trying to drown her


Lance pokes fun of Shiro being a merman (not an actual merman unfortunately), and pidge and hunk, defending their father’s honour, dares lance to take some of Shiro’s classes (he teaches people how to become merppl n all that w allura). 

Lance takes the dare and finds out this guy from one of his classes, whom he has a one-sided rivalry with, goes for mermaid lessons as well and *insert oh no he’s hot moment here*

anyway there’s lots of pining and swimming and mermaids and keith being obsessed with the mythical merpeople n lance finding it endearing as hell

[edit:] I’m not planning to write this however I will be building upon this au If you wanna write this or whatever could you link it to me? I wanna see it :D

teamiplier breakfast table

tyler: is the one making breakfast for the rest
mark: “hey do you need a SPOON with your cereal”
ethan: making tyler use his pancake batter from the pancake making video “IT’S ONLY A POUND OF SUGAR TYLER I’M A GROWING BLUE BOI”
amy: “tyler can you make an alien pancake and write ‘aliens are real’ under it? thanks dude”
kathryn: trying not to drown herself with her cereal milk
chica: “i crave the souls of dead squirrel toys, please”

Happy Birthday, Sweetie

Summary: It’s Katie’s 5th birthday, and you’re excited to give your daughter her present.
Words: 1.5k
Sam x Reader, Dean, Katie (OC)
Warnings: none, but this is unbetad and I haven’t even proofread it so I mean…

Daddy!Sam Masterpost

You woke up when the mattress jostled beside you. Sam murmured a small ‘shit’ as he realised his movements had roused you, and you blinked up at him, smiling sleepily.

“What time is it?” you asked, your voice low and rough from sleep.

“A little after five,” he replied, and you groaned, burying your face back into your pillow.

Sam laughed fondly, pulling on a shirt before leaning down and kissing the top of your head.

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Eric Bittle the Actual Georgian Summer Camp Counselor Headcanons:

Following my post, Eric Bittle the Actual Georgian (from way back when I was Cuddlezimbony) and with summer approaching, I thought I’d share a list of headcanons based off of our common experiences. I, too, was a camp counselor in Satan’s Asscrack, A.K.A. the Charred Peach, A.K.A. Georgia.

  • Homeboy is tan. Like, really tan. And he has bad tan lines. There’s a 75% chance that he has Choco tan lines. As a camp counselor from Georgia, I can attest.
  • And sunscreen? Have you seen that baby soft skin? He only uses Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Sunscreen Lotion. Never spray.
  • He has gotten a stomach bug, pink eye, ebola, dengue, the pneumonic plague, and a cold from his campers, and now has an iron immune system and a deathly fear of sneezes.
  • He’s gotten pretty good at weird things. Four Square, avoiding holes on nature hikes, UNO, sink-washing his shirt after a camper bled on it, making up trivia off of the top of his head, fishing balls out of bushes, silencing a bus full of 11-year-old boys with a Look.
  • #1 first aider. Homeboy is a nurturer, and you can bet your lily white ass that all the other counselors send kids to him when they get injuries or heatstroke.
  • He can make a kickass flower crown.
  • He is beyond observant. Annie and Jacob trying to reach first base behind a tree? Spotted it. Elijah and DeShawn about to jump off of the roof of the bathrooms? Spotted it. Devin trying to drown her brother in the shallow end? Spotted it.
  • He is Passionate (almost Zimmermann Hockey Passionate) about bug spray.
  • His walkie talkie is his lifeline, with his bullhorn following at a close second.
  • He has burned his butt cheeks sitting on hot pavement more than once.
  • If you try to jump on him he will End Your Life.
  • He has a Counselor Voice, and he has a Mad Counselor Voice. The first is a weird hybrid of exuberant and authoritative; the second is absolutely terrifying.
  • Lunch is a godsend.
  • He has a gift for appearing calm. Marcus is on fire, Hannah hit her head on a tree, Leslie and Daniel are fighting again, and nobody’s seen Jimmy in four hours? Even if he’s having an internal breakdown, he’s as cool as a cucumber on the outside.
  • At the same time, he has cried in the bathroom no fewer than 3 times.
  • Skyping with Jack at the end of each day is a struggle, but he loves that boy. Bitty makes time to talk to him while doing the few things he has enough energy left to do: restocking his backpack, researching indoor jobs, and covering every square inch of his body with aloe.
Caffeine #11

I enjoyed this, and tried to mess up the prompt as badly as I could. It’s very sketchily done and un-edited. I did it in my spare time in the middle of my school day; do forgive me.

Her first job was at a small Italian restaurant on the corner.

Her boss was nice. That was the best thing about that job; when she started feeling frustrated, mistreated, her boss would plonk her down on a wobbly three-legged stool in the back room and pile an untouched leftover dish onto a spare plate in front of her.

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Mermaid moodboard : Scottish mermaid

Scottish mermaids live in the highland’s lochs. Their tail is dark green and their hair usually red. They are the guardians of ancient weapons of fallen warriors and keep them in the depths of the lakes’ waters, waiting for a worthy suitor for the old abandonned weapons. If a person worthy enough walk by the lake’s shore, they hand them the blade they were destined to, only keeping their arms out of the water. Scottish mermaids are gracious and utterly beautiful. If one walk by one of them while she washes her hair, he will succumb to her and drown trying to reach her. Like the kelpies, those mermaids eat human flesh and a single human can feed one mermaid for at least a month.

A few things.

1. BEST EPISODE.  From the FS reunion (and all they did was cry on each other, but it was GLORIOUS) to AIDA basically going deranged crazy female when Fitz didn’t return her “feelings”? AMAZEBALLS. And May being badass. And Daisy being badass. And the secondary team standing up, protecting the team, and taking names. Action. Romance. Philosophy. IT ALL WORKED.

2. DID I MENTION THE FS REUNION?!? I mean…Fitz’s speech. Any doubt that he would have lingering feelings for pathetic worthless piece of shit robot was just…nullified. His heart only has room for HER. HER BEING JEMMA ANNE SIMMONS. And I just…that’s who Leopold James Fitz is. Who, despite being violated and manipulated in so many ways, tries to get through to worthless robot’s HUMANITY and get her to do good.  LIKE, TALK ABOUT FORGIVENESS.  And yet, he thinks he doesn’t deserve that forgiveness.  BUT HE SO DOES.  And there is the crux of it all - he is MORE than the programming, because when given he choose, Leopold James Fitz WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE THE PATH OF GOOD.  WILL ALWAYS LOOK TO THE GOOD IN PEOPLE (AND APPARENTLY THINGS.)  Is there any reason that Jemma Anne Simmons loves Leopold James Fitz?  Also, Jemma!  When she has to, she will do the hard thing for the good of that person.  She will ice Fitz to protect him.  


The vulnerability of the reunion.  No dialog.  Just Breathing.  Contact.  AND THEN ALL THE TEARS.  I mean, I cannot think of a better reunion scene than that because it was both a feast for the eyes AND MADE OF ALL THE FEELS.

3. AIDA still doesn’t get it. Like, she’s a 2 year old trying to be a fully formed adult and failing miserably. I don’t think she knows what any emotion is. Just feels something and tries to find the correct label. SHE’S STILL TRYING TO MIMIC. I mean, the only thing she wants to do is rage. Like, at the end, she’s trying to drown her anger and devastation with sex and yet, she can’t even do that right. So really, all she is consumed with is power.

4. Robot superior is still a really lame whatever he is. And he wants to use the Darkhold. Look how well that turned out for the other people who wants to use the Darkhold. I MEAN, HONESTLY.

5. ELENA. Going after her man. I MEAN, PLEASE BE OKAY. SAVE MACK.

6. ROBBIE IS BACK. It’s time for righteous vengeance.

7. Talbot. You know, I really miss the Coulson and Talbot banter. Le sigh.

8. Philinda.  HEE.

anonymous asked:

Anything that'll make me cry, laugh, cry, and then have a happy ending?

So I’m going to link you to a few of my all time favourite fics that drove my emotions crazy - I hope you like them! :

WARNING: Please make sure you read the tags for these fics because although I loved them, they aren’t always for everyone!

Sinister by ModestlyHomo [ 19/19 | English | 54,066 ]

Louis Tomlinson, head psychiatrist of Violet Quarters Mental Rehabilitation Center is faced with the most difficult case of mental instability his career has ever given him. In a mirage of rape, and seven gruesome murders, Harry Styles’; with his dangerously wicked smile, can still manipulate even his strongest contenders. Yet the accused killer has a past that not even Harry himself can remember correctly.

Two Steps Behind by sacredheart [ 19/19 | English | 38,550 ]

Or, Louis is two years younger than his neighbors, Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn, and he grows up bending over backwards to get their attention and acceptance. Especially Harry’s.

Right By Your Side by mezziedemo [ 21/21 | English | 154,446 ]

Marine Biologist Harry Styles works at SeaWorld Australia and conducts dolphin therapy sessions for people suffering trauma or fear of water. He loves his job and his life in Australia, but it all gets turned upside down when a beautiful blue eyed boy from the UK is sent down under for therapy after a near drowning incident. Louis Tomlinson dived into the river to save his sister without a second thought to his own safety. When he almost drowned trying to save her, the after effects are severe. After a particularly bad panic attack, he is referred to a program in Australia, where he finds himself in the care of the prettiest boy he’s ever seen. Can they maintain the professional boundaries required to get Louis well again, or will their desire for each other be too hard to fight?

Who Knew by sincewewereeighteen [ 20/20 | English | 130,323 ]

OR: the one in which my mind goes to a really dark place thanks to this ridiculous reality we’re living right now and Louis cheats on Harry and gets a girl pregnant

These are only a few of my favourites so if you want any different ones then don’t hesitate to send me an ask :) 

never stray

Hades and Persephone

(Y/N) looked out to the gloomy kingdom of Hell, trying to drown out the ghostly screams with her humming. The humming helped none though, as she could still hear the banshee-like shrieks over her own head voice. If it wasn’t for the King of the Underworld, (Y/N) would never be caught dead even in death in this Hell.

She hugged her arms around her body and turned from the balcony back into Hades’ temple; her home. The black marble clicked against her shoes and echoed down the vacant halls, reminding her of the loneliness and eeriness she faced when Harry wasn’t home. It was verging 20 days since she’s last seen him. When he was away, (Y/N) was strictly allowed to not leave the temple. Harry promised her that it was for her own protection yet, she stayed stir crazy there for the entirety of Fall and Winter.

A sudden clicking of the chamber doors tore (Y/N) from her thoughts, her heart beat picking up from the thought of her husband arriving home. She took silent steps towards the front and was met with the back of her husband’s curly head of hair.

Harry turned from the door and a smirk bloomed onto his face at the sight of his wife. He held his hand out, folding his fingers around hers and pulling her into his broad embrace.

“My lover.” Harry sighed, squeezing her closer to his heart. Harry’s heart didn’t beat but he swore it fluttered alive when she was in his arms, his little goddess of spring and rebirth.

“Give me a kiss.” He whispered, using his knuckles to tip her head up.

(Y/N) touched her hand to his jaw and closed her eyes, taking a breath before leaning her mouth onto his and puckering slightly. Harry seemed unhappy with the slowness of it, wrapping his arm around her waist and pressing his lips harder and while she was taken aback by the sudden eagerness of it, it wasn’t unwelcome. Every breath she took was stolen out from her lungs as Harry kissed her as if he hadn’t seen her for a thousand years. While he was rough he wasn’t forceful, for his hands stroked lovingly at her hips, fingering the material of her dress.

She pulled apart with her cheeks the color of peaches, Harry’s matching. (Y/N)’s lips tingled and she swore she would die with the memory of his mouth on hers.

“Where were you?” She asked, even though she knew it was pointless. Harry kept all of his godly business to himself, never sharing what was happening above the Underworld and quite literally leaving her in the dark. There could’ve been a war happening on Mount Olympus and she wouldn’t of known until it was over.

Harry shook his head, excusing her question. “I hope you were good while I was away?”

(Y/N) nodded, averting her eye contact to the ground. She had learned a long time ago that after Harry had kidnapped her from Demeter, escaping was pointless and her best bets was staying with him. She didn’t mind though.

Harry tilted his head and kept his eyes on her, thumbing her cherry colored lips. “Are you lying to me?”

(Y/N) tensed because no, she was genuinely telling the truth about behaving herself while he was gone. Harry must’ve felt her body harden because he suddenly laughed, pressing one chaste kiss to her cheekbone. “I’m playing, pet. I know you’re a good girl.”

With that Harry pulled away and started down the hall, turning into the very last room; their bedroom. It was one of the grandest rooms of the entire building, one (Y/N) spent the majority of her time at when Harry was gone. Much to her disliking, it was a dark room filled with minimal color. The bed sheets were black, the curtains black, the marble black. Nights when Harry took her from behind she felt as if she was spiraling in a black hole of ecstasy, Harry creating the stars before her own eyes.

She smoothed down the wrinkles on her dress and followed her husband’s footsteps into their bedroom, gasping when the sight of his naked body abruptly meeting her.

“I-I’m so sorry.” (Y/N) stuttered, looking down. “I didn’t realize you were changing.”

Harry laughed boyishly and strolled up to her, hugging their bodies together. “Silly girl, there’s no reason to be sorry.”

“I know but…” She wove off mid sentence as Harry had started to brush his fingers through her hair, making her sigh contently at the tickling, yet soothing sensation.

“If I wasn’t so tired from my travels I would have you singing underneath me. For tonight let’s just sleep.”

“Are you going to change?” She responded, splaying her hand out on his collarbones. (Y/N) had missed him much more than she had allowed herself to.

“I think,” He started with a smile, one that caused his dimples to poke out. “…the only person who should be changing is you. Out from your clothes.”

“I don’t sleep in the nude. Unlike you, I’m proper.” She teased, running her hands down Harry’s chest to his waist. Her hands never dipped lower than his V-lines but despite that, Harry’s hips surged closer to her own.

“You will tonight.” And with that, he swept (Y/N) from her feet and twirled her before falling onto the bed and wrestling her from her dress. The dark, gloomy room was filled with their laughs and shrieks, two sounds that differed so heavily from the moans and groans of the dead just beyond the gates.

If anyone had seen the two in that moment, without knowledge they would’ve looked like a young couple in love; not Hades and Persephone. This was a scene of love, of trust and the only time you would find the King of the Dead more alive than dead.

The End - Part 2

Word Count: 5534

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN Typical Violence

A/N: Italics are Future Dean and Future Reader’s dialogue. I tried to make it as clear as possible cuz it got hella confusing hella fast with everyone talking to each other. 

Constructive feedback always welcome and appreciated!

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Fuck.” You woke up slowly, letting your eyes adjust to the room. Your arm was above your head, cuffed to a ladder. Dean was next to you; still unconscious from the blow to the head he’d taken. You lifted your head all the way up, seeing another Dean sitting at the table cleaning his gun.

He was definitely still Dean, but he was so different. Tense and intense. Focused. He looked as though he hadn’t smiled in years. His eyes didn’t shine the way your Dean’s did. They were cold, mean. Militant. Part of you ached to reach out to him. You wanted to know how he could have possibly ended up like this.

“Oh, you’re awake.” Your attention was drawn from Future Dean to the door, where you saw a carbon copy of yourself walk in the room carrying a silver knife, salt, and holy water. “I brought the stuff.”

“Thanks for choking me out back there.” You said, trying to stretch out your cuffed arm. “You know the cuffs are unnecessary. We’re not monsters.”

“We’re about to find out.” Future Dean stood up and took the knife from Future Y/N, walking over and immediately slicing Dean’s arm. Future Y/N threw salt and holy water on Dean, furrowing her eyebrows when nothing happened.

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anonymous asked:

98 please have scully say it to Mulder

98. “Where are your pants?”

(Dear anon, I’m sorry. I’m sure you had something cute and fluffy in your mind when you sent this but I’m not feeling very cute or fluffy today. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it up to you somehow.)

Title: Gnaw
Author: @chileananderson

She can feel it happening but she can’t open her mouth to scream. She’s not sure what they are doing, only that the pain between her eyes is blinding. This isn’t an examination, she thinks wildly to herself.

It’s a vivisection. They’re opening my forehead. They’re taking something out or placing something in. A live animal. Some kind of rodent. A small, sharp-toothed thing that will gnaw at my brain until I go insane. Or die. Hopefully die. I don’t think I can take this much longer. 

She’s drowning now, trying helplessly to inhale, her breaths coming out in gurgling gasps, and she’s not sure if she’s gagging on blood or her own vomit. Blood, probably. She hasn’t been able to keep anything down for days.

The pain is like a shrill wail now, coming in waves over the spot where her cancer is living and pulsing like a foreign creature. Rather than a simple tumour, made solely of herself, the exalted multiplication of cells in her body feels like a gruesome imitation of Christ multiplying bread. This is a communion she has to choke down herself. The doctors say she shouldn’t drink wine because of the treatment but if she’s sick half the time, from swallowing pints of her own blood, she might as well go Catholic on her disease. 

Whatever is inside her brow is crawling towards her temples now, underneath her eyelids too. It no longer feels mammalian in nature but sort of like an oil. She thinks of the black virus and imagines it oozing inside her, sleek yet painful like shards of very small glass. 

She’s trying to open her eyes, she knows she’s half dreaming but it’s hard, each time it’s more difficult to step out of unconsciousness and she can’t help but think, but know, that she will die in her sleep. But not painlessly, not the good death. She will not go gentle. 

The name sounds watery when she tries to say it, but she doesn’t need to. Not really. Mulder is there already. No gun drawn, he knows the devil isn’t lurking in the shadows. The devil is in her, a nasopharengeal mass right under the spot she touches when she crosses herself in prayer.

“Shhh, Scully,” he whispers and she can hear the fear in his voice. She exclaims his name, finally, but all that leaves her mouth is a blurting of blood disguised in a wet sob.

He tenderly wipes her face clean with a damp towel and moves her towards the side of the bed that isn’t stained with rust-coloured blemishes left by those who are dying. 

The pain is only a dull ache now and she can feel herself return to normal. She focuses on Mulder who is laying on her bed over the covers, stilling her, comforting her. Her eyelids feel heavy with exhaustion, but she quirks her lips at his grey cotton boxers, his bare knees, his long feet.

“Mulder, where are your pants?”

He doesn’t answer but strokes her hair and presses his lips on the crown of her head. She closes her eyes. She is cold all the time now and can feel the warmth radiating off his body. God, she doesn’t want to die, but if she has to, this is how. This is with whom. She would never do that to him though, he’s been through enough. Too many losses for one man.

“Mulder, get under the covers with me” she sighs and feels waves of comfort overwhelm her as he crawls in and wraps himself around her, cradling her gently in his arms.

Please God, don’t let me die tonight. Don’t have him try to wake me in the morning and find out that he can’t. 

She drifts back into the darkness and doesn’t know that he’s asking for the same thing.

Ficlet Series: Secrets (Jimin X Reader)

Rated: M (smut, swearing)

Word Count: 2552

Masterpost: Ficlet Series - Secrets

Our Masterlist :)

Originally posted by bangtaninspired

You stand at the side of the massive, mirrored room watching your sister and her partner move gracefully across the floor. When the music stops you cheer loudly, clapping so hard that your palms begin to sting.

“Ugh, mom, you’re embarrassing me,” Una says, rolling her eyes theatrically as she walks towards you.

“I’m sorry,” you say with a loud sniff, holding out a towel for her. “My baby just grew up so fast.”

Una laughs and takes the towel from you, dabbing her sweat away tiredly. “You guys look amazing,” you say earnestly. “You make a good pair.”

Una’s new partner, Jimin, is on the other side of the room and she calls him over.

“It’s been a couple of months and he still seems so shy,” you murmur as he comes nearer.

“Nah, he’s okay,” Una responds. “I think it’s just when you’re around that he gets a bit weird. He must sense the way you undress him with your eyes.”

You aim a kick at Una but she slips out of reach with a light laugh.

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prompt/req: what you think happens during the jughead punching chuck/Betty slapping chuck scene

Hey! I put this prompt together with this prompt:  Can you do a fic based on betty and jughead hitting chuck in the promo for the next episode. Like chuck tries kissing betty or something then she slap s him so he starts bringing up the hot tub thing and jughead comes and punches him?

I hope you both like it!

Sweet Sixteen

“Juggie!” Betty said as she snuck up behind him, grabbing his hand.

Her drink sloshed in her red cup as she moved, the liquid spilling slightly over the side, dripping down her fingers.

“I want to show you something,” Betty pulled him towards the stair case, leading him away from the party.

Jughead grasped Betty’s hand, following her up the stairs and down the hall toward Archie’s bedroom.

“So, I know I’ve already given you your present,” Betty smiled as she entered the dark room. “But I just wanted to say happy birthday one more time.” She pulled him into the beroom and closed the door behind him, placing one hand on either side of his head and leaned in for a kiss.

“Happy birthday to me indeed,” Jughead chuckled as he kissed Betty gently.

Betty trailed soft kisses across Jughead’s jaw and down across his neck.

“Have I told you how much I like your sweater?” He breathed, his head rolling backwards to allow Betty easier access to his delicate skin.

“You do, huh?” Betty murmured, sending chills down Jughead’s spine.

“Mhm,” Jughead gulped. “I think crowns should be our thing. “I’ll  wear my crown beanie and we can get you a cute silver -” He stopped as Betty pulled back, the skin on his neck suddenly cold.

“Like this?” Betty smirked as she pulled her jeans an inch lower on her hip, showing Jughead her brand new crown printed panties.

“Yep,” Jughead gulped again. “Like that. You - you should wear those all the time, Bets.”

Betty smiled slowly, then knotted her hand in Jughead’s sweater, pulling him closer to her. She deepened their kiss quickly, tracing her tongue against Jughead’s bottom lip before slipping it in his mouth.

“Do you want a better look at them?” She murmured into his ear.

“Well, I do, Bets, of course I do but maybe we should continue this later? Y'know, before some drunk comes stumbling up here and ruins everything?” Jughead was gripping Betty’s shoulder, trying to read her expression.

She was looking down, biting her lip. “You’re right, Juggie. We’ll have our own after party.” She smirked.

Jughead let out a sigh of relief and returned her smile. He leaned towards her, enveloping her lips in one last kiss.

They returned to the party hand-in-hand, the music still blaring, the drinks still flowing.

Veronica and Kevin were talking in the corner, Reggie and Archie were chugging something in the kitchen and Josie and Cheryl were sitting on the couch, laughing, people milling around in every inch of the house.

"Hey, birthday boy!” A loud voice called from behind them. “You give her that sticky maple upstairs?” Chuck said, laughing. “Wait, what would your version of a sticky maple be? A lemon squeeze?”  His friends clapped his shoulder, laughing along with him.

Betty rolled her eyes and pulled Jughead towards the kitchen.

“Hey, where are you going?” Chuck followed them, laughing loudly the whole time.

Betty refilled her cup as Jughead raided the cupboards.

“You’re looking pretty good, Betty. You still want that Chuck special?” He asked, standing a little too close.

“Stay away from me, Chuck.” Betty cocked an eyebrow, glaring at him.

Chuck slid his hand up Betty’s arm, squeezing her shoulder. “What, you didn’t change your mind did you, Betty? Or is it Polly tonight?”

Betty felt her palm connect with Chuck’s face before she even realized what she was doing. “I said stay away from me, Chuck.” She muttered as she turned on her heel, leaving the kitchen. She entwined her fingers with Jughead’s, pulling him with her out of the room.

“What are you going to do?” Chuck called from behind her, following her into the living room. “Try to drown me again?”

Betty stood with her arms crossed in the living room, her face turning a deep red.

“Yeah! This bitch is crazy!” Chuck yelled angrily to the crowd that was gathering. “She tried to drown me!”

“You better watch what  you say, Chuck.” Jughead muttered angrily.

“What are you going to do about it, 8 Mile? Your girlfriend tried to drown me. She’s insane. That whole family is insane. She probably killed Jason Blossom, too.”

Jughead’s fist slammed against Chuck’s cheekbone, sending Chuck against the floor, blood spilling out of his mouth as he fell.

“Fuck you,” Jughead spat as he stood over Chuck.

He shook his head as he walked out of the room, grabbing his coat from the stair bannister and walked out of the house.

A Girl Like You - Theo Raeken Imagine

Author’s Note: This is not a request. This is something I came up with on my own. Easton Corbin released a new single and I’m obsessed with it. I had it on repeat and eventually I had an idea for a Theo imagine for it. I hope y’all enjoy what I came up with. 

I do not own the lyrics to the song. All rights go to Easton Corbin.

Word Count: 1,365

Listen to this song: “A Girl Like You” by Easton Corbin

My Teen Wolf Master List

Originally posted by sterek-hale-obrosey

It was a typical Saturday night at Hillbilly’s in Nashville. Almost everyone in town was at the bar with a cold beer in their hand or line dancing on the dance floor as the live band played a little out of tune. Theo’s eyes scanned the crowded bar and noticed a guy trying too hard to get a girl’s attention, a couple of sleazy guys who had no chance of going home with any of the girls tonight, and a lot of friends and couples having a good time. He turned around and saw Y/N standing by the window, talking on the phone with one finger in her ear, trying to drown out the music. A smile tugged his lips as the neon light in the windowpane glowed and showed off all of his favorite features of hers. He knew he was lucky. There wasn’t a guy in this bar that had a girl like her.

Theo moved to Nashville shortly after graduation. He needed to escape the town where everyone knew the mistakes he made. Although it took a while for his friends to forgive him and gain his trust back, he needed to start somewhere completely new and fresh. Originally, he wasn’t planning on staying in Nashville. It was actually just a stop he made while traveling around the country to see what place felt right for him. The night he met Y/N was the night he knew he was meant to stay in Nashville.

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Smores (Cisco Ramon x Reader)

Trigger warning: Talk of death.

Originally posted by klarolicityswan

Although Cisco had somewhat forgiven Barry Allen for the murder of his brother, Dante, the bitterness between them was still present. It was understandable to you, to be fair. Especially the part where he wouldn’t go back and save him (like he did with his parents)- that’s what made Cisco the most angry. The idea that he’d risk anything to go and save his own family but would refuse to save his friends.

Barry, however, was truly sorry. You could see the guilt eating away at him, depriving him of a full nights sleep or a genuine smile. He was trying with all of his effort to save the city and save his friendship but he just couldn’t seem to choose which one to prioritise. 

You and the group attempted to help him out and make amends with Cisco- to finally get the group back together again but nothing worked. It was like he could see right through you, he knew exactly what you were doing.

 You hated seeing Cisco, the excitable, movie loving, beautifully nerdy bio-engineer, upset. But he was broken, torn apart by his brothers death and, due to the messed up timeline, the responsibility was Barry’s. If Barry wasn’t so selfish, Dante would still be alive. For the safety and the sanity of the team, they needed to make up.

That’s why, when everything with the Dominators was over, Barry arranged for a group road trip to the beach. He hoped that it would lift the tension and lighten the mood. 

So that’s what happened. Barry hired an ironically red mini-van and gathered up the team (including HR and Joe), for a trip to the coast. You had somehow bribed your aunt to lend you her beach house for a few days. It was a beautiful, spacious house on the coast with six bedrooms and an uplifting aura.

“Everyone give it up for America’s favourite fighting Frenchman!” You, along with Iris, Barry and even HR, shouted out, a large grin on your face.

 You were around an hour into the journey, only coping by singing along to the Hamilton soundtrack and laughing at anything and everything.

Joe, as self-proclaimed father of the group, was the designated driver, with HR riding shotgun and being in control of the music. The middle row was Barry, Iris and Caitlin. You rode with Cisco and Wally in the back of the van. 

Whilst the majority of the group were laughing and messing around, Cisco didn’t bare one smile. Secondly to you, Wally noticed the mans discomfort and nudged him with his elbow. Cisco frowned.

“C’mon man, this is your favourite song!” Wally pointed out, his wide smile fading.

“Excuse me if i’m not jumping for joy,” Replied Cisco, in a low murmur. Annoyed, he folded his arms and frowned.

Iris glanced back for a moment, looking over Barry’s arm that was over the back of her seat, “At least try and be happy, Cisco,” She said, her voice drowned in sympathy, “Barry arranged the whole trip.”

“Which is why i’m not happy.”

You could only imagine the upset from on Barrys face from the last statement and, Caitlin obviously did, spinning around with a little frown, “Cisco..”

“Hey, HR?” you called from the your seat, leaning over to be closer to him, 

“Yes, (Y/N)? HR Wells at your merry service!” He shuffled around in his seat, bearing his large grin at you.

“Switch the disc and play Cabinet Battle number one!” As he obliged, you leaned your chin onto Cisco’s shoulder and murmured to him, “You’re gonna have to take the part of Hamilton in this. Otherwise, i’ll be left in a rap battle with Caitlin and we all know how well that went last time.”

He glanced at you with a pleading look but the wall eventually dropped as you pouted your lower lip. The pair of you put on quite the performance.

Four hours after you had arrived at the beach house, you were still at the beach. A blanket of black had taken over the bright blue of the sky, sparkling freckles littering its complexion. Bar Cisco, you had all gathered around a campfire with HR giving you all a step by step tutorial on how to make smores. It’s not like you didn’t already know, but it kept him happy. 

Your eyes couldn’t stop flickering over to the man who’s smile you craved. Cisco was sat alone maybe 200 feet from the rest of the group, glancing out across the water. You decided to put an end to his sorrow. Handing your smore to Joe, you stood and quietly walked over to the Bio-engineer before sitting down next to him, bringing your knees up to your chest and tugging your, his, hoodie over your hands.

“I hope you don’t mind that i took this. It was on the sofa and i just grabbed it. To be fair it could’ve been Barry’s.”

Cisco scoffed and shook his head. You could see his watery eyes in the gentle moonlight, “Enough about Barry!” He was irritated and upset, you could tell through his shaky voice and small posture, “Everything’s always about Barry! Sure, he’s The Flash, but it’s always about him! Everyone is always so in love with Barry! Yeah, well news flash, he’s not such a big hero, is he?!”

You raised to your knees, kneeling in front of him and cupping a side of his face, your thumb running over his cheekbone, smudging a tear drop, “I know. Okay? I know, and i’m just as upset at him as you are.”

Cisco leaned back to take a good look at you. Your hair was all textured and wavy from the sea, thrown up into a messy bun. Your face lacked makeup but it was gorgeous anyway. On your body was your white summer dress, but with his Navy STAR labs zip-up over the top, “Your brother didn’t die because of him, (Y/N).”

You stayed silent for a moment, lightly tracing your fingernails over his scalp as you combed his hair back, feeling his hands grip your hips. 

“I hate seeing you like this, Francisco,” You eventually said, laying your forehead down on his, “and i’m sure Dante would never want you to be this torn up.”

“I-” Cisco was about to speak before he shook his head and closed his mouth.

“This is me, Francisco. You can talk to me. Talk to me please. i wont allow you to grieve alone.”

“It just doesn’t feel real. I feel like he’s just gonna come home and take over mama’s heart again. Instead she’s just crying, she doesn’t do anything but cry. Dante made us all so happy, even if he was a bit of an ass.” Cisco sighed, rubbing his thumbs in circles on your hips.

“I know, mi amor. Dante would still want you to smile. If not for him, please try for me. Come have fun with us, i’m sure HR saved you a smore.”

Cisco ran his hands over his face, a breathy chuckle coming from his mouth, “I know one thing that would make me smile.”


“Yeah,” He walked you closer to him so that you were straddling his lap, craning his neck up to press his lips softly against yours. You instantly kissed him back, arms wrapping around his neck. His touch on your hips was so gentle, and his kiss awoke all of the butterflies in your stomach, making your tummy do flips and turns.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but i think we may have over-smored your smore,” You heard HR’s voice, forcing you to pull away from the kiss that you could stay in all night. Cisco pushed his face into your neck, a light laugh shaking his body against yours. And oh, how you loved that noise.

Dawning in Dust: Part VI

Thanks to @lenny9987 for the beta ☺❤ Also, thanks to @gotham-ruaidh @takemeawaytocamelot @owlish-peacock36 @bonnie-wee-swordsman and many others for the advice and encouragement I needed. This community is truly spectacular.


The world was raining down as Claire sprinted through the streets of Paris. Explosions behind and to the left. The smell of blood and burning. Bodies littered the streets. She had to get to the rendezvous. Ignoring the stitch in her side and taste of iron in her mouth, Claire rallied for more speed, rounding a corner to…

The world was dark. Sounds were muffled, like a gun being fired under water. Claire screamed, but dirt and debris filled her mouth as she did so, determined to suffocate her.

So this is what drowning is like…

She struggled, barely containing her panic as she tried to make it to the surface. Then, someone grabbed her by the leg, holding on as if to drag her further under…

Claire lurched awake, barely keeping herself from falling out of the chair and onto the floor. Blood pounded thickly in her ears with each frantic beat of her heart and gasp of breath. Her eyes darted wildly around the dark room, her brain trying to understand the shadows and shapes cast by the dying embers of the fire in the hearth that replaced the death and destruction of her nightmares.

Then, Claire found the one tether between dreaming and waking; a firm, steadying hand holding her just below the knee. Her eyes slid up to meet Jamie’s, just small pin pricks of light looking at her in the darkness that surrounded them. She exhaled a shuddering breath, seeing Jamie’s body relax as she did so.

God, I must have scared the hell out of him, Claire thought, feeling his pulsing energy in his grip and through the connection of their locked gazes. Claire couldn’t have looked away if she wanted to.

Alright, Sassenach? his eyes asked, searching her face.

Claire swallowed, then nodded. Yes.

Jamie’s eyes moved back and forth between hers, assessing. After a moment, he nodded back, giving her leg a light squeeze of reassurance and, she somehow knew, understanding. He let go, grimacing as he tried to shift himself fully onto the camp bed again.

Claire jumped up, helping him hold his arm steady to reduce the stretching of his wounded back.

“You’re lucky you didn’t fall off,” she said lightly, relieved to see the bandages had stayed in place.

Claire felt Jamie’s eyes on her again but avoided looking at him as she checked for bleeding. It had been Jamie in her nightmare, not trying to drown her, but trying to pull her out; to save her. Claire felt her skin tingle, feeling both on edge and exhilarated, somehow knowing where his gaze caressed her face without seeing it. She pulled the tartan blanket gently over him again and kneeled beside him.

“I’ll need to clean and re-dress your back soon,” she whispered. “I don’t want the dressings to stick. You should sleep more.”

“Ye should too,” Jamie replied just as softly, disarming blue eyes steady on hers.

Claire felt exposed and vulnerable, as if he could hear her thoughts and see her soul. What frightened her most was that it was as if her soul wanted him to find her…but no. That couldn’t happen. After all, she meant to leave soon.

Claire cleared her throat, tearing her eyes away from Jamie’s.

Jesus H. Christ, get a grip Beauchamp.

“In a bit,” she replied, then stood abruptly, retreating back into the shell she’d been in for the last five years. The existence that meant survival. Safety. Freedom. No one to worry over her or be worried for. A simple, quiet life.

Jamie seemed to sense her shift in mood and merely nodded again, giving her space as her thoughts jumped from one feeling and conclusion to another. One thing Claire knew with absolute certainty; James Fraser saw her like no one else did and, perhaps, she saw him too. She didn’t know how, but there it was, in every look and every touch they exchanged. Whatever “it” was unnerved her completely.

No. This can’t happen.

Claire curled up in the chair again, eyes unfocused on the embers in the hearth, studiously avoiding the young Highlander pretending to sleep in the bed a foot away from her. He wouldn’t sleep again unless she did; they were connected somehow, whether they wanted it or no. Claire tilted her head back and closed her eyes, shutting out the world. She needed to leave as soon as possible.