

forget yesterday***

there is a scar on his cheek. he covers it up with makeup. one day he’ll be able to look at himself without wanting to erase himself completely.

(my notes: I love this one a lot pls read it)

twenty first century boy*

he thinks it’s a problem. it should be a problem. yoongi wonders what he’s doing and - and he doesn’t know how to make himself stop. doesn’t know if he even wants to.

How to Omega

“Can’t we just change it?” Jimin asked. They were huddled around their manager’s laptop looking at Jungkook’s public profile. Underneath his birth date was his wolf status, Alpha, in glowing red.

“Then the company will end up looking like a liar,” their manager moaned piteously.

(Or, the one where Jungkook wasn’t as alpha as everyone expected him to be.)

color in your cheeks (the feeling flows both ways)**

yoongi and jungkook get put together in a hotel room for the next tour.

just the two of them

find some new friends

“kid, you threw up on my shoes. i think we’re past the formalities. you can just call me hyung.”

“…i’m pretty sure i’m older.”

“…your armband is for teens under eighteen. i’m over eighteen. i’m the hyung.”

“…you’re really over eighteen?”

“born in ninety-three, punk. let me guess. ninety-nine?”


All My Loving

The said customer practically stomps his way to them and slams 23,000 won on the counter. He huffs and rips his mask off his face and says in the lowest and most serious voice Jungkook had ever heard in his life;

“I’m looking for a flower that passive-aggressively says ‘shut the fuck up’.”


Min Yoongi just really hates the color red.

Drabble: Personal Space

Another request by an anon from the list of prompts.

#35: “Have you ever heard of personal space?”

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word count: 312

I wrote this in like ten minutes. Here go:

You are sitting on your bed, doing your trigonometry homework.

Or rather, you’re trying to.

You keep getting distracted by a certain cute red haired boy, who has already finished his worksheet.

“Peter,” you say when he kisses you on the cheek. “I’m trying to get my homework done.”

“I know,” he says. “Don’t let me stop you.”

Smiling, you shake your head and turn back to your work.

A few minutes later, he drapes himself over your shoulders.

You giggle softly. “Hello, Mr. Parker. May I help you?”

“Nah. Just wanted to give you a hug is all.”

“Okay.” You reach a hand up and gently squeeze his arm. “I just have a few more problems to do.”

He kisses your cheek again and pulls out his phone. Probably to text Ned.

You’re down to two problems left when he suddenly plops his head into your lap.

Peter. Have you ever heard of personal space?”

“I can’t help it,” he says. “You just look so pretty today and I really wanna make out with you right now.”

“I look pretty today?” You’re not wearing anything special, really - just jeans and a Midtown hoodie.

“You look pretty every day,” Peter clarifies as he sits up. “But today, you just… I don’t know. God, you’re just so hot today.”

Well, you can’t argue with that.

You put down your pencil and close your worksheet in between the pages of your trig textbook, tossing it onto the floor.

“But…your worksheet…” Peter says.

“It’ll still be there later. Now c’mere,” you say, pulling him on top of you.

Peter raises his eyebrows. “Well, alright.” He trails kisses down your jaw, starting just under your earlobe and finally capturing your lips in a deep kiss.

“Mm,” you say, between kisses. “This beats trig any day.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you,” Peter replies.

Dating Archie Andrews Would Include...

Okay I LOVE RIVERDALE and I am high key in an Archie mood rn lmk what y'all think!! This is on mobile so f there’s any errors I’m sorry but I’ll try to correct them tm! Also friends this week is super busy with school stuff and family atuff so I’m slowly getting through the imagines in my inbox but I have like 19 to get through so I wanna make them good but I can only do so much on mobile so like if you want something request a Drabble or a list thingy like this idk lol it’s short and easy to do on mobile cuz I feel bad I’ve been so inactive but I’ll be back soon hopefully xoxo 

Originally posted by songsoftheheartless

  •  being the first one to notice his glo up bc he’s helping build your front porch over the summer
  •  making sure to sunbathe outside in your skimpiest bikini while he’s there 
  •  him finally just asking you out 
  • PoWeR cOuPlE amiright 
  • wearing his football jersey to games 
  • being front row whenever he plays a show
  •  "baaaaabeeee Archie cutie sweetie honey pie write a song about me"
  •  spending more time with Vegas than with Archie 
  • HIS ABS 
  • “y/n I love you but you have an unhealthy attachment to Vegas and honestly im not really sure if you’re dating me for me or for my dog" 
  • "you know i love you but my moms allergic to Vegas and not to you so like Vegas is a rare commodity in my limited canine economy" 
  • "I love it when you talk nerdy to me" 
  • movie nights in his basement with old eighties films 
  • wearing his varsity lettermans jacket and stealing his oversized sweatshirt 
  • Archie not speaking to Jughead for a week because Archie tried to get you to sleep over ;) but Jughead refused to leave his air mattress because he knew what Arch planned 
  • going to flea markets and shopping for old vinyl records tg 
  • studying dates where Archie tries to distract you but you make sure he stays on task by rewarding him with milkshakes 
  • sharing a shake at Pops then Archie getting pissed when you ate the cherry until Pop came over with another one for him 
  • you sleepily curled up next to him while he absentmindedly strums and writes 
  • "arch I think I’m falling in love with you" 
  • "I already fell." 
  • Fred loving you like a daughter 
  • "Archie you actually have an eight pack and that’s just not fair because when I eat three burgers and a large fry I gain ten pounds and you just very simply stay chiseled and I don’t-" 
  • him coming over for thanksgiving dinner and playing touch football with your family 
  • he’d pick you up over his shoulder and you’d be giggling so hard 
  • then he’d laugh and you just would lose it cuz his laugh is beautiful 
  • you coming over to help Archie rake leaves and then just kind of jumping in the pile because you can’t help it 
  • snow angels and snow men and hot chocolate every snow day
  • Archie just looking at you and breaking into a smile because despite all the shitty things going on you’re the best thing that’s happened to him and he’s never been happier 
  • also can we imagine Archie in a SnapBack y'all r welcome
Buttons / Dean Winchester

Request: n'yello. Can I get a #8 from the second prompt list w/ Dean? I love your writing by the way(〜^∇^)〜 <3

A/N: Thanks for requesting! I’ve been busy with school but I’m trying to get back to writing (not my gif)

Warnings: idk… Dean Winchester in general… that man makes my heart explode

Groaning, you picked up your shattered phone from the floor.


You threw the remains of the phone on your bedside table and dug through the drawers. Finally you found what you were looking for and held it up.

“Miss me? Cause I did not miss you.”

Sighing, you pocketed the old Nokia and walked out of your room and through the halls of the bunker. The brothers were out on a case and you had the place to yourself. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I love your writing!!! Can you do one shot about the day when chris and your son visit you in hospital after you give birth to your second child and your don being clingy to you when he is in hospital. Thank youuu

Originally posted by ncoleys

Giving birth was exhausting. I thought since it wasn’t my first child it would be a breeze. I was wrong, it was just as rough as the first one. Of course the moment they put my brand new baby girl on my chest, all the pain I just endured melts away as the love takes over. She’s wrinkly and not quite pink yet, but she’s ours and she’s perfect. The delivery was long and tiring but having the night be just the 3 of us was a nice breath before the rest of the family got their introductions. Our son, Eddison, has been both excited and terrified of meeting his new baby sister since we explained the whole situation to him months ago. Lisa was kind enough to watch him until we decided we were ready for visitors.

Chris couldn’t wait any longer and went to pick him up mid morning the next day. Evelynn was sleeping fitfully after nursing when Chris got back with Eddy. Chris tried to hold him back but he was too excited to see me.

“Mommy!” he jumps on the bed and hugs me as soon as he’s in the door.

“Hi buddy, we gotta be a little quieter though okay? Evelynn’s sleeping”

“Daddy said you don’t have a baby in your tummy anymore” he furrows his eyebrows at me.

“Daddy’s right, do you want to see your baby sister?” his curiosity got the better of him and he smiles at me. “You gotta sit very still on my lap and I’ll help you hold her okay?” I slide up the bed to make room for him to sit next to me and wrap one arm around his back and under his arms. Chris picks up Evelynn, rocking her until we’re ready. Chris gently places her in Eddison’s and my arms and she stirs slightly before falling back asleep. Eddy sits perfectly still and peers at Evelynn’s face through her blanket

“What do you think, Eddy?” I whisper after a few moments.

“She’s so little”

“She is pretty small, you used to be this little”

“No, I’m a big boy” he reminds me.

“You’re right, you are a big boy” he smiles proudly at my confirmation before being startled by Evelynn’s cry. Chris moves in to take her out of our arms and I move Eddy over so that I can feed her. Chris hands her back once I’m ready and she latches quickly. I notice Eddy pouting and gesture for Chris to distract him. Chris scoops him up and takes him over to sit in the chair next to my bed.

“Your mommy and I got you something, buddy, do you want to open it?” Chris pulls out the book that we got him and hands it over for Eddy to open it. Eddy’s excited enough by the fact that he got any gift to really care what it is, but it’s a book called What Brothers Do Best and Chris and I thought it would be fitting and maybe help him adjust.

“What did you get?” I coax once he’s thrown every bit of wrapping paper on the floor.

“A book! Daddy what’s it called?”

“It’s called What Brothers Do Best. Do you think we should read it to Mommy and Evelynn?”

Eddy nods enthusiastically and cuddling into Chris’ lap as Chris gets ready to start. Chris reads in a low soothing voice that seems to calm the entire room. Evelynn finishes eating and is tiredly looking around as Chris finishes the last few lines., “But best of all, brothers can give you lots and lots of love” Eddison giggles and takes the book from Chris’ hands to look over the pictures again.

“Can you show me the picture, Eddy?” I ask him before turning to Chris, smiling and nodding to Evelynn “We can switch”

Chris smiles and carries Eddy back over to the bed, setting him down next to me before taking his daughter from my arms and going back to his chair. Eddy quickly cuddles into my side and starts showing me the pictures from the beginning, asking me to read a few lines here and there. I keep sneaking peaks at Chris as he unbuttons his shirt so he can have some skin to skin time with Evelynn. She takes to him quickly and is soon fast asleep as Chris also nods off slightly. I look around at my little family and I can’t help but smile as I realized that this is real, and it’s mine, and it’s perfect.

A/N: thank you for the request and I’m glad you like my writing! Sorry this took a while, I’m trying to get back into writing after taking a major break this summer and it’s been slow going so far. That being said, I’m sorry this is kind of short and idk if it’s really what you were looking for, I’m bad at writing whiney/clinging children because I don’t have much experience with that, and the experience I do have is just me being annoyed sooo yeah. After all the rambling, I hope you like it! 

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Draco Malfoy X Reader: Back Off

Summary: Draco comes to visit the reader, but her sister has other plans

Warnings: None?

Word Count: 791

Tag List: @waytooinlovewithharrypotter@trumpetsaretheworst, @hail-storm97

Please let me know if you would like to be added or subtracted from my tag list!

Request:  Hi!could you do a DracoxReader fan fic?where Draco visits y/n and her sister that is 13 or so gets into that ‘I love her more back off’ and they start trying to get y/n’s attention but after a while maybe her sister’s crush comes and talks to her after she says that boys are gross and starts talking with him and leaves and then Draco cuddles with y/n and it’s really fluffy? Thank you very much!💕

Requested by Anonymous

A.N.- (S/n)= Sister’s name

Originally posted by fairylightsmalfoy

(S/n) sat on (Y/n)’s bed watching her frantically run around. Cleaning her room, picking out an outfit, cleaning the rest of the house. When she finally stopped to take a breath, she looked at the clock, it was twenty minutes before Draco would arrive at the house. She then began getting ready for her boyfriend’s arrival. It was the first time that Draco would be over to the house, and (Y/n) was anxious about what her family would think of him. Whilst she ran about the house, she missed the frown that tugged at her sister’s lips. When Draco arrived, (Y/n)’s parents were impressed, he was dressed nicely, he addressed them formally, and was very polite. (Y/n) thought all was going well until Draco tried to talk to (S/n). She grew very angry at him, yelling in his face before storming off to her room. (Y/n)’s parents watched her leave with worry painted on their faces, while (Y/n) took off after her. She entered (S/n)’s room, beyond furious, she looked at her sister, ready to give her hell because Draco did nothing to deserve the treatment he got, when she saw it. Tears were streaming down (S/n)’s face, her body wracked with silent sobs. (Y/n) sat on the bed beside her, pulling her into her arms.
“Hey, what’s wrong?”
“He’s taking you away from me”
“Yes, I loved you first he doesn’t deserve you”
“He will never take me away from you. We’re sisters, no matter what we’ll always find our way back to each other”
“Promise. Now, I think you need to apologize to Draco for what you said, it was uncalled for”
“No way! But I want to talk to him”
“Alright, let’s get back out there”
(S/n) followed (Y/n) back out to the living room, where Draco and (Y/n)’s parents were seated. (Y/n) sat next to Draco, while (S/n) stood and glared at him. (Y/n) was about to say something, but Draco beat her to it,
“I can see your wheels turning, do you have a question to ask me?”
“Back off”
“Back off! (Y/n) is my sister. I love her more than you ever will!”
“You’re right, you love her, but it’s a different kind of love that you have for her than I have for her”
“How so?”
“When I look at your sister I see the most beautiful, perfect, woman that could have ever graced the Earth. What do you see when you look at her?”
“My big sister, the one that’s always been there for me, my biggest role model”
“Two very different perspectives?”
“So how can you gauge who loves your sister more?”
“Fair enough, but it doesn’t mean that I have to like you”
Draco opened his mouth to answer, but he was cut off by the doorbell. (S/n) all but ran to the door, with a smile on her face. Draco looked to (Y/n) confused. 
“Her ‘boyfriend’ is coming over”
“She really likes him, but they’re friends”
(S/n) walked back to the room with one of her classmates trailing behind her. They were laughing about something, but then decided to watch a movie, (Y/n) moved to the kitchen, soon the scent of popcorn filled the air. Draco went into the kitchen, wrapping his arms around (Y/n)’s waist. (Y/n) leaned into his touch, giving a content sigh. The moment was ruined when they heard someone clear their throat,
“Get your hands off my sister!”
Draco slowly stepped away, sighing. (S/n) smirked evilly at him, before returning to the living room. (Y/n) walked into the living room with the popcorn, putting the bowl on (S/n)’s lap. The boy reached over to grab some, tossing a kernel up into the air and catching it. (S/n) looked at him,
“You shouldn’t play with your food”
He proceeded to throw some of the popcorn at her, causing her to start laughing and return fire. The fight ended with (S/n) pinned, being mercilessly tickled. She put her hand over his mouth, attempting to push him away, when he licked her palm. (S/n) immediately retracted her hand, crying out.
“Eww! Boys are so gross!”
Draco and (Y/n) watched the scene in front of them smiling, they decided to leave the two alone, retreating to (Y/n)’s room. They lay on the bed, (Y/n)’s head on Draco’s chest, listening to his heartbeat. He began to play with the ends of her hair, the house was peaceful, and only laughter could be heard.

“Well, I’m Going to Quit My Job” (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary: Harry and Y/N get high together before he goes off to tour.

Requested: yes

Warnings: drug use, swearing

A/N: This is super short, and I’m so sorry. I’m slowly crossing of the list of imagines that I have had requested! So here yah go! I’m going to try and post an imagine every other day until everything is off the list! Also, thank you and hello to all the new followers! Welcome to the family! I hope you enjoy it here on my blog : )


Originally posted by ohstylesno

“Well, I’m Going To Quit My Job” (Harry Styles Imagine)

“I can’t believe you will be going back on tour, again, but as a solo artist. Literally seems like yesterday you were leaving for Jamaica to write the album.” You say walking over, handing Harry a drink.

“I know, I can’t wait though. Just doing the promo was amazing and the secret shows, just the intimate setting and feeling the crowd’s energy. I can’t wait.” Harry beams.

“I’m happy for you, but, I’m gonna miss you though.” You say.

“Hey the offer is still out there for you to come on tour with me, I’ll need someone to smoke with.” Harry says lifting his eyebrows.

“I didn’t even think about that. Damn, I’m gonna need to find a new smoking buddy.” You joke.

“That’s why you come on tour.”

“Yeah, let me just tell my boss that I’m going to need a few months off.” You joke.

“You hate the job. So quit, and come.” Harry insists.

“I need a job, anyways you’re here so we can smoke, not for you to convince me to go on to tour.” You laugh.

“Good thing for reminding me.” Harry says, pulling out his lighter and taking out a blunt.

“It’s been a long week, I want to get fucked up.” You admit. You loved smoking, it brought you to a different place. It made you forget all the wrong things that are happening. It took you out of your reality.

“Y/N, you always get fucked up. I’ve never seen you smoke and not get stoned.” Harry jokes, lighting the blunt.

“Hey, you can’t talk. You got me into this.” You say motioning to him as he inhales, because Harry was the one who first introduced you to pot, and you only smoke with him. You trusted him that if anything happened, he would take care of you.

Harry raises his eyebrows acknowledging what you said, holding the smoke in his lungs, then exhales, blowing the smoke into your face with causes him to laugh at you just breathing it in and he says, “You’re welcome.”

“Alright you dick, pass the blunt.” You say grabbing the blunt. You close your eyes, and bring it to your mouth and breathe in. You hold the smoke in your lungs until it burns, and then breathe it out.

When you open your eyes, you see Harry staring at you biting his lip at the sight of you smoking.

“Fuck you’re hot.” Harry says, licking his lips.

“And you’re high.” You say passing the blunt back to him laughing.

You two pass the blunt back and forth until you both smoked the entire blunt. And let’s just say, you two are stoned. Harry is leaning down on the couch with his arm lazily draped around your shoulder playing with your hair as you are snuggled up against his side.

“Jamaica was amazing.” Harry says, “I wish you had been there, you would have loved it.”

“Yeah, but that was your time.” You say looking up at Harry.

Even though he is high, Harry is still incredibly attractive. He looks relaxed and just in peace as he sits back with you.

“You’re in a really good place right now.” You say looking up at him. This causes him to look down at you and smile.

“Yeah, yeah I am.” He says.

When you and Harry got high together, you both had really good conversations together. Other times you two would be eating everything or seeing things that weren’t there, but you liked these moments when you two just talked about anything and everything. This made you sad. He was leaving, and you weren’t going to see him awhile. You didn’t even notice you were crying until Harry wiped a tear off your face.

“Why are you crying?” Harry asks concerned.

“You’re leaving. I don’t want you to leave.”  You say with more tears streaming down your face. You never showed your emotion, but since you were so high, you couldn’t seem to help it.

“Hey, hey, hey. Don’t cry.” Harry says pulling you onto his lap cradling you.

“Don’t cry, baby. I’m not going anywhere.”

“But you’re leaving me.” You say without even thinking.

“I’m not leaving you, you are going to come with me okay?” Harry says. “You and me, traveling around everywhere.” He says looking down at you.

The way Harry looked at you, you believed him, and you felt okay. And when he looked at you, you felt so nice. He looked at you, with your red eyes, blotchy cheeks as if you were the most beautiful sight he’s even seen.

It might have been the drugs, or the fact he was leaving, or both, but Harry kissed you. He always wanted to, but you two were best friends, and he didn’t want to ruin that. So he promised himself that he would never make a move.

To his surprise, you kissed back, and even brought your hand up to his face. The kiss was sexual, it wasn’t hungry, it was sweet and pure. You don’t know who pulled back, but you know you were sad that it ended.

“Well, I’m going to quit my job.” You say smiling, and he smiles back big and goes in for another kiss.

A/N: This is super short, but I’m about to head out of the house, but I wanted to get this done, first and posted! Next, I’m planning on writing part two of “The Roommate” so stay tuned! I hope you all are having a great day! Thank you for reading!

WD-40 (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Could I please request a peter parker/reader fic where he sees you on the subway and is blown away and just HAS to get your number?

Requested By: Anonymous

Word Count: 1,532

Warnings: Slight Swearing

A/N: Hello everyone! It has been a while but I AM BACK!!! I finally have time to write once again so I will try to update at least once a week! So sorry for the wait, and sorry if this one sucks, but here it is! FYI, (Y/E/C) means “your eye color.” If you would like to be added to my tag list, just let me know! Well, enjoy!!!

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Originally posted by tomholland-trash

“Lousy piece of junk,” Peter grumbled, itching under his web-shooters. Trying to get his finger underneath the cuff, he tries to reach the release button to get those stupid things off.

“Dammit!” Peter groaned, looking down at his web-shooters in anger. This was just perfect, Peter thought as he kicked the bathroom wall in frustration. First I don’t catch the bad guy, and now they won’t come off.

Today was going great for Peter. School was amazing: he aced his Physics test, got an A on his project, and had pizza for lunch! Then he got word of a robbery happening a couple blocks away, so he slipped out of study hall to go take care of it. Everything was going great until his web-shooters broke and the robber got away. 

Sighing, Peter began to get his regular clothes out of his back pack. Changing quickly, Peter threw on his jacket, tugging the sleeves down to hide the cuffs. Walking out of the bathroom, he realized just how far away he was from home. 

“This is just great,” Peter grumbled as he looked down at the broken web-shooters in disdain. His own personal thunderstorm following in tow, Peter trudged down the nearest subway steps. Paying for a ticket back to Queens, Peter boarded the train and sat down with a huff. Taking out his headphones, Peter let his music flow through his ears as he tried to figure out why his web-shooters broke. 

Train slowing down at the next stop, Peter barely raised his eyes to the oncoming flow of travelers. Looking back down at his jacket-covered wrist, he once again began to itch under the cuffs. Just what exactly happ-

“Um, excuse me?” A voice interrupted, pulling Peter out of his thoughts. Looking up, he sees you, (Y/H/C) pulled back into a messy bun as you held onto this box before you, looking at Peter. 

“Uh, yeah?” Peter asked, voice cracking. Dammit, Peter thought. Already embarrassing myself.

Smiling down at him, you nod to the seat next to him. “Can I sit? There’s no other spots.”

“Oh, uh, sure!” Peter stumbled out, grabbing his back pack off the seat next to him. Smiling brightly, you sat down next to him. Peter, a bit nervous that such a beautiful girl had sat next to him, began to itch under his web-shooters once more. 

Getting more and more frustrated at the cuffs, Peter looked up and began to look around him. Eyes falling on the box in your lap, Peter didn’t realize that he began to stare.

“So,” Your voice interrupted, causing Peter to quickly straighten up and blush. “What’s your name?”

“Peter,” he responded, continuing to blush. “What’s yours?”


“Well, (Y/N),” Peter started, eyes still focused on the mysterious box. “What’s in there?”

“Oh!” You replied, taking off the lid. “It’s my science fair project.” Pulling out the project, Peter’s eyes widened at the sight before him.

“Are those-?”

“Yep. An exact replica of Spider-Man’s web-shooters,” You said with a smile, proudly showing off your invention. “Okay, well, not an exact replica. I made some improvements.”

“Improvements?” Peter asked, a little shocked that someone replicated his design and improved it.

“Yeah, whenever I tried to fire the web-shooters, the webbing got jammed in the spinneret nozzle. So, to stop the webbing from building up, I added a chemical reactant to dissolve the webbing when it built up. To make sure that the webbing didn’t dissolve all the time from the reactant, I added another switch near the trigger that way I could control when to use the chemical reactant. It works great, especially when you need to fix it fast.”

Eyes wide and brain reeling, Peter looked at the web-shooters in shock. 

“Wow, that ingenious!” Peter said shocked, scoring over the web-shooters in your hand. “Why did you make the web-shooters for your project? Why not just take the easy way out and make a volcano?”

Laughing, you placed the web-shooters back into the box. “That’s too simple. I needed to challenge myself. Besides, I owe Spider-Man.”

“You owe him?” He asked, looking into your (Y/E/C) eyes. 

“It’s a long story, but I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for him,”

“Y’know, I have to ride this train until Queens, and we have four more stops left. I have time,” Peter said with a smile. Nodding along, you continued your story.

“He saved my life. I was on a bridge driving home one day in a thunderstorm. The wind was so great that it knocked over a semi-truck. A car drove swerved to avoid hitting the semi and went over a puddle. The car then slid and crashed into my car. My car spiraled and almost went off the side of the bridge. Next thing I knew I saw this type of web shoot out and it pulled off my door. Before I could even react to that, another web stuck to me and I was pulled out of my car just as it went over the side. Spider-Man pulled me to safety and I never got to properly thank him for saving my life. So, as repayment, I’ve been making improvements to his design that way if I ever met him again one day, I could show him the improvements so he could be even better at his job.”

“That way he can save more people,” Peter added as he listened to your story, remembering that night well.

“Exactly,” you said with a smile. Shaking your head, you patted the box in your lap. “Kind of ridiculous to think that I would meet him again in this huge city. Well, a girl can dream.”

“I’m sure he would love to meet you again,” Peter said without speaking. Eyes flashing towards him, you look at him in suspicion. Realizing what he almost revealed, he began to backtrack. “I mean, uh, anyone would love to meet you again. I mean, uh, Spider-Man would probably greatly appreciate you making improvements to his design, and, uh-” 

“Yeah, right,” You replied with a laugh. “He would just love to meet me.”

“I’m sure he would,” Peter quickly responded. “I know I would.” Dammit, just shut up already!

Eyes lit up with amusement, you look over at him. “What did you say your name was again?”


“Well, Peter, this is my stop,” You say as you stand up. “It was nice meeting you.”

“Nice meeting you too,” Peter said in a daze, as he watched your retreating figure. Snapping out of his reverie, his eyes go wide. “Wait!”

Turning around, you look back, confused. 

Peter, pushing through all of the passengers, finally caught up to you. “Can I have your number?” He bravely asked, blush creeping up his neck.

Smiling back at him, you respond. “What for, exactly?” You ask, teasing him.

Blushing more prominently, Peter scrambles to come up with an excuse. “Well, uh, I write for my school newspaper?” He says hesitantly, before deciding to go with it. “Yeah. I write for my school’s newspaper and I’m putting together an article on Spider-Man. I would love to hear more about your story and your improved designs.” 

Standing there awkwardly, Peter began to fidget under his cuffs once more. 

“Okay,” You said with a smile, writing out your number on a piece of paper. Peter let out a breath that he didn’t realize he was holding as you handed him the piece of paper. 

“Just text me when you want to meet up and we can talk about Spider-Man,” You replied as you began to walk off the train. “Or if you just want to talk.”

Elated, Peter nodded enthusiastically as you stepped onto the platform. Still hyped up on adrenaline, his finger once again went to his cuffs as a nervous habit. “See you soon, (Y/N).”

“See you soon, Peter,” You waved good-bye, walking away. Letting out another sigh of relief, passengers moved on and off of the train.

Turning on your heel, you call after Peter once more. Peter, looking up, meets your eyes.

“Y’know,” You began with a sly smile on your lips, “I also found that the release button was also a little tricky. Just add a bit of WD-40 to it every once in a while and it won’t get stuck anymore. Then you won’t get stuck with them on.”

Peter, gaping at you, drops his arms to his sides. Smiling at him once more, you send Peter a wink, and then you were off.

I’m going to marry that girl one day, Peter thought with a small smile on his lips, as the train pulled away from the station and headed for Queens.

“How was school today, Peter?” Aunt May called out as she heard the door open. 

“Alright,” Peter responded, hand in his jacket’s pocket as he grasped onto your phone number as if it was a life-line. 

“Well, that’s good,” She responded, turning back to cooking.

“Hey Aunt May, do we have any WD-40?”

“Why do you need WD-40?”

“No reason,” Peter said with a small smile. “An amazing girl gave me a great idea.”

With All My Heart - Part 1

Requested by Anonymous: “Hey there could you do an imagine where you caught pan cheating on you with another girl so you broke up but when he sees you flirting with the new lost boy he gets jealous and try to win you back

Which I decided to combine with this Anonymous request: “Could you do from your prompt list 32,40,38,21,2,8 with pan where he cheats on reader with the new girl (not Wendy please)”

Thanks to prompts from @riddikuluslysupernatural: “Have you seen my… oh” “Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?” “Were you ever going to tell me?”   

I realised that this is going to be a long one so it’s in two parts!

Summary: OUAT Peter Pan x Reader. When you stumble upon something that you wish you never had, your first response is to run far away from it. This in turn leads to more problems as you meet a new Lost Boy who could very well be the perfect revenge plan. Meanwhile, Peter wants to have a chat. 

Word Count: 1,544 Words

Part 1 - Part 2


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