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the-sweetest-infection  asked:

I like the concept of smudging, but the smell of white sage kind of makes me uncomfortable-- anything that sort of resembles the smell of marijuana brings up some not-so-great memories for me, which seems to defeat the purpose of smudging in the first place. Do you recommend or know of anything else I might be able to use in its place?

Hi there! First off: it’s important to note that the thing you’re talking about isn’t called “smudging”, it’s called “smoke cleansing”. Just because you’re using sage doesn’t make it smudging, as smudging is a very specific ritual that’s only used by certain Native American Nations. Easy mistake to make, just keep it in mind for the future!

To your question now!

You know, it’s funny you should ask this, because Breelandwalker just posted an article that’s exactly what you’re looking for. 

It might also be helpful to note that you don’t need to burn things to cleanse a space. You could also try:

  • floor washes
  • salt mixtures
  • sweeping the floor with a consecrated (or even a regular!) broom
  • chiming bells
  • spraying the room with consecrated water  (there’s a really nice recipe here)
  • visualization

If you’re still stuck, you should check out TheLivingWiccan’s Cleansing Tag and TheLivingSpellbook’s Cleansing Spells page. 

I hope this helps, the-sweetest-infection! Let me know.


This 4chan stuff is getting out of control, to the point where even I’m trying to help clean up the tags (and I’m a lazy arse). The Hetalia tag seems to be pretty clean, but I’m going through the Attack on Titan tag right now…if anyone is able and willing to handle the disturbing images, it would be great if they could help report the posts and cleanse the tags. PLEASE DON’T IF YOU HAVE TRIGGERS.