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Sokka+ Zuko

Ship: Romantic or Platonic

I haven’t talked about it very often, but I’m actually really defensive of these two’s dynamic and how they could interact shipping-wise. It feels too cheap to just reduce them down to the “hard-headed guys always arguing” duo which I see so often that I also reject. Even pre-redemption, it was Katara and Zuko that argued and clashed all the time, Sokka just subtly takes advantage of the situation. 

Sokka and Zuko? Rarely clash and Sokka will back off with his jibes pretty quickly if confronted. 

You know what they do have? Shared situational experiences and sense of responsibility to protect people. That’s not including how Sokka relaxes so much the first time they’re made to work together. He starts spilling all sorts of things he doesn’t normally talk about: mentioning Yue (which he rarely does to anyone), admits that he feels guilty and responsible for the failed invasion, and confesses how upset he is about the possibility of failing again and endangering those who relying on him. Zuko’s pretty patient with him and does his best to reassure (in his own awkward way) and insists that its okay to fail sometimes as long as you keep trying. 

How to be Less Socially Awkward

1. Recognize that you’re not the only person who feels this way. Many of the people around you will be feeling self conscious and ill at ease as well.
2. Try not to over-analyze every situation, and how you come across, or appear to other people. That will only undermine your self confidence, and make your behaviour seem unnatural and forced.
3. Try to figure out the source of your feelings. For example, have you been criticized, bullied or shamed, or been made to feel that you’re just not good enough?
4. Recognize the thought patterns that are common at these times – like “I’m useless, inferior and don’t know what to say.” Then tell yourself you’re playing the same old record again.
5. Notice people who like you and who affirm who you are, and notice why they like you – then remind yourself of that.
6. When you start to feel anxious about being with other people remind yourself that others seem to like your company.
7. Imagine a scene where you’re feeling confident. Replay that mental picture as often as you can. It will help to change your feelings so you feel more confident.

Saved me part 2 - Theo Raeken

a short one as I needed to post a little drama :p

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^^^^ can we pretend that’s Isaac instead of stiles.

I wake up and turn in this unfamiliar bed to find Theo sleeping next to me, snoring gently. I look at him, his face looking as innocent as a baby I can’t help but stare at his beauty. I don’t realise how long I’ve been staring as suddenly Theo’s alarm clock rings startling me from my daydream , he wakes up and quickly searches for me until his eyes lock with mine, he smiles sheepishly. “Morning beautiful” he croaks, his sleepy voice sending chills down my spine “Morning” I whisper back

“Did you sleep well?” He asks with concern

“Mmh” I nod

“We should get ready for school” he advised “Unless you wanna rest today?” He adds

“No, I’ve missed too much of school” I disagree

“I’ll go make some breakfast, you can get ready” he smiles while getting up and grabbing some pants pulling them on his naked body leaving the room. I get up and walk towards Theo’s bathroom and step into the shower letting the hot water hit against my body,

I rinse of the soap from my body and step out wrapping the clean towel around me. I walk out to see unfamiliar clothes folded neatly on the bed, I put them on and start to walk down the stairs the smell of toast & eggs filling my nose, reminding me how hungry I am my stomach growls and Theo notices me standing there.

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“Someone’s hungry” he smiles ear to ear

“Yeah sorry” I say embarrassed Theo smiles and blushes

“yeah I figured you’d be hungry after last night, good sex does that, eat” he slides the plate towards me.

“Thanks” I blush speechless We eat and chat and leave for school.

Theo pulls into the driving lot and he senses me getting nervous

“I’m gonna be right here, there’s nothing to be afraid of” he assures me

“I know I-I just, I just don’t want this to be a scene” I look towards Theo and he’s looking up with tension on his face

“I don’t think we have a choice” he quickly mutters removing his seatbelt swiftly “stay in the car!” He warns and exits the car slamming his door shut I look out the car window and see a very angry Isaac storming up towards Theo and see Theo stiffen up and his jaw clenches. Before the brawl breaks out I quickly open the door and walk around the car towards where Isaac arrives.

“HOW FUCKING DARE YOU” Isaac shoves past me grabbing Theo by his shirt. “How dare I what?” Theo spits at Isaac

“You think I can’t smell your scent all over her” Isaac scoffs “SHE’S MINE” he roars at Theo.

“She’s not a object you don’t own her she can make her own decisions” Theo angrily shouts pushing Isaac to the ground. I look at Isaac on the ground his chest rising in anger

“Isaac please calm down” I try to ease the situation.

“I’ll deal with you later whore” he seethed “Right now this is between me and him” he snarls at Theo

“Bring it on” Theo smirks removing his dusty grey hoodie.

“No” I yell Isaac gets up and charges towards Theo both of them falling to the ground “Omg” I choked and a crowd around them starts to form. Oos and aas are heard from the crowd as Isaac punches Theo in the face.

“Isaac stop” I scream Suddenly Theo lands a punch and Isaac is thrown away from him A few minutes into the fight the aggression gets worse and Isaac’s eyes start flickering to his yellow beta eyes. While both of them are at each others throats seeing red. Suddenly Scott comes running and grabs Isaac

“ISAAC!” He roars and Isaac whimpers at his alpha Both of them get up wiping their blood from their faces. seeing the situation stiles quickly reacts

“Okay guys get to class nothing to see here” Stiles politely yet sarcastically says shooing the crowd away.

“What.. do you….think… your doing” the anger in Scotts voice obvious.

“Theo fucked my girlfriend Y/N” Isaac sneers Stiles and Scott look at each other surprised

“Uhmm…” Scott looks towards me

“She’s not your girlfriend, not anymore” Theo informs the 3 of them

“That’s not your decision” Isaac raged

“That’s what SHE said… last night” Theo teases Isaac Isaac grabs Theo again “she’s not sure what she wants” Isaac replies

“STOP IT” Scott scolds

“Y/N what’s going on? Care to explain” stiles asks confused

“I love Theo” I confess Stiles and Scott look even more confused than before “W– but you were with Isaac” Scott claims I look down in disappointment nervous to think what’s gonna happen when they find out the truth

“Isaac’s been hurting you hasn’t he” stiles voice full of hurt I nod tears filling my eyes

“Isaac’s been abusing her all this time, yesterday on my way to school I found Y/N on the sidewalk she had collapsed because Isaac had beaten her” Theo told them

“That’s not true I-I didn’t hit her that hard” Isaac stammered Scott and Stiles look at Isaac with disgust

“Isaac?” Scott whispers in denial and shock

“I’m sorry Y/N” Isaac walks towards me and I flinch

“No you stay away from her” Theo steps in front of me as Isaac looks at me in defeat and walks away, Scott looks towards me

“Why didn’t you ever say something?” Scott asks upset

“I-I was too scared” I admit

“It doesn’t matter, she has me now and I’ll always protect her”

Theo smiles while pulling me in for a hug

"Y/N you’re like our little sister remember you can tell us anything and you Theo if you hurt Y/N I will drag your little were coyote whatever you are ass an..” stiles is interrupted by Scott

“just remember if you hurt her well hurt you” Scott gently warns Theo. Theo puts his hands up in surrender and Scott and stiles walk off to class.

“That was awkward” I laugh

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“Very, are you okay?” He asks cuddling me again.

“Yeah let’s get to class” I kiss him and we walk to class holding hands.


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Earth 2 Harrison Wells x Reader – Make out session

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Imagine being Barry’s younger sister and Joe’s adoptive daughter and Joe founding you and Harry making out in the Cortex.

Note: Literally just finished this but I’m really not good at waiting. I particularly enjoyed writing this one.
Giffity gif not mine.

You were younger than Barry and after your mother died, you couldn’t fully understand what happened just yet, but you knew she was gone. When you and your brother moved in with Joe and Iris, Joe didn’t want either of you to visit Henry as he believed that he really did kill Nora.

Joe couldn’t stop Barry as he was too stubborn, but he promised himself he will never let you go to prison to see the supposed killer. You even started to call him „dad“.

But that was years ago. Since then, so much has changed. And so much has happened. The particle accelerator explosion, metahumans, the Reverse Flash … other Earths, other Wells and … Zoom.

And here we are now, Team Flash fighting the new super villain. But since Zoom would rather send other metahumans to do the dirty job for him and you can’t just show up on Earth 2 with no plan, other things have happened, too.

This thing between you and Harry has been going on for quite a while now. Harry would always work hard at the lab late at night and you would stay there to help him. And that’s how you got close. Even though there’s quite a big age difference between the two of you, neither of you cared.

You wanted to tell the others and you were sure they would be happy for you. Joe was the only one you were scared to tell. You knew he would find out one day but there were sure good and bad ways of doing so.

What you didn’t know back then was that he would find out in the worst way possible.

The Team was having a little party tonight after defeating a though metahuman and everyone was gonna come. Except Harry. He’s always invited but he never comes justifying it by not wanting to celebrate with his daughter still in Zoom’s lair. Which is completely understandable.

And then there’s you. You mostly go with the excuse that you simply don’t like parties. Which is true, but you also just really don’t want to leave Harry all alone.

After everyone left, you sneaked into the Cortex where you saw Harry sitting on a chair working on some toy-thingy. You came closer, hugged him from behind and buried your head between his neck and shoulder.

Hey.“ He said softly as he moved his head to give you a gentle kiss. „Are we alone?“

„The building is ours.“ You chuckled as you turned his chair around and sat on his lap wrapping your hands around his neck.

„At last.“ He finally smiled as his hands went around your waist, pulling you into an embrace. You loved this smile, the smile he only reserved for you.

It has been a while since you two had a little alone time, so you were planning to take full advantage of it.

Harry didn’t wait for anything, he took your cheeks into his hands and pulled you into a deep, passionate kiss, slipping his tongue into your mouth.

Suddenly, you felt one of his cold hands slide under your shirt making you shiver. Harry definitely didn’t regret you wearing a crop top with a high-waisted skirt as you made his job much easier.

He didn’t want to break the kiss so he did only for one second to take your shirt off revealing your black laced bra.

His hand were now both running over your body as he slowly moved from your lips down your neck sucking on the skin, gently biting it and leaving a mark to claim you his own.

You couldn’t help but moan which didn’t escape Harry’s ears.

„Y-you know … i-it’s really … u-unfair that .. y-you’re still … f-fully clothed.“ You managed to stutter our between the muffled moans as you still tried to keep some control.

Harry pulled away and leaned closer to your ear whispering in his deep voice.

„Then maybe you should do something about it.“

He didn’t have to tell you twice. Your fingers slid under the fabric as you pulled his shirt off over his head throwing it somewhere on the ground.

You didn’t get much time to admire his body as he already pulled you up taking you into his arms and leaning you against the closest wall.

Pressing your lips against his again, with your arms now firmly around his neck and your legs wrapped around his waist.

Just when he was about to unhook your bra, you heard voices.

Damn it!

You both looked up to see your friends who were sharing your suprised expression.

Harry quickly put you down and both of you hurried to put your clothes back on.

„When you didn’t want to go to he party, we thought we’d bring the party to you … I’m getting the vibes there was already one going on.“ Cisco joked trying to ease the situation only to receive a disapproving look from Barry.

It didn’t take long for Joe to put himself together from the shock and he immediately made his way up to Harry.

„What do you think you’re doing to my little girl?!“ Joe yelled as he forcefully pushed your boyfriend against the wall.

„I don’t know, what does it look like?“ Harry opposed him only to earn a solid punch in the face.

„Dad! Stop!“ You weren’t going to just watch anymore, this was starting to go too far.

You stood between the two facing Joe and staring right into his eyes.

„I … I love him.“

„… And I need some air.“ This was probably too much for the detective to take so he made his way out followed by Barry who was probably about to have a lot of work with cooling him off.

„Well, that could have gone better.“ Harry stated as he brushed his cheek.

„Heyy, are you okay? He hit you pretty hard.“ You hurried to him worriedly.

„I can’t really blame him, I’d do something much worse if it was the other way around.“ He added with a soft laughter.

„You mean my dad and Jessie?“ You couldn’t help but laugh at that idea.

„He’ll get over it. Sooner or later.“ You smiled as you hugged him and he pulled his hand over your shoulder and pressed a tender kiss on your forehead.

ever notice how like you look at hoseok in any given context and 99% of the time he’s smiling, laughing, trying to bring positive energy or ease to a situation etc…
whether it’s during rehearsals, lives, behind the scenes, and with or without an audience. those moments in life where it’s exhausting to even smile are universally experienced, and yet even in those moments he does try. and i guess it just amazes me how someone who works so hard and has so much weight and expectations on his shoulders still makes every effort to make other people happy. like if that isn’t sacrifice and love, what is?

Injured Football Player Ch 12

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Summary: The reader and Bucky go to the doctors and the reader has a melt down, Bucky reassures her everything is going to be okay.

Word Count: 785

A/N: I hope y’all enjoyed the plot twist! Thank you guys for reading! If you want to me tagged, just ask!

(Chapter 11)

 First thing in the morning you were in your OBGYN’s office. You were bouncing your legs as Bucky sat next to you quietly. Yes, you guys wanted kids, but you weren’t married, and you guys were planning this big 4th of July wedding. A baby was not in the cards till after you guys were married.

 Your doctor Natasha Romanoff walked in, “Well sweetie, you are in fact pregnant.”

 You cleared your throat, “Okay.”

 "How far along is she?“ Bucky asked.

 "Well I want to get you in for an ultrasound, then we will know for sure how far along, but I would say you are about five or six weeks,” she looked at her chart. 

 You thought back and remembered that was about the time Bucky got resigned by the Cowboys. You sighed, “When can we do the ultrasound?”

 She looked at her watch, “We can do it right now if you have time.”

 You looked at Bucky who squeezed your hand, “I’m not going anywhere.”

 You nodded, “Let’s do it now.”

 The room was freezing cold, and you were lying on this table with a sheet covering your lower half.

 You let out a sigh and mumbled, “Why do they always have to make these rooms so cold?”

 "It’s not too bad, babe,“ Bucky said trying to ease the situation.

 You shot him a look, "You aren’t the one who is half naked, with only a piece of paper covering your lower half.”

 He raised his eyebrows at you. You sighed and put your face in your hands, “I’m sorry. I just… I don’t know.”

 He grabbed your hand and kissed it, “It’s okay.”

 Dr. Romanoff walked in, “Alright, let’s take a look at this baby.”

 You laid back and tried to relax. A few moments later you heard it. You looked up at the screen, “Is that it?”

 "That my dear,“ she stopped the screen and smiled at you, "is your baby’s heartbeat. Do you see that little peanut shape right there? That is your baby." 

 Bucky squeezed your hand, "Oh my god.”

 "That’s the baby?“ You asked.

 "It is. And it looks like you are about six weeks along. Do you want a picture to take home?”

 You and Bucky nodded. She printed out pictures and handed them to you. You sat there staring at the dark peanut shape.

 "Alright you two,“ Dr. Romanoff stood up, "I will let the girls up front know when I need to see you again and they will schedule you. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call me.”

 "Thank you, Doctor,“ Bucky stood up and shook her hand.

 The moment the door closed, you burst into tears. You covered your face as you laid back down on the table.

 Bucky, who started to panic, tried to sooth you as he talked, "Y/N, what is wrong? Hey, talk to me.”

 "I am pregnant,“ you sobbed.

 Bucky was confused, ”Okay, what does that mean?“

 "Bucky, this is not how things were suppose to work out! We were suppose to have our big wedding, go on our honeymoon, then we get pregnant after a couple months. Oh, god, I’m going to be a terrible mother! I’m resenting my baby,” you sobbed.

 "Hey, look at me,“ he pulled your hands away from your face, "You will be an amazing mother. Do you hear me? If we have to, we can get married on the Fourth like planned, but have a ceremony next Fourth. Everything is going to be okay! I promise, everything will work out!”

 You looked at his smiling face, “You think so?”

 He wiped your face and smiled at you, “Of course I think so! Baby, you and I are far from a traditional couple. Everything is going to be perfect, you know why? Because you and I are the perfect team.”

 You started to cry again, “You must think I’m terrible for being worried about the wedding.”

 "Stop, of course I don’t! Y/N, you are made for this. You are the most carrying, loving person. This baby is the luckiest baby ever because you are her mother,“ he cupped your face.

 You sniffled, "You think so?”

 He wiped a tear, “Baby, I know so.”

 "I love you so much.“

 "Oh you have no idea,” he kissed you.

 You clung onto Bucky. You were going to be parents. Yes, it wasn’t happening like you had planned, but you were having a baby with the man you dreamed would be the father of your children. Bucky was going to make the most amazing father, and you knew that no matter what, he would always make sure that his family was taken care of.

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When We Were Young - Part Three

Summary: Mick Davies has been like a friend to you since you were a kid and decided to sneak out of school to spend time with him. Unfortunately, though you got caught and that way, got separated from Mick. Up to this day, you were saddened that you couldn’t do more for him. Until you happened to come across him on your vacation in America.

Words: 1425

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

Warnings: Tiny bit of angst


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Unspoken jealousy

Prompt: “could you do yousef being jealous of isak”

Summary: Yousef didn’t even want to got this party. He didn’t feel good about it. It was too big, too loud… He hoped seeing Sana would make him feel better. The thing is, she was already busy. 

It was a friday night. Earlier in the day, Eva had sent Adam a text telling him that the whole squad could come at a party tonight. From what Yousef had understood, a friend of hers was organizing it and there were supposed to be people who had already graduated from Nissen. Since they had nothing planned for the night, the guys accepted to come right away.

Yousef was more reserved. He was tired, and he didn’t really want to party right now. All he wanted to do was go home and watch a movie or sleep. But the guys all urged him to come : « the party seems awesome » they had said.

Yeah, it seemed like a big party where they didn’t know anyone and everyone would look at them as if they were intruders or thieves. Yousef always felt like he was the only one to think about this stuff. After all, they didn’t know Eva’s friends, and from what he knew about her, she was a rich white girl living in a rich white neighborhood. And rich white neighborhoods weren’t always the most welcoming when it came to people like his friends and himself.

Anyway, it appeared he didn’t really have a choice. That’s how he found himself walking towards a big white house he didn’t know on a friday night, sipping on an energy drink Mikael and him were sharing.

The thing that comforted him was that Sana was probably going to be there. She was going to be there, and he knew she would feel excluded too, because he noticed. He noticed how she at him sometimes and he felt like she understood how he was feeling, not even needing words. He knew that just looking at her would make him feel better about his night, and he would go home feeling at least a little bit better.

When they finally arrived, Adam sent Eva a text in which he asked her to come down and welcome them so that they wouldn’t look like they were just disturbing the party. There were quite a lot of people smoking and drinking beers outside. It seemed like the house was overflowed by students. Both Eva and Noora appeared at the door at some point, smiling. They welcomed them in and introduced them to the host of the party, a boy named Chris who used to go to Nissen. While his friends went and tried to cross the crowd in the main room, Yousef stayed and chatted for some time with Chris and Eva who seemed pretty close for what the girl had called a « friend ». His host was actually pretty charming, even though his ego appeared to be pretty big and his hand glued to Eva’s butt.

Yousef escaped by telling them he had to go to the bathroom, which he did. The relative silence of the first floor was great, and for a few seconds he considered staying there until someone noticed he was gone, but he didn’t.

He still didn’t feel good about this night. He had read about social anxiety before and what he felt right now seemed pretty close to that. Yoused inhaled and exhaled slowly a few times and got out of the bathroom. He needed to talk to someone he knew and felt like he just needed support, any kind of it. He tried to regain his composure while walking down the stairs. Noticing a door (probably the kitchen) in one corner of the room he walked in, Yousef walked straight to it. He wanted a fresh drink, something that would cool him down.

He pushed the door open. Biting one of his finger nails, he entered the room, expecting to find one or two couples making out against the kitchen island. All he found was a boy talking to Sana. Suddendly all he heard around him was white noise. They both looked so into their conversation that Yousef didn’t want to interrupt. Making as little noise as possible, he closed the door behind him, still looking at them.

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Vitae & Mortem

Dystopian AU - Read previous chapters

Part Four

There was something unfamiliar about the way Harry slept. Calm, unfazed, untroubled. His slumber was deep, and I could almost see him dreaming of a life he’d never had. I could see him dreaming that he was someone else, with a roof over his head, a family, an education, a home. It was only thing that could explain such a deep sleep.

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Sherlock x reader- Babysit

Well, I’m didn’t take that long right? Today my school had it’s sports so that totally killed me. Anyway, this isn’t as long as I’d like it to be, but it’s something. Doing this on mobile sucks Valhalla balls 😒 but I hope you enjoy none the less, sorry if you see anything jumbled up, it’s because I’m using my phone… _____________________________________ “Checkmate.” “…..How?” Sherlock looks up at Y/n, confused on how she had possibly beaten him, at chess, again. Y/n winks, moving from her space on the ground, “I’m just that good. You, Mr. Holmes, over think things.” She picks up her empty tea cup, walking to the kitchen with a laugh, Sherlock following behind her. “No I don’t.”  Sherlock grumbles.
It was a bit late in the Tuesday evening. And Sherlock and Y/n had nothing better to do to pass the time, since absolutely nothing was happening, no case, nothing of interest to Sherlock at least, so chess it was. And that’s what they’ve been doing for the last half hour, and even after calculated moves and strategies, Sherlock still lost, three times. “Yes you do, sometimes you talk aloud when you concentrate. So I knew where not to move.” Y/n shrugs, pouring more tea into her cup and Sherlock’s.
“I think that’s called cheating.”
“No, I think that’s called using your opponent’s weakness against them.” she smiles, tiptoeing to kiss his cheek. He wraps his hand around her waist, pulling her to him for a proper kiss, lifting her onto the counter, not once pulling away.
Until someone clears their throat behind them.
“I hope I’m not interrupting you two.”
Y/n looks over Sherlock’s shoulder, seeing John standing in the entrance, the blond male shifting awkwardly on his feet.
Y/n smiles kindly at him, trying to ease the awkwardness of the situation, hoping down from the counter. “No,”
She looks up at the curly haired man, glaring a bit before looking back to John. “No. You’re not.”
Sherlock purses his lips at her, taking his cup and heading back into the living room. “Hello John, what brings you ‘round?”
“Oh, I was wondering if you two can watch Rosie later, Me and Mary are going out.”
“Oh, sure, no problem at all. It’s what we’re here for. Right Sherlock?”
“Hmm? Yes of course.” He replies, waving his hand in the air a bit, not at all looking at them, his eyes locked on his phone. Y/n rolls her eyes and assures John and she and Sherlock would be at his place later.

“I can’t do this.” Sherlock states, causing Y/n to laugh, “It’s not that hard Sherly.”
“I find this extremely difficult.” Sherlock says, staring down at Rosie who was laying on her back, holding her tiny feet and giggling up at them. “Changing a diaper isn’t rocket science. I bet Mycroft can do it.”
Sherlock rolls his eyes and glares at the ceiling, Y/n nudges him with her elbow, “I’m right here with you,” she says solemnly, before giggling, “Okay okay. Move over.”
John and Mary had been gone on their anniversary date, and babysitting Rosie was easy as pie, well easy enough when the biggest baby in the room refuses to change her. The night had been filled with spending time with Rosie, making sure she had everything she needed and watching the telly. And of course, cuddling with Sherlock.
“Like I said, not that hard.” Y/n says once she was finished changing the baby, picking her up and placing her on her hip. Poking her cubby cheek, to which the girl responds with a giggle “Well aren’t you just the cutest, lucky thing you take after your mother.” She chuckles to herself, smiling at the child. And Sherlock stood and wondered what’ll be like, to live life away from his norm. Away from solving crimes and being well… him. What’ll be like to live a domesticated life, with her, to have a family of his own.
“Hey,” Y/n waves a hand in front of his face, capturing his attention. “You alright?” She asks when he looks down at her, he nods, smiling slightly. She smiles back and continue to gently rock Rosie to sleep, which she falls into quickly.
When that was done, the two were in John and Mary’s living room. The telly was on, the volume low as not to disturb Rosie who was in the room across from them. Y/n was leaning against Sherlock’s side, his arm around her waist, and she was quite sure that the man was asleep. You know what they say, when the baby sleeps, you sleep too cause you just might miss your chance to. Y/n leans her head against Sherlock’s shoulder, falling asleep even though she tried to keep her eyes open.
Later in the night, John and Mary came back, finding both their friends passed out on their couch. And Mary smiles fondly at them, “Oh I’ll never get over how cute they look together.”
“I didn’t even think he’d be able to find a girlfriend.” John whispers, trying not to wake them up, they do deserve the rest after tonight, he knows how taking care of a baby could be extremely tiring. “You found me.” Mary says softly, smiling at her husband, “Come on, we can wake them in the morning.”

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You anxiously rubbed your hands together as Adrianna bounced next to you, her hair swaying as she walked.

Soooo who are these people we are meeting up with? She asked and you were about to answer, just to see a massive group of girls running passed you.

BTS is HERE?! One yelled at the other and Adrianna looked at you with wide eyes.

BTS?! Oh my god, my future husband is here!!! Y/N, we need to go, I need to see Jungkook. She said and began dragging you. A large crowd was beginning to form and you sighed. All you wanted was to talk to Jungkook in a quiet place, but you realized that if you were ever in public, that would never happen. As Adrianna pushed you two towards the front of the crowd, you passed a sea of different fans. Some were constantly snapchatting, some were pushing, and then some were just bawling. You chuckled at all of the girls and when you made your way to the front of the group, you made eye contact with their manager. He knew that you were dating Jungkook and nodded at you.

Walking up to you, their manager, Se Jun, was in his early 20s. He was a trainee, who decided that he would rather manage the popular boy band, than actually be part of one. His fit figure and megawatt smile could make any girl go weak, and most days people thought he was an up-and-coming idol.

Y/N! He exclaimed and pulled you off to the side. Adrianna followed and her jaw dropped to the floor.

Y/N, how does he know you? She asked and Se Jun tilted his head in confusion.

Because she’s dating — He started and you elbowed him.

Se Jun! You exclaimed and looked at him with a glare. Adrianna glanced at you up and down, skeptically. Adrianna, the reason I didn’t tell you much about my boyfriend was because he works with BigHit. You started and Adrianna’s face went white. You see, we met by total accident and —

Oh. My. God. She said slowly, then broke into a smile. You and Se Jun are adorable! She exclaimed and your mouth dropped. You started to move it, but before words could form, Adrianna interrupted you. NOW YOU CAN SET ME UP WITH JUNGKOOK! She screamed and Se Jun looked at you suddenly. You mouthed. Help me. But he just smiled and laughed.

Come on, the guys are waiting for you, but you gotta be discreet. He pulled your arm and Adrianna sighed.

You two are the cutest! She whispered and before you could object, Se Jun was shushing you and pulling you away from the crowd. Walking into the restaurant, it was dimly lit and there was silence. Se Jun stopped abruptly and looked around.

Birdcage. He said into the empty air and a call could be heard from the back of the restaurant. The door opened and Se Jun lead the way into a brightly lit room. The once empty air was now full of life and sound. The guys all hung around, drinking beers and joking. They stopped and looked at you, you smiled and gave a small wave.

Oh my god, it’s them! I can’t breathe! Adrianna whispered behind you and you tried to keep your calm as Jungkook made eye contact with you. Jungkook is looking at me! Adrianna exclaimed quietly behind you and you turned to look at her.

Uh! Guys! This is Adrianna, she’s a really good friend of mine and a massive fan of yours! You said and the guys all smiled.

HELLOOOOO! Hobi said loudly and you laughed. The two of you walked to the group, they all said their hellos, bowing and smiling. Jungkook was beginning to make his way over to say hello, but before Jungkook could make his way to your side, Se Jun was there with a beer for you. Handing it to you, Adrianna smiled.

Look at them! Aren’t they the cutest couple?! She exclaimed and touched Jungkook’s arm. He looked at her then at you, as you shook your head and tried to say something.

Ah, Adrianna, don’t be silly. Se Jun responded with a smile. Adrianna responded with a smile, then turned to Jungkook.

Wow, you’re so handsome. Oh god, I said that out loud. She muttered and turned a bright shade of red. Jungkook looked at her with a small smile and your stomach flipped. He patted her on the back and shrugged.

It’s really not a big deal. You’re very kind. He said to her, which just made Adrianna turn a darker shade of red. You held your beer firmly as you watched the two. Se Jun leaned down.

You okay? He muttered in your ear and you gave him a sideways glare. He chuckled and as you turned your attention back to Adrianna and Jungkook, Jungkook’s eyes were piercing into yours. You felt your stomach dip as he continued to stare.

Adrianna, can I get you something? Se Jun asked, trying to ease the situation, and the easily distracted friend nodded eagerly and walked up to the bar with the manager. Jungkook immediately made his way over to you.

What the hell? She thinks you’re dating Se Jun hyung? He asked and you sighed.

Jungkook, this is not the time. I was trying to explain to her that I was dating someone at BigHit, but she cut me off and said the two of us were adorable. You muttered back and Jungkook rolled his eyes.

How did you not tell her before?! He questioned you like you were on trial. You got annoyed and crossed your arm. The other members of BTS all watched on as the two of you bickered. Jimin looked at Jin as a silent question of whether they should intervene and Jin shook his head.

Because she loves you. You spat. She hates any girl that is with you that isn’t her. I can’t break her heart like that. You took a gulp of the beer, the bitter taste made its way down your throat as you tried to subside the feeling of anxiety that rose in your body.

So you broke mine instead. Jungkook murmured and you stopped and looked at him.

What?! How? You asked, but Jungkook just shook his head.

I have wanted nothing more for these past couple months than to show you off to the world, while you just tried to hide our relationship. He mumbled. You felt a feeling of nausea and sadness rise in you, completely dissipating the anger you had felt just a moment before. Before you could say anything to stop him, Adrianna and her horrible timing came up and smiled.

So, are we going to eat? She asked happily as you looked at Jungkook, who plastered on a fake smile and nodded.

Why don’t you sit by me, Adrianna? He asked and the pink blush erupted on her cheeks as she looked at you with excitement. You watched as Jungkook slid next to Adrianna in the booth and felt your body deflate.

Helmet Party + Zhanna Concept

I mean, imagine…

*solly kicks open lab door*


Engie falls off his chair, surprised by the sudden ambush, but swiftly rights himself, peering up at the military mercenary through his ever-present goggles… and turning his gaze to the amazonian woman standing by his side.

“Uh… ah’m delighted ta meetcha miss…?” he frowns, a little confused.

Raccoons being adopted at all hours of day and night was one thing, but bringing a woman home was new.

“I am Zhanna, sister of Misha… you call him Heavy, da? I am here to meet competitor for the Soldier, Jane.”

The frown deepens, as the Texan turns towards the other man in the room. “Now Sol, did you at least ask if she wanted ta be part o all this, or didja forget to tell her about…”

He trails off. “…is there even an us anymore?”

Soldier deflates a little, “Of course, Engie, I gave the private a full tactical briefing but i think it may not have translated correctly to communist from Pure AMERICAN!”

Engie rolls his eyes.

“Miss Zhanna it’s nice ta meet you, ah’m the team engineer, some call me Engie, but this here loudmouth and a few others call me by my given name, which is Dell.” He introduces himself. “Now ah don;t know where this rivalry idea came from, but if ya okay with sharing, we ain’t gonna have a problem.”

She narrows her eyes for a long moment, gaze sweeping up and down his form in a way that reminded the Texan of the one time he let Soldier talk him into a situation involving honey, nudity, and a once-more scandalised scout.

Finally, Zhanna nods, and gives a smiles. “Da, vil vork for me. Now I have two attractive men with which to have the fun times.”

Engie nearly chokes. God damn, she was straight forwards.

…how did Jane keep finding people like this?

“Uh, alright then. Y'all hungry?” he offers, trying to ease into the situation.

“I HAVE A BETTER IDEA, PRIVATE!” cries Soldier, already naked somehow and cracking the lid off of their last jar of honey.

“Now, Jane ah don’t think-…”

“Is good plan.” replies Zhanna, over him, already sans most of her attire.

Engie isn’t sure where to look, to be polite. “JANE… are you su-…”

“C'mon Dell… dinner and a show…” cajoles Soldier, with that damn smirk that started this all off last time.

“Please, let Zhanna help…” purrs russian goddess by him, enticingly covered in a layer of honey and reaching for the clasp to his overalls.

Engie takes a deep breath, exhales, and accepts that he has the most unusual taste in partners this universe has ever seen.

“Oh all right…” he relents, already feeling the sticky condiment being poured on his head, as other hands helpfully stole his clothes away…

He starts to laugh at the ridiculous of his life.

And that’s when the door creaks open.
“Hey, are you guys coming to dinner or wha-…aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?!?!?” Scout just stands there, hand on the doorknob, eyes wide, and mouth open in an unending scream.

Engie groans. “Godamnit, ah knew this was gonna happen… we need a lock for that door.”

Soldier and Zhanna look to him pleadingly, but the Texan steadfastly shakes his head. “Ah think he’s traumatised enough without you trying to get him in on the acti-… put down that honey, Zhan, or so help me…”

And thus began the great nude honey marathon around the base, as Scout tried to escape, soldier and zhanna tried to catch him, and engineer jogged steadfastly behind wondering how his life came to this.

Broken Trust - Part Seven (END)

Summary: From what you’ve been told the British Men of Letters weren’t people you would really like. Though you didn’t expect to get that caught up with one of them, breaking the Winchester’s trust with your actions.

Words: 2496

Pairing: Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader

Warnings: Angst, I’ll put another warning at the end of the tags. I just don’t want to spoil the story for ya. If you think you could possibly be triggered by something please go check.

A/N: So This is the very last part of this series and it kinda saddens me, to be honest, BUT I can tell you that I could write a one-part sequel if you guys want me to, just let me know! Feedback Is Appreciated!


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sablestine  asked:

[leans in and puts my chin in my hands] got any hcs for rid2015 fixit with a friendly-yet-anxious human s/o? this sweet minicon needs more love

[leans in closer] I got you covered buddy, let’s give love to all the underrated bots


- He’s a sweetspark and is very easy to get along with if you don’t mind someone who has a tendency to ramble. He’s fairly outgoing towards just about everyone which helped with any anxiety you may have had.

- This guy is one of the greatest problem solvers you’ll ever meet given that he doesn’t drop something until he’s finished with it. You’re too anxious to talk to someone? He’ll run through the possible outcomes for that situation to try and ease you into it, and if that doesn’t work then he’ll throw on his disguise and do it himself.

- He’s the god of taking your mind off whatever’s getting you down. Whether it’s through in-depth conversations about anything and everything or working on one of his many projects with him. 

- Very affectionate! You can expect lots of handholding and cuddles when dating this bot. He also likes playing with your hair. It takes a while for him to be able to do it carefully, but it’s very soothing for both parties.

anonymous asked:

How the Organization members would react to another member flirting with their s/o? How would they make the other guy go away?

It’s fun to tease the Organization. It makes me happy.

Xemnas: Never cross the boss. Anyone brave enough to flirt with his S/O will have him to deal with as he won’t lose to anyone else. He wouldn’t have do much to ward off potential threats seeing as his mere presence is enough, but after catching one of them flirting with his S/O, he’d put a stop to it straight. Mainly in the guise of verbal threats which weren’t to be taken lightly. He’d order them to keep away.

Xigbar: While he knew his S/O wouldn’t leave him, he couldn’t trust his comrades one bit. Catching one of them flirting with his partner, his trigger finger would itch, wanting nothing more to put a bullet in their head right there and then. But he knew how to deal with it properly. He’d approach said member, of course, and wouldn’t beat around the bush in warning them off, casually mentioning of some dirty secret they have and what would happen if it casually got out in public.

Xaldin: He’d be standing behind them the whole time, eye twitching angrily as the cheesy pick-up lines continued to flow from their mouth. His S/O would shrink away from the other member, trying to ease the situation but failing miserably. He’d then make his presence known; by skewering them to the wall with his lances. Needless to say, they wouldn’t attempt it again.

Vexen: He’d always felt a little insecure when his S/O was around the other members, especially the younger ones. His fears would come true when he heard through the Xigbar-Vine about one of them flirting with you behind his back. He wouldn’t stand for it, no sir, confronting them straight away and threatening none-to-nicely to freeze them and keep them as an experient.

Lexaeus: Despite his usually stoic demeanour, even he would feel annoyed at someone trying to flirt with his S/O, knowing they were too polite to tell them to stop. Just because he was silent and obedient didn’t mean he was a push over. He’d accompany his S/O pretty much everywhere around the castle, showing them as much affection in front of the others as he could (much to EVERYONES surprise). He wasn’t going to lose, not to anyone.

Zexion: They would have flirted with his S/O right in front of him, almost as if he wasn’t even there. Peering over his book, he’d glare daggers at them, mentally planning his ideal revenge. At night, he’d strike, using his illusions to trap them in a rather horrid nightmare. The monster in that nightmare would be his S/O, hoping that would be enough to put them off from flirting with them ever again. It worked after a couple of days of torment, they couldn’t even look them in the eye afterwards

Saix: He wouldn’t have put it past the more stupid members to do such a ballsy thing. Especially Axel. But he had plans for trouble makers, especially ones who try to flirt with someone who was already taken. After catching one foolish nobody trying to, he’d be seeing red. But with a wicked smirk, he’d calmly dish out the right punishment. Simply put, he’d make them work hard. Sending them on dangerous missions and horrible errands, he’d make sure that they wouldn’t do it again. He’d thrown in a few threats too; just for good measure.

Axel: Initially, he’d just pass it off as harmless banter, since he really has nothing to worry about. But gradually it would keep happening, and he’d start getting a little more irritated by their presence around his S/O. In the end, to warn them off, he’d latch himself onto his S/O more than usual, hugging them close infront of others and kissing them constantly. When the target had their back turned, he’d light the end of the hair on fire just as a silent warning.

Demyx: Catching one of the other members flirting with his beloved, he’d feel a huge rush of adrenaline. He’d put up with the occasional taunts and teasing, taking it on the chin when they said that he wasn’t good enough for them. But this was the final straw, and he was having none of it anymore. Without thinking it through, he’d summon his sitar and shoot a torrent of water directly towards his coworker, getting them directly in the face and knocking them back. The look of surprise on everyone’s faces would be priceless. Until his S/O dragged him away.

Luxord: He would have been standing there for a while, watching as his oblivious coworker chatted up his partner right infronf of him. He could do many things; trap them in his cards, turn them into dice….but he valued his and his S/O’s safety. He’d rather go about it the normal way that wouldn’t bring fourth the wrath of the superior. He’d slide up to them, wrapping his arms around their waist and pulling them close, staring down his opponent with confidence, outrightly telling them that they weren’t welcome.

Marluxia: He’d let it slide in a way, seeing as he really had no competion in this castle. But he’d make sure to let the others know that his S/O was taken. Catching yet again one of them flirting with his partner, he’d have enough and walk over briskly, scooping them up in his arms and glaring down at his coworker, letting them know their advances weren’t welcome. He’d then take them to his room, making sure they his name was the only one that passed from their lips.

Larxene: She wouldn’t take it lying down, literal sparks flying off her in rage. How dare one of these losers chat up her S/O!? Behind her back too! Despite her S/O trying to calm her down, it would all be for naught. She was seeing red. She’d make sure to keep them away in the future with a few good, friendly jolts of electricity. Constantly. Until they learnt their lesson.

Thank you for your ask!

~ Mod Star

BTS reaction to you being blind

A/N: I don’t have much experience with blind people, so I hope I did this reaction justice :) Requests for reaction and scenarios are open by the way, just ask!!

🌙Seokjin: He wouldn’t really mind; he would just be worried about you when he saw that you couldn’t do something on your own. I feel like he’d struggle to keep is protective and “motherly” nature tamed at first, but I’m sure that he’d try his best to make you feel at ease in every situation. I feel like he would let you touch his face whenever you wanted to, and he’d build a very strong emotional relationship with you.

🌙Yoongi: just like Seokjin, he wouldn’t really mind . He’d love you no matter what and I think he’d be proud of you for being brave enough to go through life without that much of an effort. I think that he’d want you to be clear and just tell him right away when you needed help, so that he could be sure of not being overwhelming with his presence. But he’d try to be always there for you, so that he could lend you a hand if you needed it.

🌙Hoseok: Hoseok is known to be a ball of sunshine and I think that just like every other member he’d love you no matter what. He’d really think that you being blind wasn’t a big deal, and he’d just want to help you when you needed it without worrying too much or being stressed. I feel like he would be serious about it in his own cheerful way. He’d care about you and he’d make sure to make you feel comfortable without being too protective. He’d use it as an excuse to initiate a lot of skinship.

🌙Namjoon: Namjoon would be a lot like Yoongi; I think he would just be a bit more worried and he’d follow you everywhere to make sure that nothing happened to you and to be there in case you needed him. He’d do it in a subtle way tho, trying his best to give you space. I think he would be really proud of you even for the smallest things, and he’d be really happy to have a “special” s/o. He’d let you touch his face and initiate a lot of skinship, too.

🌙Jimin: Jimin would be kind of sad at first, but not because of the fact that he would have to be there all the time in case you needed something. He’d be sad because he’d feel like he wasn’t doing enough. He’d eventually end up overwhelming you sometimes, in the desperate effort to help you even when you didn’t really need it. If you were upset about him not giving you enough space, he’d be a little less stressed about it and he’d simply ask you if you needed something. He’d love you a lot and he’d be very cuddly.

🌙Taehyung: Taehyung would be surprisingly serious about it and he’d be very kind. He’d do everything he could to make you feel comfortable and at ease. He wouldn’t overwhelm you with his presence, he’d just ask you to play little games with him, or hang out and such things. He’d get you a little trained puppy, too, so that even if he wasn’t there you’d have some company and some help, if you needed it.

🌙Jungkook: since he’s still quite young, he’d be a little scared at first. He’d want to help you, but since he wouldn’t be sure of what to do he’d end up asking you what you wanted him to do. He’d be okay with you asking for him often and he’d also be happy to help you. He’d let you “order him around” in a playful way, and once your relationship had developed a bit more, he’d ask you to play with him and teach him how to read using the Braille alphabet, so that you could have fun together.

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George finds out and tries to keep everyone else from knowing

sorry it took so long! its going to be a real quick one, because i’ve had a very busy day, but thank you :) always send more! here we go..

“So, yer queer then?” George stood in shock as his two best mates, Paul McCartney and John Lennon, came out and finally told him the truth about their ever-so-close friendship. The two older Beatles didn’t feel like they needed to answer, as they stood across the sitting room from George holding hands. “Are you gonna be okay with it?” Paul finally asked the lead guitarist. George looked from John to Paul, from Paul to John. “Yeah. I suppose. I’m glad you trusted me.” George smiled and approached his two friends, bringing them into a group hug. “You can’t tell anybody though. Gotta help us keep it a secret.” John reminded George. “Bloody task that’ll be.” George chuckled.

Little did George know, it was going to be one hell of a task.

Just the next morning, George was minding his own business and reading the paper when Ringo came barreling into the kitchen. “What’s got you so stroppy?” George asked, placing the newspaper down on the table. “I found a condom on the bloody couch.” Ringo looked almost embarrassed, as Paul and John entered the kitchen. Paul started making tea, and John sat down next to Ringo. George immediately noticed the googly eyes that John was giving to the bassist. “What’s with the googly eyes? Was that you two’s condom on the bloody couch?!” Ringo asked. George felt his back stiffen, knowing this would be the time Paul and John needed him to step in and protect their secret. George shot them both a look of disgust and annoyance, not wanting to take the heat for something so nasty.

“It was mine, Rings. I’m sorry.” George said, hiding his face behind the newspaper again. “Bloody disgusting that is, Geo! Have some respect!” Ringo seemed a little too agitated. “Ah, lay off him. Let’s just be happy the poor sod got laid.” John defended George, and insulted him all at the same time. “Bugger off, Lennon.” George rolled his eyes as Paul served him a cup of tea, mouthing the word “Sorry” as he did so.

Unfortunately for George, the trouble didn’t stop there.

“Why in the bloody HELL is there a nude Polaroid of Paul on the floor?!” Ringo yelled as he ran down the hallway to the sitting room, flailing the small picture about in his hands. John and Paul soon followed, looking as concerned as concerned could be. “Whaddya mean?!” Paul snatched it away, looking extremely embarrassed as he spoke. “It was just sittin’ on the bloody floor!” Ringo yelled. George had no idea what excuse these boys could use now. Clearly, Paul had taken the picture for John and dropped it on the floor. “It’s mine.” George sighed, uncrossing his legs on the couch. “WHAT?!” John and Ringo both yelled at the same time.

“It’s not what you think!” George was quick on his feet to think of an excuse. “It was meant to be a bloody prank, must’ve dropped it. Didn’t go as planned. My bad, fellas.” George glared through Paul and John as he spoke, trying to laugh at the same time. “Enough of the sexual antics, Geo! First the condom, now this? What’s gotten into you!” Ringo said, also trying to laugh to ease the uncomfortable situation that Paul and John had put the four Beatles in. “I’m a 22 year old man, what do you expect?” George shrugged. “Not to find nude pictures of your band mates, that’s for damn sure.” Ringo scoffed and sat down in his arm chair. Paul and John each sat down on the floor, crossing their legs. “Ah, was only a joke. Come off it.” George tried to stay as calm and nonchalant as possible.

Still, the two Beatles didn’t learn to give their friend George a break.

George, Paul and John were sitting casually at the kitchen table having a couple of pints. Ringo had been in the shower, so there was no need to worry. Paul was clearly tipsy, and was being obvious about it. “Then Eppy said I had to redo the entire song! Can you believe it?!” Paul chuckled as he drank his beer. George and John laughed at their drunken friend. Paul leaned over and placed a big, wet, sloppy kiss on John’s lips. Perfect timing on Ringo’s part to walk in. “Uh…” He stood awkwardly in the doorway of the kitchen. George sighed, knowing the blame was going to be on him, one way or another. “Did you lads just kiss? What am I missing here?” Ringo asked, grabbing a pint for himself and sitting down next to George.

“We were playin’ truth or dare. I dared Paul to kiss John, and he did.” George lied through his teeth before taking a long swig of his pint. “Fuckin’ hell, Geo. What’s with you lately?!” Ringo laughed, obviously believing him. “Was nasty, that was.” Paul said, jokingly. John shoved Paul’s elbow off the table, causing him to almost fall out of his chair. “Bloody hell!” All four boys laughed and laughed, and drank and drank into the night, leaving George hoping and praying he didn’t have to make himself look like bad to protect the relationship of his two best mates.

Speak to big brother

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Winchester brothers x sister!reader

Warnings: Conversation about sex. Non virgin reader

Notes: I hope you guys like it, remember to follow @realdiepie


Flashback On 

“Hey (Y/N), did you have fun?” Sam asked with a smile as you got out of the building and entered the Impala. 

“Yep.” You said trying not to reveal what this ‘slumber party’ with some new friends from school really was. You hated lying to Sam, really hated. You were always really close to your brothers, but you had different relations with them because there was a moment in your life when they took care of you individually. Like when you were a child and Dean needed to go out to hunt with your dad, and Sam had to take care of you. Or when, Sam left for Stanford and Dean was your only company. In the end, your relantion with Sam was closer to Best Friends, and with Dean, to fatherly protection. He was overprotective with you, so when you had a nightmare, you’d run to Dean’s bed, but when they asked you what was the nightmare about, you’d tell Sam. 

“You know, i didn’t have many friends either because we were always moving, but i was really happy when you told me that some girls called you to a slumber party.” He said happy, accelerating the car towards the Bunker and you closed your eyes sighing. You couldn’t lie to him. “Hey, what’s up?” 

“I need to tell you something Sam. But you have to promise that you won’t be mad at me! And you can’t tell Dean!” You said not being able to hold this and he looked at you a little scared. 

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. You can tell me.” He told you preoccupied, averting his gaze from you to the street. 

“You have to promise.” You said a little nervous but scared too. 

“Okay, i promise!” He said and you sighed, just worrying Sam more. 

“I didn’t go to any slumber party. Hell, I don’t even have friends. I went to my boyfriend’s house and…” You watched his eyes widening more and more after each word you said. “I lost my virginity with him.” He stopped the car, making you fly forward and causing a few cars to honk at you. He looked at you with wide eyes, but an angry driver made him wake up from his trance and pull over.

“You what?” He asked in shock and you put your hans in your face, ashamed.  

“You promised to not be mad at me.” You said sofly and when he remained silent, you looked up at him seeing him still in shock looking someplace outside the car. 

“I’m…i’m not mad (Y/N), i’m… suprised.” He said and you bit your lip not knowing what to answer. 

“You….“ He started sofly still processing the information. “Did you use protection?”

“I’m not dumb Sam.” You said crossing your arms, something you just do when you feel vulnerable. And he knew that.

“And…” Sure, you were best friends and he would stay by your side in every situation, but he couldn’t deny that was an enormous shock for him. He took care of you all his life, it was him that when you were just a little girl, changed your diapers, put on your pijmas and read storys for you to sleep. “Did it hurt?”

“This is so awkward.” You said shaking your head.

“But in the end you know you’re gonna tell me.” He said the obvius not denying that situation was awkward, but he had to know. “Answer me (Y/N)”

“It didn’t hurt okay?” You answered and he raised an eyebrow. “A little… but he was careful enough, can we not talk about this? I just don’t like lying to you.” You said and he nodded slowly looking down. “Oh no…you’re mad.” You said a little sad, and he looked at you with a reassuring look. 

“I’m not honey.” He said pulling you to a Strong hug. “I’m…kind of proud of you.”

“Really?” You asked and he nodded giving you a small smile. You turned away and with a sigh he accelerated again. 

“It was totally consensual right?” He asked after some time of silence. 



“You won’t tell Dean, will you?” You asked and he sighed. “You promised.”

“I won’t say anything…but if he asks, i’ll have to tell him the truth.” He said and you knew that you wouldn’t get more than that. 


Flashback Off

“Morning guys.” You said sleepy, entering the kitchen and seeing Sam eating cereal. “Hmm… am I the last one to Wake up in this house? Where’s Dean?”

“With a girl” He answered shrugging and you opened your mouth in surprise.  

“Here?” You asked sitting in the table putting cereal in a mug. 

“Of course not (Y/N). He’s probably already coming home though.” He said and you sighed. 

“Oh man, i miss sex.” You said shaking your head and Sam made a disgusted expression. 

“Please shut up.” He said making you laugh. After you told him of your first time, what happened is you eventually ended up telling him everything else. 

“I’m home!” Dean’s voice echoed through the Bunker, and in a second he apperead in the kitchen with a big smile. “Hello little sis” He said cheerful giving you a kiss on the cheek. “Hello little brother” He said touching Sam’s shoulder and he looked at your older brother suspicious. 

“Have a good night, Dean?” Sam asked with a smirk. 

“You can’t even imagine.” Dean said shaking his head like he was remembering something. He sat on another chair putting some cereal for himself. “She had those big boobs and…”

“Please shut up.” Sam interrupted Dean and you laughed thinking about Sam saying exactly the same thing to you minutes before Dean arrived. In the end, you were more like your brother than you imagined. 

“C’mom Sam! You went through the same thing, you know what i’m talking about.” Dean said. “And when you are in your 30’s (Y/N), you will understand.” You unintentionally laughed with Dean’s words. 

“Yep, in my 30’s” You said sarcastically without thinking and yours and Sam’s eyes widened, Dean raised his eyebrows and you gulped, standing up and putting your mug on the sink. 

“I’m going to my room.” You said trying to escape. 

“Wait (Y/N), what did you mean with ‘Yep, in my 30’s.” He started and you continued to walk pretending that you weren’t listening. “(Y/N) Winchester what…. Can you believe it?” Dean said with a snort when you ran out of the kitchen. 

“What do you think Sammy?” Dean asked feeling the anger grow inside him. “Do you think our little sis still got her V card?”

“Well, i don’t know.” Sam said putting cereal in his mouth trying to avoid the subject. It’s been almost a year that he promised you to not tell Dean about you losing your virginity, but he also said if Dean asked, he would tell. He wanted to tell but in the same time, he didn’t want to betray you. 

“Fuck Sam! She’s so Young, if i found out that some bastard already touched her i swear that…” Dean said mad just to think about this possibility, but he interrupted himself when he saw Sam’s face. “What do you know that i don’t?”

“What? What are talking about?” Sam asked trying to make Dean forget, but he knew that wouldn’t be that easy. 

“I know you know something. Tell me.” Dean said suspicious and angry seeing Sam deciding if he should tell Dean, or not. “Tell me!” 

“Okay… she…”

“She had sex!” Dean said getting up almost dropping the cereal mug. “And you knew!”

“She told me a few months ago and…” Sam said trying to ease the situation. 

“And you didn’t do anything? Sam she had fucking sex! She is our little sister damn it!” Dean screamed and Sam sighed. “Months? How many months?”

“Hm, i don’t know! About 10 months ago…?”

“10 months!” Dean said laughing humorless. “I can’t believe you were trying to hide that from me! I’m going to talk to her…”

“Wait Dean!” Sam said getting up to try to stop Dean. Sam knew that you would be mad. Mad to not talk with any of them for a week. “Look, she is young but she can make her own choices okay?”

“Why are you always protecting her?” Dean asked indignant trying to understand the reason Sam did this. 

“I don’t always protect her, I protect her when she doesn’t do anything wrong! She knows how to take care of herself, and it happened with her boyfriend and…”

“Boyfriend?” Dean asked angrier. 

“Ex-boyfriend. Anyway, this doesn’t matter. What matters is your bitchy atitude! Look at what you’re doing, she is already 17, you lost your virginity at this age. Me too. And moreover, why do you think that she always chooses to tell me stuff, and says nothing to you? Look at how you’re acting, she was even scared to tell me! Me who hardly ever fights with her, imagine how scared she must be to tell you.” Sam said and Dean freezed knowing that his brother was right, and suddenly he felt guilty for making you afraid of him, he was the person you should feel the safest with. “You should be easier on her. And don’t you think i wasn’t worried and…. angry with this boy but she is my sister, and she needed me. I didn’t scream with her, different from what you were about to do.”

“I…i’m going to talk to her.” Dean said soflty thinking about Sam’s words. 

Dean” Sam said angry thinking that what he had said didn’t affect his brother. 

“I’m going to talk to her. Not yell at her.” Dean sighed turning around to go to your room. And this time, Sam didn’t try to stop him. 

“(Y/N)…?” Dean asked knocking on your door, and when he heard you shouting a “come in” he slowly opened the door. You were sitting on your bed with your laptop on your lap. He sat on the bed by your side, seeing you close the laptop putting it on your table beside your your bed. He sighed, holding your hand and making you raise your eyebrows. He wasn’t going to scream at you?

“Sam told you right?” You asked and he nodded. “Okay, you can scream now.” You said and he looked at you with a serious face. 

“I’m not here to shout at you.” He said a little dissapointed for descovering that Sam was totally right. “I wanted to talk yo you”

“Hm really…?” You asked suspicious and he snorted, pissed at himself while running his hand through his face. 

“Look (Y/N) i’m not gonna lie and tell you that information didn’t piss me off. But… i hate to admit, Sam was right. I end up being so overprotective of you that you never tell me anything afraid i’m going to yell at you.” Dean said and you bit your lip not knowing where this conversation would end. “I lost my virginity with 17 too you know…”

“I don’t know if Sam told you how long it happened but…actually i lost with 16.” You said giving him a guilty smile and when his nostrils flared in anger, you recoiled, preparing yourself to the fight. You heard him count to 10 and you opened your eyes seeing Dean with his eyes closed trying to calm himself down. 

“I’m not gonna figth okay?” He said pulling you to a hug. “It just hurts me knowing that my baby sis is growing up. But i promise that starting today i’m gonna try to be easier on you okay? But it’s just… i love you and i don’t want anything to happen to you. Ever.”

“You know that you can’t protect me from everything right Dean?” You said with your head in the curve of his neck, still in your brother’s arms. “I love you too, so much.”

“I know (Y/N).Just…don’t be pregnant”