trying to focus on the positive today

Energy Work: Introduction to Fields Exercise

I want to start sharing more of my energy practice, here, and felt the best way to start doing that was to post an “introductory primer”. This meditation is designed to familiarize you with energy and its tactile properties. You can get some use out of this exercise regardless of your experience level (I still practice it, today), and it’s a great entry point for someone who’s never even dabbled before. All you’ll need to enjoy it is a comfortable, quiet place where you’re unlikely to be disturbed for roughly 30 minutes.

Tip: Don’t try to follow along with this text as you perform the exercise. Instead, read it in its entirety before you begin. This way, you can avoid the distraction of scrolling or flipping pages during your meditation. That will kill your focus dead.

Step 1:

To begin, sit or stand in a comfortable position. Shake yourself out, paying particular attention to your shoulders and wrists. Do this until you feel loose and relaxed.
Now, take a deep breath in, filling your lungs to the largest capacity possible. Hold the breath for a count to three, then exhale slowly, through your mouth. Concentrate on your breathing for as long as necessary to make it deep, slow and even. As you inhale, focus on the weight in the middle of your chest. Feel all the tension leave your body as you exhale. Draw your focus inwards, and feel your pulse as it travels through your body. Be still, quiet, and whole. Remain here until you are grounded and focused.

Step 2:

When you feel relaxed and grounded, raise your arms so that your elbows are up and away from your body. With your hands open, turn them so that your palms are facing each other in front of you. The palms of your hands should be roughly one foot apart, and one foot away from the core of your body.Feel your focus slowly travel from your chest, to your shoulders, and down through your arms. Sweep it down past your elbows and wrists until you are focusing on the palms of your hands. You may notice a tingling sensation, or a hyper awareness, in your fingers. Push this feeling out until you are focused on the space between your palms. 

The keyword is ‘push’. Feel a pressure building up between your hands; focus until that pressure is a dense weight.

Step 3:

With your attention still on the space between your palms, physically push them together. You should feel a slight resistance, or “bounce”. Bring your hands together and back apart rhythmically, getting a feel for that resistance. Play with the energy you have gathered there, growing it, condensing it, passing it back and forth between your hands. Get a feel for its properties. This is “you” energy. Get to know it. Take as long as you need.

Step 4:

When you are finished, draw your hands back towards the trunk of your body. Press the tension you have built up against your chest and “breathe” it back in until nothing is left externally.

Repeat the earlier breathing exercise — inhale deeply, hold for three seconds, and slowly exhale through your mouth. Focus on your breathing until it is deep and regular. Bring your focus from your hands, back to your chest. Feel the weight there.

Slowly, begin rolling your shoulders. Roll your head on your neck, and shake out your arms, dispersing any tension. Shake your wrists and hands until they are loose and free. Feel yourself slowly wake from the deep relaxation you enjoyed earlier.

When you’re finished, engage in some mundane grounding activity, such as washing up, eating, or drinking. You might enjoy journaling your experiences so that you can reference them later on.

anonymous asked:

I don't know what to do seddm I need help... running with scissors is ruining my life I can't stop crying I cried at school I can't be happy I'm super depressed everytime I'm trying to avoid every image related to this episode I'm so sad I fought with everyone today I'm not kidding this show made me so happy and now I'm trying to sleep as much as possible to forget it

Woa, you took it harder than me! Try to focus on the good parts of the episode, like all the Starco and the possible positive developments for Marco.

And know that Marco is going to be back to normal starting next episode for sure. In Mathmagic, on Monday, he’s going to be in class, “Oooohing” at whatever Star did (refusing to answer to Skullnick’s question?)

In The Bounce Lounge he’s going to dance like the dork he is

In All Belts Are Off he’s going to be the same young Marco, trying to better and prove himself.

“Marco wants to prove to Sensei that he’s more worthy than Jeremy.” 

And in Just Friends he’s going to “Oooh-oooo” at Love Sentence’s songs at their concert.

I know that it was an unexpected episode that many fans didn’t properly digest, but only the good things coming from it are going to stick for the rest of the show.

anonymous asked:

How do you get motivated?? I'm really struggling to manage working out and going to the gym, doing all my school work, being social and managing to eat right too! Do you have any advice please? Thanks in advance! 🌷❤

i’ve struggled with my own motivation this quarter! it is difficult being a student, working, while trying to better your health.

1. plan out your meals. this helps a lot! i like my food fresh, so i plan out my meal every three days.

2. get a gym buddy. i just started working out with a friend (6am every morning) and absolutely love it! it’s the only time that works with our schedule and it’s SO worth it to me. it’s also nice because we share our workouts and come up with fun (but hard) circuits to do

3. reward yourself! always focus on the positive- if you didn’t eat well today, so what? if you couldn’t make it to the gym, that’s okay! it’s good to ignore the bad and praise yourself about everything you’re doing that’s good for you.

4. get a planner. i got a cute one from anthropology, and it helps me be really organized! it’s nice because i schedule and track my workouts, schoolwork, work, and diet tracker there. even putting stickers (rewards) by every day you accomplish all of your tasks and or workout helps too!

5. find workout routines you like. i have found a lot of my workout routines on pinterest and youtube.

6. don’t procrastinate. stay on top of your work- and even better, stay ahead! i always plan out my work so i can see what i have on my plate and can plan my days accordingly. it really helps and keeps me productive.

7. most of all, believe in yourself and the fact that you are your biggest motivator. you have the power to get up, workout, and have a productive day.


Tomorrow afternoon at 3:30, we have our first ultrasound. We haven’t even heard a heartbeat yet. I’ll be 11.5 weeks.

I am so nervous. I haven’t had any “abnormal” symptoms at all that would suggest anything is wrong. I didn’t have extremely bad morning sickness or anything (I mean I was nauseous often but I only threw up once). Boobs hurt like crazy. No bad cramps, no bleeding, nothing. But I’m so scared that we will find out something is wrong. That we won’t see a baby, or won’t have a heartbeat, or something like that. And the fact that my symptoms have pretty much disappeared doesn’t help.

So today and tomorrow, I will just try to focus on the positives, and tell myself that whatever is going to happen is going to happen, whether good or bad. Stressing won’t do anything anyways.

Just gotta have hope.

Healing Trauma: Awareness of Mind

‘One of the characteristics of severe trauma is that past emotions and experiences invade the present and become overwhelming. A Vietnam veteran recalls, “When the memories hit, they literally knocked me off my cushion. Through meditation, I eventually found balance within them.” The practice of mindfulness develops the ability to observe these memories in a way that facilitates equanimity and balance by learning that all thoughts come and go.

* Notice “trauma mind,” the habit of always looking over one’s shoulder, expecting the worst to happen. When fearful memories arise, ask yourself: “Am I okay in this moment? And this moment?” Remember, you have resources and choices now. Try breathing in compassion and breathing our fear.

* Take a day to observe positive emotions as they occur. When did you feel joy today? Curiosity? Humor? Because healing from trauma can involve repeated focus on difficult emotions, it’s important to train the mind to notice the positive emotions that exist.

* Try microlabelling stressful thoughts and feelings: When they arise, meticulously note your reactions as “thinking,” “imagining,” “fear,” and so on.

* Question self-judgments and negative beliefs: “Can I absolutely know this is true? Who would I be without this thought?”

* It’s also useful to identify neutral moments. Were there moments today when you didn’t feel difficult emotions? When you were brushing your teeth? Drinking a glass of water? Reading? Sleeping?

* If you feel completely overwhelmed, try distraction. One meditator went to a 24-hour Wal-Mart and walked the aisles at 2 a.m. The noise, the lights, and the stimulation shifted his focus away from self-hatred.’

- Amy Schmidt and John J. Miller, Healing Trauma With Meditation from the Fall 2004 issue of Tricycle: The Buddhist Review.

What up, followers!

Who here remembers our previous awesome Positivity Week?  Well, get ready for round 2, Positivity Week: The Revenge, ‘cause we’re having another one!

It’s no secret that we had some turbulence recently which caused the Admins to shut the Inbox for our own sanity and well-being, but the premiere of Season 11 is just around the corner so we’re gonna reopen the Inbox.  We had more than one person request another positivity week, so we figured that’d be a great way to kick off reopening the Inbox combined with celebrating the upcoming season premiere.

From today, Sept 29th, until Oct 7th 9:00est, we’re accepting positivity confessions!  Send us your happy thoughts, who you love, which episodes moved you, outfits you favor, one liners you can’t stop repeating, etc.  Tell us what you love about the show!

We’re possibly going to rearrange some other aspects of the blog going forward so we can try to avoid future problems, but for now, let’s just focus on how much we all love the show. :)

As always, please remember to read the guidelines before submitting, and if you have any questions, please ask!

~Admins C, S, and L

What made me smile this week:

Sunday: I woke up today. It made me smile.

Monday: I woke up today. It made me smile.

Tuesday: I woke up today. It made me smile.

Wednesday: I woke up today. It made me smile.

Thursday: I woke up today. It made me smile.

Friday: I woke up today. It made me smile.

Saturday: I woke up today. It made me smile.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in negativity around this time of year. School is back in full force, the days are getting shorter, and sickness is abound. Now is when it is most important to take a deep breath, tell yourself it’s okay to be stressed and upset sometimes, and try your best to focus on the positive.

What made you smile this week?

I am going to try and focus on the positive of today and that is that I might have gone slightly overboard in buying comic books. They all just looked so good and I need to have them. The negatives of the day is that QUANTICO HAS BROKEN MY FUCKING HEART. I can’t believe that death happened and I just don’t know what to do with myself. 

How Do You Want to Feel Today?

What would you like to intend for today? Choose a FEELING, rather than an outcome.

Do you intend to feel more peaceful? Confident? Happy? Loved? Joyful? Free?

Whatever it is, say out loud:

“Today I intend to immerse myself in the feeling of ________.”

Focus on the feeling for a few minutes and try to feel it NOW.

Throughout the day keep returning your thoughts to that feeling and repeat your intention until you can feel it again.

This kind of intention can have a powerfully positive impact on your day, sometimes in mind-boggling ways.