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here i was minding my own damn business and up pops pia with her horse dick-sized augus and i'm like, doubletake what now? i'm down for that shit.

Lol, I can just imagine your Tumblr dash experience now…

I got you folks covered, I’m gonna try and make this happen. :D

At some point. It’ll certainly be a new, fun tag to use on AO3

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*curtsies* Hi Duke! Recently, I got back my first draft from my creative writing teacher and I got lower grade than I thought I'd get. The main problem he found was that the ending left the reader with too many questions. I know there's a fine line in having the ambiguity add to the story and having it detract. Do you have any advice on how to walk this line or if it should even be walked at all? Thanks! (Sorry if i missed a post that covered this. I tried going through the tags.)

*Curtsies* Try this here. Might help. If it doesn’t, let me know.


Hi friends. To try to counteract severe depression I’m gonna try to upload a cover a day during the month of October, so here’s the first one. I really am sorry that I’ve been posting negative stuff lately. I’ve always tried to keep everything positive on my blog, and I’ll continue trying. But it’s really tough right now. On a better note, this is my first ever guitar cover I’m posting on here. Yay.

Hello there again! 
As said before, we are introducing a new eremin week! It starts from the 2nd of August to the 9th and hopefully will be lots of fun! 

Day 1 (August 2) : Fluff. Here you may go as cheesy as you want to! All the lovey dovey Eremins and cute scenes, who doesn’t like to start off this way? 

Day 2 (August 3) : Angst. Let’s take time to appreciate the sad moments and cry over this ship because, you know, why not? This day includes anything sad that could happen between the two, just try to tag it properly so that other users may avoid the topics that could make them sad or horrified when they don’t want to, thank you! 

Day 3 (August 4): Smut. Well, what a nice way to cover up all the angst. Here, any kinks are allowed! Turn your smutty side on and have fun! Just don’t forget to tag it nsfw, otherwise you are free to turn this ship sexual in any way you like. 

Day 4 (August 5): Gender Swap. Now this can include anything. Change them into females, trans or non-binary persons, whatever you want, it’s up to you! 

Day 5 (August 6): Crack. Get weird, get wild. This day is fully based on comedy and whatever the heck your wacky mind comes up with. 

Day 6 (August 7): Au. This is dedicated to your most favorite Au ever. Like them as pirates? Great! School Au? Awesome! Whatever your favorite Au is, you may represent it here! 

Day 7 (August 8): Canonverse Ending. Ever thought about how the series would end if it were to end with Eremin? Let’s fantasize and present our thoughts on this day to end off the week! 

Remember, You may do whatever you want for these. Art, fanfiction, cosplay, AMVs, gif sets, headcanon lists, whatever you desire to make in contribution! The only rules are to stay within the theme of the day, be kind to other contributors and have fun! The tag will be #ereminappreciation2k15 and we will find you and reblog your work here. 
Contact us if you have any questions and thank you for your attention. 

Also, special thanks to mioko-san for letting us use her art! 

Hello! This will be my sideblog for all my horror comics that have nothing to do with Transformers! I won’t post here often, this is just for whenever I feel like drawing something somewhat creepy, so please don’t expect any frequent updates here.

While this is a cartoony horror blog that is pretty soft for the most part, please keep in mind that it’s still a horror blog. I want to mainly draw little things like my cat comic, hallucinations I had while under sleep paralysis etc, just all kinds of stuff I think might be interesting for one or two of you. :)

I’ll try to make a tag list in the coming days to cover the most basic tags for those who want to keep track of something or wish to blacklist a topic.

I wish you a lovely day!


Hey guys, just a heads-up in case you didn’t know:

On tumblr mobile posts will show up even if they aren’t tagged with a persons name if you have the name in the body of the text. So if you have a NSFW post with the words “Markiplier” anywhere in the post it will show up on here, even if you haven’t tagged him.

(I’m leaving out my personal views on nsfw stuff featuring actual people because I’ve covered that before in other posts)

Sooooo yeah if you’re trying to fly under the radar of The All Seeing-Beanie don’t put his name on your post! I use mobile a lot and I see a ton of stuff that I think people didn’t intend to be seen. If I can see it, so can he.

The Emprah Protects,


(Spread this so others can save face and so Mark doesn’t need to use eyebleach)