trying to entertain her sick mother

i am scrolling my dash re reading all the posts about last night and….there is NOT a single thing that makes sense or it’s logic or it’s real. like it’s all fake, for show, staged, arranged, faker and faker and ridiculous. we thought byriani and her story was the highest peak of ridiculousness but THIS, all THIS takes the crown. when you have brands being papped at his front door to get the promo even if he can’t go outside, with his PA waiting in the car for no reason and a beard swapped for another who is suddenly cancelled and the other one who left years ago is back in awful clothes just so she can try to relaunch her non existent career as ‘something’ without any effort nor credit and she’s suddenly treated like mother teresa cause they want you to love her and shove her down your throat every minute of this. They are doing this to a member of a freaking BOYBAND who is turned into a monkey to entertain their team and those fans who believe this for the sake of a sick circus show with no end. if you think about this situation they want you to think it’s real life, I don’t know if I want to laugh cause it’s absurd or cry cause my heart breaks for him.

i’ve already been saved

“the losers are stuck in derry psychiatric hospital, all brought together by one thing: their need for help. aka: “I’ll take ‘Episodes of Blinding Rage for two hundred, Alex.““

TW: for suicide attempt, self harm, mental health issues, etc! if you have any triggers related to these things i strongly recommend you avoid this one ! also this is a multi chapter thing so stay tuned :)

ships: (EVENTUAL) reddie, stenbrough, benverly, mike/OC

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