trying to doodle today but not drawing much haha

anyaismythical-deactivated20160  asked:

After today's GMMore, where they played surgeon simulator, I kept on thinking about Link as Medic from tf2. Do you think you could draw him that way, and maybe Rhett and human Archimedes? You're the best! :)

Sorry this is a little late! ;o;
I have done doodles of Link as Medic before, but here’s one I’ve done for you~ :D I hope this is okay
And aw gosh, you’re much too sweet ♥
(also watching them play surgeon simulator reminded me i should try playing again ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)

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Some doodles  from today and yesterday of the space trash otp.

 I’m trying to have a better grasp on them. My art style became quite inconsistent since I started to go full digital at the end of August ( I also suffered due to depression a major artblock in March and it lasted to the end of July)…

It’s also the first time I take so much pleasure to do fan art of a famous franchise haha. They are just to fun to draw. Thanks for giving us these two assholes J.J Abrams!

I hope you guys spends an happy christmas!