trying to drown her


Lance pokes fun of Shiro being a merman (not an actual merman unfortunately), and pidge and hunk, defending their father’s honour, dares lance to take some of Shiro’s classes (he teaches people how to become merppl n all that w allura). 

Lance takes the dare and finds out this guy from one of his classes, whom he has a one-sided rivalry with, goes for mermaid lessons as well and *insert oh no he’s hot moment here*

anyway there’s lots of pining and swimming and mermaids and keith being obsessed with the mythical merpeople n lance finding it endearing as hell

[edit:] I’m not planning to write this however I will be building upon this au If you wanna write this or whatever could you link it to me? I wanna see it :D


I never get my hopes up ‘cause then I’ll never get let down
But you were something special
I didn’t notice until now

(False Alarm // Becky Hill & Matoma)

Kiwi - Harry Styles Imagine

Words: 3,215

Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

Requested: No

Warnings: Swearing, mention of drugs and alcohol

Based off the song, ‘Kiwi’

Part 1 of ‘Kiwi’ - Part 2 - Part 3

They met back in high school, bumping into each other in the hallway. He did not know her at first, learning that she just moved from New Zealand, but she was not your typical girl. Her status from her parents made her known across her school. But she was not like the other girls he found, he knew about parties that went on on school nights, where all her friends went, but he saw her at the local market, or at the park on those nights. He found that she was never interested in drinking, drugs or sex, like the other boys and girls. She would turn down everyday date with her friend’s friends, they told her that she was boring for not doing it, but it was the money that kept their friendship tied.

He tried his best to talk to her, every time he would see her, he tried to have the courage to say a simple word, but none came out. He knew he was like every other ‘low commoner’ of the school, over being head over heels in love, but, he could not care about it, all he wanted was a simple conversation at that moment.

It was a month after that finally whispered a word to her. He learned over the month that she was in his gym class, and art, but she stayed to her friends. She changed classes, changed chemistry classes, for unknown reasons. Harry was out of the bliss, he was scribbling random doodles when she walked in, him not knowing, it was the moment that the teacher said, “Miss. (Y/L/N), take a sit next to Mr. Styles.”, that all it took for him to look out, her telling him a ‘thank you’ and sitting next to him, on his left.

He tried his best not to stare, to be different around her, but when the teacher finished his lesson, and told the class to finish up their notes he turned to her, her not knowing.

“Hi, (Y/N).” He mumbled, he knew he was dead right there and then, wanting to shoot himself for just saying, ‘hello’, to the most known girl around school, but her head shot up.

“Hello, Harry.” She said back, him picking up on the foreign accent, he turned to his body towards her, she just smiled.

“You know my name?” He asked.

“Of course, I’m not a person to just know my friends, you seem really nice, so I asked around, and I found out, you’re also in my gym class.” She stated.

It escalated from there, it went from waving in the hallway, her friends giggling to her about how she can’t wave to people below them, but she did not care. Then, the two started to hang out more, (Y/N) coming away from her girlfriends and starting to hang out with him. He learned more about her, how her mum is British and her father was a Kiwi, like her, how her family has striving business, and that her parents are too poche for her taste, having a man already lined up to take her hand in marriage, but she ignored what will happen in the future and lived in the moment. That was one thing he loved about her, her living in the moment, worrying about the future another day.

But it was not friendship that arose, months later, their first kiss took upon, together, and it came more. They were a couple, her staying always at his house, even overnight, she wanted to escape her parents, the fighting between them and her brother, and their marriage, she did not want to walk along the hallways and get lost, she wanted to stay beside the one person she knew loved her, and that was him. It all came from a simple, ‘hello’, but like every relationship, it somehow ends. When Harry was the one to tour around the world, part of a band, he was not her safe haven anymore. The two fell apart, she got married, all accordingly to plan, she was married at the age of seventeen, both parents consent, in Scotland. He was hitting world records then, touring the world with his new band, singing his first album, forgetting her.

She thought she was happy, moving to New York, taking her dream job and becoming a therapist, she liked it at first, but it was more of her parents wanting her to become that, but she got a job as a waitress, and married a rich business man. But the days dreaded, school days were long, work days were longer, and coming home to a drunk husband was never fun. She she excused herself, she quit her job, finished school, and became a therapist, working from eight to five. Though instead of going home to her husband who would be either drunk off his ass or fucking another girl, she went to a bar, drank, flirted, did drugs sometimes, just living her young life to the fullest.

He was twenty-two when he saw her again, he was in New York for work, and saw her at a coffee shop, but she was in and out, not even seeing him, but he saw her. When he dated her in his teens, she seemed all innocent, rich, daddy’s girl, a virgin, but no. Dating her was the time of his life, she was adventurous, just adding a tad bit of excitement to his boring world. She took him to places that forbid them by law, example, private properties, going to the carnival when it was closed, walking the streets at 2am, in the rain and blasting ‘Greenday’, throughout the small, dodgy places. It made him feel like he was unstoppable around her. But one thing he forgot, she was the one who told him to go on the X-factor, she was the reason he was standing in a fancy, New York coffee shop, selling records that hit the top of the charts, and he forgot all about her, did not even come and say his famous, ‘hello’ to her, when visiting his mother, did not call her, text nor email, just placed her in his subconscious mind, and look what it has gotten him, failed romances and singing his lungs out.

He finally talked to her a week later, walking into a bar, trying to drown himself on whatever was on tap. He saw her in the corner of the place, in a black, tight, strapless dress, flirting with a few guys and taking in the smoke of a cigarette like it was candy, while smoking one. But, he realised that she was not as innocent looking as she once was, now she has a perm, a tattooed arm, and she is showing as much skin as possible, laughing and drinking. He could not stop staring at her, she has changed, and he wanted to know, how.
Harry slowly took in the drinks, not as fast as her, drowning herself in hard liquor, and bossing the boys around her in how to win a game of pool. She was your typical badass girl, now. It must’ve felt like minutes, but it was more as an hour, when she finally noticed Harry, she gave him a smirk, excused herself from few college boys, and headed his way. She turned around at the beginning, giving a look to a boy when he smacked her ass, but she just gave him a smirk and walked off, sitting next to him.

“Look who I found, the famous Harry Styles. Is it just me, love, but were you staring at me, should I feel honoured that a man like yourself was looking at me?” She said, signaling towards the bartender to get her another, he laughed, telling the bartender to cancel the order and give her a water.

“I don’t really know, (Y/N). How much have you been drinking?” He asked, trying to figure out how drunk she was. She laughed, glaring at him.

“Had a few scotches, rums, and a whiskey, it was whatever those wankers over there, got me. I did not feel like buying myself drinks.” She said, leaning down on the table, trying to get over the alcohol, noting it was only a little bit past ten.

“Let me take you home, (Y/N), you’re pissed off your ass. Where do you live?” He asked, she started to get up, using Harry as a object to help her, starting to strut towards the door, ignoring his question.

Once outside, she turned to him, giving him her famous smirk, wrapping her arms around his neck, placing her head on his chest. Harry did not feel awkward for some reason, just wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her.

“Let’s get you home.” He simply said, placing her arm around his shoulder and helping her walk, placing her into his car that was around the corner of the pub.

She sat next to him, staring ahead, he took note of her tattooes, some of them looked retro, sailor girls, anchors, boats and water, he remembered how much she enjoyed swimming, that was one thing she use to do, that he could never do. In the early mornings, she use to come to the local dock, jumping off, just wearing a bikini, going into the pacific. He could never have the gut to just wear a bathing suit, no wet suit nor life jacket, she could stay in there for hours, he use to be the one who had to pull her out before she got hypothermia. She was still staring ahead, but she spoke to him, but not looking, grabbing the water bottle beside her.

“I don’t want to go home.” Is all she said, straight face, looking at the traffic that lied ahead, even though they were still in park. Harry looked ahead now, watching the drunks walk out of the pub.

“Why? Where do you want me to take you?” He asked, she turned to him, still all serious faced.

“Can you take me to your place, I just don’t want to go home.” She said, grabbing her phone from her bag and placing it on silent, he did not even realise that it was ringing. Harry felt controlled by her, that was one thing that happened in their past relationship. People dig dominant girls, and she is more than just that, it drove men around her crazy, it drove him crazy. But he placed the car in drive and took her to his New York apartment, sitting in silence.

“What are you doing for a living?” He said out of the blue, she just looked at him, taking a deep breath.

“I’m a therapist, but it seems I can deal with my patients problems better than myself.” She said, starting to laugh. Harry remembered she use to tell her deepest secrets when she was drunk, that is why she did it so much, to not hide herself.

“How so?” He asked, watching the road, she did the same.

“Take me home, actually, turn here.” She told him, all Harry did was nod, pulling up to a more than a million dollar mansion, walking out.

“Bye Harry, see you around.” Is all she said, starting to walk up the long pathway towards the house, lights turning on.

Harry saw her again, a few days later, she was sitting outside of a bar, drinking and coming down from her high. She was in a different black dress, but just as showy, just watching around her. Harry saw her, he was walking down the road to get to his apartment, when he just saw her, looking up the blue sky, and just thinking. His body took control and he sat right next to her. It took him by surprise when she was the first one to talk.

“I’m quitting. I know I said it before, but I am doing it.” She stated, still looking ahead of her, taking her left hand and passing him the bottle of beer. She was sober, he thought she was high, but she was sober.

“I follow the same fucking routine, everyday. Wakeup, escape from that house, go to work, get high after with some fuck heads from college, fuck one, drink and pass out as home.” He just nodded, letting her continue.

“Harry, you promised me you’d come back, and you did, but never to me.” She said, turning to him, placing her head on his shoulder. He took note of the wedding ring that laid upon her left, ring finger.

“I know, and I’m—” He was interrupted.

“It’s fine. You promised to marry me and look at me, now, going home to a fuck head, because that is what my parents wanted, apparently.” She said, it took him by surprise, a girl like her, as strong as her, opinionated and passionate, actually married the man that her parents sent up her with.

“I love you.” He blurted out, she took her head off of his shoulders.

Like every relationship, it escalated, it was like them, the two of them became more, ignoring what will happen and live in the moment, she would come to his place, talk about their life, he learned that she is still the girl who made life fun. She felt like herself around him, again, forget about her husband. He learned that she loves to play with men, and it made him laugh. It was only weeks together, but he changed her, she stopped smoking, drinking and doing the drugs, and she just lived like before. But the relationship did not just end like that, they started to date, to kiss, to make love to each other. They were still young, let them live a little longer.

“My husband is such a hypocrite. When we married, I was seventeen and he was twenty-five, and it was like we eloped, going to Scotland, got married, no wedding, really, and went straight to New York. Anyway, we said to each other that we could not see anyone, a month later, I found out he has girlfriends, and fuck buddies, so I did not care anymore. I just use his money for school and a nice ride and place to stay, and just lived, hooked up, dated. I fucking hate this wedding ring, it’s like a thousand pounds, but I don’t like my home.” She concluded and starting to laugh, he just watched her. The two of them were sitting on his couch, drinking wine and sharing experiences.

“I loved to play with guys, played hard to get, I just felt loved in a way, so I was like an actress, every night I would go to another bar, have a new identity, and name and pretend I was someone else, but I would always wear a black dress, it was like therapy to me, I felt loved.” She said to him.

Love came out of the relationship, (Y/N) filed for a divorce, she started to become more with Harry, until. Harry and her ended months later, she ended it, she did not know why, but the two were constantly fighting. She took up the hard liquor again, not the drugs nor smoking, but she enjoyed the liquor, the divorce went through, fastly, surprising her, but she would come home drunk sometimes, she was uncontrollable, he found, just like before. She loved to do what she use to do, she the same, look like an angel in the day, but was a demon by night, and he could not function with her. He also wanted to end it and focus with his life, his music, it was the best for both of them, she wanted to explore the world, and he could not do that with her. But what hooked her to walk away was the words he spoke to her, “You’re a drunk, constantly craving for attention, it is like during the day, you don’t care about me, that I am here, and that I love you, and you go out and get pissed out of your mind, mess around with guys, with flirting, and come home and demand attention from me, sex from me. You need to go to rehab, we are done.” It hurt her those words, but there were more than that said. And he just left, like before, not telling he was going, he went away, and forgot, like the first time around, but she called him.

She sat next to him, months afar from the night of the bar, she was still, sitting next to him on the couch, it was like she was a silhouette, looking ahead, can’t tell if she was alive or not, like the night they met, driving her home, she showed no emotion. Minutes later, she stood up. She called Harry to ask if he could come over, she had something to tell him, but she did not know if she could squeeze it out, blurt it to him, she got up, helped herself to the liquor that was in the cupboard. Sitting next to him, she acted the same, giving him a cup of the famous liquor, Hard Candy, she gave him a glass, she took the bottle, chugging it.

“Fuck it.” She said, placing the bottle down, and started to kiss him.

Now she sat, it was four months since the two ended, she has not seen him for four months, and she sat next to the toilet, the taste of vomit still in her mouth, and four pregnancy sticks above her on the counter, she knew it before she could look at it, but again, she was just a broken drunk, according to him. He has not contacted her for four months, when she tried to call, it went straight to voicemail.

It was half an hour of sitting in her own pity party when she finally got up, took the sticks and sat down in the same spot, next the toilet, all four of them read the same, the stupid double, pink line. She did not know what to do, so she pulled her phone out, tapped his number and waited, it went straight to voicemail, like she expected.

“Hi Harry, its me, (Y/N), I know you don’t want to talk to me, but I just want to let you know that I am better, I went to rehab, and I’m fine, but you really did hurt me, but that is not what I want to talk about. Harry, I’m having your baby, but it is none of your business. I don’t want you in its life at all, I don’t want you to call me, because we are not each other’s business anymore. Don’t call me, block me, do what you need to forget me, since you’re pretty good at that, I’m doing the same. We are over, I finally realise it,  and I don’t want to see you anymore, I’m not your innocent girlfriend back from highschool, I’m a fucked up, divorce woman, tattooed and forgotten, and now pregnant. So, don’t call me back. Bye.” She said, ending it, placing the phone next her, and knew she had to continue her life.

I felt like I should write an imagine based off the the song, ‘Kiwi’ by, Harry Styles, so I did. Hope you enjoyed!

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Lots of love,

-Ava xx

teamiplier breakfast table

tyler: is the one making breakfast for the rest
mark: “hey do you need a SPOON with your cereal”
ethan: making tyler use his pancake batter from the pancake making video “IT’S ONLY A POUND OF SUGAR TYLER I’M A GROWING BLUE BOI”
amy: “tyler can you make an alien pancake and write ‘aliens are real’ under it? thanks dude”
kathryn: trying not to drown herself with her cereal milk
chica: “i crave the souls of dead squirrel toys, please”

Happy Birthday, Sweetie

Summary: It’s Katie’s 5th birthday, and you’re excited to give your daughter her present.
Words: 1.5k
Sam x Reader, Dean, Katie (OC)
Warnings: none, but this is unbetad and I haven’t even proofread it so I mean…

Daddy!Sam Masterpost

You woke up when the mattress jostled beside you. Sam murmured a small ‘shit’ as he realised his movements had roused you, and you blinked up at him, smiling sleepily.

“What time is it?” you asked, your voice low and rough from sleep.

“A little after five,” he replied, and you groaned, burying your face back into your pillow.

Sam laughed fondly, pulling on a shirt before leaning down and kissing the top of your head.

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Too Much

- Y/n loves Fionn too much to care that he doesn’t love her back, and Fionn cares too much for Y/n to let her go.

A/N: This is short but I figured that this is something to test the waters with. Hope you don’t mind. You can leave feedback and requests in my inbox. Xx

Y/n doesn’t know how she always ends up like this—alone, on the bitter brink of exhaustion, and trying desperately to keep herself together.

It’s currently three in the morning, where everything and everyone has died down, leaving her alone to drown in her thoughts.

Fionn still hasn’t returned home from his trip to the bar—where he goes to sulk and pity the relationship he’s in with her. She’s used to this and it’s so sad, but she needs him to fall asleep and needs him to give her something so that she can have even the slightest bit of hope.

She’s utterly pathetic, but God, does she need him.

“Fionn?” She whispers from her place on the couch when she hears the front door close, her fingers clenching around the cup of coffee that’s now cold in her hands.

He stops in his tracks at her voice, and he’s quite shocked he even heard her from where he stands. But the house is so silent and lifeless that the desperation in her voice somehow echoes inside his ears; as if haunting him.

He sighs softly, the bag that was previously slung from his shoulder now dropping to the floor below him.

His eyes flutter shut at what’s about to come: the inevitable—her breaking point in the midst of all his unspoken truths and unconfessed betrayal. It happens more often than not—where he comes home in the earliest hours of the morning, the buzz in his blood still flowing and the doubts in his mind still winding.

It happens more often than not—that he keeps her waiting. That’s all she ever seems to do. At this point in time, he isn’t quite sure what it really is she waits for. Whether it’s him, or whether it’s the small amount of love he can provide for her that keeps her up at night, there’s something she seems to be holding onto that he just can’t seem to figure out.

He shakes his head softly—as if attempting to rid his most depressing thoughts—and shrugs the trench coat off his shoulders. He has yet to look over at her, because he knows that the second his eyes meet her silhouette he’ll surrender.

“Told you not to wait up anymore.”

His voice is nothing but a mumble and she isn’t quite sure whether he’s referring to her waiting for him to come back home or referring to her waiting for him to love her back.

Her lips quiver softly as her gaze settles to the brim of the coffeecup. She can’t bare to look at him anymore. To hear the indifference in his voice hurts, but to see the truth behind his eyes is deadly.

He can hear the smallest of cries fall from her lips and he feels the lump in his throat tighten. It takes everything in him to keep his tears at bay but he knows his front won’t last long. It never does.

He doesn’t want to keep doing this to her—he doesn’t want to keep her fighting when she has nothing left to fight for, but he can’t find it in his heart to break free from their entrapment. He cares for her too much, that’s why he always comes back. After everything they’ve been through together, he can’t find it in his heart to breaks hers.

Maybe he stays because one day, he hopes to love her the way he used to.

“I know, I just—“ She stutters and swallows her words, her eyes glossed over so much so that she feels like she’s not in her own reality. Either that, or she just doesn’t want to believe this is what her life has come to. “Can you hold me, Fionn?”

She’s being utterly selfish and she knows it. She knows that the last thing he wants to do is keep holding onto her any longer, but she needs it. She needs him to keep her together and prays that by doing so, somehow he’ll end up holding them together. But she’s well aware that the thought is only a product of her wildest dreams and all her prayers will go unanswered.


“Please, Fionn.“

“Love, you don’t deserve this.”

He speaks in broken whimpers and clenched eyes, knowing that somewhere between his words, he’s saying that she doesn’t deserve him; and nothing hurts him more than that.

She doesn’t deserve this, she’s convinced herself that this isn’t what love really is. Every fiber in her being knows that it’s not fair for the either of them to keep their relationship going solely on her love and not even a fraction of his, but she just can’t let him go. She loves him too much to set him free no matter how much it fucking kills her.

“When are you going to realize—“

“I already have!” She shouts through clenched teeth, her fingers fisting and tugging at the roots of her hair in frustration, “You think I haven’t realized that I deserve better than this?! You treat me such shit but I’ve never loved like this before and I can’t—“

The words die on her tongue and she closes her eyes in despair, no longer trying to hold back all the emotions that seemed to have been drowning her for all too long. “I can’t fathom a day where I’m not with you. Even if you don’t love me, I’d rather hurt and be with you than not be with you at all.”

The voice that was once screaming at the top of its lungs is now nothing but whimpers through her sobs.

Her body flinches when she first feels the soft touch of Fionn’s fingertips on her jaw, but immediately feels comforted when her eyes meet the glow of his. He’s crying, too, and she hates herself for keeping him here when he deserves better. But she can’t know the pain that comes with giving him what he wants, she just can’t.

His bottom lip trembles between his teeth when his free hand rubs the back of her head. How they’ve come to this point, he’ll never understand. They were once so happy, so in love and set on the idea of being together for the rest of their lives; but life got in the way of their fantasy. And in between all the hardships and miscommunication, what was once so beautiful turned into what could have been.

Fionn’s so internally angry and frustrated that his mind is racing. All of his doubts and all of his most inner thoughts keeps swirling in his mind so quickly that he can barely think properly, and before he can stop himself, his lips are meeting hers.

Their kiss is rough and Y/n whines when she feels his lips after so long. Their teeth are touching, their tongues are battling, and their lips keep opening in closing as if searching for a way in deeper. It’s nothing short of desperate.

Somehow, along the way, Fionn ends up straddling her waist with his fingertips all twisted in her hair and arms holding on tightly to her neck. They both need this, they both really fucking need this no matter what the outcome of it is.

It’s not much longer until they’re both gasping for air, letting silence consume them whole as they try to search for what could possibly come next. They’re holding onto each other like it’s their last hope, and Fionn even gets emotional knowing that this could be the very moment he’s been dreading—her heartbreak.

“That was my goodbye, wasn’t it?”

Y/n feels his shaking breath on her neck. Even though there’s a hesitation between her question and his answer, she already knows what he’s about to say and she almost embraces the couple of seconds it takes for him to reply.

“I’ve said goodbye to you so many times, you’ve just never heard me say it.”

And even though the words he speaks are true, his heart clenches in sorrow knowing exactly what he’s doing to her. He can’t fathom putting her in this kind of pain, but he knows that he can’t keep forcing himself to love her. He’d rather her find somebody else she deserves than having her spend the rest of her life waiting.

If he truly cares, he has to let her go.

“Look at what I keep doing to you, Y/n. You deserve better than me.”

She whimpers again, unshed tears now falling down her cheeks and soaking through the t-shirt clung to his body. Whether he’s actually going to leave her this time or come back like he always does, this might be the last time she ever has him so close.

She closes her eyes and breathes him in, feeling what his touch does to her body and embracing his warmth. The feeling he gives her can never be compared to, because he gives her a sense of euphoria and a sense of hope nobody else could ever dare provide her with.

“It doesn’t get better than you, Fionn.” She whispers, “It doesn’t get better than you.”

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Bughead 4, 28 and 43 💕

Hey Nonnie, I’m still working on the other prompts but here is #43
#43 - Falling in love with their best friend’s partner

She knows it’s wrong. She’s not an idiot. But since the first time she was introduced to Veronica’s new boyfriend she could feel the butterflies stirring within her. As well as something else.

At first it was just his looks. Those cheekbones that she wanted to cut herself on. His intense eyes. Even the dorky beanie adorned on his head. They all did things to her. She could feel the heat under her skin intensify as she shook his hand.

And then she got to know him. He was smart, but not in a way that he thought he was superior. He was funny without trying and she found herself laughing a little louder than she knew she should. He was a writer, a journalist and she found herself getting lost in his eyes and his words.

He wasn’t even Veronica’s type she reasoned to herself. Veronica always went for the jock. The popular guy. She had always been brawn over brains since high school when she had dated their mutual friend Archie Andrews.

But Jughead Jones is different. Even just his name is different and Betty finds herself wanting to know more. She holds her tongue and smiles politely as Veronica recounts their dates to her. How gentlemanly he is holding doors and chaste kisses on cheeks. Betty pushes down that little green monster that is rising up inside her and decides perhaps unwisely that she will find her own ‘Jughead’.

Sadly, Richard doesn’t quite meet up to her new standards. Not that there is anything wrong with him he’s smart, funny too. But he’s not Jughead and ultimately that is why after a month they break up. She goes to Veronica’s to tell her and is greeted by a shining diamond on her finger and Betty feels the floor go out from underneath her feet.

She’s the maid of honour. Of course. They had been friends for so long now it made sense. She attends the appointments, she fawns over Veronica’s dress, helps her pick out the suits for the boys all the while trying to hide her disappointment.

She wakes one night late. To a banging on her apartment door groaning as she looks at her phone. Who knocks on someone’s door at 3.00am in the morning. Sure she had calls and texts this late from Veronica, anxious about a decision that needed to be made and like a good friend she talked her through it. Betty always made everything better.

She shrugged on her robe and padded to the door. She cautiously looked through her peep-hole and felt at first a wave of relief wash over her as a familiar beanie came into view instead of some drunk knocking on the wrong door. That relief was short lived as she realised that Jughead had come to her apartment in the middle of the night. It was as if her dreams had somehow come to life. She watched as he sighed and knocked again on the door, harder this time making her jump.

She deliberated whether she should pretend she wasn’t home. But there must be a reason he was at her front door and Betty’s curiosity won out.

She unlocked the safety catch and then her door opened slightly as she took in his appearance. His eyes were red, dark circles underneath suggesting that he hadn’t slept and his usually well placed beanie was askew with more of his dark waves escaping their usual confines.

“Betts,” he let out. His hand moving from his beanie to brace himself against her door frame.

She blushed at the nickname. He was the only one who called her that. Well the only one that she let. Richard had called her Betts once and she had corrected him immediately.

“Jug,” She moved away from her door opening it wider for him to come inside. He moved over the threshold into her apartment removing the beanie from his head as he did so. “What’s wrong?” She asked gently moving towards him as he twisted the woollen cap in his hands, twisting and pulling as he seemed to be searching for words.

“I fucked up Betts. I just, I’m nervous you know? ” He rang his hand over his face, before he slumped on her couch. He held his head in his hands refusing to meet her gaze. “I feel like it’s all moving so quick. I mean I’m the one who proposed for fucks sake.”

Betty took the seat next to him on the couch and placed her hand on his back. She moved it gently up and down. Hoping to soothe him, to take away some of his tension.

“We were looking good at cakes today and it just hit me. I just needed to escape and then Veronica got mad at me.” He groaned as he recounted the events. The screaming match between himself and Veronica unkind things said on either side until she ordered him to leave. Which left him to try and drown some sorrows in a bar near her apartment. Betty continued to rub his back, nodding and listening. While a little voice entered inside her told her that this was her chance. That she could be happy.

“So you’re here because?” Betty tried to keep the hopefulness out of her voice lest it betray her emotions. He looked up to meet her gaze and her hand stilled on his back.

“Because you know Veronica, and I need to make it up to her.” She held the look on her face while her heart sunk. “You always know what to do.” She pulled herself together and smiled.

“Of course.” She removed her hand from his back and placed it instead over his hand. “But first you should probably get some sleep. No one is going to be one over by this look.” She indicated to his ruffled hair and tired face. Present company excluded. He smiled back at her and she felt that feeling again in the pit of her stomach and wondered whether with time it would go away. “You can crash on the couch if you want.” She offered unsure whether he would accept, but he nodded graciously and she rose to get some blankets from the linen cupboard and the spare pillow from her bed.

He grasped her hand again holding it briefly before he pulled her into a hug and she allowed herself to nestle her face in the crook of his neck and breathe in his scent.

Too soon it was over and he pulled back from her. “You’re the best Betts.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she replied dismissing his praise with shake of her hand as she left the room to return with an armful of blankets and a pillow balanced on top. “Get some beauty sleep, Jug. Tomorrow we start Operation Win Veronica Back.” She hoped he didn’t see through the exaggerated excitement in her voice. He chuckled softly as he took the items from her and started to make his bed for the night. She wished him goodnight as did he as she returned to her own bed trying not to think about who was sleeping in the next room. It was safe to say that her dreams did not stay so pure that night.

She was the first to wake in the morning. She padded out to her lounge still wiping the sleep from her eyes as she took in his sleeping form on the couch. His hair had fallen slightly over his eyes and Betty couldn’t help herself as he hand reached over to push the curl back from his face. She knew she shouldn’t. She knew it was wrong. But the words slipped from her mouth before she could stop them.

“I love you Jughead Jones.”

never stray

Hades and Persephone

(Y/N) looked out to the gloomy kingdom of Hell, trying to drown out the ghostly screams with her humming. The humming helped none though, as she could still hear the banshee-like shrieks over her own head voice. If it wasn’t for the King of the Underworld, (Y/N) would never be caught dead even in death in this Hell.

She hugged her arms around her body and turned from the balcony back into Hades’ temple; her home. The black marble clicked against her shoes and echoed down the vacant halls, reminding her of the loneliness and eeriness she faced when Harry wasn’t home. It was verging 20 days since she’s last seen him. When he was away, (Y/N) was strictly allowed to not leave the temple. Harry promised her that it was for her own protection yet, she stayed stir crazy there for the entirety of Fall and Winter.

A sudden clicking of the chamber doors tore (Y/N) from her thoughts, her heart beat picking up from the thought of her husband arriving home. She took silent steps towards the front and was met with the back of her husband’s curly head of hair.

Harry turned from the door and a smirk bloomed onto his face at the sight of his wife. He held his hand out, folding his fingers around hers and pulling her into his broad embrace.

“My lover.” Harry sighed, squeezing her closer to his heart. Harry’s heart didn’t beat but he swore it fluttered alive when she was in his arms, his little goddess of spring and rebirth.

“Give me a kiss.” He whispered, using his knuckles to tip her head up.

(Y/N) touched her hand to his jaw and closed her eyes, taking a breath before leaning her mouth onto his and puckering slightly. Harry seemed unhappy with the slowness of it, wrapping his arm around her waist and pressing his lips harder and while she was taken aback by the sudden eagerness of it, it wasn’t unwelcome. Every breath she took was stolen out from her lungs as Harry kissed her as if he hadn’t seen her for a thousand years. While he was rough he wasn’t forceful, for his hands stroked lovingly at her hips, fingering the material of her dress.

She pulled apart with her cheeks the color of peaches, Harry’s matching. (Y/N)’s lips tingled and she swore she would die with the memory of his mouth on hers.

“Where were you?” She asked, even though she knew it was pointless. Harry kept all of his godly business to himself, never sharing what was happening above the Underworld and quite literally leaving her in the dark. There could’ve been a war happening on Mount Olympus and she wouldn’t of known until it was over.

Harry shook his head, excusing her question. “I hope you were good while I was away?”

(Y/N) nodded, averting her eye contact to the ground. She had learned a long time ago that after Harry had kidnapped her from Demeter, escaping was pointless and her best bets was staying with him. She didn’t mind though.

Harry tilted his head and kept his eyes on her, thumbing her cherry colored lips. “Are you lying to me?”

(Y/N) tensed because no, she was genuinely telling the truth about behaving herself while he was gone. Harry must’ve felt her body harden because he suddenly laughed, pressing one chaste kiss to her cheekbone. “I’m playing, pet. I know you’re a good girl.”

With that Harry pulled away and started down the hall, turning into the very last room; their bedroom. It was one of the grandest rooms of the entire building, one (Y/N) spent the majority of her time at when Harry was gone. Much to her disliking, it was a dark room filled with minimal color. The bed sheets were black, the curtains black, the marble black. Nights when Harry took her from behind she felt as if she was spiraling in a black hole of ecstasy, Harry creating the stars before her own eyes.

She smoothed down the wrinkles on her dress and followed her husband’s footsteps into their bedroom, gasping when the sight of his naked body abruptly meeting her.

“I-I’m so sorry.” (Y/N) stuttered, looking down. “I didn’t realize you were changing.”

Harry laughed boyishly and strolled up to her, hugging their bodies together. “Silly girl, there’s no reason to be sorry.”

“I know but…” She wove off mid sentence as Harry had started to brush his fingers through her hair, making her sigh contently at the tickling, yet soothing sensation.

“If I wasn’t so tired from my travels I would have you singing underneath me. For tonight let’s just sleep.”

“Are you going to change?” She responded, splaying her hand out on his collarbones. (Y/N) had missed him much more than she had allowed herself to.

“I think,” He started with a smile, one that caused his dimples to poke out. “…the only person who should be changing is you. Out from your clothes.”

“I don’t sleep in the nude. Unlike you, I’m proper.” She teased, running her hands down Harry’s chest to his waist. Her hands never dipped lower than his V-lines but despite that, Harry’s hips surged closer to her own.

“You will tonight.” And with that, he swept (Y/N) from her feet and twirled her before falling onto the bed and wrestling her from her dress. The dark, gloomy room was filled with their laughs and shrieks, two sounds that differed so heavily from the moans and groans of the dead just beyond the gates.

If anyone had seen the two in that moment, without knowledge they would’ve looked like a young couple in love; not Hades and Persephone. This was a scene of love, of trust and the only time you would find the King of the Dead more alive than dead.

Caffeine #11

I enjoyed this, and tried to mess up the prompt as badly as I could. It’s very sketchily done and un-edited. I did it in my spare time in the middle of my school day; do forgive me.

Her first job was at a small Italian restaurant on the corner.

Her boss was nice. That was the best thing about that job; when she started feeling frustrated, mistreated, her boss would plonk her down on a wobbly three-legged stool in the back room and pile an untouched leftover dish onto a spare plate in front of her.

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Mermaid moodboard : Scottish mermaid

Scottish mermaids live in the highland’s lochs. Their tail is dark green and their hair usually red. They are the guardians of ancient weapons of fallen warriors and keep them in the depths of the lakes’ waters, waiting for a worthy suitor for the old abandonned weapons. If a person worthy enough walk by the lake’s shore, they hand them the blade they were destined to, only keeping their arms out of the water. Scottish mermaids are gracious and utterly beautiful. If one walk by one of them while she washes her hair, he will succumb to her and drown trying to reach her. Like the kelpies, those mermaids eat human flesh and a single human can feed one mermaid for at least a month.

Nerves {Bakugou Katsuki}

I am complete and utter domestic trash, okay? Okay. And I can’t write short fics, okay? Okay. Because I don’t have self control, okay? Okay. Now that we’ve come to an understanding, please enjoy. 

Katsumi holds onto her father’s hand as the two of them walk into the gymnasium. The air is hot as the bodies shuffle around the area. The sound of murmurs and shoes mingle with each other as the two try to drown each other out. Katsumi looks up at her father for a moment, almost like she’s checking if he’s still there. Her hand is tightly clasp around Bakugou’s as her teeth pick at the skin around her thumb. Everyone seems so tall. Everyone seems so much bigger than her. Katsumi gnaws at her thumb, looking over at the sparring mats at the dead center of the massive gymnasium.

“Where the fuck is the sign-up desk? You’d think they’d put up a fucking sign or something,” Bakugou growls under his breath.

Bakugou adjust his daughter’s bag on his shoulder as he tries to scan through the crowd of people for an employee or administrator or anyone who might be running this fucking tournament. Katsumi sticks to him closely, her canines digging into her cuticle. Her eyes flicker back to the mats and then to the towering stands. They seem to reach the ceiling and glare down at her. Everyone would be watching. They’d all be watching her on those blue mats.

“Daddy, I—”

“Where the hell is the damn sign-up?”


She stares up at him, her voice drowned out by the other people talking over each other. Katsumi trots to keep up with Bakugou as he presses through the crowd, getting closer and closer and closer to finding the sign up desk.


No. She can’t. She can’t do it. Katsumi squeaks when she is knocked into by another boy running by. Her hand slips from Bakugou and she falls onto the wooden floor of the gym.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going,” Bakugou snaps at the kid, immediately bending down to lift Katsumi back to her feet, “Are you alright, Katsumi?”

Bakugou blinks when she burst into tears. Katsumi shakes her head as her hands over her eyes like she is trying to catch her tears.

“What’s wrong, baby girl? Did you get hurt when you fell?” he asks.

She shakes her head again, unable to find any words. Any thought in her head is drowned out by her loud cries and the rapid rising and falling of her chest. Her trembling fist are balled at her sides as her face becomes more and more flustered. Bakugou grimaces. He takes his crying daughter into his arms and whisks her away from the busy hum and energy of the pre-tournament gym.

The air is much cooler as the gentle breeze moves through the trees. No noise. No swealtering heat. No bodies rushing by. Bakugou holds Katsumi, letting her cry on his shoulder as he pats her back. Her breaths finally slow into sparse hiccups, and he sets her down in the in a patch of grass at the side of the gym. Bakugou crouches down to her level, reaching out to thumb away the tears form her red cheeks. Katsumi sniffles as she looks at her father. He ruffles her (h/c) hair, musing the locks.

“You know you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, right?”

“I-I know.”

“So do you want to go home? Because we’ll go if you want to.”

She shakes her head, “No. I j-just wanna be brave but … I-I-I’m sc-scared, Daddy.”

“That’s okay, baby girl. But you know I think you’re pretty fucking brave.”


“Really. You still want to compete even though you’re scared. You got guts, kid,” he says, poking Katsumi in the stomach and earning a giggle from her, “Now, listen, I want to teach you something. It’s a Bakugou secret. Are you listening?”

Katsumi nods, wiping the lingering tears hanging in her eyes. 

“Good. Now, if you get scared, just yell “die” to scare your opponent back.”


“Like this,” Bakugou corrects her, “Die!”


“Louder! Die!”


Bakugou laughs, clapping his hands, “That’s it! DIIIEEEE!”

Katsumi giggles then screams again with her fist raised in the air. Bakugou smiles at his little girl, bouncing around and screaming die as she practices her punches. People are still filing into the gymnasium. Some stop and stare at the strange scene of a father and daughter screaming at each other while other cover their children’s ears and quickly usher them into the building. 


“Die, huh?” You say, walking up Katsumi with your Hiko on your hip, “I couldn’t find you guys. What happened?”

Katsumi’s face splits into a grin when she hears your voice. She runs over to you, throwing her arms around your leg and squeezing it tightly. You adjust Hiko in your arms and smooth down her messy hair. You smile at her as your husband walks over to you.

“Mommy, I was so scared and I was crying and then Daddy helped me and he said I’m brave and, Mommy, guess what?” Katsumi squeals excitedly. 

“What, baby?”

“I’m gonna make everyone die!” she grins, looking at her father, “Right, Daddy?”

“That’s right, baby girl.”

She jumps into Bakugou arms. He throws her into the air and catches her giggling body. You feel like you should be mad at your husband for putting more  strange ideas into your daughter’s head, but the sound of her bubbling laughter mixing with Bakugou's deep chuckles just spreads a warmth throughout your chest. You laugh at the sound of Katsumi chanting “die” in her father’s arms. Eventually, you’d have to break her of this little habit, but today … today you are going to watch your little girl make everyone die. 

Sunny Days-chapter 11

Sunny Days Masterlist

Summary- Honeymoon period begins

Warnings- fluff and smut. Spanking, Masturbation, Sex, Vibrator, Squirting. Yeah, it’s a dirty chapter.

Word Count- about 4.3k

Author’s Note- Yeah, I meant to move the plot forward and it doesn’t seem like that’s really happening but this sets up how Negan is going to try and keep Sunny occupied and distracted from leaving the room. This was not as proofread as usual, because I wanted to get it out asap.

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Sunny slowly opened her eyes and snapped them back shut against the bright light that assaulted her vision.

Why are the freaking lights on? Who does that?

She sat up rubbing her eyelids with her palms and tried again. Her eyes adjusted and focused on her new surroundings. Her hands flew to her mouth, smothering her gasp. She sat alone in a beautiful king sized bed with the softest silkiest sheets she’d ever felt. There was luxury dripping off everything in the room. She had never seen, let alone been in a room as beautiful as this one. She was almost afraid to touch anything.

She threw off the downy comforter eager to explore. Goosebumps raised along her bare legs and arms. Looking down, she saw she was clad only in a pink satin slip with black lace that hung low on the tops of her breasts from two spaghetti straps. Her back was completely exposed. The hem reached the tops of her thighs and two slits on either side worked their way up to her hips. Apparently, no panties had been provided. Moving to slide off the tall bed, she looked down and saw two kitten heel slippers with black feathery fluff.

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Just That Simple - Shed Your Skin Part 4

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

A/N: Not my favourite thing I’ve ever written but it’s alright. If y’all don’t hate it too much I have an idea for part 5, I literally have no idea how this ended up so long it started out as two parts. 

Summary: Meeting the friends for the first time is always nerve wracking, even for a hardened gang member.

Word Count: 3,419

Warnings: Knives, swearing, gang mentions and I think that’s it.

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Smores (Cisco Ramon x Reader)

Trigger warning: Talk of death.

Originally posted by klarolicityswan

Although Cisco had somewhat forgiven Barry Allen for the murder of his brother, Dante, the bitterness between them was still present. It was understandable to you, to be fair. Especially the part where he wouldn’t go back and save him (like he did with his parents)- that’s what made Cisco the most angry. The idea that he’d risk anything to go and save his own family but would refuse to save his friends.

Barry, however, was truly sorry. You could see the guilt eating away at him, depriving him of a full nights sleep or a genuine smile. He was trying with all of his effort to save the city and save his friendship but he just couldn’t seem to choose which one to prioritise. 

You and the group attempted to help him out and make amends with Cisco- to finally get the group back together again but nothing worked. It was like he could see right through you, he knew exactly what you were doing.

 You hated seeing Cisco, the excitable, movie loving, beautifully nerdy bio-engineer, upset. But he was broken, torn apart by his brothers death and, due to the messed up timeline, the responsibility was Barry’s. If Barry wasn’t so selfish, Dante would still be alive. For the safety and the sanity of the team, they needed to make up.

That’s why, when everything with the Dominators was over, Barry arranged for a group road trip to the beach. He hoped that it would lift the tension and lighten the mood. 

So that’s what happened. Barry hired an ironically red mini-van and gathered up the team (including HR and Joe), for a trip to the coast. You had somehow bribed your aunt to lend you her beach house for a few days. It was a beautiful, spacious house on the coast with six bedrooms and an uplifting aura.

“Everyone give it up for America’s favourite fighting Frenchman!” You, along with Iris, Barry and even HR, shouted out, a large grin on your face.

 You were around an hour into the journey, only coping by singing along to the Hamilton soundtrack and laughing at anything and everything.

Joe, as self-proclaimed father of the group, was the designated driver, with HR riding shotgun and being in control of the music. The middle row was Barry, Iris and Caitlin. You rode with Cisco and Wally in the back of the van. 

Whilst the majority of the group were laughing and messing around, Cisco didn’t bare one smile. Secondly to you, Wally noticed the mans discomfort and nudged him with his elbow. Cisco frowned.

“C’mon man, this is your favourite song!” Wally pointed out, his wide smile fading.

“Excuse me if i’m not jumping for joy,” Replied Cisco, in a low murmur. Annoyed, he folded his arms and frowned.

Iris glanced back for a moment, looking over Barry’s arm that was over the back of her seat, “At least try and be happy, Cisco,” She said, her voice drowned in sympathy, “Barry arranged the whole trip.”

“Which is why i’m not happy.”

You could only imagine the upset from on Barrys face from the last statement and, Caitlin obviously did, spinning around with a little frown, “Cisco..”

“Hey, HR?” you called from the your seat, leaning over to be closer to him, 

“Yes, (Y/N)? HR Wells at your merry service!” He shuffled around in his seat, bearing his large grin at you.

“Switch the disc and play Cabinet Battle number one!” As he obliged, you leaned your chin onto Cisco’s shoulder and murmured to him, “You’re gonna have to take the part of Hamilton in this. Otherwise, i’ll be left in a rap battle with Caitlin and we all know how well that went last time.”

He glanced at you with a pleading look but the wall eventually dropped as you pouted your lower lip. The pair of you put on quite the performance.

Four hours after you had arrived at the beach house, you were still at the beach. A blanket of black had taken over the bright blue of the sky, sparkling freckles littering its complexion. Bar Cisco, you had all gathered around a campfire with HR giving you all a step by step tutorial on how to make smores. It’s not like you didn’t already know, but it kept him happy. 

Your eyes couldn’t stop flickering over to the man who’s smile you craved. Cisco was sat alone maybe 200 feet from the rest of the group, glancing out across the water. You decided to put an end to his sorrow. Handing your smore to Joe, you stood and quietly walked over to the Bio-engineer before sitting down next to him, bringing your knees up to your chest and tugging your, his, hoodie over your hands.

“I hope you don’t mind that i took this. It was on the sofa and i just grabbed it. To be fair it could’ve been Barry’s.”

Cisco scoffed and shook his head. You could see his watery eyes in the gentle moonlight, “Enough about Barry!” He was irritated and upset, you could tell through his shaky voice and small posture, “Everything’s always about Barry! Sure, he’s The Flash, but it’s always about him! Everyone is always so in love with Barry! Yeah, well news flash, he’s not such a big hero, is he?!”

You raised to your knees, kneeling in front of him and cupping a side of his face, your thumb running over his cheekbone, smudging a tear drop, “I know. Okay? I know, and i’m just as upset at him as you are.”

Cisco leaned back to take a good look at you. Your hair was all textured and wavy from the sea, thrown up into a messy bun. Your face lacked makeup but it was gorgeous anyway. On your body was your white summer dress, but with his Navy STAR labs zip-up over the top, “Your brother didn’t die because of him, (Y/N).”

You stayed silent for a moment, lightly tracing your fingernails over his scalp as you combed his hair back, feeling his hands grip your hips. 

“I hate seeing you like this, Francisco,” You eventually said, laying your forehead down on his, “and i’m sure Dante would never want you to be this torn up.”

“I-” Cisco was about to speak before he shook his head and closed his mouth.

“This is me, Francisco. You can talk to me. Talk to me please. i wont allow you to grieve alone.”

“It just doesn’t feel real. I feel like he’s just gonna come home and take over mama’s heart again. Instead she’s just crying, she doesn’t do anything but cry. Dante made us all so happy, even if he was a bit of an ass.” Cisco sighed, rubbing his thumbs in circles on your hips.

“I know, mi amor. Dante would still want you to smile. If not for him, please try for me. Come have fun with us, i’m sure HR saved you a smore.”

Cisco ran his hands over his face, a breathy chuckle coming from his mouth, “I know one thing that would make me smile.”


“Yeah,” He walked you closer to him so that you were straddling his lap, craning his neck up to press his lips softly against yours. You instantly kissed him back, arms wrapping around his neck. His touch on your hips was so gentle, and his kiss awoke all of the butterflies in your stomach, making your tummy do flips and turns.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but i think we may have over-smored your smore,” You heard HR’s voice, forcing you to pull away from the kiss that you could stay in all night. Cisco pushed his face into your neck, a light laugh shaking his body against yours. And oh, how you loved that noise.