trying to drown himself in the beautiful sea

An AU where Steve is an Alpha prince/king and Tony is the omega that has been chosen to be his mate. This is something that is common and Tony is completely against this idea because he wants to be able to choose his own mate. Unfortunately, it is Howard who sends him off into another family with only the intent of making good bounds and increasing his wealth. 

Steve isn’t on board with this either because he also believes in being able to chose his own mate. But it is the council that forces him to do this act as it has been a tradition for years. His mother was an omega that was chosen for his father and ever since she became queen, she has been trying her hardest to abolish this rule but to no avail. The council is strict on tradition and won’t change it for a woman, no less. 

It’s Steve’s goal to have that tradition removed the minute he ascends the throne because he views it as completely unfair and against the rights that anyone should have. His mother simply smiles as he tells her this before running her hands through his hair fondly. Her son would make a fine king. 

Tony, on the other hand, comes from a fairly wealthy family and has been trying to escape his father for years. Life at home was beautiful before his mother died two years ago and that’s when his whole world came tumbling down. His father grew abusive and became an alcoholic, disgusted with the fact that Tony was an omega and not a strong alpha like himself. 

“I should sell you off.” Howard muttered underneath his breath one day and Tony had never felt more scared or joyous in his life. Joyous for freedom but scared because being sold off was never a good thing. 

Somehow, he caught the eye of the council and was chosen to become the prince’s mate, much to his chagrin. He didn’t like the idea being ‘chosen’ for someone he hardly even knew. Where was his say in the entire matter? Didn’t he have a choice?

No because he was an omega. 

And omegas didn’t have choices. 

If there was one thing that Tony wanted to change most in the world was the treatment towards omegas. They are humans beings and just as important as betas and alphas and they deserved to be treated as such. He was going to do it. 

He was going to make a change. 

Soon, he’s brought to the palace and is dressed in his finest clothing because they needed to impress. He is examined by the council first, room of middle-aged to old men staring at his body with eyes that makes Tony would to shudder in discomfort. He is then brought into a room and awaits the arrival of the prince himself and he is suddenly drowned in a sea of nerves. 

But as soon as the double doors open and Steve steps inside, it’s all in slow motion. Brown eyes meet blue and that’s where it takes off. Steve has never seen anyone as beautiful as Tony and Tony has never seen anyone as gorgeous as Steve. He has, of course, seen pictures of Steve but oh my word, he’s is much more beautiful in person. 

They talk awkwardly for a few moments as they try to get around this whole thing, Steve trying his hardest not bury his nose into Tony’s neck because his scent is so addictive and wonderful. The scent of forests, warm spices and the smallest hint of coffee. 

It’s almost weird how they hit it off so soon but it’s like they’ve known each other for years and the courting begins. Steve doesn’t have to do this but he wants to shower Tony with gifts which the brunet flushes over and pouts about. If anything, Steve gives him these gifts just to see that pouting face. 

These gifts are little bit of jewelry which Tony finds himself wearing all the time, small bits and pieces he can use to tinker with, even his favorite food that they eat and share together. It’s all going well, the two of them falling in love as the days go by. 

Sarah is in love with Tony, the two of them taking walks around the palace grounds, her telling him embarrassing stories about Steve’s childhood and showing him pictures (Steve blushes and almost whines as Tony coos over a picture of a small baby Steve butt naked). She shows him how to cook and they share recipes and Tony feels like Sarah is the mother he hasn’t had in a long time…it’s all falling into the place.

And then…the mating ritual. 

The mating ritual has happen in front of their councils to see that it’s done properly and right. Both Steve and Tony are a little embarrassed as it has to happen in front of all council but it doesn’t take them long to fall into each other, embracing the sensations and the sounds of the other. Steve’s protectiveness and possessiveness flares as he listens to sharp and loud whimpers and moans that falls from Tony’s lips, his whole body covering Tony’s because he doesn’t want anyone else to see him, Tony is his and his alone. 

During this point, they bond and there’s no going back. 

Not that they’d want to. 

(Oh god, I have…so many ideas for this, you don’t even know). 

magifurem  asked:

okay but would i be my actual trash self if i didn't send you atlashrike for the ship thing?

SEND ME A SHIP.  —  accepting!

  • WHO IS THE WEREWOLF AND WHO IS THE HUNTER?  —  i’m voting werewolf dylan who’s trying to keep the panic at minimum bc he knows he’s less of a danger than he seems bc he tries to stay where there’s as little people as possible and he’s also this close to finding a cure and the human bf daniel is the hunter who grows tired of being told to ignore the problem and goes on his own way himself to try and kill the beast and then the moon starts to go down and dylan shifts back and ohmygodwhathaveidonewhydidn’t youtellme
  • WHO IS THE MERMAID AND WHO IS THE FISHERMAN?  —  mermaid danny. okay. and none of that creepy deep sea shit, we’re in it for the long locks and beautiful singing voices. i just realised this may be yet another au in which dylan might end up drowning wh o oo ps. altho ngl the opposite could be interesting too, tho maybe less fisherman and more scientist type of thing for danny who just rly wants to find out what the big fishy creature all the locals are talking about is and oh?? hello??
  • WHO IS THE WITCH AND WHO IS THE FAMILIAR?  —  is this even a question. i mean i know that even in the mainverse one of them tries rly hard to read about magic while the other has the need for attention of a horny housecat  s o
  • WHO IS THE BARISTA AND WHO IS THE COFFEE ADDICT?  —  do u have any idea how much coffee dylan consumes. also danny is just abut the right age to have accidentally gotten stuck in an old summer job bc economy is shit and card tricks are fun but don’t quite pay the bills so now i’m stuck here making the 68th unicorn frappuchino today but hey at least this one older dude comes every day and orders one simple fucking coffee and i can talk to him and let my hands rest for a minute or two and u know what he’s kinda hot?
  • WHO IS THE KNIGHT AND WHO IS THE PRINCE?  —  knight dylan and prince danny, obviously. tho let’s not think abt the saving from a tower cliche and just consider the daily life of crown prince danny and guard-turned-friend-turned-more dylan and all the sneaking around bc danny’s probably been promised to someone at like age three and class differences and homophobia and stuff. and how it most fucking definitely would be dylan who paid the price if they were to get caught. look i made three in a row that weren’t angsty i got withdrawals.
  • WHO IS THE TEACHER AND WHO IS THE SINGLE PARENT?  —  omg dylan as the single parent. i know it’d probably be easier the other way around but let’s imagine for a moment danny being all smart bc he’s overqualified for his job and dylan trying rly hard not to break the poor boy’s illusion of being the smart one in the room bc he might look tired and have to drop off his kid 40 mins too early sometimes and his marriage fell apart almost instantly but he’s still an fbi agent with a ton of unrelated studies on the side and god if we weren’t here to talk abt how my child is specifically getting into trouble for trying to outsmart everyone i would intellectually whoop ur ass
  • WHO IS THE WRITER AND WHO IS THE EDITOR?  —  oh my god the eye as a magazine or a newspaper i’m fucking crying just thinking abt this au. altho considering this is probably meant to be like the novel-writing type… yeah, dylan is still the boss lmao.