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The Pack- We’re Not Going To Lose You

Request- Hi! could you maybe do a pack imagine where the reader finds out she has melanoma cancer and so she stays home and doesn’t go to school but she doesn’t tell the pack. eventually the pack finds out, visits her and comforts her. can it be angsty at the beginning but fluffy in the end? thankssss. ps sorry if this is too detailed

A/N- Hey! Here it is. Hope you like it :)

You lay in bed with the covers tucked around you, trying to ignore the persistent buzzing of your phone. It was resting on the nightstand, but resting wouldn’t even be the word to describe it because it seemed to keep going off every five minutes. You knew you had skipped school for a few days and maybe you hadn’t answered any texts, but you just weren’t in the mood to talk.
You knew if you said one word to your friends, the wave of questions would hit you like a hurricane. Stiles, Scott, Malia, Kira and especially Lydia could be a little overbearing sometimes. It was even worse when they were together, and you weren’t in the mood for a group therapy session.
You pressed your cheek further into the pillow, trying to forget about the words echoing in your head. You couldn’t ignore what the doctor had told you and your parents, and there was no going back from it.
You remembered how you had just sat there on the exam table as the woman had explained the situation, telling you what exactly melanoma cancer was and how long the next few months would be for you. That meant there would be treatments, things like skin grafts, chemo and maybe even surgery.
You would have to take it easy from now on and pull back from school, from any sports or after school activities and spend most of your time in the hospital. All the creature fighting your life had been consumed with for the past two years would have to stop, because there was no way you could fight monsters in your condition. You had no idea how to tell your friends or even how to come to terms with it yourself, so you had just decided to take a few days off and think.
That didn’t seem to be working out for you very well, because it only made them want to know what was going on. You figured it would be better to stay away from them for a few days, but what you didn’t know was that as you lay in bed trying to figure out what to do, the whole pack was worried sick about you.

“Did she answer you?” Lydia demanded as she slammed her lunch tray on the table.
“No,” Stiles said anxiously. “You?”
“Well if she had I would be driving over there right now,” Lydia said bitterly.
“Why don’t we just go over there?” Stiles asked. “I have the jeep. We can get the others and leave right now.”
“Because what if she wants to be left alone, Stiles?” Lydia asked him. “I mean, if there’s something she doesn’t want to talk about, she knows we’d bug her till we got it out of her. Maybe she’s not ready.”
“And?” Stiles asked as he threw his hands up. “Lydia, what if she’s hurt?”
“We would have heard about it,” she insisted. “ And besides, her mom told me she’s fine. She just doesn’t want to talk. I think this is something else.”
“Like what?” Stiles demanded. “What’s so bad that she can’t tell us? Lydia, I’m freaking out. We’ve lost too many people to lose Y/n and if she dies…I think I’m gonna puke, Lydia.”
“Please don’t,” Kira begged as she quickly yanked her backpack away from where it had been resting at Stiles’ feet.
The kitsune set her lunch tray down on the table, but she wasn’t even hungry. She was too worried about you to feel much of anything else, and as Scott and Malia followed her to the table, they couldn’t say they were any different.
“Anything from Y/n?” Scott asked as his eyebrows creased with worry.
“No,” Lydia said with a sigh. “I’ve been texting her every five minutes, and I know her phone is on because it isn’t going straight to voicemail.”
“Yeah,” Malia agreed. “I left her like ten messages. You’d think she’d answer after how many times I threatened her, but I think something’s really wrong.”
“Malia,” Kira scolded. “You threatened her?”
“I just told her that if she was hurt and she purposefully wasn’t telling us that I’d kill her.”
Stiles sighed and ran a hand through his messy hair. “Okay, this isn’t working. We’re all worried about Y/n, so why don’t we go see if she’s okay?”
“Let’s do it,” Scott said.
“But-” Lydia started.
“Nope, overruled,” Stiles interrupted as he slammed his hand down onto the table.
Lydia sighed and reached down to grab her purse. “Fuck it. Let’s go.”

You opened your eyes as you heard footsteps coming up your stairs, and you realized you had fallen asleep again. You eyed the clock and saw that it wasn’t really morning anymore and you sat up just in time for your bedroom door to open.
“Y/n,” your mother stated. “Your friends are here.”
“What?” you demanded, your eyes going wide. “You let them in?”
“You can’t hide forever,” she told you plainly. “They have to know.”
“Yeah,” you agreed. “Just not now!”
“Y/n,” she chastised. “Remember what the doctor said. You’re going to need your friends by your side for this. You can’t keep ignoring them.”
She gave you a sharp look and backed out of your room, leaving the six people standing just out of sight to walk in. You swallowed as you waited for the explosion, and as expected it took less than two seconds.
“Where the hell have you been?” Lydia demanded as she shoved past Scott.
“Here,” you offered with a half-hearted shrug.
Lydia scoffed. “Okay, how about this one-”
“Are you okay?” Scott asked suddenly. “I mean-”
“What’s wrong?” Malia demanded bluntly. “Whatever it is you can tell us. We won’t judge…well, I won’t. I make no promises for the others.”
“We won’t,” Kira promised as she popped out from behind Malia’s shoulder. “Really. We’re just scared.”
“You’ve avoided us for four days,” Stiles reminded you. “We thought you were dead at first.”
“Well I’m not dead,” you said as you gestured to yourself. “I’m just…sick.”
“Sick?” Lydia asked, immediately calling you out. “You don’t look like you have the flu.”
“Not that kind of sick,” you told her with a tiny shake of your head. “It’s-”
“Cancer,” Scott finished for you. “It’s cancer.”
“What?” Lydia gasped.
Kira’s eyes went wide and her mouth fell open in shock. Malia frowned, and she wanted to deny it, but she could smell it too. Deaton had taught her the same things he had taught Scott, and she knew that scent. Stiles actually stumbled back, barely catching himself on the edge of your desk before he fell. He couldn’t believe that after everything they had been through, after every horrific creature you had ever fought, they could lose you to something as mundane as cancer.
Lydia was just as shocked, because she had never imagined this would happen to someone like you. You were sweet and kind and you definitely didn’t deserve this. She heard about these things all the time, but like many people, she never thought it would happen so close to her.
“Melanoma,” you clarified.
“Is it-is it…?” Kira began softly, but she couldn’t seem to get the words out.
“Fatal?” you finished. “It can be without treatment, but I’m going to have to go through a lot of it. They’re just not sure at this point.”
“Well,” Scott said firmly. “If it is, I’ll give you the bite.”
Your eyes widened. “Scott-”
“Seriously,” he insisted. “We already lost Allison. We’re not going to lose you too.”
“If you need anything,” Kira told you. “You can call any of us.”
“And we’re going to be there for you every step of the way,” Lydia told you.
“We’re not letting you go, Y/n,” Stiles assured you. “At least not yet. Not until I’m old and gray and ready for one of you to put me down.”
You blinked, tilting your head and looking at him oddly. “Thanks, Stiles.”
“And,” Malia added. “If you ever need a ride to any appointments, I’d be happy to skip school now that I can drive.”
A collective, uneasy groan spread through the room and you scratched the back of your neck. While Malia may have gotten her license, she had barely passed the test. Her driving was borderline reckless and you figured that while you could potentially die from cancer, you didn’t feel like losing your life just yet.
“I, uh, I think I’m okay for now,” you assured her.
Malia shrugged, seemingly indifferent as Stiles stepped forward. He wrapped his arms around you and brought you into his chest, hugging you so tightly you thought you would suffocate. Lydia smiled and reached out too, and soon the whole pack was wrapped up in one giant group hug. It was extremely crowded and there were many complaints about Lydia’s elbow in Malia’s throat, and Scott’s foot on top of Stiles’, but no one really minded.
You certainly didn’t and as you sat there in the arms of your friends, you began to see why you couldn’t do this alone. It was much better when you had someone there, and luckily you had five someones. You knew things would only get harder from there, but with your friends by your side, you figured you just might be able to beat this.

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Second try: hiya, could you do a Stydia playlist? I have a little one but I need more stydia songs🌞💖

that’s all of the songs from the show, but here’s a list of songs that personally remind me of stydia every time i hear them


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I just applied for an internship at Cartoon Network (I think?) through the link you posted on someone else's ask. (Thanks for that, by the way! I've been trying to find it.) While I think it's really unlikely I'll be contacted about it, any advice in the slight chance that I am?

HEY i’m proud of you for responding!!!! If you are contacted, just be yourself. a huge plus for them is people who are really passionate about cartoons and their brands so don’t feel like you have to downplay that if you’re a fan!! good luck!

Alright, it seems like many of you believe it’s of utmost importance that I understand Clexa. Seriously, by the amount of asks I’ve gotten since I posted my reaction to 2x14, it seems like it’s a very urgent matter that I ship them as soon as possible. It’s almost 5am, so I won’t be answering more tonight, but I’ll try to get to you. And please be patient with me. It’s not like I find them unappealing. I’m sure I’ll be in the trash with you in no time.

He tried to stay composed when he first entered her room. He had just gotten the word just moments ago that she had woken up.

“Hi Jaune,” she spoke weakly. Her sliver eyes looked into his and he could see the damage of the battle painted in them.

“Hey Rubes,” he replied quietly.

He took a deep breath as he took a step towards her.


“Please… Tell me what happened,” he interrupted his voice desperate for answers.

He could feel the tears forming in his eyes as he fell to his knees by her bed. 

“I’m sorry Jaune…”

“Please tell me that she’s okay… Please tell me that they are wrong,” he cried, trying to blind himself in hope.

She let the tears fall as she watched the young man break down.

“They didn’t find a body… They found nothing… I mean… It could mean she’s alive… Please Ruby… Please…” He begged, as he tried to form the words.

“Jaune… I’m sorry. I couldn’t save her…. She…. She died protecting us.”

And in a instant she saw the hope leave his eyes as the cruel reality sunk in.

“I… I couldn’t reach her… I failed….”

“No Ruby… I should have been there… I should have fought harder. I should have been at her side.”

He rose as his voice screamed out his agony. Tears rolled down his face as regret consumed his being. He shook his fists in frustration, as he turned away from her 


She got up from the bed, and embraced him from behind. His last bit of hope had been shattered.

“I… broke my promise to her…. I was suppose to be there for her,” he cried.

They stood there in silence, as neither knew what to say. The innocence that had surround them for the last few months had been ripped away. 

Gone where the days when the world seemed so easy.

That fighting Grim was all it took.

Instead he stood there, feeling more lost than he had ever been before. 

Gone was the girl with the flaming scarlet hair, and bright green eyes.

Gone was that smile that lifted his spirits whenever he felt down.

Gone was the first person that believed in him, and gave him happiness that he had been blinded to before.

Gone was the girl that made him finally understand what love really meant.

He looked down wards,covering his eyes with his bangs as he walked away from Ruby’s embrace. The tear trials still fresh on his skin, as he closed the door behind him.

He touched his lips, trying to remember her last touch. How he had wished he held her tighter in that moment and not let her go.

“I’m sorry too Pyrrha,” he repeated the first and last words she ever spoke to him. 

Okay so I know Jaune is OCC in this… honestly I was writing most of it from my own personal reactions. I went through that denial, begging that there was a mistake… but now I have to accept it. WWWWHHHHYYYY

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could u link yr favorite twin peaks fics? thank you. ✨✨

My absolute favorite is Of Death and Moonbeams it fulfills all of my audrey/cooper dreams, I can’t link it cus I’m on my phone tho sorry b! There’s another really good one I can’t remember the title.. it was so well written I’ll try to find it for u!

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So what's the best food/snack you've found since finding yourself in the underground? (Outside tori's pie)

*The cinnamon bunny was probably the best food from snowdin! Warm and sweet, its really, really good!!

*The starfait was good too….

*although it did have some glitter in it? 

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I need some advice... so I have this boyfriend and he never wants to do anything with me. I know I shouldn't take it personally but it just feels like I'm not attractive to him :/ even when I put effort into it, he pushes me away.

LISTEN TO ME!!!!! U don’t need him if he treats you like this and makes you feel this way honestly!!!!!!!!!!!! Screw him u can find someone better trust me!!! Drop him!!!

The morning after

Request: You cheat on Gilinsky with Derek

You wake up with your head throbbing and body shaking. You’re in an unfamiliar bed. You try to remanence what happened last night but you can’t. You look down to see you have no clothes on. You turn to your left and see your friend Derek. Your eyes open wide as you remember. The party last night. “Good Morning baby” you hear him say. “No you can’t call me that” you say starting to freak out. Flashes of your boyfriend fill your mind. You find your clothes and put them on. “Why are you trying to leave so fast was I that bad?” He asks. “I have a boyfriend Derek remember?” You say. You hope he hasn’t already found out. “Damn I forgot” he says getting out of bed and putting his clothes on. You head downstairs and out the door. You call Gilinsky to tell him you’re going over but no answer. If anyone was to tell him you want it to be you. You get to his house and ring the doorbell. He opens the front door but then closes it on you. You ring the door bell again. “What do you want?” He asks. You’re taken away by his rudeness. “How are you going to talk to your girlfriend like that.” You ask him. “I don’t date cheaters.” He says before slamming the door. Before it closes you stop it with your hand. “Can we please talk about this. I didn’t mean it Jack and you know that.” You say desperately. “I don’t want to hear it Y/n. You broke my heart” he says closing the door all the way. You start to cry. You start walking back to your house. “Hey are you okay?” You hear Derek call from his car next to you. “He broke up with me.” You tell him. You can tell he feels sympathy since this was his fault. “Come on, if he doesn’t see how much of a great girl you are then I will” he says. You shrug your shoulders ‘why not’ and get into his car. “Where are we going?” You ask him. “To the mall” he says. You guys arrive to the mall. You go to the food court first since either one of you have yet to eat. “Are you fucking kidding me?” You hear come from behind you. It’s Jack. “What you dumped her?” Derek responds. “Yeah well if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t of had to” Jack spits back. You decide to get up and walk away not wanting to get into the middle of it. Before you know it you hear security whistles. You turn around seeing them on top of each other. Both bleeding. You follow them to first aid. “You really had to fight each other?” You ask them. “Look Y/n I really fucking liked you I never thought you’d leave me for someone like him.” Jack says. “It was an accident you didn’t have to break up with her Jack” Derek says. “Look can’t we just forget about this?” You ask. “This is pathetic, Jack I didn’t mean to cheat on you and Derek I didn’t mean to sleep with you. Jack please just give me another chance.” You say with puppy eye. “Fine you get ONE more shot. Only because I love you.” He says. You hug him and head back home with him.

Sorry this is short I’m in a ton of pain. I hope you like it ❤️

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I have been searching for evidence of where Laurens was at the time of Hamilton's wedding and I am finding nothing! Everyone remarks that Hamilton didn't have many guests, but nothing further than that yet and I am frustrated and curious. If you can't find an answer, I might go search the national archives this weekend because this is going to bug me

Let me know if you find anything!  I’m trying to get some microfilms of Laurens’s correspondence to see if we can actually confirm that he was in Philadelphia during the days surrounding the wedding.

Thought Fragment: What’s at the bottom of Cochlea?

Well… if you want my opinion… He lacked the D… - Freud

SHUT UP FREUD. - Everyone else

We all know that this is not the first time that Eto has tried to raid Cochlea. She has tried once in Tokyo Ghoul (TG) and it is heavily implied that she will is trying again in TG: RE (Tokyo Ghoul: RE). So the question is: What’s so important about Cochlea?

To get the bottom of this, we need to find out what does Eto gain from Cochlea. A simple reading is that she is trying to gain power and strength from new allies. (e.g Naki to replace Yamori) This is true. But if that was the case, why re-try it in TG: RE?

Answer: CCG/V is hiding something beyond the SS levels. Eto’s “holy grail” to expose the “twisted birdcage” and “warped root” lies there.

So now we go back to the original question: What’s at the bottom of Cochlea that is so important?

I want to analyze this from the point of the reader first.


The reader knows that Cochlea is a Ghoul Detention facility. (jail) More powerful ghouls are kept at the bottom of the facility so they have a harder time to escape.

This is true. However this is too simple. Eto has moved beyond gathering power to topple the CCG/V now. She now seeks to expose the truth of the world. So something more sinister lies below that.

So what else are our shady friends in CCG/V hiding? From the CCG point of view:

Suzuya slicing up some Jell-O for the CCG celebration party!


Cochlea is not just a detention facility, but a place where quinques are manufactured. Ghouls are turned into liquid and made into weapons for the CCG. We even have a lab that does the whole process. Oh, and we torture Ghouls too.

First off, I have to justify the melting part. It is heavily hinted that Ghouls are melted down to make quinque steel. The process is not shown, that’s all. We have evidence from the CCG’s good doctor Dr. Chigyou, and hints from Eto and Amon’s interview, where she drops the truth bomb that the 24th ward used to traffic in ghoul liquid. Said liquid is then sold to the CCG.

I would point out that according to my “Everything you know about Tokyo Ghoul is Wrong” theory, this has been foreshadowed. Where? Or shall I ask, where else? Who else would know this?

Yoshimura. In fact, Yoshimura drops a huge hint when teaching Kaneki the secret of the eating in Antique.

The trick is not to chew it, but to drink it. -Yoshimura

Sasuga Eto. Now, I don’t know about you, but melting your friends down to make weapons crosses a moral boundary for me. If it doesn’t for you, you are a heartless, loveless V pig. Anyway, jokes aside, if you connect the dots… We need to ask a few questions:

Does the public at large know that Quinques are made from Ghouls?

Does the public at large know about the torture in Cochlea?

Does the public at large know that you have a ghoul melting facility in Cochlea?

If the public knows all three and accept it, is it not the world that is wrong? How can you be so heartless to accept this? Therefore, I hypothesize:

Not everything in Cochlea is made to public. What the reader sees from the CCG/Ghoul side AND TAKES FOR GRANTED is not known ENTIRELY to the public. The immoral melting of ghouls, creation of little Arimas, brainwashing and torture and perhaps the Sunlit Garden are at the bottom of Cochlea. If the public is able to see this, public perception of the CCG/V would drop dramatically.

Considering that Eto is a master at misdirection, our acceptance of Quinques made from Kagune (THE LITERAL BEATING HEART/ORGAN OF A GHOUL) is wrong. Killing people to make shiny toys is wrong. We know that. But we accept it.

Because plot.

Holy shit.

The reader is evil.

P.S: Geebus, will it take Hinami being crushed into Ghoul liquid before you guys will acknowledge that the CCG/V are evil? Because that’s totally gonna happen riiiighht? You guys are sickos who want to see her on a butterfly wheel and made into a suitcase.


So where does the Sunlit Garden come in? Will it be at the bottom of Cochlea too? I dunno, but unless CCG/V have Star Wars Galactic Empire tendencies where they put all their eggs in a basket (get it? Eggs? Owls? kek), it probably won’t be explained.

But then again, considering all that they have done, I wouldn’t put it past them.

Also, this doesn’t quite explain the weird flesh structures in the 24th ward. Unless the ENTIRE FREAKING WORLD IS MADE OUT OF QUINQUE STEEL. Then that would truly be mad.

I eagerly await the reveal of the RUSEV CRUSSHHHHHing process that the CCG/V have. I hope it is super human and super ethical.

Finally Going to Japan!

I am finally making the trip to Japan, I even bought my tickets! This is so important to me. I can finally go to the country my mom is a citizen of. I can walk the streets of the city she grew up in. I can see it all for myself. I feel like this trip is very important for my identity and my growth as a person. I just wish I could find the right words to describe how important this all is for me.

Plus, as a bonus, when someone finds out I’m half Japanese and asks if I have gone to Japan I can answer yes and not have to deal with the: “Why haven’t you gone? Didn’t your mom take you? She’s from Japan right? You have family in Japan, right? So why haven’t you gone?”  I understand the curiosity, but some people state the questions as accusations. Some people try to use it as a way to say I’m not Japanese enough. But finally I won’t have to deal with that anymore.  

Egil’s Saga Prompt Post #1

Here’s what you do:

  1. Read sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Egil’s Saga
  2. Read this post
  3. Pick a prompt (and a team if you want to be on one)
  4. Answer the prompt on your blog
  5. Include an introduction of yourself
  6. Tag it #norsereadalong so others can find it
  7. Let me know that you are finished

Here’s what I do:

  1. Read your submissions
  2. Squee a lot!
  3. Collect everyone’s links into a master post at the end of the week
  4. Post more prompts :)

Q: What if I don’t want to use my own blog?

Q: You said teams?

Yes! We have enough people signed up (38) that we can try it. The fun of teams is that it gives participants a reason to talk to each other. It adds a tiny and fun bit of competitiveness.

You do not have to join a team! It’s 100% optional.

The Cartography Team Egil’s saga covers a lot of ground, literally. Help us to navigate and not get lost. This is supposed to be fun, so I encourage team members to only do a little research each week. Maybe read a Wikipedia article or surf Google images for a few minutes. A few ideas for posts:

  • where are we, relative to other places in the saga;
  • where are we, relative to modern place names;
  • photos of places as they look today;
  • old maps or drawings;
  • your own sketches;
  • the meaning of place names
  • how far did our protagonists travel;
  • what is it like traveling in this weather;
  • how people dressed to travel, what they carried

The Fanfic Team Our story takes us over about 100 years of events in the span of 200 pages. Brevity is the order of the day. In the style of most Norse sagas, character’s thoughts and motivations are mainly implied by their actions. The challenge of anyone who joins this team is to pick moments of the saga and bring them to life with more depth (or bring their depth to life, if you will). For example:

  • short drabbles;
  • expanded action sequences;
  • snatches of dialogue;
  • what-ifs and AUs;
  • poetry or songfic;
  • sketches or illustrations

The Prompts

  1. What, if anything, do you find interesting in the story so far?
  2. Why do you suppose Atli’s sons tried to kill Olvir Hump?
  3. Do you agree with Kveldulf’s offer to send Thorolf to Harald?
  4. Who is your favorite character, of those we have met?
  5. How are you keeping track of the large number of characters?

Reminder: Answers do not have to be long to count. One or two sentences are plenty. Unless you are feeling inspired. ;)

Submitting something for your team also counts as weekly participation. Make sure you fill out the prompt form, so I can find it!

Here’s the Google form for when you are done

ps. here are links to the reading schedule and the FAQ / sign up post


SO I was tagged by @microbellamy and @micro-cuts-in-my-brain to do this awesome tag (THANK YOU GUYS ^_^)

RULES: Using only song titles from one artist cleverly answer these questions and try to not repeat song titles. Pass it on to some poeple afterwards.

ARTIST: Actually I wanted to say Muse first but then I said naaaah try something different so PANIC! AT THE DISCO

What is your gender?: Girl That You Love

Describe yourself: Crazy=Genius

How do you feel?: Mad As Rabbits

Describe where you live: From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins

If you could go anywhere, where would it be?: House Of Memories

Favorite form of transportation: Hurricane (I couldn’t find a better answer, sorry)

You and your best friend are: Far Too Young To Die

If your life was a TV show, what would it be the title?: There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought Of It Yet

What is your life?: New Perspective

Your relationship status: Casual Affair

Your fear: The End Of All Things

(I know I used only one AFYCSO and V&V song and mostly TWTL,TWTD! songs but you know the titles in AFYCSO…they’re really wrong and couldn’t fit in these, TWTL,TWTD! seemed to be the most fitting…I really tried to put more V&V since it’s my fav Panic! album but as I said before TWTL,TWTD! fitted better.)

NOW I TAG @exogenetics-symphony @souls-wont-be-exhumed @rocket-baby-dolls @mathew-stb @lovecoffeeandmuse @moigraine @exogenesis-lights @tagtra @blissfullybellamy @impassive-machine @peace-will-arise @uglybellamy @prettybellamy and whoever wants to do it! And again if you’ve already done this or you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to do it :)

I'm so over this shit

Can we hurry this shit up please? I’m so bored of all this crap, it’s so frustrating. The fact that they are still trying to make Louis and Danielle a thing is so pathetic. I mean trying to do two stunts at once, please don’t insult my intelligence. This is so drawn out and ridiculous. I just want happiness for Harry and Louis and I feel so bad thinking about how much waiting they have to do and answering to people before they can be themselves. They are grown ass men, let them do what the fuck they want! Be free damn it! I makes me so sad to think about all the shit they have gone through. I hope they are finding some happiness and are together right now. I feel so bad and I just want all this crap to end. I don’t know how much patience I have left for all the crap going on, I can’t wait any longer.

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Honestly, i've been trying to find a question that I know you will probably answer and it's been difficult I'm telling you xD but i got one, what is your strongest personal quality? (lots of love from portugal. x)

I like to think I’m very caring.

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No I'm not talking about men... I want to know why can you be transgender and not transblack etc? I'm trying to understand but most things I looked up had very flimsy explanations and I feel bad accepting something without actually understanding and believing it. I feel like a bad person but I really don't want to believe something that doesn't make sense.

Oh you’re the one who asked why you can be transgender but why the same concept (e.g. being white but identifying as black) doesn’t work.

I’m pretty sure you can find the answer elsewhere but I don’t feel like spending time answering this. @ any followers who feel like it then go for it

Questions About Holidays

I would like to remind people that we’re happy to answer questions about holidays, but please make sure to give us some buffer time between the asking and the holiday itself.  We’re often busy ourselves, especially during holidays that at least some of the mods celebrate, and we would also like to take the time to provide a solid answer (or at least the resources to find the answer yourself, if we can’t).  We also try to keep the queue on a regular schedule to avoid taking up people’s dashes, the occasional time-sensitive or short relevant comment excepted.

So ask anything you like about holidays, but keep in mind that we may not be able to respond before a specific holiday.

- mountain hound

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Hey, do you think we'll have a trailer for the rest of season 5B ? I find it kinda weird that we didn't have any mid-season trailer

Yeah I agree with this 100% and I am expecting to get one pretty soon.

But I also expect it to be a bit shorter than we are used to with the superteases because a) they’re REALLY trying to keep the rest of the season a secret, and b) there’s only three episodes left after Tuesday.