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Hi! Do you have any coloring tutorials or anything similar? Your work is amazing and I'm very curious about how you achieve that kind of lightning and color! :D TYSM! <3

hello ! I only have this short little thing in my faq, but I’ll see if I could make a tutorial or something soon <:
here’s a little process gif thing that didn’t get too butchered !

Honestly I’m always so surprised at just how much they make Keith’s character revolve around Shiro..

Like his feelings for Shiro are such a huge part of his character so far.

I’d say it’s almost even kinda odd…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen something similar in this type of show? (like between two guys atleast haha)

Like I always feel like they gonna sweep it all to the side at some point in favor of something else, but they don’t. They just keep putting emphasis on just how much Keith loves him.

Not sure how to word what I mean..

Like even for Allura, when she had to say goodbye to her dad, it didn’t take like a whole episode focusing on her struggle… And even Pidge’s feelings for her family get kinda pushed to the side..

Seriously, the amount of screentime Keith’s feelings for Shiro get is incredible.

And you know it’s not gonna be just that episode, it’s gonna be like an entire season again probably (cuz we didn’t even had the background flashbacks)

The writers and stuff try to explain Lena and Kara’s relationship as “friends,” like actual gal pals. But imagine if this happened if they start dating. CatCo and news outlets being like “Lena Luthor seen with reporter friend again!” and Lena gets so frustrated, but Maggie and Alex find it hilarious and frame a newspaper clipping with “gal pals” written across it

….Shiro and his leadership…

Ok, I’m watching S2E4 & 5 and like the Galra are attacking them and they’re trying to decide what to do and Keith is like “WE GOTTA FIGHT THEM”

And Shiro just.. sides with Allura…

Yes Shiro… that was YOUR idea to go there… Keith tried to stop you from doing that, remember? 

Remember how he had a better grasp on the situation than anyone? And no one listened to him? You think Keith is somehow suddenly not aware of the dangers of doing something like attacking Zarkon’s command center? Dude even fought Zarkon by himself before (and got his ass kicked)!! And he’s watching you like a hawk 24/7 for the slightest sign of struggle, he knows all about you and Black and how easily Zarkon can snatch your control away. Trust me, Keith knows what the risks are better than anyone, you don’t have to explain him anything.

And literally the next episode Shiro is like:

And like you’d think maybe he’s actually listening to Keith finally, and understands they have to fight back or they will just be running away until they die of exhaustion, but like, he actually means they should go fight small Galra fleets and take those out. Which is … well…

Like ok… I know this is a cartoon and stuff dun always make sense and all…

But seriously, that plan actually worked out for them just because Zarkon let Morvok do the job, because I dunno… he was just too lazy to go to Taujeer and capture Voltron himself with all his fleet this time? Was taking a shower? His fav show was on tv? I dunno.. I’m not sure how far or how fast the Galra can travel but seems like it’s pretty far and pretty fast. (Zarkon arrives at the storm place like minutes after they escape from him…)

Like, HOW would going to attack random Galra fleets in outer space won’t immediately give Zarkon their location so he could just show up with his big ship and other fleets at the place?? And once he does it means they will have to run away again or fight all those fleets. (Like those Galra ships travel between galaxies pretty damn fast! They will have to take down the fleet without any unexpected issues I suppose and run away real quick) 

Like, that literally doesn’t change anything about their situation.. Seems like it would just save Zarkon time and energy because he wouldn’t have to track them anymore using magic all the time! And it will just make them all more tired because they will still be fighting all the time and even more than before? That like gives em zero control of the situation back..

LIKE THIS IS A COMPLETELY POINTLESS STUPID PLAN, SHIRO! What are they trying to do? Just annoy Zarkon? Like some kids who ring the doorbell and run away when he gets up to open it?? They will die from lack of sleep before they could ever put an end to the Galra empire like this.

Like imagine them going to fight some fleet, the Galra tell Zarkon “they’re here”, Zarkon shows up, they run away, Zarkon tracks them down and they have to fight him now, but now they are just even more tired from the other fight.. and how will they even find the time to fight all those random isolated fleets while constantly running away from Zarkon??

Their situation is pretty bad if Zarkon can just find them anywhere!! The more tired Allura gets the less distance they can travel through wormholes, the less distance they travel, the faster Zarkon will find them again. The more Zarkon attacks them the more tired they become. Like?? I dunno, am I missing something? Is Shiro’s plan like a good plan somehow?? Does it actually changes something?

Keith is right, fighting back IS their best option in this situation (where Zarkon keeps showing up every few.. hours? minutes?), the longer they wait and run the more exhausted and weak they will become. Like sure, they could have used some planing on how to do that first, but atleast Keith has the right idea and he understands the situation they’re in very quickly. And it’s that they can’t keep running away, they have to fight back no matter how great the risk is. (finding a way to hide would be a way better plan ofcourse, but when that not seems to be an option something must be done fast or bye bye voltron)

Just…*gently moves Shiro to the side and puts Keith in the leader seat*

I dunno, I feel like Shiro survives on nothing but pure luck I swear.. and like it totally works for them!! But like isn’t all this luck gonna run out sometime? (probably not cuz kids show..)

And it’s funny, cause I assume this is something that makes Keith seem like a hot head again and a horrible decision maker and a person who just want’s to fight everyone, but like…. HE MAKES SENSE. and Shiro… I dunno what Shiro’s doing.. 

Gideon Grey’s sleep cycle

Okay, so

Foxes are nocturnal irl. Smatterings of evidence (the cut Nocturnal District, the ice-cream elephant’s comment about Nick “skulking around during daylight hours”) suggest that some animals in Zootopia still live nocturnally. And that makes sense, right? If anything, it would actually solve some logistical problems. No arguments over who has to take the night shift if half your employees would honestly prefer it.

So in a major city like Zootopia, there’s probably a healthy nightlife (pun intended). Specialized schools and the like for nocturnals. But Bunnyburrow is a lot less… ethnically diverse. Clue’s in the name.

Now, I already headcanon that Nick switched to the day cycle because it was more lucrative hours for a hustler. But that’d be an intentional choice. Imagine you were a fox born and raised in some carrot-farming podunk. The local school’s alright, but it doesn’t offer night classes. Not enough demand. So you’re forced from a young age to be awake and alert at a time you weren’t built for.

Wouldn’t help any attitude problems you may or may not have.


all the things I’ve tried to do today instead of drawing what I should be drawing

Bonds of Love

Okaaaaay! When I said I enjoyed Nobu’s ES, I meant it on the different hype from all the others I’ve read so far–.

I just love how it started off a bit of lonely and apprehensive and annoying (like Nobu ignoring MC and being so impatient)–then funny–and progressed to something really happy and heartwarming, plus less angst to boot! And Nobu conquered without killing anyone yaaaaay

So what do we get from him this event?

>that lipstick kiss

>plum blossoms

>another showcase of his acting skills

>  They’re so domestic in here - working with the villagers, like jack and jill fetching water, making sandals, and just really being together and just talk ;A;

>Friggin’ cute the way they kept holding hands!

>AND FINALLY MC was able to take part in Nobu’s affairs. He would normally just leave her in the castle or in Kyoto, but he brought her to do this undercover thing with him.

While most of it is not really new, there’s a really refreshing atmosphere around it this time. Most of his event stories were heavy and they both get so emo, but this one has just the right amount of humor, drama, and sentimentality.

Aaaand they got their first dance together :> (I remember the first event it was Mitsuhide who MC danced with)

mmm let’s :>

i haven’t seen this around among the many excellent theories, so i just wanna toss it out there:

Bigender Pidge. Genderfluid Pidge.

Pidge who is sometimes okay with he and sometimes with she and a lot of the time with both or either, but has days where there needs to be standing on a chair and loud correcting because not that one, not today. Pidge who has gotten used to figuring out how they feel today, and whether or not it matters, and he ends up explaining over and over sometimes because this is important today and other days she was up all night with robots and is too tired and doesn’t bother because today is one of those where each could be okay. Pidge who has a day where it is most definitely she, most definitely a girl day, and seizes the opportunity of feeling sold and real and right to try and explain, try and present, because this feels like the kind of thing that could go on for a while–

and then the next day “she” doesn’t fit anymore and when Lance uses “he” by accident and then tries to backtrack, Pidge tells him, “no, it’s fine”

and then next week, it’s back to “she”, and she’s afraid to explain this again, knows at some point they’re going to run out of patience, and so she just answers to whatever

and eventually the rest of the team might sort of forget, and Pidge is always Pidge but depending on the day or the month or the minute can have to avoid everyone else because hearing them talk about him with the wrong pronouns is too hard.

Pidge knows that she can’t expect them to keep up or deal with switching pronouns on an irregular basis, and isn’t going to try and ask. it can’t be really worth it, can it? he’s used to riding things out, to waiting for them to change, and it’s so hard to explain that sometimes she’s a she and sometimes he’s a he and

is there a point to it, really.

So yeah. Genderfluid Pidge who is too goddamn tired and afraid to explain themselves anymore.

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Hiya! Hope you're having a good day ^.^. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how you texture your art on digital? I mean if you don't want to that's fine just ignore this ask. Just want to say I love your art as well and it's inspired me to start my own art blog :)

Sorry for my super late reply (this sat in my inbox for quite a while orz) but as I finally have a workflow I’m kind of comfortable in I’m very much willing to share it and try to explain some stuff ♡ I’m not sure what you mean by texturing my art, I guess I just paint? :’D So I’ll just explain how I build my image!

I work in Photoshop CC!

I always start out with a super rough sketch to get the idea down (this normally takes only some minutes): 

More steps under the cut!

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“part of you”

i keep seeing parallels between spuffy & bliv and ngl i hope the izombie writers explore their relationship more 

hey sorry for disappearing, still havin a really hard time with the whole bein alive thing. tbh I’m kinda self-destructing right now so bear with me as I change the visibility settings 600 times in an attempt to curb the urge to delete altogether

anyway if I haven’t responded to a message or @ from you I promise it’s not personal and I will do my best to give the response it deserves when I’m able… thanks 👍👍

Hey if you’re white and you care about supporting PoC and making sure we’re safe and treated with respect

Listen to PoC.

Not just the ones you like. Not just the ones who are saying things you wanna hear.

Don’t dismiss PoC talking about racism because you find it “annoying”, don’t comfortably tell yourself we’re overreacting (Hysterical, Overly Angry) when we say something inconvenient or must be having it all wrong, don’t try to explain our own oppression to us.

We can be wrong about stuff related to racism but as a white person you are not the one who gets to make that call and your first priority should be not perpetuating racism

Basically, when it comes to giving a shit, don’t just say you do and then only act like it when it’s easy and makes you feel or appear like a good person.

And I said listen to PoC, because you definitely should, but also remember in many contexts that’s too general a statement. When we’re talking, say, specifically antiblackness, you better listen to black people specifically

And yeah, that’s all

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Sophie did you saw that youtube video from ClevverNews talking about Camila and Lauren? I'm mad at that woman who were so aggressively trying say camren is bs and the guy wanting to explain stuff (i'm sure he believe in camren but that woman make it sound ridiculous), I miss Chelsea HollywireTv would never do that

Yeah I saw it, Chelsea would’ve shut up her up for good like “Bitch it’s my otp you’re talking about so shut your mouth, you know nothing Jon Snow”

Look at her shipping it with all her soul, our sweet little co-captain  :

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wait i thought keith was 1yr 9months older than lance bc he's 18 and lance just turned 17. or does he turn 18 in october?

i’m pretty sure keith is turning 18 in october. why would the writers print information in a book if it was gonna change in a month? 

i think the handbook works as a point of reference so we know what age the characters are through the entire series (or till they release a new handbook with new information, or there’s an explicit episode or line in the show indicating that the character turned x age, for example a birthday episode). plus, time doesn’t pass the same in the show as irl, so i consider the ages in the book the ages they’re all gonna be at the end of the year. so yeah, it’s only a 9 month difference.

that’s how i understand it idk

Vain (Part 2) - Jughead Jones

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Summary: After an awkward encounter with Jughead Jones, you’ve been avoiding the anti-social teen. However, in the most cliche way possible, you end up paired together in a group project making avoidance harder than it first seemed.

I’m pretty new to writing on tumblr, so the response Vain got was overwhelming! Pretty sure that if I didn’t make a part 2, someone was going to skin me alive, (i got a LOT of asks for it, which I think is awesome!) It’s probably going to turn into a full on series so yay hype.

Warnings: - A lot of Shakespeare stuff which I try to explain :3

Jughead x Reader (Still not so much romantically yet, plz don’t kill meh)

2582 words

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oh quick question: what brush do you use for lineart? it has a really nice soft cartoon look and it makes it look a lot.. cuter? calmer? just. better

//if u mean the one i’ve been using for all the ask answers uuh,, it’s very simple but idk how to explain it;; im gonna try my best ! soo it’s a photoshop brush since that’s the shit i use for drawing,, and well i just took a normal lineart brush (( the one that looks like this ))

//and then i went to the brush settings and uuh i cant rlly explain stuff in english so i’ll just try to show u

//sorry bc it’s in spanish but that’s my language soo ye


//first thing - u click on “dinámica de la forma” that idk how tf to translate it but uuh u can use google or smth if u wanna

//then u go to “variación del tamaño” (( size variation i think ??? )) and u make it look smth like this

//i dont know how to english so i hope u undestand ??? im sorry im so bad at this

//it’ll end up looking like this !!!