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I Think I Wanna Marry You...(Part 5)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Time is running out as Y/N and Dean try and maneuver their way around this new conflict whilst keeping their cover…Easy, right?

Warnings: Swearing, mild angst; Castiel is clueless

Word count: 5k (yikes)

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A/N:  Way overdue, but here it is! surprise surprise: our favorite angel finally makes an appearance.

PS. Big shoutout to all my Boston-born pals. No hate, this is all purely for fictional purposes and I’m sure you guys and your town rule!




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Dean’s footsteps are thunderous thuds as he stalks down the hallway, fists bawled and jaw clenched. He makes a turn for the right, heads to the elevator that takes him to the ground floor and makes his way out onto the terrace where the party is going.

His eyes scan the perimeter in search of Sam; he’d left him in the company of Emma and Y/N’s cousin Brendon, talking about politics and nerd-things (Dean’s conclusion: yawn). Turning to the right, he spots Marilyn and Y/N’s father. The noise around him swarms his mind, clouding it, only catalyzing the agitation stewing in him. Dean scowls and then heads to an empty table by a dropping willow tree.

His footsteps crunch against the grass as he moves to take seat, and finally resting his head in his hands. He lets his eyes shut. Exhales. Sighs.


How did he get here? All he can is being sent up to get her, taking her things along with him, and then in the blink of an eyes, here he is. A labored breath leaves Dean and he sits up, leaning back in his seat. Instead, he decides, he might as well allows himself to observe the crowd for now. To recollect. Lamenting on this entire situation is out of the question—if he gives it too much attention, things could get wild in his head. Could swell larger than they need to be, and so he allows his gaze to skim the crowd, when he catches the eye of a familiar face glaring at him.

And then the elder Winchester’s jaw tenses.


Rick standing in the centre of the crowd, mingling with the guests; Rick, despite the conversation he’s engulfed in, staring him down like a hawk.

Rick coming towards him.

Mind hazy, Dean has to do a double take, squinting to make sure he’s right. And apparently he is—the dark-haired man is sauntering across the garden, a beer in hand, sporting a composed smile.

Dean waits anxiously before he approaches, halting a few feet from the table. He raises his bottle. “Pleasant evening, isn’t it? It’s a surprise to see someone spending it alone.”

“Maybe that’s what makes it so ‘pleasant’” He sneers the word as though it’s venomous, like the mere syllables cause his tongue to burn. “…because I’m alone.”

“Not gonna lie: that’s sad.”

Dean shrugs. He doesn’t know why, but apparently Rick stupidly takes this as an acquiesce for him to join him, because he then drags a seat out from the table and sits himself down opposite the elder Winchester.

Rick’s smile softens. “Dean, right?”


“Yeah, Y/N’s boyfriend.” Rick nods in understanding as he offers his hand. “We met—rick.”

“I know.”

An awkward silence befalls as Rick’s expression falters, and he shyly tucks his hand back at his side, clearing his throat. “Right.” He mumbles. “So—how are you liking everything in Boston? Y/N told me you’ve never really been well acquainted with these parts. She said you’ve only been here—once, twice?”

Dean nods. He’s not really in the mood for company; and doesn’t want them to, but for odd reason the words end up leaving him anyway.  “Twice. Business trip that lasted three days and then we were outta here.”

“Never thought of coming back.” Rick asks with a quirked brow, and the elder Winchester shakes his head. “What about Y/N? No interest in seeing where she came from?”

“Why do you care?”

“I…don’t. I’m…just..making conversation.”

“Well then maybe you should stop.”

Rick’s brows shoot up in surprise.

Dean is steady and as stoic as a soldier, his expression giving away no sign of emotion. Green eyes are dead set on the hazel ones across the table, and in the air thick with a newfound tension dangles another silence

After a moment, Rick clears his throat. “So, uhm, Dean,” He continues, trying to sidestep the awkwardness. “Y/N said that you two are partners. You work together in the squad?”

“Yup.” This is getting beyond mind-numbingly boring; Dean really doesn’t like this guy. Like, really doesn’t like him. And he knows it’s untheical, and he knows he’s being petty (likes that’s new), but he doesn’t care enough to do anything about it because just because he’s somebody else for these two weeks doesn’t mean he needs to abandon his actual traits.

”That would explain how we’re partners.” He rolls his eyes, averting his gaze to the far left when all fo a sudden he notices a movement.

Then the elder Winchester’s senses heighten; drowning all peripheral sounds out, he focuses on the shift, the patter of feet, a shadow cast upon the damp ground. A large male figure. Getting closer. Closer.

“Right, I forgot.” Rick laughs casually, throwing back some beer. Wiping the corner of his mouth with his cuff, he then returns his focus to Dean who tries to look less like a hunter. “So you’re a cadet, too?”

“Uhm….” His eyes skitter. Th strange ris getting closer, his walk rigid. “Yeah…Cadet. I’ve been on the force for almost four years now.”

“That’s a lot.”



When he turns his head, much to his relief, it’s Sam. The younger Winchester walks up to the table, looks down at Dean, his long brown hair swooping around his face like a curtain.

“You alright?”

Befuddled momentarily, Dean nods.“Yeah…”

Sam eyes him dubiously, then looks at Rick. He smiles at the younger Winchester. Turning back to his brother, Sam announces, “Cas is here.”


“He just arrived. He’s, uhm, waiting in the lobby. Says he wants to talk to you there.”

“Oh..right….” Cluelessly, the elder Winchester then casts Rick a cursory look. He inhales and stands. “Gotta go, buddy. Talk later.”

“Oh, uh—“And then they leave.

The dark-haired man, befuddled, says something, watching as the pair begin to move, but Dean is already so out of earshot that he doesn’t bother. He follows Sam through the crowd and out of the garden, into the garish lighting of the lobby.

Sat at one of the black leather couches, Cas looks around the room a few times, shifty-eyed, until his gaze rests on the elder Winchester and his panic dissolves. He pushes himself up, eyes focused on Dean.

“There you are.”

“Cas, where have you been? I left you like six voicemails.”

“I’ve been busy. Heaven’s duties, tracking Crowley, i…”The angel exhales, averting his gaze. “I’m sorry. I would have gotten here sooner.” He explains, then turns to Sam. “Where’s Y/N?”

“What are you wearing?” Dean’s eyes slide over his friend’s attire: brown khakis, a salmon button up with an orange spotted tie, and sandals. Morbid. Unethical. If Dean had a blow-torch with him, he’d set it on max and go to town.

Horrified eyes lift to Cas’ apologetic face. “Sam told me to dress casual.” He explains.

“Yeah, casual, not train wreck.”

“That’s not very nice.”

“I could say the same about that tie—or the whole ensemble.” With a slight repulsed face, Dean dismisses it with a shake of the head and wave of a hand. They’re on a tight schedule.

“Come on, I think I have something you can wear. People are starting to stare.” He then ushers Cas along with him up to their bedroom, until the realization strikes him like a bolt of lightning. The elder Winchester, cursing internally, then turns to Sam.

“You have to go in there.”


“I can’t. Y/N and I, we…” He sighs and averts his gaze, desperate to sequester his embarrassment from the public eye. “We got into a fight. She wanted to me to leave, I can’t go back in there.”

“A fight about what?”

“Does it matter?” Dean snaps, and Sam’s eyes lift in surprise at his tone. “She doesn’t want me in the room. You’re going to have to get Cas’ clothes. We’ll be downstairs.”

“I could go get them.”Castiel offers.

The elder hunter shakes his head. The music from downstairs is floating all the way up here, drowning his focus. “Not looking like that. Y/N’s sad as it is, that whole outfit will just bring her down.”

“What did you do?” Sam asks.


The two speak simultaneously, Cas’ tone admonishing and Sam sounding like he’s tired of this story before he’s even heard it and Dean doesn’t have time for this. Instead of staying here to explain himself, with an indignant huff he pivots and stalks back down the hall, before suddenly bumping into someone.

He feels the smack right in his chest and winces at the contact, stepping aside as something clatters to the floor. The other person curses, and before he can even open his eyes Dean knows who it is.

“What are you doing here?”

“What does it look like?”

Y/N bends to pick up the sheets of paper on the floor. Meanwhile, Sam and Cas hurry over, they’re expressions unreadable once his gaze meet with hers.

Clutching the papers to her chest, Y/N’s face breaks out into a surprised, slightly confused smile.

“Cas…You made it!”

The angel can’t help it; his expression cracks, too, as he goes in for a brief hug. “Of course I did.” He says. The moment is cut short by Dean scoffing.

“Yeah, wait a few days and she’ll get tired fo you.” He remarks.

“You have a bone to pick, Winchester?”

Dean shrugs and looks away, pouting like a child. “Maybe…”

“Okay, okay, that’s enough.” Sam intervenes, because Y/N looks like she’s about to knock a man’s teeth out. He looks to her and his brother, arm still keeping her a safe distance from the elder Winchester. “Man, you two are acting like kids.”

“How else do you want me to act, Sam?! Y/N’s being ridiculous about this whole thing..”

“Excuse you…”

“Oh, so I’m supposed to sleep out in the hall now just because I said something that hurt your feelings?”

Y/N bites her lip to keep from spitting venom, her arms like tentacles wrapped tightly around the papers as she glares bitterly. Dean, with his eyes wild and jaw clenched once more, challenges her gaze, but it only takes a minute before he realizes something: she’s changed out of her old clothes, now sporting one of her dresses from back home reserved for the dinners.

The elder Winchester’s expression softens as his eyes slide over her frame. They rest on her face pink with anger. “You changed.”

“No shit.” Y/N spits, brow still creased, steam still puffing from her ears. Her nails at this point are digging into the papers. “I was just downstairs. I thought about what you said and realized that if I didn’t show, then they’d suspect something was up. I couldn’t risk blowing our cover.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You think I didn’t try to? It’s not my fault you were off somewhere being an ass.”

“Hey, stop it.” Sam chastises as he shoots Y/N a glare. She glances at him and then the floor, abashed.

“Well,” Cas begins, speaking up for the first time in eons. “…none of that matters now. At least Y/N managed to keep your cover. For tonight.” He glances between the two of them, emphasizing his words. “But from now on you two can’t go around acting like you’re anything less than partners. It could put this entire mission at risk.”

“Mission…”Dean scoffs. “…this is all just a big joke. I have no idea why even agreed.”

“Neither do I, jackass. I should have asked Sam.” Y/N, tears brimming in her eyes, shakes her head then shoves the papers into Sam’s chest.

“Here’s the new agenda. There’s been a change of plans. The binder says it all.” She says, before squeezing through the wall of the three men and rushing to her room, Dean’s eyes following her.

When she slams the door, the walls tremble.


The next day is a disaster. Between runs for cake samples, trips to the florists and fittings, Y/N is forced into the presence of Dean and company—Sam and Cas, trying their best to keep the two from fighting in front of the family. On the brightside, so far so good. They’ve barely uttered any profanities to the other. They’ve barely spoken overall. A few words here and there, the occasional peck on the cheek (barf) for the sake of reputation, but other than that they haven’t spoken.

Mainly because Y/N doesn’t want to. Because after the previous night, she wants nothing more than to avoid Dean at all costs, and it’s been hard. Impossible, almost. Without the other in sight, one of them is always hounded by the family, which makes staying mad at her sweetheart more tedious than needed.

It’s Thursday morning when they’re out on the two running some more errands. Being forced to hold hands with him as they stroll down the boulevard makes her skin seethe like a vampire in the sun. She’s angry—how can she not be?

“Easy there, anaconda. Your holding my hand not your prey.”

“Bite me.” She sneers as she slips her hand from his, jiggling it to dissolve the feeling of his calloused hands.

At one point she would have done the opposite; she’d relish the feeling of Dean’s palm against hers, crave it. There were instances where the only reasons they’d be holding hands was because Y/N wanted them to, and now all of that had vanished as fast as it came.

They pass an open bakery, an Indian restaurant perfumed by the scent of curry and then make a left. Because of the wedding being moved closer, all the planning has been catalyzed. This means that there’s a ton of activities Y/N and her folks had planned to carry out within the following days that they have to get accomplished by Saturday, and so to make things move a lot faster, they’ve been separated into groups. Bridal party A: Y/N, Castiel and the Winchesters and Bridal B which includes her mom, S/P/N, Emma and Aunt Steph. Brendon and the guys, she’s been told, are handling things back at the hotel. Seating arrangements, catering.

Their assignment? Getting the ring.

The store is a quaint white structure sandwiched between an antique parlor and restaurant, bouquets of a vast variety lining the entire wall, a colorful welcome as they scuttle in. Y/N keeps her hands in her pockets, walking a safe distance away from Dean. He probably thinks she hasn’t noticed, but he’s not very discreet when he keeps sneaking glances her way.

But she ignores him.

Cas and Dean move to the front desk to speak to the employee smiling welcomingly at them while Y/N remains with Sam by the exit.

He looks over to her. With her arms crossed over her chest, she’s looking at some earrings in the display case.

“So you’re not gonna forgive him, huh?” He prompts. She shrugs. A ring with a diamond the size of a nugget glints in the daylight and she rounds the display to take a closer look.

“Nope.” Is her simple reply.

“Come on, Y/N…” Sam almost pleads. “You know that this is all gonna blow over. It always does. The two of you can never actually stay mad at each other.”

“Watch me then. He’s gonna stew this time.”

“But not forever, right?”

She looks up and he’s at her side. There’s a small, polite and almost knowing smile on his face. One she’s seen before. One she hates to see because of the truth it holds, the gospel behind it. Y/N sighs then looks away…and that’s good enough of an answer for Sam. His simper then grows into a teasing smirk and he leaves to go see what Cas and his brother are up to.

Watching him go, the young girl bites her lip, her mind gripped by the reality the younger Winchester just showed her. He’s right. It’s inevitable—she’s going to forgive Dean. No matter how much she denies it, she always does, so what’s the point of just postponing it all?

Getting it done now would be much easier, she reasons as she moves to the earrings display. So what if Dean’s ego is pampered by her surrender? So what if she has to be the one to cave—it’s not like anyone is keeping score? They’re not. They’re not petty like that…

But still.

Y/n feels reluctance tug at the strings of her heart.  When they’re done the trio walks up to her and tells her it’s time to leave. Apparently there’s been a bit of a delay.

“The ring will be ready by Saturday.” Castiel offers. “We pick it up first thing in the morning.”

“Looking at some rocks, huh, Y/N? Don’t get your hopes up.” Dean says as he takes a look. His eyes survive the vast variety, skittering from jewel to jewel. “I’m not making buying you stuff from every store we go to a habit. The scarf was just for show.”

“I didn’t—“ Y/N begins, defenses on already, but quickly stops herself.

Eyes narrowed, she clamps her lips shut and stares. He fingers a diamond pendant on the shelf. With a shake of her head, she tries to ignore his remarks, and sidesteps him, moving as fast as she can to get out of the door.

As if the day wasn’t odd enough, it’s Sam who drives them back to the hotel.

Y/N, with her back terse and nails digging into the leather seats, now knows why Dean never lets his little brother.

Because, boy, is he rocky. She doesn’t know if it’s like this all the time, but the car feels like a cruising deathtrap. They race down the road at an unholy speed. Much to her surprise, Dean says nothing. He’s quiet. Dead silent, entranced instead by the scenery zipping by in a flash.

“Damn, Sammy, cool it.”

“Oh, sorry, Y/N.”

“Don’t like it fast, huh?” Dean speaks for the first time since they got in.

Turning her attention to him, she shoots him a glare. He doesn’t notice it, though. Too busy staring out the window. Engulfed by his own thoughts. Apparently not enough to miss the chance to poke fun at her.

“Relax, Y/N…” the elder hunter continues, finally turning around to look her in the eye. Expression bored, his lips quirk up in a dead smirk. “…he’s just trying to get you there quickly. You don’t like that either?”


“Hm…Maybe it’s a good thing you didn’t pick Sam to be your squeeze for the wedding. Otherwise things in the bedroom would be real awkward, am’irite?”

“Dean!” Sam admonishes.

Y/N fights the blush flooding her face. With a glad grin, the elder Winchester glances at his brother then back at her. The satisfaction is written out in the way his lips twitch, the smugness of his expression that she chooses to ignore because if she doesn’t, then things might get ugly…

“Can you stop acting like a child?”

“Why don’t you make me?”

“Is this some type of flirtation?” Cas’ voice cuts through the noise, dripping with cluelessness and earnest curiosity. Dean laughs. So does Sam. Y/N, she only rolls her eyes and turns to the window.

“I just don’t see why we’re in a rush. I mean, we still have like—“ she glances back at the car-clock, “—two and a half hours till they need us back at the hotel. Almost three.”

“So…what? You guys wanna go do something?”

“What’s there to do, Sam? It’s Boston.”

“We could go to the museum…? I hear their exhibitions are immensely meticulous and well done. It shouldn’t take us less than—“

“No one really wants to go to the museum, Cas, but we appreciate the participation.” Clapping him on the shoulder, Dean shakes his head. His eyes shoot to her. “Y/N: where to, since you are the local?”


“Well, you did leave here your entire childhood.” Sam reasons, shooting her a glance in the rearview mirror. “You’ve gotta know some place that’s…I don’t know—fun?”

“Fun? In Boston?” She scoffs. “Please.”

“What about a movie?”

“For three hours?”

“Oh, right…uhm….” They all think in silence, and Y/N lets them.

The truth is this: she does know a fun place. She knows a ton. It’s freaking Boston. She knows the woods just out of town she’d sneak off to with her friends after school and she knows some of the best burger joints you can find. She’s got eyes all over this damn town, in all the cracks and crannies that you can find, but getting her to confess is nothing but a far-fetched plan, she thinks—until the boredom starts to weigh in on her too.

Biting her lips, she reluctantly begins. “I think i have an idea…”

The chatter then quiets as all eyes flit to her constricted face telling just how badly she doesn’t want to say it. Y/N gulps. It’s only one option on the (long) list of many…


The sky is clear by the time they get there.

A vast stretch of blue across the town, a few tufts of white clouds here and there. It’s not going to rain, apparently. Not with the air clear and warm and dancing against the apples of Y/N’s cheeks.

She stops walking for a moment, staring at the cluster before her. Trees upon trees. Thick, evergreen, covering a radius of roughly ten miles, and before it the playground where they stand. Sand. A slide with chipped blue paint and abandoned swings. Usually this place is full but taken the fact that it’s a Thursday leaves it marooned, the only presences being those of adults and teenage couples roaming around in the park.

Whipping to face them, Y/N flashes the boys a tight smile. “This is it.”

“A park?” Dean’s voice, although surprised, holds no offensive tone. He squints at the light as he takes a look around, eyes resting on the little gates of the entrance. “This is what you call fun?”

“Extremely. Look,” She walks over and taps the slide’s chipped paint. “…it even has a playground just for kiddies like you.”

“I’ll join you on the slide, Dean.” Cas supplements with a smile and Y/N chuckles.

The gates let out an aged squeak as they push through. The boulevard is a wide stretch of cobble with parks on the sides with people playing instruments, a guy in rollerblades doing tricks. She remembers coming here all the time, being one of these personalities strumming her ukulele for some extra doe

“Check it out.” Smiling, Sam points to a girl doing a full back-bend and a man laying eggs on her extended torso. They all smile and make their way over. Apparently, she’s an acrobat putting her skills to sue for the same reason Y/N did, and so they leave her with a couple of dollars and a coupon to Denny’s before moving on.

They move from person to person to food-kart when Dean’s stomach starts to rumble.

“I feel like chili-dogs.”

“When do you not feel like chili dogs, Winchester?” Y/N smiles as she hands the vender the money. “You always feel like chili dogs.”

“Is there any other genuine feeling?”

“Apparently not.” She mumbles. A few feet away Sam and Cas are buying cotton candy, when the younger Winchester turns around.

He jerks a thumb back, raising his voice. “Do you guys want some?”

“No, we’re good.” Y/N shouts back, and he gives them a thumbs up before turning back to the guy holding two fluffy blue blobs. They’re handed two large sandwiches, then wander further down the path until they’re in the opening near the pond. There are trees everywhere and a few people dotted across the grass, the pond glistening in the sunlight, and Dean’s about to sit when Y/N stops him.

“Not here.” She says.

The elder Winchester, already halfway into his seat, furrows his brow. “What?”

She only waves for him to follow and continues.

He does.

It takes them roughly eight minutes to get to an isolated spot further into the park and Y/N is smiling proudly. A large oak sprouts from the ground and they settle down beneath it.

“Ugh, if S/P/N could see me now she’d scold me sore.” She says, un-tucking the napkins around her sandwich as they sit. “This is a total no-no for someone trying to stay fit for a wedding.”

“It’s not like you’re the bride, anyway. What’s that saying, again? Always the bridesmaid never the bride?”

“Really, Dean?”

He shrugs then takes big bite out of his sandwich Some marinara dribbles down his mouth and onto his chin. These ends of the park, for all the years she’s known them, are never fully. They never have anyone but Y/N and whatever company she strings along with her, and because of this the quiet that settles between them is deafening, encompassing.

She stares out at the pond glimmering like mercury, the ducks waddling over it in tiny clusters. A fond smile creeps onto her face. She remembers. Everything. She remembers hot summers spent dipping her legs in the water and cut-off shorts that bleached from the sun. She remembers ice-cream trickling down her wrist; laughs with friends and furtive I love you’s hidden somewhere in the intimacy of this place. She remembers, because she can’t win the fight not to.

“I used to come here a ton when I was a kid.”  She says, breaking the silence.

Dean turns to her. His expression is simple, mouth still dressed with marinara sauce and brow furrowed with a newfound interest.. “Really?”

She nods “S/P/N used to bring me.. When we were like ten, she’d tell my mum we were going to the library and we’d come here instead, sneak off to this little sequestered zone to…” She shrugs. “…skip stones, listen to music. I used to feel like the coolest kid on the block just ‘cause I was hanging out with teenagers. But…when I got older we sorta stopped. She went off to college, so I inherited the safe zone. Used to sneak off here after school with my friends.

“You had friends? Wow…” Eyes wide and lips quirked subtly, his tone is evidently teasing. Y/N laughs softly. Genuinely. There’s still a hint of earnest that tells her he’s a bit surprised, but she understands; despite having lived with the boys for so long, there’s not much they know about her life before hunting.

“Yup.” She answers. “A whole pack. They were nice, too—really nice, and we had a lot of fun before I left. Here, there, all over city, the state even. But, after that, things kinda…fizzled out.” A hint of melancholy seeps into her tone as she averts her gaze to the ground, quieting for a moment. She can feel Dean’s eyes on her, prying, interested in hearing what it is she has to say. The tension between evaporates. They’re no longer foes on this park bench, not with the newfound intimacy that seems to envelope them.

It’s hard re-opening this wound right in front of someone, in front of Dean. He knows her— for all the years they’ve been partners, for all the wholeness of her herself she has given him he knows her, but telling all this comes harder than she thought it would. There’s a knot in her chest refusing to untangle, that doesn’t want her to spill all this now, but it’s about time… Sighing, she swallows and turns to him. She blinks, expression saddened.

“You know why I hate this place so much? Massachusetts, Boston?” She asks.

Dean shakes his head.

“Because I had a life here. A good life. And I left a lot behind when I left to hunt.”


She can feel the tears stinging her eyes and tries to blink them away. They won’t budge. Instead they spill over, trickling down the curve of her cheek. She doesn’t want to remember having it all, because it means recalling leaving it behind. And it hurts—God, does it hurt.

Biting her lip, she sniffles and another tear trickles down her cheek. “I hate this stupid town,…” She says Carefully. Quietly. Her voice is hoarse and is at the precipice of cracking.

“Come on, Y/N…”

“I can’t wait to leave.”

And that’s all it takes.

And she’s in his arms, head rested on his chest, face pink and wet and fingers knotted together because she can’t breathe. Her chest stutters, falling as fast as it rises. Dean, smoothing his hand over her arm, tells her to breathe, to relax.

“I can’t, Dean…” Tears trickle down her cheeks as she shakes her head. “God, I can’t wait for this wedding to be over. To get out of this place.”

“Y/N, listen to me.” He coos, somehow managing to pacify her, because she actually does. Sniffling, she tips her head back and their eyes meet. Green on y/e/c. His eyes swim with a sadness, an anguish she can’t bring herself to understand.

Gulping thickly, the elder Winchester gathers his thoughts. His courage. Watching this is more painful than imagined; just because they fought, it doesn’t mean Dean doesn’t still care for Y/N. It doesn’t mean that watching her cry doesn’t make his heart splinter, or that hearing her quiet sobs is any less painful than taking a bullet to the shoulder.

He never makes her cry. Ever. Tries not to, but apparently fails because here she is, stifling a sob.

“You had a good life here, maybe even great, but leaving to embark on something new doesn’t mean leaving that good behind—it means taking it along with you.” His eyes bore into hers. “And that’s what you did. You took a whole lot’a good from this crappy town and brought it into our lives. You changed them. And it may sound selfish, but you leaving your old life behind was the best thing that could have happened to mine.”

Y/N manages a small, sad smile. A coarse chuckle escapes her. “Softie.”

“Hey…” he admonishes but it’s only semi-genuine before a smile breaks through; his eyes crinkle, pink lips pulled back and there it is again. That glimmer.

That spark that ignites the warmth in her chest…

She looks at Dean like she’s looking at him for the first time in years—takes in the wrinkles and creases engraved into his skin, the blots freckles across his nose, the little bit of gold that glints in the green rim of his eyes and she feels her spirit soar.

“You’re right.” Averting her gaze, her words are q bit mumbled. The elder-hunter’s eyebrows quirk.

“Am I?”

Y/N nods. Stuttering a breath, she casts her eyes to meet his.“I’m sorry I was being so difficult.”

“We both were. Some more than others, but…” She rolls her eyes at his words, punching him in the shoulder softly. He only laughs.

Dean offers a small smile. “It’s fine.”

“No, it’s not.” It’s going to take some time for the guilt to dissolve, but an apology is one step closer to that achievement. Inhaling deeply, Y/n shakes her head slowly. “And I’m sorry for saying I would have rather brought Sam with me. You’re doing a great job keeping up with my family and my crazy ass. I never should have said that.”

“It’s okay..”

“Could you stop it? it obviously isn’t. i know that. I’m sorry, Dean. I….”The sentence melts away somewhere in her throat as she feels her chest shake. Her eyes water. Glancing away, the words are barely a whisper…

“…I care about you.” Y/N admits.

Stilling, he takes a moment processing. Then, lips quirking into a subtle, knowing smile, he offers her his hand. “Truce?”

She glimpses down at it. Rough and calloused. Dean’s. An unspoken contract. She can’t help but think back to their first day, in the car. An unspoken promise between the two of them, and within a second all the hate has vanquished. All the bitterness and resentment and the arguments and the tears, and all that’s left is that glimmer in her chest.

Grabbing it firmly, she nods. “Truce.”

                                                 ~ *~*~*~*~

Part 6

:D :D :D

The angst is over! I know I said that the update was due last week, but my break just finished and I only got the time to post today. Nonetheless, I hope you liked what you saw.

That being said: likes, reblogs and follows are abundantly appreciated. ! Much love and I hope you’re doing welll!

😊Prank Gone Wrong (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Hey I love your blog!! Could you perhaps write an imagine where Grayson pranks the reader and takes it too far so she gets upset? Thank you so much sweetie💖

Warnings: None

A/N: I hope you enjoy this! Such a cute idea and Grayson is too cute! Requests are open!

Originally posted by dolanslife

“Hey Y/N can you come in here? I need help setting up the camera!” Grayson shouts down the hall. I was currently helping Ethan edit a video for this week and Grayson wanted to start filming next week’s video.

“Go. I can finish this by myself. I’ll be in there after I finish this.” Ethan says referring to the fact all three of us were going to do the best friend tag. I walked down the hall trying to find Grayson.

“Gray? Where are you?” I hollered back as I checked the bedrooms.

“In here!” Grayson shouts which I follow his hollering into his bedroom.

“Gr–” Before I can finish my sentence I am covered in a cold, sticky substance as a bucket hits my shoulder. The room erupts with Grayson’s obnoxious laughing. I look down to see my arms and shoulders are completely soaked. I looked up at Grayson who was holding a camera filming me.

“Oh man Y/N I can’t believe you fell for that.” Grayson cackles while I look at him dumbfounded.

“Did you seriously prank me?” I asked confused as to why he did. I looked back at the wet sticky substance and then back to Grayson. “What is this?”

“That is water, soy sauce, mayonnaise, milk, and some egg yolks. A nasty concoction for the overdone bucket prank.” He says sounding proud of himself. I stare at him in complete shock. “Hey Y/N are you okay?” He asks me, but I can’t even think of words to form what I’m thinking.

“You pranked me.” I looked back to my clothes. “You actually pranked me.”

“What was that? Oh my God Y/N what happened?” Ethan chimes and looks between Grayson and I. “Did you do this?” Ethan asks Grayson as he’s pointing to me. Before Grayson could answer I pushed past Ethan to go out of the room. I hear the boys holler at me, but I walked right out the front door and walked straight to my house which was three houses down.

Thankfully nobody was home when I walked up the stairs. I stripped my clothes off and I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair looked extremely greasy. I could see some yolk in the ends of my hair. I could smell the bitterness of the soy sauce and I gagged at the sight of chunky mayo in my hair. I could feel a bump growing right above and behind my right ear where the bucket had striked me. I played Perfect by Selena Gomez and I stepped into the shower as I squirted shampoo directly in my hair and scrubbed my body with my peaches and cream body wash. I then felt an utter sadness come over my body. Why did Grayson prank me? Was there a reason or was it all just for the channel?” I washed the mix up of condiments out of my hair. I turned my music off and wrapped a towel around my body and wrapped one around my head to dry my hair.

“Y/N?” I recognized that voice.

“Go home Grayson!” I hollered back. “I have nothing to say to you!”

“Y/N please I’m sorry okay?” He apologizes but I just groaned. I could hear him walking up the stairs. “Can we just talk please? I feel I need to explain myself or something.” Grayson says as he stops at the top of the stairwell.

“Fine. Go to my room. Let me put some clothes on and I’ll be there in a minute.” I coldly told him which he scurried off to my room. I threw on a big gray sweater and some black leggings. I dried my hair out as much as I could before I brushed it back and slid on a headband. I walked out into my bedroom and I saw Grayson looking around my room. He was looking at my wall full of polaroids with my friends including him, E, Cam, and I. I could see a smile forming on his face.

“I can’t believe you still have these pictures.” He giggles. “These are from when we all first met and started to become friends.” He sighs peacefully. He then looks to me and pulls me into a hug. My face was smushed into his chest as he held me tightly into him. “I’m so sorry Y/N. The prank was stupid. I shouldn’t have done it. I can’t stand the thought of you crying or being upset because of me. I love you so much just–” Grayson stops blabbering and I pull away and I look up at him.

“You what?” I asked completely thrown off from what he said. His mouth just hangs open not knowing what to say. “You love me? If you love me then why did you prank me Grayson. If you like a girl you don’t prank her! What the hell Grayson?” I started feeling agitated, but was more confused.

“Because I don’t know Y/N! We’ve been friends for so long that I didn’t think you would like me! I don’t know why I do half the things I do but Y/N you drive me absolutely crazy. You’re all I think about anymore. You’re all I want Y/N.” Grayson mildly shouts and now I’m the quiet one. Before I could say anything, Grayson’s lips were on mine as he kissed me hard. I’ve liked Grayson since I could remember and now he was kissing me. Maybe this prank wasn’t just a bad thing. We both slowly stop to pull away from each other. His hands rest on both sides of my face while he rests his forehead on mine. “I’m sorry Y/N. Can you ever forgive me?” He says centimeters from my lips which his warm breath brushes against.

“Yes, only if you kiss me like that again you idiot.” He chuckles as he presses his lips back to mine as he gently pushes me against the wall.

“God you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this.” He mumbles against my lips which makes me start to laugh.

“Same.” I said which made him laugh now.

“Do you want to go film that video now or should we just keep doing this?” He asks referring to our current situation.

“As much as I would love to continue, Ethan’s probably wondering where we are of if I killed you for coming over.” I laughed. He gives my forehead a soft kiss before lacing his fingers with mine.

“Fine. Afterwards we should continue though and maybe with a movie on in the background.” He shrugs. I chuckled at him and pressed my lips to his cheek.

“We’ll see.” I chuckled as we walked back to Gray’s house.

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these pride month foods are really half assed and it would have been better if you didn't bother at all because no matter what you can't cover all the different "identities" out there now. if you want to do the same thing next year, just stick to the LGBT and you'll have hit the umbrella's that everyone in the community can fall under

I don’t really appreciate this, because I’m trying really hard here. I understand your point but I would like to try and include as much as I can, so hopefully you’ll respect that and just appreciate the videos for what they are. If you can’t do that, feel free to block the “pride” tag so you don’t have to see them.


I am having so much fun, you don’t even know

So! As requested, here are a few Cardcaptor Sakura-themed cover plates for the new 3ds. They look better when you refurbish them onto the 3ds, I swear.

Since I’ll now be making cases like this, here’s the tag on my blog!

Other QRs by me


This is based on the prompt: the reader and Seb had been together for ages, and he was shooting a new film that had a sex scene the reader thought they actually had sex in the scene and didn’t know how it worked, she got upset and wouldn’t speak to Seb, and ignored his calls, so he flies back home to her, and reassures her and it’s really fluffy at the end by @melconnor2007

Sebastian Stan x reader


WC 779

It’s really fluffy and silly and I hope you enjoy reading it just as much as I enjoyed writing it! I’ve tagged some extra people but if this isn’t your cup of tea, please let me know!

You knew better than to listen or read celebrity gossip but every once in awhile, you couldn’t help but get caught up in it. You did ignore anything that related to Sebastian but you had overheard some women talking at the gym about his upcoming movie so you found yourself Googling the project and his role.

Sebastian’s latest project was a rom-com where he played the lead. It was a stretch from the Marvel movies and more serious roles that he took but he wanted to do something to make his fans happy and they really wanted to see him playing the romantic lead in a comedy.

The longer you stayed on Google, the more upset you became. You were happy that he was venturing out of his comfort zone but you hadn’t really considered that while filming a romantic comedy, there’d be romance scenes to film. Especially sex scenes. You felt nauseous when you saw the pictures of the bedroom set.

With tears in your eyes, you slammed down your laptop screen. You needed to talk to Sebastian about having sex on camera and you were starting to freak out.

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BTS Drabble ~ Jungkook

Here is my very first post for the BTS Drabble game! 

You can find the prompts for requesting HERE

All of my drabbles will be posted under the tag “mochachimdrabblegame” so just search that to see them all!


Slight Angst

“I didn’t ask for your help!”

“Don’t leave.”

You looked over your notes for your Calculus project, the ones that had taken you hours to finish. The ones that you had stressed over all weekend. The ones that were now covered in sticky red soda that rendered them illegible.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I really didn’t mean to! I was just trying to help-” Jungkook, who had knocked his drink onto your precious notes, stared in shock at the mess he had made.

“This is exactly why I didn’t ask for your help!” You snapped at him, making him flinch.

It was an accident. You knew that. He would never purposefully ruin your hard work, but that still didn’t change the fact that you’d have to redo all of them. Tonight.

“Are you mad at me?” He asked cautiously.

“Of course I’m mad! You know how hard I’ve worked on these. It took me so long, and they’re due tomorrow! I can’t turn them in like this!” You wanted to cry. You were so exhausted, but it looked like sleep wasn’t an option anymore.

“Y/N I swear it was an accident! What can I do to fix this?” He said frantically, running his hands through his hair in frustration.

“Nothing.” You said in defeat, “I’ll have to redo it.”

“Then maybe I can help y-”

“No! You trying to ‘help’ me is what did this in the first place.” You said angrily.

Jungkook felt awful about how careless he had been. “I’ll just go then,” he said quietly, “I shouldn’t have been in here bothering you in the first place.” He walked towards the door, his eyes cast to the floor.

He looked pitiful, and immediately guilt began to wash over you. Despite your anger with him, he was still your sweet and caring boyfriend. Besides, you would need him to keep you awake so you could finish your project again

You sighed, “Wait… Don’t leave.”

He stoped in the doorway and looked back at your tired expression. You lifted your arms towards him, motion for him to come back, and he took the hint, making his way over to you and wrapping his arms around you.

“I’m sorry, baby. I really am.” He told you, holding you tightly.

He pressed a chaste kiss to you neck before you pulled back. “Just get me some more paper okay? I’ve got a lot of work to do tonight.” You told him softly.

“Of course. I’m on it!” He started towards to door again to get you some paper from the living room, the new mission giving him hope of redeeming himself.

“And Jungkook?” You called after him.


“Maybe you should try using a sippy-cup.” You could hear his laughter all the way down the hallway.

I hope you enjoyed it!

- Admin MochaChim

Team Seiseki on Horror Movie Night
  • Tsukushi: invested in the story and upset when someone dies, not scared but startled 99% of the time
  • Kazama: fell asleep during the opening credits and drooling on Tsukushi's shoulder
  • Mizuki: not scared but super-focused on the movie and eats all the popcorn
  • Usui: trying to get the kids to calm down and making sure to provide snacks for everyone
  • Ooshiba: brags about not being scared while holding onto Kimishita's sleeve for dear life
  • Kimishita: rolling his eyes at the bad special effects, trying and failing to get Ooshiba to let go of his sleeve while questioning his life choices
  • Haibara: yells at every moderately interesting development and scares the crap out of everyone more than the movie does
  • Inohara: calmly watches the movie and lets the others cling to him when they're scared
  • Kurusu, Nitobe and Shiratori: pretty scared, jump into each other's arms at the slightest jumpscare while gobbling down all the snacks
  • Nakijin: absolutely terrified, curled up into a ball and trying to cover his eyes and ears at the same time
  • Ubukata: has no idea what she's doing here and just wants to go home.

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Hello! I was wondering if you knew any fanfics about a fake relationship or marriage because the grounders forced them? Any fake relationship works though (preferably canon)t hank you so much!!

Grounders Made Them Do It

General Fake Relationship/Marriage - Canonverse

"I'm studying..." tag

I was tagged by @chat-got-your-langue Thank you~

This is a tag game where you list what you have been studying, either independently or in a class, and the topic most recently covered.

Since I study things on and off because of time and everything, I’ll just list the ones I am actively studying right now. ^-^ Also, I recently graduated high school so all of these are independent until college this fall!

Here we go:
1.) Japanese– still trying to figure out Kanji (as always) and just trying to build vocabulary. I’m pretty pumped it’s on Duolingo now since that would help with the vocab practice.

2.) German– finishing subjunctive!

3.) Korean– recently got into future tense

4.) Malay– This is a fairly new interest so I actually only got to learning numbers XD

I now taggg @languageloveaffair @languagemoon @blackteaandlanguages @polysprachig

TFA fic: in the place that’s made of old relations

Written for the cruel, cruel anon who left this in my inbox:

I’m having a lot of feels about Force ghost Anakin communicating to Rey while she’s left on Jakku (since she was 5??? Idk if that’s true???) and using the Tatooine religion you’ve talked a lot about to sort of help her and make her feel a little less alone (especially if she’s his granddaughter I feel like there would be some sort of familial obligation)

This will all be radically AU in two weeks, so enjoy it now I guess. I tried to write it so it would work whether Leia or Luke is her parent.

Warning for some frank discussion of menstruation (because can you just imagine how awful that would be, for a girl growing up alone - luckily her Granddad is from Tatooine, where they learn the facts of life young and have zero cultural taboos around talking about them).

in the place that’s made of old relations

The first time she met him, Rey thought the world was ending.

She’d been out in the desert, exploring. Looking for…something. Someone. She didn’t know what she was looking for, really. She only knew that she had been here, alone with only BB-8, for so long.

So she’d left Bebe in the shelter, in case someone came while she was gone. That was the smart thing to do. It would be terrible, if she missed her parents coming back. And she took a comlink, so Bebe could contact her if they did. She told him this very sternly, and she knew he’d understood, because he’d sounded very annoyed when he beeped at her.

And then she’d gone out into the desert.

The sky was clear and brittle blue when she left, stretching endlessly above and around her. Rey had imagined, as she walked, that if she stepped lightly enough, she could fly right up into it.

But the sky wasn’t blue anymore. Now there was no sky at all. It had been swallowed up, eaten by the raging sand of the desert that snarled and slashed at her as if it wanted to eat her now, too.

Keep reading

          He cannot even begin to TRY and explain this panic which fills him. That cry out - it is one he has heard far too often. But it shouldn’t have come from her. She wasn’t even supposed to be out here, but they needed more hands for this mission. Curses spew from his lips as he forgets his own safety to run towards her.  REYES!he grabs her arm, not caring if she takes a SWING at him or yells at him. She can do that all she wants. He doesn’t know why she is still trying to grab dog tags. They don’t have the time. He doesn’t give her the chance to protest, only quickly picks her up, adjusting his grip on her as he settles her onto his shoulders. I’m gonna get you outta here, just hold on. Ya’ hear me?!  

          Roan begins sprinting towards the jeep, trusting the men already there to COVER him. He moves around to the back, trying to be as careful as he can as he puts her down in the seat. He quickly climbs in after her, eyes already trying to search to find the source of the BLOOD. “ Go! Get us outta here! he yells at whoever is even in the front seat at this point. // @madefighter

Hello! This will be my sideblog for all my horror comics that have nothing to do with Transformers! I won’t post here often, this is just for whenever I feel like drawing something somewhat creepy, so please don’t expect any frequent updates here.

While this is a cartoony horror blog that is pretty soft for the most part, please keep in mind that it’s still a horror blog. I want to mainly draw little things like my cat comic, hallucinations I had while under sleep paralysis etc, just all kinds of stuff I think might be interesting for one or two of you. :)

I’ll try to make a tag list in the coming days to cover the most basic tags for those who want to keep track of something or wish to blacklist a topic.

I wish you a lovely day!

When Will This Hard Life End
Sam and Dean Winchester
When Will This Hard Life End

Yeah I made another gross SPN Disney parody, this time to “When Will My Life Begin” from Tangled. I’m sorry.



Five-thirty A.M., I’m out of bed getting clothes on

Dean’s still asleep; I’m out for my morning run

Pick up some grub, by that time he’s up and packing

Grab the keys hit the road, drive off into the sun

We’ll travel state to state

Hit up a town or three

Take down a vampire’s nest

Grab a bite to eat

Drive on down the road forever


I wonder, when will this hard life end?


Look in Dad’s journal for info on killing monsters

This is the life, saving people hunting things

Who cares about relationships love and family

When there’s bad, cut it down

Then you’ll rest easily

So I’ll reload my gun

Sam get the salt and knife

This bitch just killed our friends

We’ve got to end her life

Find, salt, and burn those bones

Get the hell out of there

Find a motel somewhere far away


And we’ll keep wanderin’


And driving in


And finding things


And killing them


When will this hard life end ?


Someday we might

Get out of this strife

Have our own lives with a home and a wife


What is it like

To live without fear

We’ll never know ‘cause

Our lives are needed here

After weeks of stalling and deleting older posts, this is finally my 1000th post!  Wow I never thought I’d get this far.  I was gonna have a fancy post covering all my fandoms, but I ran out of time and energy >.< Will try not to ramble too much, so in short:

Thank you everyone for following me and for having supported my blog up till now!!! 

I’ve had my ups and downs, I’ve ran away from fandoms, I’ve gone through long bouts of nothing, and yet for some reason there are still people who follow me and give me support, whether I’m posting weird cracktastic doodles or derpy cosplay or just complaining about life.  I read every single one of your comments and tags *A*

Thank you all, and here, have a teen + adult Eren, first time in a long time! (I’d like to think I’ve gotten better?)  >.<

Also, some of the other stuff I didn’t get to finish but started:

Sports homos

Historical Japan homos

Was also gonna do Hobbit, Marvel, gsnk and a few other things, but again, I ran out of energy >.<  I’ve been working on trying to draw cleaner, better quality doodles…

(just out of curiosity, would anyone potentially be interested in prints/postcards of said cleaner doodles….? *scurries away*)


Hi friends. To try to counteract severe depression I’m gonna try to upload a cover a day during the month of October, so here’s the first one. I really am sorry that I’ve been posting negative stuff lately. I’ve always tried to keep everything positive on my blog, and I’ll continue trying. But it’s really tough right now. On a better note, this is my first ever guitar cover I’m posting on here. Yay.

Hello there again! 
As said before, we are introducing a new eremin week! It starts from the 2nd of August to the 9th and hopefully will be lots of fun! 

Day 1 (August 2) : Fluff. Here you may go as cheesy as you want to! All the lovey dovey Eremins and cute scenes, who doesn’t like to start off this way? 

Day 2 (August 3) : Angst. Let’s take time to appreciate the sad moments and cry over this ship because, you know, why not? This day includes anything sad that could happen between the two, just try to tag it properly so that other users may avoid the topics that could make them sad or horrified when they don’t want to, thank you! 

Day 3 (August 4): Smut. Well, what a nice way to cover up all the angst. Here, any kinks are allowed! Turn your smutty side on and have fun! Just don’t forget to tag it nsfw, otherwise you are free to turn this ship sexual in any way you like. 

Day 4 (August 5): Gender Swap. Now this can include anything. Change them into females, trans or non-binary persons, whatever you want, it’s up to you! 

Day 5 (August 6): Crack. Get weird, get wild. This day is fully based on comedy and whatever the heck your wacky mind comes up with. 

Day 6 (August 7): Au. This is dedicated to your most favorite Au ever. Like them as pirates? Great! School Au? Awesome! Whatever your favorite Au is, you may represent it here! 

Day 7 (August 8): Canonverse Ending. Ever thought about how the series would end if it were to end with Eremin? Let’s fantasize and present our thoughts on this day to end off the week! 

Remember, You may do whatever you want for these. Art, fanfiction, cosplay, AMVs, gif sets, headcanon lists, whatever you desire to make in contribution! The only rules are to stay within the theme of the day, be kind to other contributors and have fun! The tag will be #ereminappreciation2k15 and we will find you and reblog your work here. 
Contact us if you have any questions and thank you for your attention. 

Also, special thanks to mioko-san for letting us use her art! 


Hey guys, just a heads-up in case you didn’t know:

On tumblr mobile posts will show up even if they aren’t tagged with a persons name if you have the name in the body of the text. So if you have a NSFW post with the words “Markiplier” anywhere in the post it will show up on here, even if you haven’t tagged him.

(I’m leaving out my personal views on nsfw stuff featuring actual people because I’ve covered that before in other posts)

Sooooo yeah if you’re trying to fly under the radar of The All Seeing-Beanie don’t put his name on your post! I use mobile a lot and I see a ton of stuff that I think people didn’t intend to be seen. If I can see it, so can he.

The Emprah Protects,


(Spread this so others can save face and so Mark doesn’t need to use eyebleach)

Sakura-Con 2014: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Shoot

Josuke is escher-report

Yasuho is noshtsherlock

Left Hot Pants is fedorarara

Right Hot Pants is zeppelly

Blue/Silver Heaven’s Door is eeveehigashikata

White/Gold Heaven’s Door is yggdrasilpie

Narancia is silencedrowns

Joseph is theonidasthe3rd

Reimi is dreadtriumvirate

Rohan is zehinomashi

If you see yourself and want to be tagged (or if I mistagged someone, I’m working with a lot of tabs going here) just let me know! Sorry for not getting everyone in here, I was trying to cover as much as I could in one post!

All my Sakura-con posts are tagged sakuracon taisen!

Day Ten: The Grim Grimoire

Your OCs find a witch’s grimoire. Inside is full of spells, enchantments, and perhaps even curses. Write about what the book is like, and what your characters decide to do with it.

Here are some brainstorming ideas:

  • What is the book’s appearance like? Is it old and worn, new and thick like a text book, or tattered like a well used notebook?
  • What type of spells are inside? Good, evil— a mix of both?
  • What language is the book written in? What sort of handwriting does the witch have?
  • Are there drawings or pictures?
  • Can your OCs read the book? Do they try out some spells, if so what happens? Do the spells work?
  • Do they know the witch? Do they attempt to return the grimoire or lock it away?
  • What specific spells, enchantments, and curses are inside?

Use the tag #Octoberspookywritingchallenge2016 to share your work!

The October Spooky Writing Challenge is a creative writing challenge. Each day’s challenge will post at 10. A.M. EST. Participate in all the days, or just a few— the choice is yours. The challenges cover a wide variety of subjects including writing prompts, world building prompts, character prompts, writing with your OCs, and more!

You can find all the past days’ challenges HERE.

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Sadly, that SMC Calendar's artstyle is the same as it always was. Simply put, the art for that was drawn by the guy who draws most of, if not all of SMC's merchandise art. Which explains why the artstyle is a little different. This includes the art for the Cafe shit, and the art on that weird sailor moon crystal.... marriage certificate....? and that cleaning robot's glued-on art sticker.

The official art for Crystal has been messy as well (that’s why it has it own tag here) even with the latest promo that has been recently released everyone looks off:

They’re not even trying with the Blu Ray covers let alone some promo collaboration.

They’re even struggling when they’re replicating old art.