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Background: Going through a cave and finding a giant 150ft metal plated stone door with Celestial on the door. Me, a gnome cleric who knows celestial, and the human bard, and the dragonborn rouge are trying to figure out the riddle written on the door. 

Me: *Reading the text on the door to the group* The riddle in says, “When you have me, you want to share me. When you share me, you don’t have me. What am I?” *whole group thinks for a while* 
Rogue: *shrugs* I dunno 
Bard: I know what it is! The answer is a secret!  
Me: Wooooow, just because we can’t figure it out and you did, you don’t want to share it with us. RUDE. 
Bard: No no no, I’m saying that the answer’s a secret! 
Me: I know you know, geez, then why don’t you tell us! *getting irritated* 
Rogue: *snorts as she understood what was going on a while ago* 
Bard: *After approx. 5 minutes of trying to tell me the answer he gives up* Sigh.. what I’m trying to say is that the answer is, quote ‘a secret’ end quote. 
Me: OH. Why didn’t you say so earlier? *says ‘a secret’ in celestial* 
DM: The door swings open and lights flicker on inside past the door. 

Later we barely pass the skills challenge (we only passed because of the bard) and was one fail away from dying after trying to loot the chest we found in the room past said door. We proceeded to roll amazingly for the loot we found in the chest.  Bard: That was more trouble than it was worth I swear. (As the bard took most of the damage from traps and everything else in the cave in general). 

William Nylander- lessons

Request:  Hey please can you do a willy nylander one where the reader speaks fluent swedish until one day where he tries to teach her and she answers back in more than he expected and he finds out that she’s fluent

Author’s note: God this gif was really distracting let me tell you. Also I’d like to shout out my own brain for the Swedish. Which means it’s probably wrong but I’m trying. Also sorry this is so short but I just got sick out of nowhere again.


Up next: Morgan Rielly 

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I find myself coming back to you every so often. I can be doing okay and then it hits me— this need to talk to you and try again. I always think that maybe you’ve changed or that I’ve changed. It’s never the case. We’re the same. Complete opposites. So why do I still feel this pull to you?
—  10:07PM// like oil and water

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what do u study in 8th grade to study? please help

Hi! Here are a few things:

  • type/rewrite your notes - rewriting for neatness isn’t essential!!! However, if you have time to type them or rewrite them with intention to add in extra details (internet resources, textbooks, case studies) then that is great! Redoing notes isn’t a must for studying but some people find it helpful.
  • review and summarise your class - after school each day review what you did it class. This can be 5 minutes just looking over the content. Then either on a post-it note or flashcard, pick out the main points, concept or areas. This 1) helps clarify information, 2) gives you a chance to find problems before it gets to late, 3) means you have summarised notes pretty instantly and don’t have to make them before exams.
  • make a study guide - try turning your notes into questions and answers. If your syllabus has premade questions, that is a great place to start.
  • make summary lists/mindmaps - this could be names of people/their roles, important dates, quotes + techniques, vocabulary lists, etc!
  • cover up and review - hide part of your notes and see how much you can remember. If you really struggle, take a peek and try again.
  • compare with a friend - having a friendship group that is happy to share and help each other is fantastic! If you’ve got a friend who is happy swapping notes, then you’ve got double the resources and an easy way to pick up information you missed or solve problems you’ve had in class.

Hope this helps x

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for 7 years, I've never thought I was anything but ravenclaw. now i'm starting to see more hufflepuff and slytherin traits in myself than i used to. i still have ravenclaw traits that i value, but i'm confused - i don't know if i value them bc i actually value them, or because i've called myself a ravenclaw for so long. do you guys have any advice on how to figure out which ones i value most? (i'm not asking you to sort me, just for advice on how to better sort myself).

I’m struggling to find ways to answer this that we haven’t already discussed in our sorting help tag.

I guess if you’re trying to figure out which you value most, think about what you most want to see in yourself; what you want to project to others and want others to say about you. Like, I want my friends to say I’m loyal more than clever or smart or brave etc. 

Hope that helps!

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

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Hi Hermione! How are you finding Umbridge? She's already completely ruined DADA, I don't know what she'll do next -scared Ravenclaw

harry : horrible?

ron : despicable?

neville : scary?

hermione : well there’s your answer. don’t try to think about her too much. she’s just one person. 



word count: 1,030

genre: fluff

I apologize in advance for the large amount of grammar mistakes that are probably in this. Also our requests are open! So don’t forget to send some in :) ~admin winter

Originally posted by jypnior

You finally manage to wake up and rush to your first class of the day making it just ten minutes late. You awkwardly shuffle your way through the rows of students who are taking notes to find a seat next to Jackson.“Wake up late?” He questions you as if the answer wasn’t obvious.You groan in response burying your head in the hood of your sweatshirt trying to hide your bed ridden state from the large class of students.You notice that everyone is paying an unusual amount of attention to the professor today.

But you had other plans, plans to take a nap and fill your mind with daydreams far more fun than whatever the professor was rambling on about

.An hour passes before you’re awakened  from your dazed state by Jackson shaking your arm.

“Huh, what happened?” you ask still not fully conscious you hadn’t even noticed the class was over and all the students were filing out of the room

 Jackson laughs at your confused state’ “You too busy thinking about me to pay attention in class?” 

“Don’t be so full of yourself, besides I probably didn’t miss anything too important.” you scoff“Yeah except you missed all of the notes for the test next week that’s sixty percent of our grade.”

“I WHAT?” you exclaim “Shit, I’m screwed what the heck Jackson why didn’t you wake me up?” You begin stressfully running your hands through your hair as you think about the failing grade that’s sure to come.

Jackson gently grabs your hand from tugging at you hair and laces his fingers with yours“What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t take notes for my sleepy girlfriend?” He playfully smirks

You let out a sigh of relief “You’re really life saver.”  Jackson smiles at you cheekily his eyes crinkling up at the corners “Let’s skip.”

You look at him in disbelief ,”I would be failing a test if it weren’t for you, I can’t risk that in another class.” You say as you gather your things and head for the door, Jackson following behind you

“Pleaseee, after this we don’t have any other tests for another two weeks.”

“Yeah right, why should I trust you?” you question him, knowing full well that he’s just making that up

“Because you love me?” 

“Yes I do, and that’s why I’m gonna make you go to your next class.” 

Jackson huffs in disappointment “fine.”

You can’t help but to smile at your boyfriend’s childish behavior, actually you were quite surprised he gave up that easily. 

You don’t notice the small cocky smile tugging at Jackson’s lips before he easily pick you up and begins carrying you over his shoulder

 “Jacksonnn.” you whine dragging out the last syllable of his name

You try wriggling out of his grasp, which is of course useless because of his strong grip on you.

“C’mon one day won’t kill you, I’ll even help you study for that test.” he bargains

Instead of replying you just stop trying to escape his grasp, letting him know that you’ve given up

Jackson carefully places back on the floor and immediately reattaches his hand with yours swinging your arms back and forth.

He leads you to his car and opens the passenger door for you, before heading to the driver’s side.

“So what are we doing then?” You ask, letting go of the idea of actually learning anything today

“We’re gonna study for that test.”

“Uhuhh sure.” you quietly mumble to yourself

When you arrive at Jackson’s apartment he lays out his notes from the class and the extra copy he made you.“Alright let’s do this!” he says in a loud obnoxious voice clapping his hands together

You take a seat at the small kitchen table across from him skimming over the notes not understanding a word they say

You read over them over and over slowly beginning to comprehend everything that is until your peace is disturbed by a whiny moan escaping Jackson’s lips“You said we were going to study so that’s what I’m doing.”“But this is so boring.” he pouts.

You ignore his complaints and dive back into your intense study session

But Jackson starts impatiently tapping his pen against the table and you slowly become annoyed but you manage to eventually drown out the noise becoming too immersed in all the strange math equations

That is until Jackson starts blasting music from a speaker at max volume

You snap your head up shooting Jackson a glare to which he just sticks his tongue out at you.

You stand up from your seat stomping over to Jackson to steal the speaker from his hands but he easily dodges you You continuously reach for the speaker to no avail, which leaves you no other choice.

You jump onto Jackson wrapping your arms and legs around him

He drops the speaker out of surprise and you laugh in victory as you let go of him and scramble to the floor picking up the speaker and turning it off

But of course Jackson wouldn’t let you off that easily.

He picks you up and throws you on the living room couch and begins tickling your sides

You can’t stop the laughs escaping you as you try to gasp for air“Stopstopstop.” you plead

“Nope you have to say sorry first.”

“Okay okay I’m sorry” you say between laughs

Jackson finally stops tickling you and instead wraps his arms around your waist pulling you closer to him and staring into your eyes “Let’s take a break.”

You hum in contemplation “Okay,  just for a little while” you agree

But Jackson rubbing comforting circles into your back and softly talking to you only lolled you to sleep, Jackson falling asleep soon after.


You wake up to the bright sun peering through the window

You hear soft snores and turn around to be met with the peaceful face of your sleeping boyfriend You snuggle closer to him closing your eyes ready to fall back asleep

But your eyes instantly shoot open again at the realization that once again you’re going to be late for class

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hi! sorry to bother you but i was reading a fic a little while back and i can't find it anymore!! it's the one where isak is a ghost? i'm sorry if that's not very specific but that's all i can really remember! tysm <3 have an awesome day!!!

Hi, lovely ♥♥

You’re never bothering us, babe! We’re always happy to help :) 

Here you go… enjoy!

  • Bright Light Living in the Shade by IndigoDreaming
    Summary: Even is a single father of three, just trying to keep everything together. He has to deal with toddlers, work, his parents, and the fact that he has the ability to see ghosts all on his own. One day, Even meets a strange spirit, a type of ghost he has never seen before, and his life will forever be changed. TLDR; Even Bech Næsheim has always been able to see the dead. And well, Isak is dead.


Hey guys I could do with some help/advice on something

Recently (in the past few months) I’ve often been in a state of feeling that I’m not all here in my body. Like my self exists outside of my body and surroundings. Sometimes my movements and speech don’t feel like I’m controlling them, and it can feel like my mind is ‘hovering’ a few feet away from my body. I often forget how I got to places, or don’t take any notice when I’m navigating between points. It isn’t all the time, but it’s getting more frequent. And when I notice that I’m zoned out, the more I try to ground myself, the more I feel that I’m separating from everything around me.

I’ve tried looking it up but I can’t find a clear answer. I don’t know if anyone else who suffers from body dysphoria has experienced this, as I’ve been considering whether the two things are linked? It could possibly be another part of my anxiety/depression, but I’m just not sure.

Has anyone else felt like this or know what it might be that I’m experiencing?

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Heya, today i have the random and asking day, soooo... what and how did you get inspired for do the comic?? Like is an original idea, me im doing a comic of the alter-egos trying to get Mark's body (that i know ots not a lot original) so that, and sorry if you were already ask that. Have a great day, DEUCES 😎

I have actually answered that before, sweet cheeks. :)

It’s interesting how many people ask me this. Everyone wants to know the secret to inspiration, or maybe, it’s the most interesting part of creating. Either way, I’m never shy to relive the story. It kind of brings the sense of exhilaration back, and people clearly find it fascinating.

Your idea about the Egos sounds great, Carmen! And don’t hold yourself back because you think something has been done before. Go for it!!

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green & gold? <3

GREEN: already answered

GOLD: character from one of rainbow’s books that you most relate to?

This would probably be a toss up between Lincoln and Cath. On the one hand I’m a cardigan wearing, fiction preferring, anxiety ridden fangirl who is definitely at home behind a laptop with a lovely messy bun. But I’m also an early 30′s office worker who loves a good crush and is still trying to find what they want out of life (not to mention I too just want money to buy books in hardback!)

A rainbow of Rainbow Rowell asks

“Anything true in the xtian bible is not new. Anything new in the xtian bible is not true.”  - Tovia Singer

xtians claim Jebus was there from the beginning.
But he didn’t get a single mention in the Torah, Neviim, Ketuvim.  
Put him aside.
They find examples where he might be implied
I was discussing trinity with a xtian friend of mine, I showed him ten or fifteen examples where the Torah says G-D is One and there is no other.
I asked him to show me the trinity in the Torah.
I deeply respect this man and I was very tactful in our discussion. 
He went away and researched, took the question seriously.

Six months later I was in his house and saw a stack of books in the corner.
“What are those for?” I asked him.
“I’m trying to answer your question,” he said.
I was so grateful that he was working so hard and taking the question so seriously. 
“How did you get on?”
“I think I can do it, I think I can prove to you the trinity from the Torah.”
“Great,” I said “If I’m wrong I wanna know about it. Just before you start, you’re gonna use examples from the Jewish bible to prove that G-D is three right?
Could I use the same logic to prove G-D is twelve?”
“Ah.” he said. We were on the same page about what he was about to do.
The conversation moved on.

It’s not enough to find the number three in the Jewish bible, or times when three people walked down a road together, after all you’re trying to combat G-D’s own explicit words that He is One and the trinity is BS.
The problem with all your implicit references to Jebus is that, if he was really part of G-D, why wouldn’t he get one explicit mention? Furthermore, why would G-D spend so much time clarifying that He is One, if He really means three?

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nsfw below the cut.

Desus Writing Prompts. 

#7 “You know you can go faster right?”

Paul finds it endearing really, endearing that Daryl is being so cautious. Trying his best not to hurt him. It’s not like they’ve never had sex before it’s just Daryl hasn’t topped before, he preferred to bottom and Paul preferred to top.  

Paul sighs when he feels Daryl’s large hand cup his cheek, Paul opens his eyes, revealing the blue/green irises to the man above him. Paul smiles softly and reaches his arm up, wrapping it around the older man’s shoulder’s.

Daryl’s eyes flicker over his face, searching for any sign of discomfort as he slowly thrusts in and out of him. Paul huffs a laugh and pulls the older man down for a kiss, sealing their lips together.

The kiss is brief, Daryl pulls back when Paul gasps into his mouth. The hunter’s eyes widened and he looked down at Paul concerned, stopping his thrusting.

The younger man smiles reassuringly and places his hands on Daryl’s hips, squeezing reassuringly. “I’m okay, Daryl. It feels good, you’re not hurting me I promise. Stop worrying and let yourself feel it.” Paul tells him, thumbs stroking over his hipbones soothingly.

Daryl nods and takes a deep breath, “Okay.” He breathes out quietly and kisses Paul’s forehead as he begins thrusting again.

A moan escapes Paul’s mouth and Daryl groans in response, the older man buries his face in Paul’s shoulder while he continues his slow movements.

It’s like torture to Paul, the slow pace. He lets out a desperate moan and tugs at Daryl’s hair, feeling the strands beneath his fingertips. “You know you can go faster right?” Paul asks and digs his fingernails into Daryl’s skin.

Daryl grunts and lifts his head back up to look down at him, eyes questioning. “Ya sure?” He whispers, Paul can see that Daryl wants it too.

Paul sighs in pleasure and wraps his legs around Daryl’s waist making the hunter bite his lip, “Yes Daryl, I’m sure.” Paul replies and cups the back of the older man’s head, pulling him down for deep kiss.

Daryl moves faster making Paul pull away from the kiss and throw his head back, moaning loudly. Daryl takes advantage of his exposed neck and moves to places kisses all over it, turning the white skin red.

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Hey! I'm struggling with staying committed to my diets. I break really easily. I'm trying to solve this by finding appetite suppressants, but most aren't available in stores, and I'm getting so frustrated and angry with myself. You've come really far from your SW and I was wondering how you managed that? Any tips and tricks? Thank you, gorgeous. xx

I exercise and I’m also on appetite suppressants. Some natural ones are cinnamon water and also chamomile tea with honey. They don’t last for very long though I’ve noticed but if you don’t feel like eating at that particular moment they’re a quick fix. Please be safe though honeybun 🌸💜


finally, the family AU backstory!!!

i’m SO unsatisfied with this lmao,, this is gonna be so cliché/cheesy…. //cries. also fast storyline bc i want to make this quite short. i think it’s going to be in 5 parts but i’m not sure yet! twitter

part two


I really love that moment when Wonder Woman strides into the war council in London, or when she’s trying on dresses and she keeps on looking for freedom in her dress. She keeps on looking for the freedom to be herself and to move. When she walks into that war council, she’s looking to find answers to help her fulfill her mission. She’s there to do a job, a very important job for her. It’s her cause. And she doesn’t even realize that she, by the very virtue of being who she is, is not allowed to be in that room, which is preposterous because she is more powerful than any of the people in that room. – Connie Nielsen

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I agree that patrcik stump is talented but he is not attractive at all so I lol at all you're tags


Michael: Lol why are you embarrassed? I think it’s cute!

Jeremy: Just–ugh. That was like five years ago back when I first got this account, and–let’s just forget about it! It’s fine. It’s me.

Michael: Alright, alright. Anyway, Christine’s is Juli3t–after her favorite Shakespeare character to play!

Jeremy: And Rich’s is Kerm. After, uh, evil Kermit. It’s his favorite meme.