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Here is 10 things I tell my students on the first day of class about building yourself up into being a artist. This is starting point, not a all encompassing list. Hope you find it helpful!

1. Never stop experimenting. When you stop trying new things your style will get stagnant. Developing your style never has an stopping point, you’re going to continue learning and changing–that is a good thing.

2. Don’t draw to please a particular person or audience. It is tempting to draw something you think the person viewing it will like. It starts with drawing to please a friend/family member, then a teacher, and then a wider audience online or in person. However, consider drawing to please yourself first, an audience will follow in time and you will face a lot less burn out down the line. You’ll be hired for this, work you made out of something you liked crafting–not something you forced yourself to craft. Don’t make art that makes you miserable.

3. Learn the basics. Get good at anatomy (human and animal), perspective, creating depth, lighting, etc–then break the rules you’ve learned. Work, no matter how abstract, pushed, and pulled is always stronger when informed by a mastery of the basics.

4. Practice working in ways that do not hurt your hand. Learn to draw with a relaxed hand and draw in long strokes. Both of these methods help prevent issues with your hand, wrist, and arm. I’ve never gotten carpal tunnel, and I draw on a daily basis, because I have learned how to treat my hand well. Your hand is your tool, if you wear it out there isn’t a new one you can just pick up. The best treatment for any possible physical issues is prevention.

5. Learn how to draw without erasing. It is scary and it is tough no doubt! However the best way to become more confident is through not erasing. There is a medium for everyone to try this out, whether it is pen or non-erasing colored pencils. If you want to ease yourself into this method try out Pentel red lead, it erases a bit–but overall will always leave a mark with every stroke you make. The importance of this is learning to not be afraid of mistakes.

6. Draw from life, from reference photos, and from imagination. This trio is important, combining all three is usually how you build great drawing skills. Drawing from life gives you the ability to capture small details that you’ll remember to put in when drawing from a reference photo, drawing from refs will give you the practice you’ll need to handle whatever subject so that one day you can draw it from your own imagination–see how that works?

7. You’re art isn’t completely unique and that is okay. I can’t emphasis how many people I know who have gotten so hung up on being something totally unique that they burn out fast and never make work again. Now, considering how much art is in the world there is no way that what you create will be 100% unique to you. That is fine, your personality in your work is more of what makes something yours than a “style”.

8. Figure out your work’s personality. On that note finding the personality of your art is important as you go into trying to build your own place in the art world. The personality of a piece is a combination of style, subject, color, shapes, lines, and maybe most important themes (yes subject and themes are different). This combo is what makes your art special. At a loss for where to start figuring out your own personality? Compile a list of 10 artists you love. Why do you love them? Is it the shapes of one artist that speak to you, the line work of another is beautiful, the themes of a third make you feel inspired? Now take the 10 things you love about those 10 artists and start applying them to your own work. This isn’t about copying these artists, it is about the inspiration. That line work you love in another artist’s piece is gunna look different in yours for example. Those themes from another artist, well when you take them on your life might inform them in a opposite way. In time your inspired work will evolve into something that is your own.

9. Talent is nice, persistence is more important. Someone may be naturally talented in some areas of art, however someone who is persistent in their craft is so much more likely to succeed. Effort, continued growth, and practice will add up to so much more in the long run than just skating by on “talent”.

10. Be a good person. Treat others with respect, learn about social issues, don’t be a creep, and use your art to help people. And this might mean you craft a piece about an important issue that changes thousands of lives, or you might just be creating to help yourself get through the day. Both are important, after all you are a person too and you should always be trying to help and be kind to yourself.

tbh i feel like lup is a character that griffin has been dying to make a central part of the group, and not because she’s amazing and embodies the entirety of the story, but because she creates character conflict. for pretty much the entire balance arc, griff has tried to get the three boys to disagree on stuff, but because of who the characters are, taako and merle being too easy going and not caring enough, and mags practically overriding any conversation or argument by just rushing in has made for a dnd campaign with basically no conflict amongst the pcs

now a campaign doesn’t need to have conflict to be a good one but for an audio only story, conflict is the easiest way to develop the characters and get the boys to really address what’s important to them and what they would fight for, but with a character like mags (which is a very common type let me tell you i’ve been overrided too many times) the other characters generally do not get a say unless they extremely object. which has probably been something very irritating for griffin where he had to literally pull their teeth to get backstory and character details

so enter lup who’s not afraid to bite back at the boys and question their choices and just from that argument we, as an audience, suddenly understand lup almost completely. we understand her motivations and what’s she terrified of and that she, as a character, cannot lose hope. and!! we even got a huge understanding of taako!! i mean look at all the meta that came from just that one interaction because suddenly we see this interaction and it justifies who taako is as a character. i would even go as far to say it developed mags as well

as a dm, griffin has been trying desperately to get the boys to fight against each other with moral choices (wonderland, the chalice, lucas, and others too) and granted they can’t just put out an ep that is an hour of back and forth between the boys of deciding what to do with the chalice, but griffin has been trying to get to develop past the ‘magnus rushes in, taako’s good out here, merle? does something?’ (sorry i forgot what merle’s was OTL) to the point where griffin has tried multiple times to separate magnus from the group to force the other two to take initiative and lup and this new play style is finally making them do exactly that

so TL;DR Lup is a character that griffin has been dying to introduce and is the character conflict/instigator that the campaign has needed for a long time

i realized this year would mark 10 years since i started trying to develop a cartoon/comic style!

i mean it’s really just me gradually drawing larger eyes, understanding anatomy, and color theory a little better

regardless, i think it’s good to consider that you don’t start out, or rather, stay at a style until you really start to feel comfortable with yourself!

I’ve been drawing stuff, I promise!

I also watched Little Shop of Horrors for the first time a couple days ago, 10/10 would recommend!


I love his hair //////v////// just a few doodles //I’ve been trying to develop a new style but I’m not sure about posting art of my new style ;v;;;


//i’m viktor

How To Art when everyone just keeps telling you to practice and you don’t know how to do that

I’ve seen a lot of stuff going around that’s like “The best think you can do when you’re a beginner artist is to practice!!!” And while that’s true it can be very difficult to get started in art when everyone just keeps telling you “practice practice practice” without giving you any tips.

I’ve seen one post that explains this pretty well but anyway here’s how to start doing art a lot besides practicing (which you should be doing):

  • Find motivation!! This is the hardest part because in the beginning it’s really easy to give up since you’re not “good enough” yet but just keep pushing forward
  • Look to others for inspiration. Did you see a really good drawing today?? What did you like about it? Maybe try to draw something using similar elements as their art did, but try not to copy them completely
  • Find a style that you like. If you really like the art style for Steven Universe, great!! Or if you like another artist online, that’s cool too!! Don’t copy their art completely, but look at things in their style that you appreciate and try to incorporate that into what you want to draw
    • Also developing an art style takes FOREVER so don’t force yourself into a style right away. It’ll come to you
  • Do studies. What that means is realistically drawing something using a reference. Seriously, draw a ceramic mug or a pencil to practice shading if you want, or draw a person to figure out anatomy. this can help a lot with just getting basics like lineart and shading
  • Practice using different techniques. For example, once you have a sketch and lineart done of your drawing, how do you want to color it? Flat colors, smooth shading, or cell shading? Don’t just stick with one thing all the time unless you really love it. It’s okay to go out of your comfort zone!
  • LOOK FOR RESOURCES. Tumblr is a good place for tutorials (@drawingden is a great blog to find some things). Look online for different techniques people use in their art that could help you
  • It’s okay to use reference images. You will thank yourself later. Google image search what you want to draw and then draw the thing

And like it’s been said before, practice. And practice every day. If you think you don’t have time to practice, make time for it. If you really want to progress in art you’re going to have to find time to practice doing it.

Also???? Do some traditional drawing before you spend money on a drawing tablet. If you’re interested in digital art that’s great but try just drawing on paper and see if you really want to go on to digital.

It’s easy to get discouraged by looking at other people’s art so try to stop comparing yourself to others too much and just use them as inspiration or your goals for the future

Anyway I guess that’s all I have to say. Thanks for reading if you made it this far :)

Z through the years (updated)

I know theres a post floatin around with Z through the years so ill make a new one. Z was made in 2009 and was based on a laptop I owned with the name “Zero” and looked very different from what you see today. It was during a time where I was just trying to develop my own “style” after being told that I should push it more. Z’s gone through a lot of story concepts and designs, but he’s always been a computer boy with a nasty virus. He is heavily inspired by the Megaman series (particularly .exe and zx), the old CG show “Reboot”, and currently inspired by the works of ankama, Dofus and Wakfu.

Through 2014 and 2015 I think Z started becoming more of a part of me. Not only did his body change but his personality too. Once just a silly cartoon character, Z became a lot more serious and a force to be reckoned with. He became easier for me to relate to and almost a persona of myself. This is the look and direction that has stuck from here on out.

In the attempt to make his story more mature, “Virals” were re-introduced and became a bigger part of his story. He even re-gained the ability to turn into a giant monster. “Viral Z” is a design that also changes a lot but is on the right track, definitely more menacing than his 2010 stay-puft look!

Through 2016 and now 2017 I gotta say that I think Z is finally headed in the right direction. I think from here on out Z will mainly improve drawing-wise but still stay true to his design. Z’s a character that I just can’t put down no matter what so I just continue to develop his world until I can actually do something with it, whether thats a game or animation, only time will tell!

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I have no idea if this was asked before- I don't think so But how do you draw bodies? I'm trying to develop my art style (but im honestly all over the place) so I figured I'd ask one of my favorite artists!!

first of all YELLS…THANK YOU DEAR,,

I DONT HAVE MUCH OF A PROCEDURE…. i just kinda do this (lets go w the most static thing in the world and also hide the hands bc i am a wreck today)

i either make it just shapes or just skeleton-y depending on my day,,and then u do it w the body type of ur character ig 

and then u put a pretty boy on top

et voila

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Do you have any tips or short cuts for drawing the Haikyuu boys?

Hmm short cuts huh… well, I guess there are some main important things that you can take notes on how to differentiate between anime boys and how to generally make things faster for you. So first:

1. Do your research and get the official anime artworks/character sheets for references usage. For example:

This is Bokuto’s Character sheet I got from google basically. Or HQ wikia page. Usually they have compilations of screenshots from anime or official arts.

2. Analyse each of character’s unique characteristics. And I’m not talking only about their hairstyles. It’s also things like the shape of their eyes.

Sample:  Bo has very round base for his eye shape that’s very distinctive from other characters.

For narrow-eyed characters with almond shapes, you can use ellipse as a base shape like Akaashi here:

Shape of eyebrows are also important, since there’s a lot of different variety of eyebrows in HQ characters (that’s one small thing I noticed).

3. What about anatomy? It’s very crucial to be well informed about their official designs. I did a LOT of research on various official artworks before I started drawing HQ. Do not use fanart as references, every artist has their own style/interpretation they developed from the official designs, therefore not valid references if you want to develop your own.

Example: This is a height difference between characters that I nabbed off …. somewhere.

Note that some characters have slighter built than the others, and depending on your personal interpretation, you can make them more muscular or skinnier.

Also, if you want to use various poses, I suggest taking advantage of google as much as possible for anatomical correctness.

Personally, I’m very picky for realistic anatomy so I use photo references all the time. Also, it’s important to just keep on practicing various poses, as anatomy and making them look natural is the hardest part of a human drawing.

In summary… References are God. Always keep it with you at all times! If you want to try deviate from official designs and develop a unique style, you can also do that, but remember that references are there to nudge you just in the right direction so your characters still look like themselves. (^-^)

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do you have anything about trying to develop your style?

Style is always considered like some kind of supreme goal when it comes to artists and their work. And for good reason. It’s what defines our art and what makes us stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, though, we don’t always feel like our style is developing the way we would like it to. How do we guide ourselves? How do we reach the place we want to get to?

1. Practice the basics.
Learn things like figure drawing, anatomy, and gesture drawing. Draw things as realistically as you can. Learn proportions. Just suck up as much information as you can. I find this to be very important because of what I will bring up in number two.

2. Pick out several pieces of art you love the most
This can be everything from cartoons, anime, comics, sculpture, contemporary and classical art. Find things that resonate with you. Why do you like these particular works of art? Is it the colors? What about the composition? Maybe it’s the expressions. What ever it is take note.

3. Copy them
Before you freak out and think I’m condoning art theft, I don’t mean trace their work and say it’s your own, just look at their art and redraw it for your own personal practice. There is nothing wrong with this. Art school students visit art museums all the time to learn from the work that is there. They redraw what they see in their sketch books. When your hand works the way that your idols do, you can sometimes feel a click in your mind like ‘Oh! I get it now!’. The thing is, you cannot post this sort of thing online and say you created it. This is for you and you only. It is for your private practice. Keep it in your sketchbook.

4. Try everything
Say you really like the way an artist paints their work, but you have never done it before yourself. Just go at it! What about a style of digitally coloring? Try it! Try everything you can. This will help you definite what you like and what you don’t. 

5. Surround yourself with other artists
Join a group, ask if there’s a discord or skype group for artists on tumblr. Check out /ic/ on 4chan. Maybe some subreddits on reddit! Whatever it is, whatever you do, find people who are like you and interested in art. Support each other and share ideas! This is literally what painters in the past did. You’d be surprised to know who knew each other even if you’d never connected the artists in the past before.

6. Understand that art styles grow and change
As you get older you might fall in and out of trends that you enjoy doing. Maybe for a time period you love doing digital painting, then maybe you decide to work with markers. Sometimes you draw really realistically and sometimes you draw cute chibis. Artists aren’t suppose to find a style and then be stuck with it forever.Our art grows and changes with us over the years!

Even famous mangaka grow and change! My favorite example is the art by Katsura Hoshino, the artist of D.Gray-Man.

Over the 10 or so years she’s been working on DGM the main character shows all the changes in her style!

Just remember to not force it. You can’t force your style. It’s something that comes naturally from consuming and drawing art. It is definitely not coming you can get in a week.

Because I probably won’t finish it (pretty much because I can’t draw boobs, or dresses, or bouquets, or anything really), here’s an Emily drawing I just did. Believe it or not, I have not drawn her before… I know… baaad Tim Burton fan I am…