trying to follow trends and make at least one set like this

Being Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Daughter...
  • Lin would cry the day you were born but he would also brag a lot.
  • He’d shower you with gifts but he was also careful not to overdo it
  • Chances are, (depending on your age and whatever year you’d picture this for) you’d be friends with a lot of the Hamilton cast/ and or their kids
  • There’s no doubt about it you’d be a freestyling genius much like him and musically talented.
  • And Lin would be so proud of this
  • Lin’s heart would melt every time you called him ‘dad’
  • He is probably one of the most caring, sweetest, and involved father out there.
  • And if your mother wasn’t in the picture, Lin would be sure to work to fill in her shoes.
  • He would attend all your school events and extra curriculars too.
  • On mother’s day he would plan a brunch inviting his sister and mother over making sure you knew you weren’t alone when it came to the amount of females in your life.
  • Whenever he goes to Richard Rodgers Theatre or goes to work for whatever project he’s working on he is constantly pulling his phone out to show his fellow coworkers pictures of you
  • He can’t help it
  • But one thing is for sure, Lin would make sure you knew how strong of a woman you were. Being a strong activist for equal rights Lin knew how easy it was for girls in today’s society to feel weak and defeated by the powerful and he never wanted you to experience that. So he would make post-it notes and stick them in your lunchbox, on your mirror, and anywhere he could find with sayings such as…
  • “I am woman hear me roar!”
    “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”
    “A strong woman looks fear in the eye and gives it but a wink.”
    “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”
  • And because your father is one of the most encouraging and inspiring figures in the world, not only in tweets but reality as well, he excels at giving the best, most needed pep talks when you’re down in the dumps.
  • Lin had you speaking Spanish as soon as you said your first word
  • Lin would practically document your entire life. He liked taping you and taking pictures while you were doing casual activities such as coloring, singing, dancing, playing with your dolls, running around the house, etc.
  • Tobillo basically being your best friend
  • That dog follows you wherever you go
  • Lin has thousands of videos from when you were learning to walk, practically waddling around and Tobillo was right on your heel the entire time following you.
  • The whole Hamilton cast would be obsessed with you
  • Especially Phillipa
  • That girl loved you as if you were her own
  • And if you were old enough, you would join the Schuyler Sisters in their inbetween shows closet talk.
  • Sleep overs at Jasmine and Anthony’s while your dad is out of town
  • And they would absolutely LOVE having you over
  • You made them want to have kids that much more and Anthony loved taking you to the movies and Jasmine loved taking you out shopping
  • Speaking of shopping, Renee, Jasmine, and Phillipa are always spoiling you with the newest trends and what nots.
  • The Hamilton cast would be like another family to you
  • Always running around backstage with Groffsauce, who usually was assign babysitting duty.
  • The Schuyler sisters- as well as Leslie teaching you how to harmonize
  • Daveed loved helping you with your freestyling
  • You and him always got in heated battles- in good spirits of course
  • Playing childish games during intermission and between shows with Oak, Daveed, and Anthony.
  • Trying to braid your dad’s hair during his Hamilton days
  • Let’s be real, Lin would dedicate Dear Theodosia to you
  • And during Stay Alive (reprise) and It’s Quiet Uptown he had genuine tears pinching at his eyes as he fathomed the thought of losing you
  • But Lin would always run to you and spin you around every night after shows
  • The two of you would walk hand and hand together home and Lin would sing you to sleep every night
  • He’d love making you breakfast and basking in that domestic life
  • I could see him making some of the best pancakes in the world
  • And one morning when you were little, you convinced him to let you have a sip of his coffee
  • “Daddy, what’s that black stuff in there.”
    “It’s called coffee, bebé.”
    “Can I try some?”
    “Uh, I don’t think so, Y/n. You wouldn’t like it.”
    “Please, papi.”
    “Oh alright.”
  • Like he predicted, you hated it. The liquid burned your throat and young little you cried at the bitterness for at least a minute which broke Lin’s heart.
  • Lin would be the type of parent that would love to show you off to family and friends but when it came to posting pictures of you on social media, he usually made sure your face was covered, just to keep an element of privacy in his life.
  • But he does love tweeting stories about you or cute things that you do
  • Your childhood years would be a little hectic. Lin probably wouldn’t be around as much as he wants with filming, acting, composing and all but he would make an effort of a lifetime to be as involved as possible.
  • By your late teens you had already seen much of the world but that didn’t mean you were bored by any mean. Adventure was in your soul.
  • Lin would spend a lot of time with you during his time working with the film Moana. He liked to come to you to find inspiration.
  • Family trips to Disney World and Land
  • Lin is constantly trying to help you with his homework
  • “You know I was a teacher.”
  • Coming to him when you start learning about the American Revolution
  • “Well I mean you came to right person. I did write an entire musical about this stuff. Just use the album for a reference, it’s mostly accurate.”
  • Walking into your house one day after school infuriated as you set your pop quiz on the Schuyler Sisters in front of him, a large 9/10 circled with red pen.
  • “And I quote, I’m the oldest and the wittiest… My father has no sons… dad you cost me a perfect score! Why did you lie in the lyrics, I thought you said I could trust them!”
    “I’m sorry I forgot they had other siblings!”
  • Similar to your father, you swore like a sailor
  • Which also meant you were constantly getting scolded and death glares from your father who claims “He didn’t raise you to speak like that.” Even though you both know he did.
  • But honestly I could see Lin being into girl drama. Like when he picks you up from school and sees an annoyed look on your face he’d just shake his head and say,
  • “Spill the tea, honey. I’m ready!”
  • And on your bad days after dropping you off at home after school, Lin would drive to the nearest DQ and Chick-Fil-A and movie store returning home with gifts in toll.
  • He was one of the only people in the world you trusted enough to tell everything too
  • Dad jokes, so many dad jokes.
  • “Dad I’m thirsty. Do we have any-“
    “Hi thirsty nice to meet you I’m Lin-Manuel.”
  • Being very close with your grandparents
  • Your grandpa teaching you how to cook
  • Your grandma would spoil you tbh
  • Girl talk with your Aunt Luz
  • Your dad would be really big on making sure you knew and understood the importance of equality and treating others with respect. 
  • Weekly meals at their place where your grandpa is also telling tales
  • “You know pequeño, when your father was your age I couldn’t get him to shut up!”
    “He was always doing his rapping, talking fast and never making sense but he had passion just like yourself so don’t you ever give up on yourself carino. If your father did he would not be where he is today- and neither would you.”
    “Thank you abuelo.”
  • And when you finally do make it, doing whatever or being wherever that may be, you’ll have Lin’s as well as the rest of your families support because Lin knows exactly what it feels like to have millions of people doubt you and laugh at you for doing the unexpected so his support will never run out.
  • When Lin finds out you have a passion for writing and composing, he immediately takes you with him for a daddy daughter date to the studio.
  • He pretends to be out of ideas for a song and you play along knowing it would be a lot less painful to take the easy path.
  • “Well there are a few different projects I’ve been working on lately. They aren’t too good… pretty shitty-“
    “Sorry… but uh, you can have a look I suppose.”
  • Becoming a co writer beside your dad on his next project
  • Going on walks and hikes together with Tobillo
  • But for real though Lin would be insanely protective over you
  • Like when it comes to you Lin always needs to know where you are and constantly has eyes on you
  • When you got your first boyfriend/girlfriend Lin would FLIP
  • You’d suddenly become a player in the game ’21 questions’ or more like 101 questions when it came to your dad
  • He demanded meeting your significant other and no matter the gender, he held his strong demeanor and hardly cracked a smile- well until he saw how happy you looked in their presence.
  • But eventually he’d come to term with it. Although he would always see you as his little girl, he knew you had to spread your wings and he was not about to hold you back from doing so.
  • And when you finally land a lead role on an upcoming Broadway show, Lin is ecstatic.
  • Every day he calls you to ask how rehearsals are going partly because he’s interested and excited for you but also because he remembers his restless days and nights where he’d come home so stressed he’d forget to eat for days. He didn’t want to see you go through the hardships he did.
  • Ironically enough the new production is held, opening night, in the same old theater you grew up in, Richard Rodgers. Home sweet home. 
  • And on opening night you can guarantee your father is sitting front row with four bouquets of various flowers surrounded by all your family and friends as well as a handful of the original and new Hamilton cast.
  • And he would cry. A lot.
  • But he would also be that dad that right before the show starts, as the lights are dimming, he stands up and shouts,
  • “Go Y/n!”
  • His proud dad tweets would be never ending that night
  • After the production he was sure to be the first backstage and the first to hug you.
  • “You did it, you did it! I’m so proud of you, mi ángel. Congratulations!”
  • You’d be lying to yourself if you said your dad didn’t have a surprise party planned for after the play because he did.
  • Not to be a downer but there would be days where Lin would cry himself to sleep thinking he hasn’t done enough, or given you the life you deserve. He worked himself far too hard to make sure you had everything you could ever need and knew you were loved, but sometimes he couldn’t help but fear the worst.
  • Although at times he can be overbearing, you wouldn’t want it anyway else.

This was so fun to write oh my lord, hope you enjoyed!

-Daizy xx

camping out for twenty one pilots: a guide

hi! i’ve camped out for six of the seven twenty one pilots shows i’ve been to (ironically the one I didn’t camp out for was the last one), totaling 160 hours spent camping. for my first time camping i was twentieth in line, and for my most recent one, in new york, i was first. being first in line, it fell to me to organize the entire line for that show, so it was a good opportunity to master the practice of lining up. i’ve camped for shows in wisconsin, ohio, new york, and even for their saturday night live performance. i don’t mean to state this in a boastful way- i’ve gotten a few asks about camping out and figured i would put this experience to good use in making a guide for it. if you want to prepare for an upcoming show, or understand the line at your past show better, give it a read. i incorporated all of my experiences, my friends’ experiences, and things i’ve seen online (through an objective scope) into this guide, because no two shows have been the same, in terms of lining up. for the most part, camping comes down to luck: luck with the venue. it’s explained in detail under the readmore.

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spectralspices  asked:

So. Secret Empire. I read it and it's just a sickening mess. Everything happening is just in service of making the Big Event Happen (like civil war 2, bluh) and the only reason I'm really excited for this is so that we can just purge nazi-cap from our collective consciousness once this is over. I don't even have a question! I'm just venting about this shitty event! Fuck nick spencer, that guy is a moron with no respect for where cap CAME from. "Oh he was a nazi the whole time" eat SHIT SPENCER

poorsimon said:Do you think there is a slight possibility that we’ll get a fantastic four book in 2017 to celebrate jack kirbys centenary? Marvel is a hot mess right now with that boring fascist captain America and every series that I was enjoying is either ending in the next couple of months or crossover events are ruining them, looks like marvel is in the same place dc was during the new 52 era

Anonymous said:Thoughts on Dark Matter/Generations/Secret Empire? Specifically for secret Empire, Cap is on of my favorite heroes and I feel like this fundamentally breaks him in a really shitty way. Not to say we won’t get good stories with him in the future, but it’s sort of like Dr. Light where every time he shows up you can’t help but think of identity crisis.

There’s been a bit of a theme to my asks the last couple days.

So yeah. Spoilers ahead, obviously: in the midst of an all-out assault on the nation and world, just as it seemed everyone would make it through like always to see another day, America was betrayed by its systems and subverted from within, culminating in an overt fascist seizing of the White House. Don’t worry though, this week Marvel’s saying it isn’t political.

The cake-topper being that as it turns out via flashback, Nazi Cap (and in response to the inevitable um, actually’s: Hydra’s seminal story under Steranko showed their leader as a character created by Stan and Jack as a Nazi, pretty much all explicit Hydra-isn’t-Nazis material are retcons by Spencer for this arc, “Hail Hydra” is an obvious analogue for another fascist chant, the ‘real Hydra’ inner circle includes Nazis and Neo-Nazis, and this Cap’s vision for America includes white children hunting black children in the street. He’s a fuckin’ Nazi) isn’t a construct of the cosmic cube, but in fact the real Steve Rogers: the Axis won World War II, but the Allies used a cosmic cube to create a fake history where Rogers was on their side and they won the war - gotta ask why they didn’t deal with the Holocaust too - with the real guy now reactivated and fulfilling his true mission. Obviously, this not only delegitimizes every story of a character created by a pair of Jewish-Americans specifically to punch Hitler right in the fucking face, but does it by stating that in the natural course of things, the Master Race of course overtakes the Earth with their sheer superiority, with the very concept of the people they would annihilate having a chance at hope or justice or freedom being a lie currently in the process of getting torn down.

This is a little bit touchy.

There’s obvious franchising reasons for this: Chris Evans has made clear he isn’t sticking around for long if at all after Avengers 4, while as of that movie Anthony Mackie will still have at least 3 films in his contract, so it’s in their interests to set Sam Wilson up in the comics as Captain America to match. Problem is, they started the process before a movie about Steve Rogers, so they had to bring him back, and now have to figure out a way to get him out of the picture for a longer period than simply old age or death. And if you want to get him out of the running for the title of One True Captain America, not only making him a Nazi, and retroactively always a Nazi at that, but classifying literally every non-Nazi Captain America story essentially in-universe fanfic? That’ll get him off the board for awhile. It’s ruinously terrible, but also quick and easy, same as it was quick and easy to move Captain Marvel and once upon a time Iron Man into the spotlight in time for their movies by making them fascists. You’ll have to ask Marvel why fascism is their go-to shocking character twist, though.

I think the source point of the issues here stems from something simple I mentioned recently: I don’t think either of the Big Two necessarily believe there’s going to be a comic book industry in 20 years, or even necessarily 10, so there’s no real reason to attempt anything other than drawing as much blood from the stone as they possibly can. Clearly the creators are trying their best, middle-management I’m sure have long-term plans, and I doubt the powers-that-be want it to fail. But sales have been dropping for years, and neither of them have demonstrated any plan of substance whatsoever to reverse that trend. They both had their moments of attempting to right the ship, and both fell through – the original Marvel NOW! and its immediate follow-ups were major successes, but half their biggest writers left in the wake of Secret Wars and so they reverted to type with endless editorial interference and bullshit crossovers, while DC’s attempt at innovation with DCYou was scattershot at best, clearly born less of a philosophy of “let’s let our best talents try bold new things!” nearly so much as “let’s do weird new things that might grab headlines”. 

Viewed in that light, many of their recent decisions start to make sense; after the New 52 trying to draw in 90s fanboys and maybe a couple teenagers fell through, DC’s explicitly banking on rolling back the clock and appealing to the core fanbase with Rebirth while simultaneously betting everything on the shock value of incorporating Watchmen, while Marvel has fallen back on its regular event-and-relaunch tactics, and if the “Make Mine Marvel” rumors are true, they’ll soon be returning to a predominately white and male cast of headliners with a handful of exceptions (hence why escape hatches were built into almost all of their recent successor characters – Mjolner was prophesied to return to the Odinson before the first issue of Jane Foster’s book, Tony Stark is only in stasis, the Ultimate Universe may or may not be waiting out there for Miles and his cast to return, etc.) They don’t think there’s a new audience to be won, or at minimum they clearly haven’t given any thought to the kind of formatting, publication, narrative or marketing breakthroughs that might let them reach that wider audience (probably part of why they’re so petrified of staying in retailers’ good graces – digital of the way of the future, but they don’t believe they’re going to see that future, therefore they’re sticking to appealing to the base while they can), and so naturally they’re going to the tried-and-true methods of drawing cash out of the existing audience until it all falls apart, by which time everyone currently at the top will have new jobs or be retired.

So that Marvel in particular has been overly contemptuous of progressive elements of their fanbase isn’t shocking. I doubt their leadership of middle-aged guys have any particular sympathy for their viewpoint, and if they don’t see them as a potential pathway to saving the industry either, then it’s not a surprise they clearly see them as a gaggle of mercurial, industry-ignorant whiners, to be discarded once the half-hearted measures at winning them over aren’t enough. And if they’ve decided they don’t give a shit about progressive ideals in the slightest beyond what’s necessary to avoid mainstream attention on their fuck-ups, and they don’t seem to be trying to bring about a workable model for the industry – especially given that they’re at this point unquestionably the secondary caretakers of these characters compared to TV and movies, so these franchises can go on without them – and they’re convinced shock value stunts and events are the only way to draw in dollars while they can, then yeah. Sure. Why wouldn’t they make Captain America a Nazi? To think that’s a bad idea would require meaningfully giving a shit about their own product, or at least thinking that anyone else will in a few years.

As for the Fantastic Four, that’s probably still in Fox’s hands, but I really do hope Al Ewing gets a crack at them someday.

MBTI and Slytherin House

No type correlates to a single house. MBTI determines how you function, not why. Houses have different areas of focus for what house you belong in. There are certain traits you prize above others, what is the best learning environment for you, and most importantly your preference. What house you want is the biggest factor. This will dig into why a type might be interested in a house, how a type might functionally personify a house, and how a type could exemplify house characteristics.

ISTJ [The Underestimated]

With dominant Introverted Sensing an ISTJ is extremely resourceful. They will use what concrete things they have to accomplish any goal. They are reliable to implement what their Introverted Sensing dictates because of their secondary function, Extraverted Thinking. This shows an ability to have dedication. An ISTJ takes authority very seriously and could be perceived therefore as a more traditional type. ISTJs could find Slytherin beneficial for their inferior function of Extraverted Intuition. In this house of excellence they will be exposed to new ideas and view points. The ISTJ would like the pride and loyalty Slytherins have in their house, but most importantly their dedication to do their best…at all costs sometimes. An ISTJ Slytherin will have a fierce loyalty to their house and all who are in it. They will come to their defense in front of other people, but in private if they disagree with a Slytherin’s behavior the ISTJ will address it. The ISTJ is consistent if nothing else and will tye people together in their stabilizing nature.

ISTP [The  Brilliant Loner]

ISTPs are another resourceful bunch. A huge part of ISTPs that may find themselves wanting to be in Slytherin, is the fact that they are always in or out. They don’t have much in between and with Extraverted Feeling as an inferior function they can be quite gruff when telling people they aren’t “into” a certain activity or situation. It is also a great house to work on their inferior function as there is a strong sense of community within Slytherin. An ISTP could find themselves developing their Fe by seeing themselves in the eyes of others, as part of a community. The ISTP being very independent will surprise their Slytherin peers in their loyalty to the house as they grow fonder and grow bonds with their peers. The ISTP Slytherin will be difficult to predict. Always seen as the loner who surprises everyone when they intervene to help their fellow Slytherin. The ISTP Slytherin will also be great at whatever magic craft interests them. Whether it be charms, music, care of magical creatures, herbology, etc, they will be one with the craft surprising everyone with their passion despite their more common aloof nature.  

ESTP [The Cool One]

Slytherin’s are notorious for being a more collected bunch in any situation. ESP types are known for jumping in before thinking. People would be surprised that not all ESPs are like this and have qualities that would have them not only fit in at Slytherin house, but want to be in the house. Their secondary function of Introverted Thinking makes them a very strategic lot. They are great at analyzing a crisis situation. They can be very cunning and resourceful in their ways. Their dominant Se and tertiary Fe makes them observe and alert to others while being able to negotiate favorable ends for themselves. This seems like a very appealing ability for a Slytherin student. They would add some risk taking, thrill seeking adventure, and meld well in Slytherin house. In addition, ESTPs can care too much about appearances and where they stand socially. Those more concerned about this in the wizarding world could find themselves wanting to be in Slytherin for status sake. The ESTP has a natural charisma that will attract other Slytherin’s to them and their Se (over Ne) gives them a more classically cool nature that other Slytherin’s will want to be. 

ESTJ [The Representative]

ESTJs are known for being fans of hierarchy. Of knowing their place in that hierarchy and hoping others know theirs and fulfill their duties in their position. ESTJs like representing whatever system they are apart of. So if they are interested in Slytherin house you can bet they will want to represent your house in anything that they can. They will advocate for the fair and un-bias treatment of the Slytherin quidditch team in incidents such as Gryffindors taking the field to practice when Slytherins were clearly signed up for that day. People may have the wrong idea about Slytherin, but your ESTJ Slytherin will set those ignorant people straight…while at the same time proving them right if they can’t be suave about it…Slytherins are known for having fun and ESTJs often deny themselves their secondary function Introverted Sensation, their subjective inner world function. They find acting on personal impulse to be a negative thing and perhaps their Slytherin comrades can help them let go and have a bit more fun with a fire whiskey drinking game in the common room.

ISFJ [The Avenger]

ISFJ is similar to the ISTJ. Depending on what the ISFJ specializes in and consumes with their Si they may be attracted to the promise of excelling in that area in Slytherin. Some ISFJs could be attracted to social traditionalism in Slytherin. Their Fe would fit well in Slytherin in protecting other Slytherins. They would always be there for their fellow house members. An ISFJ Slytherin will have your back. They may be under estimated by their fellow Slytherin members, but ISFJ Slytherins would play this to their advantage surprising their peers in their talents, academics, or whatever they find to be their main focus of interest. An ISFJ is very caring, but if you cross them or another Slytherin they will never forget and will get their revenge. Don’t cross an ISFJ Slytherin.

ISFP [The Sleeper-Cell]

ISFPs are all about honing their Fi through their Se. Whatever they find to be their skill they may want to hone it to be the best in Slytherin. These Slytherins won’t be in your face or too into competition with Gryffindor, but they will help Slytherin get house points. Their dominant Fi makes them largely self focused in the sense of discipline for their art, whatever that art may be. The ISFP Slytherin in class is fairly quiet, but will surprise their fellow students with their skill and physical ability. Although ISFPs are called the Artist they can be attracted to more logically driven specialties. An ISFP Slytherin could excel in healing or herbology. They may surprise their peers with their sensitive exterior, but underneath the ISFP is a rock. The ISFP Slytherin could also help push other Slytherin’s away from trying to fit into a box and conforming to blind following of the way Slytherin does things. This is more through their actions than any sort of discussion directly taking place. The ISFP would be a walking reminder of what all Slytherin’s can be and to not lose themselves blindly to house rhetoric and traditionalism.

ESFP [The Popular One]

A Slytherin ESFP is one of the most likely to start a fight with a Gryffindor. They will act before thinking (dominant Se) and have a fierce loyalty to their Slytherin friends (secondary Fi). They may be the face of their class or Slytherin house because of their natural sociability. They will help any other Slytherin not expecting anything in return. It is just what any Slytherin would do for another. Other Slytherins will have a lot of fun with the ESFP Slytherin, but they will also be surprised. Slytherins are naturally competitive against one another and may dismiss the ESFP Slytherin finding them irresponsible and unintelligent. However, the ESFP will prove them wrong every time. Their tertiary Te will surprise their peers as they eloquently and reasonably communicate when they want to. ESFPs will also be the trend setter of Slytherin house, no matter what others say about the ESFP, the Slytherins will be copying the ESFP in fashion and attitude.

ESFJ [The Successful One]

The ESFJ will be the most involved student in the house. They will make sure that Slytherin is going to win the House Cup and is behaving themselves…at least in front of the teachers. They will probably be working hard to be a house Prefect. They will want appreciation for their efforts from their teachers and peers. For an ESFJ with a high bar they will want solid appreciation for their efforts of trying to be the best in Slytherin house and for Slytherin house to excel and be the best. The ESFJ Slytherin will be an amazing networker with older witches and wizards trying to get a leg up on other students. They will probably have a rapport with all of their professors. For the ESFJ what house they are in is very important as they like to surround themselves with many like-minded people. If Slytherins are those like-minded people (striving to be the very best), then the ESFJ will be determined to have the sorting hat place them in Slytherin.

INFJ [The Snob]

Dominant Ni is prone to questioning things. As much as Slytherin can be a sign of status quo to some, it is actually very pro breaking rules for the sake of advancement and progress. Such things are needed in order to move forward and be the best. The INFJ is all about this view and Slytherin is a good place for those who do. In Slytherin they can hone their vision for change and polish it. They will be in an academic environment that fuels their need to perfect their ideas. INFJs love the unknown and in Slytherin they can explore this with their mates. An unhealthy INFJ can be so sucked into their own romantic world feeling unique and like no one understands them that they create a superiority complex thinking they ARE unique and better than others. No one else around them fulfills their ideals. Such an INFJ would fuel negative stereotypes of Slytherins. This kind of INFJ would come off as a Wizarding World culture snob, looking down on those that don’t know a certain wizard scholar or a certain witch artist. This kind of INFJ could want to be in Slytherin, because only there do people understand the finer parts of Wizarding Culture.

INFP [The Determined Quester]

INFPs have a drive to find their place in the world that their Fi dictates. Their Fi is close, personal, and idealistic and combined with their Ne they look for a great meaning for it all. An INFP may be attracted to Slytherin because it promises greatness. Wherever their seeking takes them it could be Slytherin, their idealism could have them picture themselves as the person bound to such greatness that Slytherin promises them. Many INFPs place themselves in existing social systems to find their place and Slytherin could be the place they find themselves in, in order to find their role to better the world in some way. INFPs with a good grasp on their Te are great at managing resources and could be embodying the Slytherin ideal of resourcefulness at their best. An unhealthy INFP could be Slytherin because they are too introverted and in a functional loop. In that case it will be the world against the INFP’s views. The INFP will shock those around them with extremely self-assertive statements and reducing people of the other houses to stereotypes. The INFP Slytherin can be the unexpected nice Slytherin who is determined to understand meaning in life and feels that Slytherin determination is the best place to do that or the INFP Slytherin could be the biggest house bigot who talks down to all the other houses.

ENFP [The Aloof Mentor]

As a dominant Ne, the ENFP Slytherin would find Slytherin to be the best house for their visionary abilities. They like to think big and Slytherin would help them enact their dreams and visions in the best way. In fact, Slytherin might help them concentrate and implement their great ideas when they would have otherwise gotten bored and moved on. While Slytherin can often have a pessimistic feel to it, the ENFP would help lift the spirits of their peers and get them excited about the house’s many possibilities. The Slytherin ENFP upper classmates may be one of the first (along with the ENFJ) to help the younger classmates find their place in the house and help hone the younger classmates’ talents. The ENFP would be a popular mentor figure within Slytherin that the younger ones look up to, the older ones roll their eyes at, and the Slytherin’s in the same years as the ENFP want to party with. The unhealthy ENFP may personify some of the negative aspects of Slytherin and be incredibly self serving. They may grow to hate the other houses and take the rivalry between Slytherin and other houses (especially, Gryffindor) too seriously. 

ENFJ [The Mediator]

The ENFJ may find Slytherin to be the perfect place for them. Their dominant Fe makes them interested in rational social systems while their secondary Ni pushes them to strive to improve and understand that social system and the people apart of it. This need for understanding and improving on a social system could attract an ENFJ to Slytherin because Slytherin is focused on improvement and honing one’s skills to be the best. For the ENFJ who wants to focus on this part of themselves they will blend well into this house. Just like the ENFP they may have a taking to helping others in the house strive to improve themselves and contribute to the house as a whole. Unlike the looser ENFP, the ENFJ might take their job as a “teacher” or “guide” very seriously, trying to help others in the house on their personal journeys to success. Their interest in helping and people as a whole will help make them the glue for keeping Slytherins together and strive to forget one’s personal guffs with one another in order to do things like win the House Cup.  

INTJ [The Magical Theoretician]

An ambitious and academic INTJ can find themselves best helped in Slytherin. Their Ni makes them strive for innovation and the abstract while their Te makes them focus on what can actually be utilized in the real world (if they are using Te properly). The INTJ who wants to focus on creating a new magical theory or coming up with something to simply shake the Wizarding World can find comfort in Slytherin pushing them to implement their ideas into something real and constructive. The INTJ no matter what house they are in will have a harder time than most any other type feeling welcomed and apart of their house. INTJs are prone to isolating themselves and being observers of life rather than players in it. Slytherin may exacerbate that feeling, especially if the INTJ does not use their Te sufficiently. The Slytherin INTJ has to watch out for this kind of behavior, of being in their own minds and thinking themselves better than not just other houses, but their fellow Slytherins. An INTJ Slytherin at their best will go on to great things reinventing what magic means and what being a wizard in this new world means, but an unhealthy INTJ Slytherin can hoard their knowledge never sharing it with us “lessers” spiraling into behavior making them forever unhappy (*cough* Snape *cough*).

INTP [The Acclaimed Genius]

Many assume that an INTP will always be in Ravenclaw and the assumption isn’t off base. But not everyone fits into a perfect box and not all INTPs are Ravenclaws. INTPs whose inferior Fe is escaping them could find themselves in Slytherin. When an INTP’s inferior Fe gets away from them their primary focus whether they want to admit it or not is approval from society, from others. As the INTP is focusing on whatever structure of thought interests them (Ti) and they explore the many possibilities this structure has in the outside world (Ne) they can grow competitive looking for appreciation for all of their work, needing people to affirm how genius they really are. An INTP looking for greatness, for that approval, can find themselves easily in Slytherin. Allowed out of hand this can be a negative thing, but like many things about Slytherin it is all about perspective. The INTP who avoids all possibility of being judged out of fear of rejection or criticism is much more unhealthy than the INTP who lets this need for approval guide them. This Fe push can catalyst the INTP into a house like Slytherin where their ideas can actually be implemented in the outside world for something. That is something INTPs can struggle all their lives to accomplish. But Slytherin can help the INTP with a drive to prove their greatness and show the world what they are made of. 

ENTP [The Obnoxious One]

The ENTP Slytherin may just be the most bothersome Slytherin to the INTJ and INTP. The ENTP Slytherin has the same tendency as the ENFP to help their fellow Slytherin’s achieve greatness, but instead of helping on a person-to-person level like the ENFP (Fi), their focus is met with Ti interests: competition, strategy, critical examination of thoughts, etc. As the INTJ and INTP are working on things the ENTP will be critical of their work constantly poking holes in their work in order to help. The INTJ and INTP may be the most receptive to this, but when the ENTP is unleashed on their fellow Slytherins not of these types they may find their way of helping, of sticking their nose and critiquing their peer’s work isn’t always wanted. The ENTP Slytherin will also irk their SJ Slytherins in their ability to grasp almost all subjects quickly and gaining enough fluency to get by rather nicely in all their classes without the need to truly study and keep their nose in a book. While the SJs have been hard at work tisking that the ENTP Slytherin should be doing their work, looking down at the ENTP. The next day in class they find themselves infuriated as the ENTP wings it and gets if not top marks, pretty damn close. Once the ENTP has grabbed onto a single idea with their Ne and has found their passion, the ENTP Slytherin will blend well with their peers focusing inward instead of outward, and working hard and diligently on their given passion, being consumed by it, probably being stupidly mistaken for an INTJ by that point. 

ENTJ [The Improver]

Like the ENFJ, the ENTJ has secondary Ni and is focused on improvement. But their attention is not on people or social systems. Their focus in much more on objective principles and logical systems themselves. The INTJ will question a magical theory, while the ENTJ will work on improving on the theory that already exists. The ENTJ is all about making systems, even theoretical ones, more efficient in the real world. The ENTJ may not be the top of the class, but they will certainty be the loudest one on top. With their charisma they often can get what they want done, but their coldness at times can turn others off of their plans for success. The drive fore improvement can lead ENTJs to want to be the best, their Te makes them think of the whole over their sense of self as well. The ENTJ will try to take command of Slytherin and make it the absolute best. An ENTJ Slytherin will make sure that the house is organized and a tight ship. Unlike the ESTJ, the ENTJ won’t come to the defense and negotiate between systems and people, but they will improve upon every aspect of how Slytherin is organized and functions. This is something all ENTJs will do no matter what house they are in, but in Slytherin their need for improvement and efficient, to be the best, would be best honed.

Housewarming Party (Daveed x Reader)

PROMPT:In which a housewarming party is held at your new apartment and you figure out if your feelings for a certain cast mate (the handsome Daveed Diggs) are platonic…or not.


AUTHOR NOTE: Here’s another fanfic written by me. A cutesy one because smut is too early to write for me atm right now (unless someone requests it lmao). I hope you like it! The ending is like bleh, and I’ll fix the prompt the description later.


“Jazzy!” you yell from the kitchen. You open the stove to eye the pan of lasagna, where the cheese was slightly bronzing from the heat. “Are you making the alcoholic drinks?”

Jazzy, who was occupied in her room changing, yelled out a quick ‘yes,’ causing you to sigh in relief. You close the stove, removing the mittens that covered your hands and placing them on the granite counter. Eyeing the kitchen, you couldn’t help but think about tonight.

Tonight, you were hosting a house party for the new apartment you were sharing with your fellow cast mate and friend, Jasmine. Getting the apartment was a huge deal, and sharing it with Jazzy made the deal even better. The apartment was what you called an upgrade from your previous one. With a stellar view of the city and enough room to do whatever you wanted, you and Jazzy couldn’t help but feel proud. Before your last show of the week, you were sure to make the announcement in front of the rest of the cast, with Jazzy including the details of the housewarming party. Though you were excited for the rest of your friends coming over, there was one thing you were most excited about –

“Thinking about Daveed?” Jasmine asks, walking out of her room while zipping the back of her dress.

That – Daveed – was what you were most excited about. The (very) tall, (very) curly haired, (very) handsome man was everything that defined dream guy in your dictionary. For the most part, you and Daveed were good friends, occasionally talking to one another before Hamilton starts and when it’s finished. There were the occasional moments where you suspect each other’s more than platonic feelings, but it was hard to tell.While the both of you were on the same page of being friends, sometimes you couldn’t help but admire his soulful brown eyes one day or his full lips the next. While you claim that you have no feelings for the Daveed Diggs, the only person who saw through your act was Jazzy…

… and maybe the rest of the cast, except Daveed.

You expected for someone to tell him about your “quite noticeable feelings,” (according to Jazzy) but Daveed was still oblivious as ever – which is totally fine by you.

The last thing you needed was for your crush to run the hills away from you.

You roll your eyes. “Seriously, Jazzy, I feel nothing towards Daveed.”

Jasmine snorts and opens the fridge to take out a bottle of vodka. She sets it down on the counter and turns to look at with a knowing glance. Everything about her eyes screamed, “seriously,” in bold, capital letters. You scoff, turning away from her scorching glare to turn off the oven for the lasagna. The oven beeps, indicating that you turned it off, and you grab your oven mitts to slide them back over your hands. Opening the oven, you take out the lasagna and place it on the cooling rack.

“Stop giving me that look,” you scoff, ignoring the burning sensation spreading on your cheeks. “The lasagna is ready so it means I’m going to get ready. Don’t go overboard on the vodka.”

Jazzy shrugs, a whimsical glint shining brightly in her eye. “Don’t worry, I won’t. You go. I’ll tell you when your boyfriend is here.”

Oh my – shut up, Jazzy!”

The housewarming party was kicking off to a great start.

The apartment was suddenly full with your favorite people, making the place brighter and warmer than usual. Drinks and plates of food were being passed around while different conversations filled the air. You were sitting on the edge of the sofa, engaging in a lively conversation with Oak and Anthony. Both men were handsomely dressed in what Anthony calls, “causally dapper” attire – meaning jeans paired a shirt underneath a fitted blazer and their best dress shoes.

“I doubt ‘casually dapper’ is a real thing, Ant,” you laugh, sipping your drink.

Anthony looks at Oak, who looks back at him, feigning hurt.

“Did you just hear that bro?!” Anthony exclaims. “She just mocked our style!”

Oak wraps an arm around Anthony, bringing him closer for a hug, which Anthony gladly indulges in. As the situation unfolds in front of you, a giggle leaves your mouth. As soon as you laughed, Oak looks you up and down, his mock hurt still on his face. He quickly releases Anthony from their hug and gestures to his outfit, moving his hand up and down.

“Casually dapper’ is a real thing, Y/N,” Oak says. “You see this outfit baby? This is the real deal. It’ll be a trend, just you wait.”

Before you could retort to Oak’s statement, Jazzy interrupts your conversation. She leans into your ear, winking at her boyfriend, Anthony, simultaneously.

He’s here.”

“Hello, everybody!

At the sound of the deep voice that cuts through the loud room, your heart starts to race. You turn around to see Daveed walking into the living room with a bottle of red wine in one hand. Dressed in what Anthony and Oak would call ‘casually dapper,’ you couldn’t help but slowly drink him in. His curly hair was slightly tame, but still held on to its wild beauty. He was also wearing his glasses, which you loved deeply on his face. Everyone in the room cheers at the sight of Daveed, who makes eye contact with you. You smile at him, ignoring the rush of heat to your face, and wave.

“Hey, it’s my boy Diggs!” Anthony yells, with a wide smile on his face. He was standing near Jazzy, with a protective arm around her waist.

Daveed smiles at him as he walks over to you. He gives you a hug, and you involuntary inhale the cologne he was wearing. While inhaling, you could also smell the cocoa butter that graced his bronzed skin and the topical paradise that came from his hair. You accidentally cling on to him longer than usual, which makes you cheeks burn once more.

“Sorry,” you mutter, dusting off the imaginary lint from your dress. “Welcome to the party.”

Daveed chuckles – an earthy and musical sound to your ears – and shakes his head. “No problem. Thanks for inviting me here.”

You smile and start to walk to the kitchen, where you place the bottle of wine on the counter, releasing a deep breath. It was only Daveed who could make you feel like you were jumping over the moon just to keep cool around him. You groan, trying to push out the recent memory of hugging him too long.

“That was embarrassing.” You mutter under your breath, placing your elbows on the counter and shoving your face in the palm of your hands.

“No, that was entertaining.”

You look up to see Jazzy with her drink and a grin as big as the Cheshire Cat, and groan.

“You take that shit eating grin off your face.”

Jazzy snorts. “And why would I? To see you flustered over Daveed is the second best entertaining thing watch.”

When you didn’t answer, Jazzy sighs and walks over to you. Enveloping you in a big hug, she rocks you back and forth. As comforting as it was, it was didn’t take away your thoughts about Daveed and your latest embarrassing social interaction with him. Normally you could control yourself, but with him looking so handsome tonight, your chances of doing something stupid were greater than infinity – if that was possible.

“I don’t know how to control what I do when I am with him,” you mumble into Jazzy’s dress. “It’s embarrassing.”

“I know,” Jazzy coos. “But look on the bright side, at least you didn’t confess your true feelings to –“

“Hey, can you guys show me where the bathroom is?”

Quickly, you break apart from Jazzy and look at the intruder in your heartfelt conversation. It was Daveed, standing in his handsome glory and eyeing you with a hidden emotion. You smooth out your hair, which was a nervous tick, and look at Jazzy. She was looking at you mischievously, with a smirk played on her lips.

“Y/N would be happy to do it!” she suddenly exclaims. “Right Y/N?”

If looks could kill, you made sure you gave Jazzy a glare that would kill her on the spot.

Sure,” you grit out, and turn to Daveed with a smile. Gesturing for him to follow, you add, “Come this way.”

You lead him down the dark corridor that leads to the nearest bathroom in your apartment. As you walk, you could feel Daveed’s heated gaze on your head, as if you were a loud target. You gulp, feeling slightly self-conscious, as you stop at the door that leads to the bathroom.

“Here it is – mmm!

Hot lips were pressed against yours, taking you by surprise. Though you were surprised, you couldn’t help but relish the rush of tingles and shockwaves that flowed through your body. As Daveed’s mouth moves against yours, you could taste the mint from his lips and the smell of cocoa butter and the tropics filled your senses. Your eyes flutter close, the shock ebbing off slowly as you lose yourself in the kiss. Daveed’s arms snake to your torso, where he pulls you closer to him, your chests touching. Your arms suddenly wrap around his neck, as if you were embracing the happiness in front you. When he pulls away, your eyes were wide open as his big, slightly rough hands cradles the sides of your face. You stare at him, the shock of the Daveed Diggs – your crush extraordinaire – kissing you, still fresh on the brain.

“Jazzy’s gonna flip,” you blurt out.

A beat of a silence passes.

You kissed me.” you add.

Daveed chuckles, his dark eyes brighter than usual.

“It’s what happens when you like someone and you are now sure the feeling is mutual – I overheard your conversation in the kitchen.”

You look at him with confusion. “You heard everything I said?

He nods.

“For a while, I have been having these feelings for you, Y/N. When I was coming by to ask you about the apartment, I heard Jazzy say my name in the kitchen. Eavesdropping is bad, I know, but I couldn’t help it – I heard everything. The restroom was just an excuse to find somewhere private to kiss you.”

Slowly, a smile creeps on your lips. “I’ll give you points for creativity and the surprise factor. Although, the kiss was a little subpar…you might want to try again.”

At the sound of that, Daveed’s eyes darken as a smirk replaces the bright smile on his lips.

“Don’t mind if I do,” were the final words you could hear before he attacked you lips, causing you to dive in a bliss you could never imagine possible.

The clothes make the man

Birthday gift for the lovely @bxdcubes, who deserves it all. I hope you enjoy this, Mar! Happy birthday!

Also, people, NC-17 this one, although I suppose you can skip the sex scene. Apart from that, dorky Stiles a galore, humour and fluff.

The trick to sneaking into a building where you shouldn’t be is to make it seem to all eyes like you should. Stiles has been doing this since he was a little older than toddler and he wanted to get back his Batman action figure from the evidence room in his dad’s Police Station.

(Of course, he got caught that time. He was a kid, what was to be expected? But to all intents and purposes he’s not talking about the after part, but the before. And he got into that evidence room just fine and got his Batman back, so that’s what counts.)

For starters, one has to look the part. And that means clothing and attitude wise, of course. It doesn’t matter if they don a suit if they don’t own it and make it theirs, because they will look like a kid playing with their dad’s clothes and get caught. Apart from that, one has to be able to lie like a pirate while looking innocent like a choir boy if they do get caught. Once one dominates those two aspects, they’re set for success.

Stiles has a three piece suit on, a strut created by the gods and a general I’m-da-boss disposition with a facial expression to match. He also has a very nifty fake identification that he flashes at the guard along with a vaguely superior squint of the eyes (nothing more than that because some security personnel take that as a challenge) that says I dare you to stop me.

He breezes through security.

(Which is good, because he may not be wearing a coat over just lingerie like some girls in the profession, but he’s not wearing any underwear and with the way these trousers fit, Stiles is more than sure that it’s pretty noticeable… which would be a little hard to explain.)

He gets on the elevator and makes sure to keep a calm and unquestionable countenance as the doors close up. There’s a security camera up in the corner and he wishes he could put a hat on, that fedoras where still a thing nowadays… partly because he would totally rock one, partly because that would cover his face nicely. As it is, he has to content himself with using the “paperwork” to cover his features but if things go south and he has to make a hasty retreat, he can always shave off his beard and he’ll be unrecognizable.

(His partner sure will be happy if that happens, because he prefers it when his face is bare and has just been bearing with the change. Stiles needed the beard for this, though, so it couldn’t be helped.)

(Darrows and braiding jokes aside, Stiles doesn’t like having a beard either, to be honest. It’s way to much work to maintain it looking nice and to not let it go over the fence into scruffy lumberack territory. Which, for the record, looks horrible on him because more than a man with a beard it looks like a beard with a man attached. That’s how much the look owns him rather than the other way around.)

The elevator chimes when it reaches the executive floor and Stiles’ eyes dart around quickly, trying to locate any guards and finding none. Mr. Christopher Argent’s office is at the far end of the hall and there’s at least one office in the middle with its lights on, which worries Stiles but not overly much, because despite appearances he’s a pro at being silent when it counts.

And the reward he will get for his services tonight counts a lot. Stiles got really lucky with this one. He’s more than easy on the eyes (fit and handsome) and despite initial appearances he’s not an asshole whose way of getting off is having a capable and attractive looking young man humiliated and licking at his polished and very expensive shoes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if both parties enjoy it, mind you, it’s just not Stiles’ thing and he hasn’t been always lucky in that department.

He pushes himself forward and advances through the spacious and airy hallway, trying to look inconspicuous as he passes one of the lighted offices. There are plants tastefully placed on both sides and a very wide window on the left that extends from Stiles’ elevator’s exit to another one at the far end (locked after office hours) and he has to admit it’s an impressive view. The smell of pine permeates the air but it’s soft enough to not be bothersome. Stiles supposes it comes from strategically placed air fresheners rather than from the actual wooden floors. Overall, the general sensation it provokes is tranquillity and calm, which Stiles finds slightly ironic since this is a high-end lawyer firm.

The overall effect is ruined, though, when a voice comes right from behind him taking with it some years of his life.

“What are you doing here?”

Stiles turns around abruptly, hoping that his expression is more a mild oh-my-you-startled-me rather than a full on holy-crap-you-scared-the-bejeezus-out-of-me or a fuck-I-got-caught-what-crap-should-I-spew-right-now when he recognizes the big boss among bosses, Peter Hale.

Peter “The Wolf” Hale they call him and he sounded pretty pissed off too. Stiles may have just popped a fear boner just now even if the man looks more surprised than anything else at the moment.

“Ah, good night, sir,” he answers amicably. “Sorry if I startled you. Mr. Argent said that he concentrates better when the office is empty and asked if I could accommodate him today. Frankly, I work better at night myself, so I didn’t mind working the kinks over at this late hour.” He feigns looking and then frowning at his paperwork. “As it is, it will probably take us quite a few intense sessions to hash out everything,” he sighs as if put upon, “so I should probably get going. Sorry again for bothering you.”

He’s a little shit, he knows. Stiles has always gotten his kicks out of playing with dogs bigger than he is. More specifically, from looking harmless like a toy poodle and then turning into a wolf when they least expect it or not letting them realize what has happened until it’s over. Either of those two options is just fine, the reactions are always priceless. He knows this bad habit of his will come back to bite him in the ass someday, but what can he say? He’s a man of many vices.

But, oh, one Peter Hale is the top dog among top dogs and Stiles can feel himself pumped up for the confrontation, the battle of wits, the clash of wills… Ok, but he’s getting carried away, back on track, Stiles. But, really? Peter “The Wolf” Hale. If this isn’t a call for him to… Back on track, Stiles! These pants are tailored to fit him to the millimetre, he can’t afford to pop a full boner. And sadly, as it is, he’s already half mast so he needs to take a grip of himself.


(Wrong analogy.)

(Abort, abort, abort.)

(You’re a high class prostitute, Stiles, he reminds himself firmly, be more chill!)

Stiles forces himself to nod casually at the man and to turn around to go towards Argent’s office. There’s a pointed silence at his back that feels like the calm before the storm, but he doesn’t let himself react to it and just continues on.

“And when exactly did he make this appointment?” Peter asks nonchalantly before he can take a single step. Stiles turns back around with wide innocent eyes that would probably work better without the beard but whatever.

“About a week ago?” Stiles hums thoughtfully. “On Tuesday afternoon if I recall well. Why? Is there a problem, sir?”

“Ah, you must be the consultant for the Whittemore case then.” Stiles doesn’t confirm or deny, giddy with the knowledge that this may work out in the end even if it isn’t exactly what he planned in the beginning. “I’m afraid that Mr. Argent has taken some days off due to extenuating circumstances and he failed to inform you. I apologize for that, it was very unprofessional.”

“Oh, no harm done, they were extenuating circumstances, after all.” Stiles waves it off. “We can reschedule for when he comes back then.”

“No need, no need! I’m taking on some of his cases until then, and as it happens, the Whittemore’ is one of them. I can pencil you in right now so I hope this at least makes up for the oversight.”

(Crap, Stiles doesn’t trust that congenial smile one bit.)

Stiles plasters a bland smile on his face as he motions to Peter to lead the way and then, discarding the option of making a hasty retreat and the fun that would entail, he follows behind the man towards the one of the lighted offices. As he enters, he takes stock of the room quickly now that the man’s back is to him.

Peter Hale is clearly a fan of the minimalist trend because it’s a very spacious office with relatively few pieces of furniture and trichromatic (black, white and with silver here and there) in its composition. To the left and over a very tasteful but simple black rug, there’s a sitting area with two black leather couches, a big rectangular glass table in the middle of those and a library with law texts covering the entire wall beside the whole set. To the right, and again over a black but different rug, a slightly classic looking wooden desk (oak maybe?) with one of those ergonomic adjustable leather chairs behind and two other simpler but comfortable seeming chairs at the front. At the moment, there are stacks upon stacks of folders and paper on top of the desk, but seeing that even with that seer number of things on it it’s not in disarray, Stiles can bet that normally the man keeps it scrupulously organized. To finish, there are exactly four plants in the office, one on each corner, and little else in the way of decoration. But then again, the view from the massive window right in front of Stiles is more than enough decoration in and of itself.

“I’ll admit that I’m a little… perplexed by your presence here,” Peter states, voice mild as milk, as he takes a seat behind the desk. He makes an inviting gesture towards the chairs in front of it.

“How so?” he inquires just as silkily as he copies the man and accommodates on his seat. He then plasters a genial smile that is in equal parts amicable and challenging and Peter pauses for a nanosecond before he copies the gesture.

“Don’t take offense but the case is an open-and-shut one.” The man carries on, raising up to the challenge and issuing one of his own, and Stiles has a hard time containing a delighted grin. “Besides trying to get a lighter punishment, there’s not much else we can do when the boy got himself caught on tape doing the deed, so I don’t see what it is that you can… assist us with.”

“Well, and that’s exactly why you need my help,” he points out brightly, taking a pen from a holder on the desk and twirling it between his fingers skillfully. Peter’s smile acquires a dangerous edge and Stiles fights to not squirm on his seat at the wave of heat that it provokes on him. “No disrespect meant, of course, outside perspective and all that, you know.”

Stiles may not know the intricacies of what happened with Jackson Whittemore three weeks ago, but he still does know quite a bit because he buys the newspaper, thank you very much, and the society section is always filled with some incident or another of the upper crust of the city. Whittemore is an insufferable rich kid that is always in an on and off relationship with Lydia Martin because of how much of an asshole he is. However, while Stiles may not be able to stand him because of that shitty attitude, he has to concede that he’s also a generally good best friend to Danny Mahealani, who was frequently targeted because of his sexuality until Jackson started to forcefully shut mouths and not care about if it all ended up plastered on the newspapers or not. All of which leads him to believe that the incident of tree weeks ago outside a gay club (which Stiles has been to before, by the way) is less of a hate crime like the newspapers are selling and more of a Jackson stepping up to defend his friend and having the bad luck of just having had the tail end of it caught by the security cameras. So, all in all, he has enough knowledge of the case and of the inner workings of that club to spend at least a good fifteen minutes talking about it without giving the game away.

“Of course,” Peter answers blandly and Stiles shivers again at the tone before he forces himself to snap out of it. “You’re right. Mr. Argent and I may have missed something these three weeks we’ve been combing through all the evidence. A fresh pair of eyes could be all we need to make a breakthrough.”

Ok, Stiles has the self-preservation instincts of a newborn baby and a self-restraint to match, because he wants to climb Peter Hale like a tree right now. That sarcasm was beautiful.

“Exactly! That’s exactly the spirit,” he replies instead tracing his lips with the cap of the pen. Peter’s eyes follow the movement subconsciously and Stiles fights a smirk.

“And you come highly recommended too, so I’m sure your insight will be… priceless.”

“Well, why lie?” Stiles smiles and bites his lip as if he’s being bashful about how sure he is of himself. “I only leave satisfied customers behind so I’d say I’m well worth my fees.”

“That’s a very bold statement to make,” Peter points out as he leans on his chair with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m sure you understand that there’s a time to be bold and a time to be meek.” Stiles explains as he opens his legs a little further and leans on the armrest slightly. “I can be both, of course, because one has to be versatile in my line of work, but I tend to be more brazen when let to choose.”

“Ah,” Peter smirks and Stiles tenses in anticipation. “I can see that. Being forced to take a meek approach must be difficult for you, then.”

“Well, it’s always hard, of course, but it’s nothing that I can’t handle. I’ve been through harder situations than just having to control my natural urges-” he lifts his hand to tangle with the locks of hair at his nape at the same time that he mouths at the cap, as if in remembrance of something “-for the sake of the completion of a job.”

“That’s very professional, I’ll give you that, but with all due respect I still fail to see how your versatility can be of any use for me.”

“Well, that may be because you also fail to see that I’m not only versatile. I’m flexible, skillful and I have a lot of stamina, so it’s next to impossible to wear me down once I have my sight set on the goal. But then again, I don’t understand why am I here trying to sell my services to you when Mr. Argent already bought them.”

Peter remains silent, his eyes boring into Stiles’ with an intensity that leaves him nearly breathless. Then he rises up from the chair slowly and like a predator stalking his prey, he goes around the desk to stop in front of Stiles, who has to look up to maintain his defiant look.

“So,” he says insolently and nearly grins at the way Peter’s eyes darken dangerously. “How long are we going to draw this out, Mr. Hale? I’ve already told to you that my services are excellent and that you need them, but if you still have doubts I have no problem taking my business elsewhere. I assure you I have people lining up for my services.”

“You have quite the skillful tongue, I’ll give you that,” he replies silkily, as he advances the last couple of steps until Stiles has to lean back to look at his face.

“You have no idea,” Stiles answers cockily as he rises from his seat with as much grace as he can with Peter so close to him. The action leaves their faces at less than an inch from each other. “And that’s something that won’t change since now I’m the one reconsidering this whole agreement.”

And with that, Stiles turns to leave. Before he can take more than two steps, he’s grabbed and turned around. After a few disorienting seconds, he finds himself restrained against the desk with a hand pressing his neck firmly against the wood.

“And what the hell do you think you’re doing, Mr. Hale?” he snaps at the man.

“Well, as you said, your services have already been paid for-”

“By Mr. Argent.”

“Ah, but that’s the crux, isn’t it? Because if he bought your services for the company and this company is mine… I’m sure you can do the math, sweetheart.” Stiles glares at him and Peter chuckles, pulling him up and turning him around so he can press himself against Stiles’ front. Stiles who is still hard as a rock, gasps at the sensation and Peter smiles like a shark. “Besides, I never said I refused your services, I just said I failed to see their usefulness. But at this point, if it’s already been paid for, any use is better than none, right? In any case,” he smirks as he reaches to tangle a hand on Stiles’ hair, exactly at the spot where he had just done the same moments before to provoke Peter, “paid for or not, I have standards.”

“Wha-” Stiles splutters as Peter starts pushing him backwards.

“I like my twinks barefaced, sweetheart, so that scruff has to go if we’re going to make this experience at the very least tolerable.”

The next thing Stiles knows is that he’s sitting on the restroom’s countertop without his jacket and vest and that Peter is right between his legs tutting a subtle insult about his incompetence. He also has his face lathered up and a barber’s knife is touching his neck, brandished by said man. Ah, and the fear boner is definitely there in full swing. Peter may be possibly smirking too. Stiles would entertain the thought of an adequate answer if, well, he wasn’t too busy paying attention to the very sharp knife currently making its way tortuously slow towards his jaw.

“Well, so far I don’t see where the benefit is in here for me,” the man says loftily as he cleans the lather off the blade and Stiles closes his long legs to press him in as hard as he can in his position.

“I’d say you’re enjoying yourself so far, Mr. Hale,” he quips as he rolls his hips.

“It’s been more trouble than it’s worth so far, the way I see it,” the man smirks pressing harder, earning a shuddering jerk from Stiles. Then he retreats to turn Stiles’ face the way he wants it to make another pass and finish shaving him. When he has his face clean, Peter’s finger presses inside his mouth as he muses softly, “skillful tongue, hmm,” before grabbing his necktie and pulling him off the counter so he can turn him around and press against his back. “But I’m sure you will change that. Right, sweetheart?”

“Yes, Mr. Hale,” Stiles grunts with thick sarcasm as he grounds his hips back, trying to get the reins back and failing.

Peter retreats suddenly and since he still has a firm grip on Stiles’ necktie, he has to follow him with as much grace as he can. He finds himself in the sitting area near the library and has to bend awkwardly when the man lets himself fall to sit on the couch without having a care about how he pulls Stiles with him when he does so. His intentions are clear though, when he pulls again and Stiles has to fall to his knees to relieve some of the pressure and this time it’s him between the other man’s legs.

“I suggest you’re thorough, sweetheart, because this is all the help you’re going to get,” Peter states cockily, softening his grip on the tie just enough to give him some space to maneuver.

“Ah, Mr. Hale, but we’ve already established that I’m a professional,” he smirks against his bulge, looking upwards to Peter’s eyes the way he knows every man likes, “so of course I came prepared.”

There’s just a couple of seconds in which Peter stills and his eyes seem to burn with intensity before he’s being pulled up and into the man’s lap. Before he knows it his trousers are down, revealing nothing underneath, which prompts a growl out of Peter. Then he’s being maneuvered into straddling him and fighting to not laugh because this tastes like victory already.

Stiles locks his eyes into Peter’s before he smirks and reaches behind himself to grab him, enjoying Peter’s sharp intake of breath at the action. Then he lowers himself tortuously slow, making sure to pause and squeeze every couple of seconds before resuming his way. By the time Peter is fully sheathed he’s clearly fighting for control if the way his fingers are digging into Stiles’ hips is any indication.

Stiles hums with satisfaction and bites his lip before he smiles challengingly. Then he starts grounding his hips in slow circles, wondering when the man’s control will snap. Peter’s eyes promise a gruesome retribution but Stiles just laughs in his face and makes no move to hasten his pace.

Stiles should have known better.

Suddenly, Peter lets go of his hips to grab at Stiles’ hair and pull his head back with one hand and to slip the other between his butt cheeks. Stiles jerks at the sensation and groans when teeth find his nipple through his shirt.

“You dirty cheater,” he groans biting his lip to prevent a louder noise from escaping him.

“All is fair in love and war,” Peter replies a little out of breath but way more in control that he should have any right to. In response, Stiles tries to go the other route to regain the upper hand and quickens his pace. “Ah, ah, ah,” Peter tutts. “And you where doing so well… Slow it down, sweetheart, there’s no rush.”

Stiles arches and whines softly when Peter presses him tighter to himself, adding another friction to his already overloading senses. He tries to go harder again but Peter’s hold doesn’t let him. He glares at the man and he gets a smirk in response. And no, this is not happening. Stiles is not going to suffer through this indignity alone. Either they both win or they both lose.

With that in mind, he twists his hips sharply, making sure to squeeze as hard as he can. Peter curses, tightening his grip, and Stiles laughs breathlessly.

“Peter,” he whines softly in his ear as he squeezes once again.

Peter curses lowly again, becomes taut as a coiled spring, and jabs a vicious finger in revenge that has Stiles shuddering as much as he is. Then they both collapse gasping for breath.

Several minutes later, Peter huffs a laugh and presses a kiss into Stiles’ sweaty shoulder. “Don’t tell me this is why you were growing that beard.”

“It was completely necessary,” Stiles replies into his neck pouting as he swats at his arm weakly.

“Well, I’ll admit that I enjoyed shaving it immensely,” Peter laughs and Stiles waves a there-you-have-it gesture at him, still too spent to move. “But you’re still a dork, sweetheart.”

“Happy birthday, love,” Stiles murmurs turning to look at him with a loving smile. “I’m sure you’ll love my other present.”

“I will, hmm?” Peter hums before kissing his husband softly. “And what could possibly top this?”

“Well, that’s impossible,” Stiles jokes and Peter snorts, “but I’m sure it comes as close as it could possibly be because I know you’ve been really pissed off about that missing recording.”

Peter freezes.

“As in- How in the hell- You can’t mean Jackson’s-”

“Yeah, that recording,” Stiles says smugly before exploding into guffaws right afterwards at the man’s gobsmacked expression.

(Spolier alert: Peter silences his laughter easily enough.)

If you’ve liked this, I invite you to read it once more now that you know that Stiles was role playing to fully appreciate the extent of his dorkiness XD.

Also, kudos to anyone that got that tiny Stiles dressed as a cop to get his batman figure back and that the only reason he got inside was because everyone was too busy laughing/being surprised/trying to find a camera to record it.

nct dream!kids au

youre their babysitter ok istg (theyre also like 4-8) (and theyre also all related)


-a literal mess omg!!

-tries his best but ends up failing somehow

-cant make a sandwich, ends up blowing up the kitchen

-needs your help for a lot of things but not before he accidentally screws it up himself when he tries to be a big boy!!!

-like one time, you went over to babysit

-and he was a precious angel! said hi and smiled and dragged you to his room to play!!

-everything was fine and dandy until you left the room for a sec and came back to mark upside down hanging from his bed with his toys scattered on the floor when it was in a neat pile before

-dont leave him alone for too long

-dont leave him alone at all omg, hold his hand and take him as your smol useless sidekick

-tries to help take care of the kids with you because he’s the hyung and he needs to have a responsibility! (never ends up doing what he’s supposed to do but you love him anyway)

-falls asleep really easily, is always disoriented when he wakes up from naps

-has his own bed but prefers to crawl in bed with his bff and best brother hae!!!

-doesnt have a teddy bear or any stuffie and falls asleep with nothing in his arms but ends up hugging anything he can grab in his sleep

-it can be hae, a pillow, their pet bunny that manages to escape bc chen forgot to lock it up, it doesnt matter (hae pretends to hate it but it makes him feel warm so he’s lowlowlowlowlowlowlowkey ok with it)


-what a sass master

-youngest sass master youve ever seen

-pickiest eater ever omg

-doesnt like ANYTHING you give him unless it has peanut butter on it

-he’ll make you put peanut butter on pizza

-he doesnt CARE he just wants peanut butter

-such a tsundere omg hates your jokes but loves your smiles (will never admit it)

-stubborn ass kid jesus

-but a cutie so you dont mind!!

-loves his hyung mark but will not hesitate to push him down the stairs for candy

-is always there to give mark bandaids for wounds HE caused

-has to always sit beside you or mark or jisung or jaemin during movies (will not sit still unless he’s with one of you)

-LOVES superheroes

-tried to fly once but just ended up scraping the palm of his hand

-he’s the bandaid guy so he has no one to put a bandaid on him :c

-BUT he has you!!! and mark to the rescue ofc

-mark puts the bandaid on backwards and it accidentally sticks to his hand instead

-haechan doesnt have the heart to tell him and neither do u

-you end up putting the bandaid on hae when mark isnt looking

-reminds you of how cute and perfect he is every 3 minutes hours


-the most talented child you have ever babysat

-will sing the kids to sleep if you asked him to

-will sing YOU to sleep if you asked him to

-sweetest smiles!!!

-total suck up, will do anything to make you happy/smile

-sings around the house, hops everywhere, refuses to stop singing even if jeno threatens to throw his pet bunny on the street


-takes his teddy bear everywhere

-has emotional detachment issues

-loves his parents but lowkey loves his teddy bear more

-highkey loves you more, probably has a cute lil kid crush on you


-buy him stuffed animals and he’ll love you forever

-reallyyyyyyyy likes strawberries

-more than usual

-likes feeding them to his bunny even tho they shouldnt really be eating them

-but it makes the bunny happy so chen is happy!!

-please love him all he wants is for everybody to be happy

-the type to tug on your clothes instead of calling for your name or tapping you to get your attention



-mysterious as heck

-you didnt even notice him the first time you babysat him

-like, their parents came back and thanked you and all the kids came to say goodbye

-and then you just saw renjun there but???

-”omg i didnt even notice you during this whole time im sorry why didnt you say anything?? where were you???”

-and he just responds with “i was in the shadows” right before you leave

-gave you nightmares but you were determined to make him loud and bubbly!!

-so the next time you babysit, you made SURE to find renjun

-took him with you everywhere, so now you have sidekick mark and sidekick renjun

-theyre both useless but in a cute way!!!!

-it takes time but he goes from a chocolate bar left in the freezer for 85 years to a bagel in water!!! (what is this omg)

-still kinda tough but soft and smol at the same time

-doesnt smile often but when he does it’s like a fireball!!! watch out nasa we have a new sun!!!

-small grins and smiles 24/7

-the kids always try to include him in everything bc he may be quiet but they know he’s just shy and can be absolutely insane (in a non ghost-kid creepy way)

-they love him and will do anything he asks bc he never asks for anything usually!!

-the least-needy kid ever


-sly ass lil kid

-probably learns how to flirt from tv shows and uses pickup lines on you

-a sweetheart deep down, cares for you a lot

-will 100000% fight chenle for your heart!!!!

-smile so sweet itll give you cavities but has a lowkey smirk to it so you have to stop him from watching too many tv shows

-follows you around asking you the most dumb questions

-”do you trap people in your phone and talk to them??”

-”jae omg no what the heck ofc not”

-”how do you talk to your friends then??”

-you worry about him a lot

-tries to act tough when he gets booboos

-doesnt like crying and usually doesnt cry when he gets hurt

-BUT when he gets hurt like real bad, he’ll crack

-one time he was running down the stairs chasing jeno

-and he accidentally fell and tumbled down the stairs

-he was ok, no big booboos but his knee got scraped pretty bad

-and *dootdootdoot trumpet sounds* haechan swoops in with bandaids!! (and a HALF hug, gotta keep that tsundere front)

-and as haechan puts like, 3 bandaids on jae’s 1 wound, his lips start quivering and his eyes are tearing up but he cant cry wont cry!! gotta look tough so mark can stop babying him!! so everyone can stop babying him!!

-but then mark hugs him to make up for hae’s half hug and min starts bawling

-chen feels bad too so he hugs jae while mark is still hugging him so it’s a hug-fest!!

-hae reluctantly joins in but only bc he’s hip and with the trends!!! not bc he wanted to hug him or something


-highkey likes learning lowkey likes messing with his brothers

-he likes learning how to make traps and how to successfully prank people

-the annoying smartass kid of the group but nobody minds!! (except haechan bc hes supposed to be annoying and smart!!)

-partners in crime with haechan

-pranks everybody BUT jisung

-everybody has a soft spot for jisung

-starts off with dumb things like whoopie cushions and hand buzzers

-still uses dumb things like whoopie cushions and hand buzzers

-colours pictures as a side job hobby

-quiet and behaved surprisingly when he isnt trying to make you sit on a whoopie cushion

-will eat anything you give him as long as it’s not like, kiwis or something

-hates kiwis with a passion

-will sass you if you try to feed him kiwis

-which makes you seperate him and hae from hanging out for too long

-it never works, they always find a way to navigate back to each other

-you end up just letting him become a sass master in training

-judges your food but compliments your appearance!!

-everything you do is pretty to him

-cleaning up chen’s spilled apple juice?? nO PROBLEM WHAT A CUTE THING YOU ARE

-just dont feed him kiwis, then youre not cute

-really hates kiwis

-like, really really

-will probably slap your hand

-will apologize and hug your hand afterwards

-*cue hae’s eye roll*

-eye smiles all day everyday!!!!


-an actual angel

-youngest and cutest!!

-leader of the cutie sqaud rEPRESENT!!!11!!11!

-probably religiously likes apples

-just imagine him nibbling on an apple

-chen probably really likes him (ONLY WHEN HE’S EATING AN APPLE) bc he reminds him of their pet bunny

-a bit of a crybaby but nobody minds because he doesnt cry on purpose!!

-hurts himself a lot too smh jisung r u having a competition with mark or smth

-but he has spongebob bandaids so “who cares if im bleeding?? i have spongebob!!”

-probably wants to be like, devious and not innocent but cant

-one time, hae and jeno tried to teach him how to prank one of his hyungs but ji just went “i dunno i dont really wanna anymore” all uncomfortable and smol and timidly bc he didnt wanna make hae and jeno upset

-but it was ok!! they took him to the living room to watch spongebob

-dancing machine omg

-like, everybody in the family likes dancing but bOY jisung has such a firey passion for it, it’s insanely cute

-likes candy a lot (but what kid doesnt)

-will most likely sell his soul for candy

-instead of walking around the house, he moonwalks

-nobody has the heart to tell him to stop

-chen almost did once but when jisung smiled real wide when chen called his name, he like stopped and just sputtered out “i have apples”

-the kid that literally does nothing wrong

-you used to be suspicious but not anymore he’s an angEL BEAN

-smol and precious, doesnt like trouble nor does he like loud noises

-yet he enjoys screaming??

-when anything wrong goes down he screams like a siren so everybody knows something is wrong

-he’s practically their fire alarm

nct dream (as a whole)

-puts on shows for you ALL the time

-you were going over to babysit them once but when you arrived you didnt expect a cupcake and a performance!! (their parents told them it was your birthday so they had to be nice to you)

-you didnt even get sassed!! a miracle!!!

-they felt bad that they didnt get you a present so they drew you something instead

-didnt let mark help in fear he’d accidentally set the paper on fire but he was ok with that bc he got to monitor and was on apple juice duty!!

-likes having pillow fights

-you arent about that life so you just sit back and monitor

-jisung doesnt join in but he screams while they fight!!

-he has lungs of steel

-he doesnt join in bc one time he was running around, spinning with a pillow and he accidentally got smacked in the face (dont tell anyone but it was probably mark) and he FLEW BACK


-the room grew quiet and everybody rushed over “omg r u ok???”

-he was ok but no longer particpates, traumatized but also vv thankful bc woah he flew (into a wall but he flew)

-they have pillow fights real often bc it makes renjun happy and he laughs and smiles a lot during them

-pillow fights are BRUTAL

-they have never EVER seen chen so hardcore

-he karate jumps and smacks people in the face

-mark screams and charges headfirst (with a pillow on his head ofc) at everybody

-hae pretends not to care but hits SO hard (as hard as he can with a pillow at least)

-jeno is so good at dodging, so swift it’s scary

-renjun is reallllll quiet so he sneak-attacks people really easly, giving them minor (or major, if youre like, mark) heart attacks

-jaemin pictures everybody as giant, walking kiwis so he screams “I HATE KIWIS” before he runs into the fight blindly, hitting everybody and anybody he can bc deFEAT THE EVIL KIWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-chen doesnt even have a tactic as long as he gets to hit someone he’s ok

-there’s really no prize so idek why these losers are so competitive

-HOWEVER no matter how much they fight and no matter how competitive they are, they ALWAYS have each other’s back

-like this one time, hae was getting bullied and it all started like thiS *dramatic flashback*

-they all walk home together and instead of being loud like usual, hae was just really quiet and didnt join in the conversation

-so mark the responsible hyung!!! noticed and was like “what’s wrong hae??”

-and he didnt respond so ren, jae, and jeno answered for him

-”that kid in our class said he was loud and annoying”

-”WHERE DOES HE LIVE I’LL HURT HIM” -mark 0.1 seconds after hearing that

-the next day at school, the dream team (im calling them that from now on) confronted the kid and mark went iN


-like, jae and ji got a lil bit offended at the bowl cut comment but iT WAS FOR HAE SO THEY DIDNT CARE

-mark is a third grade SAVAGE

-made the kid cry

-all while hae was hiding behind jeno and jisung (jisung was too short to hide him but like w/e)

-the kid apologized with like snot and tears running down his face

-hae lowkey laughed really hard

-they all got in trouble after

-jisung for sneaking out of kindergarten

-mark for roasting yelling at the kid

-everybody else for being his sidekicks

-their parents couldnt even yell at them bc they were so touched

-do NOT bring these kids to the grocery store

-not altogether

-if you do, youll get kicked out of the grocery store in 0.3343 seconds

-jisung wants EVERYTHING in the store

-hae complains every 2 minutes

-they fight over who gets to sit in the cart

-jisung, mark, hae, and jeno share a room

-jae, chen, and ren share a room

-during nap time, they all end up in one room or another tho

-they kinda hate each other (bc that’s how siblings are!!) but if given the chance to be put in another family, none of them would even THINK about it

-theyre all a mess but that’s how the dream team works!

anonymous asked:

20 w luke please??? Thanks x

20: Of course you’re dating the person you told me not to worry about.

You know when you go the extra mile for something just to realize it’s probably not nearly as exciting to other people as it is to you yeah that’s how I feel like this is gonna be lmao but I hope someone likes it.

Word Count: 1624

“Ashton, turn that shit off,” Luke calls from the front counter, laughing despite his aggressive request.

A-Ha’s “Take On Me” blasts over the music store’s sound system, so loud it almost drowns out Ashton’s voice from the storage room when he shouts back, “You can’t kill the 80s, Luke!”

“I can kill you,” Luke lightheartedly threatens, unlocking his phone in search of a pastime. Business is slow this afternoon. Not that it’s particularly booming any other day, but usually someone who still believes in records would’ve come in and shopped around by now.

The next song selection doesn’t veer from the decade, but the genre is one that Luke can at least tolerate. Ashton comes out of the storage room bearing what looks to be a heavy box and heaves it onto the counter, dust literally exploding off of it.

“What’s that?” Luke asks.

Ashton peels apart the flaps and peeks inside. “Old VHS tapes,” he says, digging one out. It’s a copy of The Breakfast Club in its original cardboard sleeve. “Boss wants us to start selling them again.”

“Oh, great,” Luke mocks excitement, knowing they’re never going to get rid of them. He takes The Breakfast Club from Ashton’s hand and reads the back of the case.

As Ashton begins unloading the movies, the store’s entrance brings forth the first customer of the day. He glances up in the middle of his task, a strange noise getting caught in his throat when he realizes who’s just walked in.

“Don’t look now,” he mumbles to Luke.

But Luke, of course, does look now.

“Oh, great,” he repeats even lower, disappointed by a sight he’s been trying to avoid.

Your body freezes when you see Luke behind the counter, unaware that he would be working today. Your initial instinct is to turn right back around and leave before someone causes a scene, but the boy whose fingers are woven between yours doesn’t quite get the memo. Cameron, someone you’ve just recently become official with, knows about your history with Luke but doesn’t feel like there’s anything to be ashamed of since he’s the one who won.

With a red face you’re led to the counter, overly conscious of the glare that Luke hasn’t stopped burning into you. In your fist you ball and release the extra material of your sweater’s long sleeve, using the repetition to calm yourself down.

Cameron acknowledges both Luke and Ashton as if this isn’t the most awkward situation that’s ever happened. You notice that he talks mostly to Luke as he describes what he’s looking for, an obvious effort to make him squirm.

But Luke knows better than to lose his temper while he’s under surveillance at work. The punk is here for a cajon, and although instruments aren’t something they sell much of, they do have a dwindling stock somewhere in a separate section of the building.

“Ashton’s a drummer,” Luke bluntly points out, “He can help you with that.”

“Absolutely!” Ashton says with exaggerated enthusiasm, ready to part from the tension. He walks around the counter and gestures for Cameron to follow him.  

Cameron tries to, but when you stay put and slide your hand out of his, he’s taken aback.

“You go ahead,” you insist. “I was gonna look for that Pink Floyd album, remember?”

He’s hesitant to leave you in the same room with the boy you dated prior to him, but with a little more encouragement from Ashton, it’s done. The last thing you hear from the pair before they disappear into another room is Ashton for some reason asking Cameron if he likes 80s music.

Now that they’re gone, you have enough courage to face Luke fully. He’s taken up the position of leaning his elbows on the counter, his hands folded in front of him, his knuckles looking pale and cold.

“Hi,” you say timidly.  

He doesn’t respond even though he’s looking right at you.

“I didn’t know you’d be… You don’t usually work Saturdays.”

“Schedule changed.”

You rub your arm apologetically. “I should’ve called ahead or something.”

“No one does that.”

He apparently doesn’t want to make this easy. You can’t say you blame him.

“So… we never really talked about me and Cameron,” you feel mean having to say those words to Luke of all people. Me and Cameron.

“What’s there to talk about?” He straightens up, trying hard to sound as if he doesn’t care.

“Well I imagine you’d be kind of angry..”

“Angry?” Luke exerts a laugh that’s barely a laugh at all. “I’m not angry, Y/n; I’m not even surprised. Of course you’re dating the person you told me not to worry about.”

“Don’t say it like I’ve planned this all along,” you fight back, offense setting in. “We broke up and it just happened.”

“Happened pretty fast don’t you think?” he asks bitterly. Now quieter, he says, “Tell me the truth. Did you sleep with him while we were together?”

“No!” you emphasize a point that you’re tired of trying to make. “I never even thought of him like that when I was with you.”

“Sure,” Luke mutters.

You sigh. You don’t want Luke to hate you, but what else are you supposed to do if he won’t believe blatant honesty?

“Can you just show me where you keep the Pink Floyd albums?” You cross your arms in defeat.

“Haven’t you been here enough times?”

“Haven’t you heard of Yelp?” It’s a spiteful low blow, but he started it.

Fed up with this confrontation, Luke begrudgingly leads the way to the rock aisle. Your love for this type of music is what crossed your path with his in the first place, your cute self wandering into his shop over a year ago on the hunt for Aerosmith’s Permanent Vacation, a title and day that branded themselves into the region of Luke’s brain responsible for long-term memories.

On the way to the bin labeled “P”, Luke decides to show off his expertise by suggesting some other albums that might interest you. He stops before the “B” bin and scans its content for Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet, handing the flat square to you and recommending Song 2. You read the back, discovering it to be none other than the crowd favorite “You Give Love a Bad Name”.

You roll your eyes, but aren’t given the chance to respond when another album is shoved into your arms, this one from the Guns N’ Roses department, along with high appraisal of Song 8. You flip the case to find the track list, cringing at the print “Back Off Bitch” following the advocated number.

The trend continues, Luke expressing his disdain for you via songs recorded by your favorite artists, adding albums that contain Led Zeppelin’s “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” and Nazareth’s “Miss Misery” to the pile of vinyl in your hands before finally making it to the destination. You’re sure Luke could find a way to slip in one last insult with a band that starts with “P”, but he seems to have burned up all of his fuel.

You set everything you’re holding in between two bins, freeing your hands for your own mission. The Pink Floyd album you desire is easy to find; you tuck it under your arm for safe keeping but don’t go to check out just yet. Luke watches as you continue to skim the container, flipping the covers one by one, making your way toward the front. His brows furrow when he sees you pull out something by Pearl Jam, recognizing the artwork from his copy at home.

You don’t stop there, though. Your fingers dance their way through the bins to the left and right, following the alphabetical pattern accordingly. Two more records, one from Oasis and one from Queen, are plucked from their brothers and sisters and combined with the one from Pearl Jam. You rearrange the order as you stack them on top of one another, making all the sides line up neatly when you deliver the trilogy to Luke. He looks at them, puzzled, awaiting instruction.

“Four, eight, the, nine,” you say the way you would any other sentence, like the punchline to the old ‘Why was six afraid of seven?’ joke.

Ashton and Cameron have reappeared to the main floor, carrying with them a wooden box that is for some reason considered musical. With one last indefinable glance at Luke, you take your Pink Floyd album and join them at the counter to add it to the grand purchase.

Luke remains where he is, casting down at the items in hand, repeating four, eight, the, nine in his head out of fear that he might forget the sequence. He works up the courage to flip the top record over, bracing himself for whatever comeback you angrily repaid him with.

He reads the title of the fourth song down the list of Oasis’ (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, but it doesn’t make sense standing on its own. He goes on to the next, Pearl Jam’s Riot Act, and finds the eighth song on that list, but it still doesn’t complete the thought. Last but not least is the ninth song on Queen’s A Night at the Opera, and to both his relief and expense, that’s when it all finally comes together.

Luke’s wide eyes shoot up, desperate to find you only to be devastated with the realization that you’ve already left the store. That you’ve already left with Cameron. He tightens his grip around the album covers, suddenly feeling a powerful urge to break them in half or smash them against the ground.

(4) Don’t Look Back in Anger, (8) You Are, the, (9) Love of My Life

Writing Prompts


What clothing style EXO would prefer for their s/o (With Pictures)

So the pictures are only of female clothes, sorry. If you want me to do it for male clothing I will just at the time I didn’t have wifi so finding pictures used up my data and since the majority of followers are female (as far as I’m aware) I figured that just doing female would be better than just male.

P.S. Don’t ever let your partner dictate how you dress, you should only ever dress for yourself, screw what anyone else thinks

- Admin Kain


I feel like Baekhyun would prefer his significant other to dress comfortably but for it to also be apparent that they have made an effort and take pride in their appearance. Whether it be preppy, punk or girly I feel like Baekhyun would appreciate it if his significant other put their own spin on what they wear and really make it their own.

Originally posted by sebaeked


Chanyeol would prefer for his significant other to dress confidently and fashionably, whether it was following trends or setting them Chanyeol would appreciate someone who can really put together an outfit and wear it with confidence, always taking the time to make sure they look their best.

Originally posted by ohhsenshine


Jongdae doesn’t strike me as the type to care too much about how his significant other dresses. I feel like all he would ask is that however his significant other dresses is in a way that is comfortable for them and that they are happy with and if this is the case he would be happy with that.

Originally posted by purpleuhan


Kyungsoo isn’t one who cares so much for fashion so he would prefer for his significant other to dress in a way that is comfortable for them but would appreciate it if their significant other cared about their appearance enough to at least try and be well-dressed, he would also prefer though that when the time arises if his significant other needs to dress up they can.

Originally posted by dohkyungcutie


Jongin is someone who always seems to make an effort to look well put together and dress fashionably and I think that his significant other would definitely need to be the same. Whether it was just jeans and trainers or formal wear it needs to be styled in a way that looks chic and fashionable like his own styling.

Originally posted by jngn-km


Yixing I feel would have a preference for his significant other to look well put together no matter how they were dressed. Even the most simple, comfortable outfits can look nice and Yixing would definitely appreciate his significant other taking time to make sure that they always look presentable .

Originally posted by laygion


Sehun is a little fashionista so similar to Jongin I feel he would definitely want a significant other who can keep up and if they can’t he will probably take to styling you himself. Sehun would appreciate his significant other either following or setting trends and always dressing in a way that makes them feel comfortable yet confident and empowered.

Originally posted by laygion


I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Junmyeon is always dressed so well, like seriously whoever is stylist is, is my new favourite person. Junmyeon’s significant other would definitely need to emulate this. Whether it is with bold, statement pieces or whatever the trend is right now I feel like Junmyeon’s significant other would be someone who always looks fashionable and put together.

Originally posted by kingjunmyeonn


I feel Minseok would really appreciate a significant other who takes risks with fashion but always dresses and styles themselves nicely. Someone who knows what kind of looks and pieces work for them and likes to experiment around with these types of styling to always try and look their best but also fresh and new.

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

A Document Based Question is a major part of the AP History exams in the Spring.  If you have not heard of a DBQ, then you are a very lucky human being.  A DBQ takes a lot of work to refine, as the College Board has a set list of items they are looking for in each essay.

It’s easier to explain now, though, because the College Board as done something smart.  They have made one universal rubric for each AP History course.  Last year the rubric depended on which course you took, making some easier(AP World) and some more difficult(AP American or APUSH).  I haven’t seen too many how-tos regarding DBQs, so I figured it was time someone wrote one up.

Analyzing the Documents

The board says it should take fifteen minutes to read and analyze the documents.  The way I see it, that’s not nearly enough time.  It doesn’t take most people fifty-five minutes to write a five paragraph essay.  So, take the extra time to really analyze the documents and figure out what you get out of each one.  My AP European History teacher said something fabulous today about how one should analyze.  This will honestly stick with me.

“Who the heck is writing it?”

“What the heck is it about?”

“Why the heck are they writing it?”

Boom.  You have your analysis.  The why is often what most people struggle with, naturally.  What is their motive behind writing the document, what does the writer get out of it?  If it’s a noble, they are likely trying to preserve their rights and privileges.  Also, the College Board typically has buzzwords they like to see in essays.  It has been found by some of the Seniors in my school that the word “naturally” is a major buzzword in a DBQ.  It is also a way to think of point of view when you’re struggling.  They are ____ so naturally, they ___.”

Another essential part in analyzing is grouping.  There are many different ways to group documents, but it will help you to write your essay.  If you have to analyze a debate, try “for”, “against”, and “neutral/unbiased”.  Maybe if you were discussing the change in a country or the impact of an event on a country/region, try “economic change”, “political change”, and “social change”. 

Writing A Thesis

Theses are essential to essays, especially DBQ essays.  DBQs are worth 7 points, and make up 40% of the overall AP test grade.  If you miss the point for an “acceptable thesis”, then you’ll likely miss five of the other six points as well.  What is a good history thesis?  It doesn’t have to be five sentences, it can be clear and concise in two sentences.  A thesis needs to include a sense of time(when the event in the documents is happening), preview the groupings you had defined, address each part of the question, and provide evidence to what you’re claiming in your thesis.

Don’t spend too long on the thesis, but make it strong.  Be able to support it with the rest of your essay.  Some people like to leave space to fill in the thesis afterwards, to really make sure the thesis matches the essay, but I prefer to center the essay around the thesis statement.  As my AP teacher says so frequently in regards to the thesis, “get in and get out”.

Outside Evidence vs. Contextualization

The College Board’s rubric says you need at least one point of outside evidence and one for contextualization.  What is the difference between the two?  Not much.

Outside evidence is basically contextualization without a lot of depth.  If you were discussing the unification of Italy or Germany, then discuss how nationalism was growing in the 1800s.  AP History courses are all about following and identifying trends.  Outside evidence is a place for that.

Contextualization goes beyond just spitting out a trend in that time period.  It’s take a fact, a trend, and building upon it.  Adding it to the argument or point you are trying to make.  Again, discussing the debates on a unified Italy or Germany, you could mention the obsession in Europe with a balance of power.  A new country with a strong military and government could potentially break that balance of power, something a lot of people in Europe were against and afraid of.

Technically you only need one of each.  However, if you add more throughout the essay, it’s likely you’ll be better off.  This is on the chance that the College Board doesn’t accept one of your statements as outside evidence or contextualization.


Why use big words like this?  To scare high schoolers, that’s why.  What you are doing in synthesis is providing a context for the argument or point being made.  Show connections between a past or present time period, event, or theme.  This should be a couple of sentences of explanation, though again, don’t spend too much time on it.  Synthesis is only worth one point.

Again, we’re taking with the unification of Italy or Germany.  Why?  Because I just finished one on this, that’s why.  You can synthesise the unification and feelings of nationalism to the era of totalitarianism.  The 1800s was a time of high nationalism, and this nationalism in Italy and Germany held all the way to the time of Mussolini and Hitler in the 1930s.

The Rubric

Okay, here’s what everyone really wanted to see.  Here is the breakdown of the seven points given to a DBQ.  Keep in mind that the national average is a four on DBQs.

Acceptable Thesis - 1 point

Supports Thesis Convincingly - 1 point

Makes use of all(or all but one) of the documents - 1 point

Explains point of view in at least 4 documents - 1 point

Provides contextualization - 1 point

Provides an example of evidence beyond the documents - 1 point

Extends argument by providing synthesis - 1 point

Honestly, don’t stress.  The more you stress about the DBQ the worse you’ll do.  Just take a deep breath.  The best thing you can do is practice.  If you can’t find any online, ask your teacher for example DBQs to do, even if they’re on the old scale.  Just to get used to writing them.  Keep in mind that you’ll have 1 hour and 30 minutes to read the documents and write the essay, so try timing yourself as you do them.  Also, if you guys want, I have an outline from my AP teacher to use when analyzing documents and prepping your essay.

Recognizing the Inferior Function in ENxP

[ quick switch: ISxJ | INxJ | IxTP | IxFP | ExTJ | ENxP | ExFJ | ESxP ]

(excerpts from Was That Really Me? by Naomi Quenk)

Important Features of Dominant Extraverted Intuition

ENTPs and ENFPs have a passion for new ideas and especially enjoy the pursuit of possibilities in the world.They prefer what might be to what is, approach the outer world with trust and optimism, and see the environment as welcoming, safe, and exhilarating.They are bored by facts, details, and repetitive activities, especially those that are irrelevant to their current interests.However, an incoming fact may stimulate their intuition and lead to new theories or models.

Extraverted Intuitive types seem to have a natural trust in the environment as supportive of all things possible. They may therefore ignore sensory data that might portend danger or take risks that others might avoid. As a rule, new challenges are more appealing to them than what is known and verified.They have an uncanny instinct for spotting trends and future developments, often before others are even mildly aware of them. Some may, in fact, predict future programs or outcomes and be told they are really “out in left field.” Months, sometimes years, later they may see those ideas come into their own.

Their enthusiasm for a current project can be so compelling that they may be oblivious to time and energy limitations, often ignoring their own and others’ needs to take breaks from the activity for food and rest. At an extreme, they may become so physically run down that they are forced to stop their work or risk serious illness.

ENTPs and ENFPs tend to enjoy the company of like-minded Intuitive types and may be somewhat disdainful of their opposite types, finding them drab, predictable, and conventional.They may see Introverted Sensing types as overconcerned with health, safety, and comfort. Their noninferior mode of responding to mild or moderate crises can verge on the dramatic, sometimes accompanied by a wealth of either affect or critical intensity that may seem excessive to others.

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Jehanparnasse | Day Six | Modern AU | 2ks

Pre-relationship Jehanparnasse. Mostly an excuse to write the members of Patron-Minette as roommates because I love that concept way too much

Jehan was sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the dreary buildings, their tie-dye hoodie almost drawing a target on their back. When Eponine had specified “bad neighbourhood”, Jehan had never pictured it to be that bad. They weren’t one to judge, but you know things are bad when Eponine Thénardier herself tries to discourage from you hanging out somewhere. Still, Jehan walked on. They had an important errand to run and they wouldn’t let themself be intimidated by a few tags and onlookers.

The stairwell of the building they entered had not seen a broom for at least a decade. Overhead, the neons lights were winking at them, casting a gloomy light worthy of a cheap horror movie. For a second, Jehan thought about what Enjolras would say if he came down here, how enraged he would be. They were enraged too. They took a mental note to mention that during the next ABC meeting, but it wasn’t why they had come.

Second apartment on the third floor, that’s what Eponine had said. “There’s a huge indent on the door. Unmistakable.”. Unmistakable indeed. Suddenly nervous, Jehan swallowed hard and plunged their hands in the front pocket of their hoodie. It’s just a courtesy visit, they kept telling themself. It wasn’t weird, right? Why would it be weird? The plain door was staring back at them, daring them to knock. They did, though timidly. For the longest time, no one answered. Then, heavy steps rose from behind the panel and the door creaked open.

“What d'you want?”

The man standing before them was about twice their height and four times their weight, all in muscles that would have put Bahorel to shame. Gueulemer, no doubt. Jehan flashed their softest smile. After all, elephants were scared of mice, weren’t they?

“Is Montparnasse here?”

Gueulemer frowned, his eyebrows drawing menacing lines.

“You’re a cop?”


“That’s what a copper’d say.”

Jehan looked down at themself, wondering what about them screamed “cop” so badly. They’d never seen a cop wearing hoverkicks before. In absence of an answer, Gueulemer was already closing the door.

“No, wait!” Jehan exclaimed. “I’m a friend of Eponine’s!”

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And Bear-O Is His Name-O

Thousands of years later, one of Mabel’s reincarnations accidentally gets into their guard’s notes and summons Alcor the Dreambender. It coincides with the return of Bear-O as a historical educational doll. The guard returns to see Alcor shrieking like a smol child while their tot cackles.
We are forever here for Dipper the big scary demon screaming like a smol bby

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Sometimes, it seemed like everything went in cycles. Names, traditions, media tropes, fashion – everything, all the way down to toys.

And lately, it was the no-tech toys that were all the rage. No electronics, no magic, just cloth or rubber or plastic, toys that the kids had to do all the work with. Historical toys from yesteryear.

The year, the toy to have was one that no adult really understood, one that had already had protests made over it, but that kids seemed to go mad for – or because of. It was a bit hard to tell over all the crying, sometimes. About half loved it, and the other half ran in terror.


Even the creator, who had designed the bear from historical records and faded photographs, didn’t understand how his creation had gotten so popular, though he enjoyed the money that came in even if he didn’t enjoy the scandal.

He’d intended the toy as a historical prop, a way to help kids connect to how things used to be, how terrifying the supernatural could be, complete with short books and hints for making the toy look like it was talking, and the kids had latched onto it fiercely.

Bear-O, with his ratty coveralls, his one snaggle tooth, his walleyes, was popular despite all the adults protesting that it would give their children nightmares, despite (or maybe because of) their reluctant admittance that it gave the adults nightmares.

Some kids even chose Bear-O to keep the nightmares away on the basis that he was scarier than most of their nightmares.

It made as much logic as anything else.

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Remember Me

Summary: After a fight with Louis, Niall goes to the store to make his boyfriend happy, after several hours Niall still hasn’t returned home. Nothing will prepare the boyfriends for what is to come.

Word Count: 3,300

Warning: Swearing

Disclaimer: I do not own One Direction or the name. This is pure fiction.

Enjoy Guys :) xx


            “Are we really going to watch Batman again?” Louis states adding in an eye roll, “we’ve watched it like a million times.”

            “It’s my turn to pick, and batman is my favorite so you don’t get a say,” Liam teases bopping Louis on the nose.

            They boys were finally off for three full months until they were needed back for Where We Are tour rehearsals, and they were planning on getting as much time to themselves as possible.

            Zayn settles in the couch right next to Louis, “be nice,” moving in to press his lip against Louis ear, he whispers, “I’m not happy either, but it’s his turn.”

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anonymous asked:

I know requests are closed but damn you gotta write something about that. I hope you feel inspired.

So I accidentally deleted a request regarding the events that took place on July 6, 2014, or what I like to call Pussygate ‘14, that said something along the lines of reader being Harry’s girlfriend and getting upset about the whole thing, so I’m just gonna tack it onto this and it’ll hopefully encompass all the feels generated by what happened on that fateful day.

Also it’s really late so I’m going to leave this un-proofread until tomorrow, if you find horrible typos I apologize. Ah, okay enough of my rambling here you go, enjoy :)

The news broke when you were out with Lou and a couple of other girls from the crew that you’d bonded with while on tour with Harry, halfway through a light dinner while your boyfriend and the rest of One Direction prepared for their set to start within the hour.  It began with a flurry of sudden Twitter notifications on your phone, something you weren’t particularly unused to being Harry’s girlfriend, and you ignored them at first to avoid being rude to your friends. It soon became too much, though, and you checked your phone just to figure out what it was, and within reading a couple of tweets you’d paused in the middle of your sentence, fork frozen halfway to your mouth.

“What the…” Lou asked you what happened, a concerned look in her eye, but you couldn’t say anything, literally could not form words. Instead you push your phone into her face, sitting still and shocked while she soon figures it out, along with the other girls peeking over her shoulder.

“Oh….my God!” Lou exclaims,  laughter bubbling up in her throat as she turns her wide eyes to you. “What was he thinking?!” You shake your head, watching your dinner companions began to dissolve into laughter.

"Oh….oh, sweetie, I’m so sorry,” Angela, a tall brunette that works on the boys’ fashion team, tries to give you an apology through her giggles. “I don’t mean to laugh but…”

“It’s just so ridiculous! Harry is so damn ridiculous!” Lou blurts out before officially giving herself over to her amusement, and soon you’re trying very hard to laugh as convincingly as possible along with them.

It’s not that you don’t see the humor in it, you do, especially when Angela finds the trending topics and starts to read some of the best jokes the fans have made, and some of them even make you genuinely chuckle. No, you don’t fail to see why your friends and half the world are laughing at the situation; it’s that you can’t get the image of Harry staring at that woman’s naked body. It’s that apparently the picture was far enough on her page that Harry would have had to have been sifting very thoroughly through her explicit tweets to get to it. It’s that, although you aren’t naive and you would never begrudge him a look at some porn and a wank when he’s been on the road and away from you for weeks, he’s been too tired for anything more than cuddles for over a week and now you can’t shake the terrible and nauseating feeling that Harry’s desire for you is waning.

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A Guide On How To Properly Promote Your Roleplay

The roleplaying community has changed and is always changing. We’ve gone from complex apps and literate roleplays to appless roleplays and roleplays that die out quickly. It seems rare now to find a roleplay that lasts past a month, and sometimes roleplays don’t even get off the ground because they don’t get the apps that they need. Sometimes though, it’s not the type of roleplay you’re trying to open or keep active, nor are you completely doing things wrong as an admin. A lot of it comes down to promoting. I give opinions a lot and see shoutouts and the like come through my inbox, and the first thing that always strikes me and is my biggest complaint is that people don’t know how to promote anymore. Now, I’m not an expert, but I did have a roleplay that originally lasted around two years and a roleplay before that that lasted nearly a year. I like to think that I’ve done something right in order to keep them around for that long. This is a guide for admins who are just starting out and are unsure how to promote, and it’s for veteran admins who might not know what they’re doing wrong. Really, this is for admins in general. Do yourselves a favor – take some tips and tricks from this and prevent your roleplay from dying out. Give it a fighting chance – I’m going to show you how to do just that if you keep on reading. This includes image examples that you can follow in order to create your own promos as well! If you found this useful in any way, give it a like and reblog, and spread the knowledge around to help other admins out!

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That one night - Bechloe Fanfic

Beca was tapping away on her phone, looking through articles, and music updates. She would open and close applications, hoping for something to change. Nothing. It seemed like the world was asleep. She sighed in disappointment, setting her phone aside to try and sleep. It wasn’t easy. She closed her eyes, but would open them again to an empty bed. Her first night alone. She didn’t particularly get along with her roommate, but at least she decided that, as racist as it may seem, her Asian roommate would defend her with some form of martial arts.
Beca turned over, hoping that looking at the wall would distract her from the reality of her current lonesome predicament.
She closed her eyes once more and jolted. She turned back around, certain that allowing someone to creep up on her would make it come true. She wasn’t always like this, but the late hour, and how she basically has no friends or family around is a little terrifying.
She grabbed for her phone again, and to her unsuspecting eyes noticed a new message. Chloe.

Chloe: are you asleep?

Beca decided that better talk to the redhead than spend a night in worry. She may distract her enough to fall asleep.

Beca: can’t sleep?

She needn’t exclaim she was awake after all of she’s responding. No. Too smart for that. Yet still believes in monsters.

Chloe: Aubrey just got home, with her date…

Beca: yikes. Didn’t realise Aubrey ever got any.

Chloe: oh, more than most.

Beca: doesn’t explain why she’s high strung. Hate to see her on a dry spell.
Beca: not used to it by now?

Chloe: used to my friend’s O noises? No 🙈

Beca: I have a spare bed if you want to crash here.

Ok maybe sending that invitation was a bit presumptuous. Her roommate was bound to find out. But this way Beca wouldn’t be alone… So

Beca: my roommate is away.

Chloe didn’t reply for a while. Beca thought she may have gone to sleep and lost her chance of getting any rest of her own.

Chloe: you sure?

Beca: yes

The relief alone was defining enough. Beca wanted someone here with her.

It didn’t take long for the redhead to come over. Beca made a point to change her roommates bedsheets with hers. Avoid any potential arguments. The knocking on the door was welcomed by a ready for bed Beca.

On the other side, Chloe stood in an ensemble that may make any of the guys on their floor stare. So without a second thought, Beca pulled her in.

“Hi to you too,” Chloe giggled as Beca shut the door. “I brought some ice cream.”

Beca challenged this with a quirked brow.

“Figured we could make the most of us being wide awake,” she offered a spoon to Beca before taking out a tub of Ben and jerry’s from her bag. “We could talk, share secrets…”

“You’re going to crack me over ice cream and… Candles?” Beca watched in amusement as Chloe set up a candle on her desk.

“To start,” Chloe offered easily as she sat on Beca’s bed and started working on the ice cream.

Beca joined her, and easily took a scoop for herself. “Aubrey still getting it on?” Beca found herself asking, not really caring but just making conversation.

“Possibly.” Chloe tapped her spoon against lips as she pondered over what she heard. “I left to what I believe is her faking it…”

Ouch. “Poor guy,” Beca sympathised. It wasn’t easy to please someone like Aubrey. In any way.

“How come you’re not shaking up with a guy?” Chloe pointed out. “I would have totally had guests whenever my roommate from my freshman year wasn’t around.” Chloe flirtatiously added, staring at Beca knowingly.

“I do have you,” Beca fired back, winking all the same in her most awkward way, making the redhead giggle.

“That you do,” Chloe took another spoonful of ice cream. Busying her mouth from blurting out the 101 questions running through her mind. Beca wasn’t exactly the easiest person to open up.

“Where’s the shower guy?” Beca asked this time around. “Why aren’t you with him?”

“Tom is away…” Chloe clarified by stating his name. “He’s with his family or something I don’t know…” Chloe shrugged, not showing any real interest.

“You’re a pretty chilled girlfriend for not knowing where your boyfriend is,” Beca added teasingly, which made Chloe laugh. It wasn’t that funny though, so Beca just watched the redhead contain a spoon of ice cream as her body shook with laughter.

Once she finally calmed down she looked at her inquisitive friend and cleared her confusion. “Tom isn’t my boyfriend, we just had fun a couple of times together…” Chloe leaned pretty close to Beca at this. “They say college is the best time to try different things.”

“I seem to hear that often,” Beca retorted, hoping the awkward isn’t showing on her face.

“Ice cream done, how about a movie?” Chloe offered.

“I can think of a hundred better things to do than a movie,” Beca whined as she got up to throw away the empty tub. She barely made it back to the bed on her own before Chloe tugged her over. She stumbled ontop of the redhead and without much warning was met with soft lips to her own.

“Woah,” Beca backed up a little. “I didn’t invite you here as a booty call,” for some reason Beca could only think of the miscommunication on her part.

“I know,” Chloe giggled at how flustered Beca got. “But I really wanted to do that…” She shrugged nonchalantly.

“Oh… And?” Ok so following their trend of conversation Beca was bemused by the little abnormal things she found out about Chloe. Abnormal by her definition being social in any form let alone sexual active.

“I didn’t exactly get much of it but it was nice,” Chloe admit. “You’re cute,”

“I’m not cute!” Beca scoffed indignantly as she continued to stand across from Chloe.

“It’s better than watching a movie,” Chloe offered as she patted the space beside her.

“Making out?” Beca needed to confirm on this.

“If it stops there,” Chloe didn’t know where most of this was coming from. She blames it on the hour, and the lack of her own action, and the fact other people around her were getting it. Plus, Beca was cute and attractive and definitely her type or she wouldn’t be feeling this hot and bothered being next to her.

“This is weird,”


“You’re gay?”

“Maybe. I do think your hot.”

“Really? I mean…” Ok Beca’s lack of sleep was all she would blame this entirely uncharacteristic conversation, or what she’s about to share. “I havnt exactly…”

“Been with a girl? Neither have I- oh… With anyone?” Chloe stopped mid sentence as she absorbed what Beca was telling her.

“So I don’t think this is a good idea.” Beca admit. “I rather not disappoint based on lack of experience,”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind teaching you, but I think I’ve pressed on this enough.” Chloe added as she watched Beca fidget.

“I want to… Is that weird?” Beca finally asked.

“Weird is the best type to be,” Chloe winked. “I’m pretty weird myself.”

“I know that,” Beca barked out a laugh before turning to her guest on her bed. She gave her confirmation with a nod and Chloe was once again pressing her lips to Beca’s.

The rest of the night passed rather easily from then on.

Boarding school roleplays and Private school roleplays have long been a staple genre in this community. As roleplaying is a means to escape, escaping to the glittering world of characters well off enough to go to such prestigious schools has a certain appeal, with Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl being such beloved shows with such enviable wealth seen onscreen. I thought it’d be nice to bring the knowledge and experience I have on this subject into something that can help anyone hoping to start up a roleplay like this while maintaining a touch of reality, in the hopes to dispel often made mistakes and over-glamorizations. I hope this is useful, and if anyone has any questions or things they’d like to share I’m more than willing to help! A like or reblog if this is found useful would be wonderful. 

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anonymous asked:

I just.. How do you even play Animal Crossing?? Since I started following you I've learned about things I've never even heard of, can you explain the professional way to play Animal Crossing?

hi nony! first of all, i’m sorry for the late reply while i put this together, but i hope this helps! i’m not sure what you mean by playing acnl “professionally” but i’m assuming you mean obsessively, hahahA. i *will* note that the way i play [trying to fully upgrade all my characters’ houses, get all my villagers’ pics, earn ALL THE BADGES] takes a lot of time. multiple hours playing every day, *every day*. it’s what *i* decided would be my goals for the game, since there’s no real “finish” to the game, so you may decide to go in a completely different direction with your gameplay. figure out *your* goals for the game: whether it’s making the perfect dream town, or growing hybrids, or filling your museum [or all of them!]. that being said, here’s some stuff to get you started and a little deeper into gameplay.

face guide for creating new characters: first and foremost, you have to create your character. other characters can be deleted if you really want to, but your mayor’s permanent. don’t end up with a face you don’t like!

growing hybrids: it’s a combination of technique and luck but this is at least a good technique

making the most of your island trips: YMMV with tree placement [i only have 3 on each side] but that’s up to you, whatever works for you!
[also, on the island, it took me an embarrassing amount of visits before i realized that you talk to the gyroid to get the tools. i kept leaving and going back and wasting a thousand bells each time because i couldn’t figure out how to get the net!]

lazy camper trick: one of the first pwps you should set up is a campsite; you can convince a 10th villager to move in with it, otherwise normally you’ll only have 9, and you can play lots of games like this and for exclusive camper items. but be warned that you can’t demolish and rebuild the campsite somewhere else once it’s built, so choose your location carefully!

diving trick to get more pwp requests

hair guide for shampoodle’s: this and this [i use both of these because the wording on the first isn’t translated right with the english game, BUT it has views of the side/back which is very helpful]. you won’t have shampoodle’s right away, but you can visit another town to change your hair before you unlock it in your town. you can only change it once a day.

plot resetting, aka the bane of my existence. you may or may not want to do this, and then you may or may not want to be super picky about where your villagers plot [only half of camelot has been plot reset, and then i still wasn’t picky as long as they stayed off my paths. plotting in reverie is a nightmare because i have specific spots i want them in.] also, advanced plot resetting techniques.

stalk market turnip trends: most of my mayor’s money has come from turnips [and perfect fruit]. i’ve only traded them a few times, but i’ve turned 100k worth of bells into 450k into 1+ mil each time

when you unlock cyrus [you have to have 100 furniture items and 50 clothing items in your catalog], you can customize a lot of furniture. customnewleaf has been really helpful with knowing what to choose, although don’t be afraid to try different fabrics/patterns if the option’s available! i love customized furniture, most of my houses are full of it!

animalcrossingus just has a bunch of really basic but useful guides, including every month’s brand new and last chance catches!

and i check thonky for pretty much everything that’s in a list [clothing styles for gracie’s fashion checks, holidays and special events, villagers’ birthday present ideas, gulliver’s destinations]

looking for dream villagers? check out this master list of cycling towns [but *ahem* keep in mind that every cycle town has its own rules so be sure to read them before trying to adopt a villager… speaking as someone who runs one of these]. my first town, i wasn’t even *aware* that you could adopt villagers from other towns [i never played the previous games online with people], so i’m always more than happy to go over that with people too :)

there’s a lot more specific stuff in my reference tag, and i’ve written up a few guides myself. and i use this app on my phone to keep track of everything!

i’m not sure if this is what you were looking for, but if it’s not and you have any specific questions about anything else, don’t hesitate to ask! there’s a *ton* of stuff to unpack in the game, which makes for never-ending fun, but i can’t really detail it all in a single post :D

Nothing But Trouble (Stiles/Derek)

eeyore9990 said: Stiles/Derek: “I’m not sorry, this isn’t an apology, I’m just being nice so you shut up!”

This prompt fit perfectly for the 4th part of the Just Like Me series. I really hope you enjoy it! #10 in the 2017 Prompt Challenge!

Nothing But Trouble. Stiles/Derek. Teen. #4 in the Just Like Me seriesAlso on AO3.

Stiles gets Boyd’s assistance with his theory about the killer the team’s hunting. Then he has to deal with a suspicious Derek, a sleazy Matt, an annoyed Allison, and a relieved Jordan.

“Are you sure about this?” Boyd looks from Stiles’ face down to the piece of paper he’s holding.

“Nope. Not at all.” Stiles shrugs. “But I have a pretty good suspicion, or I wouldn’t involve you.”

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