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plantkyun  asked:

Hey Nina! Just a quick question here :) Do you always line your fabric when making a costume? If you don't always line your fabric then when do you know to do so? Thank you for your time! <3

I admittedly don’t line things as often as I should, which I think a lot of cosplayers relate to; usually we’re working up until the last minute trying to finish a project, and there isn’t always time to bother with lining if one can “get away” with not including it for that particular project. (For example: Sheik’s top probably could have benefitted from lining, but it didn’t need it, so I saved time during con crunch by not including one.) However, I make it a point to include linings for garments that truly need them, such as bodices/corsets, jackets, capes, and dresses. Something like Batgirl’s leather jacket would’ve been awful to wear without a liner so it was important to factor that into the construction time and plan accordingly!

Here’s an excellent guide on lining, including the drafting process and choosing fabric! A good rule of thumb: if the garment is made of irritating/uncomfortable materials, involves significant structure, or will show the inside at some point while being worn, it should be lined. Again, in cosplay, you can “get away” with skipping the lining process in some cases (i.e. you don’t always need to line pants or a top), but it’s good to get in the habit of including a lining layer whenever possible and practical to do so!

Easter Eggs and Pink Bandanas

This was inspired by this post and a conversation with @qinaliel and I regret nothing.  

Jon rushed around his bedroom, jumping over toys, trying to finish getting ready.  He could hear Sansa shouting up to him.   He finished tying his tie and hurried downstairs.

When he landed at the bottom of the stairs, he couldn’t help but laugh.  

Sansa had tied bright pink bandanas with little eggs on them around their dogs’ necks.  Their German Shepherd, Lady, sat regally, as though she was posing for a portrait. Next to her lay Ghost, their Husky mix.  He seemed to be looking up at Jon, silently pleading.  

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Nylah and Kelly

Meet my sweets sweets Kelly (9 ) and nylah (5) i adopted them from a foster home the mother was on drugs and try to sell nylah and Kelly for drugs , Milo was just finishing they rooms and they immediately attacked milo from excitement lol . Nylah saw milo and never let him go every where he moves she moves she didn’t want to be put down lol , Kelly on the other hand just kept poking my jeans Ground rules are gonna be set soon 


Gif source:  Grumpy

Imagine Grumpy falling in love with you, but having no idea how to court someone.

——— Request for Bixbi ———

If there was one thing he loved about you, it was how oblivious you seemed to be to his blunders whenever he would attempt to win you over. You weren’t, of course, but in all honesty you found them quite adorable.

After all, seeing Grumpy’s blush under his beard and hearing him stumble over his words whenever he was around you was something that was unique to him. An effect you hadn’t expected to have over anyone, let alone him.

That was why, when he had first attempted to get out an invitation to the upcoming festival in Storybrooke before giving up midway through, you had decided to finish his question for him, “Are you trying to ask me to the festival, Leroy?”

There’s that blush again as he stammers, “Uh, well, yeah, actually.”

“I’d love to go with you.”

PSA to new (and old) langblrs.

Many of you have probably encountered and been sold the old “Learn X language in X months/weeks” lie and for those of you who have recently taken on the task of learning a language; it is a lot harder than all these companies, ego-driven (cough benny lewis) people and adverts will have you believe.

A language learing journey is not something that you complete in a few months - think about your native language. I am 21 years old and I still encounter English words every few weeks that I’ve never seen before; why would it be different for a target language? We spent the first year of our life purely taking in language and not producing any at all; most of us didn’t achieve our current level of writing ability until finishing high school.

I’m not trying to dissuade you or say that language learning takes 16 years (it doesn’t) but don’t be misled by these people who are shoving overly-optimistic lies down your throat. It took me 1.5 years to get to B2 level and it will probably take me another 2 years to get to C1, and lord knows about C2. Language learning is really, really hard (there are some people who spend years in their target country and can never get the grasp of it; it’s not easy) and youneed to be in it for the long run.

But I promise you, it is worth it, every milestone you reach brings you indescribable joy and the years of effort will be worth it.

Finally trying to finish this guy up so I could get him into the oven. He’s been sitting arm-less on my desk for ages. Everything is all blocked in now, I had wanted to get him in the oven tonight, but he’s still probably gonna need about another week of me touching him up and refining and detailing him. I ordered some supplies to prime paint him yesterday though for when he’s ready, so I need to follow through now!

Anyway, I hadn’t posted about this in a while, so here you go. Enjoy this update on my first ever attempt at sculpture.